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Tech News: Big Tech, Big Problems

2022-03-31 | 🔗

Today's news covers a lot of important problems cropping up around Big Tech, from anticompetitive practices to deceptive lobbying strategies to the spread of misinformation on social networking platforms. Plus learn how researchers were able to hack into a Canadian broadcast satellite.

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The welcome to textile production from I heart, radio, the pizza and milk, and do textile. I'm your host Jonathan Strickland, I'm an executive producer with I heart radio and how the tech area it's time for the tech news for Thursday March 31st, two thousand and twenty two. We should all be thankful that a news so did not fall on April. First, because who knows what would have happened then? do you know what's going to happen now, we're going to complain a lot about big tech, because there are a lot of stories that just new to put a lot of companies in a pretty bad light. Then I would love would that not be the case? But here we are so let's get started now.
A lot of the news, like I said, is going to be about big tech shenanigans in this episode, not as many as as I originally had lined up. In fact, I threw out a ton of stories because but that was started to go too long and dumb and also it just. I was turned to get beaten down by it: so anyway. One of the things that I read about today, which I I found interesting, is an organization called the tech oversight project that has created a wiki The victory to help folks read up on the various issues surrounding Bay tat over the last several years like things that big tech companies have done that have been, you know not good. The wiki is fittingly called. The big tech, Wiki and you can read a great article about this resource and the organization behind it over on Gizmodo dot com. The article is titled watchdog group public,
his encyclopedia of all the nasty things big tech has done, and it's by MAC De Guerin But one caveat, because article itself reveals this: it's not actually all the nasty things big taken, done, because, even with more than ninety pages of documentation, it's just scratching the surface. But the wiki collects this documentation about things like anti competitive practices the spread of misinformation, how these companies are funding political lobbying groups to shape legislation in their favor and controversial partnerships with other entities such as, for example, Google's work with the? U S, military and stuff like facial recognition, which could but the please be weapon eyes, and it's a good article. So I do recommend you check it out and the resource the actual wiki itself can help you catch. Fun. All the exhausting amount of skullduggery that's been going on in the big tech sector for quite some time,
also add that the project receives the funds, from the Ahmed network, which pollute Glee is a left, leaning organization. Now I say that because I think it's always good to keep in mind the perspective if that was used to cover certain issues, I mean for that matter. I actually, I know Prize Eileen, pretty hard left myself. So I'm not saying that my perspective is the correct one. I don't necessarily believe that I know how I feel. But I would it would be way too hubris. For me to say, my way is the right way, but you check out the article in the wiki. If you want to get angry at big companies like Google, Mehtab, Apple Microsoft, those kind of things now along those lines. Cnbc published article titled, how Google and Amazon Bank rolled a grass roots activist group of small, ownership to lobby against big tech oversight,
there's a heck of a long headline and that's just the kind of thing that the big tech wiki, what cover. So in that article CNBC reporters reveal that the lobbying group is called the Connected Commerce Council, and it's supposed to represent small this is, and Amazon and Google are simply referred to as partners in the group. But apparently at least some of the businesses listed as members of the group- never actually joined it. Many had not even heard of the group according to them, Yet their businesses were listed on the roster now the empty patient is that this makes this a an astroturf campaign. Astroturf is a term used to describe a situation where companies create what is supposed to look like a grass its political movement, but is an actuality Eddie and attempt to push against legislation that would restrict or regulate the companies.
