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#100: Tom Bergeron, 'Dancing With the Stars' Host

On a live show, anything can happen, but Tom Bergeron trusts he can handle it. The host of ABC's hit dancing competition show, "Dancing With the Stars," has been meditating for over 35 years and credits his years of TM practice for keeping his cool and "responding appropriately" on the fly in front of judges, contestants and a live studio audience, as well as managing "a really bad temper."
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It's the belief that I can be the master of how I react to any situation that it's not the situation that I should blame. Ultimately, if things go off the rails, it's how I reacted too from ABC the ten percent happier. Vodka in her sorrow, this week is at first blush at least someone counter intuitive timbers you may know the guy from dancing with the stars were his the v. The host is hosted plenty of other show's over the years. but he's also a long term and very dedicated meditate or even wrote about a quite extensively in a book called them hosting as fast as I can, which came up many years ago, I've wanted to have my own for a while, and I finally was able to wrangle it and that we're posting it in conjunction with the season premiere of dancing with the stars.
One of the things in you'll hear they? He is different in some in some striking and very still ways than you might think by watching the guy on television. So with that serious timbers run, I've been watching you since Little Boy in Boston and when I had a say day, when I didn't have to go to school, I be able to watch a talk, show that was produced locally, called people or talk here hosted by Guy named Thomas. And then I watched your career just blossom ever since you run a little show called America's funniest home video them Hollywood Square and now said, and I will show any ass. He had a dancing financing with the stars. Yes, and what is what really come on I've met you briefly fleetingly on the set of of good work, Erika on occasion, but were really caught. My attention about you is the you wrote a whole book about meditation. It really
as it was sort of a stealth book about Mediterranean, and it was a call them hosting as fast as I can was the main title, and under the guise of stringing together a bunch of career anecdotes, it really was a book about meditation. It really was a book about the importance of being present in your I've and being in the now of your life and and- and that was the only reason I thought it would have any merit is if there was some kind of take away it was interesting to me an admitted minutes minute have looked at the book, but really what screamed out to me was was behind this sort of wall of affability. There's there you're a complex human being. I well, I think we all our or end, and you know that, certainly what what brought you to this whole experience of doing this book and and and this podcast, that we are complex, I mean I'm one of the things that down that I had to deal with and still do it still. They're right under the surface is up a really bad temper
and you would mean nobody will ever God, that's good means of meditations working by and you're a great hope bank you, but the other were few apartment. Walls and my single days had holes in the sheet rocketed punch through one and as I've as I've said, apparently just putting a poster over it. When you leave the apartment, does not get you your security deposit banner about it, what it did when I met my wife and we were dating and and she could see, and it would the temperature was always directed it in adamant objects or myself, but there was one one time we were out and in in something happened, and I just I put my fist into the door of the car just at Emmett, and she wisely said you know if we're going to have that relationship that has to stop and I had dabbled in meditation before off and on, but I think the next day I signed up for it, of course, in Tm Transcendental
Gm comes up on the show. Quite a bit, can you, but I always ask people just to serve, describe what it is. So this is it listener understand, I'm not meditation purist. I mean I sometimes and I don't mean to disparage at one, brand over another, but to me it's it that there is a central technique to meditation in its it's the discipline of finding a focal point? Be it a mantra as it is in my case or a word. That means something to you or your breath or, but you know focusing on a flickering flat whatever, but it is that discipline of of sitting and in trying to quiet your thoughts in the case of tea em, they give you a sanskrit mantra that they say after you go through. The initial training is picked. You know it's for you and that's fine.
It certainly work. I've done it for over thirty five years, I'm in what happened this morning, while seeking to do that date, the recommend that people do twenty minutes twice a day where I dont always do that. Like this morning it had a half hour just because it was so it woods and in new products for insisted. There are times when you know opening her eye and check in the digital flock and its taking forever at other times you just fall into this wonderful sense of pure energy. That was is just amazing and end is something I'm drawn to every day. A really unpack that for me, pure energy with me, but I think, went when I've meditated and meditate regularly in in that process there.
