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#23: Mario Batali

World-renowned chef Mario Batali has 28 restaurants, 10 cookbooks, a daytime cooking show, a food emporium in New York City, and now plans for a food theme park. He also -- somehow -- finds time to keep a daily meditation routine. Batali says he started practicing mantra-based Transcendental Meditation (TM) six years ago after Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, suggested he look into it. Batali said he now practices twice a day for 20 minutes, and that it's helped calm his temper.
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For maybe see this ten percent have your podcast I'm dead Harris. My guest today is one of the best ships on planet earth and I say that was zero. Hyperbole he's been responsible for some of the best culinary experiences of my entire life. He's got a restaurant empire that ranges from New York City TAT, lay to Hong Kong to Boston. he's written ten cookbooks he's also the host of the chew on a b c and somehow and miss while that he finds time to meditate. He is Mario Battalion, ladies and gentlemen, and we recorded this podcasting others, restaurants in downtown Manhattan, which I have always referred to as Otto, but is actually auto, auto fairly number eight, because we are on a street a year ago. Are we. We are ostensibly a meditation pot gas. Allow me to start with that. Ok, when why, where
How did you start meditating? I started meditating six years ago after having a couple of dinners with Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, who of which Jerry is a huge fan of TM through that David Lynch, deferentially nettle medical, and they turned me onto this guy Bob Wrath, who runs the David Lynch Foundation, and I took his classes for like three lessons and then I started doing it, and I must say it change just about everything, unpacked, that from a little bit about what a change. I'm in high pressure, high tension situation almost every day, if you allow it to become that and what I had how I had been processing my overloaded? Jason information was slightly losing my temper every now and then even if not outside visible to the outside, and what I realized I could figure this out. I mean I've ibox four days a week. I play squash two days a week, so I'm pretty set up in the exercises
and I just wasn't able to rid myself of little bits of anger like waiting a line for a long term of traffic and some are not turning or somebody. My team not doing exactly what I told him to do, or even close to what I torn girl being noisy and an elaborate exactly, which is which happens in what I found that if, after about a month of doing tm, which for me at the outset, leg like I love your ten percent happier, peace and and I love the tea and peace. But I love people. They don't even have a practice way of doing it, but they find a way to quietly com, their sole once or twice a day, because that's just what they think is a good idea, some of its spiritual, some of its not spiritual, physical, but but what worked for me as I realise that if I could find twenty minutes to scrape both the top foamy part of my sea of mentality and get to the profound non moving depths of that same see, I could find a place some lower to the bottom then nearer to the top to spend most of my
I'm in it and it allowed me to more carefully or more slowly react to something that was offending me. Bothering me pissing me off. They enraging me and in that minute that you take to think. How am I going to respond to this? The meditation has given me a much firmer base from which not to shoot is quickly or is loudly or as defensively as I might have in the past. You for those of us for those who don't know anything about tee, our transcendental meditation. How does it work? It's like most meditation. They give you a mantra, but I don't think it's crucial. Someone gives it to you to decide that. I want to do Waterglass, it's the ideas that you repeated in your mind, to the point that almost like as anti service, can remove your mind from the equation, as you just sit there and care ITALY and mindfully try to find a calm place, and the mantra is something that
if she is focused on the low end, but as with all meditation well, maybe with all but of all the ones that I've learned. We accept the fact that you will wander off into your mind and suddenly are thinking about something in your moving more quickly than your entire, but as opposed to looking like that is a failure. You realise, when you realise that that you go back into the mantra or the quietness or the mindful silence in your heart or whatever you want to call it for me, it's not so spiritual for me, it's much more about finding com, which I know every being has a calm somewhere, and how often do you do when you twice a day. Twenty minutes, twenty minutes twice it. What you you wanna talk about your schedule, but women. When do you do it in your debt? If I'm sure the two we are in at seven thirty we rehearse until about aid, then we role at nine. So, between eight nine and then before dinnertime if I'm not realizing the to its generally. After I get up, which is about the same everyday. I get up five, five, five. Thirty, from sleeping
I get up. I start my day I figure out. What's going on for the kids breakfast and make sure the dog goes out and takes a p, I come back upstairs before anyone else gets up. I have it probably an hour or so so. I can read a little bit of a newspaper, but I start with meditation talking about your schedule, because, just from an outsider, it seems ridiculous if you are on the two every morning you have seven thousand restaurants by my couch, twenty eight, ok, twenty You have a new show and vice doing our second pilot that's ok surrounding the words you you do, a lot of charity work. You written a thought about. Once a week you ve written a bunch of books, I think Said ten eleven new ones coming out? Ok, so I'm again my math is wrong, but a jam directional correct. So that's a lie.
