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In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the city known for making overalls, tension was mounting between two Marine veterans over the repair of a vehicle. Both were highly trained with weapons and both were trained to “shoot to kill.” On August 4th, the conflict came to a boiling head, and now one of them stumbled, wounded through a driveway full of casualties.

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In scale, contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences. Listen. discretion is advised, I am flashbacks of what happened to me every single day. It is slow motion. Remembering
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Stuff we hoard stuff, we pile up stuff and then we have to and space to put all the stuff Have you seen those massive temporary storage facilities that are popping up all over the country there in every major city as a place to store all your stuff, there's tv shows about it. Even Storage. Wars has been on the air for like a decade It's a show about these hustlers bidding on the key, intense of abandoned stored units. Site, unseen too great show I watch all time in the? U S, put a lot of value on their stuff. even when their stuff is crap thing is the law doesn't value your stuff. Quite as much as you might, and if you do I too take the law into their own hands and go ahead and protect your stuff You don't want anybody to come near it. You don't want anybody to touch it will then,
You might find yourself in the end without any stuff. At all,. John was a helpful guy. All I wanna do accomplish on August. Fourth, twenty twenty was Indeed, as a mechanic, he knew that he could help out his friend Jim. Ratner and his daughter, Rebecca by installing a new radiator in their shabby tahoe. She needed to return to her friend. Was a pleasant day and Oshkosh Wisconsin on Minnesota Street. The neighbour consisted of small middle class homes, many of them LT in Cape COD or bungalow style. Back. His home was a typical example of these. she shared driveway with her next door. Neighbor only Dr Weir extended about fifty feet further coming to stop her open garage
As family friend John was repairing the Tahoe Jimmy, back a watched and helped while they were- conversing and enjoying music is close neighbour who was quarantine due to covert exposure. Just happened to see what was happening to her. Something annoying that would become startling. Nor would I be radically sessions I say at least two or three so the two windows at You're lying That window. The curtain in the window? Open close, the back of the house we're both on our driveways again. I am by the Irish looking tired, I didn't see anything on there, their an emotional or anything Smith. Did it
then, when you want one, We ve all been there right here. It is, Let us take a little nap in the neighbours, are barbecuing or partying or having a yard, sale or getting shot. Oh my god. Oh my god, Airlines, Kory Kory, Seventeen a twenty four hour by hour during our people shot shown here. A guy he's working on how these blue what bought a five hundred Minnesota Nakashima I was there. well he just laughed bought in my house, somebody adventure, you, then for years,
how about you Three Adrian Brandreth now which why even my neighbour them in Chicago hang up I don't want to up. I want you to stay on the phone with me. What exactly is going on there Are you going? What shot I guess my neighbour he came over here. It's funny. how hard it is to say, sir, police are on their way as fast as they can get there, but in the meantime I need you to tell me what's going on some people are just really bad communicators or just really out of their jobs? clearly the neighbour appearing from her bedroom window was
the only one to be annoyed or startled Not only did the nine one. One collar complain about John getting blood all over his house, but he was also clearly frustrated by the nine when one operators constant questions, but it's not. Every day someone comes your door in a bloody panic, I have argued that it over there, but I just want to figure out what exactly by on how many just got a guy does want to bring those by shot and government to come and go, and I want You don't know the priority that data watching tv you, my house, guided, get out Looking for you and shorter, five years after the offered as doing all okay, while you are not going to find the fine, fine, fine,
I am on the way over there. You know what this aspect or anybody anything look like Now goodbye Also. I gotta see this sum people are just not good at handling crisis. Take his. acts and chill did maybe sulphur, some of that new legal c b d- everybody is talking about these days. To his heroics, though of John convinced the man to call nine one, one I was on the way what they were unprepared. For it was the carnage that awaited them back at Rebecca Garage. It was about eight thirty, last night, when one resident on Minnesota Street, her three consecutive pops before hearing a man yelling for health in his driveway another tells us she thought the popping was just fireworks. This was the neighbor who was looking from her bedroom window and there was a their piece of information she had for the police she saw the man. Do the shooting? and he was someone
they all knew man she saw inner neighbours. Backyard has now been identified, as Josh aid authorities believe he shot three people behind this home last night, the one victim Fifty nine year old man was dead at the scene. Another man identified only as a fifty seven year old, as well as the thirty three year old woman who lived in the home or injure they're, both in stable conditions at a local hospital police who continued invests. Even the shooting today did not release a motive for the attack, but they did tell us. The victims all knew the suspect. We also learned the suspect. Josh aid was arrested hours after the shooting near his home in Monticello. That Green County south of medicine. We know aid was turned over to Oshkosh police he's after Winnebago County jail awaiting formal charges. Authorities expect more information on the shooting to be released in the criminal complaint after the Madman, who was now known to be Josh AID bed from the residents to
penalties, way and confine path of destruction to injured and one dead, add man shot in the head at point. Blank range was Rebecca his dad. but why did Joshua aid? a marine veteran, family man, Jim Gretna, who now lay dead in his daughters driveway did he have a grudge? and what was it about Rebecca, wish also a victim like family friend Mechanic John, who was now running for his life after being shot in the face Hey you use, shot? Ok, let's get you back here. Let's get you back here. Get back here, get back here come on following following clear: You got you out of here, get up here and run it Are you shot annually in the face got a gunshot to face macaroni squad, their over there.
