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Thanksgiving of 2012 started off very poorly for the Redwine Family. When one member of their clan, 13-year-old Dylan Redwine vanished on November 18th, an expensive and lengthy search of the Colorado Mountains ensued. What they found over the course of a decade exhausted investigatory resources and frustrated the community. By the time an arrest was made, everyone already knew who had taken Dylan. 

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I overdosed on heroin and I live, I found the father who programme it was one businesses I've ever made in my life My desire tat said finally away. My was I'd stay the same. very profound in sight. I guess he would say The point is Have kids grow up with only one appearance, Yolanda, real peace, a trash and the red warrant. Brothers were no different. When my mom originally told me that she was pregnant. I was kind of bummed Well, I mean I was super excited. You know, who's gonna have a sibling, but I really wanted a little sister. You know just always wanted a little sister, and so, when my mom told me you know, were we're having a little brother, you know. Little frustrated, but I was excited said in older brother this
is corey red wine. We lived in denver until I was about twelve day. Dylan was born. and the first time I held a night there's a picture of me that I have, but I remember the feeling you know, and I was just so excited it was really hard to maintain my composure because I really wanted to like squeeze them, and you know this kind of freaky. and do you know I was unsure about it, but I was just so excited to kind of start. The growth process, just you know, figure it out, Who is all about and what is all about and discussed Again to know him well dylan red wine came along corey was already seven years old, a pretty stands a wage gap, but that instead them from becoming best friends. very swiftly took his little brother under his wing valley, never to leave dylan to deal with the ugly parts of life on his own, there are seven years difference between me and Dublin. Ah, but we-
he always remained a really close relationship, even with the age gap, always just like being an older brother and so I really enjoyed you, know, teaching him things and just watching him grow and learn know as a so I'm we always had a really close relationship. These two headed colorado boys started out as part of a family of four days. In corey lived with their mother, a lane and their father mark The waters in the red wine household were often com and the floor. Frequently went on fun, family excursions. You know just kind of normal things. Like sports events, you know I love sports, as did dylan, and that was something that we, the family always did well one of the goals it I've had- and this goes back with korea as well.
The things that I wanted to do in our lifetime would be able to go to every baseball stadium in the country and every nascar track in the country. So, for example, last year we went to chicago field. And then we went to detroit to announce car race, and then we went to cleveland to watch the rocket by the indians, where we actually met taught helms father by we rely. The game, and I will tell you that he spent forty five minutes and in talking to dillon. You know the memories kind of when you know, just as for We were happy or summer my the ones I hold onto the mouse the red ones, often took exciting trips, like the ones mark recounts but when they were back at home, Dylan inquiry continued their adventures riding dirt by exploring the woods place, fortune. You know all the
fun, fun, outdoor activities that kid's these days tend to avoid playing catch was definitely one of the best memories. You know I just always did what when there was one thing in him: do for hours and hours each day or so Dylan looked up to court he in many ways was a model big brother taking dylan on adventures and guiding him and experiences those older, siblings, tend to miss out on me. Another beaten we'd go right. Eighty visa is this one time therein tvs and he thought be a good idea to try and pass me You know not really know how to do it. So, he comes around and utilise the pass me and he gets a little off the road and he just went straight down into these tree smitten. You know did you see the panic on his face. He took his helmet off in his eyes. Are you know as big as oranges and they seem kind of teary eyed, but
no as soon as he got off and realized. He was okay and I started laughing about it and we're know we did not a crazy things go but he He was always Egypt, just wanted to learn from you and You know be an older brother that I was in other a lot of things that I tried to teach him that I you know would go through, and I try to help him out, but Dylan always like to learn himself things are somewhat normal in the red wine household until Dylan turned seven corey breached the teenage years. The boy's mother Elaine was working outside of the home, while her husband mark stayed and took care of the kids. Its point of view. that's where he and Elaine's relationship began to crumble. Don't. Relationship with mark was always way different than mine, Dylan was kind of baby in you know that
they were kind of way. More of you, no birds than me in my work per se wheeler I mean anywhere. I was. He was right there beside me he would come to me. The former yugoslavia I think in many ways it was part of the problems that developed in our relationship with, because while she was a career was very difficult. Lose sight of the fact that she wasn't there bonding, The way I was- and I think the tax issue Was the stayed home bad and it just smother and us and the relation here between him and my mom, and you know me mean him in dublin in him- and you know when he's at home constantly you know we were already for him to find something to get him out soon mark- began a job as a truck driver. And he and Alain began their divorce proceedings
They lived together for nearly a year despite their separation and plans for eminent divorce, which made them even more difficult for the boys yeah. It was. It was a nasty divorce. You know ten times, man don't reckon on the of pieces of it, so moments, you know where me and him were way more involved than we ever wanted to be We cannot we're like this. Is your relationship and lebanon tween yourselves, there just kind of this thing in our household. You know me, my mom and Dylan always had a blast together In any time we around each other in owes get time, and we love. our mom, so we always favoured her in any circumstance whether it was an issue. school or I'm not feeling good, just want to hang out. You know we always were you know with my mom always wanted to spend time with her. There was never a doubt who the primary
less to me in doing so the relationships kind of evolve, though, as you know years went on when the initial divorce happened, mark way more adamant about Heaven, custody of us so that he could get you not like when they first it up. He was way more into have me and Dylan, so that when you know that custody hearings would happen, he would get custody and you know my mom would end up having to pay child support, so he was always super. You know he would come and take me and my brother You know when they were going through Custody, hearings and stuff, like that, always wanted to be really big part. By the time the divorce was in full swing in custody. Hearings took place Red wine had purchased a small remote cabin about our drive into the mountains, northeast of durango colorado, he'd reside more than five hours from where a lane and the boys now lived there.
