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#158: Tal Rabinowitz, Forgoing Hollywood and Finding Meditation

Tal Rabinowitz was a top executive at NBC, developing some of the network's high profile comedy programs, but after nearly 20 years in the business she was let go. And then, SHE let go. Rabinowitz found herself burned out and ready to take her career in a new direction. She tells Dan how and why she decided to open up her own meditation studio, what her meditation practice looks like and how she's introducing meditation to her two-year-old daughter.
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Four may be seen as the ten percent happier vodka inherit, the other great guests this week, folks tell revenues. How does somebody how and why does somebody go from the upper echelons of networks eleven to running a meadow patient studio tell runs DEN meditation in allay and and yellow area. Part of this explosion in these secular meditation had a drop in sent there's all over the country and many the big cities around the country. Scott really interesting story, Anna interesting view of the role of meditation in a busy life so we get to that in a second first, though, a few items a business, then your voice males one gets the interview, little business items a couple, a couple, a note from ten percent world: we are hiring we're lookin furs, meditation producer
and also a senior producers, meditation producer produces meditations, as one might imagine, both our video horses in our audio meditation. Also a senior producer is much more, should have a tv role, video production, roll really working on the video for the various courses we do and also for some stuff going to be doing outside of the courses you can go to jobs that ten percent happier com to check that out. Speaking of checking out things related to the app we're, gonna do teach her up there. Her name is just Morey she's been on this podcast. They should go back and listen to her story. She worked with teenagers and has allowed. on personal practice, herself very interesting story. I recommend going back to that podcast I just suggested actually at an event. And she's got some parenting meditations that are going up on the APS. One on the app ones call parenting and hard moments in another is meditation fourteenth so check Jes out on the actual store art your voice mouse, never work
here we go hide in so my message is: how do you keep from getting more stress, trying the scheduled time to meditate, because I look at my have do less or am I gotta do list and gets trust and men education is on that list cause? I feel something I need to do. That's my question: have you ever struggle trying to get it all in thy watched your video how you get in two hours a day, and that would make me stressed trying to
at the mall up. Ok, thank you by great question. I feel your pain, it's it's not unreasonable. Just as a biographical note, I actually cut down my amount of meditation for three years. I was doing two hours a day because it really an end continue be really interested in exploring the deep end of the pool as as they say, but I've I've talked about the slow but other pike S. Before a few months ago, I had was called a three sixty review done. That's where we it's, it's not a lot corporations and we did it more as I did additionally, I wanted to have it be this king of thing.
ambit in my upcoming book what you, if I ever finish it on kindness. So we did a three hundred and sixty review where to where you basically talk to people who know me from different angles. In my life people I work for people who are my peers. People who work for me give them my personal life and really got a sense of what my strengths and weaknesses were, and I've joked that the real title for the three hundred and sixty in my case you suck from every angle echoes who is pretty harsh, but forty on page report that came back it was a quite I opening and making some significant changes in my life as a consequence and one of the one of the things I got dinged for, I think all of it all of the things I could do for word legit in this one particularly true, which is that I am stressed in pulled into many directions, and one of the thing I think with stressing out oddly enough, was trying to get into hackers meditation every day, even though I really was getting along
out of it. I thought it was improving my practice, but it meant that at the office my door was closed quite a bit and it was less available to especially junior colleagues who am I want it might benefit a little chat. So I cut down to an hour which is still a lot, but I found that it's really been nice to have a little bit more time. It's meant. and I'm on my eyes on my on the clock a little bit less. So I think different. Phases in your life. Maybe me, you know, there's! there may be more or less amenable to certain amounts of meditation. Long way of saying, I completely understand what you're saying and I kids counter totally undermines the rivers of meditation to have that be a source of stress for evil. Oh, what I would recommend is to set your sites really low, meaning goose shoot for one minute of meditation most days or what I like say daily issue. Now we ve been too
sting this philosophy with your friendly neighbourhood trillion dollar company apple, the temperate and happier company, we run annual challenger annual month long challenge for all the employees at Apple and we desire I did in such a way that said: ok for the month of October, do one minute of meditation, twenty five out of thirty days or something like that either maybe you're the thirty one days, wherever how many are there thirty one days in October? I should know that, since my three year old is obsessed with Halloween Do so, in other words, do meditation daily issue for one minute and we find it by in his great it s really validated my confidence in this recommendation so that its toll the fine, if you, if you're, getting dressed by trying to find the time to fit this, and so I think the way to the have esteem release valve here that might allow for you to actually gets. practice? It will be to say just you know do one minute, I think one minute is eminently doable and if you miss it
day or two, if you're following this, this daily issue, if Europe, if, if you're pursuing that, is rather flexible goal, then and if you miss Eyre do the Eagle camps will been until you all story about how Europe failed meditated so that that's my recommendation trot. Try that try there for a month tried for two months, as I like to tell you ve longtime losers may have heard me say this before, but I've you know in the four and a half years since ten percent have your came out. I've I've had this challenge and I've issued to people all On many, my public interviews, witches, try meditation for a month and if you find me get nothing, out of it, send me a note on Twitter and tell me I'm a moron,
what's a mammal more on Twitter all the time, but never for that, and I am I'm pretty confident if you do it in the end, you do it in this kind of relaxed way that it may be the kind of the best of both worlds. So dont stress give this a try. Call me back. Let me know if it worked out right. Here's voicemail number two. I Dan Mark here question for those of us who fit at this for a while and for me at fifty three years of almost daily practice. How much will it advanced by practice to one get a teacher in number to work with a group? I've been going sallow now for three years and I'm wondering to what benefit what requirement and
What I've come out with a teacher and poor or and or with the group. Thank you offer smell good on you. Three years of nearly daily practices, good solid run I in my own experience both of things have real benefit, so I have a teacher at his name is just Goldstein. I found that checking in with him. You know once every couple of months and really talk about where things are going on. My practice has been incredibly useful. He, Now has a sense of my mind and can give me really good advice about new era.