our staff and I'm sure I haven't even you ve gone. You got two kids and wife, yes, so that that's a lot of stuff. How how do you do all that without losing? your mind. I my lesson to most of the people that work with me that lose their mine on smaller bits of that giant puzzle is find a way to everyday compartmentalize thinks you're not going to push the rock all the way up to the top of the hill and leave it up there ever so. What you need to do is say: if there are five projects. Where can I find out? How much do you think at the end of the week, you need to propose to work on those projects and of each day only give that, that amount of time be able to put it away closed the folder and say I'll get back to this tomorrow and, in the same sense, unless I'm opened, new restaurant tonight for the very first time which that day is spent entirely on the new restaurant. I figure out what part my day and my weak, and my month Emma Year, can go to each thing that I'm involving so like
you know the red campaign is a big thing in June. It's about providing funding for that HIV relief drug that allows people live normal lives and stops the transmission of HIV from mother to child and in Africa big thing and I work on it with Schreiber and Vano in it's. It's a lot under our month, restaurant activation month is doing so may till so little bit, for that, while we get all of our stuff in order, but by the time it's under rule and moving forward, I've I check in on it now but in the last month it would take. Sixty percent of my time now is willing to take five percent. So I figure out what how important things Often the way to figure that out of my will is how much money making on this or how much joy my getting or how much social responsibility my getting out of this new kind of figure out where that matches this week, and then you gonna,
You really have to say this and I can do two hours this week and I get a six hours next week negative one hour this week, but it causes me from feeling it diminishes in my mind the fact that I'm not getting anywhere- because I didn't finish anything today, but I am in fact hurdling small goals at all times, and that makes me feel a lot more confident that I will eventually get to the finish line of what I needed to give evidence my opinion now. So it is worth pretty much nothing, but I sit across the table occasionally from people claim to be in a state of imperturbability and I dont believe it. I sit across from you. Actually I sense your pretty com guy and is that
Would it have been different? If I was in the programme, you say eight nine. Ten years ago, premeditation, yes, absolutely, but also I mean age. You know eight, nine years ago I was in a year years younger. I was a little more volatile. Maybe I was a little less confident that what I was doing was working out, and I also a teenager, my own, my kids in nineteen eighteen right now when they were twelve and thirteen May it was a little trick here. Maybe it was new territory, but as with all experience, when you become familiar with the variety of options and variables, then I'll send you know: hey I've seen this can't go that far. Maybe what here and I know how to stop it to get it from there? or how to promoted to get to their. I actually address drunk people often talk to me as if somehow meditation has made everything perfect for me, I think its Multi Victoria, like from for me just for me. It's maturation I married well meditation, is part of its one piece
I agree with you, so you were very, very kind, even though we don't know each other. Well I reach out to, but a year ago I asked you for a big favor which is set out. At that point, I was just launching my ten percent happier app and I ass you to try it out and make these little videos I enjoyed sitting in my little videos from there were great, and I want to quote from one of the little videos were. You said, At one point you said that one of the things you really took from the little lessons from me in my meditation teacher, Joseph Goldstein, was learning to respond and not react, and you said that will be a big lesson for me. I tend to go off: half cocked, not prepared emotional, only all the time. so is that still prom reason I'm semi, we talked about it just a little bit earlier. This way, no one's perfect. That said, I can usually postpone my response now by a good sixty seconds, which is a mile and a oh yeah, along a path towards doing the right. Of course.