Colorado springs and then after the custody hearings. You know, He got awarded fifty percent custody in you now than it was like he was gone so we never saw me was out on the road. A lot will loved our mom with everything we had and it didn't matter what she had. You know whether she was broke or whatever, The case would be we just wanted to be with her till she knew she would take care of us. So in out, that's where I always wanted to spend our time and with me, not necessarily with me, but with Dylan. You know he he tried to buy his love. Like you know it. He would never see him maybe you know once or twice a year and then that one visit that he would see, I mean dealing with come home with just tons and tons of just meaningless crap. You know dilemma. Enjoy, get the new stuff, but when it
time to be where he wanted to be, he he was on the first plane ticket home to to be with, right around thanksgiving of twenty twelve junior old dylan, still being under the age of eighteen was required to attend court ordered visitation, weather father mark. doing now lived with his mother full time and that's how he liked it he spent all of his time. With my mom, I mean periodically there'd be some road trips, or maybe a one night visit, something like that, but my mom had custody of Dylan. You know he loved being in the city. He loved just the atmosphere of of what was going on around here and and love being able to go to the rockies games.
in the summer we went to waterworld the riches I mean he he enjoyed it. There was no indication whatsoever that he didn't like being there. He loved his friends. He made so many friends here he loves going to skate city with his friend, Joe and all of his friends in our old neighborhood in coral springs, I know, and he he he woke up, every morning bright and early for school, because he was excited for school, don't adored his mom and brother, and it was clear everyone around him. Then he loved living in colorado springs in care so much about his dad. In fact he was not looking. Forward to this court ordered visitation. I just don't think Dylan new mark, and I just don't think Martin is doing very well. I think that dylan have grown alive. He known in the last couple of years, and I dont think marks than I know, marked and spend a lot of time with them, and I just don't think he knew darwin, especially with, as he was growing into his teenagers underestimated dylan. I think he
You know just didn't know him very well. Does house wasn't full of fun activities and it it off. It was in the middle of nowhere far, from Dylan's friends it was just cabin in the mountains filled with plenty of things for fora. Single middle aged trucker, but there is nothing there for a thirteen year old boy in this summertime You know, I mean it's, it's a high got there, but there's a lot of people up their causes. A lot of campgrounds and stuff like that, so I mean there is not really a whole lot up. There there's a few gas like to gas stations in a restaurant by finish is the lake and outdoor stuff, so you know they get tourism and stuff like that, but others now then really around, especially if you're kidding dont have like vehicle acts. is there anything like that? I mean there's nothing around I mean it's probably a good for five, our walk to the nearest gas station
marks out, so you know not a whole lot around, not really a whole lot of houses in the time there's nothing, I mean maybe two or three people up their naturally dylan resisted this trip. Behalf and puffed about longing to stay near his mother and her thanksgiving, cooking dylan dreaded the boring days ahead. He knew he would be trapped in the mountains with literal cabin fever and adapt. Who did more drinking than cooking what a blast is a heavy drinker. So when he wasn't working, anything like that. Typically, when He came up to the house. He was always out is asked to see, was pretty much always intact and had no intention and no, you know, will you didn't want to be around mark at all, not only just on the daily life, but even for thanksgiving So indulgent found out in all he had to go, spend the thanksgiving with more in a later dylan like rebelled against it and did
want to talk to him. Didn't want to have any relationship with mark and marked didn't really care either. I think he reached out to don't like one time between the court hearing in the right down there, so you know there was a lot of animosity between don't happen to go down there and not only just from dylan, but for me and my mom is well in a. We were super irritated that You know he's had more than enough opportunities to spend thanksgiving with us in the previous. Like three thanksgivings, you know he was never around this one has had to be. You know it was so important and dylan was You know he was upset about it as thanksgiving loomed. It was finally time for dylan to fly to durango, to see his dad has put him on a plane on november eighteen, twenty twelve and their normal travel routine ensued deal. was just a kid and he would traveling alone. After all,
