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MYSTICAL: The Aberfan Premonitions


In 1966, an avalanche struck a school in Wales, killing more than 100 children. Afterwards, dozens of people claimed to have "seen" the disaster in dreams and visions before it happened — inspiring one psychiatrist to start Britain's first Premonitions Bureau. 

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In nineteen sixty six, one of the worst disasters of the twentieth century hit the town of Aberdeen whales by the I'm it was over. A hundred forty four people had died, most of them children. It was horrible. I mean the key kind of thing no one saw coming except some people had in the weeks that followed people from all over Britain came for were claiming date had premonitions of the disaster mere hours before it occurred. There was in evidence that some of the Aberdeen children had predicted their own death. So was it all a coincidence or word bees. Premonitions meant to save lives;
This is supernatural apart cast original, I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll, be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can, and all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on Spotify. This week's episode is the Aberdeen premonitions after an avalanche struck a village in Wales. People claimed date had dreams and visions of the disaster before it even happened, one doktor gathered enough evidence to actually study the phenomenon, but his efforts wound up destroying, will dig into the mystery coming up stay with us. This episode is brought, you buy Landrover, don't follow
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in nineteen. Sixty six Aberdeen was a village of terrorist houses and cobblestone streets nestled in a valley between Green hills. It was a cue place to raise a fan, yeah, maybe only small business with the towns life blood, wasn't so much above ground where the butchers and bakers worked. It was down below. Eber Van was one of three different coal mining villages surrounding this massive underground mine, known as the mirth, her veil them. employed about eight hundred men from above, and so it was definitely the towns, bread and butter, but it also poses some day yours, not just to the minors, but to the entire community, see when you mine for coal You have to remove a bunch of rock and dirt from underground. First, this way, east is thrown onto huge piles above ground, known as spoiled tips. The mirth
veil mine, had seven of these spoiled tips. The largest one Spoil Tipp, seven sat on a hillside directly above Aberdeen and it was getting bigger every year by Nineteen sixty six, it was over one hundred feet. High, so mean a map. Looking how your window in seeing this huge mountain in the distance, except it's not a mountain. It could move The Tipp already sat on top of a spring, which meant it was constantly dam and I could make it even more unstable much water log and theoretically, it could supply down the hill pose. A serious danger to any one in its path and in its path with it. hounds Elementary school Now this hidden made people nervous for some time three years,
before in nineteen, sixty three a mining engineer wrote a letter to the National Coal Board. He said spoiled Seven was a hazard to abrogate specifically the school, but the coal board brushed it they weren't worried, and they definitely didn't want the expense of moving it. Plus there was a fear among workers that the board would closed. My call was a day lying industry. Oil was the next big thing, so if any one may to big of a five people could lose their. Not in the town would be ruined, so they just learn to live with it, but in early October nineteen sixty six. It started to reign. For weeks, Amber Van was hounded by storm clouds, it didn't let until the early hours of Friday October, twenty first at about seven,
De that morning, a crane operator named when brown notice that the top of spoiled Tipp seven had sunk at me, like a good twentyth, beat so picture this massive greater at the top of a giant enormous dirt, pile like ground could even see the rails that normally carried debris to the top of the pile, because they had literally sunk down into this crater brown, one to call his supervisor right away, but at the time the little booth on the top of the mountain was missing. A telephone, so Brown sent his coworker down the slope to tell their bar sets by nine. I am engineers had come up, looked around and decided. The situation was dicey enough that they ordered all dumping to halt until further notice. There and they told Brown to move his crane and just went off to have a cup of tea. So basic We Brown was left alone staring at this,
some can tap when all sudden. He saw the crater start to rise. No, he didn't use this comparison exactly, but it sounded kind of, like Michael watching a boiling pot of water over flow and as the wet dirt levelled with the top of the mound, it turned into Wave, but there was nobody to call no way reach anybody at disagree moment. Students at the Aberdeen Elementary School were just beginning their classes, and this was Actually, there last day of school for a while in just a few hours, there fall breakwater start indeed have a weak vacation, so there They are at their little wooden desks. Trying to pay attention when suddenly be unthinkable happened at nine fifteen. There was a fund
