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TechStuff Classic: How Aircraft Carriers Work: Part Two

2022-03-18 | 🔗

Jonathan and Scott look back on the history of aircraft carriers and how they evolved in the US Navy. From the Enterprise to the Nimitz and beyond!

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only on Showtime the welcome to textile production from I heart, radio, the hey there and welcome to tech stuff. I'm your host Jonathan Strickland, I'm an executive producer with Iheart Radio and Helga Tacori. It is time for a classic tech, stuff episode this originally published on April eighth, two thousand and fifteen. It is the follow up to last week's classic episode. This one is titled how aircraft carriers work part do enjoy the weight of the structural steel alone, sixty thousand tonnes just in steel on that ship. That's an including all the while the aircraft in the people and all the other stuff. The total area the flight deck. I think we said this already four and a half acres, the length of the flight deck one thousand ninety two feet, but again they don't get to use all right some of its work,
launching some of its recovery is broken up into different way. Some of the through storage, the width of the flight back in its widest point to it. the seven feet wide, which sounds wide. But then again you have planes. You got people, you got the pilot house on in Nepal and elsewhere that the Isla Island yeah, three pilothouse, were to come up with. That sounds like a restaurant. Well, You would technically call it that on a boat, but this is significantly larger than a boat. I'm going to go down to the pilot, for some shrugging, ok, okay, Oh, this is interesting added the weight of each anchor yeah each anchor thirty tons and in each each link in the section of anchor chain ways. Three hundred sixty pounds massive need. A couple of people, yes to lift the look each propeller ways sixty six thousand two hundred pounds, each other rudders ways for rather sorry. Forty five point five tonnes, yeah estimated.
Right about the storage capacity for aviation fuel, which we would assume would be essential for something. This does not making power from the US the reactor for the planes are sure they still have to carry fuel for the actual use. Three point three million gallons is what they carry sure is mean. Think about that. Next time you go the Georgia aquarium that one million tank okay, number of telephones on board reading into some of the funnier stuff and flutter get more fun the most fun than the money and status. The the bestest stuff is up, number telephones, onboard twenty five hundred telephone, number televisions onboard three thousand women in Washington D watching TV to get a ship to run her if you're, occasionally allow the hotel, downtime and hey, maybe I'm being harsh or I get it anyways because you'd be quite the quartermaster at that, A thousand miles of electrical cable is on board when each one of these ships,
see us good and some of the other stuff number dentists onboard board five. Yet dental offices, eighteen thousand meals a day. why, by three eighteen thousand meals in Europe, that's exactly right, so the one of mail that is processed onboard for you know from the Post office, one million pounds of mail goes to all these people throughout the throughout the year. a number of medical doctors on board. This is actually surprisingly low. Sex, takes considering now that you're, the fight and per thousand, It's a pretty lied about just two more to wrap. It up here sure the number of haircuts, if they that they give every week in one hundred a week but there's only one barbershop so that
a board, a navy vessel. a pair of electric clippers and not much else. Yeah K, Man ATLAS wasn't as fun as I thought it would know, but but another another one to think about is that you've got about twenty five hundred people who are part of the air wing aboard the that the vessel now the air wing, that's all the people necessary for the flying and main mayn't maintaining of aircraft. So it's not just the pilots, it's also the crew that that the flight crews, the maidens that's what I think, then you can other three thousand, who are the ship's company they're, the ones the ship running and have their own jobs aboard there, including people who are supersecret like the people who maintain the nuclear reactors who a board ships in the being almost legendary, because you don't necessarily know who it is, who works on that duty? It's not always