Or in some cases, push for legislation that would give those companies more advantages and asked returning is pretty insidious. It's also a pretty common tactic up. We ve also seen big tech companies, try to leverage small business in a way to excuse policies and practices. Mehta has done this a lot as well, claiming that certain restrictions to its advertising strategy would harm small businesses. They try to position it. So it's not about hurting bottom line of the big company, but rather it is the equivalent of think of the children is really what it comes down to and it can be pretty shady stuff now. That being said, this article also mentions that there are legitimate small, businesses that are really part of the organization. So it's not like just a dummy group or anything like that. There are actual small businesses, in the ranks that really do want to be there, and there are several
there, are in favour of the group and the groups policies, and they say that the group keeps them up to it on proposed legislation that could in back their businesses, so you might say, Is this a real astroturf case, or does it only appear that way due to the involvement of big time companies that are particularly politically active, and I we don't know the answer to that in a our story, the Washington Post, published an article revealing that meta has been paying a consulting firm called targeted victory. Targeted victory primarily caters to US republican candidates during election cycles. Specifically, matter has hired on the consulting firm in order to create a kind of smear campaign against rival, social media platform, Tik Tok now, according to the post goal, was to reach out to various news outlets and were primarily talking about regional local news outlets and then can
it's them to run pieces, criticising Tiktok and making various claims about Tik Tok potential for harm particularly for younger people. Now some of those claims, I think, have some merit to them. I do think social platforms can facilitate harm, not that there necessarily harmful just by themselves, but that you that they, they are very effective at transmitting harm. In fact, metal thinks this do about its own plan, forms according to those internal documents that Francis Hogan leaked last year, some of the narratives pushed by targeted victory are at best insincere and at worst, are an outright form of this information. According to the post, some of the stories targeted victory, pushed
about harmful trends that had supposedly originated and propagated across Tiktok, when, in fact, in at least a couple of those cases, those trends actually got their start on Facebook? So, in other words, the stuff facebook was indirectly accusing tik Tok of through targeted victory were actually examples of facebooks own shortcomings. Now to be fair, Mehta, Slash, Facebook does have some distance from these efforts because it Centrally paid targeted victory to do the dirty work, so facebooks not directly involved and the goals of that dirty work are twofold. One is to try to level the playing field a little bit between Mehta and Tiktok because, as we have seen with meadows financial report earlier this year, the company has been struggling to attract younger users and has cited Tik Tok as being one of the big reasons for that.
Now another goal is to deflect attack she's a wave from Mehta an ant us some one else, because mother's been in the center of a of a target. for a while now for good reason, but the company would really rather someone else, take that place and Tiktok would sure be a nice substitute and erotic being a company, that's owned by a larger chinese conglomerate is a pretty the target. If that's your goal, I mean there are some legitimate concerns that have about Tik Tok. So it's not like all of these attacks have no substance to them. There are reasons to be concerned now my The point of view is Tik Tok. Isn't there? great and it does merit some scrutiny, but then I say this thing about Meta, both of them need to be scrutinized potentially regulated
I held accountable for when they do things that are harmful anyway, it's interesting to see, big tech behaving more and more like the ugliest facets of the political process and interesting I mean discouraging, but not surprising,. Staying on this topic a bit longer global witness, which has frequently been a thorn in medicine, side release our report yesterday saying facebooks algorithm appears to be we'll find climate denial posts rather than offering up links to more reliable sources. On the subject of climate change so The actually ran a bit of an experiment. They created a couple of dummy, counts, Jane and John, both of which were supposed to represent climate skeptics. Now, He John Account was set to fall oh legit scientific organisations. So it was like
king pages that belong to actual actual credible scientific groups and institutions. The Jain account was directed to like a couple of pages that related to climate change, skepticism, then, they sat back and looked to see what kind of content was being recommended in the respective news feeds I saw that James Newsfeed began creating seeing way more climate denial content in that feed, and on top of that two thirds of the pages that included climate change. Misinformation were not labeled as such, so there was no warning they're saying now. This is not necessarily reliable information and you should really looked to such and such a place to get more reliable info now feed for John didn't. Have this problem? John? Didn't get the