was a quick, routine flight and mark was to meet Dylan at the airport and immediately pick him up and take him to the cabin as you We stars he texted me and let me know that his dad had picked him up, and that was the last time I heard from but you know it was an uncharacteristic of dylan not to text me back right away, expecially if he was with his friends, which is what I kind of assumed. You know how to happen, because I know he was really excited to see his friends So I really didn't think much of it afternoon. I got a text from his dad asking me if I knew where dylan was. What did you think you got that text, Why was dumbfounded? I mean you know, don't was visiting his father and I told him it was very disconcerting that he had texted me and asked me we're Dylan was considering you know five six hours away. What stolen got off the plane. He was marks responsibility,
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field of greens, dot com, promo code monsters on november, two thousand and twelve the weekend before thanksgiving thirteen year old, Dylan redwine boarded a flight from colorado springs to durango colorado to see his father in a court ordered visitation Dylan resisted the visit but eventually complied when he arrived durango sunday evening. He sent his mother attacks to let her know that his dad had picked him up from the airport It was the last text a lane, would ever get from her son. I never had any reason to believe that tell him we're just disappear anymore, watch I mean I never had any reason to believe that. So you know what while Dylan was He he was excited because we were having a big thanksgiving thing here
so he wanted to be here. But it was also excited about poland bay bayfield to spend some time with his friends never had any reason to believe that you know, Dylan would just disappear under marks, watch His flight was late arriving. There was some delay leaving denver so he didn't actually land. Probably I want to stay by sixty six thousand six hundred and twenty. Something like that. I don't remember exact time of war, but immediately leaving the airport and went to Walmart. Why did you get a woman? Well, just recently come in from doing their job and silver setting a maximum, you know, I didn't have a whole lot of things for us to Eaton miano, Dylan's, always adamant about having his snacks around and things for him to snack. On so there was a need for us to grab enough things warmer.
To be able to sustain ourselves for a day or two. While we were figuring out. You know I didn't even buy anything for thanksgiving, because I didn't have any concrete plan as to what going to do whether we were going to do it here or whether we're going to do it somewhere else dylan and his dad. What to mcdonald's to grab a late dinner, and started their drive up to marks house, but you arrived at the house around half past eight p m on Sunday night there the movie and mark went up to bed at around ten thirty leaving dylan to sleep on the couch until the next morning I get up, go on myers, because I had to pay a relation it needed to be dealt with first thing Monday morning. That's when pay one closer, I thought it was important for me to get down early, have asked why, I want to leave at six hundred and thirty, so I should be there at seven hundred and thirty when they open the door. You know I spent forty five minutes an hour trying to get dylan to wake up, and you know
open now dominant pulling down, because he is talking about going to see his friend ryan tat morning but he would have no part of it, which is not uncommon for him. I mean it get him the baby can get him up. When did you know something was wrong? When I got home, anyone here didn't think much of it. It's not like him to go, wandering off your water. To the river across the street near my god, into the camp roundworm be next to the river. up there. I didn't think a whole lot of it and it was probably to thirty by the time I realise it is still not home and so on. I think on well if he returned my text messages- and I hear my following because they call me- I need to go- find out that afternoon, Elaine received a text for mark asking her if she knew where dylan was Elaine of course was I rate.
she gathered or family jumped in the car? sped durango, so we ve pulled into durango. I want to say on the nineteenth it probably eleven thirty twelve o clock at night and then that's gonna, just where we started our plan and four, where we need to search and what we need to do that. Dylan arrived at his dad's house. He had begun texting one of his friends in the area in plans to hang out with them. How was your flight weird, my went numb from all the vibrations I'm in pagosa. Coming can't come, very well, hang tomorrow. Ok, why did your dad say no, Yeah. Can I come over early like six thirty early tomorrow. You'd better. Let me in I will Maybe I'm a grandma's the plans were made and Dylan's friend instructed him to call when he arrived the next morning. Dillon
didn't, show the activity on his device was at nine, thirty, seven p m. On Sunday night? Where are you? Commandos Dylan's friend, continued texting him throughout that monday. and through the evening, do your dad looking for you are you're right, dude duty, It costs somebody anybody, a sap role, about you your mom called and she's worried brown seriously. When you get this message, call someone Dylan likely made his attempt to stay with a friend so soon after arriving at his dad's house in an effort to cut down on the amount of time you would have to spend in a boring cabin the amount of time you would have to spend. is dad we were always happier. You know when he was it. There Large part of that is because when he was there you know it was just he just controlled everything to a whole nother level. One of thing.
