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In the 1960s a half-bird, half-man creature terrorized the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. But it didn't come alone... The Mothman's appearance triggered UFO activity, a vicious Men in Black presence and terrifying premonitions of a catastrophic event. One that ended up costing 46 people their lives.

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In a small town, gossip travels fast, especially women. Gossip is so wild and sensational that it feels like it couldn't possibly be true. That's what happened in point pleasant, West Virginia in nineteen sick. ie six? The towns population was hovering around six thousand people and in the course of a year more than a hundred of them reported seeing a seven foot flying creature with glowing red, eyes. It seems like an urban legend, a rumour that spiral out of control, and yet there is evidence to prove the creature existed like ripped pieces of
Odin claw marks on cars, are missing german shepherd on a premonition of a horrific tragedy that cost forty six people their lives. This is the story of Moth man This is supernatural a Spotify original from par cast. I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday Album, He a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find all episodes of supernatural and all other par cast originals for free on Spotify this week, I'm looking at moth man, a half bird hath man,
sure that terrorized quaint pleasant West Virginia in the sixties. To this day, the towns residents have no clue whether mock man was responsible for the destruction or if the monster was to warn them about something, even worse All that and more coming up stay with us. This episode is brought to bind espresso re write your relationship with mornings make them writer and exceptional moments for yourself for every morning, when this press overshoot with coffee is meant to be discovered, espresso virtual machines, Agnes Breast, so dot com, This episode is brought to you by simply by Fredo lay these days. You have a lot going on, but now thanks to simply by Fredo lay you have one last thing the worry about so kicked
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imagine Merrill's frustration when around one thousand and thirty p dot m the picture on the tv starts to get a bit. Fuzzy merle gets up to try and fix it when he stands. He feels his inexplicable sense of doom watch over him and it's immediately followed by this high pitch screech outside he later describes it as like. A generator winding up like metals Weeping against metal is dog That is out on the front porch for wreaking out staring out towards their barn and releasing a primal. How so Merle grabs a flashlight, probably thinking it's a
or raccoon or something, but when he shines the light in the direction of the barn. Merle knows right away he's not looking at a cat. He sees to red eyes that look like giant bicycle reflectors about one hundred fifty yards away, just glaring back at him, but that's all he can see. He can't make out a body because for a moment he just hit my time, no matter how. High or if he tries, he can't seem to look away just as his sense of doom turns into sheer terror. Bandits instincts kick in and he bolts off in direction of the eyes now There's no way morals going after his dog, not right now he's thinking if he goes you're that bar and echoed cost him his life. So instead he goes back inside and just heads too. Bed scared out of his mind, look I'm nodding
He said good night to his wife, but he does sleep with a loaded, rifle by his side. Once the sons of moral goes looking for bandit, he notices the dogs tracks in the mud near the barn, but the prince just go in circles and then vanish and banned. It he's nowhere. Be found now as an animal over myself. I can't even imagine what I would do in this situation. As far as I can tell Merle doesn't have the emotional bandwidth to even really digest that his dog might be gone forever. He's too preoccupied with this terrible sinking feeling in his chest that this isn't the end it's the beginning of something far worse, less than twenty four hours later to newlywed. Couples are out joy, riding through the streets of point pleasant life. And Roger Scar, Berry and Steve and Mary Mallette. It's eleven thirty p M
eighteen years old and their heading to this popular make out spot in point pleasant. The locals call the tea and tea Maria and abandoned Munitions Lodge from World war to the grounds are filled with these long, tunnels, weird concrete storage, igloos and at the centre of it all is this old power plant. It's a little creepy for a make out spot shore Roger Parks, his chevy near the old power plant, looking for a little privacy and as the window, are starting to fog. Linda, let out this bone chilling gasp. She turned white is most and silently points off into the distance. The others turn their heads in the direction of her finger and their reflecting in the cars headlights or two huge glowing red eyes this time. Everyone sees what the eyes belong to this
Harry Grayish, manlike figure with muscular legs and giant wing, scolded along its back at first, the creature barely seems to acknowledge their presence. It just kind of stumbles towards the door. Was it the power plant everyone screens for Roger to book it? So they peel out of the town can t area and head back to the main road just when they think they're safe. They realize the creature is chasing them Roger Nor is it as fast as the car can go nearly a hundred miles per hour, but the things got lucky and but Wingspan and its managing to keep up with the chevy and if that's not terrifying enough, it's squeaking like some giant creepy mouse like it enjoying tormenting. Then, after a few minutes of pure horror, the beast apparently just gives up
it veers off into a near by field, and that's that ok, so you. in horror movies, how you're always yelling at the screen, but why don't you call the cops and get them involved? Well for wines? That's exactly what these people do? Roger immediately heads to the local sheriff's office and a teens lay out everything that just happened. Meat by beat for an officer named deputy Hallstatt and deputy Hallstatt. He actually believes them granted it helps that Roger apparently shows him. The giant claw marks on his car Roger also tells Hallstatt that he spotted a large dead all along the side of the road that bit bandits description, but when he turned back into town, the dog was gone. Have you taken down the stories deputy Hallstatt in his partner had over the tea anti area to search for evidence or at the very used moral partridges dog