I'm I've learned too. I made my first thing is I try to put on my Bogdan your face and I try to think and faculty it brings us. Madam I face no matter what situation it because I know I don't look above two new, but I think that is quite a comical character and then I try to breathe through and think what would be. The first thing I would say, and what could be the best thing I could say, and then what am I going to say and if I can get to a point of my mind, I'm already thirty percent better. Now that not only TAT thirty dude you're, probably a thousand percent better, because that's my voters in action right there, which is not just saying the first thing that comes to mind, which can often
RO in the next seventy two hours. You your merit! I, your worryingly, I for your restaurant business failure whatever yes, so its work for me, but like keep it might sometimes the funniest things are going to see the ones you dont consider very long, so you have to be able to turn it on and turn it off right. I mean it's more in confrontation that I find that to work, but not in all facets of my thoughtful being. I think. That's actually an excellent point in that it brings us to the two
because when you're on the two you're very funny- and you Annetta able to write you don't wanna, be you don't wanna over think every right? No, you can't. Why can't I mean because what became very evident at the beginning of the two production process was like after the third day they wanted to retake the opening. Unlike don't let him do it, we can't let them do it. Then it won't feel like alive show in ITALY suddenly feel like one of those overproduce data shows that we know a lot about so don't ever, don't I told the whole crew? Please don't let them have us, we do it. Making a mistake is actually funnier, then doing it exactly right, because this isn't a movie is a date on tv show and we all kind of got together, including the producers, and we said yeah, let's just let it role, it'll be so much more relaxed. Now that doesn't mean that if I make an unsavory remark every now and then because they passed through my mind, just like my thing: honesty that every now and then you'll look at the cameramen after seen, obey they'll be like that line is never going to make us oak as they do at it,
they'll added just a little bit and they'll they cut away like maybe I'm seeing something under my breath, or maybe I'm saying something directly and they'll cut away from it and go to somebody else's faced for justice when they first came to you with the two did you think I have a tunnel students all these books always Geraghty work. I can't do this. You don't want at work when it started because it was, it was gonna, be a daily show. We thought I was gonna be like, which means you go on at one o clock and go off to so powerfully. Could you have to show up? How would colleague would yet stay you know, and and because I'm together like like when, when the two crew need something done in there's five of some raw five getting back to them quickly, if they wanted done fastest, like they need a recipe really quickly, they say given to the busiest person, because I'm capable of responding immediately to that kind of a request. So we have our recipes in all in and everything's all set up as it turns out. It's not live. It's like to take this, like most of the tv shows and late night shows and in it was going to be for days, but it now it's three days weeks so
we figured out how much time it would take. I figured seventy one really by the time. It's one o clock. Most of my friends are really not really having done. That might be a great way to get a jump start on a lot of things and then beyond EU aid. Will you hang out with it? They're not gonna having done by one. Shouting artists in open dinner, restaurants and pm: fair enough. Why don't you go to bed? You get enough sleep, I think so. I think I feel pretty good about it. I mean I'm. I've always been the guy that went to bed last and got up first and that's just because providing you not drinking yourself to sleep, I dont need. I could live on five hours for a long time five hours a night and then what I believe firmly and showed that most of the sleek specialists listening to this right now we're gonna start. Writing you a note on a firm believer in sleep banking. I think that if you see. extra for like three months in a row, you have little cushion, you said Lily count I'd I visit everywhere. I know nothing, so I won't well it's works for me, like I mean I'm not breaking down, I feel healthy. My you know my numbers therein.