He used to do is like during dinner time. If we wouldn't finisher, you know We'd eat our dinner, and then we throw it away in the trash can. But what he would do is eat through your dinner way before you see it any heed feel like you ate enough. He'd make you eat it out of the trash cans, So let's get this one time, dylan you now as some bacon or something like that, you throw it away in I'll. Just wasn't enough bill feeling all that well about it. And he threw it away and goes and tells you know mark that I'm done eating comes back and you know he sees the food in the trash, can any pulls it out in their slime all over it. You know just making him eat it and I'll never forget like the tears and that like just as these like making himself throw up because the how just you know he added in his mindset, he didn't want to eat it, and You know I'll? Never forget gis watching and eat this bacon.
the trash can end from that forward. Every time Dylan would go and do that I would grab his bacon and go or whatever it was whatever you didn't finish, I would take it and go run it down to my trash can down in my room. You know so that Have didn't have to happen again, because one was one of the things know that happened to me a few times to it. It's one of those things that we thought was normal and we're late. In all the time we're like where we gotta figure out ways to eat our food better, and I don't know you tell ourselves, that was our fault. This is one single example from a robust collection that puts marks bad parenting unfold. Splay. That's why we so closest experience in that stuff, together in vienna, this kind of always questioning. Just in Austria, things together. You know this right. You know, we don't know we're just being shown this. This is every day for us, but you know
heart. In your mind, you question just you know a lot of things like that, so, You know me and don't always were a unified team when it came to the gis handling the adversity. You know in our house together now there He had grown to be an adult Dylan was on his own with his dad these forest. cetaceans to be navigated without the help of Dylan's primary protector person who had endured all of these traumas with him when he That is little brother was missing. Corey jumped into action yearning. To directly confront his dad about his gross negligence. Dry drove up to his house, I didn't. Do it that night that we got the town, but the next day mark was kind of the status house and kind of so I go There was, trying to see what was going on. I want it. Equally them in my mom didn't go with me on that, but I
he wanted to go up and talk with him and he's gonna see what was going on. in a normal family with apparent sir divorced or not Think everyone would come together to find a missing family member, no matter what it takes. They'd put there differences aside and do what needs to be done. This was not the response. The received from his father when he went up to the and to survey the situation I don't know he was just so calm and collected that I just got soup pissed off so right from the start, Probably the first time I'd seen him since Dylan went missing. I could just instantly tell that you know that just the way his body. Language was in everything like that, so it took a lot of strength for me to not overreact on him aspires Well, you know when there's law enforcement and everything like that, I'm so I just
for the one time to ask some questions, and then, from that point forward I knew I can't I had to come. refrain myself from our visitations just cause. You know that there is a lot in that wanted to do dylan red wine disappeared. Last monday from his father's home in valleys pseudo, he was visiting his father for thanksgiving on a core ordered visit. Dylan lives, his mom and brother in colorado springs. He disappeared one day after arriving at his dad's. The search to find dylan is growing daily, which includes volunteers and many of dylan's friends from bay field, where he grew up on twenty miles from where he went missing. His friends the durango newspaper they believe he was hitchhiking to see them and was abducted. There's also a face. page and a mother's plea. She writes on facebook, I dont know if you can
see this and I know, you're, not a big reader, so I will keep their sure. We are all in durango. Looking for you, I am here and I will never give up looking for you, you are my ray of sunshine and the best kid a mother could ever have a week had come and gone with no sign of Dylan. It appear that wherever he went he took
breathing with em all of his belongings investigators. Given you any clues, traction they're going. Not really I mean it's an open investigation. That's what they tell me all the time doesn't make you mad as a mom that they're not tell you everything. Well, I mean there's other things that make me matters more like the fact that mark law still- and that makes me very bad and the fact that he won't speak to us in the fact that he will answer questions and the fact that every time I try to contact him he's accusing me of harassing them. That makes me more angry. You know the cops wouldn't be in this position. If, if, if it weren't for marked just losing go- and I mean korean, I have tried to keep in touch with them. We ask you, know we
Ask him to help us in the search- and you know, he's just very difficult and being very evasive, and it makes it extremely frustrating search and rescue teams had scoured every corner of the forest surrounding marks property by this point b I became involved as well, There was no sign of dylan too, Each a larger audience. Dylan's remaining family members all agree to go on the doktor phil show mark made. It appear, alongside both corrie and a lame. You know we did some like good morning, america and stuff like that, but our mindset was, as you know, this is a good platform just to get Dylan's face out there. We were really concerned with anything they had to do with mark. You know There was no really plan we had in place with mark or anything on the doktor phil show it was kind of more just stick a sinner, whom I guess that's what came out, but you know
we didn't even really want mark to go on The doktor feel show just dishes can you really gay? I mean we gained a lot from it, but if that we didn't think we really gain anything just cause he's got no concern the show, and go as I'm sure mark red wine hoped it would have doktor phil, forced him to go back through his story. he left his house early in the morning. On Monday november nineteenth, returned around eleven thirty. That same morning, Dylan was gone. Mark took a nap. That's right. He had to admit on national television that he took a nap until one thirty in the afternoon it was only after this news that mark began texting and calling dylan's friends and fight lay texted alain to let her know that her son was missing. To port doktor, feel special, not only raised awareness about the families missing child but put a spotlight
