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Tech News: Facebook Locks Out Users

2022-03-22 | 🔗

In an effort to protect high-profile Facebook users, Facebook locked those users out of their own accounts. Sort of. Plus news about Google, Tesla and how the US SEC wants to hold companies accountable for greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Arm, dotcom, slash, small business like a good neighbour state farmers, their welcome to textile production from I heart radio either and welcome to text. I find your home job and Strickland Diamond executive producer with I heart radio and held the attack. Are you it is time for The tech news for March 22nd, two thousand and twenty two it's Tuesday. And you know most of the time I talk about how people practice bad security, behaviors and etiquette online- that that's cool But a common thing to talk about in tech in general is just that people tend to be the weak Lincoln any security system and way
too many people are very bad at protecting themselves. Digitally, in fact, that fell fishing attacks are a thing right. That attack depends upon the targets not being cautious enough to avoid getting scammed, and some fishing attacks could be released as dictated here's the thing they don't have to be re he'd, like even an unsophisticated fishing, Dag, is going to find a few hits of the more sophisticated is the more likely it's gonna get heads, but then the more time you're spending developing your attack. However, there are also people who actually use a bit more restraint. They are a little more cautious and then sometimes It turns out that they weren't getting scammed at all and instead they find themselves locked out of their facebook accounts. All so at the heart of the story is that Facebook has the Facebook protect initiative and
this project is spearheaded by Facebook was really aiming to convince Facebook users, whom the company had identified as being particularly vulnerable to attack too? enable extra security measures stuff, like two factor authentication, to protect their accounts. From being promised so we're talking about people who are high profile, individuals, like activists or journalists or politicians people that could easily be targeted by bad actors. You know the the folks who have intentions to use those accounts to spread misinformation or to otherwise cause harm. So Facebook said, you know these are high value targets we want Let them know we want them to switch over to these enhanced security measures to protect them and everybody else from them getting compromised so they send out an email saying that these users,
need to turn on the Facebook protect feature, or else they would get locked out of their accounts. Now the email, included a link to turn that feature on an active, Lincoln. Suddenly Now, however, the email also came from an address that was called security at Facebook. Male dot com now I don't know about you, but if I had received this email- and I did But if I had, I definitely would have second thoughts on clicking on any kind of link, contained in a message coming from that address because it sounds sauce right like it does not sound like that's busy with expected to come from facebook dot com, not facebook, male dot com, so that a merely would raise, flags in my mind I would think. Oh, this is not legit. This is a phishing attack, so there were some other folks who felt that
plus that email address probably ended up having messages get sent to junk folders in a lot of cases so either people a lot of people didn't see the message, or they rightly suspected, are not rightly they understandably success suspected that the message was, in fact, a fishing attack. The did not activate these protect features then. Last week they found themselves locked out of their facebook accounts, apparently for at least a subsection of those who got locked out the steps they then received to take in order to regain access. Evil Facebook protect didn't work so that didn't happen to everybody who got locked out. You know people were able to appeal to Facebook and then start going through the process to recover. Account and to enable Facebook protect Belize for a few that didn't
so the company has issued a statement saying it's going to work with those particular users to address the problem and just to be clear, I actually think Facebook was taking, that approach here. I think that this was merited. I think it's important to enable to vector authentication. In fact, I think every body should be enabled to factor authentication for platforms like Facebook. but definitely if you're someone who could no more likely be targeted by hackers, another bad actors. You absolutely should enable that. So I think the facebook was coming from a good play, In this case, I just feel the method of carrying out the initiative was maybe not thought through enough Meanwhile, apple continues to be hit with fines from regulators in the Netherlands. If you've been listening to my tech news, episodes recently
You are probably aware that dutch regulators were demanding that apple, allow third party payment methods within apps on I S devices specifically within dating apps, although you could extrapolate that to be mean other acts as well, but they were specifically talking about dating Hap's in that for dating apps. as in app purchases, there should be alternatives to Apple's own payment system. Now apple has course been resisting these kind of of moves all over the world right in the United States, there have been court cases that have targeted apple for very similar reasons with the company, then appealing decisions, but I mean the courts have decided against, apple and apple, has appealed those decisions and continues to argue that it's own approach, which requires that all in app purchases go through Apple's own payment system is actually there to protect users and isn't
in how anti competitive of the dutch regulators disagreed, saying. No, it absolutely is anti competitive and, in fact apple when proposing changes, has a has failed to satisfy the regulators. So far, all has been found guilty of a failing to meet those standards for nine weeks in a row and has accrued for five million euro worth of fines. Now the regulators are actually the authorized to find a total of fifty million euro. That's that's the cap, so apple has one more week to go before it maxes out the fine. Assuming that the company continues to fail to meet regulators demands as an example of something that Apple did, that did not say by the regulators, the company allows for alternative payment systems on in app purchases for dating apps in the Netherlands. However, the
They also demanded a twenty seven percent commission on all in app sales. So, yes, you could, if you were an app developer, go with a third party payment system, but you would have to surrender twenty seven percent of your your say of each sale to apple, and that would mean that using a third party payment processing system would end up being more expensive than just using Apple's own method, which is a move that, at regulators identified as being anti competitive as all get out, and I happen to agree if your policy that is supposed to allow for fair competition makes anyone who engages in that that approach I have to pay more than your method then you're not really making it competitive right, you're still using your your power. Your leverage to you know push people into your own or I'll. Your own pathway.
