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#20: Adam Shankman

Acclaimed movie producer and director Adam Shankman is best known for his upbeat, family-friendly movies, including "Hairspray," "A Walk to Remember" and "The Pacifier," but behind the scenes, Shankman says he spent years grappling with substance abuse and self-loathing. Growing up in Hollywood, Shankman, who is openly gay, remembers being "an incredibly happy kid." But when he was three years old, he says, his parents set him up with a doctor who was doing a study on sexual identity. Unbeknownst to his parents at the time, Shankman says he was placed in "conversion therapy." When he was a teen, Shankman turned to alcohol and later drugs to quiet the "ugly voice" in his head. In 2012, Shankman says, he entered a "really dark" place and the following year checked himself into a month-long rehab program -- where he discovered meditation.
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when he is many many things in the entertainment world, he's a director. Us here are just a few of his films, Walker, member, bringing down the house, the passive fire, the remake of affairs granted as a seven he's, also a choreographer. He was judge, and so you think, dance on CBS Andy's, author he's got a new young adult book out and called girl about town we talk and with that in the second and resume the sitting here in front of me right now he's an editor yeah. So thank you for coming. I'm at thanks for having a really nice to meet you. I mean I, like you already I'd like you to thank you and I can t I not. Unlike many behind you seem pretty happy. I am you know what it's like. It's like a chronic thing, people you know it's funny, because I have an enormous amount dark
in me. I'm a I've had all sorts of challenges in my life mostly related, I wouldn't, I would actually say to my sexuality of being gay and and which, when I was young, was problematic because the culture with so much different than it is now yeah yeah. Even a Hollywood, regroup yeah! Well, I mean might as well. Ok out, so I ll tell you sort of the backdoor, because this gets into a sort of the road. The got me in to sitting in his chair basically and talking about meditating, which was when I was doing. I was of an incredibly happy kid. I was singing and dancing IST kid in the world. Joy but as I and I watched a lot of movies there always on my mom played a lot musical soundtracks, I loved it, but I was gravitating towards the female characters and I had started like even putting hind leg
That's t shirts and belting them, and I was like I love that I wasn't like Maria in West story. I was Anita cause I liked her songs, but I mean it was like the craziest thing anyway. At some point I went into some sort of hysteria when I was a kid like a little tantrum of some sort, and I said to my dad: I wanted to be a girl. Now. Tell you right now, because I remember a lot of this period of my life. Strangely, the irony.
I can't remember what I did yesterday, but I can tell you what I did when I was three, but I remember loving about the relationship between men and women is that I saw my father protecting my mother and my uncle's protecting my aunt, and there was this sort of like the way that men cherished the women in my family and held them in such regard in high esteem, and then the fact that I see a sort of like the look in the way the dresses moved and all that I just liked what the that relationship of being cared for and what I saw theirs. And so obviously I had no kind of sense of sexuality at that point. But I had done a fight with women and my parents were very young and were concerned, and so they met with a doctor. But who is doing a study
on sexual identity and they liked him, and he was nice, and so they agreed to put me in this programme with him, which you now with a fine and well and unbeknownst to them. They accidently put me into conversion therapy and I tried to try to not to take it, the Gatt area, but remember that time. For then a very long period of time I was being given by my parents who did not was going on to this man, who is basically telling me I was a defective human being whoa I had to lie in order to survive. My parents would leave me I would have no friends, I would not. I would spend my life alone isolated, separate and rejected I was fundamentally defective, so this is a horrible thing. It's a terrible thing to happen to a little boy in that your mom. If I regret clue, she was a therapist Rachel that she is, but you don't know it was gonna, be ok, but she she's we just the fact that she was a therapist, I'm jumping to the assumption that she was.
