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In the summer of 1958, a strange creature terrorized construction crews in rural California. Since then, Bigfoot true-believers have collected a wealth of information on the strange ape-like being — including a minute of undoctored footage of a female Sasquatch in the wild. 


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Stories about ufos resonate with a lot of people and its obvious why they were, something about what makes us human if we could meat and alien. It would put our existence into context. It would and were not the only intelligent creatures in the universe, but we when I met any other intelligent species. Yet- and maybe it's me her eyes were looking in the wrong place. We keep. Looking for answers in outer space, but maybe What we are seeking is right here in our own backyard: lots of people have spotted strange Harry human life creatures wandering through the Pacific Northwest yeah, I'm talkin about big foot, and if these apes exist, they're, probably our closest genetic relatives on earth they might find.
We reveal something about humanity's place in the world. All we have to do is make contact, you're all we definitely know some things out there, because we have the video footage to prove it this is supernatural Spotify a from par cast. I'm your actually flowers every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep died into a real unexplained occurrence? To try and figure out the troop you can find legislative supernatural in all other originals from Parkhurst for free on Spotify, and if you like, Your hearing, reach out on Facebook and Instagram at PAR cast and twitter apart gas network
this week I am talking about the so called missing, link called big foot or SAS watch you're a normal enthusiasts, believed that this part human part ape like creature, lives somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and that's not be. Speculation. There is solid, hard evidence that it exists as in indisputable video footage and footprints with some people. Do insist, the creature is real and may be. It's because the government is suppressing the little bit of hard evidence that we have all talk about all that coming up, stay with us, This episode is brought to you by Ford have one fifty the only weapon Fifty is available with seven point two kilowatts of best in class onboard power. That's enough to power a big Green tv loudspeakers refrigerator, massage chair electric eater
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slash Spotify for ninety dollars off here's a pre episode, Appetizer make dinner time and experience, not a truer with blue apron, They take the guesswork out of planning, delivering nutritionist and chef approved recipes that feed your body challenge your mind and nourish your soul. The best part meal, start at just seven, forty, nine, a serving see what's on this week's menu and get thirty dollars off across your first to deliveries. When you visit blue apron, dotcom, slash supernatural, that's blue apron, dotcom, slash supernatural In the summer of nineteen fifty eight, this construction crew was toiling away in humble county, California, that's a heavy we wooded coastal region toward the northern part of the state, so they
scrambling to finish. Building bluff, Creek Road and the job was in going well a couple days. In a row the crew shows up to work to find their equipment, isn't where they left it, and I don't mean, like a misplaced hammer or something like that. We are talking. These seven hundred pound spare tyres and fifty gown and barrels of diesel fuel that are scattered. Cross their work site like the tornado just whipped through without anyone noticing exempt. Obviously, there hasn't been a tornado nobody. What could be big and strong enough to fling this equipment around especially Anyone seeing or hearing it during the night, because I mean the way cars are actually staying in trailers right near the construction zone. So Naturally, the crew don't know what's going on in their pretty uneasy about coming to work every day, the foreman, assure them that everything's fine, but nobody takes them at their work. I mean fifteen employ
end of walking off the job, because there too spooked things aren't law king, good, bye, falling behind schedule, because there aren't enough people around to operate all the equipment and men, Joe when it seems like, though, never figure out. What's wreaking all this havoc, one of the workers finds a footprint and its huge more than sixteen inches long, I mean think roughly the distance from your elbow to your finger Tipps. So whatever left those tracks ass to be mass it, but the creepy as thing about the footprint is. Its shape. If you're building a road through the middle of the forest, you ve gotta be used to seeing like Wolf and Bob CAT Max, you might even stumble across a bare PA here and there, but these prints, they came from some thing with a long human like foot and five forward, pointing toe in other words it looks awful lot
like a giant Normous barefoot person walk through the construction site and tossed some equipment around, Clearly the team is dealing with something that nobody's ever heard of before so the machine. Operator named Jerry Crew decides he's going to get to the bottom of whatever is going on. He makes plaster mould of a footprint which is about as long as his arm and takes it into town, he shows everyone. He can thinking. Somebody will be able to identify it. The locals, dubbed the creature big because it literally has a big, but there still not totally sure what the animal is. But it sounds a lot like these legends from areas native american tribes, all through the with Western United States and Canada. The indigenous people have stories of these ape like creatures that live in the forest. They have
bunch of different names for these bees, including wild men and SAS, gets which where the word SAS watch comes from for the most part, Until now, most people treated these legends as just that legends Jerry is the first person to come forward. With actual hard evidence that the wild men might exist, and this is big news literally enough. Ober. He ends up on the front page of the local humbled times and then story, gets picked up by bigger papers. All across the nation Just like that, big foot is a household name me, throws the paranormal enthusiast community into a frenzy. But there's a problem see areas for men was this guy named Wilbur Wallace and will brother. Re also works on the project. Now ray you see, he has this reputation for being a bit of a guph like the whole time.