reasonable world Vietnam in my size, and it looks like em performing quite well figure performing shrilly well on the issue of spirituality, would you call yourself a religious man? I would call myself and anti religious me. I am a firm believer in your own personal spirituality. I am a firm believer in the energy of the universe being universal and in fact that when we come into the earth, it's a brand new piece of something. But when we go into the earth when we leave the earth, our energy reentered the flow and that's ecstasy and its eternal and something remarkable and I'm not worried about death, I'm not sure where I came from to get that spark other than something remarkable and creative. But I dont believe that there is a deity or a creature. Who is,
charge of this. You are not worried about death. No does want why what does this gets just part of the bits? It's it's actually an entry into another ecstatic position of this very piece of energy. That's right here I mean I'm not looking forward I'm not rushing ahead to it. I'm not in unusual rest as I want to spend as much time as I can with my family, but like when time, comes I've seen what looks like to me, and I met a lot of very older people, and half of them are like still small businesses every day and have been a great german and have them are living in places where they are not having a good time and that's living beyond our expiration date and and and- and I don't have a problem with science- doing that- I'm just not sure that I will
you had a near death experience, which I heard you discuss with our mutual friend brand carbon. Absolutely hot Caskey tell me a little bit about what happened. I hadda cerebral aneurysm about equidistant in the center here just off of what they perceive to be or factory and taste. It's when a what looks like a little piece of amino little piece of your brain bloodstream looks like a little tiny intergroup and there's a little bubble on your born with bubble. Pops eventually doesn't have to, but it could be the cattle. Of a larger field, or it could be just the weirdest little thing and this because they're so where they said by your children and your wife are now completely never gonna get it, because it's that rare thing that's added popped in and I felt like I said it was like You were about to open a new rest. I was. I was at the dishwasher machine at LUCA preparing for the wedding of my partner, Jason Denton, and I'm looking up
guy shoulder, and I say so: how do we make sure the dryers actually going go all the way through and I ll send involvement of all possible hopper who fall on this? Is either a flashback or something and I went outside it kind of subsided and then for the next like six hours, it just felt a little bit more like a headache in the back minutes, so I went to the hospital and into the careening hospital and ninety Streton Second Avenue, Nay said: let's taken excellency, which a garden they took thing and it looked like a giant pink Mamma had they they said we can help you we're gonna, have to move you somewhere else. This is on a Friday night and the summer in New York City, where there are gunshot wounds and angry cut people and just the crazy situation. So they took me to another household I kind of rested for the evening. Adopter came in next money said we have to operate. You have an answer, is we need to go in and clamp which they subsequently did
How lucky were you to survive? Five out of ten die immediately. One out of five has four out of five of the remaining five have permanent damage and you're the one. At a time when the ten percent. You know what I thank you for keep bringing of living in my earlier Europe, your man who knows that a brand. What impact did that have on you outlook your way being in the world, while my first question doctors, this result of lifestyle or bad decisions. He said no. This is congenital whenever they saw. My group feels better. At least I didn't screw myself up When people ask me how much did it change her behaviour or change your life? was already someone who is so deeply in love with my life and and and the things I get to do in realising the gift fifteenth of it that it didn't change, that much yes. I I made a past that unusual and I would hate to say fated experience
I mean if it was congenital, it was kind of faded. You know what I mean but not faded, like someone's up there, you know playing the puppeteer, but you know I still love my kids as much as I did before, and I let my wife is much zella before I've gone on to create a lot more product, and I think, complements point was this was a transition that made you more productive. now in due course, famous shifted was in an airplane. Crass walked away the only one that survive and suddenly became the most three star, Michelin, chef well. I'm not sure- and I asked him about that. I said how much of that change you. He said you know what I did It made me wasted little bit less time, very interesting way to look at it like if your perception of wasting time is just merely lounging around leisure, I'm not sure, that's a waste of time. I think maybe wasting time on projects that weren't going to come to fruit is probably the better way to kind of figure that out- and I tried to edit that, but you know I'd still I mean we have twenty restaurants, where four thousand employees that when I was at that point I had I was opening. I was