we open minded, but she had no idea was boat. as for open minded, but they were again. There were very young. They wanted to make sure that I was going to be well adjusted. It wasn't like they didn't want me to be gay. It was just that they wanted to make sure that I was gonna, be ok and their concern was that you were saying you were gay. Their concern was yours, you wanted to be a girl, the imo out of three years. All yes, you know, and so they just wanted information, and I do not blame my parents for this. I don't it was an really unfortunate thing that happened. The issue that happened then beset with besides a lifelong issue, with dealing with an internal voice. That is endlessly preaching. Shame to me, because I now to take full responsibility for dragging that voice in my dont life. You know she stopped talking to me at a certain point and I became the voice, the kind you stop. You read everything to. Why should you take responsibility for dragging manager? Don't live? I feel
You have no responsibility for that. It's not your fault. It off! That's just my opinion. As a guide just met you and internal, and I don't like that can be blamed on you narrow. It's not blamed on me, but there were no sir, only later in my life, certainly in my adult life, I had nothing but evidence that I, first of all everything he said was not true, I ended up coming out. I was universally loved I was. I was successful, the weird thing is always been for me in relationship to my work. The thing that sort of ended up me up in that chair, which was all of my fantasy life and all of that and all creation and all of that ended up, not we not being killed but became the reason I'm successful, and what I do so I so I'm still working on my really
ship to my success, because anybody any time anybody congratulates me on anything anything I wins and I get angry at them. It's it's a very it's very straight. I mean not like overtly angry. I just feel like a sense of like because Jane because you were taught to hate the part of you. That is the wellspring of all success now yeah, my creative self anyway, that all having been said. So there is a moment at which you know through the european whatever I should have No, like you know like in everything, worked out, and it's ok, but I really just needed to hold onto that. Shame like it was. It became my partner enmeshed in my identity and This is what an remember all this is in response to. You seem like a really happy guy. The strange thing is,
while the olive as I was getting more successful, more successful, more successful, I was doing things everything that I was identified with was about hope and happiness and here's my settling in fighting for yourself then, and you know, do nor the, and yet I had this horrible darkness in me. That's. Ended up manifesting itself in a lot of drinking and using and all of that and then, when I had my first experience with something not going well work wise? I just went down when we come back to what was the project that and you have yet after this there is a new answer for people in need of serious pain, relief. Lighted care has created a one of a kind pain, relief patch that blocks pain for up to
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able to become social, and I was able to not deal with the ugly voice in my head and all that and then, of course later in life. When it turns against you, suddenly it actually ends up turning the corner. It amplifies the police, Oliver all of you drinking in using ever gay known, and I mean I by the ep- certainly it by the end of his drinking every day. I never was it everyday user. Elegant me, I was never in every days or but what happened with me was alcohol became a gateway kind of for me to do that so and what was the project that went? Pear shaped that since you over the edge, How can it rock of ages did musical did not go out of the movie the movie? I didn't do it
Do well and it wasn't, and it was not about something that I understood or particularly like I ended up. I dont want to bash the movie you directed, isn't I directed, and but I had a I had this like really gnawing suspicion that what was good about it was that it was like this great fun carry Oki play that people really loved, but that it didn't contain enough substance to ever really be a movie, but everybody around me was tat. Me now it's got movie at the movie at the movie and I didn't listen to myself and I should over, but I didn't and I made it and I love everybody who I made it with. I don't have a problem with that, but I have a problem with myself for well. Here's the good news I'll never do something like that again right. It just absolutely shut myself down and say like no just do it anyway, like if I have on an instinct about not doing it. I won't do it now you now, so I there is just
a room for how I felt or saw the world or anything like that in in that movie, and I pushed some of it in it. I got some of it in there, but it it up so anyway, because it didn't perform. I ended up you getting really dark really dark, and would you to keep it to mean on the bone there, but what you mean by their without when the daily drinking started and lot isolating- and I just I just saw Myself- is such a loser. I you know it was. I was I was so my whole identity was in round it in disappointment, and yet it was something that I thought was coming for a long time.