and even if they don't, if they do go with a third party, you still get twenty seven percent instead of thirty percent of every in app transaction. It's pretty ridiculous! Well, if apple's proposals fail to satisfy the regulators in the future, the company will be hit with the MAX fifty million euro fine and the stage will be set for a lawsuit that will pit apple against the regulatory body in the Netherlands and can the that's kind of what apple is doing in other parts of the world. It might well. Be that that was apples plan. All along. I don't know, I don't work at apple, but you know from the outside. That's and what it looks like switching over to Google, the company reach, they settlement agreement with six former employees who claimed they were the targets of retaliation after they attempted to lead employee organization efforts at Google,
civically three of the employees had organised against Google's projects with the: U S, customs and border protection agency. You know like circulating surveys and add documents to other employees, to kind of gauge resistance to Google's agreement, to work with us, customs and border protection, and You say that they were subsequently fired in retaliation for leading those efforts. Details of the settlement remain private, so we don't know how much money is changing hands here. Google, like many companies we talk about recent months, has been accused numerous times I'm trying to discourage employees from organizing in various ways. But as we have seen recently, there's a general movement pic a here in the United States that is building our union, ASEAN and organization and employee empowerment up it's possible
The Google will end up just encouraging more employee organization efforts in the future. Typically, that seems to be what happens as like the harder they clamped down. The more people want, to resist and on another Google story, the? U S: Department of Justice, ledges that Google makes it a practice to train employees on using legal counsel as a shield against sharing business, communications essentially what the d o J is saying here. Is that when Google wants to make sure that certain internal communications remain confidential, then within company control they tag that, with a request for legal advice, Oh even documents that would not need any kind of legal advice at all, at least according to the allegations, would get this tag on them and Getting that tag and sending the communications on to legal counsel makes
the communication, a legal matter and the subject of attorney client privilege and as such up, they could be withheld from discovery. I mean it's attorney, client client privilege. It's not something that gets the share beyond. Those two parties are so the d o J is saying this isn't a legitimate use of legal consultation that in many cases legal counsel never responded to any request for advice, because there was never a an actual earnest request that it was really just a way to kind of sidestep any investigative abilities. So. The d o J says the Google has been relying on this method since at least two thousand and fifteen and the d o J is seeking to sanction Google and compel the company to share quote all withheld or redacted emails were no attorney responded to the purported request for legal advice in court.