notifications of new posts that included climate, denial is a minute. So what I was seeing more information from legitimate sources. Jane saw progressively extremist content on the subject. So once again, we see all facebooks algorithm, coupled with met as insufficient flagging process leads to the application of misinformation will become. back to that in just a moment, because we have another story that that touches on this, but before we get to that, let's take a quick break. I I I I I I I there's a recipe for getting your car running just right and whatever we're cooking up in the garage you'll find what you need. Ebay motors dot com they have for one hundred and twenty two million car parts and accessories in stock. All at the right prices, imagined hope. You turn your ride into something really tasty. The parts you need are
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He spoke only manages to label about twenty percent of all posts, pushing misinformation and conspiracy theories, surrounding that the ongoing war in Ukraine. So that means eighty percent of those posts are slipping by unlabelled and include messages such as a claim that the United States has been supplying bio weaponry to the Ukraine to use against russian soldiers a claim that has no basis in evidence or real support and yet is concerned. see, theory that is propagating pretty quickly across social platforms like Facebook. So four out of five posts that are pushing this and similar misinformation campaigns are through without Facebook labeling the post, without so much as a missing context, Well, let alone an outright false information label. anomaly. Ahmed, the head of the c c d h, said: if our researchers,
identify false information about Ukraine openly circulating on its platform. It is within meadows capability to do the same. That's a pretty sick burn because It is it's hard to argue against that statement. Right of some outside group can come in and say, look where finding it all over you, dear your platform and it's your black clearly. You should be able to find a do the. How do you? How do you argue against that, so almond went on to rate reiterate that platforms like Facebook, profit off of misinformation, which I can attached on before the break and you know, we've said it many times information quote then gauge- and that is the major metric the facebook by the while executing its revenue strategy, so engagement from a revenue. Standpoint is good and you know you just have to distance yourself from what type of engagement you're talking about it's unfortunate,
that's something again- is not new. We ve thought about this many times on. This show. And we are not yet done with Meta company and another one called Sama as a which meta contracts bed in order to run content moderation operations in Africa on Facebook, They have been named in a lawsuit in Kenya, and the plaintiff Daniel MARC Motown says that some of violated Kenya's laws around a play: health, safety and privacy. What content moderation on Facebook is a really tough gig and in some regions it can be downright traumatizing, because it's your job to look through stuff that gets flat flagged on Facebook and figure out. Okay, does this in fact violate Facebook's policies
in some cases it is incredibly evident that it violates policies. But in the process of reviewing the content, you're exposed to some really dreadful stuff motoring, the first video he remembers moderating had a video of a beheading in it. I know that if I were exposed to that kind of content it would evidently have a massively negative psychological impact on me. To put it lightly. Montauk says that some of them the employees evening, gave them kind of a bait and switch offer according to song. The employees were told they were going to work at a call center and then once they, they found out? No, it's not all centre, your actually going to do. Content moderation on Facebook, moat on Us says that some Othello, far short of Kenya's requirements for employers to offer sufficient mental health resources to their employees, and this is not the first time we ve
complaints relating to meta and the mental health of people who are tasked with the job of content moderation. So why to see what the outcome of this particular the lawsuit is and whether or not it will precipitate any meaningful change in the process of content moderation and how the companies that are tasked with doing that are held accountable for employee welfare, ok, why we add apple into the mix of stories here I we're still by the way, also heaping criticism on merit and facebook, but or at least pointing out something that's troubling Bloomberg reports that both meta and apple have handed over user data to hackers who fraudulent lay submitted emergency data requests. Now texts but he's generally tried to hold off on just handing user data over to authorities,
as a means of establishing trust with users right. If you find out that a particular platform is currently sharing user information with any agency out there. It's probably going to Did you get that he be Jimmy's? Well? Why? and companies are compelled by law, they will do it, I mean, obviously they don't want to break the law and emergency data request represents an urgent need for information that could be in a case where a person has gone missing. For example, it could literally be life or death, so Jesse Data requests, unlike other types of authority, data requests, do not require a court order and a hacker grew called recursion team are thought to be at least partly responsible for these fraudulent, best now, on the one hand, it's easy to acute is the companies of apple and matter of not doing due diligence to ensure that incoming requests are actually legitimate. but on the other hand, the very