to explore all areas where I may be incorrectly applying. What I thought was his advice, so that that, in my experience is really helpful. I think it's not mutually exclusive. To try to pursue a group. Sometimes, in fact, is the exact same thing. You might start sitting with a group of people, all of whom I see the same teacher and teachers in the room ass. If, for example, if you're in Toronto, my friend, Jeff Warren runs a group up. There called the sea easy consciousness. Explorers club cut of somewhat goofy name, which fits with Jeff, was somewhat goofy and just incredible superior human being, and You know you go sit with him. You he's he's teaching the class. You can ask some questions and you also have all group of people, and I often described the impact of of having a group of friends who do this as as having an HIV layin effect that you know it. You were you,
really being around a group of people who take this stuff seriously, can speed your progress. I know peoples and has get nervous when I get up to overly Buddhist. Maybe you guys don't but sometimes out in the real world they do, but the Buddha talked about. The three jewels, the three things: three pillars that you you know Will that are an important part of any meditation practice. One is the Buddha and then he wasn't he didn't mean by that. Do you know you need to worship me? He meant more than the idea that at the end of the road there is such a thing as really waking up. So the Buddha a dogma, which is just another way of saying your meditation practice and the attendant sort of intellectual infrastructure. and the song GO, which is a fancy ancient terms for the community and so right from the jump for twenty six. three years, if not longer the idea of having other people with whom you do this has been central, and so I think it's really powerful to have a group of people.
you can, even if your only just sitting quietly and you never talk with them- the idea that there are a bunch of other people in your universe who are taking this seriously and endeavouring to apply meditative principles in their lives and be somewhat diligent about the practice can be really can be an accelerator so yeah what I would do if, if I were you in and as yet you're stage in the game and yours, you sound like you and upbringing, a little bit I would I would. I would investigate both those really appreciate the voice, males everybody Keaton Common, let's get to our guests this week, as I say, tower benefits are not only to give your her whole cv because she's about two in a much more engaging way than I ever could, but I really enjoyed this conversation and- and I love bringing people in from all different walks of life, and an does she has had deep ix. periods in and the good and the bad of Hollywood and then It took all that an end is now bringing into the meditation world. So here she is tolerable notes.
May you be not seem like stereotypical meditated me. I'm not because I'm a little Taipei and have a lot of energy yeah yeah. But if you do, I say that as a compliment, we well and thank you know, I'm a very I'm a girl Gunnar simultaneously, but I think part of the reason like I did what I did and open up what I did, because I think meditation and spirituality sport every single person, no matter what you look like you, you are what your vibe is, that's part of it, so I am actually glad I don't fit the stereotype yet so we're talking before we share rolling that you're half Israelis and a lot of time in Israel. Yes, I too has meant a lot of time in Israel, as the rapporteur also is it you mean I'm half
but I never went there until I started covering these hazards. Intifada Russia, but I mean I love Israel. I love Israelis also. We have spent a lot of time in Palestine to I love everybody there and that land there is beautiful in the cities. There is amazing. My point is that I know enough israeli people to know that there is a bit of a personality type. I want all Ruby overly yes, but you you can't seem to fit it a little bit about Billy son first impression I do said Fisher. I mean very much so any any time. Anyone who knows me now there's that we lack a hard exterior, but its very sweet inside and yet I do fit, but I love that and frankly, the cool thing about Israel. I don't have you got this five when you were there too, it is very spiritual like there is a huge part. I mean I went there right now and talked about meditation, like probably almost every other person I spoke to me. I got my god. I was meditating today or this I find it's actually their little ahead of the game in that regard, to show how did you get into meditation?
You know I wish my story was more interesting. I always because I feel it most people here crisis point than they find meditation and minors the opposite. But it is very me things. My life just kind of do happen. I've always been a very open person. I was working and BC was my last job. I was on the television side. Do tell me more about them, so I was a tv exact, so I was running comedy it and we see he was my last job, running comedy enemies. What does that mean? So like I was safe. You really know nothing about tv if your Seinfeld watch remember when they used to go in and pitch their shows slightly uneasy exactly. That was me like, on the other end like telling you yes, no great, let's work on it and then developing the shows, and so I do here every you know every spring for France and all that's actually being in the conference. Room like this is kind of like flashbacks, like often tvs, the feeling which I love and I really did enjoy, We part Una conference room before the pike as adapting. Ok, sorry, no, not at all, is grey. I've been here because I traveled so not sign. I guess that it brought back actually good memories, so
for me. I was doing that and I was in a crazy job. My life was a little insane. I was about to kind of go through a divorce and I woke up one morning and was just like, I think of you, I don't know why, and it wasn't even before the time The call came out is before, like everybody was talking about it and something just made me say it and typical males like let me get into that. Let me research it and that day, at lunch I was telling a friend I'm not I feel like I want to meditate. You know anyone. I need a teacher. I need something I don't even know where to begin like, I knew nothing she's, like others so funny here. I know these two great girls were actually on NBC at the time. Who just did it to get their name of the teacher for yoga proof. There were on him and like they were yeah. There were two like actors, and so I went to go. Take up my phone, a text, one of my best friends who worked with me and uneasy to say: hey. Would you want to do this with me, I'm about to get this number and I'm not joking? When I took out my phone, she just tax means they have just got hooked up with this teacher to meditate. Would you
and the interests of meat was resolved, and so we did. It was me my friend, Renate, had of casting and the three of us learn tm from a teacher in France, ITALY, France, notion of meditation, and it was great and was kind of hilarious, because there. We were doing it. We would literally do it in the conflict in our conference room wearing one of our aims, and since I ran that apartment, I could carve it out in our schedule. So so my friend and I every day at ex time for twenty minutes late, they knew not to interrupt us, that's what we were doing and anyone else who wanted to join and, to be honest, like that's how I got into it and the recent islands of starting doing what I do was because I was looking to keep my practice regular. I could do it like I'm such the average human being where actually getting up and doing it in doing it at home was difficult for me, So I was trying to do it twice today and I kept saying: where can I because tm they tell you do twenty million time I've heard now they ve got another ten minutes is what I heard, because I think that idea
