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When you first encounter Bhante Buddharakkhita, the wise and affable Abbot of the Ugandan Buddhist Center, you might be tempted to think: this guy’s been a meditator since shortly after exiting the womb. But his story of finding the dharma -- and then trying to integrate it into his life -- is straight-up wild. It starts with a childhood of devout Catholicism, then veers into India, a scuba-diving stint in Thailand, and a sojourn with a venerable Buddhist teacher in West Virginia. When he finally lands back in Africa as one of the first monastics on that continent, he is mocked as a wizard and then nearly assasinated. In this chat, we talk about: how that incident led to a deep dive into the treatment of trauma; how he integrates African wisdom into his Buddhist teaching; and his motto, “More dharma, less drama.”

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For maybe see this is the ten percent happier Podcast Condon Harris before we get to the episode? We care really deeply about supporting you in your meditation practice and feel that providing you with high quality teachers is one of the best ways to do that. Customers. Of the ten percent happier app say they stick around specifically for the range of teachers and the deep wisdom these teachers have to import for anybody new to the app we ve got a special discount for you and if you are an existing subscriber, we thank you for your support.
to go. Claim your discount visit ten percent dot com. Slash August. That's ten percent! One word all spelled out dotcom, Slash August, my friends, hello, when you first encounter Dante, Booter, a key to the wise and affable abbot of the Ugandan Buddhist Centre. You might be tempted to think this guy's been, meditating, since shortly after exiting the womb, but his story of finding the dharma than trying to integrated into his life is straight up wild it. It starts with a childhood of devout cathedral Susan Ben veers into India, a scuba diving Stint in Thailand, and us, adjourned with a venerable buddhist teacher in West Virginia.
Finally lands back in Africa as one of the first Buddhist monastic on that continent, he is marked as a wizard and then nearly assassinated. In this tat, we talk about how that shooting incident that nearly took his life led to a deep dive into the treatment of trauma. How integrates african wisdom into his buddhist teaching and his motto more dharuma less drama. Here we go bounty put Ricky TAN. thank you for making time for this really excited stock. You to you. I really want to hear your story, because I've read a little bit about it at its fascinating you tell me how you first encountered Buddhism? Yes, the first encounter the woozy. He's in ninety. Ninety I lifted
Ghana. Ninety ninety, as an exchange students, are used to the Minister of Foreign affairs in Uganda. I got a scholarship to study in India and I had to the government of India through Exchange Cultural Programme, he's gone to perform, it is done in India, business I was excited. I didn't know anything about even Buddhism, but the only thing that babies connected to bosoms one gotta- because we studied in history about India personalities like a Mahatma Gandhi. God, I'm already god damn it was even a bullet sought good. I have ever heard it faintly, and history so I went to India that didn't religion, computers or philosopher, so I would just to study business and ninety ninety, and when I arrived here, because when I arrived, India they had to strike
and then we will go school with its tat, this cool immediate. So then I was put in a hostile where there are some people who looked very straight away and were marks. That's the idea, put you on the ropes already rose virtue to see how to them. I went there, then I say hello to one and all beaming smile very happy, so did we became friends? Long story short the, into the temple- and I certainly would as they do, that tell me about Buddhism. There that Buddhists they told me they don't take dinner. They just do large and breakfast Then there are the ones who really told me that, yes, there is,
you ve got Buddhism and it took me to the temple for the first time in the temperate got a shop, we have a shock behind the enchanting, and that's when I I really got to know Is it in the temple? So that's how I got to know about Buddhism, but I didn't know that buddhist people maybe did those most just wanted to be friends with me. I wanted to be friendly way. they gave me food, they give many many things and solid by slowly. Tell me about what they believe in unviable. Time I went to Roma communities, we just don't buddhist people, but Is this a magician? They told me that the best it brought matters- and I had seen one guy- was quiet all the time in the evening. He to me I asked him. you're, very calm and peaceful? Where do you good evening?