risk roar, like a jet taking off a hundred fifty thousand tonnes of rock and you're rushed down the mountain burst. It hit a group of cottages. Killing everyone inside then it continue down the hill, picking up speed as it reached the school the students and teachers saw the light, Flickr the building shock, and then everything went black. The entire school had been buried. It was pure, Chaos. People ran to the scene, mothers Claude at the dirt. They could hear their children's cries. Were they reached them. It was just too deep, as the minutes ticked by the slurry hardened into something almost like cement. People continued dig and by some miracle a few lucky children. Ten in total were pulled out and saved Bore teachers were also rescued, but
I eleven a m not even two hours since the mudslide, there were no survivors left anyone. Who had been killed on impact had suffocated. Dat the only thing the rescue workers could do with keep digging up the dead and bring each tiny body one after another to a nearby chapel, where parents could identify them when it was all, over one hundred. Sixteen children had died and most were between seven. An eleven years old you can imagine this event shock Great Britain and the entire world. The disaster was front page news everywhere, and the citizens of Aberdeen were traumatized. They wanted justice, but they never got it. The national whole board was held liable, in the end, they escaped any kind
the financial responsibility I mean no one even lost their job. Meanwhile, donations from all over the world poured into the Colbert totalling over one point- seven million pounds the money was meant for Abu Van to help villagers cope with their loss and rebuild, but ultimately it paid for cost. The board refused to shoulder like getting rid of the remaining spoil taps. Each group being family received a small donation of five hundred pounds and they had to fight for anything extra like even for the cost of their children's gravestones Now money wasn't the only form of Help Aberdeen received in the weeks follow the disaster of people showed up at the village. Simply to lend a hand, and one of those people was a forty two year old psychiatry, best named Doktor John Barker Barker Work at a psychiatric hospital ensure
Sure England and he was an odd mix of the old guard and the cutting edge. He been formally educated at Cambridge, but he was put to modernize mental health treatments in England, one air that fascinated him was the paranormal and the effect it had on psychology at the time of the Aberdeen disaster Barker, was studying something he called psychic death. This was based sickly cases of people who had visited a fortune, teller or a psychic and were told when they would die. Then they did die when this egg said they would but not because anything medically wrong with them. They simply collapse from this, dress and anxiety of knowing their prediction. It was this topic that brought Barker to abhor Van in the first place, he heard a story about a little boy who actually escaped the school and lived but who died later from fright.
So one day after the disaster, Barker travelled from England to Wales to see if he could find any other cases. As he wandered around. He heard more stories from the parents of the deceased children, but these were different. It in that in the days and hours before the disaster, some children had actually sensed it coming one. Eight year old, Paul Davis had drawn a picture the night before of the tragedy. It showed a group of people digging through a hillside and at the bottom of the page, Paul wrote two words: thee at the time his parents had known what to make of it. They basically shrugged off, but when Paul died, the next warning his drawing had a new meaning. Then there was TAT your old arrow, my Jones, about two weeks before the disaster, Errol told her mom out the blue, that she wasn't afraid to die and that when she did
I should be with her best friends Peter June, her mom I was a morbid comment and just kind of change the subject, but the day before the tree, Judy Arrow brought it up again this time, she said she had a dream in it. Her school was gone because quote something black had come down all over. It end quote the next day, Errol was also killed and just like sheep decades. She was laid to rest between her best friends Peter in June, more of these stories, Barker heard the more curious he became made him wonder if other people from outside of Abu Van had experienced premonitions too, when he got back home Barker reached out to his friend Peter fairly, science writer at the evening standard newspaper, Barker, pitched him an idea. What they needed was to put out a widespread call asking people
to write to them about any premonitions. They had in regards to the Abbey Van disaster fairly. Was on board and a week later, on October, twenty eight the paper put out the request. It was a lie. experiment. That proved shocking, because over the next two weeks the paper got. Seventy six replies most of them from people. We'd, never even seen or heard of Abu ran before coming up Barker on hovers strange stories about Acrobat. You discover their practices, seek their advice and let yourself become more vulnerable than ever before. They. Have the ability to heal what the doctors cat, or so they say hi listeners is Vanessa from the park, has serious cults be sure. Did check out our four part special on miracle healers airing right now me
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the future, he knew their dreams and visions couldn't be a coincidence and just to be extra cautious. He took this. Steel, letters and narrowed them down to the thirty five that seemed most on point. What's we're is that the vast majority of these people had no relationship to Aberdeen whatsoever. No free or relatives who lived there and again and many of them had never even heard of Aberdeen, much less visited it. Yet they each had dreams whose or visions about specific details of the tragedy: black sludge, or coal coming down the mountain side, adults digging p wearing Welsh clothing or a minors uniform and children, lots of children crying or trying to escape or even being overtaken by a black sticky substance, another