directly onto his father mark several times, doktor fills team requested that mark take a polygraph test to clear his name. He was wishy washy about it. Throughout the core of the show. Finally, claiming quote. Maybe now isn't the time to be taking the polygraph test Everyone who watched that episode of doktor fell suddenly had the realisation that dylan's father not only had the time an opportunity to make his son disappear, but he was fully capable of it. Something was off. the public was catching on corey. Red wine, on the other hand, knew a lot more about his father than doktor fills production team. I kind of knew he was a sick guy. You know I mean through my childhood, I always gonna found little sick things. His seems like this a lot of things like that, when
mark first bought the house. It was a completely different lay out than it was in two thousand twelve, and all this happened: so there was this room that he had and it was dylan's room, but this kind of more of justice, extra closed and stuff- and I pulled saw this rio DE you know toolbar up top images, grabbed it down and wanted to open it up and see what was in there. But I opened it up. The whole bag is just filled with women's panties and there's like brass knuckles. In there guns and You know I'm just like what Odd combination- and you know what makes you take liquid, what are you involved in? What's going on bits in our. and I didn t have the questions, but I didn't really want to know the answers costs. As far as I'm concerned, you know I just was
This was to have in our time trying to figure out who he really was. Corey was only fourteen when he discovered these items hidden in the closet and over the years he would come upon. Other small items includes that further solidified in his mind, his father was not the person you once thought he knew find a lot of like paraphernalia. You know throughout the years tinfoil things just weird little things like that, but I never really wanted to think about too much the more I thought about it. The more scared me so I just tried to it not think about it, but you know he. system. Weird guy did things some and they were so bizarre and so extreme grant him in my mom we're getting divorced, one of the things he would do he would go in
This is when he bought his house, so you know he's living in his ass she's living in donors, but he would sneak into her house and grab like one of each overshoes casey he was entitled to it. You know from getting divorced he's entitled to fifty percent of everything, and then you know he would take like her black dresses. You know cuz if she can't wear them or if he can't see her and then no one can and just do things like that. You know just weird behaviour said you know I just like So for so many years I thought they were normal, but, as I really got you know into turning into adult myself, you normally there's just a lot of odd things. You know about you, can really explain or in all ages You know, as always, super uncomfortable with, unfortunately, corey wasn't the one to discover the worst of what his father had hidden away in it far more
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After materials like moreno wall, prima cotton and even kashmir, which makes, the perfect, cosy layers, theirs, obama socks for everything you do. They come in tons of options like comfy performance, die, for every sport, an activity that keeps you moving, got a bus stop slash, podcast and get twenty percent off your first purchase. That's b, o m ba ass dot com, slash podcast for twenty percent off bombers, dot com, slash podcast,. In november of twenty twelve mark red wine alerted his ex wife that dirty thirteen year old son Dylan had gone missing during a court, ordered visitation, Elaine, gathered or family and be line to durango to begin the search dylan's older brother Corey felt a of dread growing in his god as they drove he knew. Something. No one else knew he knew his dad
have a motive alleged reason he may have wanted to get rid of dillon two thousand eleven and we were on a road trip with mark. You know end I was on the phone with my my wife, and there was Honestly, like eleven o clock at night nurses very late, then You know I come in after talking on the phone with her and limbs like can check these out and he was kind of just like chuckling. You know under his breath and he's like look at things, you know and showed him to me and then I'm like, oh my god, so we grab the laptop and go inside the bathroom and in I will break out my old school found, flip farming Take some pictures with it What young dylan had just discovered on his father's laptop was not something any human could ever be prepared to see. I'm sure
Many of you remember your first reaction to seeing two girls, one cup First reaction, I mean, I hope it was your only reaction, but this was much much worse. The photos dylan found on the laptop were of his father picture. Frank Gallagher. In his younger days. And several of the photos mark donned women's bras and underwear. and even a wig common, but there are definite we been others out there who discovered that their father secretly like to cross dress, but this wasn't the worst part two. those which clearly had been taken by mark inside his home showed him with a deeper in his mouth the diaper, had what appeared to be human feces in it and it looked
like he had wiped the thing all over his face. I remember tell aunt Ellen, I, like we gotta, be careful with these and at all, why You, too, you know, have any any linked to him, You know it's special because at that point my relationship with mark I could pick and choose when I saw them but they're letting you know didn't have that access. So I never wanted a contentious. You know. Subject when them too, in the more I knew of Dylan had those pictures that you know it would put a minute. Position, so I tried to keep him from him as best as I could ask, flip through the photos. Closer images showed that, yes mark indeed eating shit, presumably his own close up photo showed just the tipp of marks should he knows with his tongue sticking out a few inches from a pile of human feces and diaper,
the brown sludge covered his lips moustache and cheeks the fine. confirmation that this was indeed marks. Own feces was a photo showing mark wearing the puppy diaper, Can you imagine discovering that your dad? gets off on eating his own shit, serious. We think about that Oh, I had a really form a picture of your mind of dear old dad cemented there a fire and sweet dreams tonight. What is that? appropriate reaction. After covering something like this. I have no idea, you know it's got it. weird how humans work, but you know it's it's so disgusting it you can't stop looking at it. You know in his ears. Oh grows, thou by it was so overwhelming to him. You know, but when you look at the pictures
you have to really wonder how, the real, like you know, I mean there's there so there's not really away. You can look at him in a maintain any kind of a straight face. You know they're just so repulsing on every level, and I was shocked at the level of that here, to, but Why can't I knew he had a side not too, that extreme, but weird side to him like that, one first, some I was. Just wondering what drugs realise, what the hell is gone like there's no way you did that with a clear mindset, corey couldn't emotionally handle what he had just seen. He put them in images and a little box in his brain, shut it and pushed into a corner a very dark His main concern making sure that mark never found out about their little discovery. Ass,
