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MYSTICAL: Patience Worth


Patience Worth hit America’s literary scene hard in the early 20th century. She was a celebrated poet, novelist, and a charming conversationalist. But she was far from your typical literary celebrity: Patience was a ghost. 

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The following is a poem by patients worth am I a broken liar? Who, at the masters, touch responded with a twinkle in were, or am I strong in full, and that his touch give forth the full cord. These familiar questions for anyone am I broken. Can I project something into the world- that's full and beautiful, but they were specially important for the author patients in early. Nineteen hundreds patience was working extra hard to get her work out their into the world, which was in all that easy considering she was dead,
This is supernatural Spotify original from par cast. I'm your host sleep flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence. To try and figure out. The true you can find All episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from park asked for free on Spotify this week. We're looking at patients worth in the early twentieth century, she hit America's literary seen as a celebrated poet, novelist and as a child. Mean conversationalist in nineteen,
Seventeen, not wine, but five of her poems appeared in the prestigious Braithwaite anthology, but no one had actually seen her because patients was a ghost will have all that and more coming up stay with us. This episode is brats. You buy Amazon at Amazon, you could shop low prices, any time lag when the pie cast your listening to breaks for commercial. What a coincidence spend less smile more when you shop low prices that Zander com. Slash SL ass am before you listen to the next podcast. How about a trip? outside your comfort zone based A bang can you nearing mountain biking or maybe just outside your house.
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dishwashers and vacuum cleaners. I'm talking about death in nineteen hundred Average lifespan is forty, nine years old, thanks to things like Childbirth war disease, you name it so when a religious movement called spiritualism promises, people away to contact the dead, many of them leap at the chance they miss their loved ones and if my and readers fortune tellers and mistakes can help dull that pain dear all, for it one of these though, tease is a middle aged woman from Saint Louis named Emily, Hutchings spiritual. This is more of an interest or hobby for Emily by day she's, a writer and she's also close free and with a housewife named Pearl current, the two of them. Often spend their evenings in pearls parlor doing all the normal things. Women do in the night like Gaza or talk about an article Emily is working on while their husbands play cards in the next room.
and in the fall of nineteen twelve pearls Father dies, pearl is dead. stated by this and as a spiritualist Emily too to introduce a new activity to their evenings. A wage report you ve probably seen a wager board most likely in some kind of horror context. They become a huge part of Culture things to movies, like the exorcist nowadays most people won't go near them, but in nineteen twelve Fiji wards weren't seen as dangerous. They were one of beer, two lessons most popular tools. They look a lot like your average boardgame. Their flat rectangular bored with letters and numbers printed across it and the words yes and no written unto corners. It also comes with smooth flat piece of wood called a plan check which is placed on top of the board
participants sit around the board each with a finger on the planchet and they wait for spirits to move it spelling out messages so Emily brings this board Pearls house and pearls like listen. Ok, I'm willing to try it. Why not anything to talk to my dad again for months. The two of them play with the weeds keyboard and four months pearl remains unimpressed. The planchet does move beneath their fingers, but it only seems to spell out gibberish nothing worth Writing down pearl calls it silly chatter that until the night of July, eight, nineteen, thirteen when Emily and Pearl perch the weeds bored between their knees and put their fingers on the planned chat, and that's when something very different happens. The planchet starts moving
finally, and in this very assured way it zips from end to end It keeps going until it spells out this sentence many moons ago I lit again, I come patients worth my name. Emily and Pearl are shock. They ve never received a message even close to this clear before as a dedicate spiritualist. Emily is the railed and per was excited too, so they put their heads down and start asking patients more questions. Where is your home? across the sea. Patient says in what city or country this time patience gives a more complicated answer. She says quote about me ye would know. Much yesterday is dead, let
I mind rest as to the past. Earl and Emily look at each other wide eyed this really happening in a Saint Louis sitting, room of all places they are talking to a ghost over the next few weeks, pearl and Emily sit down at the We G Board, as often as they can, and they keep making contact with patients. they recognise her by her distinct old fashioned way of talking. It sounds more like seven tenth century England than Twentieth Century Saint Louis. They also realise that patients doesn't really want to talk to Emily the real spiritualist at the board. She mainly wants to talk to pearl ever Pearl sits at the We G Board, the planchet just starts to slide, spelling out messages from patients and she doesn't just feel her
