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Tech News: Jony Ive and Apple Part Ways

2022-07-14 | 🔗

Apple and Jony Ive's design company have chosen not to extend a contract, meaning for the first time in 30 years Apple will be without Ive's influence in design. Also, more than 500 women sue Uber over the violence they experienced from drivers. 

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The welcome to tech stuff, a production from I heart, radio, the t there and welcome to tech stuff. I'm your host Jonathan Strickland, I'm an executive producer with iheart radio and held the attack aria. It's time for the tech news for thursday July fourteenth two thousand twenty two happy bastille day, everybody, let's get to the news, a huge story. This week at least in my mind, is that famous designer johnny ive will no longer be designing for apple died. So, let's give up run down for those who are unfamiliar with I've. He started it while in the early nineties nineties. This was an apple that lacked steve jobs because jobs at a been pushed out of the company in nineteen eighty five and he would not come back until
Nineteen. Ninety seven Ivan study design all his life. His father was a silversmith and his grandfather, an engineer so kind of ran in the family and when steve jobs returned to apple in ninety seven and subsequently was put in charge of the company. He and I've formed a type of partnership that would redefine apples, look and it would bring the company from the verge of bankruptcy into an unprecedented era of success. So I worked on tons of ice like apple products, including the colorful imac line. You might not remember these. These were like the sea, or monitor imacs. So they look like old televisions, but they had these very colorful. shells on them really vibrant ones, and everyone just wanted one cause. They looked cool and friendly island,
countless hours on design looking at stuff like individual materials and testing out those materials to make sure that they would hold what his design called for properly and create the aesthetic he was going after. He would obsess over curve of an iphone or the way an apple watch band would look on someone's wrist. Is not an exaggeration to say that a lot of apple's appeal came out of ives work and input. Now I dont want to overstate. things here either. Obviously, there are a lot of other factors with apple that are important and I've led an entire department of designers who all contributed to the success of the company. It wasn't just one guy, but during the first decade of the two thousands jobs- and I would be two of the most prominent figures at apple.
Things, however, would change after jobs passed away in two thousand and eleven tim cook, who was Steve jobs successor as ceo has very different approach to leadership than jobs. Dead cook is a fight actual genius, and is well known for his ability to find new ways to generate revenue while also limiting costs but cook. Isn't really known for being innovative with products, nor is he the salesman that jobs was that's just not who cook is his strengths lie elsewhere? I well cook would lead apple to unprecedented profits, the press and apple hands began to worry that apple was kind of losing its mojo, that it was fall behind in technical and design innovation. I've gradually began to step back from his work. in twenty nineteen. He actually left apple and founded a design company called love from along with a fellow former apple designer name,
Marc Newson, but even then apple would be love from chief client and the two but he's signed a three year deal rumored to be valued at around a hundred million dollars where love from would do a lot of design work for apple in some cases, is the apple, because the agreement meant that love from was not supposed to work for any kind of company that competed against apple in certain categories now reportedly apple and love from have decided not to extend that three year contract. The contract terms are up and they appear to have said. You know what we're going to walk away. That means that, for the time in thirty years, apple will really be moving forward without any of I was involved in the design of its products. So does this mean that apples static is going to hold steady, or are we actually going to see a shift? Will some other genius step forward
guide, apples, design in a new direction or will the with an apple do its best to kind of eight ives preferences for some folks sobering of this relationship is kind of a warning flag, that apple's going gradually lose its appeal as a company that designs sexy? And appealing technology that you just immediately want to pick up in your own hands. When you see it, that's how I think of a lot of apples products, even though I on many of them. When I see those presentations Invariably, I'm like man. I want to get my hands on that and see what it feels like. I think I will have to do a full The file episode about Johnny I've before too long. So I'm not gonna go into any further detail here, but I will say it is a pretty remarkable end of an era. Now, let's move on
To twitter, the company officially sued elon musk in a delaware court over the issue of musk, trying to back out of his deal to acquire twitter, the filing fourthly, sixty two pages long and the atlantic has a great run down about the lawsuit, including a bit ends on why mosques arguments are aren't likely to hold up in court name elon musk is arguing that a flood of bots on twitter means the platform is significantly If revalued, which must team argues, is enough to allow musk to back out of the deal article. Has the title: elon musk is a nightmare client. The piece also points out some. product features in the lawsuit, namely that the filing phrase mosque as a capricious and petty person and someone that you probably wouldn't want to be in charge of your company. But the whole purpose of the lawsuit is to force must
to go through with this acquisition deal and a purchase twitter. So it's kind of like saying this guy joke he should not be running a company, and that's why you can't take his excuses for why he can't run our company seriously. So make him run our company. It's a mad mad mad mad mad world y'all and, of course, it gets better in the file twitter revealed that part of the deal it made with musk was that The company would not impede musk's ability to tweet. He could tweet all he liked, however, he was not to disparage twitter or its representatives. That would be in violation of the agreement. So it is possible that when musk tweet poop emoji at twitter that that would eventually. back and haunt him and be used against him in a court of law. This is world. We live in now, where a poop he becomes evidence.
