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Born in Poland in 1899, Wolf Messing could reportedly read minds, control people's thoughts, and tell the future. But he wasn't any ordinary psychic. When he met Joseph Stalin in 1940, his powers might've become weapons of war.

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If you could have any superpower, what would it be? It's a common enough question and the answers are equally predictable. We want to fly or become, invisible or re people's minds, but we never stopped to really consider the other side of the question. If you could have any superpower, would you sure there are times when supernatural abilities could come in handy, for example, in nineteen ten an eleven year old boy named Wolf messing jumped on a train to Germany without a ticket when an officer walked by an ass for his fair wolf held out a scrap of newspaper and focused on his energy on making the man think it was a ticket. He held his breath certain. He was about to be kicked off the train, but it worked the man punched, the paper handed back to Wolf and continued on his way
I was stunned. That was the first time he realized tat. He had psychic powers, but be careful what you wish for Thirty years later, those powers would get him mixed up in an international conflict. He couldn't solve with telepathy This is supernatural I spotted A original from park asked on your host. Actually flowers every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find all episode of supernatural and all other par cast originals for free on Spotify this week, I'm talking about a psychic named Wolf messing.
Wolf, discovered his abilities at a young age and ass, an adult he made his life as a psychic performer women, not cs. Invaded Poland in nineteen. Thirty, nine wolf's powers put him in the cross, of not one but two infamous dictators. I have all that more coming up stay with us. This episode is brought to you by Victoria's secret Victoria Secret is excited to announce its first original podcast vs voice. it is in this new series host Amanda a cabinet connects with trailblazing women around the world from models and athletes to act. Yours and designers, all of whom have learned from their mistakes, risen above adversity and aim to leave the world better than they found it. Listen now on Spotify or wherever you get pod deception it has brought by Exxon. Mobile rewards plus want rewards instantly, earn points
savings when you buy things like gas or coffee, but the exit mobile, rewards plus programme sign up for x. Mobile rewards, plus at Exxon, Dotcom, Slash, Spotify Exe, mobile rewards classes, the rewards programme available at participating, Exxon and Mobile branded service stations terms and could do in supply. Visit Exxon died, for more details. This is David Rennick, editor of the New York and the New Yorker asking it is by many to be the most influential neck, Seen in the world get twelve weeks for six dollars was a free tote at New York or Dotcom slashed Spotify. may, the maiden nineteen Thirty's wolf passing was pretty much a household name in Poland. He prefers regularly in Warsaw, showing off his telepathic abilities in front of thousands of people is biggest stick. Is asking a random audience member to think of
something very specific, then Wolf, read their mind and announce what they were. Thinking about. A lot of people felt Wolf basically just a stage magician. Obviously the people whose minds he claimed We could have been assistance that he'd planted in the audience, but they couldn't all be plants. Wolf reportedly had some very profile believers from stalling to Mahatma Gandhi, to Albert Einstein, in his early life, Wolf messing was never really average in eighteen ninety nine he's born in a tiny polished, how about twenty miles from Warsaw as a young child. There are already hints that he's special his parents him to a famous writer named shallow Malaysia, who tells Wolf. You have a shining future and elements pretty vague, but by the time It is six years old. His parents notice that he has a remarkable
good memory. Even though he's just a kid wolf's parents decide, he needs to start, go, to religious, school and training, to be a rabbi. Information about wolves childhood is difficult to find, but it's clear he's not super into his religious education, because when he's eleven, he runs away from home with just zero dollars and eighteen cents to his name. Wolf jumps on it to Berlin. He can't afford the fair when the ticket take her comes by Wolf, just handsome, a piece of Tor newspaper and Sir somehow telepathic convinces him to accept it as a ticket, Wolf, always kind of new. He was special, but this is the first time he realizes exactly how special so well, makes it to Berlin, but with no money and no parents has a rough time in Germany. He gets a job. delivering packages, but since he's litter The eleven years old. His pay is in great
one day at work, he fallen faints from hunger. He ends up in the house spittle where a doctor finds him cold, stiff and toto without a pulse according to the doctors of messing is dead. They in his body all the way to the morgue then, while they're making arrangements for his burial, a medical student happens to take one look at Wolf's, pulse he'd attacks a heartbeat, it's very faint, but it's They three days later, Wolf finally wakes up when he comes to. There's a man named doktor able in the row doktor able tells Wolf that he's extraordinary. He has the power of self induced Catalepsy base Billy. He can go into a trance so deep. It makes it look like he's dead.