people are really struggling with twenty per head yeah. They tell you twenty minutes twice a day in a perfect world, and so I was struggling with that second twenty minutes, so I kept saying: are there no big deal or go somewhere before work or Argos more Afterwork unjust, class, and then I can do my module on there and I'll be held accountable and then I'll have a great deal. I practice I'll be actually doing it regularly and it didn't exist so and I couldn't believe I'm like I can do yoga booty ballet. I can do any possible thing. I want really there's crossfire. There is yoga theirs. I mean really everything you can take a class war and there is no meditation, so you opened up damn yeah down meditation. I do not like than not the next day but yeah. That's when the idea started percolating for me
Renault TM, which is the type of meditation you do? Yes, I kind of do a combination in order, as I say, you always have your mantra. Soil is kind of rely on air and I mix it with other things, but yeah I'm an expanded kind of I love having a center. I kind of open myself to all these different. That's me as a human. I, like different things, are to be stimulated in different ways, so I like having variety for you, can't teach TM outside of TM. So what are you not in the studio? Yet we don't do tm, though some people come in intubated classes, which is essentially the same mighty early to afford a class. But yes, no in general, we do either mindfulness based classes and Buddhism based classes, focus based classes, anchor classes all different styles and their anywhere between thirty minutes of forty five minute guided classes
so they guide you throw meditation so, instead of like an app your coming in and your actually sitting down with a teacher in front of you and guiding you throw meditation. So I read this- maybe not true so you'll. Currently that part of what lead you to the deck was that you had you your kind of ousted from your job. I will typical and anyone in those jobs and then I took time though I knew I had been there. I mean it's just I was running department when you're running a creative depart man, it's a matter of time. You either leave or like your contract ends my boss, who else I wasn't happy. I was at a studio before the network as at Sony which had loved, and I think, inherently as an executive out, probably more of a studio, exec difference being enacted, fear vase, difference being you're more hands on the projects on the studio side, like really alleys pact, I'm in the world's changed so much but creatively. I was more part of the process on a studio side
a network side. You get it like three steps removed, so you're still creatively in it. It's just slightly more corporate a little bit more about the marketing and getting it on the schedule and the studio like you could really for me. Get behind a project, be super passionate about a bunch of stuff and creatively stimulate your brain, which I love doing one of my favorite things about job was sitting. I want the writer and just like getting into it so so for me, I think I was my soul if we want to speak and that broad sense was a little bit less happy. I was also going through a ton of stuff. Like I said I haven't going through it course- and I know me- and this is where my my xbox and I have not spoken about it since, but where I would love to say sorry to her, when I'm not happy or not being fulfilled, especially like in my job. The thing you have to do every day of like it's, the worst version of May like any of us when you're not doing what you supposed to do. It brings out the worst version of yourself, so she got that last year or so that the more you know I got very impatience.
very impatient as it was that look like you. Do the israeli side of meat comes out and I am a little bit like it's. I mean to be honest, I get impatient again. I think you know if I feel, like someone's, not smart enough, I wear everything on my sleeve is so good in the bad front with me. Like you see it clearly like, if I'm in the way you feel it so that's hard to work with, sometimes especially when you're I live on your running the whole place like you need someone a little bit easier. I think in that regard, even though I kicked ass, my job, I think it was more and I get it so I mean I already been laying the groundwork. The last year, my contract, like even having conversations with my boyfriend, I shall end with earlier hammered home as your boyfriend. Slices men depends on the conversation, so I already been laying the groundwork there within the last year saying hey my contracts up this year. I don't feel like doing that. You're supposed to go out and like do a bunch of interviews and get another job lined up, because, frankly, I need a break so
If this you know, even if they offer me another round, I dont know if I naturally want to do it. Are you ok, if I take time like if I just don't- and he was amazing about it. I have to say he was and that's what I did. I took a break and nobody could believe it. I mean all the phone calls I got afterwards, because people were so supportive and job offers. Nobody believes when I'm like none. I actually I'm giving myself three months minimum basic. Nowhere like someone came, it was great offered. It was. I said I need three months meant they call me a week later they like so many is that three months it's been a week that we thought it was like a jewish three monthly, totally via you're gonna, be a pack and like now. I actually need the time. So I followed I've always been
the good and about following what I need and for not even utter always understanding at but following it, and so I think the more distance I had and this job was. I mean this idea of meditation city was always in the back of my brain and something we're talking and was actually a big deal. I didn't do it right away, because I did really need the time I needed a time, a kind of refuel, but that was always kind of percolating, but you said before that part of why you want to do this. Is that bring a meditation studio into existence was that nobody else was doing it, but there are other people doing it right, fresher and now, every day, it's crazy. We laugh by it. When I was looking, nobody was doing that type of studio. You could, for instance, when I came for affronts that spring, I was in New York like only orca everything they have it here, no, and at that time it didn't exist either. So I was at the door, must centre for like three hours which, by the way I loved and had a great afternoon, but that
on the whole thing: crystallized form has like a most people, don't have three hours every time they wanna go meditate like you have it in a special occasion or when you have a button. Today's date most people are running around a little bit crazier. Secondly, a member looking around, and even though I love the diamond southern, I loved everything about it. I wish I could not bring half of friends so that they be freaked out. What are we supposed to do I eat meat? Are they gonna smell in on me? I go what's happening and that's when it crystallize me to discuss that if we can create a place, that's easy. Nobody feels like there's a stereo. let go I need to be super Wu Wu or I have to be a vague in or I died. What if they know, I like to drink or I've done draw any. Oh, that's like don't just be who you are. I say that everyone all the time. I don't care if you eat meat or if you have again, I don't know if you're super will or the idea of spirituality actually makes me nervous, All of that is acceptable, cuz. It's who you are and we're always evolving and we're always changing, and so for me it was important to create a space that everybody felt like they could come and belong to