Germany, he goes to meditate or then I had they were meditation. Then I went there and meditated with brown models and then the other red discovered is tat. You focus on you look at it and then you really meditate breeding in and without, but is a commentary right, so commentary I saw you peaceful, you are come, nobody can destroy. You saw when I finish daddy. In. I went to the monks again, I told him that there be meditating dizzy, who told you to read it. Tell them that somebody who's gonna come on this issue. do we were gonna marry did then I told do I've been doing, they told me no, no! No! No, you should make, did what we call the personal meditation. now, that's the first time to get to know. What's even meditation good, they moved to me the best meditation can do is call me personally meditation.
so, then I will just judicial little so from Buddhism and any amongst setting about meditation, Kogi personal meditation I know your raised catholic So here you are in a completely different country in countering this religion for the first time, a religion, you didn't even know, existed what about Buddhism and meditation spoke to giving your history. Why was it so appealing this practice in this faith? For me, that pitting blackberries Deston meditation when I went to meditate twas normally the evening, and then I was dressed up in India. It was what country I was eating. What hot and I was looking for church. I filled Every time I went to look for a job because I was a romantic utterly does not yet unfriendly when I got to do the job, the studies within him be allowed. If I don't understand
so now when I went to judge there, I was going to check so that we can see that back then. I believe like that. So now, everyday goods jet. I couldn't hear the english studies those are we is my lonely. I was just going to judge people just talking a foreign language. a little bit. Is these people there? Certainly could Henderson, they believe me lower Slovak slowly when I went to meet it, I did, I did was not even a Buddhist did. I did a it weird that I told him so when I sat there and waited feel so my peaceful, more peaceful that when I was in it how'd. You know you judge, sometime deserved it now. A new dawn and you're going to pray is so, but but ass, a short time in a church according my brain, but when I was in meditation I told illegally and there were a cure
it was so peaceful and thus remain rest until the moment when I meditated so peaceful. So I think what do you really want me in meditation is the busy. I got that's what happened with meditation so now, Do you really get to different matters? Tat Buddhism, it'll, take more time because So, where does reluctant to teach me everything Buddhism I could follow the Eurostat, but it didn't ass with a kind of this country so that we need to keep in eighteen. Ninety four, of course before that I had made his own, is the dilemma in public in India and his prisoners touched me so deeply when I met him and the shit tired- and he gave me play guitar blessing me like these-
Really I felt the life of a mouse was very peaceful, so let them ass any man. I went again to Northern India and in eighteen. Ninety four- and I mean did it for two days did it for prolonged is, and I know that many decision there was teaching that I met for the first time really systematically be told by Doktor Alex buzzing, whose in America who used to be in an interpreter fold, the reason is the deadline, so he taught for days and in Buddhism was answering Menem iniquity. I had in life things like where you going where you're coming from what the purpose of life. many many things and also in the costs which it was true. Is one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. Actually, it was for me and I open it because it was green ball. It was introducing me to goodwill and also it help me to defend my meditation whereby were you before you enter the door?
Are you become opening the door? I your intention to open the door open it now Finally, what did it actually as far as the commission? is when I had a private audience with his own. Is the dilemma in again one thousand nine hundred. I met him at his residence adjusting the journalist and ended there in his room men here with an interpreter, and then I talk to you, One is the dilemma, his presence along it really. Despite me, so much so then, While this he's only Allow me, as a Buddhist, I feel that I would like to belong to that country so now really to make it should Buddhism answered my question that I was tat with for a long time as a roman Catholic growing avenue Whenever I asked questioning you got, is it normal? Don't ask just Debbie,
when I went to retreat in identify was asking each discretion and these details alchemy. Suspicion and he was a good school now lives in Berlin in Germany is good Doctor Alex Benzene. Is it damages Gradually from Harvard investing he's ever accomplish squalor with acid migration that increased my first to know, that's why I came to So when you were a child, Dora young man in Uganda and you had asked questions about your big questions, existential questions. Yes, you were told you know, don't ask questions, just fall back. your faith just believe in then, and then all of a sudden, you got interested in bosom. You asked questions and people actually answered them. What were the fundamental questions? You were asking. Mostly fundamental question is: where do we go from here? We haven't. We go from here
to hear so the end. It was all a very simple question is: are we got here I got two Lou hearing, but when I came what they told me all. You know you know it go me by saw then Heaven seemed to be a just stop over or just times that show you. The way to admit got wishes me back the happiness for me the idea of her forever. That scared me a lot so by when I have and bullets in that you can go to her and continue on. Well. That's good one to get everyone. to do so. but we hit are not known to feel lot about all things that I did that led me to help. so there is room for improvement and, of course, the risk. Speed it also about come on now.