Now, then I got proven wrong the bad way and an if I saw in the year two thousand thirteen you into rehab yeah. I check me so I made a decision one after you know. It's that weird thing right one morning I woke up, and you know what looked like gonna. Basically, a crime scene and I want you know what this is. This is terrible. This is really really terrible. Did not bother. Me was the idea of not drinking what made me uncomfortable was not knowing what was on the other side of it and what was going to suit me in what was going to make me feel ok and what was going to make me people to manage my stress level and my you now the voices in all of that so and knowledge
Like demented voices, like I mean just like the negative, critical voices and the inner critic gap, and so, but I said you know I need to do. I need to understand what this is all about. There's what I've been doing this for so long. I need to understand why, because I didn't, I also was not one of those like. Let's have it like, I don't go out to dinner with friends. It have a drink or, like I'm, a glass one, the dinner and then I come home and literally upon law and order s view like marathon and drink a bottle of vodka, a full bottle of every single night work. How are you ve by myself and the next day I was fine. I want to use to joke that appear here, people are like. Are you hung over? I was like I call it awake like that, and I was like
great and your baseline. Here's my baseline and my people and my I absolutely was functioning and my you know. A lot of people were really surprised when I check myself in- and I have nothing happened- nothing big catastrophic happened down in the world and that what happened is I saw a piece of time where I thought I could disappear and nobody would know the difference. No one Missy and because work was shut down. It was December. So it's like a Hollywood shuts down, or so I took care some obligations. I did a bunch of research. I found a place where I wanted to go that I felt comfortable with, and I took my often fer a month and I came out after a month and I've been, you know, happier clam ever since no relapse, no! No! No! No! No! No! I mean I mean, there's always an urge for a sense of relief. There's always lag
I got no medicine, no more. You know what I mean, and so, but there's never been anything threatened. It's because I have that very clear, not just memory but but knowledge that I dont. When I drink, I dont want to have a drink and relax. I want to obliterate here, and so, since Does that no longer sounds appealing you know well, which is not to say that I haven't had some really challenges challenging times where I've been very uncomfortable since I've been sober, I've been incredibly uncover. I've had some really challenging stuff happens, but I'm but I've gotten through it like. Pretty much sailed through it good for you yeah why you feel lucky. What did you find that you TED you were they do nothing to soothe. You. Have you found things that are soothing well Ellison, if her? If I want to quiet my head,
cause. I no longer have that critical voice screaming at me that that has largely gone away. Did that the one screaming debt you're just that it is in bad and all because I dont really well for everything he I e. The gaping was then get at the gate thing gamblers again Why, too, like my overall being itself, but you know I probably what's a little too much tv because I like to go I'll, tell you what I have a problem with that apps me up and kills me is I'm addicted to the new cycle? That is a huge problem for me, because you want to talk about something that is created. vacationing in and stress, eats like it's crazy. So I now have to lie economy, monitor myself and unite women Alain were or I live back and forth. But I'm in
most of the time, and I just want to be on those new stations all the time and its problem. Well, you know speaking Yosemite works in the news business. I don't think it's a problem. We need people like yours, I'd be unemployed, I don't blame you. I blame. I blame myself at an end. We can talk to this, but because I think that its that weird, it's that weird fascinate it's that car wreck thing. It's like yours, just staring the car wreck, and if you stare at long enough- and hopefully you can like wrap your brain around it and the truth, the matter as I can't rap my brain around any of it.
Well. Here's what I did with that when I do want to start talking meditation some point. Cuz, I knew that's, become a big part of your life, but I think, while I'm obviously a huge fan of a news, I've spent the last several decades working in news. You have to understand that we don't report on the plane that lands safely report on problems, and so, if you're going to be Consuming news, you're gonna get a view of the universe. That is inherently a negative. the so through this process of getting have become Moreover, you also found meditation. I found meditation, and now I want to be very careful about how I say the word prayer, but I you know, I just know it sort of like I have
sort of mourning rich wall and evening ritual. Where I didn't, I sort of make sure that I am starting my day with a sense of gratitude and I'm trying to look at everything that is positive and and to basically. I say to myself: I am lucky to be alive, a works, and you know what we have in negativity bias. We have these prefrontal courtesies at the front.