The point at which- and sometimes it's only minutes into it- and then I would just add, is, as is the side note, thoughts always intrude people who stopped meditating because they think they're failing because thoughts, intrude I've been doing it for like us at thirty five years. They always into end its fine. You just don't judge them. You acknowledge them. You move them aside. You go back to your focal point in that the more the mantra for me and then there's a moment. Sometimes it's almost like a runners high. When I stop feeling where my feet and my fingers are- and I just feel like energy and its in those moments that the connective tissue that I really believe exists among us all and everything starts to feel very visceral its. It starts to cut out. Ok, I get this now and then you know that I come out of it and go on with my life, but it impacts it, whether its hosting a tv Show
our just how I deal with traffic or anything or any incoming Strasser. It helps so that in those moments, if I understand correctly, you are to use the tea in in TM, transcending the. the small timbers round, the sense of being this embattled isolate itself against the world you actually some of that stuff starts to evaporate. Absolutely Alan wants. You stood one of the phrases any Benny, I love we're all egos and bags of skin and
in those moments that he go in, that sense of being a bag of nuclear fuel tends to fade away and you get the sensor. I get the sense of something more connected and it increases everything increases. I think empathy. It increases my sense of where I am at any given moment in the day of my life, and I think it and I love your title because I think it does it does make you happier it does make you better able to assess things, as their happening so as to not fly off there. I have not damaged any sheet rock and thirty five. Some proudest cheat rock is safe. Now us it's, but but does the temper go? What made you fuck em you? You have a stressful job. You do a lot alive television. You had a lot of you whispered in your ear. You just watching dancing with stars. It would be hard for peoples and oh this if they haven't tried to host something. But I've done
Certain amount of hosting allowed a fraction tiny fraction of what you ve done, but I see how masterful you? U masterfully, you manage all of these moving parts in its all live in their, so many different people that judges in the contestants and and the audience and your co host I would imagine at times that there sir I stress that it still with after thirty five years might seek through it, but correct me if I'm wrong. Paradoxically, those two hours are the most relaxed, I'm obey I'd ice sites. I've said before it's like a bedroom slippers on
and I'm doing this and I loved and am aware and listening in its unlike go dig. It took a pile metaphors on it's, like you know, get on Christmas morning, you'd sums gonna happen, I'm grown rap, something I'm gonna be aware of something gates and all about the excitement of being present to have all those moving parts and where I have a harder to his in just real life. You know where it were sometimes are apt to feel annoyed at at normal stuff, but in an environment like gotta, three ring circus like that completely relax. That's so interesting! So do you think that meditation has helped?
you in in in your natural meal year of hosting about oh yeah, no question between the dress rehearsal that we do on a Monday and the life shall we go live to these coast at five o clock Pacific time I meditate in my dressing room and at the staff knows now, you know if we knock any doesn't answer is probably you know if he's, if he's not at craft services, is meditating and I'll do that, for you know whatever our camp that sometimes I can, he got only ten minutes. Sometime the full twenty, but it helps, and so just I would love to know more. This now Matthews question completely selfishly. We have I to do a certain amount of light. hosting, I can genuinely through it. How its useful in those moments- because I feel you never show you never.
Show any stress when I see you hosting a deadly with stars, but I feel a little stress because our rejecting myself into your your shoes in your bedroom slippers as our I'm thinking. Well, how does he manage all this? So can you just gimme a sense of how five years of meditation might show up for you in those times. I think it. I think the key thing is the first word that comes to mind. To answer that question is trust. I trust that I, because of the practice, because of the investment of of time and metal energy into being present That I'm going to be aware of or I'm gonna it somehow know how to roll with whatever happens, be it in somebody passing out, as happened a few years ago or or you know it, a judge going a little crazy or is you know just an unoccupied moment that needs to be financed to move us forward in the show, so we don't get caught.
