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MYSTICAL: The Comte de Saint Germain


In the 18th century, an alchemist and philosopher became something of an international celebrity, rubbing elbows with royalty, predicting violent revolutions, and allegedly unlocking the secret to eternal life. Who really was Count St. Germain? 

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No, this is probably happened to most of us at some point you're out at a party in your and introduces you to someone you just have to meet, but while he was shaking their hand, you swear you ve met them somewhere before. In seventeen. Sixty that exact thing happened to an elderly. Countess name damn VON Georgi she's at court in Versailles When she meets a man named Comtesse decision. May she thinks she seen a ghost fifty years go. She knew someone that looked exactly like this guy and he also had the same name, but there's no. this is the same person he's way too young. He looks like he was we in his forties, but the man
insist they have met before and he is the same cult to prove it. He can even recall what they discussed when they last met way back in one thousand. Seven hundred and ten fifty years had passed and yet send Ramon. Hadn't aged a day, This is supernatural Spotify original from part cast, I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep guy into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find out
episode, supernatural and all other Spotify originals from far cast her free on Spotify this week, I'm talking about the clump decision met an alchemist. Profit and international meal of mystery brokers. ensuring he popped up all over Europe. Closing up royals in predicting finally revolutions, and supposing he also wrote a manuscript that offers the secret to eternal life, have all that in were coming up stay with us. Asia wanted a scary story. Then she realized was a migraine. Attack released say: Hazel had trouble, sleeping that night have one
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times more than the next professionally installed competitor so well enjoy your favorite pat cast it saved. Millions of people trust eighteen to help protect what matters most get all the his home, security appeared from the most trusted name and the industry is eighty dot com. Today, eighty t brilliantly safe There is now a lot of verifiable information out there about Sandra man. He was born the late one thousand six hundred psi think and he died in one thousand seven hundred and eighty four supposedly to use the title combed, which is french for count. Only no one knew what he was supposed to be the count of, and it doesn't seem like he's. Actually, a french descent people thought he was portion.
These are spanish or maybe some sort of stateless wanderer, and if the names send your men sounds familiar, it might be because in a previous, so I discussed another possible backstory that he was actually the medieval alchemist Nicholas flammable. Basically, The guy was a big fat question mark, but from the moment he appeared, he had droops aristocracy in a complete uproar. The first record of the count appears in seventeen forty five on December ninth of that year, a british Earl named Horse Walpole, writes a lead that says the other. the London authorities seized an odd man who goes by the name of Count Saint Germain. He sings and based on the violin wonderfully is mad and not very sensible. Yes, the letter shortened vague, but around this time, tons of other letters and account start talking about this guy he's
to be around forty five years old he's fit with dark, hair, ten skin and bright eyes. So he sounds pretty handsome, but the most striking thing about him is his jewels. Reportedly, the count digs gemstones he's got m everywhere on each finger in laid in his shoes sown into his clothing, even in the count acts as food She is, he dresses. He speaks eleven different languages, including French, latin sanskrit and Chinese. He is a great violence. and can poses a number of pieces that end up in the british Museum. He paints beautiful, portraits some say the gemstones. He paints on his canvasses shyness brightly as real diamonds, but despite how worldly the count is, he happens to be a really picky eater he'll only eat specially prepared bland foods, and he refuses to eat in front of others.