third restaurant we had. Eighty employs Brian Common just there, those who don't know who he's one of the writers of the show time show billions, he also has a podcast called the moment, which is definitely worth listening to us. you may a pretty good. Golfer is you're gonna hurry, I'm fan, which is where we bound bonded first area and golf brought us. I know nothing about all for you to know I broke. I grew up in the back now have a golf course, but dating led using I love our aims. I will out here that passion with you, You jackass idea how much how much competition is there among elite chefs do give you get some of jealousy when you look at these there's a difference in jealousy in competition jealousies like when someone does something really good and you just proud of them, but you're oscillate man. That's so great, I wish I'd thought at first, but it can't possibly think of everything You know I'm incredibly jealous of my good buddy Tony Bourdain. He got have lunch with Obama in Hanoi Piazza like theirs but now you want to do him bad. I see what you
the one who said I have a beer and talk about what they really said, that didn't get made to the other, the ether dot com or whatever the hell. This information, this but like in in New York City having we have ten restaurants in New York. For us, we don't have to beat anybody to get the customer and our chair. We do so be good enough that they remember to come back because a lotta restaurants fall by the side or the or the roadside of the wayside, because people forget to hear about it because there They just have been on the pressure they haven't done. Anything or whether you haven't used are manual or whatever I mean twenty years ago. It wasn't like. There was instant virtual Mauritania is news casting of the chef putting the oyster on the plate like there is now. So it's a lot different chefs and restaurant towards to play the game of the pr world than it used to be, but some We are better at it, and also some people are, by definition, just doing something. That's more challenging or more newsworthy, then making a great hamburger or agree cheeseburger lobster, salad or whatever. So for us the thing
to be in a good position so that, as the city gets busier, all boats rise of you know it at that time and when it back down just to make sure that you're paying attention to the contraction. So they use making profit meaning you don't have as many people working on the floor as many people in the kitchen like we look at it as something can absence, and the success that has not having a full walking on an empty, weak or full staff on an empty night. So we pay attention to that kind of new ones, that, because we're Malta unit guys maybe a smaller restaurant, her is starting to think like that. Do the cup Titian versus jealousy issue we are discussing a moment ago. Have you then, better at that? With time did you did you yeah? Well, I'm in realising that I had my position already set sat, but I mean that we had a great success in my measure. Success by how many of my good pupils have gone on to open their own restaurants, and that that, for me, is a good thing. I like them to move on show their greatness. Orb eventually become partners with me as we adjust the run
at last Irena, was, sue chef ad. Pasto than he was the chef in the morning add Babo, and then he was the p m chef and now is a chef partner and having that happen means, go into the kitchens and into the dining room of all the restaurants. I say: listen, look at just the right or or look at wine waiter, who is now the wine director for Jack Porter, started as a wine waiter, and now is that wine, director and beverage director for five restaurants, like I say, listen, you pay attention and you did the right thing and you show up early and you state and you do the right thing all day, long and stay tremendously to make savings in order you can possibly be. My partner there's a uterus term, not ass. You know like that. It's kind of warm advises that must give you some nothing to see these people that you helped raise our fashioned go on to use another phrase. I would Cavell about them forever: good use of british Vitaly when we come back. What is it
thing you're working on now that wouldn't you nobody knows about that. Your most excited about stick around. There is a new answer for people in need of serious pain, relief. Light of care has created one of a kind pain, relief, patch the blocks pain for up to eight hours. The only non water based lighted came back on the market. Lighted care uses patent pending technology to desensitize aggravated nerves for an odour free, alter. flexible, dry and light solution to pain. The latter care paint batch acres of blue emu for long sing relief. You can wear available at CBS. I know the answer to this, but I think our listeners might be interested to hear it. How did you start looking? You know that That's interesting model am- I remember exactly what I was my birthday- rational job. Ok, but I mean we cooking. When I was growing up in these terms. I'd have washed and state we cook, like we pick
everything we made on either side of what use is it so? I was born in Seattle than I moved here. Then I move to Seattle and then we went to Spain to go to high school and in all a time in the summer we would forged for, while berries we would make pickles. And everyone, men, women, everybody all my aunts and uncles on my cousins? Are greek cooks they just never. It would keep him. I will became a cook in nineteen. Seventy eight- it was the last you did after you got out of the military before you went to jail like it was the lowest common denominator appeal potatoes they'll make suit. So it was not job, your mom would bragged here neighbours about, and it just turned out to be the right time So all my causes are all work. You know some of them there, obsessive fly fishermen that they went to work for Boeing so that they can have access to these micro fibre super elastic step to build their fly. Fishing rights like the crazy that so we grew up in a very family. I mean a very food obsessed family. Then, when I got to college and I needed some money, I went to work at a place called stuffy face a New Brunswick New Jersey which, if you haven't been,