think that is, common knowledge aboard ship. There's, a there's, an amazing it truly amazing, ten, our documentary Series that PBS did called carrier where they follow up. Of sailors aboard the? U S s limits of the lead ship of the limits class aircraft carrier, and they talk about the their roles aboard the ship, their decisions of going into the Navy once like living a board. This kind of thing follows a deployment during the the wars in Afghanistan and so actually follows these people, for a really long time and it's fascinating one of the things they talk about as Hell. I don't they have ever met. Anyone who works in the nuclear reactor area although they do yeah, they dont say yeah we're just kind of interest. I like that. I like that that secretive element to the eye I saw it
it's really again as it's a very specific, kind of world and the the the crew quarters I had referred to, beds are referred to as racks. You have a rack of of, and the racks her tiny, and we now know if you ve seen pictures or video of it, but I have they There's barely enough space for you to climb in to get into your little bed, and they are stack three too to a section so you ve got or bunker metal bunk in an upper bunk already, like I said there, there's just no clear for you to climb in essential idea, and in fact I watch you're the guy getting in one for the first time and he's like I'm sure, I'm going to get better at this, and this was the top one as he did. He have a bunch of I like bruises on his forehead, a couple of lumps here or there
and you have like a tiny locker and maybe a foot locker- to keep your belongings Andrea. Otherwise, you again you're just sharing this tiny space and it might be of a war Other people sharing a relatively small amount of living space, including a lot of people sharing one bathroom I mean it's slots, no crew, shepherd now, even even if you do go on a cruise ship, oftentimes you'll you'll get into your room in your eyes like well, this is a pretty small room, but you've got it pretty plush compared to the military, it's luxury compared to the military officer, so yeah, really really an amazing piece of technology. Now I'm going to go through a little bit more about the the various aircraft classes that exist there that the types of aircraft carrier instead of existed in the United States history, and then I think we can can By talking a little bit about the the Ford class of Super carrier, That is soon to be part of the United States Navy and how it has a couple of interesting other
interesting new technological improvements. That might surprise you, because it's not necessarily it's not that it's bigger! It's not that it's not bigger than the limits really It's not that it's necessarily faster or that it's able to carry a significantly. Larger aircraft, more about how it's more efficient and it needs fewer people aboard. It also. going back to the earliest days of the first the aircraft carrier that the United States had was referred to as a Langley class aircraft carrier. That was the USS Langley. If you hear something class that means that the the name of the class is generally the name of the lead ship of that class and other ships that class rebuilt as using the first one as a reference point. Like that's the model And then all the other ships are going to be built based on that
Firstly, because manufacturing processes at this stage mean that we can actually make copies of stuff. So there it doesn't Langley class ships out there. Their couldn't were there would have been, could have been yeah yeah. I understand button, but through the first one was named. Langley, yes, got it so in this case. It's a single ship class ever made. Ample on my part, but but only because we're talking about the very first, what yeah it was. It was a commission and nineteen twenty two as an aircraft carrier. However, It's not how the Langley got gutter start and of course we refer to ships, as ladies so she had a previous life as a collier, which is a type of bulk cargo ship so she was converted from cargo ship to aircraft carrier. She was already only launched as a cargo ship in nineteen thirteen now boy she the version process began a nineteen twenty lasted two years, it, was recommissioned in nineteen twenty two.
the family wooden decorate you. Yeah? She was a she. He did not have all the amenities of a modern After all, I waited said she was slow. She was only capable of travelling at fourteen knots, which is less than half of what we're talking about with the super carriers. These days, I could run faster than that. That's a it's a huge problem. If you're only going fourteen nuts because you are not able to generate that mount of airspeed. Take off. So it was not Not. This is one of the reasons why the Langley is the only one in her class or was the only one. I should say now was a captain in the Navy who ended up taking her command and ended up dabbling allow the handling procedures that became standard operating procedure.
