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Tech News: I Never Metamate I Didn't Like

2022-02-17 | 🔗

Meta employees are now Metamates and I'm sorry. Also, we learn about how Russian hackers have stolen top US military secrets. And the US is looking at more ways to protect children from Big Tech.

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The battle for over the new Showtime series, from the creators of billions based on the true story strap and for Travis Callin Ex Wild ride there, Silicon Valley with VC, Bilge, early and boy, remember, Oriana, Huffington, writing, shot gun driven by disruption. Travis takes a win at all costs approach to transforming Ober into a multi billion dollar tech, tighten the changes the world, but every surge comes at a price Joseph Gordon Levitt called Chandler and let them and star in super pumped the battle for over now streaming only on Showtime, the welcome to tech stuff, a production from Iheartradio, the hey there and welcome to tech stuff. I'm your host Jonathan Strickland executive producer will hurt radio and called the attack on today is Thursday.
they. Therefore, seventeen, twenty twenty two let us get to the text- should be a nice quick action By now. I'm sure you all heard how Mark Zuckerberg has gifted his underlings. I'm sorry peons, I'm sorry, employees with a new designation. Yes, they are called Metha mates. Now, thanks ahead. He also said that a new corporate value for the company goes something like this meta meta mates me, which means employees should think about what's important in that order, namely first comes the company income. The co workers then comes yourself, and I just want to say that kind of messed up eyes, job and so box time you'll get out the popcorn we're gonna go
today, so you have likely heard the phrase the show must go on which has an old theatre phrase and its toxic as all get out. So let me explain. The phrase suggests that the most important element here is the show that the show is more important than the people who are involved in making the show happen. So if you are a performer and hurt, you got suck it up, because the show must go on The show is way more important than your personal health and wellbeing, and if you happen to have the temerity to think that your own welfare is at least as important as the show. Then you are an ego maniacal diva. While I've got news for you, all actors are ego. Maniacal divas. We just are it's just the ones who value their own welfare can often be.
he portrayed as being the real jerks. Now to be fair. Some of them are real some of them go beyond valuing their welfare. They think that the world revolves around them, but that's beside the point I feel this show must go on. Mentality has kind of benefit organisms at the cost of their own employees, health and wellness fur like ever, and I don't think that's a good mindset and that doesn't even take into account the fact that meadow mates is an awful thing to call here, employees that seems humanising to me, maybe because I'm still reeling from meadows commercial during the super bowl- and I guess I shouldn't be surprised, so I think we could say that the Spirit of the message is that an organization really only succeeds if the people who are working in that
Organization are working together toward a common goal. Everyone had a more kind of self centered approach, then nothing would get accomplished and I can get behind that. I can understand that the idea Is that hey? This enterprise only works? If we all work together, I get that it's just that this particular phrasing doesn't read way to me at a whole sounds more like this is what's a board it and you are like third on the list, yuck here this week I talked about how research shows a significant percentage of hacker activity originates out of Russia, no big, surprise there well. Yesterday, the US intelligence community published an alert saying that russian hackers have been compromising defense contractors and subcontractors in an effort to steal information regarding- U S, defences, the alert said that a path
in a regular targeting of these companies dates back to at least January twenty twenty and according to the alert. The data in question relates to quote: U S: weapons, platforms, development and deployment, timelines, vehicle specifications and plans for communications infrastructure and the Information technology and quote that is really bad news for the United States and I'm definitely not surprised at this thing at the fact that Russia has been targeting those systems. Cyber warfare is just a fact of life right now. Also, I can guarantee you that the United States is trying and potentially succeeding at doing the exact same thing to Russia. We just don't hear about that, typically, but I I would be shocked to learn that we don't have anything related to those kinds of activities going on here in the states, the upsetting thing is hearing how these attacks have actually been effective because our
let them apparently are using basic tactics, could easily be defeated with just the bare minimum amount of attention and care stuff that oaks should be aware of by now, like spear fishing attempts, you know what fishing attempts are. Thus, when someone's trying to trick you into giving up information Spear phishing is a little bit more targeted right. You are using what you know about your target to improve the chances of like them into giving you information, and you would think that defence contractors would have a pretty good process to identify and prevent that kind of thing from happening. But I guess it just proves that people continue to be the weakest link in any security system. So we won't have a perfect information security system until we get rid of people. I guess that's what I'm saying that that I want to get rid of people
that kind of ends up making the whole thing moat. If you live in an apartment in the United States. Well, the FCC just gave the more options when it comes to internet service providers and here's the sick, sometimes landlords, someone who owns a a multi tenet building of some sort. They will make a sweetheart deal with a specific internet Airbus provider- and that makes that I s be the only provider for that building, so anyone living inside the building no choice. When it comes to an I s, p, they either pay for service from that one provider that the landlord made an agreement with or they have to go without internet service, not technically. This was already against the rules in the United States, but there were various loopholes that landlords and I speak, could use to essentially ignore the rules. Now the f c c, which is the
they're Communications Commission has passed a for two zero vote to close those loopholes. That is awesome, particularly since the FCC currently has an equal split of democrat and Republican right sitting at it. So it's very rare to find a topic where both of those parties actually a line and support it in an and a unanimous vote that, like never happen. So that's nice and a yell theirs, one m DC on the sea see that's something that a lot of people are kind of irritated about, because they would love to see the efficacy at full operation, particularly, because that would mean you would have a tie, breaking vote, a Threed, a to vote and doubt because we're talking about a Democrat, administration. It would mean a Democrat sitting at that extra seat, but that has not been filled as of yet anyway. The hope is that
now these loopholes have been closed and competing. I S will be able to get access to those buildings that previously had been off limits to them and tenants web or choices when it comes to choosing an internet service provider and here in America, a lot of places have very limited options when it comes to internet service, for example, at my home in the city of Atlanta I essentially have to broadband options for cable based internet and then one other one. If I wanted satellite and to have the slowest internet ever folks who live in apartments, typically, don't even get that limited amount of choice, so here's hoping This means we're going to see a big change for people who are living in apartment buildings and such though there are several Zimmer advocacy groups that are saying we're likely to see more loopholes, pop up We really need as a full fcc that is capable of taking larger steps towards preventing that practice from continuing.