our brain and and and they are wired to look out for safer to tigers. None, the less were where four threat detection and we are not wired for like listing the things that were grateful for that down. When you do it, it feels really good. That explains the tone of the presidential election right now. Is that everything you know it is very fighter flight. You know everything and it is it, and that is the great appeal because it is hitting those buttons in the public that are responding in a fighter flight apocalyptic way, and I mean we are literally being told that the world is on fire and it's not that pieces of the world are not unfair. But it's like the whole. Well, you know I mean there's. Just no sense of progress is meant. I mean it's, I'm telling you are angry old people. People are angry, but people are telling us to be angry. Also, no one's telling us it's gonna be ok. They are saying
If you don't do what I'm telling you you will die, you all, you will all die and it creates fight or flight response. So it's and that that creates all that activity. Inside of you to tell me than men, Would it? How did that happened for you? What are you? What kind while it was recommend, as I got sober, was a sort of recommended as something that my mom is like a pretty spiritual person and she always recommended that. I do it and I was like when you talk about there's no way I was my reaction to it did hooey in a way I mean I was like you got me. If I'm not thinking how am I actually doing I mean it lay. It made no sense to me, but what was really sobbing was because I knew when I stopped and just sat alone with myself. What was loud was the critical voice so vividly you know, if that,
is going on in your head. It's really hard to you know quiet! That's especially if you don't know who you are without it. So once I got when I was, I went to a great rehab where it was really mostly therapy lots of group. There be lots of individual therapy. Once I really dealt with a lot of my critical issues and on that kind of
blockage disintegrated and I started my look, I'm not that bad a person. I guess you Know- and I started opening up to that concept- that I was ok and it really just dissolved. I mean where it's crazy, but it really dissolve. I suddenly became open to doubt plus I was also like. I was also willing to do anything that anybody said to actually feel better. Do not I mean if I really was, and it wasn't about that like El its hand, kind of sobriety. Why give you don't do it? I'm telling you that there was a light there, like you might as you're here you might as well why this and I was like well I'm mad as well. I mean there's no reason not to, and so I started, meditating we have to had three how what kind of adhesion they teach you door. What what was the Prague more like she gone,
we all know that, because everything that will that there was there, but we did, we did everything I mean we had. We did a lot of yoga practice. We did a lot of visualization a lot of visualization classic technique yeah we did when they would have you d, visuals asian. What were you visualizing? You know mostly positive. You know sort of like radiating, whatever light that you had in their like unearthing, that in coming, we also did like wait. Holland Correia, crazy have ever done this thing where you do like a half an hour. Or a fast breathing where you never stop we're all sank. I think it's cold. I can't remember what that I've never done it. I've heard of it. You literally start evolution.
plan and other you go into an altar stay. I would have liked nervous breakdown when we were too, I mean full sobbing hysterical unblock in like the craziest thing, because the imagery that was going when you get that much oxygen going into your brain. Its is nuts and I started just going like. While I am a lot more, I'm like a kind person, I actually behave kindly to people and I'm a real good friend and really good son and that I just had so much self loathing and each is started to evaporate. While when I was doing these different practices so, but what became the most useful for me because I really needed guided meditation because I just like I did it was because it was available, so I might as well, and so I just started downloading apps and now I still use that I have just been recommended by all of my friends
Don T tell me tat, I have to start doing tm, and so I just made a point of the TIM teacher when I get back to us Angela, so I mean all this stuff can be incredibly awful. All that can be incredibly of lamb and you're talking at the root of the issue, for you is the voice in your head, and what you want to do is create a different relationship to that voice. Cuz you're always going to have a boys right, you're always going to have thoughts, and sometimes our thoughts are going to be negative. Largely preferential until you just want to have a different relationships to it, and meditation is a really good tools. Do that, while the other thing that I got really clear with what I,
really became sort of a cornerstone of my sort of life practice, not just my meditation patent. That is this, I'm not begun. I have a problem with my victimhood, like I do not see myself as a victim in any way shape or form where I think that nag did me somewhere inside of me once upon a time, and even though