in aircraft carriers. After that his name was Captain Joseph Reeves. He would eventually rise to the rank of admiral so a lot of the things that ended up being used. We day on aircraft carriers were that they were established because Reeves put those practices into as policy. He said this is the way we're going to do things now. all. The Langley was damaged by japanese dive bombers and nineteen forty two the surrounding US ships were forced to scuttle the Langley so she was sunk by by US forces on purpose. Next we have the Lexington class, named after the: U S, S Lexington, that was especially in nineteen twenty seven. It was we about cruiser night, an aircraft carrier strange how these, as for the first two, were not necessarily. They didn't start out life as an aircraft exactly
and there were two ships in the Lexington class are really the first three aircraft carrier started as something else now: here's the engine, the thing about why we converted weeping United States, converted battlecruiser into an aircraft carrier. so you may have heard of things like disarmament treaties This is not a new concept. This does not just refer to them. nuclear age. It goes back further back in The old days, like the nineteen twenties, the big weapons, were these giant Navy ships and so there was a treaty signed, the Washington Naval Treaty of nineteen, twenty two, which placed strict limitations on how many warships a nation would be allowed by international law to have if the United States to battle. Cruisers are actually battle ships. There were even they weren't battle, cruisers another we're bankers who says that they built to battle cruises. They would go over there limit, however aircraft,
at the time were not considered really warships, they were support, so instead, a building battle cruisers. They just took the the bones of the battle cruisers and convert them into aircraft carriers, remarked so this was still in the construction phase. It wasn't like they, they had them out sailing and then convert them. It was all all from the year at the shipyards, the least Shep of the class. The Lexington was sunk in nineteen. Forty two during the battle of the coral see that Scott mentioned the other was the Saratoga which made it through world war too. She was heavily damaged in a couple of in battles, but she made it through. And she was later sunk on purpose during a a test of nuclear the weapon yeah yeah. This is interesting, huh yeah! It's when you start, you decided: hey we're just going to going to park this here boat ride off the bikini.
And then we're gonna blow it up yeah. But you know what: how else are you going to test that? How else are you going to figure out how that ship is going to stand up to an attack like they're as it turns out? It doesn't yet does certainly proved in that case. Yeah yeah so very interesting fate for those two. Then you have the ranger Another single ship class of ships, when there's only one, but that's what we do so She was commissioned in nineteen thirty four and decommissioned in nineteen forty six, and this is the first ship that was built to be an aircraft carrier, and she was only seven hundred thirty feet long or two hundred and twenty two point: five meters, I say only because that's much shorter than today's super carriers had a full crew complement of two thousand four hundred sixty one people
and that she was in the Atlantic Ocean during World war. Two because she was too slow to be deemed useful for the Pacific theater and now you said seven hundred and thirty feet, but that was probably fish for proper crow, yeah yeah, and in them again. She was built specifically with aircraft carrier and in mind tat. This was not a conversion so She was designed with those those elements in mind. At that point, and all still talking about straight landing, take off strip that caused something comes only honour. Next, we have the Yorktown class, which was coming nineteen thirty seven. There were three ships built in this class. Of course, the leadership as the Yorktown, She was sunk in nineteen. Forty two at the battle of midway.
So when we talk about midway classes, guess what that's named after any way, the hornet was another Yorktown class ship. She was sunk also in nineteen. Forty two at the battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, the third ship- was the original? U S s enterprise! Well, regional, in the sense of aircraft carriers now I don't think until this morning, when you were talking about, I don't think I knew that there were two USS enterprises yeah. This one is this: one was a yorktown class ship. There would later be an enterprise class ship also knows the USS enterprise, so You guys have been watching a lot of STAR Trek and you get confused about which enterprises which cause there's enterprise. You know a b c d and then, of course, there's the previous ones that dates back all the to the Navy days. I mean it will end the course they named the enterprise after this particular this was the most decorated ship, and best Navy history,
the bottom of the ocean. Well, you can't. Can you not know unless wrapped going through this list? Any man is a bunch of down there. yeah. Well, she she actually was she made it through. She was not sunk. The way the Yorktown and the hornet were were that's something, She was seven hundred and seventy feet long or two hundred and thirty meters, and had a complement of two thousand two hundred seventeen crew Next we get to the wasp class, another single ship class, only one ever made was commissioned in nineteen forty, but sunk in nineteen. Forty two during the Guadalcanal campaign by a japanese submarine ass. She six hundred eighty eight feet long or to her ten metres, and she carried a crew of two thousand. Sixty seven during wartime or around eighteen hundred during peacetime. The hurt instruction came down to politics. This was one of the things I thought was fascinating, so you remember that treaty image in the nineteen twenty two treat hear it.