A common theme was the name Amber Van one, may Dreamed of the word lighting up in front of him like a neon side, I dreamed of it being spoken by a child, just to be sure these were premonitions and not fantasies. After the fact, Barker asked these thirty five folks for proof they experience their dream revision of bore they heard about the tragedy. Not all of them could do this, but twenty four of them could sworn statement from friends and witnesses and of these people. Seven had experienced specific symptoms they had kind of an emotional hang over following their premonition. They were called feeling aims: this sad or apprehensive a couple of them, even felt a choking sensation. These feelings hung around sometimes four days until they
saw the news and heard about the disaster at which point the symptoms just went away. One of these seven was fifty four year old, Mary Hennessy the night before the disease Stir, Mary, had a dream that children track in two rooms trying to get out wooden bars block. Did their way and the children were doing everything they could to slip over or under the bars one chow finally managed to escape and the next thing We saw was a group of adults. Running frantic, lead to the same place and crying the dream was so disturbing. It woke Mary up the first thing she thought of her grandchildren no, they didn't live in Amber Van and they were only toddlers, but she call her son a couple of hours later telling him to take special care of the kids that day for the next few hours, where's Mary walked around feeling disturbed and sort of pleased for tragedy.
Wasn't until almost dinner time that she heard the news from agrivaine. Another percipient was Carolyn Miller of forty seven year old woman from Plymouth England. She claimed she actually witnessed the entire disaster in a vision. The night, before She saw a small school house at the bottom of a valley and somehow she knew it was in Wales. An avalanche of all was descending over the village as a little boy watched and cried standing next to and was a rescue worker wearing a cap with a peaked Bryn. The net day when Caroline saw the news. She saw the same little boy from her dream, along with the same rescue worker in the same hat, being interviewed It was stories like these that hooked, Barker and as a site high interest. He wondered if people like Mary in Carolyn had some kind of undiagnosed condition even came.
With his own theory, Barker called at pre disaster syndrome. Attributed it to a special ability to sense what he called telepathic shockwaves, in other words, the vibrations of a tragedy coming before actually happens. Barker was so about his idea and dead. So on gathering more examples of premonitions, preferably before a new disaster occurred. So he came up with a new. Experiment, with the help of his colleague fairly. He convinced the editor chief of the evening standard to set up a department at their paper called the Premonitions bureau. The bureau would publish a request for people to send their premonitions Then they log every single disaster, premonition they'd, received and see. If anything king could pass if it worked, it would be proof that free disaster syndrome was real and ideally Barker, hope to learn enough about premonitions that he could create some sort of early.
warning system. Meanwhile, he told his seven percipient, to pass along any sense of foreboding. They might have no matter what it, about in January, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven two and one slash two months after the adverb and disaster. The premonitions bureau was born almost right away reports trickled in but wasn't until a few months later that one of them finally came to pass in a twenty Nineteen New Yorker article about the Premonitions Bureau journalist SAM Night, writes about a man named Alan Hunter, Alan was a forty four year old telephone operator and one of the seven percipient Barker singled out after Aberdeen on March 21st, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven. He called doctor Barker at six, a dot m and told him. He just had a vision of a plane crashing
Alan said it would be carrying around a hundred twenty three people, maybe a hundred twenty four, but that they would all die burger road it down and waited. Nothing happened at first, but a month later, a Britannia jet crashed into a hillside in Cyprus, killing a hundred twenty four people. It was almost exactly what Alan had predicted Obviously, it wasn't exactly a moment to celebrate, but Barker felt vindicated the evening standard, even ran an article about the premonition alongside one about the crash, so he had to be feeling like all of you. Work was finally leading somewhere and sure enough. Leader that year, on November first, another of barkers, seven percipient had a premonition. Her name was
half lean Middleton and she claimed she'd had a vision that predicted a railway accident. According to Kathleen, it would affect a train on its way to London, new this, because she had seen a crowd of people standing on a platform and words Charing Cross lit up four days later. It came to pass a tree and on its way into London, derailed and forty nine p on board were killed. I should mention, though, that these two stories were some of them. Noteworthy premonitions Barker received by the end its first year. The premonition The bureau had received four hundred, sixty nine premonitions and loss Some of them had to do with disasters. Many of them had to do with more frivolous things like horse racing and sure how many total came to pass but behind the scenes things at the bureau were taking kind of a dark turn Barker.