the wheels don't spend in this in this awkward. So I trust that I really go out knowing as Murphy one our former executive producers Rob weighed one time. There was a power failure at debt, CBS television city, where we do the show we lease studio space from them and there was a our failure and we only have certain lights and and the like, I was thrilled. I end and Rob came up, mean dammit, you love this, don't you and it because yet cause it's like. How do we play with it? What do you know it's? It's it's a ballroom, show it's not neurosurgery. Let's You have a good time. You know it's say so interesting. You used the word trust, but he's just again speaking for my limited experience. Am I own? I when I say limited experience, I mean no eleven experience in hosting, but also meditating, so I've been doing for eight years and have only been doing hosting truly in this
in a way that would overlap with the way the type of hosting you ve done in the seven years on good morning, America, the weekends where I was come in this position were before that. I was at a traditional news. Anchorage writing off of a teleprompter was just me, and then I had to make this transition to being in Ray ring kind of news Cirque as yet in the mornings and but isn't that fund the shifting gears it is, but I was very hard for me to make that radiation and I have to be honest, I was really bad at it. A long time and I'm not just be that's not false modesty. Give you look at my twitter feed fat. I was being old. How bad I was rated absolutely and I think they were correct and actually, as you know, we can talk about a mean too, Her husband, you actually use is very useful. It is see, ok, yeah, I am all tight here and then last are actually hosted a game show on ABC that then I can now add to my list of credits. Failed games,
game show did not get a renewed, but I've said the word try has come up over and over from, because in recent years have become more more comfortable, and so I found my safe self saying funny things occasionally or things that people laugh at Russia, and I will I dont know where it comes from an yet nervous and I'm not gonna, be able to do it again. I walk into the show the next day and unlike what everybody said, I was funny yesterday, but it might be able to be funny to doubt or no cause. I can't plan the jokes and effect when I do plan a joke are always fails for me too. So reaches of trust is is of real shouting and isolating meditation has helped me This kind of get out of my own way, stop blaming the next move, stop just spinning, and yet be open to whatever is happening in trusted. Actually some thought will our idea or wisecrack or whatever will come, doesn't always come, but if I trust it, it's more likely to be a couple. Things came to my
you're saying that one was an evening years ago. I'd I would do a one man show and- and there was an improv section in that- and I would say from one member, the audience just YO a profession and another member, the audience. I gave yellow situation and I'll pick one of them. I would do something in improvisational setting and so did the boom boom and I did it and it was magic. It was like it was being rich. from up above and sent to me- and I was instantly doing it perfectly- and the audience was picts static and my gender, the time her job dropped. It was one of those moments and I just And then I made the fatal mistake as the applause, ebbing. I went to my mind. Oh it I'm really good and then the next improv suck up at the moment. I got a year ago in it, instead of
going this communal sharing of energy that it just happened instead of making it about. While this experience that we just had was cool, let's see if we can have another one it was. I really am amazing and then no I've had I happily over and over again but the additive to me any time I've tried to end as met fact in the Early, the first season of dancing with the stars, which was only six weeks in the summer of two thousand five. There was a lot of written stuff and I'm very, good friends with the guy who wrote it and we worked together for years, but ultimate I said- and I wrote about this in in that book. This doesn't feel right I'm hosting alive show things are happening in the moment and I've got a scripted line, however good that might be
it's no longer germane to what just happened. So I've got it again. Trust and the producers thankfully ultimately agreed with me that all respond appropriately and it might be funny- sometimes it might be sympathetic. Sometimes it might be dogmatic sump but it'll be appropriate to the moment, and you can't script that you just can't so trust became very important in how we, as a team of dancing with the stars, allowed me to do the hosting the way. I thought it should be done. things so tough, technically, but when you're outside of the bedroom slippers, so the rest of your life has clearly you just the meanest emanates off you. How much you love doing live Jose do but the rest of life is messy and complicate out, and now you got this thirty five years of practice under your belt. He can you just
MR a little better, have a how it shows up in in in the twenty two hours a day when you're, not unlike yet sometimes it's it's, it's the smallest things being in traffic, getting getting to the studio to do dancing with the stars depending on when I leave house in an anybody has been out. There knows that twenty minutes of difference can in an extra hour and a half in the car and I remember being in Laurel Canyon, just in bumper to bumper traffic, just getting to a there's, a merge that takes forever and I left too late and not- and I decided all right, I'm going to turn off the radio and watch hot is. It sounds silly, but it works. Watch Howlite plays on surfaces, you know and just whether it's in the in the trees on the on the cars, the energy of people around me just be in