when Doktor ABLE finds out about wolves. Other psychic abilities he's interested enough that he takes the boy under his wing and basically becomes his telepathy teacher. I'm not sure what kind of qualification since he has for that. But he is a psychologist and a neural pathologists. So he knows his way around. The might one source says that Wolf and doktor able met four days a week for psychic tray. in which involves dipping into cattle uptake trances reading stream, yours mines and making predictions about the future, many of which are proven correct. So by time. He's a teenager. Wolf is an expert in all things. Clairvoyant he's also pretty sick of delivering package's, so he decides to use his telepathic powers for profit. at fourteen years old he starts performing as a psychic in front of audience. It is big break comes when he sixteen
and put on a show in Vienna. Austria, Wolf is a hit so much so He allegedly gains the attention of one of the most notable men in Vienna Albert Einstein, as a scientist, Einstein is sceptical of the paranoia. but he is willing to consider that psychic abilities might be possible and, as it happens, Einstein is friends with Sigmund. Roy the Father of modern psychology, though einsteinian from Aren't said to have met until nineteen twenty seven, as one story goes, they were together in streets around nineteen, nine and fifteen, and when Einstein took an interest in Wolf, he Julie, invited both Freud and the psychic to his apartment for a little experiment. According to biographies of Wolf. How it works is broad, is going to give Wolf a mental command
He doesn't say anything out loud. He only thinks about what he wants wolf to do and according to Wolf, he hears Freud's thoughts loud and clear, Wolf walks to the bathroom grabs, a pair of tweezers and plucks, exactly three hairs out: Einstein Mustache, obviously Einstein's a little miffed, but Freud is absolutely astonished cause. That's exactly what he told Wolf to do. say what you will about Freud, but I don't think he would outright lie to Einstein's face about this. So the only explanation is telepathy. So before he's even Eighteen years old Wolf get some of the most brilliant mines in Europe on his side throughout his twenties he towards the world, stopping in Japan, Brazil, India, Australia and more in India, Wolf. Reportedly me Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi does a similar expiring
to the previous one. He gives Wolf a mental command to pick up a fool: and handed to someone on the other side of the room. Of course, Wolf carries out the command flawlessly and Gandhi joined his ever growing group of believers by the end of his were Wolf is a global sensation. He comes back to Poland and settles in Warsaw where he continues performing and for the next decade, or so things go pretty well for Wolf. Then, in the early nineteenth thirties, Hitler comes to power, our in Germany, as you wish man living in Poland. Wolf knows that if the Nazis invade he and his family are in trouble but that doesn't mean he's afraid to speak out. In fact, at one of his performances. One. Thirty, seven wolf makes a bold prediction, Hitler will die if he turned toward the east hole, and is directly east of Germany
is essentially saying that if Hitler dares to invade Poland, it will lead to his death and when the psychics prediction makes its way to Hitler. He doesn't appreciate the sentiment in fact, Hitler's so incense that he supposedly puts a bounty wolf's head any Nazi who manages to capture Wolf will be given the equipped went over a million. U S dollars today, even with this man save bounty on his head. Wolf still feels relatively safe. After all, he's in a totally different country, as long as he stays in Warsaw in flies under the radar he's. Fine until September first nineteen, thirty nine, when Nazis invade Poland coming Wolf messing uses mind control to escape certain death Oh I'm gonna Maguire an answer
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it's more affordable than traditional therapy, and financial aid is available. Better help wants you to start living a happier life today, so visit better help, dot com, slash supernatural and get ten percent off your first month. That's better help dot com, slash supernatural now back to the story: in nineteen thirty, nine, the Nazi Army invades Poland. Two days later, in France. Declare war on Germany, world war. Two officially underway and Wolf messing life is completely up, ended after the invasion Wolf is hiding in a meat locker to avoid the Nazis, who he know are on the look out for him in particular, but at some point, for whatever reason, Wolf leaves his hiding spot. He ventures outside and comes face to face with a nazi officer. This guy recognizes Wolf me there's a whole handbook, for
Pictures of people who are wanted by Hitler and wolves photo is very much in it. So the officer runs up to Wolf, asks him his name and, of course, tries to lie, but it's no use the officer, grabs him and punches him square in the face, The next thing Wolf knows he's in a Nazi police station his mind, is going a mile a minute. He knows. Hitler's got a bounty, his head and he's willing to bet that the bounty applies, whether he shows up dead or alive. So Wolf got two options escape or die, as story goes Wolf. He uses his mind control abilities to convince every person in the police station convene in the room where he is being held as the nazi officer are making their way towards him. He uses his power of self induce catalepsy, so Whenever one arrives in the room, they see Wolf, lying on the floor, apparently dead.