I am a boss and I, when I say yes to doing a movie, hundreds of people are getting point of millions and millions of dollars and all of that, but there is there- is always something in me that had us a sadness- and you know a lot of my funny comes from that place so and by the way, those people who have a lot of that are oftentimes, incredibly charismatic and which, as I said, I am but at sort of like it became. Like part of my thing you know, and and yet all my work is so sunny. It's also happy and its also hopeful, and I would- and I look at it and, unlike
did tat like it's. It's like a magic trick like because it's almost like my real self was coming out, in my mind, was in controlling it in some strange way. Do not like you were faking it. It was actually coming from some deep place that was paper over by this negative voice yeah. So I think I think that that's kind of what I've I've come to discover now in my work going forward, I'm really interested in exploring much more like an adult kind of work and much more
of character, work and much more things that are not quite necessarily so family which not, they won't do family stuff, but it sort of like I've. I sort of made my mark doing projects that no one thought was gonna work and it was really for, like this sort of broad family general audience stuff, which was just totally ironic, that it was me doing it. But and yet it was all super successful like nobody thought the pass. A fire was gonna work or like a indeed all family movie with him and babies, and all that Braithwaite least of all me like I than anything I was like my biggest globally. It was like that. It's crazy, like these things that I made ended up just feeling so hopeful and happy and an right. and I was like month weird so now that you're feeling happier you're gonna do darker stuff, I'm available to well. I I wanted to say more
then, like you know, there's a family for everyone like. I want to say more in life than that, and I have like, for example, here's a story. I have a project set up at each be oh, that is the Stone Wall Story yet told from the perspective, largely of the guys who opened it, which worth three it had mob kid. Italian Taliban straight guys, business men who were like nineteen just with the uninitiated. This is the the stone while riots a bar in the west,
Philip, where their rights by the largely gay clientele against gay, bashing and listened and in the world by the way was like this in the world was on fire at that point anyway, was like just coming out of the summer of love and admire. Linsey was going on and end the black Panthers and they hit the counterculture movement. Everything was going on in work and on that block you know it just the oppression of the gay community, just exploded and the riots broke out for three days and of that. But what you know? People have all sort of heard and no peripherally that the mob assorted about what was true, they actually own debt and they ran it and they ran it. With these. You know with the handshake agreement that the gay community was can run it, but they were. Can you know they are bar and the gay community who they apparently had no judgments
unlike the sexual nature of them, they were a revenue stream and they were happy to be too. There were like these to outlaw cultures, the mob and the gay community who were being both beaten up by the law, who agreed to sort of like a handshake, so that they could, you know, help each other. So is this project on four it's just being written of its being written and a far cry from Hairspray. What exactly? But it's like. It's a story that really resonates with me, because I think it is fascinating. How every thing I think would be true, which is that you know a crime, family and a crime culture that has so much to stop drawn back and nineteen sixty seven must have been some of the worst oppressors and in fact they were the guys that lit the fuse. It's crazy. So it's like that's a really fun project. For me, you know I'm working.
On that, you now listen to some pretty gay, but like the real story of Gypsy Roseleaves family, that the musical gypsies based on their the true story of their mother was like a bipolar alcoholic lesbian. Who was one of the great child abusers of the history, and yet somehow she became this monument of musical theatre lore. I mean there's a reason why I called you know Gypsy, a musical fable, and so I have a project guaranteeing the true story of how really kind of gypsy ended up kind of becoming her mother, and there is like a questionable murder that flash suicide that happened- and you know it's it's more interesting. So it's dark like that's dark stuff, but its again all of. It is very character. Intensive, I'm interested in human stories, just events on their own. Don't necessarily do it for me, I like to know it's gone on the people in it,