Teams trying to build a road raise constantly playing pranks on the other guys just goofing around so some skip. Start wondering did re may be fake. The footprints now Ray denies completely know he does mention like okay yeah I like to joke around, but he's like I'm not going to sabotage my brother's career, I'm in the footprints and moving the equipment me fifteen guys quit way, would re push a practical joke that far and he, maintains his innocence for decades, but he also makes a small fortune selling bigfoot memorabilia that obviously fake, so think, like doctored photographs, tufts of deer here that he says, comes from an unidentified species, even rocks that he claims ask, watches use as projectile weapon
to make matters worse right after re dies in two thousand to his family comes out in says at he faked the footprints from the Bluff, Creek road construction site you see, they even produce these wouldn't be that they say he used to make the tracks. So I'm sure you're thinking SAS squash has to be a hoax right by re, lied about the whole thing, but there are a few problems with this explanation. For one thing: raise wooden feet are almost two inches smaller than the cast that Jerry made, plus the towser kind of spaced a bit differently, and the wooden ones are more. Square than the plaster version, I mean this the apologist. An anonymous named Jeff Melldrum compared the wooden fee to Jerry's tracks. Jeff is an x
bird specifically in eight feet, and he says that the wooden devices couldn't have left the footprints. So even if re is a fraud we still can completely dismiss Jerry's account that original footprint had to come from something. Unfortunately, raise dishonesty basically makes all bigfoot hunters look like shyster ears which means hundreds of enthusiasm scrambling for some hard evidence to prove the beast exists, and to show that they are not all wasting their time on? Fortunately, they don't really find anything. I mean this creature, surprisingly elusive. In fact might even know how to avoid trackers. Once a group of the big foot resource. There is actually set up a trap. They left some fresh,
fruit in the middle of this like wet, muddy area, and they figure that if any animal try to take the bay, it would have to leave a trail of footprints. But when they come back, they see the fruit is gone, but there were no footprints as now. Whereas the researchers can tell it's like an animal walked to the edge the wet might then laid down on its side and stretch toward the fruit. We think like how might reach to hit your snooze button without leaving the bat everything is there is no the reason for a creature to grab the fruit. This way, not as it figured out. This was a trap and it knew not to leave footprints might some bonkers, but prime ontology say that chimpanzees war on dry land differently than on like money or thick vegetation because they know that their leaving a trail that predators can follow. So it's
all that outlandish to think that SAS watches know how to avoid leaving prince at all, because they are more intelligent than chimps and their hiding from us on purpose That may be why, to this day, nobody has ever uncovered undisputed proof that big foot exists. A handful of people have spotted footprints that look a lot like the one Jerry found but nobody's ever captured the creature alive or even found a pal. Or bone or tooth even though they haven't produced any definite proof. Yet searchers have found compelling clues. The most persuasive piece of evidence comes from two guys named Bob Gimlet and Roger Patterson, they had a rare face to face encounter with the beast. And they managed to capture it all on film coming up to
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Explore the all new twenty twenty one up, one, fifty at board dot com, slash drugs, slash one fifty glasses full size. Pick ups ponder eighty five hundred bounds. Gb W are The owners manual for important operating instructions now back to the story in nineteen sixty seven, these two friends named Bob and roger- were horse camping in six rivers. National forest, specifically right near the construction site, where Jerry made his cast their old. And who used to work together on the radio circuit and they're. Both on this trip for different reasons you see, Roger is a big foot fanatic and he thinks that they might actually find some evidence. That task watch is out there even rented a camera before he headed out into the woods and he's always got it with him just in case, but by
on the other hand, thinks this is ridiculous. He's heard the rumours about the ape, like creatures in the area and even seen some plasters that Roger made in the past, and he doesn't believe a word of it now. Luckily, that's not. It problem for him, I mean every day these guys ride their horses through these gorgeous mountain trails and Bob likes Roger and he's having a good time. So he treats this whole big foot thing kind of as Agus personal little. Work and he keeps his mouth shut, but all day changes a few weeks into their vacation, see Robin Roger are out riding on this crisp October day and Roger P. As is dear stream, because he wants to snap some pictures of the autumn. Foliage there to maneuver around this felled tree. That's blocking the trail when all of us studying the horses start, acting skittish for whatever reason their whinnying an kicking, Rogers
rears up like it's trying to buck him off and Bob's, probably thinking he should help, but he can't because his horse starts to panic to it's a good thing. He has all this rodeo experience, because it takes all this skill. He has not to fall off. Some in the midst of all. This excitement Bob spots, this movement out of the corner of his eye there this dark furry mass just across the river from him. It's on two legs, like a bare accept its power, sure isn't anything. Like he's ever seen from a bear its shores there's, an head or kind kind of like sloped forward, it's got these long arms that are swinging by its side and we think like a gorilla and it's a female, that's currently pregnant or nursing, because it has exposed swollen breasts. Bob's first thought is that this can't be real.