While we all know that met us Slash, Facebook has been hurt pretty badly by apples change to Ios, that is, that apple, if I o S, users the opportunity to opt out of app tracking or at based tracking, and that meant that I phone owners and the like could decide to not feed into facebooks tried and true method of gobbling up user data to aid in its business of target. advertising, so the company reportedly lost out on like ten bills, In dollars of revenue last year, because of this change to Ios will now alphabet Slash, Google is following suit. The company announced yesterday. and it is updating its own policies. That would restrict how apps can share user data with third parties, but alphabets approaches is going
to be a little bit different. In fact, in the announcement there is a passage that reads quote: other platforms have taken a different approach to adds privacy bluntly, restricting existing technologies used by developers and advertisers end quote. I put the fast in that, but no theirs. ass, their. It looks like it's targeting apple, saying, apples using a hammer, instead of say a scalpel. So Google's approach will allow for some sort of wiggle room. It seems, and the company has also said it's not going to implement these changes for another two years and that will give developers and advertisers time to prepare for that and to create new plans and and strategies. So it doesn't sound like it's going to be quite as severe a change as Apple's approach, but it can still pose a threat to revenue for companies.
like meta down the line. Okay, we've got some more news stories to cover before we get to those. Let's take a quick break: hey there, I'm Jess Malaria Confetti here, hi, I'm psyche- and I am a shady lady and welcome to boss level podcast where we feature Relations with gas levelled up bringing an experienced to the table. Tat was always my response is like I'm like a unicorn here, ray because he's not allowed to like out of the closet as much as it has not been resolved to allow me like it was a battlefield. These are cool boys club here, no sorry heavy!
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Canadian or use a Canadian you might have been experiencing some pretty rough issues with your bank recently yesterday on Wednesday, online services went down for five major banks including the Royal Bank of Canada, customers, found it impossible to perform basic tasks like he transfers mobile banking, and there were reports of people being unable to pay for purchases at the point of sale? Due to this outage, it happened. Yes, today evening, and as of this recording, there has not yet been an explanation as to what happened and in some cases it sounds like services are continuing to be disrupted. There is some speculation about what happened, but since that speculation lacks any evidence. As of the time, I'm recording this, I'm not going to talk about it until we learn more, we have seen big outages and services father
I'm stuff before, but its is unusual to see something that specifically affecting a single sector banking in this case and stretching across multiple institutions which is pretty freaky I'll, be sure to follow up on this once we know more about what is going on in the state. California. Lawmakers are working on legislation that would put tighter restrictions on how big tech companies in the state can collect and use children's personal information. It's modeled after a similar code in the UK and the California proposal would mean that big tech companies like meta and alphabet, would have to limit how much data they collect from young users and restrict their use of targeted advertising to kids and prevent them from using various tricks to tempt. it's to sidestep privacy protections and also to knock off location tracking for children within the state, and we ve seen
I kind of a general move toward reining in big tech's influence over the last couple of years, particularly when it comes to how tech can impact children. In fact, that's the surface level reason the earn it ACT is going through the? U S Senate. I talked about earn it earlier this week and how that legislation, if passed into law, could be a death sentence for in the end encrypted communication here in the United States, I would say: earn it is a bad approach to trying to protect kids, but these restrictions out, you know limiting how companies,
and collective relation and what they can do with it. That seems like a pretty good step to me on a national level. In the United States, senators have introduced the kids on Line safety act. This legislation is meant to counteract the harmful effects certain online platforms seemed to have on children. You might remember the big story of the Facebook leak last year and that internal documents from Facebook indicated that folks, at Nedda near the parent company are aware the harmful effects that platforms like Instagram can have on some users, particularly young girls and young women. That's the sort of in this act is meant to target the risk that platforms could contribute to serious mental health issues like eating disorders, substance abuse and even suicide. The act calls for platforms that could be quote reasonably likely to be used, in quote by people under the age of sixteen to institute me,
Or protections so that those users aren't presented with images and posts that promote things that can be harmful to mental health. The act calls for platforms to institute limits. That would prevent people from specifically seeking out younger users, and it would also restrict how much data the platforms could collect from younger users similar to the California proposal. We just talked about. Also the act would require platforms to make restricted settings the default and the is a big deal. I think a lot of platforms try to skirt issues with having their data tracking abilities restricted by making those opt out choices rather than opt in choices like you opt out of having your data tracked
some go a step further and they bury and the opt out settings deep in the menu. So they make it really unlikely that the majority of people are actually gonna go hunting for the setting to turn off data tracking. So the acts as you can't do that there, the opt out has to be the default. You have to opt in to having things tracked and that also doesn't have a size requirement as far as the companies. That doesn't matter how big or small the platform is. If it is reasonably likely to be used by children, the law will apply to that platform so a lot of other laws tend to have like a restriction that say you have to have a a certain number of users for you to be there held accountable to that law. That is not.
