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Tech News: Twitter Wants Musk in Court in September

2022-07-19 | 🔗

Twitter wants to bring its case against Elon Musk's refusal to go through with his acquisition of the company, and it wants that case to happen in September. Musk argues that the case should be pushed to February of next year. Plus we learn about another Russia fining Google, Apple being sued for being anticompetitive (again) and more!

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the welcome to tech stuff, a production from I heart, radio, the t there and welcome to tech stuff. I'm your host Jonathan Strickland, I'm an executive producer with I heart radio and held the tech aria. It is time for that. news for tuesday July 19th, two thousand and twenty two and first are quick obligatory update on the elon musk twitter situation. Twitter wants to take musk to court as early as september in order to force him to acquire the company, he agreed to acquire mosque has argued that more time is needed to prove that twitter is infested with bots to a point that would justify backing out of the agreement to purchase the company. So he wants to push the trial to february of next year. Late february, I might add,
and today a judge will hear twitter's motion for a September trial and make a decision on that. So it's possible that later this week, Actually, no, when this is going to head to the courts. The general sense that I'm picking up reading various analysed takes about this case is that musk's argument is exceedingly weak. A lot of folks feel that it's pretty much all but guaranteed that the courts will force, to either go through the deal or he'll have to pay a hefty settlement to get out of it, but don't take anything for granted when it comes to elon musk. Sometimes the absurd is normal. So, while that's I to be the general sense at the moment. Doesn't necessarily mean that's where things are going to head out me as government has been digitizing its agencies over the recent past and it launched an online portal for most government agencies and departments earlier this year now, the
permit has had to take those websites offline because of a cyber attack. The government said the attack was synchronized and sophisticated and that it originated outside of albania. The government is currently We microsoft, as well as the cyber security company to get systems back online and safe from further attacks. Nowhere as of the time of this recording on who was responsible for carrying out those attacks or what their goal was beyond disruption, has hit google with a twenty one point. One billion rouble, fine. That amounts to about three hundred and or a million dollars, and you might wonder, ok! Well, what's the deal while the russian government says that Google has failed to remove prohibited information, namely information, darting russia's invasion in and war, in ukraine. Google has also blocked state, backed russian media from posting on planet
like youtube. So that is a double whammy against the russian government, which has been leaning really hard on its propaganda machine to fight back against russian citizens. Opposition to the war in ukraine, the affinity credit union, which is based in the united states state of iowa, has filed a lawsuit against apple at the heart of this complaint, is yet another charge of apple, engaging in anti competitive practices, We've heard a lot of in the recent past this time, regarding its mobile wallet and a contactless payment system, so essentially this lawsuit argues that apple requires all payment card issuers, that is, credit cards debit cards, to use, both mobile wallet, if they want their customers able to use contactless payment only allows its own digital wallet sheet to use that feature. So while you could download
different digital wallet on an ios device that wallet would not be able to take advantage of contactless payment. Further to get access to apple's mobile wallet, Payment card issuers have to pay a fee on all credit or debit transactions. Now you can ass that within droid you get actually on an android device, have all sorts of at mobile, wallets, downloaded to the device and all. can use contactless payment and they d levy fees on payment card issuers, and so see where there's some fuel for a lawsuit here. Apples been target of numerous lawsuits like this one fairly recently as more companies and governments scrutinise the company's practices. And over the last few years, was really leaned more heavily on being a company that offers and facilitates services more than A company known for focusing on new Innovative hardware, of course, apple still does make hardware
are still releases hardware. We still get new iphones and in max and all that kind of stuff. But it's been a. For years and apple has really been told. as a innovative hardware, company and tim cook has re they put a lot of enthusiasm. behind developing apple as a services company, because of course You can only sell a piece of hardware to a person once right. If I sell you an iphone, I can't sell that same iphone. A second But if I get you on a service that has recurring subscription fee, I can of a paying customer. For you know an indeterminate amount of time. Just a one time thing so cook has really pushed the company into that kind of revenue model. However, the structures that apple has built in to give itself, a dominant position on its own platform has brought it under scrutiny, and it may turn out