personally distanced himself from his father even further corey kept a close eye on marks relationship with Dylan. We found the pictures, problem a little over a year before Dylan flew down there. Dylan hadn't seen mark a lot in that time. So we went on that road trip and then I want to say six, seven months later, him in Dylan went on another road trip, so that road trip. Dylan was asking me for the pictures you know I didn't go on that road trip. So that's when Dylan was kind of acting me. Ask him further pictures calling me at it. He called me like nine times. Texted me I was in a movie at the time court realize Dylan must have needed something urgently, so that call them and was like you know, I'm not so new. These pictures- and I didn't really even remember that I did this- that matter also sent those pictures to mark the you no kind of telling him what
and wanted to tell me you know. wasn't sure what my plan was. I knew I was just really pissed off at mark, but that was thousand twelve in the summer time, two thousand twelve. When they went on that trip and the pigs were brought up on that trip and then, in between that trip in the time Dylan went missing in a week. The custody hearing? The deadline was gonna. Go spend thanks guys, down for that trip, and You know there was a lot of a lot of data just contention and hostility that develop between dell and asking me for the pictures in the time that he flew down to my house corps had a theory their mother mentioned earlier, that she felt mark underestimated, dylan that I really don't know him now that he'd entered his teenage years be everyone had estimated dillon. You know I'm sure that dylan probably had a huge plan in place to bring
address the pictures during that trip to may be tried it. You know stop with the holiday visitations and stuff like that. Finally know they were something. Dylan was super this devastated by In any time he felt any kind of anger or resentment towards mark those are what darwin wanted to. most of the time, his resentment would stem from being o mark talk and badly my mom and I are I step that in so doing would always be like. Don't you say anything about them when I got this picture of you are. You know, that's kind of mindset was but and others a lot of things they were just weighing on Dylan. You know any got off that plane and I think the pictures were just kind of one of his his go to is just kind of you know, based on me
up to who mark really is those records they did. Let us see how to deal with some family violence in the past. Do you think Marcus violent, I think, mark yeah? Has those tendencies do any way suspect that they got in some kind of argument, or something like that? I hope to believe with all my heart that work would never hurt his own son, but you you say you hope to believe you know. I just have to believe that I didn't so wrong that you know he would hurt his answer christmas, twenty twelve came and went without dylan red wine, then new years and is fourteenth birthday in february by sea or of twenty thirteen people, were beginning to lose hope that any trade of the boy would ever be recovered watched missing for one one. You know how common people go missing on so
or terrain The search for missing colorado, teen, Dylan, red wine has come to an end and it's not the end. Anyone was hoping for today. Sheriffs officials can That items found during a five day. Search in the mountains include the bones of Dylan redwine. He was thirteen years old when he went missing back in november near durango This discovery was made during a five day, search of a stretch of road called middle mountain. just a few miles up: the hill from mark red one's home The mountain is north of the valley pseudo reservoirs. any areas that search team scoured innovation from eight to eleven thousand feet. june, twenty second, two thousand and thirteen amidst the gulch is deep canyons and thick forest searchers, recovered a night He Jordan shoe a youth sigh, seven,
They also recovered a scrap of fabric from a pair of underwear and other scraps of clothing worst of all, they recovered. Several small bones that were later identified, still in red wines remains we found his classical and issue and a few things like that, and I want to say august of twenty thirteen. So that's when we found just a few Those and then I want to say in twenty fifteen is when the hikers found the skull in november of twenty fifteen, nearly three years after Dylan originally went missing a couple. hiking north of the vallecito reservoir stumbled upon something odd looking my have beaver
I get a boat with I've, gotta be eight lunch in plenary the tree and we thought and beautiful tree coming up. They decided walk down area and milan away? Then and everywhere the very beautiful and then my had been picked up and then he said a honey. What do you think? That's it though I could see it in an abandoned right behind them and find them- and it knows that but I got up writing a ticket from again been immediately. I knew what are you He did the great with me he said now area it is, and he said What do I do now? The voluntary return him we gotta go partial skull. These hikers found later showed evidence of foul play the forensic anthropologists tasked with this case noted
two marks on the skull likely caused by a knife or some other sharp instrument, and it was used on him around the time of death. right before or right after the skull also showed a nearly two inch long fracture above the left. I socket according to the anthropologist appeared to have been caused by blunt force. Trauma so where, dylan's remains were found. If you were to drive a car, on the road and go that rout it's about like or two mile driver some like that, but she gave up there if he just you know where to fly over you know like as a crow flies. Am I would be somewhere between three miles from marks. Asked. So I mean there's a pretty steep river and stuff like that. You know, really hard to access, but if you walk out-
we're doing was found. If you walk out about another hundred, you can see mark's house from where dylan's remains were found once the skull got introduced, then that's when the legal team came in and out and we kind of started talking with lawyers. more than investigators and stuff, like that. So at that, Point that's gonna win it started transitioning into their attack into arresting mark got cigarette What's going on this earth mark Bulgaria, weapons are concerned. it was now July of twenty seventeen and police, the gps tracker on marks tractor trailer too, im down. Eventually,