This is where we are at at as a society none of the science fiction, authors predicted this so musk tweeting out naked, Things about twitter and it's representatives violates this agreement, which twitter then argues means that musk has forfeited his right to terminate the agreement and it gets juicy from the around, at least from an outsider's perspective. I would say that it looks twitter has the upper hand going into this litigation, but I am no expert. at elon. Musk has proven to be a slippery character on numerous occasions, so I'm not confident that he's out of sight this trouble or or these in serious trouble. I honestly can't tell one way or the other: it is it's a mystery to me, but it's an entertainment, one del it stay must
gave her a couple of stories and talk about these space ex rocket booster mishap earlier this week actually meant to cover this on tuesdays episode because it happened on Monday than it was in texas, where a space ex starship booster rocket burst into flames during a ground test firing. Now this was part of a regiment of fire tests with this booster ants. I have to say this particular test was a failure. Musk himself acknowledged that the outcome was quote unquote, not good on twitter and must later said, it appeared that some unburned propellant from the raptor two engines of the starship, the starship, has thirty three of these kinds of engines that that was the cause the fire. As of this recording the teams are still assessing the causes and the damage the exterior structure. The booster appears to be in pretty good shape, but I have yet to see official word about the condition of the engines themselves now originally spacex hope to have a test orbital flight of the starship by the end of this month,
that seems unlikely now, but again, there's been no official word as of this recording about when the company expects to conduct the test. I think the takeaway here is that rocket science is hard. I mean it's, not brain surgery and the test law, the company is saying goodbye to its top executive in its a department on drink party who served as director for a tesla's autopilot vision. Team has announced he is leaving tesla. He has been part of the company for five years, and this comes as tesla faces. scrutiny from the? U s government regarding the safety of the auto pilot feature in general, which has been cited as a factor in some notable accidents, including some traffic accidents that resulted in fatalities. That's all oh a time when tesla as a whole has been laying off workers. The company recently closed it. San Matteo office after blue,
turn most of the workforce there and transferring the remaining staff to other offices. Is this a further indication that tesla might be in a bit of a sticky situation? I just don't know I mean I'm not sure Like a part, these motivations were for leaving the company, it could just be that he wants a break or maybe he once a new challenge in his career. I dont want to read too much into. It is what I'm sayin. Alright, we've got more news stories to cover today, but before we get to that, let's take a quick break. I I I I I this clip is brought to you by state farm, family is important and so is having money. That's why state farm has your back by offering surprisingly great rates on home and auto insurance. They can help ensure the things important to you and the great rates help your budget like a good neighbor state. Is there call go to statefarm dot com
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the we're back earlier this week I talked about how a whistleblower leaked more than one hundred twenty thousand internal documents from uber to the press. Those documents covered uber activities between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and seventeen and mostly documented stuff that we already knew just in much greater detail than we were aware of. uber took to some pretty aggressive tactics in order to expand the various markets, including but not limited to being, pretty loosey goosey with local laws in an effort to one establish business and to them change the laws in uber's favor. Have more news about uber and its grim, a group.
if more than five hundred women have brought a lawsuit against uber, alleging that they had been victims of violence from uber drivers, ranging from sexual harassment to kidnapping to The list of accusations is abs play horrifying than the women, that uber did too little to prevent sexual predators from working as drivers for the company. Despite being aware of the issue, it's about where we are right now. I'm sure we'll hear a lot more about this as the case moves on, but yeah. That is a terrible, terrible story and I'll keep an eye on how it develops ring the smart, doorbell and security camera company? That's owned by amazon recently released a transparency report in which the company build that in twenty twenty one it had received three thousand one hundred and forty seven legal demands from various law enforcement.