It merits a visit they make struggling to sizes large and huge, and its every this fresh, like they were miles ahead of the farm to table mongering like we're there. Maybe Broccoli or cauliflower mushroom stumbling. Now, what can stuff picket step with fresh doctors, willing it inside that pizza with a little tomatoes us? It was delicious and I believe us three, eighty five for a large and seven as for you'd still still pricing hired- and I think they ve gone up a bit, but I I don't know the answer exactly, but it's still a good value. Their records is, though, rockers the State University, New Jersey and after stuff, your face, what happened. I graduated I went to the court of Blue in London and I were fast is a guy named mark up here white who was the youngest at first British born kid to win three Michelin stars and the youngest kid two and three must start at that time. Back an aids. What do you think of Venus? I think vegetables are excellent. I think
based diet is a very healthy way to extend your life and probably increase mobility, and let me get rid of issues with you know. Things have happened, linear when you're swelling inflammation infant here, but for for a chef like it's, it's easy for a vision or vegetarian to come to one of my restaurant, because we is predominantly extra virgin olive oil and, like pasta with we have on the menu without anybody having to say I'm a vague and we're gonna make for me like. We have a lot of the opportunities as a chef to remove an entire category of stuff would be like, telling Titian, I'm sorry Titian we're out of red. What would you like to work with and so for me, I'm I'm, I'm and I'm proudly so but like. I must say that to my day twenty years ago, I'm eating a lot more plant based stuff. Then I used this did. Does the animal cruelty argument
resonate with you. Some work, I'm not happy, and I had a lot of meat and dairy and all that stuff, but somewhere in my brain, animal cruelty argument is nagging at what that we kill them and eat them. Whether we must treat them and then kill them at that bar see that I think what what where the The movement is gone in the meat world and the poultry world, is treating the animals better, makes them tastes better. It cost a little bit more, but its price, a customer's willing to pay so they'll pay more for really me too, so you're not getting factory farms. Now, of course, I would be a bad business for me deleted. It doesn't take it just doesn't his good like any opportunity to upgrade the flavour of something that I'm making it means also by the green marking and not buying it wholesale, because agreement guys have no interest in selling me something that they can sell at full price
to a regular customers still gonna show report like we get. It degree marketed six thirty, while their setting up and we get the best strawberry, are the best asparagus or that the best mushroom, like it's important for us to have that because capturing that. Evanescent that ephemeral flavour of the way, the wind blows through the Hudson Valley on a Thursday afternoon right before they harvester, is what makes our food more distinct? It's it's, not cheating, but it faster and easier way to get your food to taste really good, because it's go specific at like a taste like when it's supposed to taste like. So. If I'm worried- and I am about animal cruelty- just don't, Factory farms- well, yeah, I mean do you know the word castle now it's the feed lots that they use for factory farming, and you look at a picture of the stuff in it is it's as if they were submerged inch. I mean they're, dig it can have a good day these animals and the super small chicken coop set, are just packed in uniting and there, chickens that were crippled. You know it's just like if you buy things that were brown kind of naturally like they were
years ago, you stand better chances of animal having a much better health system in its own body? so they don't have antibiotics or growth hormones and already you can tell like. Let get a every nowadays. This is just tough enough, very tasty that was growth hormone meat. That's, why tough enough tells. How do I know when I go to the store you go to restore. That tells you exactly where they are, for example, ITALY, We tell you you're actually made you like. I say it's mine, it is my home region, I'll be what it is easily. Is this emporium of e eighty EL. Why horror right here in lower Manhattan. It's just a crazy, like EPCOT Centre for the most amazing food right on earth that you open with. The partner or two with my partner job osteology and then the fatty net, the family and the safer family anyway, I just wanted to set the tenaya anyway. It was supposed to be an illegal plug what it while I like love, you can go to a place. Who was about the transparency of information and everything