nature of emergency requests indicates that a speedy response can be absolutely critical. I think in the particular case, the real problem lies in the process more than with Apple and Metas actions and the fact that it was possible for hackers to compromise that process. is something we should really look at over in the UK, a case involving a twitter user reminded me of the limits of free speech and how they are different in different parts of the world. of Kelly, was found guilty of sending a quote, unquote, grossly offensive tweet and a judge subsequently has sentenced Kelly to one hundred fifty hours of community, the service. So you might wonder well what was this tweet that merited that kind of sentence, What it had to do with Sir Tom Moore? There was a man who leading up to his one hundredth birthday was
doing laps around his garden. He did one hundred laps around his garden and it was on a way to raise money for the Uk National Health Service in the early days of the panel Sir Tom, more than not too long later passed away and one day. after his passing Kelly posted his tweet, which was The only good Brit soldier is a deed one, learn all the fella burn cause he's tweeting in scottish which I will not do because I can't now If anyone could agree that that tweet was at the very least in very poor taste, to hundred to we all you had a country and morning because the Tom Certain had had really inspired a lot of people, and so Then he ends up saying this very you know unsympathetic thing,
the question is: did that break the law? Specifically? section, one hundred twenty seven of the? U K Communications ACT now and then, it was past that she was originally meant to create accountability for people who were doing stuff like making obscene telephone calls. That's what it was to refer to ban the year since it has expanded to cover social me, a posts as well the grossly thence of part really becomes tricky simply because you have to decide what are the criteria yeah you're using to determine if something is grossly offensive and grossly offensive is a subjective thing right. Might be offended by something I'm not offended by and vice versa, only by the way He deleted his message. Just twenty minutes after he posed
and his lawyer in the trial argued that Kelly had made the tweet while he was intoxicated like he wasn't deal sober when he did it. But none of that managed to get him off the hook. and so now he's sentenced to two hundred fifty hours of community service for people in the United it's that probably comes as a shock, because here we could tweet something like that, and We will be called out for being insensitive. or are you know, having really bad taste just being tacky or whatever it may be, but you wouldn't expect any. One to be held. the council and have to do community service in return for doing that, though, in the UK? There is an a new bill that will be coming law later on. It will becoming effective soon. It's called the online safety bill that will end up replacing the old Ukase Communications act so that
end up having a new set of rules. However, there still measures in place where there's pray vague language, that you know how the the nation can handle messages that are considered to be quote unquote harmful like who determines what constitutes harm. and how do you determine accountability for those things? So, if you are in the Uk- and you can't tweet something nice, tweet anything at all. I guess: okay, a couple more stories that are less you know the tree, Aulick but we're gonna take another quick break and we'll be right back. Their corn is well above the July loaves of about twenty nine thousand dollars, get Goin Sores past fifty thousand dollars yet again fighting with a prolonged where do we see Bitcoin's price going next, tired of all the noise ready to start
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and this would put Canada on a growing list of countries that are setting similar deadlines for win Car companies will no longer be allowed to sell new internal combustion engine vehicles in those countries. That list notably, does not include the United States. There is no federal mandate that fall, is this trend, but there have been a dozen or so states that have listed their own state deadlines for that, and honestly, once you start getting to a certain tipping point: there It comes a a a we ve met within the automotive industry, where you would expect everyone to switch over to electric anyway or some other zero emission vehicle design anyway, because it would just make more sense from a manufacturing standpoint to go that way, rather than divided up. So it may be that we don't ever see the US create a similar.
National policy, but if enough states follow that trend, then the effect will be, they and like. I said it only applies to passenger cars, Canada's policy in industry, hours like things that are being used for enterprise purposes, they will have a longer timeline in order to convert over to zero emissions, which makes sense. I mean like, if you're talking about things like heavy duty, hauling vehicles or really strong construction vehicles, what about stuff that has power needs that might not be met with current z RO emission systems in place. So that does make a little more sense. But yes, we're seeing another country say no more internal combustion engine vehicles here at least no new ones after a certain date and finally
some security researchers demonstrated that it's possible to hack into a communications, satellite and broadcast a video The feed to a large region now to be clear. The researchers did this with mention. So it's not like they were secretly hacking into a satellite feed and taking it over and creating pirate satellite television. but they were given the opportunity to attempt to access a canadian satellite that was under going to be used. It had passed out of its useful life expectancy, but it not yet been transferred to a graveyard orbit. I talked about this briefly earlier this week in an episode, bout orbits a graveyard orbit is an orbit where you just you push stuff when you're was no longer useful and it gets it out away so that you can put more useful stuff in that orbit and it typically is, is at an orbit that just