limited the amount of tonnage. The United States was able to dedicate to aircraft carriers, but they had fifteen thousand tonnes tonnage left over after everything. else and they said well. We don't want that to go to waste. Let's build a. Aircraft carrier that will make up this tonnage that we have been allotted and the wasp was strange because You talk about a fifteen thousand ton aircraft carrier. That compared to like the thirty thousand or plus sixty thousand yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah, I mean it's, it seems like it's so small and how to even work it's got. A wasp is very thin metal, yeah, yeah yeah. She only lasted two years before she was sunk will be
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in nineteen? Forty two there was also an extended bow variation. The is the front end of the ship. There is an extended bow variation that was commissioned in nineteen forty four. There were twenty four ships built in the Essex class. There were another eight that had been planned but were cancelled before they could be built. So this was the most plentiful of elders. Twenty four fourteen saw combat during world war. Two a single one was sunk, impressive, yeah all of them made it through world war. Two they ring it's because there is an extended bell version. They range from about eight hundred twenty feet, which is almost two hundred fifty meters to eight hundred eighty eight feet, which is about two hundred and seventy meters. You know that kind of makes sense, though, cause talking about the role reversal and how you know that became the primary player than the other craft here it was during world war, two yeah, so but they when they went out. You know these fourteen ships that went out and saw that saw action. They were surrounded by support ships yeah and there were protecting them fiercely right and that's
will be the difference. That's probably why all fourteen made it through that yeah that I mean clearly the the biggest danger you you face there I'll be there plenty of dangerous lots of them, but the biggest one would be submarines because those, the hardest to detect. Now a lot of aircraft carriers affect all aircraft carriers. To my knowledge, have anti submarine strategies where they deploy what is essentially a decoy that makes noise. So a submarine ends up focusing on that turkey. Those go towards that as opposed to going to the actual aircraft carrier. So you dont, want to make a lot. Noise then you have Independence Class commission, nineteen forty three This was another conversion. These were light aircraft they were conversions of Cleveland Class, light cruisers So if you look at the list of independence, class ships, you'll see They have multiple names, because they had already had a life as a light cruiser, but
I have been converted into aircraft carrier and they got named a new name in that case, so confusing yeah, it's weird, because sailors generally think that it's bad luck to rename a ship when called thought that, but I guess technically different ship by then anyway, cruisers are ultimately medium sized warships, they're, usually active fleet support, were to you at the United States, have need of a lot more aircraft carriers, but they are expensive. They take a lot of time to make so there weren't a whole lot of options. The best option was to convert stuff that they already had into aircraft carriers rather I then have to build. New ones, makes it yeah. It makes sense. so nine ships were converted. Ultimately, in this way now Next we have the midway class, which was commissioned nineteen forty five. There were three of these,
they were longer than the Essex class. The lead ship of the class, the midway remained in service until nineteen. Ninety two nineteen, forty five Ninety nine do. Ninety two not a bad, bad return on investment is a surprisingly long run. Yeah aim. If you look at the aircraft that unites AIDS is dependent upon. Some of those aircraft have been announced as for a really long time- but this is this- is truly impressive to me- out of changed a little bit between eighteen, forty, eight and ninety nine, they probably got a couple of refit swear. They change changed up a brother. You now, hey. You finally got the compass to stop wobbling yeah, so the last action that the midway saw was an operation desert storm. She took took part in that and then is now a museum in San, Diego California, where I got to visit, as is the case with
several of these yell one of these aircraft carriers or a lot, and I'm not sitting all of them by name, because, obviously, that we're gonna be running super life. I did that, but a lot of them are now museums in various locations. Some of them are in the process of being verdict museums for some places too great use for them. Yeah it's really and fascinating. To really get an actual look at what the living conditions are like to see these racks and see help Those bunks are just think like anyone hasn't serve time on board. A ship had had any service aboard a ship like that it really kind of do a new appreciation for the sacrifice that the men and women who choose to do that- what they go through at no doubt numb Next we got the Cyprus can class, which was commissioned and nineteen forty six. There were only two ships built in that class. They were shorter