But here it is right in front of his eyes. The truth is undeniable Bob and Roger just spotted a big foot in the wild now heart is racing and all he can think is that he's in danger. I mean this creature, huge, and it is super close to then he has no idea. It's gonna run away or charge them, and if it attacks Bob, does it know if he's strong enough to fight off this massive beast, but he's got Dealing with stressful situations he's a former soldier, so even though every ends is screaming at him, to run Bob Grabs, a gun and takes ain't. He doesn't want heard this ask watch, but he'll do what he has to do to keep himself save me. While Roger climbs off his horse grabs his care, from a saddle bags and just starts filming.
Roger, had been dreaming of this day for months, maybe years, but it seems like. He never believed he actually see a big foot face to face because he's freaking out We like his hands, won't stop shaking. So the footage he shoots is really wobbly and he tries to step forward and steady, the shot Roger actually trips and balls and the camera tumbles to the ground. The good news is, this: ask watched, doesn't seem a grass it. She doesn't it, could manage a Rogers vulnerability because she's actually running away, but before She can disappear into the trees. She flows and Goliath, his back over her shoulder almost like she's, packing to see if Bob and Roger are following her. They aren't but Roger
does managed to get back on his feet in time to capture a shot of this loan. Sas watch framed by trees. Looking directly into the lens, and that is probably the most famous image of big foot in the world. Probably seen it Ain t, shirts and coffee mugs and means like Everyone knows what SAS quadrille looks like because of the fifty nine point, five seconds of footage that Roger managed to capture during his encounter. But before that clip has the chance to right around the world. It debuted at the University of British Columbia. Indian Coover you can tell Bob and Roger, are really confident in the films credibility because they draw a room full of biologists and anthropologists and zoologist for the screening, if any it's going to be able to find an inconsistency in the shot? It's gonna be these guys, but honestly, the risk
France is mostly positive. I mean one of these. Attendees is a museum director and he promises Roger and Bob he's gonna go looking for more evidence. There movie made him into a true believer. The problem is the other. Viewers are quite so quick to endorse the video everyone agrees that its persuasive. Nobody spot an indication that it's a hoax, They also know how it'll look if they get on board with these bigfoot hunters, it'll torpedo their careers, remember the general consensus at this point in time is that sat watching doesn't exist. Conner It's like re haven't helped the matter with their fabricated, hares and footprints This kind of dishonesty has completely colored everyone's perception of Bigfoot research. Even though they have the proof right in front of their eyes. These exports won't come right out and say that their convinced one or two
de this guy named Doktor W J. How tells the papers quote? I'm not going to call it a hoax, yet Alternative is still too fantastic to accept. Where does that leave me darned. If I now end quote now. This is really discouraging for Bob and he decides he doesn't want anything to do- is ask watch any more. So he actually cells the rights to the footage for just ten dollars and tries to move on, but even though Bob's TRY to distance himself from the paranormal community. He still gets quite the reputation as a big foot fanatic. And it's not long before all the Bob's friends turn on him. They basically think he's a joke. And they're not shy about harassing him. For believing in ask watch of you guys, he's getting a habit of pulling up to Bob's house in the middle of the night. They shall that they want to go bigfoot hunting until he wakes up and then they all run away before he can get outside. This happened.