ITALY. Is that we want you to understand exactly what you're eating and it's all about biodiversity and slow food? That said, when you go to the to the butcher counter they'll tell you where this deal was found where this land was from, where this beef was from how old it is, what it's got and then, if you really interested, you can go to their website and find out exactly what they fed these animals and how they treat the thousand. That's why it costs more. Italy's amazing, I'm just gonna incessantly about illegal plugs disappear. Gas manage bishops. go where people who are listening is they want to know everything about? You got everything, especially since everything you do is pretty much awesome. What's the deal with the Orange Crocs, my when we were just starting to date. Back in nineteen. Ninety three, we got married nineteen. Eighty four gave me these orange stallion operating room, Clogs called Karlsruhe, and I think they went out of business. but right when they are going out of business crops were just starting and I discovered them at the end. Answer mine festival because they still
They didn't aspen issues to go fishing in streams because they they would right out leak, and Orange was clearly my family color, because my wife help me choose. It is the color of happiness I stuck with them. And I take a lot of heat on the fashion blog, but none in the comfort blocks would it on the fashionable hey that they think this is ridiculous and adopt a full grown adult in its fifties. Wearing plastic chooses is pathetic and am I I'm comfortable and it's just like whatever that's it. There's another story to the orange and I'll tell because the very this time I was able to take my children out without my wife and go to the house and ballpark, which is its it looks from where we grew up. You would call it a parking lot, it's how Austin. sixth, avenue right next door to Door Savannah. There's a basketball quite like that we're all our kids would pay. I once when I was growing up and when they are about two and three two and three, and it was my day I took my kids out for the first
And I'm sitting over in the corner and watching them in their plan, and I start trading with one of my buddies, where's that, unlike because at that point in the village- and this is in the late nineties, all the kids were blacker great cause, we're groovy New Yorkers, and it occurred to me that I couldn't see my children so the very next we got them yellow and orange coats, and I could pick my kids out from a long ways away without any of the disks I had immediately thought I'd kill my children who have been kidnapped and they haven't. They were playing on the other side of the field just as innocently or they would have been if there in front of me, but I did not have complete control the situation, or even marginal control, because I had to go look around carefully to see if I can find now that their nineteen and twenty do still dressed like that
it lasted a snowstorm worried. I dont dress the media you're not allow day where their pants lower than I would ever rights, and they are most groovy and unfortunately, there both kind of into these luxury brands, and I'm just like you know what this is it this last year next year, when you're making some kind of money, like maybe making ten dollars an hour, whatever, whatever minimum wage will be. That year, you look back on the days that we bought you that Perry easily whenever they, whatever the heck it is whatever jacket was, was that you wanted that we need know what the hell's angels? No, that's, not that there's some company with. Something about God. I don't even know what these close come from. there there and there are expensive. had read that the Orange Crocs were actually discontinued in you. Just stockpiled them will, because I'm a part time spokesperson for six. They hate me aid for this. They give me like a piece of business. the ones that are my signature on and they said, listen, we're just continuing your orange and my first stupid. That's the best color the rays. You guys have proudly
the biggest seller. People were reading the fashionable, not notwithstanding our credible whenever you want to call it and but they said, listen, we're closing the Kaiser will listen. Can you run me a few apparently simple? How much I said well like what's what's a small batch and they said, will a small budget two thousand, but we can do a micro batch of two hundred I said to innovate quickly did Matt, I used two and a half pairs year. Yeah, that's a lifetime supply I'll take him so their hanging in my office Cross Iceland strings, and when I needed a new pair, I go get em. It's like for big fancy event like about going to have dinner with Obama get a new pair out because their shining, she you actually only where it is, If you had dinner, although bomber, it will be crocs how completely not patent leather, not like you, crop of Amazon, oppressed by issue selection he'd be more pressing, just something I didn't recognize. Is there anything any occasion of informal enough, for you did to ditch the cracks Would it mean for leaving like dress every like everybody else? No, there isn't one of those I will where these too much
wedding if I'm still wearing issues because their comfortable and it's a signature. I think it's like ass, my modest, or what do you say? That's a good think. She'll Satan for the rest of her life. It's a signature, fair enough, fair enough, I got. I solicitous impressions view on twitter. One what are some of the up and coming under the radar ethnic cuisines that might be next to go mainstream in the? U S dont know they'll ever get mainstream but a varied cuisines of in India which have a very good foothold now on the seven train path out into queens. Are some of the most exciting cooking going on their use of spies, their use of unusual protein or extra awful. our way with noodles their cultural understanding. The magnificence of the entire animal is something that is inspirational and delicious, and for me not something about family.