Locating him and washington state sergeant ok before we get goin here, I d better. Let you know I m equipped with the body one family reports above audio and video games. Have you been read Our idea of extracting gold register that china answer all the questions you have. but because you're in handcuffs and the cuts are in the back of a police car do want you to know what your rights are too. Okay you have the right to remain silent, anything sake. Andy's, it gives you. The court of law but it's done without your lawyer now present with you while you're being question, you can or to hire a lawyer wanna be appointed to represent the boy washing. If you wish- and you can decide in any time to exercise these rights and not answering, questions- are making statements years managed to those rights that you,
yeah having those rights in mind. The reason why you're an us right now is is because we received a call the agency in colorado russian encounter here. Is it ok, What are to have it, as they had the idea, information that you are potentially here and they say they they had a war for murder? Second, for you I'm sorry. Ok, no idea what this could possibly be about. Is that right park a grand jury, hedge indicted him on second degree, murder and child. Charges and after years and years of investigation They had a lot on mark by the time twenty seventeen rolled around many who have watched this case unfold over the past decade. Have question why it took so long to Syria We consider mark as a suspect, let alone
make an arrest. especially frustrating. Now, knowing that cadaver dogs notified investigators, that a body had one been in contact with marks truck in his home and on his clothing. This discovery was made way back and twenty twond Any time you have a murdered fourteen year old boy that is, resume to be murdered by his father. It's going to be a long daunting task to prove you know what happened and I'm not sure they will ever really know what happened. I'm happy that something is finally progressing within Dylan's caisson. You know we're we're just appreciate all the work that has been done by the new folk, and in the plot accounting that have been appointed by by that that actually you you made a lot of this come to fruition. I dont think. If there weren't changes in the plot county, we would beard
My frustration is not necessarily a law enforcement minor. My frustration is the person who took dylan's life. That's where the frustration is you know if it weren't for his actions. We wouldn't be here. You know there would be no frustration, I wouldn't have to worry about whose J is in the potter who the new sheriff is so I put this squarely on his shoulders. He's the one that caused this and he's the one who really should be held responsible for this. I dont consider this anybody else's fault. regardless of how long it's taken them to make a case. I appreciate the fact that they ve done what they ve done. And yes, it's taken a while, but I them have all the infirmary, in that they need so that we can get a conviction, though the full truth may never come out. Corrie has a theory about heaven:
tragic and horrendous crime took place. So I think you know he killed him on the eighteenth and drove up after you know he killed him and I I don't think he indulged in a big. You know adventure the just went up pulled to the side of the road carried 'em. Maybe you know ten steps away in the truck and left them there and that the coming months will disappear ethically go up there see what he could find and remove. It there was so little of dylan found an answer odd locations that it seems unlikely to professionals that an animal taken his corpse and strewn it across the mountain, the more likely reality was that mark red wine took several trip up to the mountain over the coup. Six months and years follow dawn's murder
and slowly began to suppose of the evidence, in my mind, set out again more than enough time before he left the house that morning and after in a shoot up to clean up and just take care of all the details. Messieurs backpack and things like that were in a dispose, and then I think, lay down just an hour the trash cans and dumpsters on the way down to work. Baby just dropped off a few of his belongings clear as soon as you see that it's not animals moving in it in our they select their moving shoes. You know just as with everything we just so like you now spread, part in just a bizarre fashion. Nicky laid therein in animals did They did. It was moving to choose in greek acting a lot of his belongings up, there is most of what we found was you could barely see it. You know we have been
trees and everything like that. Were I mean it was. It was really hard to see anything on the ground. So you know he spent a lot of time of their recollecting but where we found like his clavichord was six miles away from where we found a skull, it's a pretty good indication. All that is certain is that much did pick Dylan up from the airport it was verified by security. Camera footage, as was their trip to Walmart luminal, confirmed dylan's presence at marks house it showed, investigators blood staining on the couch the coroner of the coffee table, and the floor was it very much blood, but the free ec scientists to examine the scene concluded that many one for centuries, don't result in significant blood loss the cause of death was never determine due to the scarce remains, but one
was clear, blood force. Injuries to skull activity underlines phone was at almost nine thirty p m, which means mark likely murdered his son before he went to sleep for the night. I'm sure he slept peacefully. After his arrest and twenty seventeen mark, red wine pleaded not guilty to his charges. His trial date was pushed off until Finally, the proceedings began in twenty twenty Dylan's friends and family had been waiting a long and arduous years. At this point, and we're eager to hear a verdict and what should have been an open and shut case. On november, ninth twenty twenty a judge declared a mistrial and marks case due to the threat of you guessed. It around a virus marks public defenders the quarantine
for they began experiencing symptoms. I don't quite get why the next court date wasn't just postponed regard ass, a mistrial was the judges decision. closing arguments for marks. Second, trial wooden end until July of twenty twenty one nearing tenth anniversary of dillon appearance. On July. Sixteenth the jury finally reached the verdict you're number one murder. In the second degree, we the jury, and the defendant mark roadway. You'll do He quietly in a second degree by mister parker, you reverting member to child abuse. We did you
we find the defendant Margaret way, you'll give to child abuse signed by column arthur further with a jury planet. With respect to the very question asked for this, as follows in the trial of you'd result in their region over the years you know. this first happened. I was so angry at him. I was such here angry kid you know for kids, My brother, and over the years you know, especially as I've become a dad myself but, you know, I'm so disappointed as a father. you know his is ability to cover this up and continuously late. care about himself. You know through this whole process even up to his appeal in the courtroom. Just everything is just All about marking is selfishness in you know, and just ready to let that part of my life go.