Here's! What did you think me a me all those fascinate, but what would under it is something that I am curious about, which is a lot of people worry that if they fixed their psychological problems or or lets, you say, reduce the psychological pain, crude in their life start meditating get happier. They're gonna lose their edge but I'm here from you is you just did all of the aforementioned an effect your work may get edgier yeah, I think so. Well, I'm I'm not afraid anymore to explore any part of me or any interest of mine at this point like once, upon a time I think just like that little kid who is told that he was badly wrong, how to lie to survive in all that I had that like this is what I do. This is what I do and then to make money, and I'm gonna be ok and I'll. Let you know I have a company and all like me and I'll all be fine, but that's like a fantasy to like that's not why people like me tonight,
mean it sir. It's that it was all like by control issues and what meditating has done is. I really will lease alot of that through my meditation practice. I still do a norm, amount of visualization. You know I'm one of those geeks that, like you now I'll be sitting in a cab and I'll go like. I can do a five minute meditation in here. Oh yeah. I do that to you, gotta get to turn off the radio, yeah and you'd, and you just now I can close my eyes. I can start focusing on my breathing and in stark own for do. You have a time of day that usually I do every morning every morning every how long it very
it's between fifteen and twenty minutes. I don't do that longer than that, as I start to fall asleep. If I start to push past that, but the fifteen twenty minutes is totally regular, but then I do it throughout the day when I see brakes- and particularly if I have agitated like my book- is coming out today and last night, I had an unexpected in an unforeseen adrenaline rush, because I suddenly I'm just used to that. I'm wired now, when something is coming out, that means something happening and like and like suddenly people are going to be. There could be judging something or whatever, but there's a, dictation involved in it. You know I mean that is what I have signed up for in every facet of my life, but adrenaline comes with that and my adrenaline got really high last night and
like, oh boy. I don't know what to do with myself. I you know I was like really Drummond my fingers and I knew I should meditate and I'd just did not want to meditate at all, because I was like to be a disaster and then I cannot now be matter myself from meditating I believe that you know it became all- is crazy. Circular thinking and I ended up just going like ok just turn on the tv and sit down and just put on something that is going to make you feel comfortable like a procedural and I did, and I did and then, as I suddenly started sort of sinking into my body and just going over here, I am, I started very automatically started doing that thing where I started regulated my breathing focusing on it. I started feeling the points of contact where my body was on the bed and started just getting going inward in my body
and it my eye regulated on my body relaxed and I became actually much more okay. Now com is not that every moment is the right time to meditate like if you're freaking out a means not throw yourself in the low disposition. Is I can fix, solve problems out, not creating a treadmill or watching something. That's gonna eat your mind, makes better sense and then you can met three giant deep, breaths and big exhales will actually regulate me. It s actually bring my bring my stress, novel town, really big inhales, with really big exhales like an idea, and if I have to dash round the corner, Angola could be on people, think I'm hyper ventilating or something but yet end, but that's like, but I'm really go daddy and I dont go nutty very much because I'm pretty come most of the time you mention your book. Yeah tell me about it.
It was a white book. I was approached by literary agent girl about time. We girl about town as the name of it, and I was approached by literary agent to do something that I believe was based on. Like my twitter, like that decades, I I had this very like kind. Funny either funny way on Twitter and- and you know, coupled with what the way that I was on, so you think you can which was very much me and the way I talk to those kids go now. I talk to those kids. Well, I was judging because I did not want them to feel judged. I want them to feel encouraged and supported, and so it was you know, that's kind of who, which was very much me talking wishing that this summer It's going to be like this. When I was a dictionary you know so or when you were a three year old, when I was a three year old and you can just saying it's: ok, it's ok, it's good! So I went ok and he proposed a kind of a project, and I said well, I would be interested in
kids book and I said, but listen, I'm in the middle of a multiple projects right now I love collaborating. Can you find me a co author. not a ghost writer elect lit up like a real collaborator and they said sure they sent me some materials from different people, and I found a woman and whose now become my partner, Laura Sullivan and has written a lot away, literature but wait. She was really interested in doing this kid's book with me that project and in falling through, but in the mean time we got to talk a lot and she just was like hey. I think that each should not stop right. I think you should actually right, and I would love to right with you. I would you be.