fingers moving words and pictures played through her mind almost as if she in of being shown a movie overtime, its clear that patience has this special connection with pearl like Emily, can sit at the border Anyone else for that matter, but pearl has to be there too, when she is so always patients before long pearls neighbours, catch wind of a ghost down the street and they all come calling well, in her husband, welcomed and because at this point there, just as shy, and ass excited as anyone else even patients. seems to like having visitors. She greet, guess Woody, banter and sometimes cheeky remarks. For example, when a local doktor comes to visit patients spells out quote he yonder half much underneath his schools cap that he wotteth not
other words. There is a lot going on in his head that he's not saying out loud and when the doktor finally asks her. Some questions, patients, jokes c e hath- spoke a thing that said a need. His skull cap, pearls neighbours aren't just here for old, tiny, enter they want to know more about the Spirit there talking to. They ask patients worth questions about herself and gradually she feels them in on some of her back story. She claims she was born in the seventeenth century and that she initially lived in England but travelled to America later in her life and eventually buried in Nantucket Massachusetts. Patients also indicates she had long red, hair and never married, and at one point she even gives a detailed description of the church she attended back in England, she talks about how it look, with its little windows,
even the sounds how they were meant: shoes scuffing the floor during service and women's skirts, rustling, the creak of wooden benches and the hum of a bee who gardens doc inside patients even describes the feeling of the church. She says it was aloof and had a quote chilling godliness about it she's that when she sat there quote, Heaven seemed far far there's something powerful about that description. It you completely in the strange seventeenth century, see it feels real, like patients has to have been there before all the credible memories she does share patient is pretty were lucky To answer too many questions about her past, which means it's hard to get cold facts or any
being to verify whether she ever actually existed. she's even more reluctant to answer questions about the future or afterlife with me there is no quorum quote evidence that she's, actually supernatural, all of which brings up an important point, is patients really a ghost. The fact that she spoke exclusively through pearl makes fraud seem possible, like maybe this is all pearl put on an act, but for most of the neighbors witnessing it there's one huge factor that makes fraud seem impossible. It's the can distancing of patients, seventeenth century vocabulary. She just never seems to use any modern words, sometimes even rose in some weird language that none of the currents guess understand, and they have to actually look it up in the dictionary, whereas Pearl she's
a regular old, Saint Louis housewife. She is important. Really well educated and her main act. MC interest has always been music. It's not like she'd been some die. reader of seventeenth century novels, as far as pearls front are concerned. There's just no way should be able to pull off patients as an act, especially when patients moving on from just chat the evening away to dictating poetry and good poetry at that coming up. Patient starts her literary career. Wayne Simmons than twenty seven years under cover of the c I a when he retired from some I work, you got a big break. Terrorism analysed on Fox NEWS, then he met please be so I'm a real CIA guide. This is total mindsets. I'm Alex French and I'm here to figure out who is Tony,
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I did but may hold a sweeter message than the loveliest flower for God: Hath kissed, her wounded heart and left a promise there. It's very sweet, but sir. bull. Slowly, though patient seems to get more confident her poem, Get longer and they start coming faster the neighbors. Coming to watch her in action are amazed. She sometimes is due taking at a rate of fifteen hundred words in our an pearl mostly stopped using the WEEE Board to capture all those words. She claims doesn't needed anymore. Supposedly patients messages are coming to her so efficiently. and naturally they go straight to her head. Whenever this happens, Hurl feels a sort of pressure in her head. She describes the feeling like this I am like a child with a magic picture book. Once I look upon it. All I have to do is watch its pages open
if the stars are mentioned, I see them in the sky. If heights or deeds wide spaces are mentioned, I get positively frightening sweeps of space definitely sounds like an other worldly experience and remember before all of this pearl was even a spiritual list. So, while patient is not, something scary to her pearls, also baffled by why this ghost chose her to be its medium suing. Ninety, Fourteen after about a year into her conversations with patients, pearl decides to talk to an expert about what's happening her she settles on this guy named Morton, Prince Prince is expert on abnormal psychology and neurology he's making big waves in America by helping established psychology as a scientific discipline, so basic