yeah you know when I was on the roman Catholic. We used to go for confession. You do something I didn't the following Brazil and say: you're forgiven all this kind of firstly, it scared me when I was young good father to day he more measured kinds, so scared. always were from overseas foreign prisons. You scared me alone. There was no somebody you good too, but they never did. You know about comma you're, the act it of you said. If you do good, you get good issue. the Bible get back, and then there is no person sitting there jetting. You dig what I used to be that did it big writing. All your misdeeds are no good deeds when I have a comment. Is that the teaching that really comes into play in what do you have to do and what did she do? Anderson
Get the results of your actions with a good or bad. So for me, that was really. for me, because I grew up with a lot of fear that already be passing up there Do you know what that I'm doing what you mean whatever I am by the yeah yeah yeahs, me I'm responsible for my actions so I think that was always a bit of relief as serious boozing is good is great, but also where I looked at one question about different beliefs. There's one fundamental thing that you had baffled with a long time by the person that people who are Christians. They believe in Jesus Christ. They ve got got when I went to India out because lacking Other Ugandan. Must you gonna do not mineral or other regions?
So now I didn't what about him to see what about confused Yazzi among people believe other legal. So my question was, if I remember correctly, who believe in Jesus all Christian who believe they want to see good. What about India, which has a population which is very b and those that China has it been its population as the outcome those people never got good. So for me that you have come to the chosen few, who believe Jesus you wanna go to, God most other people do never really is a good idea. So, but that was voted out when I went to the Indian came to bully. He say: ok, yes, ok, you believe in Jesus, that's fine, but also we believe in the Dama. We believe in it too, so that was very relieving Anders
another question that your commitment to make the transition to the high was actually the exclusion of failure, religion where I was born. It was excluding others, it was a really excellent. What I mean is that your Christian, like that Thus, I believe that its own christian people and if it was not much interaction with different religions, but when I went to India for now behind was we'll coming. All religions were mostly, he knew. another them before I became a bodies. the transition from Roman Catholic and therewith therefrom. having the building and the reason why we do by high is that Britain Data that ok, it is the small group of people who were Roman Catholic, wellgood, good and you're, not so much embracing. Other leaders must
among others. So this was a transition. My friend down back its nature thing, I'm taking as almost empty or we come at Buddhism for very different angles, cost Maybe even more so than you, I never really had any. I couldn't put much stock in the idea. I didn't have any faith in the idea that there is one God in the sky somewhere. Writing our misdeeds. I never really had much attraction to that, and what I like about Buddhism was that its non theistic. There is, no God, although in certain areas of Buddhism, we'll talk about deities, but anyway, that's all different. station. You, it seems I'm I'm here for you, you sort of like the idea that Karma could lead to rebirth. A cycle of rebirth you get another shot and then, ultimately you end up in
by now or nerve, Nirvana, still a concept that I dont fully understand. But enough that appeals to me, I am much more interested in the practice, as it shows up in my life right now and let's let somebody else worry about the metaphysics. But it's to me that you really needed to get the metaphysics sorted out before you could invest, it definitely time because for me and school I took chemistry in physics biology, I was were injured. It worries invokes investigation, the phenomenon so before I get comfortable something. So for me I wanted to know the hidden. The tailor worries as I was very interested in the low comma? What does it and rebuff the anatomy nearby, because I think from Personal interest in metaphysics, yes, because I was in bombarded with the whole idea of heaven and hell and positively
all the things I questioning then, where the disco abbe and down son, so I really want to do only benefits and regret the authorities at it. For me, I was really very keen on that. Yes,. And by the way I was in India about Been- and there are so many other philosophies properly, because at the bar just in time, I was investigating Hindus even with the attitude go to Sai Baba in Bangalore. I think the difference is that for me, when I left Uganda as a roman Catholic, when I arrive in India, I was body to be so many philosophies, and I had time and I need you to do that. Thirty three find out. What's really all about, Because of course he does it do? You know there was a come but a different cause it. They have reincarnation a different course. It from river and those who live on anybody there. What connection so
idea really then look at the time three that, just always with other camel philosophies, so houses video kid in a kind of story? tried to read as much as I can question about and what they talk about costs. This is another ivy for me. I was exploit more into the world Philosophy ended metaphysics that actual when deeper and got interested, that you went in data study business and ended up on a spiritual quest tiffany. When I look back, I think that's the reason why I went there statue about bees. What makes me happy and that's what makes me going There was none of the caravan comic connection Make sure that He's gonna, sheep and my parents didn't have to pay money for me to study and the government of India Paper It is an idea a different planet when and why did you become a monk