spirituality or meditation, or just in her calmness, should prefer everybody. It should feel like only certain people can support. Do your take my dharmu centres before you can go to a Buddhist the sender they're all over the place they not including they existed before us. They existed before what, but now we have a secular centres liking it later on. and you have some other places in New York we have. I will I am and d at I'll, which it load low, draw wrestlers. A friend of mine, he's been on the package was different. We want the dialogue on them, their greater, I would say- and I'm sure leisure talked about this to its you know a I think it's on almost not only the secular cause. I think there were also there were also areas of secular meditation that you can go to, but it is the same thing there were these intense places where you were signing up for long programmes would be there for hours again. Amazing, I think with these places,
do they fit a different need, which is how in the busy and busy society, whether you're, a parent or you're, the busy job or you're just creatively entwine and something can you fit in and feel like? Not only can you learn to do it, make it regular and for some people just be held accountable, I mean everyone's different, some people, I can go home and do push ups and sit ups. But other people need a trainer enough. You can always go outside and run, but some people need to be in the jam. You know you can do it. let us not as well, but people need someone to guide them through it. So I think, having a place where you are accountable and can go in and out in, it doesn't necessarily take all day usually helpful, not only that I mean every centre is different, but to have the opportunity to hear from different teachers and get different insights and really figure out what works for. You is also huge group to do your customers use it every day like they would use Jim everyone's difference. So, yes, we absolutely have
People like that who remembers that have their set classes that they love and their there and we also create a community. We have bigger events, we also do workshops. Are you can come in for the two and a half hours and do those longer practices? We do it. creates we're all over like we're going to ITALY in March, we're in Bali before in Greece in the summer. So we do retreats as well we're about to early February embark on a five day, silent retreat, no high. So we really do make sure there's other ways to expand your practice, so it doesn't feel like you're, just a beginner incoming and for thirty minutes there are tons of ways once a month. We do a two hour sit so there's tons of ways and an ability for people to feel like they belong, and can constantly evolve with it, but everyone uses it differently for some people, like they wake up they're having a day, and I want to run and take a class some people, it's just regular and that's what keeps them going always wondered about that in terms of using it. The way you usage, because you know so my wife and I go to so cycle right now, but I can barely fit that in that about if I had to go to gotten meditation centre to as part,
my daily meditation. He will leave. I would five times that are key, were there, as you said to, and I think it's all a matter of priority and I think we're meditation hasn't gotten quite yeah, it's not yet on people's priority list. Now it feels like something superfluous. Some like oh, it's great when I go, I feel amazing, but I don't need it. I really need to sweat, because I need to be healthy and I think what words slow. only becoming part of the vernacular people areas note that is also part of being healthy and it might not be a physical sweat, but it is just as important for, like my mental, in our well being so again and then it becomes the priority, like you said what I got a soul cycle and probably the reason you squeeze it in its because that's where you actually exercises harder for you to do it at home, you're, my I wouldn't be mad at my she dried right either. Why she's dragging you, because that's like what's important in your household- and I think my God tells me, I hope, just for every once in a while. Being that that's what's gonna be happening, the meditation, I think people start to understand the importance of it as the full well being package, nor I get that, but I guess my question is when you feel
believe that both our board, Gordon, as I firmly do right, how do you go to both location in one day. If you are busy right, I mean I think I know that's the problem. I think that's when it becomes priority. Works. We and I think you split up like you, VE, really arsenal like that of eliminating my meditations on Tuesday, I gotta yoga on Wednesday. I do whatever it is. I think you at least that's how I do stuff. I kind of mixed things up in general. I rarely do the same. I may have been an exercise anymore anyway, but that's the problem. We can discuss that later, why's that waste.
I mean it's just more of the same, like you said Bessy I run up, I run a business. I'd show a joke that, like a thing I do is work. My ass off to put out the ability for other people to find space in there to day is running imitation centre. A stressful is being the personal runs, Comedy NBC different, but yeah it's on my shoulders entirely, meaning like. If, if it doesn't work, you know it's still. A business is where I tell people. I don't want anyone who walks in toward a field. That is a business. That's not there are concerned like they should feel that it's the space and the com is it is, it is played, should be a sanctuary for everybody else, but in order to create like hotels in order to create the most com environment, where people going can relax behind the scenes are working there ass off you now so the same idea, still a business that you're running and making sure
in a running smoothly and that you can still provide it and how is the business gone? It's going. Well, I mean I can't complain just open our second studio early in. I don't how I know LOS Angeles, but in the valley- and it's great and again I mean the best part about is just watching the community grow and watching people grow in. What is your vision for? Do you think we're gonna see secular meditation centres all over America? The way we would see plodding studio ass theirs, I got a deal. I think it's already starting its us at small that authority starting I mean- always always a little bit ahead of the curve and you can already see at their popping up everywhere, so a thousand percent shoe meditation, there is a problem of area. How do you compete? We just you know like an eel, appreciate this delay, know you you do the work. It's like. I just keep doing what I'm doing, and I try not to look at it like that. I try and know that there's you know I, like the business side of me
and then the other part of me goes. There's room enough for all of us. Everybody in this world need some of this and just keep doing what you doing and if I keep doing it well and labour rights- and I think I am effect doing it well and keep no during two hundred percent it'll go the way it supposed to go stay June. Moreover, conversation is on the way after this, so you just woke up your phone is lighting up with headlines and push notifications and a text from your mom saying. How do I click this? Ok- maybe that's just me, but if you want to get up to speed, check out the new podcast from ABC News Start here literally, the ground was shaking I'm right,