Google, for it's part, denies the allegation that it improperly relied on legal counsel, so we'll have to see where this goes. Next, we've got several more stories to go before we get there. Let's take a quick break, what? If you were a major transit system with billions of passengers taking millions of trips every year, you aren't about to let any cyberattack slow you down, so you No. If I began to build a security architecture to keep your data network and applications protected now, you can tackle threat, so they don't bring you to a grinding halt and air was going places, including you, let's create cyber security that keeps your business on track idea. Let's create, learn more at and m dot com. Prudential knows the importance of having a rock in your life. Everyone needs a rock a rock, can help. You turn the far fetched into within reach. When you have one you can reach your potential, your dreams,
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in fees and also listening in numerous restaurants, the didn't actually have a contract agreement with grub hub. So, in other words, grub was advertising that it had access to restaurants that it had not made any kind of contract with that could lead to incidents where a business rejects an on line order because it never created that relationship which obviously has an adverse effect. On the the customer. I have used a food delivery. Tourists a few times turn the pandemic, a few being a drastic understatement, and am I have encountered similar things, and I don't I don't know if it's an honest mistake or, if its similar to what is going on in the District of Columbia. According to turning general grub hub, also, according to the accusations pumped up the prices for restaurant items. So another word
you'd be spending more to buy that burrito through Grubhub than you would if you just went to the restaurant just for the base price of and that's before, you factor in all the other fees the grub hub throws in like the delivery fees and service fees and whatnot, so the base burrito cost alone. would be higher than you would find in the restaurant and, I'm pretty sure, that's true across nearly all third party delivery services, definitely. At least you know my own experience I have observed. This is the case where I know the price of a thing at a restaurant, and I look at it on delivery services and its typically at least a cup bucks more expensive there and there are a lot of other parts to this lawsuit too, including an accusation that Grubhub has created websites that, at least on the surface, appear to belong to specific restaurants, but in fact they redirect customers to grub hubs own services and that further
these sites can leave people with the implication that there's no other way to get a delivery ordered from that specific restaurant. When that might not be the case, there may be does where restaurants have their own delivery services or they rely upon some independent group and that you can order directly from them. But, according to the lawsuit grub hubs, approach is to try an and overshadow those so that people go through grab have. Instead, we've seen similar complaints raised against Google's order online option in search results and there's no question the delivery industry has adopted some. Let's call them questionable business practices, but it remains to be seen if they go far enough to be considered.
Legal. The identity, authentication company aka, announced that it might have experienced a data breach, which is a big, o yells a soap. Acta is a business that provides authentication services to other businesses, big ones like T Mobile, come. is out authentication to Acta and then rely on Acta to verify that say. Boy is who they claim to be before they are allowed to access whatever there trying to access Lot of companies might use like their own vpn or virtual private network for internal systems, and a company like aka can act, as like a bouncer, you know it's making sure that the people who are trying to access those internal systems actually have the credentials saying they can do it or rather you're authenticating, that those credentials are in fact legit. So, according to act as CEO, the company had identified an intrusion attempt back in January but contained the situation he said
it did not result in a massive breach. At that. Meanwhile, a hacker group called laps us where the last s there's it's l, a p s. U S dollar sign, of course it is that group has claimed to be responsible for the attack and did so in an effort to access the systems of an octa client so in other words, not to necessarily compromise okta itself, but in order to get at one of the clients that Octa services according to lapses up the hackers are aren't part of some cyberwar group they're, not like a state sponsored hacker group, they're, just for the money, so you know honest crooks in Israel. The israeli National Cyber Directorate issued a report that says sixty six thousand closed circuit television systems in the country aren't very secure
could be hacked relatively easily. In fact, hacked is being too generous. Based upon. What's going on here, hacked is art has suggesting a level of effort that you really don't. You think to consider up a you know there there a lot of drawbacks to thing in a surveillance state and you could. you is Israel could kind of qualify for that. There are a lot of places in Europe to have a lot of cctv systems So one complaint you might have a living in a surveillance state as that big brother is watching you, but another. Is that,
you aren't sure who is watching you but you're, pretty darn, sure you're being watched, and that's the case here right. So, according to the directorate, the problem stems from a dead, simple solution. The systems all come with like default, login and passwords, so that you can, you know, administrate the system and apparently tons of people who install the systems, never bothered to go in and change the default log in so maybe you've heard security experts advocate that No, you change your standard, login and password for your home network for you're, the out your router, for example, and that's a very good idea, because there are a lot of equipment manufacturers not he now is there used to be, but still happens that, but there manufacture Is that rely on a relatively small number of default passwords? So if a hacker knows this
and a hacker has a dictionary list of all the known default passwords. They can attempt to gain administrative level access to your network, pretty quickly like. If you haven't changed it, then it's just they are a brute force. Attack can be pretty darn fast if, if it's a a fairly small list of possible passwords, so that same issue is in play with these cctv systems in Israel and those are meant to provide physical security. So clearly they're failing in their purpose, if the people who are using them haven't changed those passwords, you cannot be certain that your system is secure if someone can access it just by using a default password right there. That that's no security at all, it could lead to an oceans, eleven kind of high situation where thieves compromises security system by typing in default password. then disabling or otherwise interfering with the system, while they rob a place blind and in the movies that can be really fun and fighting, but in the real world