scouring the vicinity they return to their car empty handed and maybe a little sceptical. They don't think the kids are necessarily lying to them, but their thinking they might be over reacting. Maybe they just saw a giant bird, but when holster gets in his patrol car and turns on his radio this year, piercing screech comes over the dispatcher, something he's never heard before I mean it's, not radio feedback or a technical matter. Function. Whatever's, making the sound is definitely alive. Usually it takes a lot to convince other people about anything supernatural you ve seen or heard right. The world is full of scam. Ex. But what's so charming about this small town is the amount of trust they have in each other, because after here
Roger story in the sound on his radio Hallstatt and his team organised a press conference the next day. The cops brief the room on what's been reported and at some point, a journalist points out that the creatures description sounds an awful lot like a popular character from the Batman comics that when every one starts referring to it as moth man and after the press conference more citing start pouring. In that same day, Marcella Bennet is visiting a friend who lived by the igloos in the ten t area, she's walking back to her car with her child her arms about to leave, and she sees this shadowy figure lurking near by a court to her report. It might have been lying on the ground right in front of her car because she says she sees So lonely stand up its
easily seven and a half feet tall looming over the cars hood and staring at her with these glowing red eyes at this point is probably the closest anyone has been too much man by Marcel as account she could almost reach out and touch it. Marcella becomes so terrified, so it's fixed by this creature that she dropped her baby on the ground and she barely notices lucky in the end Marcella and the baby, both walk away, rattled but unscathed, even though, if more man wanted to hurt them, it easily could have the following evening. A seventeen year old gives another report. While he was riding on the Ohio West Virginia border right across the river from the tea anti plant mafia and chased his car for more than a mile before leaving him alone the next day to local fire and see the creature in the tea anti area, two days after that, a businessman
as the moth man landed on his own front line. Like the other witnesses, the guy says he looked do the creatures eyes and lost track of time for what could have been hours. Then the creature rose straight up from the ground and hovered like a helicopter early using its wings to fly away November twenty fourth, ten days since the first citing waning as in making National news and visit restart coming in waves, journalists, television, crews, crypto zoo. The judges and the generally curious all arrive wanting to catch a glimpse of moth man, but more means not some key animal in a zoo that anyone can pay admission to guard at its only seen when it wants to be seen
and some unsettling visitors will go to any lengths to keep the story quiet coming up. Moth man's friends visit point pleasure. hi, supernatural fans. I know that you, are just as fascinated by the strange and surreal as I am so I know you won't one in this season. Two of park predators brought to you by the team at Audio Chuck from the thick smoky mount bog to the depths of the Grand Canyon, each epoch, Oh Delia downright takes you on a chilling jury, proving that summit most beautiful places hide the darkest secrets you are sure to be consumed by them. Serious cases that the park rendered probably won't. you about Parker yours season to start this June first, and you can all of season. One is well just search for park, predator
on Spotify or wherever you're listening now, be sure to follow part predators for a new episode every Tuesday this summer. This episode is brought to you by industrious whose private offices come with everything you need to safely connect with your teammates in person or resume enjoy free day at industrious. When you book a tour at industrious office, dot, com, Slash, Spotify, now back to the story. On December. Seventh. Nineteen sixty six John Keel travels from New York to point pleasant, West Virginia the thirty six year old has been riveted by the news about mock man he's not certain, but he thinks there's gotta be more did this story than meets the eye, or rather more than the news outlets have shared. His first stop is to visit deputy Hallstatt, whose still in charge of the case as far as
can tell John basically walks right in approaches the deputy and asked him whether anyone had reported any other strange phenomena. Besides moth man in whole said politely responds nope, just the bird, that's enough But John clearly once more information, so Hallstatt points him toward Mabel Mcdaniel House she's, seen more man, first Hand and Halsted things she'd be open to discussing her experience. If he's that curious. When John arrives, he learns that maples more than willing to talk. In fact, she calls up a bunch of Other eye witnesses by sundown. The house basically turns into a moth man support group among those present
the scar, berries, the Mallette and a local reporter named Mary higher, but the person who peaks Johns interest most is marries niece eighteen year old, Conny Carpenter, who has a case of pink. I now here's the thing on keel isn't just some rapporteur. He has a fascination with ufos and he fancies himself a you follow jest. The reason he's in point pleasant is because the mafia stories have in common with reported alien encounters like hypnosis missing time. An overwhelming sense of do and he finds Conny so interesting, because in his line of work, he's learned that ufos emit these incredibly intense uv ray he's an when strong enough uv ray is, can cause inflammation of the. I called photo conjuncture, Vitus.