and every morning we're gonna. Take you to the stories that matter with fast, fresh inside a low Robin Mauler, Michael Cohen, calling all in twenty minutes start here: listen for free and apple podcast, or your favorite podcast out. What's your personal break, my personal practice kind of a little bit on the exercise. Practice is its finally, a little bit back on track. I've a two year old at home as well, so that less than a baby happen all at the same time, so I always say the honest truth, because I'm not a great liar is my personal practice. Hunting on this place for a soap. When I last, I was like all my God, the one person who is like the ages, it
anyone has become a mom, a practice or an exercise or anything usually kind of goes on the side. Anyway, if you add both of those it was this a lot and it's nice, I'm getting it back, which has been great, but it is also I do it when I can so and it's hard for me to personally. Do it my own centre, because, as my own, so I go into a business owner, so you know, because I'm always trying to make the space better and make it perfect for people. So I do a lot in the shower, which is a waste of water. I know by an arm and a lot of times like when my daughter's napping, because you know it's just one last thing: that's in front of your face. My practice, I still do a lot of tea. Am I use my macho, but I do mix it with a lot of gratitude practice. I cannot make up my own stuff as I go ahead to say, like I'm a big it's like I it's hard to explain like. I do turn a feeling I connect to something And, depending what I need for the day, a kind of go in that direction connect to so I don't
like the bigger, whatever you believe in whether it's like a bigger power Goddard, those watching what I would ever Europe spiritual philosophy is, if you have one are not so for me, I was feel like I'm connecting into like people taking care of me. If I make sense, you tell me what like power, whether it be like like ice like souls early. died like my guides. Atmospheric eyes like I do feel like I have got that look out for me. I feel very lucky that way and my meditation, if I ask a question and answer usually comes pretty quickly so and I was given its kind of I am sometimes I'm louder meditation like there's been times I've meditated over something, and I just start giggling, my guy now. Farmers, like I'm argue someone I got it and I am amarian myself, but it's like. I know I know you have to meditate for that answer, but now we need a meditative. Recently you mean sit and quietly
Think about something like sometimes very badly is sorry. If I have a question, that's really bother me like about something I know I need to work on and myself. I was sometimes put it out there like I'll, just meditating, just put it out in the beginning. My meditation, like I need help with this I need answers at this hour, I'm struggling with equanimity or I'm struggling with you. No acceptance whatever it is. Like anything, you know, and usually, if I really get to that place, why I'm asking I dont ask all lifelike everytime, I sit down I'm asking for something and I think the world works that way, but I'm really struggling with something internally and no matter how much I kind of analyze it or accept it. I feel, like I know, there's something else. I should be personally doing. Some kind of work with it are gonna put it out there and almost always by the end of meditation, is poor a clear what my next step needs to be done to some extent. I know that sounds are yet willing. I you know I I I am out of out, and I I know I can tell by
well, I'm not, I don't believe in things I can't prove right so that they are not a square, I'm an agnostic. That being said, I can only speak for my own personal experience that there are times, especially in the creative process, writing yet well bump up against what seems like it and solve the problem, and if I can walk with Qatar myself away from my work and sit in meditate worm, not you know consciously trying to think about anything and try to focus on my breath and then, when I get distracted, which I do a million times I slovenian and again and again he sometimes an answer- will come it's and has not the answer I want, or not even the answer to the question. I thought I was asking now his answer. You need right words, not even the answer to the question. I thought I was asking, but sometimes things happen that way
and there's some from what I understand or some brain science. It explains that that the best way and creativity is to think think think work, work, work, stressed restaurants and then stop and then the answer may come from general. Yes, it's funny that happen to me. The other day to others can a struggling with a creative idea. Myself and I was in a shower and as like, just men and the same thousand, I don't have an idea for that. I can't do it like in the shower meditating learned was like that's exactly the idea. So I agree. We doubt whether you believe in higher power or just yourself, which honestly along when I think they're all that's exactly what it is just a version of my tuning yourself and actually be able to communicate with yourself. I would say, because people are like, Why do you meditate at this and they go through all the benefits and there's a million, but for me it's always and in
This has been you just honestly has got to know yourself better period. Like that's me is the best thing about meditation, because when you know who you are for good or for bad and you except it and learn to love it everything's, just so much easier like it just helps you navigate life, I fines just much easier was that was actually to ask, and I ask you that how have you changed since you started meditating, you were by your own description, Taipei, hard charging, network, executive and I would haven't have to imagine is a very tough environment. Yes, and how are you how you different- and you know I saw the same person- I think it's where it helps me the most, because I've always been the type of person is kind of you know: marches them my undrawn, like even in those atmosphere as I was the one like showing up with like flip flops than a t, shirt and went to work, and I mean I would get the lecture all the time. I really should dress butter and like that, but I was always like I got it like. I'm, create like lemmings you, my thing of those very secure with who I was, and I knew if I pretended to be anybody else. I would just Saki at all events
that was always something I've always known, weirdly from a young age which has been helpful, so think meditation for me just enhanced that in So I also say it allows you to take a global look at everything. So you're you just have the ability to react Weatherby in situations at year end or even just seeing other situations more clearly like I just find that you have the ability to say like it gives you like a nice maturity, and you know I mean, like you, don't If we are, we all get angry things. We all get pissed we all get jealous. I mean these are all things. None of us, I think, can avoid or I'm impressed. If you can, I can't like I we, I still have all of those basic emotions, but I have the ability, I think, sometimes a stop and put it in check and no sometimes ok like. Let's about NBC like one that job and in and I knew it and want to be there. I knew it like the brain. Pardon me knew it, but the minute was happening.
