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Techstuff Classic: How Coffee Machines Work

2022-03-04 | 🔗

Lauren Vogelbaum joins the show to talk about coffee machines. What's the history of coffee and how do the various gadgets work? Coffee!

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stop. This episode originally published March 30th, two thousand and fifteen, it is one of the topics nearest and dearest to my heart, how coffee machines work enjoy This is something that a lot of listeners have been requesting there and we received a couple different requests from listeners to cover coffee machines. so in order to do that. I thought it'd be fun. First, talk about coffee itself, kind of the history of coffee and where it comes from and how it's grown and what it's like and then wool transition into the various ways human beings have used copy to make a beverage that we all know in and love most of us, in my mean, does it us that aren't wrong? I hate maybe routine drinker. We don't asked judgement I drink tea as well. Yeah both the fact, sometimes
ext, because, oh it's not necessarily on purpose. I just I have a problem alright. So anyway, where does coffee come from or coffee plants are very particular right? They need specific types of soil. They need a certain level of of of richness to that soil, at least be nice fertile ground, and they need really mild temperatures. So they don't do well in climates, where you get a lot like there's a big difference between the highest of the highs and the lowest of lows as you're attacking is something in the Tropic kind of area near the equatorial area. You know somewhere around the equator. That's where your weather does not differ. Change that dramatically from one part of the year to the other part of the here and there's actually a band that you could look at with the the very the the two. The two borders would be the tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of cancer. Sir, and we refer to this band with.
titular. Little nickname. As far as coffee goes, the bean belt bean belt thought that that sounds like a fabulous fashion accessory does. Doesn't it yeah, I I I doubt I could rock the bean belt I just I die. I'm not calm then enough in my look, but the only state in the United States that actually falls in that range where you could grow coffee is Hawaii and the big Island of Hawaii is a place where coffee is grown. There are many plantations there. The volcanic soil, as it turns out, is great. For growing coffee in general. Higher attitudes are really excellent for growing coffee and they have a map and ten or two on the big island. I've I visited the big island. I have actually visited copy farms lovingly deletions mother then took off. I am it's so awesome. Yeah you get, actually see how the play They're grown how how people are harvest the coffee, cherries
one the tour I went on they, let you pick a coffee, cherry and actually taste it. So you could get to experience what it was like, which is how you have a recommendation for ad? Maybe not eating a whole lot of coffee. Cherries, coffee cherries, by the way are how coffee grows. It doesn't just grow in a little pre roasted been on a bush that that's ridiculous. It's not a it's, not an applied. Now, it's not like, like beans like green beans, it's not like that. Right there, there seeds really, and so they they grow in. What's called coffee, cherries or coffee, berries, sometimes which look The little bit like I like a cherry or a great like it's sort of olive size, yeah yeah
about that size, maybe a little arms for the smaller olives, not not like those ginormous, olives and Stir Olivia defy the laws of man. These are these. They do look kind of like grapes. Kind of like do you like, like a grape in a cheery, really got friendly and had little babies, okay and the skin is, is kind of tough, but then, once you pierce, the skin, it's whole like juicy and bursty skins, also very bitter, so I don't recommend chewing on the skins. So much and the fruit is very sweet. It's very sticky. It's got a subtle flavor her to it, I think of it kind of like a rose water and water among the air. I think I want to eat better and I gotta be careful though yeah cause those coffee beans, the seeds really super hard and if you're just crunching, you could Krakatoa yet
So if the well recommend doing it at eight, I do know that in some places they save they save the fruit once they have used the rest of the of the bean for coffee purposes, dried out and use it for tee o interested. So you could brewer T using yeah now, once you strip that fruit away, you still have some layers on top of the bean itself right, so it or ass skins, kind of yeah. So you have actually go through a process to get to the point where you can get to the bein, so you harvest, the coffee, see pick these chairs. Those are either dried and the sun over the course of a week to ten day, something like that or their place in opposing machine to remove the fruit and then that those beans or dried up by the sun, usually you can do it and other ways, but This is kind of right there. You are the ones I've seen that they put him in, like these big sieves almost and then they re them occasionally to make sure that their all drying,
even a yes or a guy like if you ve ever been gold pantings. We had a very large gold, panting thing right and hey the stuff penny, and it's it's like just ass, though he was called my eyes so other black gold. He hath after you, I had that's when you can get those other elder layers of the being removed in a process. It's called hauling as in removing the holes around the beans are they are graded and sorted by size and density, and then the this coffee, which is referred to as green coffee, the beans have a kind of greenish tend to them, are then, is shipped to roasters. So you often don't have a coffee, plantation and roaster on the same premises. would you would some of the coffee plantation sell their own coffee? But it's a kind of interesting thing. Cause they'll, send the green coffee off the roasters roasters will send the roasted coffee back to the plantation and then the plantation can sell it out, while the resting is a very specific process and different people have very specific ideas about exactly