The case here, and of course this is not a law, yet it will have to pass a vote and both the Senate and the house and get approved by the present before that happens, and it is quite possible that it could be changed significantly before it gets to that point or it could just die on the floor a lot of legislation. Does the website motherboard recently received a recording, said to be from a mandatory Anti Union meeting held in Amazon's J, eight warehouse up in New York? That's the warehouse that initial. He failed to get enough signatures to force a union vote last year, but now is back on track and got the signatures. And now it's going to hold a vote. so, at this mandatory meeting, a representative laid out the supposed risks involved. If workers were to sign to join our union You might remember that Amazon employees at a warehouse in Alabama held a union vote that failed, but then the
national Labor Relations Board in EL are be gave them a do over after the Uno, concluded that Amazon, the company had interfered with the union election process in an effort to prevent a union from forming. Well actively discouraging employees by threatening them in this case by suggesting the could see a reduction in wages if they joined Union implying that there could be no limit to how high union dues would be that kind of falls into that category. Two, and if this recording is in fact legitimate- and I have no reason to believe otherwise, it would really be a mass. blow against Amazon, the vote on whether or not to unionize should happen late next month. So we'll keep an eye on the story to see where it goes and finally
there's a really cool article and wired titled deep mind has trained and a high to control nuclear fusion that I recommend you to check out if you're interested in stuff, like fusion artificial Intel, since and machine learning, I'll give the highlights, but seriously, you should read the article if you can the first nuclear, Japan is the process by which you release energy by using two Adams together to make a heavier Adam that this is the nuclear process that takes place in stars like the sun, If we could create a nuclear reactor capable of holding sustained fusion reactions then revolutionise how we generate an access. Energy build a few of them,
those working fusion reactors, and you would solve energy crises around the world plus. You would have to worry about dangerous radioactive waste. The way you have to do with nuclear fission reactors vision is the type of nuclear power we rely on now. That's when you take a heavy Adam and you split it up and you release energy in the EU, ss. But I don't know if you've noticed things are a little different here on earth than they are on the sun. We don't have the intense heat and we don't have the incredible gravitational forces that you would and on the sun. So it is very challenging to push tiny atoms together with an enough energy to get them to fuse So a lot of our fusion work has been a net loss where we're pouring more energy into making the reaction happen, then we're I out of the reaction itself. So the way we push atoms together since we don't have that incredible gravitational force of the sun is we use powerful magnetic
fields, and if we can control these magnetic fields more precisely and efficiently, we could potentially make massive improvements toward sustained fusion reaction. This is where deep mind is coming. A deep mind emerge from Google Secret are indeed division years ago, and it focuses primarily on machine learning so the task at hand was teaching an AI computer system how to control a complicated series of magnets to manipulate a magnetic field in such a way to get the optimal result in a plasma that contains fusing atoms I said this is just a highlight of what is covered in the article. It is fascinating stuff and it could end up being a significant step toward making fusion go from science fiction to reality, eventually so check out that article,
and that's it for the news for Thursday February 17th, two thousand and twenty two. If you have any suggestions for topics session covered future episodes of Techstuff reach out to me on Twitter, the handle is techstuff. Hsw I'll talk to you again really text off is an eye heart radio production for more podcast. From my heart radio visit the eye heart radio, an apple pod, casts wherever you listen to your favorite jobs. Hey there. I'm just malaria confetti here hi, I'm psyche- and I am a shady lady and welcome to boss level podcast, where we feature conversations with guests who have leveled up bringing an XP boost to the table. We pick the brains of professionals, creators and bosses and industries across the globe to help our listeners achieve their own boss level. We are not just creating a podcast
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