eighty four point six feet: long, tuner late meters or so, and the care complement of seventeen hundred. They were designed to carry forty two aircraft, including twelve bombers, their relatives short service life because well they did. Aren't as useful once we saw it gave to the development of the jet engine. Planes right baby were far too short for that, so they were converted into commanded communication ships in the nineteen fifties so that man that we needed to have a new class of ship designed specifically to accommodate jet fighters and here we arrive. Modern era. And this is where we're making that that you know we're still not quite the nuclear era, but we're at the the Super carrier era. This is where we arrive at the aircraft carrier that wasn't the the big one that that was started but wasn't completed, the United States class. Yet, U S S. United States is mainly the work on the illegal beginning, production of the thing,
a few days yet hours cancelled. They had laid the keel down depending upon the the account you read it between five and ninety. it's like the cure was laid out and with within a week or so it was cancelled, and It was supposed to be a ship that would be one thousand and ninety so this would have been the longest aircraft carrier up to that point, she was supposed to be able to carry well to eighteen, heavy bombers and fifty four, the jet fighters. Now she was sold by order of the secretary of the fence. Louis a Johnson who said then, with the air force in an argument that was going on between air force in the Navy. The air force said: listen, The nuclear age and the best investment is for us. To build lots and lots of long range bombers that can fly,
Alt over a target drop a nuclear weapon. This is going to be deterrents, will never have a war again, and Johnson said. This is the way I want to go and it to what was called the revolt of the Admirals have these admirals in the Navy who all said no aircraft carriers are going to still be important. We're going to need a place that we can We can maneuver into different parts of the world and use as a base of operations for our our air strategy. Floating island yeah, so you had the Navy arguing that we still needed to have aircraft carriers and the air force, arguing that no, we did not. Then a little conflict broke out the korean war, and the korean war. Stated that nuclear deterrence would not work in every kind of outbreaks of violence. And the United States believed that it
A real stake in the outcome of the Korean WAR, a fear of the spread communism was a large part of this absolve, the as the cold war is raging and the Navy said see we need aircraft carriers and so back to build in aircraft carriers, the Navy, where Nelson is something I mean at the the research and development. I don't know how long that took before prior to the start of the build, but to get now, and her ten days or five days or wherever into the building and decide to quit. Yeah at some remarkable yeah Exactly what yeah I mean: it's we're talking like a hundred million dollars and at that point then we get the forest class. This is the one that had the the famous fire, the: U S, S, forest, all, those commission, nineteen, fifty five! There were four of them built on and it was the first actual aircraft carriers to be designated as super carriers all forward, commissioned in the nineteen nineties and they were
one thousand and seventy feet long- that prepared thirty metres. He still used steam turbines for propulsion, like they steam boilers? They didn't have nuclear reactors yet other crew compliment for that was four thousand three hundred seventy eight, so we're getting bigger, someone down there shoveling colon. A lot of them actually burning wood, yeah yeah in a throw throw another log on the fire. We need to go a little faster, it's kind of what they're doing more steam more steam. Next, we have the key hawk class now kitty obviously named after the test flights that the Wright Brothers did Kitty hawk that was a commission and nineteen sixty one. There are three ships built in that class. The kitty hawk the installation and the America. Ah, and there they also you steam turbines. Then we get to the enterprise class and the next? U S s in commission on November 25th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty one and
U S S enterprise, the only ship in this class there they ve, never built any other ones, it was one thousand one hundred one feet long or one doesn't want her feet. Two inches long. Three hundred thirty five point: six four metres its flight dec to interfere, fifty two feet wide or seventy five point: six meters it deploys displaced eighty nine thousand six hundred with a full load, stop speed More than thirty knots had more: three thousand three hundred and fifty members of the ship's company and another two thousand four hundred and eighty as the air wing crew. He had a total of five thousand eight hundred and thirty people aboard this day as a huge crew, huge crew, It's armament included, Anti ship missile defense systems and anti aircraft weapons and it could hold more than sixty aircraft and its to be decommissioned this year.