On multiple occasions and Bob isn't Even the only person who has to deal with this. His wife, Jude works as a teller at the local savings and loan in June starts getting this steady stream of customers who tease her because they think she's married to some kind of cod artist or conspiracy, theorist maybe think this is all in good fine, but she seriously feels like she can't do her job anymore. She dreads showing up to work in dealing with all the comments and the jokes. You just can't take the humiliation, I one point The stress gets so bad that bomb and Judy actually considered to bourse you'd think that if the video was hoax he'd confess at some point to save his marriage or his friendships, but he doesn't. He insists that every frame of that clip is real, which leaves us with the question. Given how
strong. The evidence is. Why are there so many sceptics out there? I mean it's, not What that unlikely that there's an undiscovered apelike creature living in the Pacific Northwest every year. Scientists classify roughly one new species per week, include Large mammals, like research, has identified a new species of giraffe in two thousand. Sixteen, it's nice that outlandish to think that big foot could be reached. And there doesn't seem to be a good reason for so many people to dismiss the sightings and the footprints and the video out of hand that goes. Lee beyond healthy scepticism, for whatever reason, researchers and scientists refuse to dig into the evidence for big foot and mouth it has to do with the fact that the evidence is hard to get your hands on and part of that might be because watches are so good at hiding, but they should say leave something behind which means
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have to come up with an explanation for how these guys could affect the footage. I mean it's not like. Or Roger our view, effects, artists or professional video editors and keep in mind in nineteen sixty seven, they didn't have acts like Photoshop or I movie so be really challenging to pull something like this off most Riddick say that the pair must have hired someone to leg walk through the woods in a fury suit. An occasion like the video is more than fifty years old. It is grainy and it's kind of washed out and did you Looking at the original print, it can be hard to make out the details so sure it could be man in a costume, except a few busy as have restored the footage and when you look at these updated sharper clips, the robbers theory, just seems impossible. Like try flexing your arm When you do that, you can actually see your muscles moving under your skin and if you take
close look at the creature in the footage you can see bones and tissues moving to their just isn't affair soon in the world. That's form fitting enough for that to be possible, and then There is the size of the thing, as there is any one can tell. The creature is just too big to be human more than seven feet tall with a five foot wide chest, and it has two way about seven hundred pounds and again bulky suit might make an actor look bigger when it couldn't The muscles and sinew effect I mentioned before, to theirs no way Bob and Roger could find a performer big enough to pull this off, but you don't have to talk my word for it countless video editing. Experts have scoured this footage. Looking for some kind of evidence that it is doctored and Every single one of them has come up empty
there is no rational explanation for how Roger shot it other than it being real, but bizarre thing is even Everyone agrees that the video seems to be off then take a lot of sceptics. Ill insist that Bigfoot doesn't exist instead, They treat Rogers footage like its inconclusive. Like some day, someone's going to figure out how he faked it, because the critics would rather believe this is a hoax than acknowledge the evidence, that's right in front of their faces. And to me that's a weird stance, I mean the whole concept. Of the scientific method. Is that you're not supposed to draw conclusions until after you ve examined all the data, so zero sense that all these anthropologists and biologists would just shut down every person who would bring forward evidence of big foots existence ass, their hostility doesn't reflect their real feelings, maybe
their under pressure to dismiss the proof. Allow of SAS watch enthusiasts. Think there's actually in international cover up canadian and american government officials are doing everything they can to destroy the evidence of Bigfoot existence. I mean take what have and with the paranormal researcher named Peter Burn now Peter was obsessed with undiscovered great apes for as long as he could remember, he builds up a reputation for himself in the paranormal enthusiast community and by then nineteen seventies. He gets a job offer at the big Foot information centre. An exhibition in Oregon Peter accepts an attorney out to be his dream, courier and he's at the office, seven days a week. He never takes a break and he loves every second of it is due, these include gathering evidence about this ask watch. He has cameras scattered all through the organ in mountains, and he checks the footage.