environment, don't stop wish stop. Wishing I could go faster, be their sooner be somewhere else or dammit. I wish it to the other road instead of this road, be here now. What's what is it about here? Now? That's fascinating that I might never experience again. Sometimes it's those choices that make a big difference in those other twenty two hours a day that I am in a like anybody. Will we succeed sometimes we fail sometimes, but but it's it's the belief that I can be the master of how I react to any situation that that it's not the situation that I should blame. Ultimately, if things go off the rails, it's how I reacted to it. What you know I had to, I had a whole realm of choices I can imagine being in traffic. I could be leaning on the horn or you know I could be watching light play another on a tree and make sure I don't get around the car in front of me, but
that's a better choice. I have absolutely no frame to hold her. It yeah exactly you're, actually living either actual your actual life, as opposed to thinking about what you're missing right now other dot route you could have taken, etc and walking over here today, because in a lay nobody walks, no You know you might see a pedestrian in its area, you just you want to put a Mozilla Khazars. Then I, like my father pedestrian, but here it was. I left the hotel and I was little early. So I sat with the last part of my coffee and why and I love Manhattan for people watching and just watching the different energy, the different rhythms, the different types of people- that the diversity here that so electric and it was yellow, is great. I was just completely immersed in the pleasure of watching.
this parade of humanity going by Emmy. You are sir, a walking advertisement for the compounding benefits of meditation practice, because for so many people I'm only eight years into this narrow days were I'm like. Why am I doing in this after those one of those sites where you are eyeing the clock on you're like this. But if you keep, added others, a teacher who used the phrase time and nature. In other words, the younger reopening invoke again. The word trust if you just trust that the process of meditation works and let time nature. Do it's worse right that over time it can show up with pretty big benefits, yeah yeah, it's it's it's again is that building the metal muscle idea, I'm a bit of a joke. rat. So I know that if I keep going to the gym- and I workout and I feel better- and you know I buy- look better on camera next- to those twenty somethings with two percent body fat.
Everything you know. So that's the same thing really it's it's investing in that and knowing that it pays dividends, overtime and it pays dividends right away to. But yeah though there are definitely those days when it's like really is it only eight minutes or until my God, As you, you do look dammit. I guess how older than eighty seven years old cause you down sixty too much. Why why? an advertising for spending time, the Jim to wasn't any. You should be careful what you eat our laps, not super careful, but I am somewhat careful. I do you not try to at all. You know get about it, but it's true. I have the great incentive of working alongside these incredible artists and athletes, who are these dancers and it can
Do you know how came from? But if I've after stand next to Derek, often Cheryl Burka, better go to the veto, we add at me too, but it it, but I'm, but also I love the that the results of what it feels like. Sometimes in the midst of August, at training session yesterday and in really one go, but I did, and I ve always whining about the leg, exercises its like a running joke with my trainer and all that, but then bout twenty minutes. In start Let's move on- and you know that these to crack and a few jokes and you haven't fond and it feels good and an that's very often what what sitting is like for meditation interest and then suddenly five six minutes, and you feel that that first insinuation that electric connectivity and ass I am so glad I did
that's them the more common reaction, it so cool to sit here with somebody who you kind of think. You know, because I've watched you realize. I realise how much more is that a threat, and I suspect that everybody listen you're watching this gonna feel the same way we are united in my goal is going back to when, when I did the book and in conversations like this, why was so looking for chatting with you about this? I really, I just see the value in it in land and if in a thick and make somebody give it a shot and it s the thing, that's important. I think that there is no religious connection to this is a practice. It's just a sore Emmi. There can be certainly but, but you don't have to feel like if your of certain religious belief that you're
you're, goin, rogue. If you know a few meditate, it's a lovely adjunct to, and it can make your religious life even more, and I don't happen to be religious myself, but I could certainly see where it would help in enrich somebody in a religious life just by virtue of the practice of staying aware your life as it unfold yet secular. I believe its exercise for the brain in the mind. and in terms of what I'm not particular religious myself, but Friends of mine who are say that their prayer light has transformed either there's absolutely see their little tending there to do list less frequently and focusing on the divine connection there seek here this evening.