totally not plus, I mean folks, could compromise systems for a much more violent and tragic reach reasons, and that would be truly terrible. So the reason why the directorate even made this pronouncement of the fact that there are tens of thousands of potentially vulnerable systems in Israel, it's because they had actually been receiving reports from Cctv owners that they had been hacked so clearly, big problem and obviously the the solution to that problem is not that difficult. It just involves logging in as an administrator and then changing the password information to something that's a strong log in it a strong s word something that is not going to come up in the dictionary attack and that's going to discourage more than ninety nine percent of all hacker attempts like
There is no such thing as a hack proved system that does not exist, but the more difficult you make it for someone from outside to access your system, the fewer people are actually gonna go through the trouble of seeing it bruh all the way, especially if you're in a target, rich environment, where you might say, oh, they changed the password, but the place next door didn't so, let's just target them. Instead, I mean that's that's kind of where Israel is seeing itself right. Now, Tesla opened its first year in gig factory. Today, you long musk was on hand in Germany for the event and the company deliver thirty model. Why, as you visas to customers in the region as part of the celebration too I had a bit of an uphill battle. Getting this gig factory online a face, numerous questions about the environmental impact of the facility. Something that some people might find ironic. I mean it's all about developing electric vehicles, which at least you know in in use.
be more environmentally friendly than internal combustion engines, but you still have to build out the facilities to make them and that itself can can have a tremendous environmental impact. Musk and his team sort of as the environmental concern saying that they would be using up very little water in the region and the verge. Has article about this that has a bit that actually made me laugh out loud when I read it, namely the in order to build the gigafactory in Germany, Tesla first had to clear a forest. However, the article states mosque in company said that was fine, because the forest was or wasn't natural quote unquote wasn't natural, it wasn't a natural forest. Now I don't know if musk said that or if that's just how John importer who wrote the article put it in their article that wording made me laugh that it wasn't a natural
rest now. The meaning behind that was that the this forest was planted by humans for the purposes. of supplying raw materials to a cardboard manufacturing facility. So that's what they mean it's not a natural forest, it wasn't a pre existing forest. It was a group of trees that had been planted by people expressly for the purposes of industry I still the idea of Tesla clearing out an unnatural forest seems right for us. I fight horror movie to me anyway. It will take some time for the gig factory to scale up to full protection and must projected that the facility will produce at most thirty thousand vehicles for the first half of this year at the goal is to get it up to producing as many as half a million vehicles per year once it is going at full blast. We have a couple more stories to cover before we get to those. Let's take another quick break.
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What is the first and only medication proven to treat and prevent migraines in adults don't take if logic, to know tat. The most men, side effects where nausea stomach pain and ended. Gesture for important safety prescribing and patient information visit in you, Aren t see tat calm in an ever to hold companies accountable for their impact on climate change. The? U S, securities and Exchange Commission has proposed new rules that would require publicly traded companies, those companies that have their stock traded on some stock market. They will have to as part of their filings with the US. He see disclose their greenhouse gas emissions each year. That includes indirect greenhouse gas emissions and to me thus makes total sense because the? U S has a goal to cut emissions by more than half.
by twenty thirty. But in order for you to know whether or not you not you goal, you goal I don't know how much your emitting right like You gotta know the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in order to judge whether or not you actually cut back by half or fifty two percent really cuz it's more than you can't say that one way or another, if you have no metrics right, you gotta have the metrics in place in order for any kind of policy, but that is meant to achieve this goal. To make any sense. so, the rules will also require companies to submit to third party consultants to verify their numbers, so couldn't just slap a number on their as he sees filing and have that be that it has to be verified by an outside party, one, that's not affiliated with the company itself,
up. There are some steps between now and when these rules might actually become official, and they might not like that's, there's no guarantee here as over. One thing part of the SSC process is to publish rules on its website and at that point the general public has sixty days where they can comment on those rules. So that includes people who support, or people who criticized the rules and it even supporters might have suggestions for ways to make the rules more effective or more fair or or whatever, so that process is therefore sixty days and after that, the SSC takes those key months into consideration. They might go back to the drawing board and draft a new version of the rules in light of the comments received, and then it would go on to a final vote
or, as we would like Lisi, opposition to the rule from the best business sector and those who represent it like lobbyists and certain politicians. So, in other words like even if this does come to pass, it's likely that will Various parties challenge it in a court of law, arguing whether or not it is now a legal set of rules so again no guarantee that this will become official or stay official, and I honestly think it's a good first step because I feel like we really do- have to make some serious moves in order to mitigate climate change mean it's there's no way to stop climate change at this point that that ship sailed a long time ago, but we can still mitigate it. We can still limit the extent of climate change.