wait how much a coffee beans should be roasted and depending on the type of coffee plant in there are like six thousand species within the coffee. A genius yeah, so you've got a lot of options in there yeah it gets very particular. So how does? How does the roasting process go? Alright, so you get like a a roaster that can rotate. So it's going to a tumbling kind of like a clothes dryer. It tumbles, because you want all the beans to to roast evenly dont want to end up with like a bottom layer that is roasted to one degree and the stuff above it is to a different one. Then you have you: dont have consisted coffee, right right. Yeah, I've got my first thought that I was like it's like a rotisserie and then I was like, but that would be terrible for beans
as you know, you can't like spit them like you can, then he said, and then he said, like a clothes dryer and then I just thought of like a clothes dryer for full of chickens, and then I was like this is terrible, I'm just oh. I just need to share this with somebody to get this idea out of my head, like a ring, sounds like a rejected. Gary Larson cartoon like this is too horrifying, even close during the fourth chickens. any rate. So the stirs. They are put to a temperature of around five hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit, which is about two hundred and eighty eight celsius to get the beans to the right temperature, and once the beans are hot enough, they undergo a process called pi relatives they expand, can like popcorn they actually pop out and get much larger than they normally We are and the longer you roast the coffee bean, the more intense the flavors become, the more intense the aroma becomes. Those oils become really trade, and are you do, however, if, The longer you roast them, you also as more and more the cat fiend that's inside
ah so so, darker beans are actually less caffeinated by the lighter flavored. Green or being yeah. So if you have a light roast coffee, you typically have more caffeine in it than the darkness. Keep in mind that it also depends upon the species of the coffee plant right right, some have more caffeine than others and, depending upon the process that they're using sometimes coffee makers will actually add caffeine back into the mix. Afterward. Ok, cause you want to make sure that I have a kick about. Some people prefer the the robust flavors of a dark coffee. They do have stronger flavors. Some people prefer the lighter flavors and the caffeine kick from the lighter coffee and, in general, lighter copies, have more caffeine and we been doing this or awhile assume reunion beings have been harvesting coffee for quite some time. He Jonathan and I know we
It's spending literally hours, harvesting current in preparation for this bud by harvesting coffee. We mean greeting article and drinking it, legends place the discovery of coffee a couple thousand years ago, supposedly when a goat heard her in what would become easy up. Your notes that has heard got real perky when they ate the berries off of this one particular plant. The goats seemed to dance dancing Dale Earnhardt They are of a brand of car yeah, local, local and seller restaurant in cellar. Local there right there. There are ten minute walk. her office, a good good coffee, if you ever get into Atlanta and like him and people, have probably been eating coffee for a long time, east african tribes EAST, to make these balls of like animal fat plus coffee, berries, Sophie
at that. Putting butter in your coffee was a whole new fangled thing than your ears actually late to the game. He drove her story and think it was into a drink somewhere around one thousand c e on the iranian peninsula, and it became hugely popular with muslim public population. there I did they do not consume alcohol, though I assumed this was a thing that they were. Kind of, like agents are good yeah, This is an alcoholic, yet it gives us an interesting or energetic feeling and, and it spread as the religion spread throughout the next few centuries. Legend also has it that coffee growers were so protective of their crops, that they didn't allow plants or even fertile seeds to leave the arabian peninsula for for hundreds of years until a man smuggled some seeds, of MECCA by strapping them to his chest. Interesting, whether or not that is true. India definitely had some coffee crops growing by about sixteen hundred beyond
european travelers around that time started catching on to this whole coffee thing. The Dutch were the first to the the first Europeans to start up a coffee estate. On Java Java Island and sixteen sixteen, and we think it is over in the Americas, possibly also through some going around the seventeen twenties on Columbia are now the largest producers of coffee, followed up by Indonesia and Vietnam I remember hearing a story at one point about that smuggling of of coffee beans into the Americas through being hidden in flowers yeah yeah. I heard that brazilian foreign dignitary real pretty to the wife of someone over in a coffee growing estate right, and that I had to talk to smuggle them back to back to Brazil gap when it flirt straight before smuggling
big in the coffee world, as they are and like other things worth despots for freedom for afraid of we're going Take a quick coffee break from this episode to grab ourselves a cup of Joe suggest. You do the same and we'll be right back: hey there, I'm Jess emulating confetti here, hi, I'm psyche, and I am a shady lady and welcome to boss level podcast, where we feature converts actions. The fast have levelled up bringing an experienced the table. There was always my response is like I'm like a unicorn here, Ray because he's not allowed oak like out of the closet, was, it has not been resolved to allow more like it was a battlefield. These are cool boys club here, no sorry, heavy,
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Are you take the term machine pretty liberally, but it is interesting to note even the most simplistic methods of making coffee, a relation to the standard coffee drip machine that a lot of people have in there. oh yeah, yeah. Do these first two are not electronic forms, but I would remind you that even a lever is a machine so that all though this first when I hesitating column, machine, a thrilling more like a device or a prop add that that the simplest way to make coffee or yes, by pouring hot water over or through some grounds, and I'm very fond of my drip cone personally, I eat it's. Just a cone shaped thing: you put a filter in it to contain the grounds and you place the whole contraption on top of a coffee cup? And then you pour hot water through it until the cup is the coffee and then yea? Everything is better in the universe.