fastening, but I want. I want a devil just in that of personal curiosity, into your background of how you became Khatami's Roger you, you thought it by my parents from here will that's that at that area, beginning because you Robin Havre Macedonia and how did you? How did you get into hosting? I was an April high school and I found out that There was a english teacher teacher in public speaking teacher work, part time at the local radio station. I thought okay, I was like it. I was basic like a heat seeking missile seeking missile get in his class, and I'm gonna impress the hell out of him and see where that let em did I got gotta. Do is public speaking class and he ended up introducing me, the the owner of the local radio station and I my senior year in high school, I was I was. I was Workin radio parttime. So, where you are, ass, clown, we're yeah yeah I up for manure and high school, the english teacher know the history teacher would award
the end of the year, whoever was the biggest cut up, the boob of the Euro Ward, and I wanted I am proud to say. I would like to think with a more erudite humor than the the runner up, we are all previous Ya'Ll previously as it was. Then I would like to thank all is more of an all gone when round table humour that I brought it to that class in the neighborhood so senior year. Your already doing really only radio kept with I kept with it. I was guided we're talking before we started that my oldest daughter graduated from Emerson College, a wonderful facility in Boston, and I was gonna go there to get a degree and broadcasting and the hopes of getting
your job, but I had already a job already, so I thought maybe I'll just put that offer awhile and stayed and worked in and then my boss threatened to fire me. Unless I went to school, he said an area do not go to college, so I M going to local community college. Just take courses just keep the job. I didn't want it, an oil and it s working with the theatre, company and thence studied with a mine in Maine who a wonderful, too sure Tony Montenegro, this brilliant brilliant guy who studied with Marceau, and so I was doing at one point a morning. Radio show an evening mine performances with the troop and a buddy of mine, said you know it's fascinating. When we hear you, You can't see you and when we see you, we can hear you see you're mine to sit down yeah, you're, good illusionary, wasn. I'll give you a color come very during the classic land on the wall. The wall then
and then this can be misused in so many ways, but this is theoretically it's just tooth brushing I'm not going to describe, could go on go completely blow if they wanted that could cost us a jar relic respectively. Ride. Walt Disney cannot be as that's true. I write our checks so mining, hosting, studying and then and then and then you end up your hosting a to radio show in New Hampshire and and tv producer. in Boston yeah. I was doing a wonderful station ports with New Hampshire that that's beautiful, tat, all love it too beautiful tat it really send to me your new englander. That is quintessential. Yes, New England. Yes, so that's where I always gravitate when I was working in New York, and so many friends would go. You know to the to Long Island to the Hamptons, my wife and I would keep going right back to you
What was it? You question ever get away out of the tv news. Others, yes in size, do this for the radio show Portsmouth, then it was a very improvisational shied play music. Certainly, but I'd have musicians come in and perform live and occasionally we do fund raising live performances from the local theatre that were sort of a Saturday not live. Take off that I would write with some of the other get de Jason. So there was this great that they gave me a lot a rope, and I was creatively just in this really very energetic period and the station signal got into the Boston market into the nor shore anyway, and there were people who were producers in Boston TV who were listening to the show and out of the blue, I was getting these halls you wanna come down. In addition for this, John General. Five in part want to come down an audition for this kid show on
a foreign but so yeah so I'd. I did in that kind of the tv thing happened by accident, so we'll you're on people are talking, but we did yesterday evening magazine, know I'd I'd feel it on that. I was prior to doing the people are talking shop I started a w b c tv in Boston and eighty one that was for a long time and we see eye to eye sciatic, CBS, yeah and and I was doing just basically a week weekly kid show that we would pre tape light. It was like evening magazine, but for kids and Now, maybe that's why I saw the gun. I really want to be on the table there. You go They might have super kids, it was called it was on the weekend and and that so I