Hey nine bacterial pink. I but Conny says she didn't get her pink. I, after you have fallen counter, not quite she got it after a brush with mafia. One week earlier, Conny was driving home from church when she saw him off me and out and about I mean we're talking in broad daylight. It was just lurking on this site. The road not doing much now Connie's account is pretty typical. When Moth unlocks eyes with her. She can't seem to pull herself away, but she says it felt like it was trying to tell her something. unfortunately, she never got the message just a nasty case of pink. I, with his story, is
weird enough that John wants to get to the bottom of it, he teamed up with the journalist he met at Naples, House, Mary higher and over the next few weeks they collect dozens of eyewitness accounts that support Johns theory. Whatever's happening in point pleasant, is much bigger than moth man. The same evening, Marcella Bennet ran into the creature and dropped her baby. She also saw a red light, hovering in the sky, which she insisted wasn't an airplane. Another night around two, a m, a young man, reported seeing a giant circular disk near the Ohio River later that night, Another man in chase your Ohio says he saw the same disk parked on the river bank, with tiny men walking around it. And his wife corroborated his story to reporters, adding that whatever it was, it wasn't a boat
All these new information, John and Mary dont, know what to believe, but they ve lost a little trust and deputy Hallstatt. Like its clearly not just the bird is Surely, when many of the people who saw these odd lights and vessels start to receive the rats one, warning in January. This guy TAT Jones is driving near Dunbar. West Virginia is about a fifteen minute dry from point pleasant around nine o five, a m. He apparently sees this large object blocking the road ahead at first. He figures is just some construction, but then he gets closer its. Not some regular cement truck it's a huge mess, sphere hovering four feet above the ground. He says, there's a window on the craft, but before he can make out anything inside it takes off into the Heavens.
Now tat obviously shares this story with the papers, but he quickly lorries that going to the press might have been a mistake. The following morning, someone slips and note under his front door written into letters, it reads, we know what you have seen and we know that you have talked you better, keep your mouth shut and it's not just TAT Jones, Mary, higher her own unusual visitor at the local papers office as she tells it she's working late one night, writing a story at her desk when a four and a half a tall man waltzes in the room. He has this bizarre bowl hair cut. That looks like a wig he's also supporting a short sleeve shirt, even though its January in West Virginia, but the weirdest part is his speech. It's still TED like he's using words for the first time out of the blue.
The men launches into a story about how he hitchhiked from Michigan and the more he talks. The closer he gets to marries face. She can't stop staring into his dark deep set eyes their hypnotic when he finally breaks with marries gay Is he turned his attention to a ballpoint pen of all things? He picks it up and starts exists meaning it like you, ve, never seen one before obviously Mary. Once this guy gone so she's like listen to keep and hoping that he'll beyond his way, but instead of spending. He just let out this high pitched Nah Yokul laugh and bolts out the front door with the pen know everything about This interaction is unusual to laugh the eyes, the clothes I mean he said he hit, height from Michigan, but he didn't even have any bags with him and I'm pretty. Sure that they had pens in Michigan in nineteen. Sixty seven we'll cut to a few months later, Mary
but the same man walking around downtown. Clearly he wasn't just passing through. but the second she makes eye contact with him. A black car comes peeling, around the corner pick him up and speeds off when Mary tat the story to John Keel. He things it sounds an awful lot, the man in Black of your regular listener. You might have heard me cover the men in black in episode before some people believe, their government agents trying to keep ufos under wraps other said the man in black maybe extraterrestrials themselves, whoever They are. They make one thing clear to the residents of point pleasant: don't cross them, one afternoon a black Cadillac follows, Linda Scar bury as she drives around town. It even follows her into a fast food drive through
Zella Bennet has a similar experience, but in her case the car nearly runs her off the road Conny Carpenter, the one with pink guy, says she almost got kidnapped by a man in a black Buick. The stranger grabs, her tries the polar into his car and rips her sleeve and the process Conny gets away, but the next day she gently finds a note under her door. That reads: be careful girl. I can get you yet so now Only our people worrying about a giant flying bird man. Now there also worried about ufos and hit men This goes on for another few months until May, when all of the usual activity suddenly stops and point pleasant goes quiet almost too quiet. It's almost seven months before my man returns when he finally comes back in November, he's only actually spotted once or twice
but he brings a new twist along with him. Some of the residents of point pleasant start having these terrifying nightmares. That almost feel like visions. Mary higher, is one of them like most dreams. What Mary sees isn't totally clear: the pieces don't exactly fit together with a few details about the dream. Stick with her. She sees water flow. Being Christmas presents and people dying. Another local has a dream about people, drowning in the Ohio River and about a month later, all of these horrifying nightmares come to life coming up, tragedy strikes in point plan. This episode is brought to you by truly. If this park as taking you too, dark and absurd places count on truly sour, bright crawlers to lead the way and neon and sugar and Sweden Sour