Now he shouted the phrase regulars Sarah Career, no Oreo around zone, one of got worried that the Seattle once again I'm gonna go gun shower, I live work an eye for an eye nor the guy I think, pulled out a girl and worse yet the body he took off at all I got a car, my car, the guy that shot him took off in a red car. That's all! I got right now, John is barely intelligible. After having his teeth, literally blown out of his mouth until An ambulance arrived office. Had walked him a couple of blocks and positioned him under a tree because well sure whether the scene of the crime was still active and they weren't sure where the shooter was until John managed to tell them now it was. And the return of the scene and assess exactly what had happened to her
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determined to be. Military veteran Josh aid, it was thirteen by the witness neighbours at the vote. I'm new Josh aid later on assent. Puzzle peace would emerge indicating that Josh knew the family very well through Rebecca. Who was also a marine veteran walk of Ediths wiser, Could you can walk? I wanna get you wanna, get you up to an ambulance will take away from here. I come this way. for forty one have the ambulance me me with a guy with a gunshot northbound from Minnesota tour. Sixteen, you still reason Andre okay, so good got there. Okay, I I can't really tell you're, walking and talking which is good right now, let's hope so right here, later we all who comes back, we're not not least finds it. Ass Adele sit down,
I gathered two other victims that were shot and it sounds like they're. Just let them know and let them know let us know if they're more severe than him they're going to be more than more severe times. I'm worried about This diminutive man with an eighties hair, cut and slurred speech was. more concerned about the others rather than about getting safely to an ambulance, it was all he could do to keep him focused on himself and his injuries, but Jim had a right to be concerned the scene he ran from just doesn't happen every day in Wisconsin we're forty one. What's the status of the other two there are they more worse than the guy? I have way of an ambulance here, much okay, so, okay take him. We got one with a head injury and the other one's the response
officer was obviously sparing John from the truth about Jim Status, so change the subject and asked John what We actually witnessed before fleeing the scene, you're changing a radiator, so you were working on whose car you are working on back in Charlotte. Are you under the car in the car guys are at higher or higher although you guys doing it, may appear glare, ok, see you you had done. You have finished changing the radio you radiator you turn around and what are you here, the guy, me, oh god, at the scene,
Fifty nine year old, Jim was found lying face down next to the car that was sitting. The driveway This had rested in a pool of blood. Next to a toolbox, surrounded I pavement adorned with spots of oil and Greece, the suspect, the weapon yielded three hundred and eighty caliber shall casings at the scene Josh. Aid was known to have a three eighty hand, gun one man The three were enjoying the sun, enjoying each other company and some music after all, back? His parents had only recently moved from Nevada back to their home state of Wisconsin, where they met felon. and had four children together, was retiring anyway, to be near their children in Wisconsin again the next. in it: Jim was killed life so fleeting an affair for what forget his chance to enjoy his retirement or his
grandchildren who we found him here, the right tool That is right up against his face, like he fell into a kind of right up against his body, so no Paul's when we got there and then I looked in front and you could see something right his forehead clearly pretty Begone shovels Officers had already turned their attention to Rebecca cowering inside the garage hunkered down covering her ears, who can get her out of here. So we can get tourism saving measures after being shot in the ear, the bullet lodging in the soft tissue at the back of her skull. ECHO was nauseated and her head was buzzing. Typical, simple of a severe head injury
the Rebecca. How do you know where you know where he would go or where he lives? Where does he live? He was he lived in Monticello in all the address at all. He investigated as much as she could. I mean she's she's, given us the most information so far, I'm trying to get her name and everything, but I know there's ex boyfriend. He showed up at the house and at some point started just started, shooting everybody and they were on the back garage area, I'm assuming they working on a car, and he shows up- and that's all I know at this point. I don't know much more discuss he's like China and of all the way out here, initially Rebecca was in no condition to articulate the sequence of events that day, let alone possible motive. John. The mechanic is ready and willing to tell everything he could, despite the gunshot wound, to his mouth, a more detailed. Of just how John knew Rebecca and her family