This year, so this is one is probably going to end up being a museum. Someplace, I would hope so and I hope that they hang up pictures from STAR Trek everywhere. All right we'll be wrapping up the subject of aircraft carriers in just a moment after this quick break. Now, oh hey there, I'm Jess melodic confetti here, hi, I'm psyche, and I am a shady lady and welcome to boss level podcast where we feature conversation. Since the ghastly levelled up bringing an experience to the table, there was always my response is like I'm like a unicorn here, Ray because he's not allowed a like out of the closet, Well, gamer is supposed to say there has not been an increase. I know a lot of like it was like a battlefield. They're like these. These are cool police club. Here, no sorry,
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where you can order food and drinks to wherever you are where doors unlock as you approach, so there's no need for a room keys and we're drinks and life. I are all included because, when you're in a real vacation together, were you don't have to think about everything you can finally enjoy everything: planet, medallion, class, crews, with princess plus call you travel advice or a one. Eight hundred princess terms and waste www dot, CDC Dot, Gov Next we have the Kennedy class. This is a subclass of the kitty, HAWK class of aircraft carriers that was commissioned in nineteen sixty eight there's only one of them or there was only one of them- the John F Kennedy and it was Commission in two thousand, seven, not quite as long as the enterprise class, but that a similar propulsion system, which means you know the enterprise being one that was the the first one to have nuclear reactors for propulsion. Kennedy class also had it so
unlike the kitty hot class, this way to sub class right. It didn't have the steam boilers like guinea hawk did it had nuclear reactors. oh, that's why it's considered a sub class subclass unto itself it could carry more than eighty aircraft, but it was the emission because it was also the most expensive ship to maintain in the fleet, and it was due for a major overhaul and budget cuts said that that was not going to happen, so they decommissioned it. While yeah, So instead they built the class, and this is what we're using today, the we're just worship on the seas. Right now, it's named after World war, two pacifically commander, Chester, W Nimitz and then Mrs Klass was commission on May third, nineteen, seventy five, just a short time before I was boys nineteen. Seventy five and we ve got all the way through to two thousand and fifteen years. Does sixteen really believe we come to the next version of my address class of super carrier. Right,
is the general. There are four clear yeah, so she's been and the this class of ships has been in service for for more than four decades. Yeah, that's a long time the Navy has ten Nimitz class aircraft carriers. They are one thousand. Ninety two feet: long three and thirty, two point, eight five meters and went- thirty, four at the beam. That's forty point, eight four meters. That said that's at the bottom of the ship, so there's a thing other thing about aircraft carriers as they can. I had this thing where they're narrow at the bottom and that kind of flare out here widthwise at the top, and obviously you need to have a lot of surface area for your flight deck. That's another element of them. You know it's interesting. I mean we've got ten super carriers, pretty yeah. No, it is really cool. The ships company, is between three thousand and thirty: two hundred US crew members, plus fifteen hundred pilots and crew for the air wing, plus five hundred staff. So your tone, was between five thousand and five thousand two hundred people per se. per carrier
civil life on earth is amino adjusting of maintaining everything, after the anyway Dinah we ve talked about, but even the maid service, the sewage system, fresh food a fresh food water. All this does not mean however, shop the the dentist yeah, the doctors coordinating, everything is just get to be an incredible undertake. Oh yeah I mean this is that's why you have to have this huge number of staff aboard? I mean you, you sit there and think like. Why are they doing while they're doing they're making sure everything runs smoothly? They have to yeah, I mean it's a military operation and everybody is therefore a specific permanent, as the other thing is that their six thousand people on board, roughly six thousand, that have a specific job. Yeah they do, and it's not like a cruise ship where you go on, and you know more than half the people. Are there just
I have a good time, yeah and and relax. The other half are there to work you're not going to find a lot of people having a good time aboard an aircraft carry well. Maybe they get a little little like basketball in or something occasionally yeah sure, but but The thing is they've all got a job. I mean yeah, every single one of them, so it's it's. It's just a different way to look at things yeah and- and you might- we haven't- talked about the defence systems aboard aircraft carriers, largely because their mean their main weapon are the aircraft right yeah, but they do have various defense systems aboard. With the limits you're talking about, his sparrow missile system, which is an anti aircraft and anti missile weapon I'd also as they fat legs C. I W S defense system to protect against anti ship missiles. It's essentially an automated twenty millimeter gatling gun that tracks and shoots down incoming missile awesome yeah. That's it.