to any kind of why a staff- and I was like will like when she said you know so she proposed this kind of she asked about the law on my reading habits when I was young, which is a lot of mysteries, a lot of mysteries and she said. Well, you love Hollywood is, I think, said well, you know it would be fun to do a young person's version of the thin man. You know and try to create those characters, but in there and you no kind of late teens, but have that battery kind of a barrel at the good man out actual Hammett. It's a couple Nick nor Charles there, like you, know a famous detective couple that were in that big series of movies were made of in the late thirties, fortys and then in the early fifties. So
and so these are. This is young people listening when young, its young people that we created that have that kind of relationship that and it's that sparkly battery kind of relationship that it became famous on like tv shows like heart to heart and and I've. I've literally,
failing this delighted to do so. You understand about yes, I guess you know like you're in my time frame of hectares, it was so. Could you make this into a movie? Well, I ain't. You could accept that the market today I'd like leave it to me to write something that doesn't seem like anybody would want to produce a right now, but if the book as successful, then of course somebody would want to make it. But it's it's a period mystery. That's has comedic leanings as well as suspense, but with young people in it. So it's like I don't know who gets that movie made is like there's, L, fanning or like when I try, I'm begging, Selena Gomez. To do this lead in a period mystery, it's all too mannered it doesn't fit. It doesn't fit with what's out there in the.
market place. I mean the only person be its procedural it well, it could be a procedural like art are now that, but it would have to be suitably, and I dont know what will, whose doing young period pieces. It's all set. The nineteen thirties and Hollywood. That's expensive. I've made a lot of stuff and I'm tellin. You can be expensive. I know you can do it cheaper, but it still it's still a thing. Listen. I will say this: if the book ass a hit, some he's gonna Make it here. Looking at me, like, I know I've ever biased towards my own ideas he's my last question for you. I have meditated for couple years and and I play the drums since I was ten, so I have some rhythm, but I can't dance. I mean that's just not true. Man like what you can't dance like Misty, Copeland, yeah sure, maybe brightly can dig. I mean everybody can get up there in step touch on
dance floor and do all that I mean dancing, I mean the dancing can literally putting on music unjust, jumping around flailing around off, beat and doing something where you're, just you know, losing yourself in a sense of physical exe russian and that that is what that is dancing. I mean the stuff that you think about this. Damn thing that's like organised. You know that flag No, it's a metal, unlocking your body and not feeling so self conscious and that's all on you yet would that freedom, and I can't do it, and I would think that I'm working on my behalf, meditation guy. What is it with a cat? That's such I mean. Maybe you can't become an astronaut right now. You can dance like I,
there is the that's so on you. I don't have any sympathy for you right now. I got a damn thing. That's not gonna! Like I'd like to know. If we have we put on music, I can make sure that you, and by the way, I'm not gonna do better. I would make sure you like ok now, do this and like you just have to go like it doesn't matter have ever jumped out of an airplane? No, you gotta see grazing world. It's like fires, your brain, every single one of your survival instincts is Do not do this. This is stupid. This is a very bad idea. You are very high in the air. You will absolutely this will die there. This makes no sense, and I've done it now many times, because I could not believe
the experience of it, because the sheer act of getting past everything, your brain is telling you and pushing past it and through it and then experiencing the unbelievable exhilaration of one million per cent hopping and control of what's happening and then suddenly taken control or controlling taken cause. I did in tandem and trust having trust and then floating for all that time, but that adrenaline rush cleansing,
your brain, like nothing else, it's like putting your brain through the best Maytag can more whatever or like a kilometer like I mean no better, more more cleansing. That political context still leaves up their letter of. I can now that they held the clock if it got everything, but it is, it is an extraordinary experience where you feel so pure and soak mean, and so amazing I honestly, cannot recommend it enough. I know it sounds insane and scary now, but you will not think that there is anything you cannot do after do that, I guarantee you you'd make a very convincing argument. I am actually taking it seriously m shaggy. You are a delight. Thank you, honest answer. You very thank you, your honesty, Europe,
all all that fantastic really appreciate it, keep on meditating annoy you. Gotta go take a lesson with the to guy soon and I keep on making art and books, and I look forward to watching your procedural when it there's a knot of you in the followed two thousand a teen. Thank you very much meant that really prohibited are there's another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you like it, and we need you up for a favor, please subscribe to it, review it and read it, preferably five stars. I want to also think to people who produce this pod cast. Josh coherent Laurent Efron, Sarah AMOS and the head of ABC News, Digital Dan silver. You can see a video version of the Pakistan at ABC News that come and heavy up a twitter Danby Harris seen accept this temper said happier. Podcast is brought to you by lighter care, pain, relief, patches, try, light a care. Your resolution for on the spot, pain relief is
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