as well as the exact events of that day, would later become crucial. explain that his girlfriend New Jim Gretna- and she felt Would easily become friends because of their commonalities,. It was the very morning of the shooting, when actually met the grit nurse and Rebecca, though the day he volunteered to replace the radiator on recalled that his girlfriend took him to the home of Jim Angela Gretna about two hours, as from Oshkosh, where Rebecca lived the sheeple very well me we can talk and talk. We need to stop a minute here and point out. A very revealing detail, John noted that he and Jim Gretna were recovering alcoholics. That's me a different from an active alcoholic
strongly suggests that neither was drinking that day it also hints at the traditional twice that programme members use the term recovering. If you have a loved one in that programme, then you know that for most pay will the programme works in this town, Step process members take on a sponsor who guys them through the levels from level one admitting are powerless over their addiction to level twelve carrying the message to alcoholics and practicing the principles in all affairs. Their steps encourage the person in recovery to make a list of everything they ve done wrong and whom they ve harmed, followed by actually reaching out to those people to make amends people who are active in the programme. very often found doing good deeds for others. What's with John on that, for me,
a day interesting way? One of the two step slogans is live and let live. An idea, Josh aid had not heard of. Before making the almost to our drive to Oshkosh John, was conversing with his newly made friends the Gretna errors at their home, and covered that their dog. I was in need of Otto repair. He was happy to respond. and I asked allowed. You to do on indicated that he didn't even know where they were heading when he got the car with Jim and drove off to help Rebecca. Until they actually entered the town of Oshkosh, he wasn't. attention to his surroundings. Ya
so paid little attention to the phone call he received from an angry Josh just before they laughed why should the occasion call on our Since my truck, says I really am Ah Jim and John arrived at Rebecca Place in the late afternoon. They quickly array, the things needed to repair the tahoe. Indiana jar shouting Around
and already here I know when and do climate. very high, Can you I asked him what time it was. Hours, and I was Well, I am here, I all around I Yeah here
that alone for Josh right. We share. yeah If you d already figure it out. The red thing John was talking about was the least beam, leaving Josh's gun and focusing on Johns Face COM go down and he did get away with his coat. Reaction and ducking down and fleeing John able to get help but help didn't come easily Remember the man who let John in at the cost of cleaning up the blood in his home he didn't want to. Let John it the war
Thursday. Where did you say, what do you do? we all want, women on the. Joe? down everything the truck? Each I'm not, in in machine tg
do you have a long way yeah not very neighbourly for Wisconsin the mystery of this horrible and tragic day lay with the Tahoe Z, the time was owned by both Rebecca and Josh. What aid known each other for fourteen years through the military where they met. data for five years, often on as well as living together for much of time Joshua or Josh didn't want What else touching the Tahoe? specially a man he didn't know Josh argue that didn't even need a radiator. Well, what did he care? I mean Rebecca, was the one driving it right. The prom four Josh was that he knew this was the last day of his relationship with Rebecca, because she, made it clear earlier
a day and the day before that that she had been wanting out of this relationship time, kept getting Lord back in by Josh's promises according to back up scary to live with in order to get rid of one of the last possessions linking them together. like I had made arrangements to return the Tahoe, but then chain the date when she determined the radiator had a crack in it. she and her family were setting out to return some of Joshua's other belongings, too. Josh even offered to come and get things but Rebecca felt. That was a trap when Josh found out some one else was going to be working on his vehicle evolve. Here the drive to Oshkosh to our drive parrot himself, Rebecca said no repeatedly hazardous text where they know and she took his
phone calls telling him not to come well She didn't answer all the cause they were more Thirty calls that day within an hour and a half, but you know how they say it takes too Joshua had his own version of what happened. Of course, told a close confident about it that night Now he was What is more, I use a new life He said, Basically, what had happened to take care of attacking? Why, as to and I have to rest
where he was worrying. It is wise. It is worth for over an hour, Josh repeated the question to his friend they attacked me. Why would they do that three people shot very close range by one assailant, Josh aid. now thirty nine year old, Josh aid, was insisting on a very different version of the incident. That day first Little Bit more about him, despite being, hired from the Marine Corps Reserve Josh. His physical frame was less than formidable at. feet tall. He wait only a hundred and sixty eight pounds making actually kind of scrawny, his you'll appearance was rather nerdy and his dark air no longer covered all of his head when she was balding.