ways drinking this weird potion. Instead, but even You won't have a meal he's a great conversationalist at dinner parties, and his favorite thing to talk about is how he personally a bunch of long dead, historical figures, for example, in seven in forty eight, the count shows up in Paris, his let's say: eccentric purse reality, gets the attention of King Louis, the fifteenth and he becomes a reg or at the royal court. At first the rule Those are weary of this guy, like he looks like he's in his forties, but he talks as if he's much older, example. He tells stories about the previous king, Louis fourteen as if he knew him personally, which deals with because Lou the Fourteenth died in seventeen fifteen thirty three years before, and maybe he really did know the old king, he would have and pretty young, but technically it's possible, but would truly
impossible is the friendship account claims he had with a different monarch, King Francis, the first he died in one thousand five hundred and forty seven two hundred years earlier, so. Maybe this guy is just a liar right, but the thing is the count perfectly conjures up. For instance, personality is you'll think receives even his voice as if he really did know him personally, like everything he says, matches the stories passed down about the king and account has equally perfect recall about ancient historical events like we're talking the birth of Christ, kind of ancient. He brings people we are Petra and the biblical queen of Sheba like their old friends. So how is this possible easy? They count claims that he's an alchemist who discovered the secret to eternal life. Remember This is the seventeen hundred the age of enlightenment, practically the first time ever
Scientists are moving away from superstitions and basic beliefs on reason and evidence and alchemy fits right into this transition. period, it's a combination of science and magic. The whole point is to change. one element into another most famously turn cheaper metals into gold, but, alas gently alchemy, can also affect the human body with the right materials you can make an elixir of inward howdy and beyond the immortality thing they count is definitely a master of alchemy Molly he uses it to remove flaws from precious stones, which probably explains all those fancy gems. He wears one day King Louis, the fifteenth brings the count in old, imperfect, I meant when he returns the diamond. It's absolutely flawless, increasing its value by more than half so understand,
we, the king, loves this guy. He keeps account around for twelve years, but I have to imagine if you're immortal he get bored, doing magic tricks and hanging out with kings gets old, which may be Why, by seventeen sixty the count takes on a new hobby, he becomes a secret agent. You see, there is a battle going on between Austria and Prussia, and countries are choosing. AIDS, France and Austria are already allies, but supposedly King Louis asked the king to step in and broker a peace treaty with Prussia instead without consulting the french Foreign Minister, so the count organ This is some secret meetings in backroom deals with Prussia and when the fourth Minister eventually hears about it. He is not happy in this mission was so topsecret. Nobody in the french government knew about it, so they come to be seen like an obvious conclusion: the count must be
spy working for the enemy England pretty soon. There's a bounty on the accounts head, the foreign ministers, is he wants him bound hand and foot and sent to prison, so the count fleas. The country and washes up in England, which only further convinces the french Minister is that they were right. Of course, after such a sticky incident, King Louis cuts off all ties count once again he's adrift wandering from place to place, and it's not long before he finds a new home in a country on the cusp of a bloody revolution coming up, the count becomes a prophet of doom you know you sleeping beauty. The little mermaid they're all iconic Disney movies.
But did you know the original versions of these stories did not end today? Happily, ever after I I'm Alistair from pockets, and I'm hosting a new Spotify original called once upon a time the nine weeks we commemorate the one hundred and twenty eight anniversary of original. Imagine you won't Disney's birth by lifting the curtain. and comparing some of your favorite Disney stories with the early telling one upon a time will charts Disney's Korea triumphs as well as the crushing defeats it almost ruined it all we lucid look at what it took to bring these stories to life and why Disney's Adele did versions became so memorable across Generations follow the spot of firing. No from bark asked once upon a time. Listen. Free
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The easy that come talk to your doktor about nor take oddity, take control of migraine now back to the story, while he's living in Paris in seventeen fifty the count becomes close friends, with your Hannah, a princess who rules over a small region in Germany so uncles on the run a few years later, he allegedly goes to stay with princess you hand, his daughter Empress Katharine Russia at the hi. Russia is not exactly the stable list of countries. The new emperor Peter that It is a lousy ruler, he's drunk who plays cruel, practical jokes in his pretty universally dislike, but no one heats and more than his wife Empress. Catherine. Now most of this information is coming from three hundred year old personal letter. So it's hard to tell fact from fiction, but right when the time comes, appears in Russia. All these weird things are happening supposedly Catherine makes thick
and a general in the army sing. You know the military's helping Catherine overthrow her husband. She becomes known as Catherine, the great in ushers in a new golden age of Russia. I can say for sure whether the count had anything to do with the coup, but I do know that account is really close with Catherine, the great and the timing is pretty suspicious either way by seventeen. Seventy four once Catherine's got the empire secured. The count is back in Paris is we been fourteen years since he left, but a lot's changed King Louis, the fifteenth is dead is and suddenly the sixteenth has taken throne, but the count still has anti enemies. In the French Royal Court, so going back is pretty dangerous. It's a chance. He is willing to take, though, because somehow He knows that something even more dangerous is on the horizon, its
o clock on a Sunday morning and an aristocrat. Gabrielle Data Markets, a knock on her door. Gabrielle is shocked to find that it her old friend the count he looks pretty haggard and gives her a dire warning, a conspiracy. is forming against the throne. Sue Some one will try to overthrow the monarchy. Gabriel is leading waiting to the new queen, Marie Antoinette, and she, so scared by the council warning. She immediately runs to the queen to tell her Marie Antoinette. Just sits silently for a second. and then she whispered. Something like this is exactly what the letter said. The queen explain that she'd been receiving mysterious anonymous notes now never met the council. After hearing all that, she's pretty sure he's the one who ve been writing them. So she begs Gabrielle to bring the count to her.