a little bit more complicated than that is what's known in the? U S is a french press and more generally around the world as a coffee press, her coffee, plunder or have a theory of stone and does a very simple manual machine man powered or what powered person powered really consisting of in a cylindrical chamber and eight fitted filter. That's attached to a rod right. You you stupid, he groaned and hot water in the chamber and when its brute your liking, you just push the filtered down. on into the chamber that the water flows up through the felt her right end collects the grounds at the bottom of it, Amber which lets you poor, non chewy coffee off of the top, and you are you gonna make that you gotta make both the pressing very smooth and slow
and the pouring you need to make nice and smooth and slow so that you make sure you not stirring up a lot of sediment. You can get sediment from french press coffee. I definitely usually tends to end up in the cup no matter what yeah are. The first time I ever used a french press was at a restaurant in LAS Vegas, with lots of people all around me, and I just felt like I've got to this. or everyone will judge me, and I know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I'm not even comfortable with that. To tell you the truth, I will make sure this is right and yeah. So you are just pushing the grounds further and further down to the bottom while the water is allowed to go through the filter over the brewed coffee. At that point, snipe water is brewed. Coffee is able to pass through the filter so that you can pour it into your cup and a lot of people like this method because they think it brews scholarly, smooth cup of coffee. I yeah, and unlike unlike coffee, that uses paper filters in it's processing, even like with my drip cone of your own,
knowing all of the oils in the coffee to make their way into your cup. Oil is kind of where the flavor is residing. So if the paper is absorbing some of the oil you're losing a little bit of something and getting a tiny little bit of fiber in there and and some people just like that's just not acceptable unacceptable, all form of coffee. I, well to go into my system is possible. I do I do prefer french press to all other forms of coffee now might be a copies snob and the idea of fixing a screen like street to a but in order to avoid getting grounds in your cup, probably go back a ways, but the first patent on the other actual plunder device was granted in France and nineteen twenty nine. Hence the term french press. Now, if we go back further to the early eighties, hundreds that's when we get the first inventions of the perpetrators now we may be familiar with a percolated her that If you've ever seen, a coffee pots got a little like knob type protrusion on the very top, that's clear yeah, it looks sorta like a sort of like do you remember the border,
im, sorry yeah from when you were a kid. Those are the pop and pop America bubble, yeah yeah, I always when I was a kid. I thought that my grandmother's Percolator coffee cup, we probably had a problematic bubble and she was like don't touch that it's hot yeah, and it backed it would be hot and the reason why its clear is so that you can see when the coffee has bitten as finished percolating in case you could not hear it finishing. So, Well, this is a really simple machine as well. You've got a chamber at the bottom of the pot, or this is the one that's closest to the source of heat. This is where the water goes and a tube leads up from this chamber to the top of the pie If you put the right amount of water in and coffee grounds go into, another chamber that sits at the very top of the pot, so you've got a a filter at the base of the coffee grounds chamber. So here's the deal you got, the of the whole coffee pot on and a heat source
The heat source heats the water to boiling that boiling water starts to push water up the tube. It forces water up that too, because there's nowhere else for it to go. So the water goes up the tube, where it bubbles over the top. That's where you see on the top of the percolator, though water bubbling over when it bubbles over the top. It goes down into the coffee grounds, and so the coffee sounds in the water, get having a little party up there. It absorbed some of those coffee oils at the now. Coffee were very weakly brewed coffee at this point, the seat down, eventually going down through the filter and back into the chamber below it continues this process. As the cooler water is sinking closer to the heat source, getting a heated up boiling going up through that tube the process continues in a cycle until
you're, getting to a point where all the water inside the percolator is near boiling temperature. Now you don't want it to actually boil boil, because they say that boiled coffee is spoiled coffee, not going to taste good but like like any other food, can totally burn. Oh yeah, you know it when just darn it it's a of failure. It is it like I'm, still gonna drink it, but I'm not happy so this. This continues until he that percolating sound stops at the signal that the water has reached this temperature of near boiling in you remove it from the heat and then you're able to remove the grounds and poor cups of coffee and and a lot of people really still prefer her percolator coffee, whether it's why, and some percolators have a heating element actually in the coffee things. So you just plug,
and as sort of like an electric kettle yeah and then others are meant to go directly onto a heating element, whether it's an electric stove gas stove, maybe even a fire, if you're a cowboy, because it's dissolve the cowboys, they got more camper or camper there, so that again popular but very simple, yeah yeah, but visits and but actually imo, I mean most most coffee makers are very simple. I hadn't thought about it very much until we started doing this research the that the next one is a vacuum drip yeah, which looks like it's something: super cool and hips. Three and chemistry related, oh yeah, yeah, when that the first time that I saw one was in a relatively fancy restaurant here down in St Petersburg, I believe actually and Florida or Russia Florida, okay, just just checking, and it looked it looked like this crazy, like like fifth