watching. Videos of this thing working is terrifying, yeah and also these are the sea surface to air missiles that use radar seeking most of your own in on whatever their bouncing the signals off all right. So that is another cool thing. The watch and meanwhile the watch the missiles reaching their target based on race, and they also have a rolling airframe missile mounts which can launch surface to air missiles. other anti ship cruise missile defense system, so in other words, if an incoming missiles coming toward the aircraft carrier. You can launch one of these to try and get in and destroy the miserable it's and then you already talked about the other things that they call the Knicks he's right: yeah, the Knicks, that's the for the Anti submarine yeah. What why did they they deploy decoys behind the ship is in order to draw in the torpedo fire very cool, I think of it kind of like flak for aircraft where you're trying to make sure he, but by by jealousy thing jettisoning the lots of stuff.
that a a missile could mistake for the aircraft that you can escape without being being hit by the weapon clever but now we're finally at what is coming up next, so the Nimitz Class as the current aircraft carrier, the United States Navy depends upon. The next is the Ford class, as we mentioned, It's the same length law is essentially the same size as the Nimitz Class, but it has a wider flight deck four feet: wider Scott, two hundred fifty six feet wide or seventy eight meters, and two nuclear reactors to provide the propulsion power and electricity has the same general top speed as the limits more or less again. The navy doesn't really want to share no thirty, thirty five knots here and there, but the systems aboard the Ford require fewer personnel, so the total crew of a Ford class ship, remember Nimitz is five thousand five thousand two hundred and four class four thousand five hundred and thirty nine. How did they cut the crude it gets,
incredible that they they have streamlined system so that it requires fewer people to maintain and oversee more than seventy five of them and it has some advance an aircraft launches in one particular that we need to mention. This is how we're gonna conclude we're gonna talk about, that different. So we had talked about the steam catapults earlier yeah than the before class is changing we're finally, getting away from the steam powered pistons that launch aircraft theirs. king to electromagnetic aircraft, launch system, also known as Emma. I like this idea. It's a really cool idea. I gotta say that my first or my initial thought of this was are they gonna be able to shorten the deck, so they can build mix smaller aircraft carriers, men with I thought. Well, they still need to store. The aircraft's still now need a massive ship. The second get dramatically
some are, but they might be able to shorten the length of the take off area where they might be old. To provide more runaways, more take off Ariel Sharon, because there are some that have as many as they can launch three or four airplanes actually in what the most have ever seen launched a one time is three assembled: but here you could have like four or five catapult areas. Yes and they involve ones, can reset much faster than the steam ones within pretty five seconds, they can reset to be able to launch another aircraft. Now it's private and take longer than forty five seconds for you to get the next aircraft hooked up, rate to go. That's how long the system requires before it can launch again. So it's very fast person downsides I'll get to it in the second. But the general way this works is that it works on the basic principles of magnetism right. Where
like poles on a magnet repel, an opposite poles attract so remember that shuttle we talked about the steam powered one seems Then you ve got a shovel there and you have a leading edge, the front side of the shuttle, the part that the toolbars gonna connect to and then you have the back edge of the shuttle and you got these two rails- that on either side of the shuttle. Just like the pistons would be on the steam powered one, instead of using steam you're using electricity to generate magnetic fields and you are pulling the shuttle in the front you're creating a an opposite charge. So it attracts the front of the shuttle as it starts to you know. It wants to move toward that opposite, and yet it's going to slam into the other end, and then you use, the same charge on the back to push the shelter you're pulling pushing it at the same time, and a change by fluctuating this magnetic field at a particular
be down the length of the these rails. You propel the shuttle very quickly down the rails. Now the power of that push is dependent on a couple of different things. The length of the rails, which in this case, are about three hundred feet in length and the amount of current you're, putting threat, submitting an attitude lot of current we're talking about a lot of electricity, a huge amount, we're talking one hundred million watts per launch, which you sound like doctor, evil hundred meal. Nor do the pinkies thing just in case you get cancer. also it's the same amount of electricity, a small town would use that same amount of time so every time you launch you're using within that forty five, tens of of launch and recovery you're using essentially the same amount of electricity. A town would use in that forty five psi. If they'll, let me tell you something: yeah, who cares