For a while, the officers just mill around wondering, what's going on when he's sure the Nazis have their guard stout Wolf jumps up, sprints out of the room before the office can even wonder what just happened. Wolf makes it out of the building and disappears into the streets of Warsaw. That same night. He makes it to the eastern border and escaped into the USSR for Wolf, it's a bitter sweet victory. He makes it out of Hitler's club yes, but he had to leave the rest of his family back in Poland by the of the war, his father and brothers, are all eventually killed by the Nazis meanwhile, when Wolf arrives in Russia, he goes to the Ministry of Culture to find a job. They ask about his qualifications and he straight up tells them he's a psychic. This isn't exactly
Best thing to say: Joseph Stalin wants to get rid of anything religious, spiritual or magical in the Soviet Union, because its supposedly threatens the social and political order. Russians who claim to be psychics are reportedly derided as rogues and beyond that everyone, at the Ministry of Culture assumes this so called psychic is actually just a big liar, but Wolf is insistent he offers to give them a demonstration and they agree it's not clear. What exactly wolf shows the government employees whatever he dies, it totally convinced them of his powers, so they say: ok, if you insist will set you up with a job as a psychic performer, but there's a catch wolf can't publicly claim that he's actually a psychic telepathy just a clairvoyant. anything else in that neighbourhood instead he's forced to say that his psychic powers aren't supernatural Yanza pamphlets that chocolate
all up to something called ideal motor response. Basically, ideal. Motor responses are tiny unconscious face Oh and body movements, Wolf's pamphlets claim. his mind. Reading powers are actually just the result of analyzing people's small muscle twitches, but Wolf, no he's reading might not muscles He never really believes the disclaimer and apparently neither the soviet government public, Lee. They deny all things supernatural privately. Their curious, even stolen himself, can't help, but wonder what give Wolf messing powers our real and as world war. Two continues. This curiosity becomes desperation to fight Hitler's army the Soviets need serious weapons, maybe even supernatural ones
one evening in nineteen, forty wolf steps on stage for yet another sold out show for a country that openly derived spiritualism people are pretty eager to see this guy perform when the law, its dim. He looks out in seas. Hundreds of people in the auditorium and two uniformed police officers storming toward the state the office There's grab wolf, tell the audience basically saw it shows over and shuffle him off stage. even Wolf, is wondering what on earth just happened? Did he say something wrong? the show is he going to jail or worse? Is he being deported back to Poland? wolf doesn't get a chance to ask any questions. The officers shove him into the back of an unmarked, car and speed away from the theatre. After what feels like forever, the car pulls up to a building. The wolf doesn't recognise
The men led him into a room. He's left there alone with nothing but his racing thoughts as time passes. His fear gives way to border. Then the officers come back and shove him into yet another room where he's left to stew. After even we're waiting, Wolf. Finally, here's the door knob turn and when the door creeks open, he sees a short barrel shaped man in a green military jacket is dark. Hair is combed back in a thick black moustache curls over his mouth, its Joseph Stalin in the flesh coming up as the story goes, stolen puts Wolf messing power to the test. This episode is sponsored by better help online therapy, is like a roller coaster. Sometimes its smooth sailing times its rocky and it can be
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at home devices small appliances and more and that's music to everyone's make the holidays. Yours gifts for everyone on your list from the home deeper. How doers get more done now back to the story in nineteen forty wolf messing claims to find self face to face with Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the Soviet Union stalling. Basically, as you and I both know why I'm here the USSR. Is gearing up to join world war. Two- and, let's be honest, whether you believe in magic or not? If you are going into battle, wouldn't you rather have a psychic on your side. Wolf doesn't really have of a choice in the matter. Refusing star One could mean being sent back to Nazi occupied Poland, so it is, I'm on a line. Wolf agrees to team up with the Soviets, but even though Einstein
Freud and Gandhi, allegedly Believin, Wolf's powers stolen still has some lingering reservations before he can really trust wolf. He, vices, a series of tests for the first one stolen tells Wolf to you telepathy to steal one hundred thousand roubles from a bank in Moscow. Now Wolf is key. Put it in his abilities, but that doesn't mean he's not nervous. He's never had to perform for a dictator before, and the stakes have never been this high when the government vehicle drops Wolf off at the bank, he's shaking in his boots. He walks inside flanked by two official witnesses that stolen hired to make sure there's no funny business. Wolf, approaches the front counter where an elderly bank teller steers it, with watery eyes, Wolf, doesn't say a single word. He just places an open brief case on the counter and focuses all of his mental
energy on convincing the man to hand over the cash and tell her does it. He places stack actors lack of bills inside the brief case without question, then Wolf in the witnesses walk out. One hundred thousand roubles richer Stalin's impressed, but still sceptical. It seems like he things. Wolf might have Tipp the teller off because he sends the psychic and his official witnesses back to the bank to confront the What man Wolf places the brief case back on the counter opens it up and shows the teller that he'd handed over a fortune without the slightest hesitation. The old man is so horrified by what he's done that he has a heart attack like an actual heart attack right there in the bank. Luck