these areas, space, age, kind of thing, or possibly like something from like from like gaslights sigh, five kind of which, It's true cause that's about when it dates from dates before get flight safety, because it comes from a beating, thirty's it's one of those that we ve seen a resurgence in recently as people have you got in the quest for the perfect cup of coffee? and this is another one that is based on a very similar principle as to the perpetrator in several ways. So if you look at one of these, are they ten It looks something like kind of like an hourglass shape, I'm chamber is one that holds the water it's connected via a too, but that has a filter in it to an upper chamber. The upper chamber is open to the atmosphere is not clear at the top is up, and yet he exactly it's not it's not sealed like an hour glasses. You put the copy grounds in that now. The filter keeps the
the grounds from going down into the lower chamber, and you would then turn on the heat. Allow the water in the bottom chamber to start to boil that would make water vapor that would force it creates an increase of water and air pressure rather because the water vapors taking up more space than the water was that's forcing water up that tube through the filter to mingle with the coffee grounds a with these vacuum drip. Since you are supposed to stir the coffee grounds in water together a little bit so that you get a good amount of coverage and you get the coffee grunts sufficiently wet so that those oils seep into the water when it cools down the wall Vapor in the bottom chamber begins to condense. That creates a vacuum which starts to pool the coffee back down the tube through the filter. So you don't get any grounds and bill Stop that lower chamber, not with water but now with brewed coffee,
I've got a vacuum drip it's because that water, vapor, whence condensed condensing, creates the vacuum pulling the coffee back down and it looks like magic. It looks like fancy. Coffee science magic going on it definitely looks like like have had a mad scientist brew me a cup of coffee and very pretty like a lot of these are very very that did the design just makes it look really appealing. There's a very strong aesthetic appeal to these certainly more than an average coffee maker right. others. Coffee makers are very functional, they're, not necessarily pretty you can not pretty ones but right right, but most of them are prettier. You taught area not pretty. Pretty now pretty might might looks fine, but it doesn't look space, age and mine actually has a coffee, grinder, a permanent filter and and all that kind of stuff mixed in to it. So it grinds my coffee, just as I need it, brewed, which is nice, yes, but also very import.
if you're a coffee, snob yeah, so that you have less surface area to get stale while you're, you know exactly yeah, so did you get that that really fresh taste, the next one we want to talk about is the Moka pot, which is going to sound very similar to the other ones we've just mentioned, but Moka pot coffee is sort of the kind of coffee you brew with this exists in a weird world between the espresso and the coffee, yeah so espresso, we'll talk about later, but it is it's own particular traits, whereas are there that are slightly different from from coffee, and this is kind of bridging the gap and it's very popular in Europe, particularly in countries, like ITALY and France. Might my my roommate has one of these. It was passed down to her from her telling grandmother makes purple. since these are really cool for, like portable coffee makers, there very they tend to be very compact and they work on any heating surface
again for a campaigner cowboy. What are you doing? You can just gonna bring it with you exactly and it's very similar again to the perpetrators, the vacuum drips as a similar principle. So you ve got again two chamber it's the lower chambers where the water goes and then there's kind of it looks almost like a funnel there's a coffee grounds, cone that fits into the lower chamber, all right. So you fill the lower chamber with water up to the right level, which would be below where the cone stops worth where the coffee grounds would start. I guess you don't want to have the water so high that the coffee grounds are already getting wet. Ok, there is a tube that leads down into the chamber from the key
the grounds cone, there's a filter there, so the coffee grindstone again go into the large Amer and then there's another tube that leads up from the base of the kettle part. I bought up the pot part, the part that will hold the coffee and they screw together. You put them on this heating element. The heating element here, a water to boiling water is forced up through the two but the coffee grounds cone. It then end up mingling with the coffee grounds, thus creating brood coffee. It continues. Do so, because you did it. You keep the heat on the water just continues to flow up through this tube into the coffee grounds, so The water in the coffee, ground level can't go down as the the expanding, but water vapor from below is preventing. It can only go up, so it goes up through another filter and up through the tube in the center of the pot and spills
over that and that's where it ends up forming the coffee inside the pot section and again you have to pay really close attention to this. Cause. If you let it go on too long, then it's just going to start sputtering, because all that's happening is water, vapors being forced up through the tube there's, no more there's none of water for it to be at the actual stream. You remove it from the heat and can pour out either you can pour extremely con cups of coffee, it's really more espresso. At that point, I e generally either with hot water, or hot milk of some kind yeah exactly that that tends to be the a drink it you can also drink it in the very tiny cups kind of similar to a spress out. I've seen that happened to me again, I prefer to do it that way, because then you get superpower, yeah yeah. Super power is that I can no longer detect individual heart rate as you like. It is there's no more.