we got a nuclear reactor are creating it yourself, you're, using what you create. It's not like you're you're, taking it from somebody else to use it yeah. They don't have an extension cord leaving Yancey years, and I don't mean to trivialize it or not. I mean it's interesting and I wonder how many like okay wonder what safety aspects the springs are: are safety concerns? This brings up four crew members working on the deck. Well, as there's a lot of crew members that each have their own job in there they know they've got their head down doing what they're supposed to be doing right. There's going to be brain, new procedures for this, no doubt sure yeah. It's it requires a smaller crew than the steam powered version does, but obviously that crew does need to be alert because if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, I mean when those jet engines Arab. I read a I read a story about a guy aboard an aircraft carrier who got sucked into the intake but did not get sucked in the actual jet engine itself. He he suffered injuries,
but they were not love, not critical injuries, because he didn't get poor all the way into the engine? He was stuck in a terribly uncomfortable position right at the very entrance, but that a real concern. You know, and that's gonna, be a concern whether its esteem powered one or electoral May men. It costs because again, the pilot still gonna power full throttle so that they can take off proper. Okay, I was getting. I was getting more of the point over. You know somebody whose job it is to to hook up the the shuttle to the to the the landing gear yep and if they mistakenly touch, you know, I don't touch them while on the plane, the metal under on the deck here. At the same time, yeah I can understand, but there's also there's also a huge dangers with the steam powered yeah you're talking about a massive amount of steam under huge pressure is going to throw a plane off of a ship. I mean it's going to be dangerous or white right, so This has been one of those things that some people have claimed has held up the development of the Ford Super Carrier, because obviously
like we're, saying you need to make sure the system is going to work, it's going to replace something that already exists, so there are some who would argue or why are you replacing something that has been proven to work and the answer is that, while this system could potentially take up much less space, so I'd have a massive amount of space just for the power generator to send the electricity to the rails, but it's still going to be smaller than the steam pistons, that you'd be using at least directly under the deck and know it uses again a smaller crew. So you don't need to have as many people aboard your aircraft carrier, the military is going to like that yeah. So, Who are you know not the most? electrically efficient. ice, maybe but still really fascinating yeah. Maybe I should clarify that military budget people are pretty, but the thing is I. I still wonder. I wonder if it's going to be any faster than the steam system or if it's going to be more capable than the steam system, as far as you know, that the launch distance the launch, we said that
launches a plane and liked in two seconds and it's gonna hundred and sixty five miles per hour when it launched where, at the end of that that travel well, I mean that it is the difference between changing the electric current long rail verses ate them chemical action of a piston being pushed forward. So I guess you're going you're going one hundred and sixty five miles per hour instantly yeah instead of approaching that and then at lawyer acceleration could be even faster. I would imagine what I mean I also imagine that they said it. So it's not that because you obviously we don't want to cause injury to the pilot or damage the the vehicle, but could be lethal yeah at that. That's why Spain so
This was really a lot of fun to talk about, and you know when we first started. I wasn't sure if we were going to get two episodes out of it, but we sure did yeah yeah. We did. I can tell already so here's another peek behind the curtain where you new listeners out there sometimes you don't know how long it's gonna going to be, and we don't know how I know they are whether, not something's gonna be one part or two parts, funny thing is you've already listened to part one, and this is the end of part two, but we didn't, It was going to be in the part too, until I looked down at at Scott's timing device and saw that we're well over an hour and a half if we wanted to release This is what happens if you were given them all the secrets. I know right Well, I mean come on. We just had text of seven hundred that besides, I feel like I feel like we ve had a few moments me in the listeners, probably so us caught. Thank you so much for joining me for these two episodes are really appreciate. Lady. Not once again, I had a lot of fun talking about this. You know way more about aircraft carriers, and I do obviously- but I had a great.
time and it's always a good conversation. So thank you for inviting me and that gladly do it again, fantail and next I swear I'll pick something car related hope. You enjoyed that a second set about how aircraft carriers work will be back with an all new old episode next week. I think I'm trying to parse that I don't know I need more coffee. If you have suggestions for topics I should cover on future. Such a text up, please reach out to be on twitter of the handle for the show, is taxed, teach us w I'll talk to you again. These texts, is an eye heart radio production for more podcast from my heart radio visit the eye, hard radio, an apple pie, wherever you listen to your favorite shows there
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