To hand over surveillance. Footage that have been gathered from the smart doorbell cameras and security cameras. So essentially turning customer cameras into law enforcement surveillance cameras. Now that number of requests, is up from around one thousand nine hundred demands back in twenty twenty. Greece of around sixty five percent and out of those three thousand one hundred forty, so demands more than eighty five percent of them were accompanied by a court issued order, such as a search warrant. However, ring said that it turned over, atta as in footage in only around four out of every ten demands when you average it all out. So, while eighty five percent of these demands had a court order attached to them, forty percent were the ones that ring actually handed in asian over I'm not really sure how this all shook out properly, but in
addition to that ring also received two thousand seven hundred. Seventy four preservation orders now That's when a law enforcement agency asks amazon to hold onto data for up to six months, why Well, that agency attempts to secure a warrant or other court order that would be necessary to demand access to the footage. So, in other words, this is an agency saying: hey. Don't Let those customers data anytime soon we might need access to it. On top, amazon shared footage with police at least eleven times without any kind of warrant or court order at all, something that the company had previously indicated to customers wouldn't happen. The message to consumers is that amazon's not going to hand over footage to police unless they have a court order to do so, but it turns out that in cases of emergency,
then she winced someone somewhere determines that there's imminent danger, amazon can share information to police, and that has led some critics to protest the practice. They say it sets a precedent and it could allow for future mission creep, meaning once you establish that there is an exception to the rules. It can be easy to have that exception, expand over time, and since this is a massive invasion of privacy and potentially a violation of the fourth amendment to the us constitution, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure. That is a significant problem. Yesterday, you courts, convicted former cia employee joshua schulte on nine charges relating to leaking classified information
Why the stories build with a whole bunch of awful stuff. So first schulte used to work at the cia. As a software engineer in two thousand and fifteen shalt filed a restraining order against one of his coworkers in the cia filed this restraining order in state court Two people shoulder this co worker had been in what cnn would describe as a feud. They got sent to different offices as result and then, according to prosecutors, in this case, Schuldt got angry at his employer, the cia, when the agency started looking into bringing in a contractor to design a tool that was similar to one that showed himself was already working on and that this sense show on avian vindictive path, so, according to prosecutors, shop then stole several cyber tools belonging to the cia and then sent those tools to wikileaks.
The nonprofit organization meant to serve as sort of a clearing house for whistleblowers, schulte left the cia and twenty sixteen he got arrested in twenty seventeen on charges of possessing child pornography. Around that same time, wiki leaks began to publish what would become known as the vault seven leaks. The largest leak of data in cia's history prosecutors said that those leaks originated from two programs that Schulte was able to access, which implies that the tools schulte handed over to wiki leaks It, the vault, seven leaks possible. While shalt was being investigated and prosecuted for the child pornography charges. He then also was charged with leaking. This classified information he had initial trial that ended back in twenty twenty, but it ended with a mistrial. The government chose to retry the case and that concluded yesterday on July thirteenth
twenty. Two that one ended with schulte being convicted on those counts of leaking classified information. He has yet to be sentenced, but this incident has become known, as I said, as the largest leak of cia information in history. Alright, let's move on to something less grim, at least for anyone who doesn't happen to be google or youtube tat crunch reports that the utes today are spending way more time on tik tok than they are on youtube, and I think that comes as a surprise to nobody. Vidcon, for example. Vidcon is a big. in france that focuses on online video and traditionally the the big attraction of iD card was the attendance of youtube content creators. While this past bitcoin, it was very clear that the focus had switched from youtube to tick tock, not that there weren't, still you two creators there, there
her, but that tiktok was largely the the main attraction at vidcon this year. So that's a pretty strong example of where the trend is going on tat, crunch, employed or research team from two studio. That's q, you, as to you d, I oh that's a company that makes parental control software and going to Q, studios data, gen, z and gen. Alpha users typically spend where a round, ninety one minutes on average per day watching content on tiktok and fifty six minutes per on average per day, watching content on youtube. So, though, be about two and a half hours of watching stuff online from just those two sources, but considering how much television I soaked up when I was a kid, I kick it judging about any of this anyway, the data shows what I think. A lot of folks already knew at younger generations are gravitating more toward the short form content of tik tok there
and moving on to what you would find on youtube and it's why a lot of platforms, including youtube itself, have promoted features that present content in shorter formats, essentially trying to mimic what tiktok is doing on youtube. It's literally called youtube shorts and the goal there is to serve his kind of a means of discovery so that users will see shorts that attract them. The watch, the short and then they'll say you know what I'm going to go and find the video that this came from the longer form, video and watch that two. Meanwhile, according to business, insider google's, Svp, prabhakar raghavan said at a conference. The younger audiences are turning to tick, tock and instagram to perform searches rather than using google to do, though, Oh, that doesn't necessarily mean that kids are using tik tok to do research for homework or anything like that, though, maybe that's the case. Instead, the
example, given was more like you're trying to figure out where you want to go to grab lunch and that kids these days will look to tiktok and instagram to find out. You know good suggestions, as opposed to using google search, so anyway that something Google wants to address. It wants to develop new tools that will appeal to younger users, so that do use google for search meanwhile
sitting over here thinking. I need to start a tiktok account where I dress up in various quasi historical outfits and do quick lessons on stuff like american history and shakespeare or whatever. I could be the cliffs notes of tiktok, except I'm sure that already exists, probably in multiple channels, but maybe I should do it anyway. While I think about that, let's take another quick break and we'll be back with a couple more stories, and I like this, clip is brought to you by state farm family is important and so is having money. That's why state farm has your back by offering surprisingly great rates on home and auto insurance. They can help ensure the things important to you and that great rates help your budget like a good neighbor state.