my year come legal like sad upset and- and I remember telling my boyfriend slash- has been that night because I was I was I had to go through. The motions I was sad was crying. I was at a Billy jaw cancer that night I trunk and he was like a you'll get kind of your chemic J. I'm really good, and I knew it like. I will have the ability. In that moment I am actually really good. I know I to want to be there my to heal, so I just need time for this. Vigo and frankly, I think, because I was so aware of the difference of my ear. Oh and me it wasn't very law. Like I'm thing like within a week I felt like I was like a good feeling, great voice. Because I think any other time would have taken me as far as I am most nor component would have taken on much longer to heal. It's interesting as a lot of people worry one of the big obstacles. I think, for some people to meditation is that they fear they're gonna lose
her edge now, yet you you're always who you are. If you have edgier you're, just gonna still come out. If that's the beauty like it just makes you a shiny, a version of you, so it doesn't make us all. Aim blob of one another? I think that's people's fear is like a we're all gonna become it go has become this, which means we're all striving for the same things I want to see me. They're gonna, be exactly like the other person is doing it and it's not that the goal is to become the best version of yourself. So if your personality still there, if you're funny or probably gonna get funnier, if you know you're so like it's all just gonna, hands it's just. You have a clear sense of who you are so you have a clear sense of navigating life and a clear sense. How not react like yes. I grew that, although you may stop caring about some of the things
used to care about, but maybe that was getting in the way of using the best version of yours right, but if youth- if if you are not clear enough yet to know that it's getting in the way or or you know like some people really are convinced that actually the thing that's gonna make them happy is endless. Accumulation of colors I'm, but by the way, I'm a capitalist. So I am not against well meaning there, but that some people are convinced that that is the key to happen. Yes or that you know. In order to get there, you have to be limitless. Less cruel, but right which I mean I just actually made my whole Chaska tight, but but I always say also being spiritual, are getting too the stuff doesn't mean are also giving up like you were saying, giving up the ability to make money or have money sometimes that stuff ends up. blowing better when you actually get in tune with who you are, you might just been doing it for the right reasons. So, if you are someone who thinks
I also think we're all here for different reasons and I'm sure this is passed like where your beliefs are, but I do believe we're all here. So it depends what you're here in what you're supposed to be doing, so some people are sure to be so really that's one, because it allows and spread a message of certain message in their they're kind of born to be rich and famous, and not just gonna happen they could probably. lose at ten times over and they're gonna just stumble back into it because that's like their meant to have that power in order to do a greater good or something else with it. I think we're all here doing something and I think the meditate kind of makes it clear what it is. It doesnt mean. Oh, no also now going to be going to foreign countries, unlike saving the world, unlike helping kids that doesn't that's not so your mission, I think everyone assumes ones equipped with the other. Your mission might be as simple as something like a relationship of your parent could be as simple as
teaching could be. Maybe a company and being it's a capitalist adventure, but that companies providing something bigger. Who knows so? I think people get to wrapped up in, and that was my whole point about wanting. When I had a specific vision for the centre, was they don't want people to feel like you're entering this angelic world? I mean, I think, if you that is hit a lot and get in touch with yourself. You will feel more angelic, but it's not like your walking into something you're, leaving your identity to become this perfect human being it becoming a perfect you, whatever. That means what are the biggest obstacles you see among your customers to embracing this? I think I think some people are us, also scared of getting them.
Themselves a little bit. I mean to scare prospect for all of us. We're not all you know, we all have ugly sides, and I think it's really tricky for people to embrace the sides and themselves that aren't great even from little things too big. I also thank you, know people get knocked out. People come in a lot of times when things around in others and it so it's hard. But I mean it's what I love that we can be there for some time, but you know deaths and the family breakups losing a job. I dandy chefs like things that really rock your world, like you actually don't know who you are, and that moment anymore identity crisis. I find a lot of people come in looking kind of her salvation in that regard. So then I think what happens? Is it really helps them and then their feeling great? So I think the struggles kind of spring this conversation full circle becomes again people realizing how important it is for maintenance, verses, being the fix, cycling,
It will start to feel really good again and it really gets them something hard and then I go down good got it thanks in him a monopoly think that sometimes falling off the wagon can be valuable. In that you see we just our practice in Havana House, you see how of noxious. Your inner narrator become a thousand that can be their useful, yeah pressure. Absolute me, like anything, you don't know you out until you lose it right. So absolutely, but you just hope you can get them back because for their own sake is a lot of times gets confusing again it's a message: it gets confusing people, two figures out for themselves. So when you launched. There are all these pictures of you with it. I get some actors that you know from my own. Rather gas and Joe are those folks like as like Anna Kendrick was in the pictures you get. You get a lot of celebrities because we do have some celebrities actually and we get in, and it's nice actually cause, I'm always in the sun or anymore that it, I do a lot of the business. If I'm in there actually don't get as much work done.
It's nice everyone's, while in one pops up- oh my god, I'm so glad there visiting an unfortunate incident. Unbelievably businesslike girls like running all over the place and is an anywhere long enough to do to go into an actual centre about may. We do like Amanda actually, whose improbable that same picture safely. She comes all the time. Well, so yeah the people don't bother. Now. You know that's that's kind of the beauty about that space. It would actually be weird. So if it is all about being like internal and most the time when you're a class are closing our eyes. If you know you don't have to you, but most people do so. It actually is a very respectful place. That way, when you were I'm just curious, big business meditation, but I why I'll go arrow interested in the in the entertainment world? What were the shows you overseeing NBC is funny some.