Unfortunately, when he comes, he isn't bearing good news. The count says that soon a darkness will fall across France. First, the clergy will be destroyed. Then the noble class since then lawmakers Even the monarchy itself will fall, but not before where a vicious civil war erupts in the streets. Blood will flow in the gutters and the aristocrats will face the gear. Now Marie Antoinette is probably horrified she has to see, truth in what he saying. There's a huge divide between the rich and the poor and the peasants are getting angry. so she promises to bring this news to the king and that's where the problems start like I said the count still has his enemies and they don't want him closing up to another king, in fact,
moment, the count and Gabrielle are shone out of the palace. He tells her that as soon as the king finds out about his visit Bilbil warrant out for his arrest. Lo and behold, he right just a few hours later, one of the king's advisers knocks on Gabrielle store. Looking for the count, Gabrielle swear, she does nowhere. He is, but before the words out of her mouth, the count barges through the door, he screamed at the advisor that he's prevent seeing him from saving the monarchy. If the count can't speak to the king this adviser will go down in history as the man who ruined an empire and with that dramatic exit, the count fleas glance a few years later, his prediction comes true. Instead, teen. Eighty nine, the french Revolution, begins peasants take to the streets calling for the death of the aristocracy throughout the first year of the revolution, Marie Antoinette continues to receive letters from the count warning her up.
else is to come at some point that year the count even comes back to France in person, he visits Gabrielle and tells her that his prediction has become inevitable. The monarchy will fall and the king and queen will die and surprise surprise he's absolutely right. Four years later, the reign of terror washes across France and both kingly. The sixteenth and Marie Antoinette lose their heads between the spy the alchemy in the french revolution. The count is getting quite a reputation. Even the french philosopher. Voltaire describes him, as quote, a man who never dies and who knows everything, but even though he is becoming an international celebrity, the count is still incredibly private like nobody knows who his family is or where he comes from, nobody even his real name. Apparently, the count is just one
and of any pseudonyms on his travels through Europe and Asia. He goes by at least eight other aliases, according to historical records, are actually is account that controls are french area called censure met with this man named Claude Louis. They censure man is not our guy, while our count is studying alchemy across Europe, Claude Louis nah fighting for various armies and eventually becomes the french Minister of war. So ass you can and rumours swirl about the counts. True, identity, something he's the ill you damn it son of the Queen of Spain, others say he's attacks, man from ITALY whose putting on airs another popular theory Is that he's the heir to the portuguese throne, but there's only one person. Who knows the truth around one thousand, seven hundred and seventy nine. The count is in Germany, staying with Prince Carl, who controls our region called Hesa Carl's.
Super interested in alchemy and they spend several years working on experiments together. The count rose so close to Carl that he finally comes clean about his origins. He tells the prince that he's not from France or Spain or Portugal he's from Transylvania, and no is not about turn into a vampire story when the count is born some time at the end of the seventeenth century. His name is Prince Roxy, his family. His currently ruled Transylvania, but just before his birth, Austria seized control of the region when accounts still spillage. child. His father leads an uprising against Austria and lose its Austria takes the council other into siblings, prisoner for reasons I can explain. The count is placed into the care of the italian Duke of Tuscany. The look educates him and raises him as a nobleman when the count grows old.
There. He learns at his siblings have been stripped of their original names and rechristened as Saint Coral and Saint Elizabeth and so Currently he changes his name to feel connected to them. So finally, we ve got the sky. Pin down maybe keep in mind. This all comes from the count himself, who does have a penchant for light prince record scene. really existed, but there's not much information about his kids or what happened to them after the failed uprising, and there are some account so just don't line up with the supposed birth here, like that countess, Ample Jersey who remembered meeting the count in seventeen ten it. This time line is true. He would have been still at the time, so when was he lie when he told Prince Carl He was born around seventeen hundred or when he took Madame Bonn Geraghty, that they crossed paths and seventeen ten were maybe both the supply
with. So much of this mystery all relies on the word of one guy. You can't keep his own story straight, even though official document we have his death record, doesn't line up, there's another mystery about the count, that's yet to be solved and that's the question of his immortality. Supposedly. February twenty seven, seventeen, eighty four, the count dies in Germany- is not clear what the causes, but church record Show he's buried a few days later on more second, but in seven in eighty five, a year after his supposed death, the count attends a convention and Ferris very much alive in one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight now for years to see if he shows up again in Venice and remember how he with Gabrielle during their french revolution in seventeen. Eighty nine. Yet that's five years after his recorded demise for a dead guy, the counts got a pretty busy schedule, Now, maybe this is just an error. It record keeping or perhaps to avoid any