Had become friendly with some of his percipient, and now they were beginning to have premonitions about him nine of the airline crash in Cyprus. Alan Henshaw placed a frantic call to bark. He asked the doktor to check his gas supply and told him he'd been worried about him all day. Barker said he didn't have a gas supply, and then he asked Alan if he thought his life was in danger and Alan said yes,. Coming up a premonition seals, doktor barkers feet you ever experienced any first, some while cooking, be always ban from our place, is going to change your kitchen for ever it's a fancy. Half the multi functional fan replaces eight that's right. A traditional pieces of good
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more about how three M is helping the world respond to the covert nineteen pandemic at three m dot com: slash covert! Now back to the story, when Barker found out Alan thought, his life was in danger. He went ahead and told Kathleen Middleton the percipient who had predicted the train crash and then she started having premonitions about his death, for almost a solid weak Kathleen, had visions of bar his head and shoulders appearing next to her dead parents. she assumed this meant that he would be dying soon, but there was nothing more useful. She could say. Obviously, Barker was terrified but also a little intrigues, and Thirdly, this lined up with what he'd studied earlier in his career cases where people died of fright, simply because a psychic predict they didn't have long to live so on them
one hand, Borg or new, he shouldn't dwell on his own death or it could become a self fulfilling prophecy. On the other. The whole point of the Premonitions Bureau was to see if it could help people prevent disasters, but in barkers case and air the other case he'd witnessed. There was nothing anyone could do to stop bad things from happening, and that's always The problem with premonitions right there, too vague new details, no day nothing that can actually help anyone prevent anything. This nowhere more true than the following year in nineteen sixty eight as it turns out, there was some one else Kathleen Middleton was worried about. U S! Senator Robert Kennedy starting in March of sixty eight. She be in seeing the word assassination in connection with Kennedy. June? She was beside herself with worry
didn't know the date, the time who would kill him or even where it would happen. She just knew that he was going to be murdered it was all. She could see. All that she could think about. so one June, for it she put in the we calls about it to the premonitions bureau and later that very same night, Robert Kennedy was shot and killed in, like obvious, it is why all that Kathleen predicted a literal assassination, but it also. kind of a reasonable fear surrounding any politician. Like Kennedy, brother, J, F K had already been killed. By that point, maybe Kathleen made a lucky guess based on something that had already happened, but Kathleen can Can you having bad feelings about Barker too, and the month after Kennedys death in July of sixty eight, she had one last premonition of
him in it, she was having tee with her dead parents. She was does her mother stood up and got into awaiting black car to Kathleen it was clear death coming for some one and that person she believed was Barker she alerted the Premonitions Bureau on July twenty eight and three weeks later, on August eighteen, Doktor Barker had a sudden brain, hammering He died upon reaching the hospital and he was just forty four years old, Kathleen and Alan had both been right and there was no way Barker could have protected himself from something that random. So you're. Like me, you're probably wondering like what is the point, having premonitions than and weird the even come from. Is it some unseen force trying to warn us, and if that is the case,
really does it make sense why premonitions or so vague, like those too children in Aberdeen Paul an arrow who both sends that something bad would happen. Even if their parents had taken them seriously doesn't mean that they would have known how to protect them. More, Even for how long and again it is high to overstate just how much of an impact this disaster had on the country for an entire village to be robbed of its children was ratchik meeting day, it still defines Abu via the people in a village never got over it. Divorce rates went up our hall ISM went up twenty of the parents who law Children ended up dying prematurely. It's almost ease hard to believe that premonitions are just some cruel but uh wise meaningless coincidence, and when you look history, you'll find a ton of examples, less real
to eighteen ninety eight about seventy years before the Aberdeen disaster that year author named Morgan Robertson, published a short novel. It was about. An ocean liner named tighten in the book tighten is thought to be unsinkable until it hits an iceberg at which point all hell breaks loose there aren't enough lifeboats for every one and twenty five hundred people die as the boat sings into the North Atlantic as we all know, this actually happened, but fourteen years later, in April of nineteen twelve, the type Hennig Ocean Liner hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage and just like in the book there weren't enough lifeboats, fifteen hundred people died. It's almost as if Morgan Robertson saw their future and definitely would have been an easy claim to faint.