Something it's just a thrum. I dunno I love it. I love it when you could just feel every single blood cell in your body as it moves through your veins. It's beautiful, start and name them yeah. In that case, I I I I go beyond space and time and I like to try and keep my feet on the ground. So I don't I diluted if I drink it, this style, but it is it is a very common way of making coffee in different areas of Europe, and I guess there are a few folks in America who make it that way too, although we tend in America to do to depend upon the automatic drip coffee machine- and this is the machine that wanted to know how the heck does that work. Yes, these electric devices that you buy very very alone amounts of money really and you just plug it in, and it makes everything. Ok, it's kind of sting because it's very similar to the principles we've already covered. In fact, I was surprised you know before I thought about this. I suppose, if I had left, you know really critically thought about it. It would have
to me, but I had just assume there was some sort of water pump somewhere in the typical coffee machine. But that's not the case I write It's all using the same kind of air pressure and physics that these previous, simpler versions non electronic version I have been using exactly so really. The electronic part in this case is the heating element of its contained within the coffee maker. That's really the big invention is that the heating element is not an external wine, it's part of the machine, so your basic element of basic parts of a car machine include the reservoir. That's where you pour the water into the what reservoir has a drain at the base of it that drain has a one way: water Val, which allows water to pass through the drain, but not come back up our, which will be important in a moment. Yes, then, you have a tube that connects that whole that that reservoir, that connect
valve on one side and to essentially a shower head, it's what they intend to call it on the other, I can certainly as sprinkler yeah it's over. You going to drip water over your coffee bright grounds exactly so they this tube. made usually of aluminum cause. Aluminum is very, very good at conducting heat, very good thermal conductor, and you want that water getting hot. you do, and so the two his where that that water just will pass straight through the still water. At this point, it hasn't touched copy grounds yet and die you, have the heating element and the heating I meant uses resisted heating to elevate the waters temperature rapidly, and we ve talked about resist of eating in previous episodes of texts. To assure him that Four click! Quick reminder! Yes, so when you have a Christie passing through a conductive material. You lose some of that energy. Some of that electricity. You don't get a a one to one so
say you have a one hundred electricity units are making the super simple one. electricity units that are going in from one side, and then you got a little detector at the other side, you see that there are only eighty electricity units at the other side, and you realize that the other twenty electricity units have been lost in the form of heat. The actual conductors temperature has increased So does incredibly simple. I ass by a boy to illustrate the point chair. That's the basis behind resist of heating, as is the way electrical heating components. Work electricity passes through the conductor material, it heats up the conduct of material and usually that's waste, but you can make it. Work for you. Yeah resistance is dependent upon a couple of things that the material itself so like you know whether it's copper or whatever, whatever conductive material you're using, and it's also dependent upon how much of that material. You have how big a diameter of wire you have a gauge of that wire.
In other words, I and the thicker the wire, the lower the resistance. So using that logic, if you use a very thin wire of a conductive material and you make a really tight coil of it, long. Then you've got a lot of surface area there. You can create a lot of heat. The resistance of wire is very high in a relatively small element exactly and you, if you or to do that and then put that so that the the aluminum tube, which typically has at least one bend in it inside your coffee maker, to give you more surface area that way the water goes through to be long enough, so that you can heat, He had had the chance to heed adequately. You you, you have this kind of lining the tube, and now we get to what happens when you actually put water
to the reservoir. So here's how the coffee making process happens in when these on a MAC drips. You pour the water into the reservoir that water starts to move through that one way valve into the two fills at the tube turn on the switch and we turn the switch. The heating element is provided electrical current and it gets hot. So the the tube starts to heat up that heats up the water inside of it. There are no other moving parts here. All that's happening is the water gets heated to the point words boiling, and that boiling does the same thing it did. In those other implementations we talked about with making copy, it starts to push the water up the tube. It can't go back the way it came because that one way valve blocks the right right? So sorry, guys can go this way. You gotta go the other way without gas or the steam pushes it into that. Little shower head thing down onto your coffee, where it drips through the coffee,
grounds and into a waiting craft. Yet so you ve got the the filter that obviously keeps the coffee grounds from going into the correct, as no one wants that. Hopefully, I've had a few days interest where you've you've forgotten to put in a filter or wear it to her yeah yeah yeah yeah, the the one I have mine, has a a gold mesh filter. So you have to wash the filter after every use yeah, but but you don't have to buy filters, which is nice, yes, but anyway, you are the that. That's where you get the coffee. The coffee ends up. The brewed coffee ends up in the craft, now you're not able to control how long the water stays with the coffee grounds. How much of the coffee grounds are actually cut water, is a means. It's just being dropped on shore, so that some limitations certainly ended different machines control that, for you certain extents, but but most of them are pretty basic.