scrutiny the count faked his own death coming up the count, not only survives heat the rise. This up, it has brought. You buy Directv stream, introducing too tv stream. The best of luck, tv and on demand, which means you can get all your favorite sports movies and shows together. So you can watch episodes of your favorite reality shows live or binge old episodes on demand either way get for some drama and the best part three Phoebe stream has no annual contract. Directv stream get your tv together at Directv, dot com as high speed internet incompatible device content varies by packaging location restrictions, apply, pinocchio sleeping beauty, the little mermaid? They're all chronic Disney movies, but did you
No, the original versions of these stories did not end today. Happily, ever after I I'm Alistair from pockets, and I'm hosting a new Spotify original, called once upon a time four. Nine weeks we commemorate the one hundred and twenty Fiveth anniversary of original. Imagine you won't Disney's birth by lifting the curtain, and comparing some of your favorite Disney stories with the early telling one upon a time will charts Disney's Korea triumphs as well as the crushing defeats it almost ruined it all. We lucid look at what it took to bring these stories to life and why Disney's adapted visions became so memorable, a crow generations, follow the Spotify original from bark ask once upon a time
listen, free and exclusively on Spotify. Now, back to the story, according to church records, the count is buried in one thousand, seven hundred and eighty four, but there's a theory that the count wasn't actually in the coffin. Instead, he faked his death as a cover to drop off the face. You're, but he didn't do it alone. He had the help of a secret society that much some of us know by now. The Freemasons congratulations to anyone who had Freemason on their bingo card. Honestly, if you talk about a magic Historical figure long enough, Freemasonry is bound to show up and did he listen to the show regularly. You definitely heard me talk by the Freemasons before the society studies, about the universe passed down through allegorical stories, their sue
during the symbols code, words all that sneaky stuff, supposedly the count has a huge influence on both classic Freemasonry and its spoke here offshoots in fact he's the reason people associate Freemasonry with the occult when he's globe trotting throughout the seventeen hundred. It's not just for the revolutionary drama here also visiting different branches of Freemason, supposedly teaching them out Me and other magical wisdom, after that he travels to India, Turkey, in the Himalayas to learn equal truths about the universe and following this path, the count becomes some kind of lightened spiritual master. This is new age. Religious movement called Theosophy, which has allowed of overlap with Freemasonry, and they consider the count as well of their ascended masters, which is basically a person reaches enlightenment and transformed into an all knowing super powerful deity. If that the US
fish are right, then, no wonder the count never ages or dies he's basically a god. The cons of ascended master was introduced by this guy named Guy Ballard, who claimed to have met the count himself in nineteen thirty, supposedly is hiking Mount Shasta in Northern California and during his track he meets a man, the jeweled robes, who has sparkling eyes. He introduces him, health as send drama Santer Matt, gives guy a cup of what he calls quote electronic essence to drink, which sounds difficult to swallow, but guy apparently does it. Then, The mystic takes him flying through space and time before, depositing him back on the mountain, with a wealth of secret knowledge. Guy brings this man. go wisdom to LOS Angeles where he sets up a church. He calls the. I am movement throughout the nineteenth,
these he claims received thousands of messages from the count and other ascended masters, including Jesus. You promised readers that, if they follow him, they'll become enlightened themselves and more than guys. Guy says he can help the faithful become wealthy and he can heal the sick with only his thoughts. All they have to you is give him their money. And if you think that sounds like a scam, you right just a few short years. The I am movement implodes guy or dies in nineteen. Thirty, nine and the remaining leaders are indicted on eighteen counts of fraud. altogether. They ripped off gullible followers to the tune of three million dollars of fortune let alone during the great depression sue, This citing the counties, maybe not the most credible but immortal he doesn't necessarily mean living and breathing for hundreds of years
whether or not the count is still out there in the flesh. His memory is still very much alive. Even today, he shows up in tons of historical fiction, books and tv shows outlined to Castle Albania, he had new, risk by our graffiti written about him, none of which can walk down the facts about who the sky actually was, though, and if he really did have the secret to eternal life, he left a clue behind. There's this book a trip, to the count- that's usually just known as the triangular manuscript, because it shaped like a triangle: it's this alchemical taxed written in code and if he decipher it its supposedly take a recipe for a magic elixir that extends your life, Currently not only did the count right down the recipe he offered. This potion to a few different aristocrats who wrote about it in their memoirs and letters remit
my damn VON Jersey, who he met in Venice in one thousand, seven hundred and ten and again in one thousand seven hundred and sixty when he was introduced to her the first time he supposedly gave her an elixir that kept her looking like she was twenty five for years. There are versions of this triangular manuscript online. If you want to see for yourself fusing crack the code, maybe it life to be yours. Two days for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode, you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on Spotify,
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