he's someone with polar opposite police to spiritualism, which is why pearl once his opinion She travels all the way up to Boston were Prince works and she does if sessions with patients at his house, Prince is cure. is about what he seen, but he won't really make any pronouncements about. What's happened de pearl without studying her first and the way he proposes to do that is through hypnosis. Now, pearls used to talking with ghosts at point, but something about hypnosis freaks her out. She amount he's going into that altered state and a horrible thought occurred to her. She might lose patience in the process. Girl can't risk that her connection to patients has become to import into her. So she turns down princes offer returns to Saint Louis and tells her husband that this is it she's not going to question it. Any more Patients is a part of her life and
he's going to make it her mission to promote her writing over the next year. That's exactly what pearl does and pay seems to cooperate because she starts dictating fixed, as well as poetry, patients In the same way as poetry, though, where she Bay Sickly sends her messages straight into pearls, head and for pearl they weigh more intense experience. She describes it this way when the store he's. Come the scenes become panoramic with the characters moving and acting their parts. Even talking it basically sounds like pearl is having three d visions like I max status She doing her best to write down everything. Patients is telling her Meanwhile, the rest of the world is asked catching wind of patients worth the first attention comes from the spiritualist community there, a late
and for many of them this feels huge, like an incredible piece of evidence that spirits actually exist, but the real commotion starts in nineteen sixty three years after patients first made contact with pearl and Emily the publisher, Henry Hold and company prince and account of patients worth the book is full snippets of her writing. In conversations and once its published, the attention isn't just come. From spiritualist. The broader public is riveted. Even the literary world latches on the New York Times comments: patient worth's messages out of the darkness, never sink into the commonplace level will always show high intelligence and sometimes or even tipped with the flame of genius patient and pearl are suddenly fool celebrities the next year. Patients is first novel.
The sorry tale, a story of the time of Christ is published two rave reviews. In the following year and nineteen eighteen, the joint committee of literary arts of New York names, patients worth one of its outstanding authors. Her witchery appears in anthology, alongside all the leading poets of the day, like Amy Lowell and Edna Saint Vincent Millay, this way more than a gimmick patients is. Can it is a real talent by the literary taste makers of her time. Part of what in I see them is her range. The sorry tale takes place in the time of Christ Her second novel published in nineteen eighteen is a classic worrying, romance presented in a tight nineteenth century voice. Still anytime patients worth talks, it's that seventeenth century.
dialogue- and I guess it makes sense patients is from the seventeen. Century, but she's been a ghost ever since she's witnessed how people in the nineteenth century talked what is an impressively large, we'll house, considering how unfailingly accurate her word choices. So, obviously the current household is drawing bigger and bigger crowds than ever guess come for big. phase of supper, the men smoke cigars and they all play cards and chile, even running around I mean it's like cheerful party atmosphere, There are none of the ominous trappings of spiritual as I'm no candles or chanting no cliches. The real product is on full display because patients is at the top of her. Gay She's. Writing in writing. In writing. But she's still stopping to chat with her audience and make cheeky observations about their quirks from what I can
how you doing it the same way. She writes her novels and poems without the WEEE Board. She just speaks straightened. Pearls head and pearl tells it to the vote. Science. It sounds maybe a little effie, but very few people leave the current house unsatisfied many think that they encountered a miracle one Those is Auto Heller, the dean of graduate school at work. Continued diversity in Saint Louis after a visit to pearls how's, he says quote. I confess myself completely baffled by the experience, the poet EDGAR Early masters tells one reporter There is no doubt that she is produced remarkable literature house Does it I cannot say. Of course, there are always sceptics: the more famous patients That's the more they're looking for ways to deal agenda mice, her one of the most purse
assistant arguments that they make is this whole thing is a huge opportunity for profit. In other words, pearl is pretending to be patients just to make money, except she isn't Pearl doesn't charge people to talk to patients or to list an inn on her writing sessions. Plenty of patients is, writing is published, but even in the best of times that doesn't make tons of money pearl in her husband even start, a literary magazine to share more patients is writing with the public and they end up losing money plus they're paying for the constant dinner parties at their house out of pocket when pearl occasionally travels outside of Saint Louis to do demonstrations, they pay for that too. Still, it's not enough to keep tongue from wagging and when a man named Charles Quarry catches, wind of patience, he is right.