He survives, but obviously he had no idea what happened either. It turns out Wolf, isn't just telepathic convincing people to do his bidding. He's taking over their minds, causing a total memory blackout in the process. This doesn't just convince stolen that Wolf is the real deal. It makes it clear that the psychic is indispensable stones. Next challenges aren't so much about proving wolves abilities as they are about seeing how much He's really capable of for the second challenge. Stolen gives Wolf what he believed to be an impossible task, escape a room, that's guarded by soviet police to Wolf. This is child's play He broke out of a Nazi police station years ago. Here into a room incited government office. Probably the Kremlin there's three, frank sets of guards with orders to keep wolf in the building, but the pole
These are no match for Wolf. He uses telepathy to convince every single guard to turn around and He slipped right out of the building, while no one is looking clearly someone's gotta come up with something more challenging. So, instead of asking Wolf to sneak out of a building, he challenges him to sneak into one town just west of Moscow stolen. Has this thing called a duchess, it's sort of like a vacation home and, of course, completely surrounded by guards and staff by members of the soviet secret police and Wolf's next assignment to get inside this. Let us in a random man in a clown suit to break into the oval office. It's ridiculous. Nevertheless, Wolf swallows hard held stolen. He can do it a few days later, stolen is sitting his daughter reading Wolf stands outside a few hundred feet away, guards are
swarming. The yard covering all the entrances. Wolf realises that if he wants to get inside, he had just distract the officers. He's got a trick them, so he comes up with a plan. It'll be his biggest mind, control attempt yet, but if it works, it'll be incredible. As Wolf approaches the doktor, he thinks to him self I am Beria Lover. Anti Beria is the leader of the soviet secret police. He's good friend withstand and he comes to the doktor pretty frequently so just like he did with the train ticket all those decades ago, Wolf uses all his concentration to Caen Vince the guards to see him as Beria. Now a quick side, no wolf doesn't Anything like Liberia, he's got wild, curly, hair and a heart shaped,
ACE bury, on the other hand, has straight thinning here, a square face and always wears glasses, and yet the guards are totally fooled. They let Wolf walk right past that they prefer to wolflike he's there boss, because to them that's exactly what he looks like Wolf breezes through there. door and into stolen study. The dictator looks up from his work and his eyes practically pop out of his head still, He knows he has a winner on his hands at this point. The story gets a little murky all I know from Wolf's biographies is that stolen gives him permission to go anywhere. He wants within the Soviet Union. One source says he's, embraced by all the USSR is highest authorities. I'll admit the language is vague, but the secrecy kindest suggests that whatever Wolf is up to. It must be pretty soon.
yes like if stolen, is so convinced that Wolf has psychic powers, why wouldn't he bring him into the war effort and interesting Lee? perhaps stolen- may have listened to some of wolves advice. The an army. Attempts to surprise attack Moscow in nineteen. Forty one, but still and is more prepared for the ambush than they expect it. He has soldiers at ready and he manages toward the Germans off. It's almost like. He saw the attack coming, and maybe he did in the years after the war. The Soviet Ministry of Defence definitely did study psychic phenomena according to declassify yea documents. Wolf himself reportedly ran a covert psychic research programme in Moscow, funded by the KGB, and it this year, was considering this question. We should ask it Syria, we too were Wolf's powers. Real
I know it sounds unbelievable. His predictions of the future are probably the easiest to dispute. I mean they could have just been a few lucky guy since, but what about the mind reading remember ideal motor explanation. He was forced to give in the Soviet Union. Wolf always Coralie deny that he was just reading people's small muscle movements, as Wolf explained it. People's thoughts come into me as pictures. I usually see visual images of specific action or place he actually It was easier for him to read minds while blindfolded, because he could focus all his energy on the picture inside his head ass for his ability to control other people's thoughts. Even Wolf didn't fully understand how he did that he just knew he could and the evidence suggests
that yeah he could now. We should mention that most of the claims about Wolf's meetings with historical figures are basically impossible to prove some of the stories. Dont really check out like Einstein for it probably wouldn't have been hanging out together when Wolfe was a team, but to be clear, there's not a single source that the debunks Wolf's powers nobody even Einstein could disprove it. So I have to assume that Whatever was going on, it was beyond the realm of our current scientific understanding, but some day that could change in Wolf's own words, the tie
will come when man will understand all these phenomena. There is nothing strange only what is not yet commonplace. things for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode for more information on Wolf messing amongst the many sources. I use found psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain by Sheila, Ostrander and Lynch Schroeder extremely helpful to my research. You can find all episode of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from our cast for free unspotted
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