So I you know with his sentence: I'm ready for hinted to go where he belongs and in I can get back to remember and dylan, and You know enjoy my family and not really have to think about. You know him in his situation Mr Rehder, understandably, first of all, you killed you a thirteen year old boy and thirteen he's still a little boy as a father- it's your obligation to protect yourself to keep him from her. Bad inflicted enough injury on him to kill him in the living room. After the passion of whatever caused you to act, we did subsiding. You didn't think about you. You thought about yourself, you, sanitation, granting you hit doing and you went so far is removed. His head recipes
there's only one reason do then: try avoid if any room your piper. Wherever found the dealing with ever be identified. You left his body, scavenged by wild animals. Your actions not only remove I have given the opportunity the app can grow into a man he wished. He could have been he's not able to get married fall in love, have kids and potentially The evidence against you is overwhelming. However, in you, they went to the probation apartment where the commission's report you wrote the following, and this is a quote from what you wrote: innocent of all charges, miscarriage of justice, fagin conviction, champ trial. So there is no misunderstanding: Exercising all my right to appeal. The court's ruling and channel
the biased jury decision to be made with no evidence any crime was committed. I take the circumcision it's very seriously and want to make clear that I, was the child and the more than life itself for to justice. Not for myself. The prevailing have always shown remorse for the thing, but I am guilty stand against justice. After ten years. Mark still refuses to take responsibility, shows no remorse and his men his intentions, clear He will use up more tax dollars to try to get out of prison because clearly This should eaters innocent. I have trouble remembering a convicted criminal defendant, that has shown such an utter lack of remorse, greece, criminal behaviour, humidity, needs the protective cream you you need to be removed from society for a long period of time.
I'm going to send you a forty eight years ago, health, here's a coral there'd be served concurrently, one thousand five hundred forty days, credit for times her happy robinson benefactor. It's always a sad situation when a sibling, to fill. The role of apparent for this of other siblings. Mark red wine could and do the bare minimum which would have abandoning his children and never speaking to them again become even get that right. That would have- more of a logical decision more of a humane decision. Then what that deadbeat piece of shit mark redwine chose the red one family would have been better off for it. marks, narcissism, clouded all decision making, when it came down to the life, of his own child
be. If he had just read a few more of those fatherhood dot, gov billboards, he would have made for a better parent, but then again, maybe not, is none of those billboards actually specify you shouldn't murder, your kids.
Does this episode of sword scale, we hope even join us. Thank you so much for joining us. We do appreciate you considers any replies at all that also remember. We have a call in nine plus one eyed, five, four, eight nine sixty five for a lotta ya got a lot to say. Apparently, so why not say to our voice mail and where I could actually hear it and some other people. My two, like this collar woman calling me I love this. I'm waiting for many comments from people more prepared. You calling ireland language by July is operating plough nice people could take a critical and try and wonder why so many people a growing number of fields, toolbar nice, one wonders spot chairs. I get her out. Their paden called no. Usually the worst people's wide, but that they give you the right to now be moved to somebody BP rolled along the entire day. Don't work on that day in future. Handle people to work in an emotional tense situation. Scared minding policing people when they are having were still lie, some doing like letting them any help. Foster relations traumatized more. If you can't handle going to work being compassion and patient crying enjoy show up. I beg maybe yourself in finding new perception by getting married at somebody because they pointed out many times. You know. Maybe you didn't like it ironic ironic anyway, you enjoy by hurt. After most of europe, the going rate com, see house personal, everybody taking everybody needs calm down instead of finding all these things to take. So damn personal, I don't know, I find some productivity they now rose occurs during your growing is a cursory distinguishing body you so much intuitively anyway. Everybody has a wonderful day, say stage I do not enjoy the show. I appreciate your candour and your perspective.
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