does. Focus on services is going to cause a lot more headaches, as apple tries to avoid accusations of restricting competition on its own platforms. Well, I don't know if you happen to know this, but we are still in the middle of a pandemic anyway. Pandemic has forced some rob. The dramatic changes across our lives, which is again stating the obvious, and then it's how we work, and that leads us to our next story, which is that matter. The company that own single facebook instagram has discovered that, when hiring who wanted to work remotely. They actually saw an unexpected side, benefit that the new hires were more diverse than what the company typically saw when it would hire new employees. Who are coming into work at the office so there are more women and there are more people of color in the hires that they were bringing on the watch I didn't post ran an article about this showing
the hiring saw people from under represented groups joining the company in Would your numbers than before? now I've always been a big proponent of pearl. It's making moves like that. You know actively and consciously working to diversify our workforce because more perspectives in different ways of of coming up with ideas can have nor benefit on a company's operations? And it can also but the company avoid making decisions that would in hindsight, be viewed as being what I like to call bone, headed or sergeant estate or racist. Good to have voices that can say hey! That's not such good idea on occasion anyway, this report suggests that, these under represented groups, are more comfortable working remotely and it further the gates that silicon valley offices aren't really known for their diversity, so not surprising
The region isn't really favoured by under represented groups who might feel pressured or they might encounter micro aggressions as they go to office every day and, of course, by working from home. They sidestep a lot of them. And it ends up causing stress on their lives as they try and do their jobs. So when I read articles, I realise that you know listening really is important and that folks, like me, need to do a lot more listening anyway, The interesting consequence that that follow, the move to remote work, you know to see this increase Personally and hopefully, we'll see, increase divorce? the meta and other tech companies moving forward? Because, honestly, we all benefit from that One issue that has plagued amazon apart from its workers having the tumor but he too want to unionized. The radicals is the issue of fake reviews.
Fake reviews, skew results and amazon's searches and they guide people to purchasing products that don't just by the glowing five star ratings that have been posted by fake accounts or people who are paid. it or otherwise compensated. Two to generate positive reviews, and on his made another big move to push back against this trend of fake reviews by taking legal action against more than ten thousand facebook group administrators, so those, Hopes according to amazon, coordinate and facilitate fake. Views for amazon products or products. There sit on amazon, not just amazon products, and they promised free stuff to folks who will post fake reviews for a selection of Ex amazon has been waging war against faker views for a while now going so far as to ban certain merchants from the platform, even really big notable ones. But this is interesting. See them going after the groups that are meant to to recruit people to post these fake reviews.
It's okay, we're going to take a quick break and we come back. We'll have a few more news items, b, b, b, b, b b: this clip is brought to you by state farm family is important and so is having money. That's why state farm has your back by offering surprisingly great rates on home and auto insurance? They can help ensure the things important to you and the great rates help your budget like a good neighbor state farm. Is there call or go to statefarm dot com for a quote day. I know that when I was growing up the occupations, let's say for like one, I had a latina work in my mind. I didn't think like. Okay, I'm going to be a big boss and I'm going to work with all these. You know different type of powerful men, but you know it's just like don't think for one second, that you are not as smart. As you know. Let's say these white men in their fifties or sixties that are running a corporation guess what you're, just as smart and you bring so much more to the table.
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our knowledgeable financial professionals we can help you get to new heights plan, invest in short, retire visit prudential dot com, Is your potential insurance company of America newark new I see okay, we're back next news item up clear trip, a flight booking website popular in india, though lots of places actually use clear trip, it's just mostly used in india, it's also accompanied by the way that walmart has a majority ownership in has recently had a data breach. That was serious enough to prompt the cup he to alert customers about it. The company says that someone gained illegal and unauthorized access. To quote a part of clear trips. Internal systems, end quote They also said the intrusion only essentially scraped surface level data like a where's profile information, but not like their sensitive info like passwords and pain.