my foot in the door and then I'd, fill in on different things. It was at the format called for today. You would host daytime programming you'd be on for ninety seconds in a minute. In a minute here, two minutes there, Glenn Close, was my guest on one of those we promote. Two movies and fifty three seconds and at the end because it was live and we get off the urn she looked at me drunk, I just happen, but that led to them say out, didn't hosted. People are talking stakes and we want to fill in and then ultimately they they offered me that that job when they chose not to renew the other guys contract and yet so that all happened because of radio show and wended America's funniest Home video store that have and big cause. I was doing Hollywood squares and indication and I would go back to Boston every so often
to host the New England Emmy awards to just sort of keep those connections alive and see all friends and vendor bona who's. The creator of a fee also from the Boston area, also had worked. It doubly busy and was getting an award that night and I was at living my way through them, though the hosting and his late mother Jean leaned over to him and said you should hire him and that he was actually talking ABC about bringing the show back because it had been a series of specials at that point. It wasn't a weekly show anymore, so he said you beat so at that at that award ceremony I sat down. He goes. Would you be interested in hosting half be? It was the kind of guy
the way I have to do it all different than Bob goes it Bob Zagat. I don't have the same onto the character voices lawlessness that we figure that out its we went along but yeah. That was how it started and when you are in your personal life, are you look at a party did you feel the need to host? You know, I'm not a big party person. Here's the here's! The interesting sort of twisted wires on a live tv show in front of whatever twenty million people Bedroom Slippers Party small talk, I'm looking for the it's my upper lip starts to sweat, I'm unless its work related. If it's like, you know like a name Association party or something like that Lois, my wife, would have to hear from you we're Congo o always try out driving around so Egon refocus. What is that? I don't know? I just I
a lousy at small talk, I'm a bit of a loner anyway, Andy, I'm, not I'm, not a big party person. I, like smaller groups, a map to get a look claustrophobic, some in large groups here. But what about when you're mobbed by people who know you for tv well ally, was active, the gang from dance with stars, doing a tour, and so my wife and I went to white plains. Yellin icons were wearing Connecticut and we're nearby and an naively us on our way, A couple tickets will to show up and and the moment we were walking into the venue. People who were there big fan so the shallow you know their own and is it turned into. I mean it was very flattering situation, but it was a bit overwhelming a lot of people wanting pictures in order and my wife was absent.
We are taking pictures for them, but its security finally have say: ok, we gotta just gotta. Do you know back? Does for a while. I was five, but I did start to feel a little bit Pratt penned in Europe. This is true of comedians that many comedians. Well, she were charismatic and hilarious on stage are often very shy. yeah in person, that's kind of what we're talking about here, absolute, I would read interviews with or Carson Johnny Carson and I got to work with Edmund Man is sidekick, gun stuff. When I did muscular dystrophy stuff when jury Louis was done and ethnic man- and I talk a lot about Carson and how quiet and and sort of shy, he was away from hosting that's right. Show I and and very much a loner and and and eight I've read interviews, would Letterman or people who work with him say the same thing I think there I think there is a bit of a common strain and
that in some ways the it's it's it's easier to do, the hosting, because I feel more in control. I know it parameters are if it were to our show their all these moving parts, but I know what the moving parts aren't. I know what you do in real life. I get a party. Lois, my wife, who was a producer, had the best advice for me and it helped still doesn't make me want to go to parties much more. But but when I do go, she said, find the person in the room who looks more uncomfortable. You feel an interview them if you love hearing about people's lives and invited and and people generally love to talk about me as I do so fine that person and don't worry about the rest of it and and that work that was really helpful advice. Is there anything I should have asked you didn't areas you one well math I'd any wrath. Questions are really know what we do.