Yeah, as O. The bright side is no moving parts, so it's really pretty a simple machine. If your coffee maker has broken its because the heating element isn't working, that's the most or a one way valve is clocked up right yeah. If, if your coffee machine does stop functioning first of all, I am sorry that I now that's awful we're here for you, we we feel your pain. In fact, our coffee machine this morning at work, which is not an automatic drip. Coffee machine was not working and it was a crisis, which was only solved by an epic journey. to anything coffee shop. That's what other about a five minute walk away: yeah, but you have. If this happens, dear coffee machine is automatic trip, you can you can? First check the one way out to see if it's either side her clogged equal, it's like Poconos, toothpick or something like that in their won't, will help you see what's goin on or you can
try running vinegar through the machine to clean out any calcium deposits that might have accumulated in the tubes, because electricity plus aluminum, plus water plus calcium, happens. So afterwards just run to batches of water through the machine to rinse out all rests with vinegar because you do not want, but in a green coffee or maybe you do? But do you know more? our two, your guy, I will decline, takes all kinds up, because I got enough frustration in my life, okay, I'm so The right now is Jonathan for the future. We're going to take another quick break, I can kind of calm down and we'll finish this episode about coffee machines. Okay, alright, just one more espresso, now, hey there, I'm Jess related confetti here, hi, I'm psyche- and I am a shady lady and welcome to boss level podcast, where we feature
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Up? For free, Novo, DOT, c, o slash tech, stuff, Novo Platform incorporated as a fintech? Not a bank banking services provided by Middlesex Federal savings. F, a member fd IC terms and conditions apply. So let's look some of the special coffee makers that are out there, because there are a few- and I thought, it'd be kind of interesting to look at how some of them are different, like the clover coffee. Mean this is one clover was a company that was purchased by another little company called Starbucks, so some Starbucks locations have clover coffee machines and you can get a clover brewed cup of coffee, that's different from their normal cups of coffee how is it different? Jonathan better, in my opinion, had a clover cup of coffee there's actually actually the the Starbucks across the street from office has one. Oh, that's one of the locations that has one. So if you ever go across the street yeah, then you can get one of these
It takes a little longer to brew, but it's kind of worth it I have been completely ignorant of of clever coffee machines until we did this passion and we have an article on it at now, which I didn't even know I was just. I was doing a search on how stuff works for coffee just to see what all the different links we had, and when this popped up, like really got when I'm clover got you ok. And I read it and say: oh, this is kind of interesting, so it's it does have some different elements to it than your average automatic drip. Coffee machine do and in fact, that it has a lot in common with the french press method. So, first off It has a lot of this term, a quote proportional, integral derivative controller, into quote fancy way of saying: it's got a system to really. monitor the temperature of the water in mixture, in some of these sets the specific temperature. So if it
of you that your coffee beans should be brood at a specific temperature. You can set that and it'll keep the water as close to the temperature is possible at spats pray, ass, yeah, let's break, citing. Then it also has a way of letting you determine how long the water and coffee grounds can party time excellent together, because you want to make sure you have a nice thoroughly brood cup of coffee, not over brood, but not under brood. So you want to get at the at the ideal amount of those those coffee oils in the water and also has a brewing chamber where you're supposed to stir it occurs, a hack, a coffee need law. It does so yet you stir the coffee grounds a little bit in the water once the water go once the water is heated up and goes to the brewing chamber. That's when you get a little bit of stir to make sure it's it's properly mixed once it's done, then there's a piston inside that brewing chamber
pistons usual resting position is at the bottom of the chamber. The coffee grounds are on top of it. Water comes in it. Co mingled, the bottom of the piston has a mesh kind of filled. So then, when you are done brewing the coffee, the piston rises up through the brewing chamber. Adding up all the coffee grounds, leaving the brewed coffee behind until it reaches the very top. And then you see this little cake of coffee grounds come out of the hole, but it's not done yet the drain opens and it creates a vacuum, and the piston goes down being pulled by that vacuum. The coffee drains out and then is dispensed into your cup very and the pistol comes back to the top so that you can get a little. It looked like a little like window scraper a new posts. all the grounds across and there's a in the clover machines, there's a little a little hole where the waste coffee grounds on you just
pull them over into the waste basket. Essentially and then it's ready for its next cup and you can drink your delicious cup of clear coffee, oh, that's, that's your clover, but we have other ones. We won't talk about how we ve been talking about coffee, but what about? What? well. This here expressed so loud, who I just got a shiver right in the right in the base of my neck. Espresso espresso is, is not a different kind of of bein. Worrying I mean specific kinds of coffee. Beans are generally considered best use for a spress out there longer than beans for coffee and they are ground very very, very fine, more more, like powdered sugar, then than coffee grounds light. So you do not ever want to put like. If you had ground espresso, you would I want the coffee maker knew that would probably wreak havoc yeah on that