As an enlisted soldier, Josh had been on active duty for four years we're being in the reserves, and he was too Floyd to Iraq twice and to Afghanistan wants just but where's retirement? He was in reconnaissance and secret operations later. Josh was also employed as a senior mechanical designer fur g health care of Medicine Wisconsin ten years in twenty two and he met Rebecca in the service. Where with him. Rebecca were senior staff and If fifteen there began dating a first They happily shared their interests of gun collecting and shooting Whole days at his place target shooting soon relationship deteriorated and jobs, explain this on Rebecca Twenty eight
I wrote a song now. I didn't oh god, time. Josh was living on a small farm in Monticello Wisconsin, just about two hours, south of Oshkosh? He also inherited some money and a house when his father died and twenty nineteen he said Rebecca was pressuring him to sell the house and move with her two Nevada parents resided at a time Josh. was not on board by March. when he twenty the relationship ended, but some of Josh, property was still at Rebecca S House, including that, I hope that was in both of their names, this was the tahoe at the centre of it all the way that Josh says he dumped money into, to make sure it was running smoothly when Rebecca borrowed it but after
separated they both agreed, it would be put in, Russia's name only turned to him along with his other stuff, before it running it, however Rebecca would claim in July when a twenty just one month, for the shooting that it needed. a new radiator after a produced, a list of other minor things that needed to be repaired in taught Tahoe Josh Easy. He gave her the money to do so, but act radiator as Rebecca claimed. Was not on the list. John, felt very strongly that it was necessary the Josh, a relied on him for financial support at times, and because She was estranged from his family. She wouldn't more than a half million dollars of life insurance money should something happen to Josh this was payable no matter what the cause of death would be.
including suicide, or you homicide but back to the Tahoe Josh finally agreed that if the Tahoe needed a radiator, he would go and do the repair himself, He had the knowledge and means to do it. He even offered to come and get the tahoe along with. personal belongings, meaning You it'll, be trailer It also has escaped the international trailer at my house. We could easily offer is any offer. I'm Asia She shot down any off. Josh made interesting ways of words she wants. Is this but I never knew there was and the brand thousand and one and
wheeler other that I have, or on of urban and no relating to survive. She mentioned John and his old number on the clutch, and he answered the phone and I asked easily Lula's and then I answered yeah. The certification is a no. I don't need a fucking certification have been doing this shit for thirty years, and that is glass and it goes on to cry warranties. The only know it it's on his way home your turn around, at which point idle him, then don't go work on the vehicle. I didn't get stuck in situation where I have asked.
someone without a certification, no crime warranty, two hundred and forty miles, I'm just not comfortable with that when it's coming back into my ownership, especially broken down on the way and then I'm stuck to the vehicle on the side of the road or get it back. But Rebecca was moving ahead, whether plan to have the vehicle fixed at her house in her driveway by her family friend, John Josh. Finally, Aqua acquiesced and made us second offer If we They were are in I had asked if I was trying to describe to her. a issue through guy I already there.
As with nature, the age of the vehicle Leander and in the shell. Those balls are probably didn't snap off and if I need it, It involves the rear, whose is it also nudity, in association with it. I didn't know their age and, for years, being replaced most likely. Those as well will prevent them from bursting an overt pressures Generation Rebecca responded that she didn't need anything but had given M Johns phone number earlier, Sweden it could be a problem if you just showed up to give them a hand, but he was with a set up and he happen to be licensed for Conseil. Carry, and he just how and always have his gun with him. Josh and he arrived in Oshkosh Rebecca place at eight twenty p m. He D.