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find the basics of computer science early on including eventually held to code with classes becoming more complex and in depth at higher grade levels. I think this is a great idea. Getting a grounding in computer science is practical, and it also means that students will learn to put other skills to use. Plus it will mean that students who move on to college and universities will already have a fundamental understanding before they jump into computer science classes, that is critical. Computer science has advanced so much in such a relatively short time that can, pretty challenging for students who have little to no background in the subject to make progress at the university level plus computers encourages students to learn problem solving skills like critical thinking, skills, breaking problems down in a way where you can approach a solution that can be applied outside the discipline of computer science. It's a really powerful tool to
then your arsenal, and it's something that I wish I had had access to back when I was a kid I was going to high school. The most advanced class we had in our computer lab was data entry right. That was that was the peak. That's as far as you could go, I actually ended up taking an additional course in computer lab that wasn't even offered efficiently. I had to get special permission to do it a rather than take some other elective at a time EL the I end up teaching the class of at least a portion of the class that were on the iberian computers, because the teacher of my computer lab was more familiar with apple you're. So that's what she focused on turns out. I didn't do a whole lot other than like again data entry and word processing. So, even though,
was put in charge. I didn't get to really advance my knowledge that much and I consider that a real you know real failure of the school system, if I'm being honest, because it would have been great to have had access to better educational tools to get into computer science. Even just a little, because I again, in my case, it didn't happen at all, who is literally superficial applications of computers, nothing important about the computers themselves, so The letter also stresses the importance of fostering new generations of computer scientists, because it'll be a critical component for the workplace in general. That's clearly been the case for awhile. It's also critical for us strategy to have experts in computer science. You do not want the country to fall behind
and in that regard, in fact, the lot of people have argued that china is already well ahead of the united states at this point and that if we don't start addressing this issue, then we will be hopelessly left I'd. The letter also calls leaders to make certain that such classes are available to all students everywhere, including does bowing to classically underserved communities, and I really hope that the letter helps spur some action across the states. I think it would be incredibly helpful, If that did happen. Finally, nintendo has a new acquisition. The company has purchased a sea g production company called dynamo pictures which need to no plans to re brand as nintendo
pictures the subsidiary will be tasked with creating quote visual content, utilizing nintendo ip and quote according to a nintendo press release that visual contents likely going to include work that will actually appear in video games themselves. Dynamo pictures has previously done motion capture, work on several large computer game and and video game titles like death. Stranding is one of them, so a lot of that work may be to produce content that is actually going to go into video games. However, I expect we'll also see nintendo pictures work on stuff, that's meant to be on television or streaming or film. The acquisition is not yet one hundred percent complete it still in the process and to know said in its released to shareholders that it expects the deal to close on. I told her third of this year, but yeah really curious to see what comes out of this.
Been interesting to see if the starts to generate more the shows and films and stuff that leverage the ip. We know there's the super mario brothers movie coming out soon, which they are the biggest story about. That is how everyone reacts to Chris Pratt. Doing the voice for mario. A lot of folks were not super happy to hear that, although I I have heard Then a specific like recordings from any of session, so I dunno what kind of voice he's doing for the character array, if he's doing a voice for the character or, if he's just being chris Pratt, don't know, haven't paid attention haven't checked. In but if he is just being chris Brad, I imagine that's going to upset a lotta folks who really hoping for the it's a me mario type character. Anyway.
I can't wait to find out more about nintendo pictures and what they'll be making in the future, so I'll be keeping an eye on that and I'm sure we'll talk about in future episodes of this show and with that we are done with the news for thursday July 14th, two thousand twenty two, if you have suggestions for thinks I should cover in future episodes tech stuff. You know like if you really want to hear that that full profile on Johnny I for example, although I'm pretty sure I'm going to do that anyway. Please reach out to me that a couple of ways you can do that one is to download the I heart radio app, which is free to use you can navigate over to the tech stuff section of the iheart radio app and on that section, you're going to see a little microphone icon. If you click on that, you can leave a voice message of the thirty seconds
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