But I will go out with a guy like Jonathan Gold or Tony Bourdain, or anybody who happens to pay attention to the that space and we will take the seven train, deepened, queens and taste food. You ve never seen before I don't think it's gonna be Peoria next month. I you know I mean, but it could be. Eventually right, I would say, what's gonna take Peoria next is I think that, we're gonna move a little bit toward the center of the plate. I think we're gonna try to get rid of super high fat protein, in a way, that's not good for your body and yet still be able to eat cheeseburgers every now, and then I would hate to give up I don't think we have to. I just think you cannot fight cheeseburgers, in fact is, and I think the process carbohydrate is the big protein in the bigger the big issue. There is getting rid of any kind of bread or starchy product that has been removed from all fibre so that you will eat a nine hundred calorie muffin and be hungry in ten minutes. He's gotta go. Why do you have a favorite meat to barbecue
Slash smoke, slash grill out barbecue is the slow roasting of meat through smoke. I love the pork shoulder Grill Eyelike Skirt state because its inexpensive and delicious- and some I also like making my own brisket or bacon. What is that then you're working on now that wouldn't you nobody knows about that, your most excited about we're. Gonna before ITALY's in a year's time well and will work on a green gastronomic theme park outside of Bologna, wow so it'll be about food decisions, but it'll be interactive, not cheerful, rides yet that we're trying to figure them out, but that that the fact that you can go in it's kind of the information that every
You should know in a child friendly and adult friendly way in the same place, kind of like a Disney Bland doesn't give. Did the Italian see made good decisions already. One of you need this in America. Well, I don't know if you're aware of our number one export to Europe but its obesity, diabetes they're trying to fight it figure it out right now, because they're kind of Saudi. That way, what do you say this fact of meditation and animal then I will leave you alone, What do you say to somebody who's interested in meditation, but they just can't make it happen, it's just like anything like like mine, issues like political tolerance, trite and then, if it doesn't, and naturally try it again and keep going back at it. I have probably told a thousand people about ten percent happy because it's a very low threshold, they can easily jump on them and they follow up on it and some people don't do it. I was just have a double my departed from spot of big. This weekend this? I just can't do it. I said well, if you couldn't tried again this week to what happens
It's not it's, not you! You don't have to fire every day on it, but if you find that it makes you relax and make better decisions, why wouldn't you just? Do it a little bit more often do it for a whole week in a row and tell me I feel, as he's like me, I young younger than me, but prone to like seeing put things in a time when it would have been better. Just wait and authorities do that you can. You can minimize damage you can maximize profit by everyone liking, you just a little bit more or you being tolerant of variations and behaviour and strategies at doing the work that you hired someone to do in a way that makes it a lot, but I have a good friend, His name is SAM heresy when I related, but he saw what am I spiritual leaders in they nonreligious characters. I am here as it is a great friend of mine. He has this thing: evasive, pigmented hatred. He talks about the difference between the amount of damage you can do in two minutes of anger, verses an hour and a half of it at that where the rubber hits the road meditation is incalculable. the minutes of anger
a few bad things can happen an hour and a half of anger lives can be wrong. It's huge huge and I would have I would agree with just about anything: SAM Harris said: don't asset, that's a smart markedly more positive to follow, Maria Vitaly one of the world's greatest shifts, the very, very cool man. Thank you very much for doing this and unpleasant, all right. There's another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you like it, I would hit you up for a favor. Please subscribe to it, review it and rate it. I want to also thank the people who produced this podcast Josh GO handler, nephron, Sarah AMOS and the head of ABC News Digital. and silver you can see a video version of it. I guess that ABC do not come and heavy up a twitter Danby Harris next up this,
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