Making any stops along the way or having anything to drink or vehicle. The jeep was back in the driveway. There was a white car and angle back into the driver. Also I in the driveway or nose to nose with her Diego but are now it wouldn't block the side door entrance to your house and walked around the back of it, and then she'd shoot up your driveway on the passenger side of my We see this recession or her g, and he shall be hours. This was very
different from what Rebecca was saying about her step. Dad Jim Gretna I've been going around, to my back. Ports were Rebecca. Was and walking members you resume area where she was resistance of it? What behavior I know It is only there was a view. You rose what was going on in Rebecca's driveway that night, the mechanic John as
Alice Rebecca step, dad we're both in drug and alcohol recovery had they relapsed. I I well. How, though, what are you going heard Fernando shoving shouting and she helping her there. I me in my left side Josh recounted being struck in the side several times. causing him to be unsteady, but then Jimmy stepped up the intensity ye. I heard you delete showers We as you all around you,
clearly Josh felt, threatened and helpless. many times. Would he be punched, but was doing and why wasn't she helping them why in a visual contact with me. They knew I was there. So I was position more to the right? Oh my earlier eleven June, again, I was I was literally find do not have time to. I guess you, your eyes reflect I didn't even have time to get it out to the ocean. I saw the wench
in there I garage I was on IRAN No, I am also shot Around John was in a timely fashion on his head, as it is ended too. you love him. Calloway, We don't have the time to attack me on my ass and then are not Rebecca. Was the last one standing JANET for help next Josh, Rebecca still in the garage. I can see Rebecca, has a well then raised that weapons he says was small black pistol,
one of several guns she kept around the house, including a three eighty Smith and Wesson Pistol. and several other firearms, some of which Josh had purchased for I saw you and again the situation ground. the inside is still Josh, had just shot and potentially killed the woman? He loved trying to reunite with all seemingly over a radiator. Why? man. A new house I agree You got it back
He was on their fire? So I She now the the driveway You're wrong as our Josh was concerned. This was an all out ambush. He thought was coming to the house of his girlfriend to help out although he admitted he didn't want John or anyone else, working on the Tahoe kept saying he was confused. Why would they attack him? One two three just like that they were all poised to harmonise one his fists repeatedly pummeling against Josh. One with a The instrument from the garage and finally,
the one he loves with a gun. What on Earth this former marine due to protect himself other. Then rely on his instincts and shoot to kill. the. What are here all night to come, I'm gonna start ok, John, would never be the same. forever losing his sense of taste after being shot by Josh aid.
No Josh maintain that the mechanic was coming directly at him with an object in his hands. The facts would surface a little differently. Of course, Since John was shot in the side of the face. He was clear. Turning away back? His version of what happened was also very different from the killers ok, all the way and I knew I had to my race I first and What are you doing? Well, as we were starting to close, we were ragging out the radiators fuck. I was standing next to John the radio, or so it's already in front of me,
I will I'm my rights we're on our way to replace the race for one. actual boxes away his rule and when I happened, town I turned your work. later in the middle of my forehead, and I said what the fuck Josh fire. Now is your forehead and he s and I will be able to move just now. The next thing I knew my side. I have woken up and I have seen a police officer. Ninety two as for focus and my eyes shifted I saw my I remember seeing how old
I remember my name and also just spoken out for Kung FU, and I was vomiting and made meteors ringing really really feel like. I did it's soul. has he met a while, and I just It's really how Unfortunately, Rebecca Father would not be able to give his version of what happened, Jim who had gone, is live together and was in recovery, drug and alcohol addiction was retire. concept them. From Nevada was so recent that Rebecca is almost ex boyfriend. Josh did it. They had moved back here. Unaware that Rebecca dad. was at her house that data repair a tahoe that Rebecca would soon be returning to Josh the main Mackay
on the job. That day was her dad's new friend John, who was told by boyfriend Josh not to work on the Tahoe, knowing it was going to happen without his consent Josh set out from Monticello to Oshkosh on a mission He maintained that Rebecca assumed he was coming, but both Rebecca and John declared, they told him not to come Rebecca, even told them. If you come, the police will be called. Became anyway. For that nine. When one call the call that was problem, led by none other than mechanic. John. After he managed to flee, we'll Josh fled to He didn't call nine one, one instead he made a start for some beer and called is long. friend, then drove back home. Another two hours during this call Josh claimed he was attacked and kept asking. Why would they do that but other phrase you repeated was I fucked up
I really fucked up as he told you much do you know, he's a one year, marine sergeant, okay Ok, I have heard this confused and I have known Josh ten years he lost in Boston as he must and thrown off course when he stopped forbear. Note his friend implies Josh may have PTSD or repercussions from too many tours That puts a whole new spin on why Josh may have thought he was ambushed or Maybe Josh was drinking before he showed up at Rebecca S, remit.