You early to see if they got anything interesting, and he also takes statements from people who report Bigfoot, sightings Sometimes these accounts and are being hoaxes, which is frustrating, but there are plenty of incidents that seem like they have to be real. So one day Peter gets a call from a couple of U S for service employees. They say that they saw a figure in the woods and are not really sure what it is, but they want Peter to come check it out well, when Peter meets up. And they led him deep into the forest and show him exactly where they saw the beast. By now its long gone, but Peter like looks around scouring the brush and the ground for scat or footprints, or some other clue. He know This is that the trees are all super close together Peter knows that if the animal was a big foot, it would have been
way too big to slip between them, and that gives him an idea. He takes a close look at the bar ensuring not he finds a tuft of here likely because the creature brushed up again instead and left a few strands behind This is super exciting, but it does improve anything. Yet I mean that here could have come from anything so Peter gather some samples and he takes them back to the information centre to analyze it. But Nobody at the centre is able to identify the hair. I mean a hare debt in ITALY doesn't come from any known species, so it to be something that nobody is discovered yet so bad combined with the forest rangers. Testimony has Peter feeling like he has in dispute double evidence that big foot exists, but he I want to get ahead of himself. So Jack
to be on the safe side. He sends the hair to the FBI with a request that they tested to. He probably figures that, if baking Firm, his findings, it'll add some legitimacy. The bureau rights back. Him in December nineteen seventy six and they agree that they'll help him out except a few weeks pass and Peter doesn't hear anything. Maybe He figures like ok, let's go take a while this is around the holiday season, but then To return to Spring still no word, Eventually, a full year goes by without a peep from the FBI, and he doesn't anything the year after that, either in fact the agency never tells him what they found an you might figure well
Maybe they just never got around her running the test. Right I mean those labs are examining samples from crime scene. They are helping solve actual murders. So it's not like a potential bigfoot hair is gonna, be like super high on the priority list for them, except in two in nineteen, the F B. I D classifies this twenty two page report on big foot and it turns They did test the samples way back in February nineteen. Seventy seven, only the regime, and after Peter sent it in They say that the tufts are quote of deer family origin. End quote now. This seems like it should settle the matter, but a lot of pair normal enthusiasts have questions first, Why didn't Peter see that the hairs came from a dear when he did his initial analysis and why
I didn't the agency just tell Peter the findings right after they finished the examination like why some, which secrecy about dear hair, it's almost like The FBI lied about their findings in the declassified report, because they didn't want that to get out there. There were a kind of big foot enthusiasts, who think that govern is hiding all the evidence that SAS squashes exist, but the problem is nobody's clear why they would do that like what makes this secret so explosive for cod. There are roughly twenty living species of apes in the world right now: companies trying to deny that guerrillas or chimpanzees are real. If you look at extinct species like neanderthals, we know that human being coexisted with closely related cousins for thousands of years, so it's not what people are going to start
panicking if they learn about another sentient, eight, that's out there at least they probably wouldn't. But, let's be honest, this ask watch isn't like other apes, for one thing: it's probably highly intelligent and it might a lot more human, like than any one, would be comfortable admitting one right searcher named Melba S, Quetcham analyze the dna in an alleged bigfoot hair and she reached an explosive conclusion. The creatures aren't even a separate speed. Sheets, there's some kind of hype: The descendants of ancient human women who read with an unidentified hominid now to be Fair milburgh research isn't peer reviewed and there are a lot of questions about her methodology in part, because He hasn't. Let anyone review her evidence, so her findings, arts super reliable, but they are consistent with what a lot of bigfoot fanatics believe based on.
Encounter Bob and Roger, had the way it moves the way it apparently knows to avoid leaving tracks this thing it seems more intelligent and more human, been any other ape if bigfoot is real be humanity's closest relatives. May but actually is why Bigfoot accounts feel so incendiary if SAS squad, is real. That means we homo sapiens. Aren't that special or even only intelligent species on earth today I'd be why so many scientists refuse to look into the evidence and why so many people write off Bigfoot sightings as hoaxes it because they don't want to uncover the truth. It's better, to believe that human beings are unique except also why so many people find the legend so fascinating. It implies that we ve got. Some potential
friends and allies in the world. Some long lost relatives who are just waiting for us to reconnect with them. We means it's worth, keeping an open mind. Not just me. As we want to learn more about these forest dwelling creatures, but to discover what makes us us thanks for listening I'll be back next week with another episode you can find all of supernatural and all other originals from park asked for free on Spotify, and if you like the show, follow at par, cast on Facebook and Instagram at PAR cast network on Twitter.
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