He insisted it was all a coincidence. Apparently He just knew a lot about boats in the terrible things that can happen at sea. You literally scoffed at the idea he was psychic but there are so many other weird details in the book that match the real life event. The titanic was going almost the same speed as the titan when it hit the iceberg. Both ships hid the work in the same place. They were even the same size and caring almost the same amount of people. I don't know about you: but coincidence is such a tough thing for me to wrap my head around. It implies it. Everything is random when all we want is order and meaning- and if you, think about an event. Like nine eleven coincidence almost goes out. The window there and higher books devoted to admonitions. People had leading up to the attacks, I'm talking visions of
earning buildings and debris falling others just had a funny thing. Lying or her sense of dread and in some cases, Is it actually saved people's lives in his the science of premonitions author We Darcy talks about the planes that were hijacked and how empty they were, which is weird because these were routine flights. You'd think they be packed with on September. Levin a day that started out like any other the planes or at most, only half full or even less theirs,. Rational to account for this, except maybe people decided subconsciously or not to skip their flight. Darcy so tells this strange anecdote about a woman. He calls Becky, apparently Becky had tickets to Orlando on September eleven, but as the data closer, she was overcome by just this feeling of drew red and on September, for this is
one week before the hijackings. She dream she was quote spinning into blackness end quote: she woke up with a name in her head that sounded like rooks or Horrocks Becky wrote them. Down because they seemed important and a few days later, she cancel the trip. Then September eleven happened. The planes were hijacked and airports across the country. Shut down. Becky realized her flight to Orlando would have been cancelled anyway. So it's not like. She will avoided any bank. Then she had then, to hear the name of the pilot whose plane crashed into the South tower. It was Michael Horrocks one of the names that had been stuck in her head after her dream to be fair I'm not sure how true the Becky story is, because again, this is all
according to Larry Darcy and the other researchers At the very least, premonitions seem too, help us some part of the future and Maybe this is just some sort of instinct. Take the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in two thousand, for it killed two hundred thirty thousand people and at least twelve different countries. But when you look at the animal death toll it totally different in many areas, animals either flu or re unto safety before humans had any idea what was coming. There were a couple of theories of why this happened. Wine. The animals heard the underwater earthquake that triggered the sooner me and two they could feel. The vibrations of the quake rippling across the lobe. So this is not so much a sixth sense as it is a heightened sensitivity
but if you think about it, that's basically the same thing as doktor barkers theory about pre disaster syndrome. He described. did as the ability to sent shock waves from an event before it happens. Stay oh there's one other possibility that may explain the premonitions of Abu Van and it's what's known as inference. Basically, primary rule for studying premonitions is that whatever people claim to have seen or dreamed has to be original? It can't echo an event that has already happened and that the person might even subconsciously be afraid up. In other words, it can't be inferred from the past people of Aberdeen. They had a similar bad memory lurking in their subconscious. Mining accidents or comment. Spoiled tips had slid before not just in other villages, but in Aberdeen itself, once in nineteen,
forty four and once in nineteen, sixty three just three years before the disaster, the nineteen sixty three slide was, big enough to have reached the village, but the community was aware of it. The Danes of another one happening was probably on people's minds and its possible. A few parents spoke about it. of their children and that the children internalized those fears. Maybe they were an old enough to remember the last avalanche, but what about the people outside Aberdeen who dreamed of black sludge and children crying? How do we explain that the simple answer could be? Empathy is theirs. One thing Amber Van seems to have taught us and that barkers friendships with Alan and Kathleen taught him it's that we're all somehow connected and when it Tragedy threatens to sever that connection by striking in a dramatic and forceful way, maybe just maybe it can bear
the rules are time and space. So next time you have a random dream about someone you ve never met or somewhere. You ve never been keep your ears peeled. You might be onto something before it even happens. Thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on Spotify Spotify has all your favorite music, hide CAS all in one place there making here to listen to whatever you want to hear for free on your phone computer or smart speaker Superman
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