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If there's no fraud going on here, he doesn't believe Ngos or we Gi Boards Period corps. Was to several of pearl sessions to check out the phenomenon for himself, and he is very impressed with what he witness it's like most of their guess. He leaves the current house. Honest, it definitely seems like pearl is channeling, something still There has to be some kind of rational explanation and if you can just study pearl quarries sure he'll figure out what is actually happening inside her brain. Unfortunately, ever since Morton Prince try to commence pearl to do hypnotism she's an interested in being studied by anyone, but Corey refuses to be deterred. Keep wars over the writing, supposedly produced by patients and studies, all the accounts of her that he can fight and in nineteen nineteen. He publishes his conclusion in the psychological review and you can probably gas it.
is not very supernatural inquiries opinion Pearl current has what we refer to today, as dissociated identity, disorder and patients worth is her alternate health. No quarry has to acknowledge one shortfall in his conclusion. Normally people with dissociate identity disorder inhabit just one personality at a time, but pearl is very much present during her sessions with patients shall ask patients question or chiming, with her own commentary, its valiantly more like a conversation between two people, so pearl doesn't totally fit the profile If someone with this disorder, there are other things. Quarries theory fails to explain to like this house, wife with an average education and no prior writing experience, could speak imperfect, seventeenth century diction.
Not to mention multiple novels that accurately reflect different time periods. Other critics come up with their own clause. I scientific explanations, some of them think pearl, has a type of inherited nerve cells, basically talent that's been biologically transmitted to her by her ancestors. Obviously not a real thing. even in the nineteen teens. None of these so called rational arguments are strong enough to stop patients and her literary momentum. In fact, her decline has nothing To do with science or any evidence that Pearl is a fraud, and it has every thing to do with public taste, while patients cap speaking to and through pearl for her entire life by the nineteen twenties spirit, listen was going out of fashion, literate
was in a state of rapid change things to heavyweights, like F Scott Fitzgerald and offers like patients worth faded into the background pearl current ultimately died in relative obscurity and nineteen thirty seven when she did so did patients worth, but the pair didn't fully disappear, They left behind. Patients is seven full length, books, plus reams of poetry, Short stories plays and witty conversations which all too, either amounted to nearly four million words as law as those words have survived so has the debate around patience and pearl some critics have questioned whether the language patient spoke was really so often take to the seventeenth century. So fraud seems a bit more likely now than it did to people back. Then others have more,
that patients is incredibly detailed. Knowledge about obscure topics like the daily lives plans and food of people across multiple historic time periods did Shea English. Professor emeritus told the Smithsonian magazine that, even if pearl was doing since serious, studying that alone couldn't explain it, but there is one possible explanation for patients it has to do with research in neuroscience. That's happened since pearls dad. She may have had what researchers call a highly superior, auto biographic memory. This is similar to a photographic memory, but it's not limit two visual images. It can include things like tat, relations. Even from decades ago, it's strangely rare, but when it does occur, it can happen in otherwise average seeming people with very normal lives. Just like pearl it Pearl D.
had this kind of mental capacity she might have carry detailed memories of everything, she's ever read or ever heard ever since her childhood and she able to use some of them to create a seventeenth century. Ghost still pearls. Friends and acquaintances, never pour it on her having especial memory and a super auto by graphical memory doesn't explained the moments of real talent. Impatience is writing. What might explain this? According to you, Dela Brcko at the Smithsonian is a piece of writing pearl published under her own name. this was in nineteen nineteen about six years after patients worth made her first appearance, it's a short story, com Rosa Alvarado in Toronto and it follows the Chicago sales girl named Mimi
maybe is living a lonely boring life. When she encounters of fortune teller, the fortune teller is clearly of fraud. to the reader and Mimi, but when the fortune teller says There is a passionate fiery. spanish spirit watching over her Mamie is charm. By the idea. So she starts slipping into a persona of this Spirit, Rosa Oliver. Oh, it's all in act but as far as Mimi is concerned, a record and a sight of her that she can't otherwise express Rosa is passed, in it an exciting and Mimi says in the story. It what used to be me before the world buried it, in other words, Rosa Alvarez, is the kind of person Maney is allowed to be as Chicago Shop Girl or as a saint Louis Housewife, because
Obviously this story feels like a metaphor for pearls own relationship with patients still it's only recently that researchers have looked to Rosa Oliver, oh and Tron Day for answers, which only helps prove a point. People at the time, weren't interested in what drab mid western women like Pearl, had to say inventing a colorful ghost. may have seemed like the only way for her to become irrelevant author, but, let's not forget the principle of Outcomes Razor which tells us
The simplest answer is usually the correct one. In the case of patients worth the simplest answer could be that it was all true. Patients was a spirit. Pearl current was her chosen medium and together they created something extraordinary thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with other episode. You can find all episodes of supernatural. in all other Spotify originals from park asked for free unspotted thigh,
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