fine little machine parts? Yes, just going to it's just going to go right through the filter, you're, going to end up with a cloudy nasty cup of grossness, yes and an espresso oh actually refers to a pressing, it's from the italian word for it for press and it's so it's made by. by packing these very fine grounds very tightly and forcing a small amount of water through them. Just one point: five answers: if you're being traditional about it and most people are well so we're talking. That's when you see the tamping right, we will risk will tell down. So it's nice and tightly packed right right and it's so densely packed in fact that the we edges of each particle of powder start interlocking with each other while which makes it really difficult for the water to to get through them. Like, like twenty five to thirty seconds, is the ideal amount of time for one point five ounces of water to make its way through a pole of especial wow
so you're, using a pressure to push this water through. I imagine not just gravity right in ITALY and suppress a machine can can actually be as simple as many of the devices we are talking about earlier. Just like out, like a heated all water reservoir placed beneath a disk of grounds again using a filter to make sure that the that the grounds or stay in power- isn't don't drip down into the water and then a single way for the water to get out of this heating system, which is a pipe at the top of the grounds can winner. When you boil the water in the reservoir, the heat of the system will increase the pressure. The water will be forced up through the grounds and then out through the pipe which you I dearly want to curve around into a little bit of a spigot. Unless you want a boiling espresso fountain, which funds festive but painful yes, Why not quite boiling? Well, ok! In that case it would be boiling and
That is why most people do not use this method, because the ideal temperature for espresso is low boiling, somewhere around one hundred and ninety two degrees Fahrenheit a while in fact so most so machines use a pump in order to not overheat the water. So, instead of using the boiling method, we ve talked about, there's actually a pump mechanism right right, they otherwise work. A whole lot like a regular costs, machine, and what happens here is that this this pump will draw water from the reservoir into a chamber containing a heating element when the water is heated to the correct temperature, the pump will pressurize the chamber to about fifteen atmospheres, which is two hundred and twenty pounds per square inch, and that
will force the water down into your little pact filter bound disk of grounds. That's the removable part from an espresso machine. Little handle on it. Yeah and then after a few seconds, it will start being forced down out through a spout at the bottom of that desk, goin to your espresso. You know I I actually at one time I demonstrated a handheld espresso machine. That's right, yeah yeah, so as a handle that looked like a had a globe at the end of it, ok and the globe is where you would put the the espresso grounds you tap it down for them in this one section of the globe. They had a filter built into it, so it wouldn't allow espresso grounds to go through and you had poor water into it had a heating element, though he did a very, very hot, very, very quickly, and it you
pressurized gas in this case, nitrous oxide, nitrous oxide, canisters and plug in through the handle you'd screw the handle and shut very important as it turns out. You don't want to shoot a nitrous oxide canister across the building and then You pull the trigger. Leave the nitrogen oxide, which we create the pressure to force the hot water through the grounds and thus brewer I don't have espresso. I discovered that if you are super three a dot m, because you are going to go, live on television in two hours, is the wrong time for you to decide to unscrew the end of the handle so that you can show how easy. It is to insert a nitrous oxide canister when in fact there is not a fully deplete. Nitrous oxide are already in the device. I dosed myself with laughing gas completely by accident nearly froze my face off in the process three in the morning and meanwhile, there's a little little kids
nitrous oxide, spinning in the corner of my dogs, are wondering what happened That was a memorable morning for me off. Now we also have also other things we could talk about. We could talk about curing style, pod, coffee makers, we didn't really went to detail on that its using kind, just the hot water through concentrated coffee method. I should actually do think back and probably make its own besides the Ashley with olive, the copyright issues that are going on right now, yeah? That would probably be the. It really is it's own episode, so we're not going to cover it now, because, frankly, it's just too much but I love that you have question in our notes and I decide to go ahead. Water, coffee crystal yeah. What's up with those like folders instant copyright rate are those little package that Starbucks Sonia that view
via figurated, because B, I never know how you're supposed to have pronounced the italian words the water Lexus copyrighted you sometimes snake, snarks, dark, So why are all of your? Why are all the names of your of your sizes? Why do they all mean big? At any rate, instant, So this is coffee, concentrate really it's coffee. It was already brewed once and then essentially dehydrated through freeze drying d, traded, coffee, yeah, you hydrated liquid. What so you brew the coffee right, you, you brew! It super concentrated coffee like way stronger than any human being would ever wanted. Okay, so not like not like the coffee that I like to drink like turkish I feel more than that. Okay, strong lawyer, then there is nothing pint. Don't want a trigger that waitress spoke at it. Would it would turn your eyes inside out? You don't want it, So when it's
I drafted, it has its becomes a beverage resembling lobby spot and targets, if you believe, the Folgers commercials, its indistinguishable from a fine cup of coffee and ever happen. that's true, I put on my copy snob. It was invented in eighteen, ninety in silent so the dehydration process is freeze drying. The fundamental principle here is called sublimation, which is the shift. From a solid to a gas skipping, the liquid stage. So if you're go, from solid to gas you're already thinking how is concentrate coffee, either of these and the reason first get a free set, you free it very very quickly. If you don't freeze up very quickly than the process does not work very well Okay and the frozen granules of coffee are placed on a flat drying surface, which then goes into a vacuum chamber the vacuum warmed and the