was actually asked me. This either ain't my forgot so much like, oh, my god, I'm so disconnected I mean it was tat, was the end of like the office days. It was my group for the office will not be here and we are struggling a little bit. It was a hard time I'm trying to think of shows that even people know is, I don't even know it's funny. I really had this conversation around like. I cannot actually remember how I didn't. Entertainment is not weird, that's a lot of stuff to four it's a lot like, I literally was I trying to aim at the other end like I am so disconnected. I can tell you, like the writers I loved working week. I can tell you not, I mean you don't realize it No because that's not how I operate. I everyone's x, you never going back on my own, never say never, I'm a creative human and I do love that worlds. Right now in this moment, and since then, I've not missed it. That doesn't mean I'm not going to wake up one day and be like I'm having a hankering for doing a show, Our friends who, like Sunday, material, unlike I hope, to work on it like from behind the scenes here and marital. I just exercise those muscles, but I
now I've. Never that was never an issue for me. I never divine self. By what I do, though, I never have liked to me. It's always in addition to who I am. something fun. I'm doing that moment. I think, as per the reason I'm struggling with like answering some of those questions which is especially and that's all I'm so glad identify myself. I was women and people like. Oh my god, you this matter, my elbow lobby from shrubby fired like for you, that's what happens, and I was like your renting this chair, like anyone who actually uses that power it sad because it's it's a rotating job and we're just. look, we're all people just doing a job like whether you're behind the scenes error in front of the scenes with the actual sore the actor or
writer or the executive yelling at everybody, we're all just people doing jobs, and so I loved it I'm still so close to all of my. My close friends are all in the business cuz. That's where I was raised, you know. So all my close friends and family LOS Angeles are still entertainment. So it's not like. I don't hear about it or participate in it. I just it just was never even that's like on a meditation see around. If you met me on the street or if we were at a dinner party unjust chatting, unless you asked me I wouldn't lead with that, is just not how I operate. If that makes sense does so that was really helpful, with the job ending and changing, and now am I oh I just its to me, I'm always wherever I am so. This is working right now, loving doing an end, but always open. I've always been opened a saying where everything takes me. What are the range of services? You offer the done.
Tons of services, so the basic one that we open with that the basic classes guided classes. Forty five minutes, thirty minutes close decided waters, guided meditation, so different styles, like we were saying earlier, Turkey, myself, whether it be a mindfulness class, will there be a focus base class? Will there be a bit and they cause we also, we split it. We do a little Wu Wu stuff for lack of a better term. You know we'd, you Ricky Healing classes. We do actual healing classes, we do couldn't leaning yoga actual healing was, and they were feeling like through sought norm type of the economy. Breathing therapy and that you can heal a disease gather teaching people. How do I connect? but their inner he'll learn how to lag. Understand people like energy fields, Gillette's, I'm saying some Some of our classes can go. We will also we we we're for everything in my favorite thing about people walking, and I know that's not for me, and everyone always ends up trying everything and you just watch and see how people are really surprise what resonates for them I saw the list sound baths that
Taiwan is a sound basis that everything I do anything about it. My when you can away at I've always made fun of them. So why am I wrong? I mean but how why are you making one and I'm idiot? You have the very. Basically, a sound. That really is a sound healing, which means and there's some many different forms now, but whether it's like traditionally would like a crystal ball and the crystals themselves. If you believe in crystals are too, I know you don't. I can tell how different healing properties, but even then I think, as just a human who like sound in general. You know when you hear a song you like or fewer, and when you go to a live concert or if you go to the philharmonic or something live, the feeling is different. when you hearing and on the radio, cracked or like unusually player, because you can literally feel the vibrations sorts starting from me. Does the same thing you're in a room where someone's playing instruments that vibrate I mean it is pretty amazing too. If you have an incredible he'll or who can really play these balls,
You literally will feel the vibrations going. So I would say at the very least it's that at that you feel vibrations You believe in more and their healing vibrations, and you have a really great healer, who will tell you this is for this, and this is for that and you can get it. I also think it's a great time you just get into a deep meditation So I tell people like you when they come in there, I'm a sceptic. I say at the very least you lie down and you relax. That's at the very least like at the very least. If you can go deeper and you have the ability to go deeper, you could probably ever really trippy meditation. You might have a really big opening. It just helps push you further I find, and nowadays are so many different styles. I mean and its interest I've seen a lot of musicians who had just trying to like become sound healers and its fastened. see the different levels and different skill levels, and we have, though their share. My killers and those people who just loved the vibrations in the sounds in the mixing of it, but no matter what it is. A pretty amazing experience when you you should give it a try.
yeah, I'm gonna make fun of it after we have well. I reserve the right to do that when you say healer. Is that new? It we careful bud, say the biggest you'd, you don't wanna, be say: yeah you have breast cancer come on in here will heal it's funny. They say that it's fun has just who was I talking to a few months ago about this about like what are the inner like any industry, you go terminology and the healers kind of the new one. Now some healers for lack of better word hate using that word. For that exact reason it feels like it puts them. Like God, Complex, like in a higher around like whom I am hearing people, they have to hear their truly usually like people to heal themselves. I can just aid in the process. You can see the we're practitioner. I think you have to be careful, so lulli like any one coming in and wanting acquit quick fix, we'd you get a lot of people struggling and are key mo and come in, and it actually has been a great I'm survival to offer people really helpful in the process. We have a locked. Actually, that's actually been more.