Describe them as a functional alcoholic, and she would know since her father was in recovery from addiction when The judge was talking about it. It was why he didn't see any positive events under the shot and he thought at least two. I never that was Josh's long time friend discussing the conversation he had with Josh, just after the murders he we convince Josh to head home. And said he would stay there with them until police arrived when the friend arrived at Josh's residence, the pretty was swarming with cops. Who had already surveyed the scene. They appeared inside the windows of his house. They discovered. Loaded with firearms hey, so he is definitely come.
The house- and he still armed, we just we just had a friend of his pull up. That's been on the phone with them and he's he's told this guy everything that he did not he's coming back here. It sounds like he's got some PTSD issues from his marine corps. twenty one years in the Marines real confusing he was lost in Madison, so that was part of the problem, The other part of the problem was that Josh was shit faced No wonder he got lost in the very county worked in. police had no idea how things would go down when you finally returned and the We hours of the morning all they knew was that they were prepared, as they could be arcades were set up to keep him from gaining access to his house and many are fears were wearing Swat gear start. The vehicle share, stop
turn off. The vehicle Josh turn out to be a gulf turn. We want help you Josh, we don't want to hurt you just come out with you so we had, our, I just said, what would your hands over your head we gotta see your hands, put your hands up. It was quite obvious that Josh was in fact drunk growing from the Red Toyota. He man, to drive home after trying to execute three innocent people. His breath wreaked. have alcohol and he could barely walk a straight line. We just want to make sure you're. Okay, alright. Clearly the car boys, girls, are just stay here: so you are up in arms gosh and they requested that we try to locate you. Ok, we're gonna, get it! figured out of her. I do you
there is just. What is this about? How we got here. Just a man down detained all tend to run I need two to sling rifles and the other two to help me get him up on his feet But we just. Why make sure you don't fall down? Ok, Josh was slurring speech and yeah. You seem confused regression. Well, what am I being detained poor and am I being detained tonight? We're gonna go contact me. Okay. I don't understand yet I don't. I don't know what this is about. I don't want to Who's gonna come thought. This was a very different Josh than the one you heard earlier on
night. Police did not find a placid and composed Josh articulating the details of his case. They found a scrawny man with a child like demeanor Josh, isn't happening there. Are going to give you a ride up to Oregon, where you're going to be handed over to Oshkosh Police Department. Okay, give up on that What what? What am I being charged with right? Now? You are under arrest. They will inform you of the charges up there. I don't understand what I did. It's their investigation, we're just assisting them. So why step out of the car for me? So what? What did I do? That is you will have to talk with them about that, because I do not know the details. Yeah, I don't know the details either I drove home or that's. Where am I going to take you up to them, I really do not want
well they're performing yeah. I can step part of the vehicle for the first. For me, alright yeah, I can I really appreciate it. I mean I'm not trying to be a dick here are like what what is going on our while Josh. you would soon find out. What's going, is that you went on a killing spree and you are now going to jail. And by the way PTSD Israel. It certainly is real. Even though Does get thrown around a lot by people who claim they get from words. They read online words of I once after all guys but PETE I is not what caused this tragedy. No evidence was found indicating that anyone had threatened Josh that day and Oliver because guns were accounted for. She did.
not have any weapon when Josh pointed the laser of his gun directly at her forehead. After Josh's incarceration, he practice he told himself He wasn't confused after all this, is what he said to his long time. Friend if you don't stand him above the noise. In the background, his words were, like I said, you're gonna have to make the story sound good. You saw, the whole thing we I am way only one person why No
Good, you're Josh was referencing a conversation with his friend, the knight of the killings that, one got away. Chuckles a little and says that doesn't sound good What does sound good Josh? was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus, Are eighty years for shooting his expert? friend, fairly shooting her father and shooting his friend John. The mechanic, the hero with no teeth Joshua aid clearly valued his stuff shoot three people over a shitty use tahoe with a broken radiator, he clearly valued his possessions. more than the law would recognise. Unfortunately, one of those possessions in his mind was his Ex girlfriend Rebecca, but people
possessions people are not your stuff. You can't treat them as such, so well, Josh finds himself in a small cell, about the size of a storage unit minus stuff at all no tahoe- Girlfriend no life, no future, except in this yes, no tv shows will be made note the personalities will be bidding for the contents of your storage unit Josh, because there's nothing in it. other than useless trash
are designated for this episode of sword and scale. We hope you ve enjoyed it. Thank you so much for being here, if you can, please try to join plus Wednesday, overcome slash plus, is where you get it, and you can also get the ILO S an android absence. Listen, it's fantastic service, so check it out and make sure you check you radiators Prob ly here at their head. Alright world argument. Is they work for me.
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