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Humanity’s most daring achievements are coming together in the new Spotify Original from Parcast! Every weekday, Incredible Feats introduces you to a new story of jaw-dropping physical strength, mental focus, and bizarre behavior. Join comedian Dan Cummins as he profiles the people who turned the impossible into the incredible, breaking records and making history along the way. 

Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode, and stay tuned for episodes on daredevils, ultramarathoners, performance artists and more! To find more Parcast Network originals, search “Parcast Network” on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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I'm thrilled to give you an exclusive p, get Parkhurst Networks, new, show incredible feats, its hosted by comedian and podcast, or Dan comments from the hit podcast time suck and brings you true accounts of unbelievable physical strength, mental focus and bizarre behaviour Monday through Friday. Dan goes behind the scenes and into stories of everyone from world class athletes and world record breakers to artists, architects and more right now In a play you a clip from the first episode about the sky diver, who broke the sound barrier as he free fall from the edge of space to hear the rest of the episode, follow incredible feats, freon Spotify or wherever you get your podcast. Felix Baumgardner, was forty three. He was an austrian pro sky diver and base jumper, who holds world record For both the lowest ever and highest ever based jumps,
Even though the latter feed got him ban from Taiwan and he will to do something even more extreme. He decides to break the sound barrier with only his body, a never before done feet He must freefall twenty four miles in four minutes. Going seven hundred and seventy miles per hour. He wouldn't be the first to attempt this past would be supersonic. Sky divers died during the jump. It takes three hundred people and five years of planning to prepare for Felix Jump. Some of those people work for rebel who sponsors the mission. They hire the perfect coach, Joe Kissinger and eighty four year old, retired Airforce colonel who set the world record for highest freefall in nineteen sixty when he fell over night,
ten miles back to earth. Felix basically needs to become an astronaut to fall even further and pull this off low oxygen and low atmospheric pressure will kill him without proper training protection. Red bull rendezvous with NASA to get an astronaut grade, spacesuit and training for Felix Skydive. Just one problem, peerless be licks is Kloster phobic. His pricey customs spacesuit gives him panic attacks and he has to receive psychiatric counselling to handle it. October fourteen two thousand twelve jump day around nine, a m baumgardner big, breeding pure oxygen, doesn't eliminate all nitrogen from his body who get the bends deadly in extreme cases just four: nine. Thirty, a M Felix boards, the capsule, then a spy we made forty layer helium balloon lifted from the New Mexico Desert into the stratosphere, as he sends his vice.
Your fog's, a blinding him he radios coach, Joe Kissinger. What am I supposed to do? And they almost actually call it off but then solve the problem by unplugging the visor and plug it back in classic turn it off and turn it back on, turns out that fixes, phones, laptops and fancy space helmets. Just after twelve p m Felix reaches a hundred and twenty eight thousand one hundred feet. The height he'll jump from for scale. Imagine for Mt Everest, stacked up without the suit his bodily fluids will vaporize and kill him at this attitude. He describes his view when you stand up there on top of the world you become so humble is not about breaking records anymore, it's not about getting scientific data, it's all about coming home, twelve o eight p m here, ups almost immediately. He starts spinning, really not good if he can
control, the spin, all his blood will gush out of his eyes killing him. This is what killed the previous, dare devils, plus The g for threatens to knock him unconscious. He fights to stay awake, he could deploys parachute but then he loses his chance of breaking the sound barrier. Felix man, to control the spin and thirty four seconds in bone. He breaks they sonic area it so loud mission control hears it from the ground fifty seconds in since its terminal. Velocity mock one point, two five or eight hundred, thirty three point nine miles per hour over eight hundred and thirty miles per hour. Finally, he opened. Parachute after almost nine minutes in the air and lands safely and then celebrates with Kosovo, two weeks later, Felix goes on the today show and tells the world he did not enjoy. The jump me because he almost died, or maybe he just
One of the scare others away from trying to break his record worked on this guy's Felix mission accomplished either way he retired from skydiving and base jumping. But he has not stopped being a daredevil today he raises cars, makes helicopters due back lips and makes men like me feel well a little less manly. To finish this episode and hear more amazing stories follow. Incredible feats free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast.
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