And by extension, we can limit the damage that climate change is going to do. I think everybody has a responsibility to play a part in that honestly and they that, as someone like, I don't have kids, I do have a couple of nieces who I adore, but I really think that they'll, older generations, owe it to younger generations to make these kinds of changes in an effort, so that, the planet that the younger generations- you know when they take dealt hood in their taking leadership roles that they have something they have something there there. So I know the motto soapbox I'll get off my so box, but I think this Essie Sea routes- it is a good one. I think it's important to hold companies accountable. You can't just expect that are going to do the right thing just cause. There has to be this kind of
I system in place in order to make sure people and companies are doing their part, other as were playing a very dangerous game. Finally, NASA says that we now know of more than five thousand planets beyond our own solar system. Now, obviously, there have to be billions of planets out there. After all, there are billions and billions, as Carl Sagan would say, of stars like their billions of them, and at least some of those stars. A good number of those stars are likely to have one or more planets orbiting them, so by extension, there must be billions of planets up there. However, knowing the statistical probability and then actually having evidence of a planet orbiting a star. Those are two very different things. So, while we should expect to identify countless more exoplanets in the years to come,
pretty cool to reflect on the idea that we have so far identified more than five thousand exoplanets, we have discovered five thousand center, that our own solar system. That is incredible to me now, there's no telling How many of those might inhabit the Goldilocks zone around their respective stars? It's so called the Goldilocks zone, because it's not too far and not too those two a star: it's the zone where we would say they planet could inhabit and potentially support life. As we know it here on earth right, the temperature wouldn't be too hot or too cold to allow safely, add water to be on the planet doesn't mean that liquid water is on the planet. Just means that you know if it were sir than we would know, all the water would boil off. It were further away all the water would freeze. So it's in that just right zone and then on top of that,
even if we did magically know how many of those five thousand planets were definitively within their goldilocks zone, we wouldn't necessarily know if any of those could or do support life, but it is really need to think about some other cool facts about them and it's that scientists have discovered more than a third of those five thousand plants are the size of Neptune or Uranus. Both of those are about Four times larger than the earth so they're much bigger than earth, is that kind of makes sense that, when you think about yeah, of course, it's going to be easier for us to detect planets that are larger right. Smaller planets are going to be a lot.
And harder to to detect and a little less than a third of the discovered planets are between the size of earth and Neptune and are considered to be rocky planets. So, in other words, that's the kind of planet where we might expect to find life if the conditions were just right like if it were in that Goldilocks Zone and again doesn't necessarily mean it. Even if there's water on the planet doesn't necessarily mean there's life there, but there's the potential which is super neat. I think it's just a matter of time before we eventually detect life on some other planet. I don't think it's going to be like super advanced life necessarily, but you know life in some fashion. whether it's multicellular or not. I think, eventually, that's just take a guarantee that we will find it. Assuming that we're still around, we will find it
I don't think we're going to be discovering any ea ts out there like nothing, intelligent, at least not anytime. Soon, we've been listening for a while, although there are a lot of arguments to be made about that. That kind of can explain why we haven't picked up any evidence of that so far, but I'll have to dedicate a full episode to that in the future. Maybe I'll get some of the guys from stuff. They don't She didn't know to come onto the show and talk about it from a technical perspective, because I, like them a lot and it would be a lot of fun, have them on and talk about, aliens and stuff. Anyway, that's it for two days episode. If you have suggestions for topics, I should cover in future episodes a text of please reach out to me, and let me know what those are the best way to do that is over on twitter. The handle for the show is tech, stuff, H S, W and I'll talk to you again really soon
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