The story. You gonna tell me about the three stooge: oh we're we're yeah web because where we are in California now when about doing dancing, the stars is only a few miles away from the motion picture facility. home when in doubt and fear the in woodland hell. So when I was sixteen years old, my folks raw my sister was having sleep over two friends house and I did what any sixteen year old kid left alone in April Massachusetts would have done in nineteen. Seventy two. I decided to call the three stiff I called information. I knew more Howard and Larry fine, we're still alive, I said, the more Howard verified the operators. While we that several M Howard's, I got one Larry fine I'll. Take that number I called it and his mother answered. I thought that doesn't work out his mother would be a hundred she's all known, where it's not that Larry fine who lives but I do know where he is he's at the motion picture home. She
give me the number cause they had had other calls like a motion picture home yeah in Woodland Hills. That's what it was. A motion picture and and television I think it was. I got a nursing home for gas and that he had suffered a stroke. Any was recuperating there, so I called with my heart, beating like a jack hammer and the switchboard goes YAP Larrea. Let me get up and he comes back. He says he's playing poker. He has a good here, Can you call back in half an hour and I did Larry comes on the phone. And he was still very recognizably Larry and about ten or fifteen minutes in this conversation, you so gracious with this kid from Massachusetts. Pick you up our number
gives me Mose home phone number. I called most house, his wife answered, put more on the phone MO sounds just like most of the the films and he said who gave you this number and I said Larry did, and there was this wonderful pause. As I remember it underwent Larry do lame brain, but over eighteen months I talked to them, for I have a dozen times no kitty out, and would you ask him just about the films about their background about this year? I thought about comedy now everything and luckily some of those tapes survive recorded yeah, oh yeah, and when I was promoting the book that we lured it two years ago, I was on Howard, Stern, show and he's a big stooges fan and he said to those tapes exact. I don't know I'll look for them. Found them found a half hour with MO in about two,
and its with Larry. We turned it into a naughty minute special, which also features lotta their stooge parity stuff. They ve done on the stern, show and you can find it. I think online outs called stooges lost and found, and you can hear, as I did one time very cereal driving to do a production meeting for dancing with the stars, Don Loris Canyon. I happen to have the serious station Howard serious station on I'm listening to sixteen year old me interview MO how While then fifty nine year old May was driving to work of dancing. With a start, it was gonna class, tredah avatars else. Yes, he is here. He is such a pleasure to sin tat same year then give here, you go if people want, if you want to find the book if I'm, where they wanted by via the book, is holding up some of the finest windows in America. Right now.
Then there is an audio version. You can get it on audible and listen to me drone on four six and a half awesome. I think people like and at what about your on twitter? What or any other places to find you that your dear puttin stuff, I'm not. Now you know you can usually find me at a Starbucks culture. Out in ignoring everybody and not talking, I talk you do dog reflect briefly. If the lips starts to sweat, then that you have used the leaden back away effect, but I remain just just such a pleasures same here really early but look affordable. Ok, that does it for another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you liked it, please take a minute
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Every day. This is my Monday last day of the cylinder stretch, photos from one about these or America's essential workers, the people who are keeping moving. I turn into a home school mom and now in a new programmes from ABC News you gonna hear from damage. Was she went back to my office on cybercrime because he is not here and making sure that our community hostility smiled faintly Lorraine? This is the essential inside the from the emergency room, the police cruiser to the czech outline. You hear what this pandemic sounds like the people putting themselves norms, which is always a risk brain is home to re. Kids are my husband or my appearance, listened to the essentials inside the curve on Apple podcast, River podcast, him.