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for a retrial, gotta, oh, do dot com, slash, Spotify Nets, o d, o o dot com, Flash Spotify. Now back to the story on December fifteen nineteen sixty seven, exactly thirteen months after moth manmade, its first appearance, Mary higher parks, her car on main street in downtown point pleasant, the traffic as bad as she's ever seen, mostly because the light that regulates the traffic onto the silverbridge is down. But it's also rush hour and people are out Christmas shopping, so Merry decides she's going to run an errand at the drugstore as she waits for traffic to die down while she's shopping. She here would sounds like a sonic boom outside the lights in the store begin to Flickr she
runs outside and main street has broken out into total pandemonium people are getting out of their cars screaming and crying some are frozen in place, incomplete shock. The silver bridge has collapsed. One of the eye bars supporting it. Snap entire structure toppled into the freezing Ohio River piece by piece, and it took some fifty cars down with it Mary watches in horror as the headlights sink deeper into the river people are struggling. Swim wrapped presents Bob in Water around then and Mary realize it's her dream just came to life. In the end, forty six people lost their lives, two of whom never found their bodies are still lying somewhere at the bottom of the river point. Pleasant tries their best to more
but how can they really? This isn't the kind of thing that you just get over and the extra strange part is only one week after the tragedy. Mary reportedly get some more visitors at her papers, office too. short man in black overcoats after everything, the town just went through. They want to talk about ufos, marries pretty gob smacked. I mean at this point You have those are the furthest being from anyone's mind but she's honest. She says we have had quite a few sightings here, then one of them and snaps at her and says What would you do if someone ordered you to stop writing about flying saucers, to which Mary replies quote I tell them to go to hell which, like good for her but the best part is, it actually seems to work the second she turns her back. The men disappear seemingly into thin air and that's it it's over
No more strange lights, no more. We visitors, no war, moth man, it's like after the bridge, collapsed moth man's work was done. It's been over fifty years since moth man first appeared in point pleasant and no one's any closer, the learning the truth about where it came from or what it was but there's a number of pretty wild theories. One of the most popular is that more men wasn't a bird. man, but a normal run of the mill Burke, more specifically a sand hill crane. Now sandhill cranes do have seven but wings. Bands and reddish feathers around their eyes and a nineteen
Seventy nine. A group of fishermen, discovered left over chemicals from the tea anti area seeping into near by water, so some people think that a sand hill crane could have drank some of the water and develop some odd physical mutations that made it appear more monstrous. Although I don't know about you, but I dont know what accident causes a bird to people to hypnotize people or her off the ground like a helicopter, which is why others say that more men might have been more deliberate, as in maybe the Teenty plan, didn't make munitions like the official records say. Maybe they were doing some other kind of military experiment, something with chemical, rules or nuclear waste who knows and MOSS Man was a product of it. Of course, sceptics assume mock man must have been a hoax carefully crafted by a d
The kid prank stir someone with an elaborate costume and a nineteen sixties jet pack that can go a hundred miles an hour cardono. The thing is mafia, hasn't we been seen in West Virginia yeah moth man has reportedly been spotted. All over the globe and here's the thing each time. It's spotted right before a devastating tragedy. In April, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six Mothman apparently popped up in prepay it Ukraine, just before Chernobyl disaster in September, two thousand wine moth man was spotted in New York City days before the nine eleven attacks in Asia two thousand nine. It was reportedly seen in Chihuahua Mexico just before the Swine flu outbreak good. This timing all be coincidence, maybe, but it almost seems like the moth man,
whatever it is, isn't the monster. We need to fear it's an omen of dangers that lie ahead, that feeling of dread and fear that comes along with the mafia. Sightings is there for a reason. In each of the cases. There is something coming to Afraid of maybe mock me on, is just trying to warn us before it's too late. So if you come across a pair glowing red eyes in the middle of the night. Don't be so quick to write it off as an urban legend. Listen to your gut, it could save her life beings, for
sinning I'll be back next week with another episode, you can find all episodes of supernatural in all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on Spotify Superman stars, Ashley flowers and is Spotify original from par, cast its executive produced by MAX cut, sound designed by carry Murphy with production, as this by IRAN, Shapiro Trent Williamson in Carly Madden. This episode of soup Natural was written by lorry, got leave the writing assistance by Conor Sampson and take Gallagher that checking by on you barely and research by Mickey Taylor does your more stories hosted by me check out, crying junkie and all audio chuck originals.
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