Common than I ever thought and opening the studio. But no we never like we're going to fix you I mean cause. I could we can guarantee that we can do that. I think it's again. We can help make you feel better, which hopefully, in turn will help your killing thus there are I would imagine lotta challenges to running a bit any business in this business or in terms of the meditation game, what are the biggest challenges into finding good teachers? Is it getting enough customers what it? What's the big what are the big with a good news as meditation explodes teachers are more prevalent, so there's just My teacher, you gotta, make sure they're qualify a thousand percent when we actually just started our own teacher training programme, and I were in round to that just started this. We can actually- and that's been really amazing for that reason- that we really want people to understand the history meditation, the lineages, where when there, because I say: there's a modern day, meditation teacher. Now that's change like the voices change a little
It's a little bit of amalgam they're, not all teaching necessarily just one lineage, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing as long as they're educated and understand where their voice comes from and why they ve chosen to blend whatever it is that their voice is lending I'm. So it's a four hundred hours certification is actually pretty intense. So yes, fine certify people can be a struggle, but it's their more and more of them now than when we first open for sure people going through different programmes and the USA Programme, which for us is in Oak or in LOS Angeles also look on the customer service site. It's it's. It's tricky to cause. You have do sometimes you're really dealing with people in a tough time of their life, so you can be dealing with people when their at around
a place, and so it's the reminder that you're dealing with people's livelihoods to and their happiness and how to juggle that sometimes like and make sure we can be there as emotional support, but also make sure the boundaries are in place. I would say that can actually be a bigger struggle than people relies cause it's the one. It's a differentiating factor the most businesses yeah. Yes, I can only imagine I mean I have and ass a business, but we on our and we have coaches, you talk to our customers birthday, you don't know them, I'm not doing it, but you up and probably some of these cases actually interfacing with in the beginning. I was saying I mean I was the front. I was everything and I was completely interfacing and and its in some ways this what I loved, I mean a blends doing what I'm doing. really does bland like a lot of sides, a man the most perfect way- and I love
talking to people I mean I love it. I love hearing what people are going through it, but if it's a lot and IRAN and its gas and it can be trying- and it can be hard- so that's been a big learning thing for me personally of having to also know how to separate and make sure so I can have the energy to keep in a growing the business, so it can be provided for people cause. You do people people realise that they put their stuff on your, not up there's no one doesn't on purpose, but it does happen there you familiar with the term mic mindfulness you know about this. Now, that's funny so there's. This guy get here's a school of people's traditionally from the church, traditional buddhist world, who worry that I'm fulness is now being commodified. Absolutely what which you're do spot
You do think capitalism and meditation, I mean I've. I think I'm corporally closer to your view on this. Given that I sell books and have an apt, do you think there's any danger, mixing capitalism and meditation? Look, I think it's how the world turns. I mean it's. It's the benefit and negative of trying to make something appeal to the masses, and I only think meditation appealing to the masses is better for everyone and part of doing that is doing exactly what we're doing and making it easy for people to get to and look. That's you but I mean there's a yoga studio on every corner everywhere and if you talk to me like the purists what fifteen years ago, I'm sure there is or maybe more rights they have it twenty years ago. I'm sure there's a bunch of people still reeling in the corner. Angry about. What's happened to you
but in the long run, is it better that there's all these people were kind of practicing and inward practice? That's actually making them slightly healthier and mentally healthier, I think so so I think that's, unfortunately, just part of how you provide things to the masses. So it's the good and the bad I get it. I'm a purist in some way is for many things. So I under stand the feeling? I'm not a purist in this regard, so I understand appealing you get annoyed when people like discover it like I get it, but in this regard you won't be like it's the better. It's a higher good, it's just better for everyone, and not. My response is actually think that make my vote. Folks, makes some good critiques personally and observers, but but have you at the end of the day is more marvellous, bear them less Michaelmas. Absolutely you have a two year old, what it boy or girl girl. What's your name levy levy em, you things are when and how will you teach her to meditate? Or will you it's funny? I just thought I'd been actually thinking about it lightly now that she liked it not that it's gonna happen tomorrow, but We do little things. I won't teach you eventually,
browser LOS Angeles, it's in so many schools. Now it's part like the programme, which is really cute and great and full of shit. We already do things like events, all joke, appealing ivy depress with my So now I like us are herds just like a joke. I gotta give my three. I can get him to take a breath You know what it is like: she's learning, because we're alive so she's learning to swim and AIDS. I think, honestly that helped her more than me doing it because, like they take these deep rest before they go under water. If I'm really out myself love to take her for it? But you know what I've started doing I realize I didn't realize I was doing it until my husband kind of pointed out. I do things more like identifying emotions. I choose too young to like have a conversation under but she's a strong girl. I mean she came out the way she was just strong and feisty and knows what she wants and like just loud and tough, and so whenever she is like an issues material these. Whenever she starts like going,
at tat time, and you can tell where she's angrier, I say no and she wanted it. So then it's like screaming I letters is gonna. Do it, I let her have it. and like someone, the middle like wench thing, a brother look at our be like are frustrated. Are you settle it is. You sorry frustrate. It's funny. If I say like sage made, ignore me. If I say English might ignore me and therefore my car you're frustrated Billy So it's like this weird thing that even to like it, because I'm helping her identify it, she can say, and then I'll just say, I've been frustrated. It's hard feeling, like our fishermen, that, like that's, tough ha and so this bill- and I dont tell her to stop at our teller to correct it. I just I'm happy. She knows what this just another. This is frustration like just know that this is something else. It's not everything and a searching stuff like that with our two together. If you want to do something and ass, we gonna make It is thus you scared was worthy scared of mass. Like ok, it's got to know scrutiny
like so in a weird wham, bringing it in that way. Those I we're that's great, you not. I mean, like I'm just trying to get her because I feel like as parents of one so afraid now like any, can having an emotion which I think is so wrong. I mean like so coddling in every regard. They want to fix things like they want with them, fall, they want them, get her it's and I'm just a strong believer in the opposite. Like now it's part of growing up and like we get hurt, we fall down, we lose. Sometimes we told no that's life, I mean, I think we probably both wouldn't be where we were, if being told no was like bright would break us. I mean if you, if you gonna, break every time, someone says no than my gear, just screwed for the rest of your life, so I'm firm believer in that, so I think I'm gonna bring it in that way since more about. Like point of view, I think an attitude now verses, like I think, she's a little too young to sit quietly. I wish, but come on. You ve been somewhat trying to talk to him everything I should ass, you with it that I didn't, I mean know whatever you want to know I'm here, so no I mean will save it for next time. In turn,
I always like to open it up at the end to plugging working. Parliament social mean. I re mothers, Instagram, sweat everywhere den meditation, that's d and please vote and we do so much. So you take a look at our website. Even if you're not my way, I mean like its den meditation. com. If you will, literally do like eight retreats a year that are all over the world and the country, so you can join us in that regard. Like we do. A lot of all myself were actually starting our own podcast. so I mean just follow us for all this information because we are bigger than just to cereals, in LOS Angeles like it is important for us to kind of reach everyone, because, like you- and I have been talking about it's just it's good for everyone- Thank you for giving us a pleasant I'd like you to meet you. You tell us if the work thanks, ok, that does it for another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you liked it, please take a minute
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