isn't really well suited for any practical purposes here on earth I hope pushing a communication satellite out to a graveyard orbit means that would no longer really aligned properly to transmit back to earth. So if, if they had waited longer, this really wouldn't have been a possibility, but because at satellite was no longer in service, but still reachable. It also meant there were no competing signals being sent to that satellite. So if you could send a signal to the satellite, it could then beam it back down to earth now accessing the satellite required using an uplink facility This is essentially a place that has a powerful satellite dish antenna and a really powerful amplifier and sending the right kind of signal that was strong enough to reach the satellite in question. Like you couldn't just do this
with a simple radio antenna or something like that, you have to have a very concentrated, powerful beam of, have signal to go up and reach the satellite, and then the satellite, in fact, did beam that signal back down to earth. So the researchers showed there. No actual security measures in place on the satellites themselves, there's like There's no, there's no like password or authentication, or anything like that. If you are capable of. the signal to the satellite, then it will just do its job and send it back down to earth. Now you can I understand why there aren't any real protective measures on the satellite themselves because YO in order to even get this to work, you first have to have access to something. Like an uplink facility, that is not an easy thing to do so like you, can go to your local electronics store and buy a consumer electronic
version of a massively powerful transmitter. An amplification system you'd have to have a way to identify where the satellite is and target it and track it. But the researchers showed it was at least possible, and in fact it's not even that difficult once they had that access to the uplink center, so hackers could potentially get access to an uplink center and cause problems. That way, and also they they pointed out that just like in the past, it's still possible to hijack a working communication, satellite one, that's still in service As long as you send a signal, that's stronger than the official one and effect this has happened in the past, in the mid nineteen eighties. Do you lived on the EAST coast and were a subscriber to HBO, it's possible that you witness this yourself, because
and, I think was was nineteen. Eighty six there was a disgruntled technician who was working at an uplink nobody in Florida who use that vessels. I to override the official New York Facilities, HBO signal to a particular communication satellite so in other words you had this. This facility in New York, it's beaming, the HBO, eat up to a communication satellite which is beaming that back down to earth on the east coast of the United States. This person in Florida decides I'm going to use the Florida's uplink center to override that signal. I'll just send a stronger signal to that satellite and then I'll have control the technician going by the name. Captain midnight took over a year minutes of airtime on an hp, oh and used it to drum roll. Please complain about how expensive it was to get HBO added onto consumer satellite services. Good use of time,
the way things haven't really change that much since the nineteen eighties is still possible to take over a satellite by sending a stronger signal to that satellite Oh, you can also run the risk of damaging a satellite in the process if the signals get to be too strong. This is none, the different from how radio works. In fact, radio works exactly the same way that we saw that and so did television. We saw that in the end the uniting eightys as well with the infamous MAX headroom incident. That was over the air broadcast, not not satellite, but yes, I'm sort of thing. If you able to send out a stronger signal Dan. An official one over a particular frequency. Then that's what people are going to get that's how pirate radio can be a thing, and it's illegal anyway, in an era of state sponsored hacker groups and propaganda,
campaigns. This knowledge kind of raises up some troubling possibilities. I easily imagine a scenario where a country uses its own uplink facilities to target a satellite that That's orbiting a nearby region that happens to be an adversary of that country. and to take over that satellite and broadcast propaganda, or shut it down in them. You can easily imagine that and the fact that there aren't these security Measures on the satellite themselves makes that a possibility or you could even have state sponsored hackers tried to get access to uplink centers that are in other countries and and achieve the same goal. so maybe this will lead to changes in sick. thirty around satellites, I think making sure that the uplink centers are really secure is important because again, if you don't have access to an uplink center
you're not going to send a signal strong enough in the first place, to make it an issue so protect those first, but I think also it might be time to start in. You know, figuring out security for the satellites themselves Okay, those are the new stories. I chose the cover on Thursday March 31st, two thousand and twenty two like I said there were a ton more but yeah, I was already getting pretty grouchy, as you can tell, and I figured that this was a good mixture to kind of share with all of you. If you have suggestions for topics I should cover in Besides the text of reach out to me on Twitter the hand over the show is TAT stuck each as w and I'll talk to you again. lily text off is an eye heart radio production for more pod tasks. From my heart radio visit the eye heart radio, apt apple pie, It's wherever you listen to your favorite, jokes
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