water within those granules. The frozen water expands quickly into gas, like Legged, skips the liquid base, because the vacuum creates a difference and pressure assets. I guess friend from frozen to outline everywhere, yeah water, vapor, yeah, and so then you have condensers that remove the water from the chamber and all that's left, as this concentrated coffee, Gran you'll, and that is what ends up being. They concentrate coffee that you can add too hot water and thus turn into instant coffee, so you can also turn it into a pretty good stage. Oh yeah yeah excellent color coloring. For for fake blood, if you ever need to make some that that, in a little bit of food dye and depending on whether you want a very viscous blood or something a little bit more liquidy, you could add some like cornstarch corn syrup yeah. I know you're with the corn syrup waiting for me, with the current ba
is that kind of, like good rust color, that the blood that you don't have the candy red row right right yeah. So you get the more of the rob, zombie style and less of the nineteen seventies italian horror style, yes, gotcha! Well, One other thing I want to mention was an interesting used for coffee grounds, that this is an idea that came out of a green gadgets seminar in two thousand and nine, and this was caught a concept. It's never been actually implemented into a product, but I was it was interesting. We do have an article on this amounts to approx. Do okay, it's funny cause. It doesn't really exist beyond the idea stage. As far as I can tell, but the really coffee, printer r, I t I coffee printer coffee, printer yeah, it doesn't print for you to drink a user's coffee grounds like like you've, already brewed your coffee, so you're already happy Lauren, it's okay, you're already in your house. Ok, okay! You've got the coffee. But now you've got these coffee grounds right. What are you going to do with them, because coffee grounds are acidic, so you can't just you know you can use them in compost, but they are acidic yeah. So you have to be careful
what kind of plants you feed them to. Some plants are not going do well with acidic soil check. So What do you do with your coffee grounds, once you're done with them? Besides just toss them away or or maybe compost them. While the coffee printer may be a solution for you, you would end up using the coffee grounds, you'd put them into a little canister that would fit into the the printer it would actually be still, external to the printer. So it's not like now like one of those things where you have to lift up a lid and get access to it. It would actually be poking up out of the top okay, you add some water to it and essentially the water and copy grounds combined, so that you get some of those points and your staining the paper. Coffee stains, ok, and it also real good at that. Yeah. I've done that before and, of course, I've used coffee to make kind of the antiquated looking paper. You know the shirt, that's one of the the treatments you can use very useful parchment
if you are ever in a renaissance festival, giant air quotes and you have to write letters to people as your character at the renaissance, festivals, further the rehearsal. Just like you do yeah yeah I had. I can't tell you love and hate letters. I had to write for the Georgia Renaissance Festival as part of the rehearsal process. I would always treat mine this way so that way it would look like an old letter. Presentation was important, of course, at any rate, so with the inter other neat design here in order to make this really green, they wanted to not just make the ink green, not literally green but economically or environmentally conscious they decide to remove the useful feature that a lot of producers have where it automatically moves the cartridge across the paper as it prints. I have manually grab onto the. Cartridge and move it backwards and forwards. So it's going left and right across the page like
at like a manual loom manual shuttle for a loom, rather than a, I dunno, how many of you actually have any idea of what a manual loom looks like that might be a very specific reference. Lucas arts game Loom great game. at any rate, so yeah, you would manually move this left and right across the the page. Presumably there would be some sort of automatic system to feed the page through the printer and also there be some automatic ink jet? the actually have the the ink print on the paper itself, so I dont know how that would have been reconciled like how what was the solution to that, because, obviously the speed at which I move. The cartridge left and right might be different from the speed anyone start so you ve gotta figure all that into your design, but
was a really interesting concept. Again, it's not a real product. You can go out and get, but not sure you know just lefty yeah like if, if coffee stains things, why not do it on purpose and make use of it? And then you don't have to go out and buy toner. You would just use your old coffee grounds, just kind of a neat idea. Plus you know if people were really interested They might not be complaining that they didn't get a handwritten letter because there, whether smell coffee and its hand, printed that actually counts for more. Lately, I put a lot of effort into printing this one sheet of paper. I had a move that Karadzic bag left and right like two thousand times so yeah. That was This was a fun little topic to go into, and maybe we will revisit the the sort of cure ext. I pod style coffee machines, because there is a lot of controversy around that there is. There is yeah. I would love to to come back and talk about that shout out to Paul on Twitter for suggesting me for this,
soda Jonathan you were talking about like I wanted. Maybe this coffee episode like who could I possibly get to co host it and Paul who follows both of was, like, I think, Florin talks of I feel like every day as it turns out, it was a perfect choice for co host. Yes, so Paul. Thank you. So much hope you enjoyed that classic episode how coffee machines work from back in two and fifteen. If you have suggestions for topics I should cover in future episodes text up reach out to me the handle we use on Twitter is text. Stuffed I'll talk to you again. Releases text off is an eye heart radio production for more podcast from my heart radio visit the eye heart radio, apt apple, pod kind, wherever you listen to your favorite shows hey there I'm just
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