Methods and such, although they did say hey if it makes you feel better, you can reset your password. The newspaper. The register contacted clear trip to get more information about this. They asked what data did the intruder specifically gain access to? How much were they able to act? as how did they gain access into the system in the first place, did they extract any information is that detectable and when the heck did this happen and when clear trip actually alert customers now, when it happened, is a big deal, because india has a law that states any company that detects a data breach, has the responsibility to report the breach to authorities within six hours anyway. As of this recording, clear trip had not clarified the matter. Samson tweeted out a series of messages that created a puzzle for the curious of the puzzle. Included. Such saying when will something greater arrive and then
this was followed by six circles, and each circle had had slightly different shades of different colors. circles and another message had a grid of letters, symbols and numbers and then a third message had a a grid similar grid same with same height, stead of numbers and symbols and such it had circles with different colors in them now collectively That puzzle would reveal a date and see what would happen is you would have to look at those six circles in the first picture and then you would find identical shaded circles that were in the third picture, the circles in the grid, so you'd find the ones match the shade. So circle number one had should specific circle within the grid, then you would look for the corresponding symbol,
that was in the same same position of the grid on picture number two. I know it sounds confusing, but ultimately, if you did all this matching, you would discover that the and an original message was spelling out the date zero once he wrote to two way If we're reading dates the way we americans do, which is there, right way. That would be august tenth, twenty twenty two, of course, could be that we're supposed to read the date, the wrong way, in which case it's the eighth of october, twenty twenty two. But you know that would just be silly rights, gotta, be august right either way most folks expect samsung will be announcing a few new products, including a galaxy fold for a galaxy flip four and a galaxy watch. Five hopeful. Hey the announcement itself will be more exciting than the puzzle was earlier. in this episode I talked about how elon musk is leaning hard on the bots issue on twitter to justify backing out of the acquisition deal. Well, other
apparently leaned on bots hard to elevate, the call for warner brothers to release these so called snyder cut of the justice league movie rolling stone reports that fake accounts, bots amplified the message and that it was above the normal threshold. The usually make up three. I've per percent of all accounts that are involved in conversations on trending topics. But when it came to the snyder cut, it was more like thirteen percent no grand. That still means around eighty seven percent of all the accounts, the recalling for a snyder cut were legitimate. They were from real users. So it's not like this was a wholly manufactured online crusade, but it is an interesting outlay. Like why why this I beg. Why were more bots calling for this than anything else. I wonder media actually investigated the issue after receiving numerous complaints that the call for the snyder cut wasn't all it appeared to be
it makes you wonder why, like? Why was this such a big deal? Why were people so set one way or the other I mean I get why, like fans wanted to see what the original ended movie was, but I don't I don't know why there was controversy on either side of heart from like some other issues with snyder, but I add on this one, really it and why bring bots into it. I need to know, oh I'm hoping that we learn more about this. The emma t technology review? Has a fun article, titled sony's racing a destroyed its human competitors by being nice and fast. So we're talking about car racing here and we're actually talking about video game or simulated car racing using grantors mo as the game engine, so to speak. When he developed an ai that could operate within the rules of the game, so By that I mean this. I was up,
like an actual driver, it was not able to bend physics and cheat. I know anyone who's played racing games knows that sometimes these games will budge the physics a bit like there's always cases, with things like rubber banding, rubber banding, is when the the you know, If you get too far ahead of all the ai controlled cars they suddenly man tickly catch up to you as if they were attached to you by an invisible rubber band that was not going on here, at least according to sony. That was not the case like this was all legit, where the ai had to operate by the same rules as human driver would, and it quickly showed that on a blank race track it could take. Actually race faster than humans, could didn't do so well in full races like when the racetrack had a whole group of human drivers in it, the ai, as competitive until sony went and tweaked. I brought it back and then
It did really well and was able to to beat human drivers again ali the I, which is called gt sophie in iraq, with the game ten times a second, it collects information about. The hiv calls position relative to the track as well as relative to the other racers, and it also try the physical forces that are all acting upon the vehicle, which means that quote unquote knows when to do things like apply the brakes or begin a turn without pushing the car past. Its limitations the article goes into a bit more detail as to the process that sony used to train the ai, and it's really sing stuff. So if you're in in this topic, I recommend you check that article out again it is titled sony's racing ai, destroyed its human competitors by being nice and fast, and it's in the mit technology review polly and in similar news. Microsoft recently announced project air, some, which quote
This is the power of as your to generate massive amounts of data for training, a models on exactly which actions to take at each phase of flight from take off to cruising to landing. End quote acquainted J, siegel of microsoft. The idea is that project air some will create realistic simulations of various like conditions, while training a I on how the pilot and aircraft in those situations all with the goal to accelerate autonomous aircraft development and when I say aircraft, you can really substitute the word drone in their pretty reliably. So microsoft has built up form that would allow drone manufacturers to refine their economies flying systems. This product reply is an earlier one that was just called air some, but that one required customers to have a deeper knowledge and experience with machine learning systems, project air- some simplifies matters that can it keeps all that
ascii coding stuff behind a user interface, that's more intuitive for customers to use and that's it, for the news or tuesday july nineteenth, two thousand twenty two. If you have any suggestions for future topics on tech stuff. Please reach out to me. One way to do that is to download the iheartradio app navigate to tech stuff, use that microphone phone icon record, a voice message up to thirty seconds in length and, let me know, or you can reach out onto The handle for the show is tech, stuff, beach s, w and I'll talk you again really soon text, is an eye heart radio production for more pod tasks. From my heart radio visit the eye heart radio, an apple pod kind, wherever you listen to your favorite, shows cast is sponsored by cello cheese, cheese
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