wow that's love story. How and when we easy to tell you the way. the two thousand and one I was in the USA, went to San Jose California, and I became a mark. Throve COS let it alone I had to change because right now, I was going away and then I had a few things you and if you wish to business, I had to do more work for me immigration in years, and I didn't want to do that. We need rules. So what he's got a monastery and put on white, so the other two I became woke again though, about idea, as is my agent, so now. That's why it is very easy to see why I studied To do this is in no but how
Well, it is a long story because I had to go to retreat for three months I am always in Burma suggests it. I was completely confused. What's left, It's ok, I'm bodies, but what to do when he became buddhist as syrup exactly what this would lead to one's life. I was at a crossroads above ninety nine hours at the crossroads. I left India to Thailand and know what does a scuba diving restricted my family, is only literally when they go to know that I'm and I was imagine log in my life I saw people. new friends that you want to associate with needed in is just we have already heard
combating Uganda in eighteen. Ninety seven lived Thailand after leaving our overseas for seven years. My life had already totally changed. I was knocked him off, but as in the present position, in Buddhism thought booties shithead Lenny yoga him alive. As with many yogi is, am I love had totally completed channel tunnel, was Jane. When are you gonna? Do you never said? Maybe I left you gotta ninety ninety now does seven, you gonna have changed a lot and now tat I tried to feeding is the third in Uganda. Scooby gears because I was a sweater Tyler and they had many books, buddhist books. I heard you gonna like that simple, not very successful business man with a briefcase Annabelle people
disillusion. My family and all the people knew the disillusioned, for me, when I leave there for one month, I was so disillusioned modern dim because for me ideas, but there's no everyday. I had Buddhists book this nobody's digit, so does, it mean society. They try to make me a bit his mind. Ok, how much money have you come in? Seven, he has used it overseas. You must have made a little money. We should invest another business. I will not vested in any business. I was interested in many data and but so now there's nobody is that ought not to be seen, and everybody went to cover me actually people ask me: what's your religion as they put it the you Bible signal. I have that Who said I had bought from Nepal and all these countries, so there is it please you should bury your books, you should buy your books and get things done.
Can one again. everywhere. I was going. Does what? Because you see, I was so frustrated A counterweight lived in eighty ninety was not like that. It was good. these two and there were not many people already. Susie I stick up early, do not get into a no no, People were born again on that adventure. Coaches- we're not so many, but this time Martians everywhere, silverware somebody was me. Please come on get But again, oh Jesus love, you and I But I love you so I would like that, so now. I would leave you gonna ninety ninety AIDS and lived for South America, and I told with a friend of mine from England goods trade strategy. So we thought through many friends in Chile and after one year I was so frustrated with troubling one. He wanted stops and just meditate.
So then I went to I in Burma suggested there was what he quoted. Three math mediation, retreat, that's not be removed, because during the three month I forget our life, Of course, the good life in Thailand, but I was at a crossroads As I was meditating for three months. I was there. I was asking myself what will happen after the three I left my job in Thailand. I'm not interested in coming in Uganda. I was not addressed it. Where am I gonna go cutting? I am frustrated with Gunnar I lifted. Thailand because I've been living in poverty as a result. Those are really I was stupid suddenly do with life enjoy in an army to meet a new country where the citizens
Tat was meditating as to what will happen after meditation after three month where so now, of course we know Jimmy America had thus we're good. My visit to continues in the my job at opposite american Embassy and also a good admitted they gotta University in Chile. So then now go to a new country altogether. I don't speak Spanish, so ever going to my mind what we have got to go after that, after the throughout the region, a little halfway through mother. Did I say yes, I should good. Red and blue, unlike was director, because the best man down here in the interests industry, any recurrent costs directive you at the top, so you can get make me and all these as the years as you gotta Frida. I decided like that. Then, when I made when I meditated
tat reviewing all my life. All my life, I said war, whatever I try to do is not to want to bring me in his like these, even when I come across director, even we live Thailand, you know why, because I got an to the university in Chile as saving. I gotta Jimmy, I won't get the peace. getting in meditation when I bought you gonna forget that peace. So we medicinal three months does giving more because it had been redefined and define the purpose of life, so I want it was very clear whether like in my life I like to keep meditating when I finish this remotely did I did anyone and then do talking about how to become a monk and used by them? but because the guy in Mogadishu coming as from the airport to beat to bed you don't know anything about the country. So I didn't know that you're gonna go alone can use doing It reads:
talking about, they do by be dad if, in my eyes, these were committed in Burma in use I refer, of course, to the Should. I was on the staff at Amy's as if they were way we're coming me to be the stuff- and I worked in front of you- says that Egypt manager at the Eastern Mediterranean society I'm a good guy who has whose to go to day the sun was it yes in California, so he told me you can actually becoming now, and I guess that's what I like to do in my life. I want to become more and deepen my practice. Vision and overcome suffering, because I had suffered a lot today in the past especially visually entire door, I was having a little
joy, living in a result that actually life was hollow inside me it was a hollow getting too it good food and goods, but I saw at the end of the day, asked what is it all about life. Maybe I meditated imaginative in India. something behind that was my mind or is it seemed a law mission? Is the best thing to do. Of course, forces in like Louis pull you you know, I ended up because this, but I was there and all this kind of thing is so, but then I remembered that time I say no to this with detaching one's life is to become the act of accession because I was suffering. I was not satisfied with like we're going to school
We're gonna tell you gotta, having travelled in Brazil for one here, so I saw that that's nothing that is going to give you happiness that their compared to what the happiness, a good for meditation in demand a man a three month. Retreat, does really prepared me to go and made it had become a monk and his son who need to follow, and you ve been a monk ever since have used seated in overcoming suffering and let the life projects but this does not bring about those grid information? There is sufficient, The kind of understanding
really the suffering that unfreezing. Of course, our sun, like giving Korea suffering on fifty how mobile to maintain this symbol that are created, for the next few months or years, I suffer that bad. I suffer things that the com WWW over fever here, but suffering from suffering, is my what to call them? great myself, things like ok, the reality, but this one I want things to be. Suffering alone. Make it right. recently my out a decent job in India. Free becoming a more days to suffer that kind of thing, anticipating visa, anticipating afraid These you know relationship Most of the time, the suffering with greater was there You have a relationship, and maybe this, what do you want? and the reality is that is so
the data be doing. What do you anticipate it, and what do you actually get? Is stress that I'm getting and no longer have a b, and especially for something to be the way I like it. I guess what I actually get that kind of suffering of admitted it needed to some extent, but also the suffering that that can't you do overreacting was two issues like that year and of course, as a monk laughing caused great by a big chunk of its good things. You're getting like very life and others, sovereign debt of definitely cut off by virtue of being among, but I'm not eliminated all day, because the sun will be the sum of the suffering this beyond my control.
but as for the recently suffering its weapons promise, but I see I still have path. Germinated, thereby I know that one above the two big question time do work through Mary, as I wanted to really work. Could move to deportation is left her, thus work in progress more my conversation with body butter, a cater right after this staying in full has never been more important. Information is coming in stature than ever. So how do you make sensible start here? I'm bride milky from eighty sinews. In every week days we will break down the latest headlines in just twenty minutes: straightforward reporting, dynamic interviews and analysis from experts. You can trust, always credible, always solid start here from ABC News. Twenty minutes, every we get smart speaker or you
I cast out. You mentioned your overreactions two things in life. I would like to talk about our reaction to a major event in your life jumping forward. In the chronology of your life, a little bit after you ordained as a monk and studied for quite a while, you ultimately returned to Uganda and started the Buddhist Centre, and that was not an easy process, given that it was culturally, very unusual, unprecedented in Yonder, and there has been a lot of push back. In particular, there is. There was an assassination attempt and entreat you to hear out what happened there and then, of course, how you react to it, which is really interesting You were right into the was
Johnny after many becoming a monk, I stayed in and of course I went to I get back Asia and got ready. We need to for the big thing to go back to Uganda. I had to go to Asia fast, to pay my respect to good This is how did he treated the Asia in two thousand and three? I went to meet it for two mass just get ready emotionally and physical and spiritually for the work and asking people, because it is such a monster. I asked them how to be measured. I need them so another was that for me, I didn't know how to go to contradict you gun and introduce would all the time I've been countries where they know
smoke, yeah I'm on working together for the first time I didn't wanna girl was getting into a friend of mine from sit around thirty or your good. You gotta be careful, they'll kill you, you know it's my country, our good. So now I went to Uganda to Philip fire. I studied the centre here, The first and only would send anyone under saw when I read, of course, through the king came with a buddhist adieu and Ass told me exactly what will happen ahead of time, because I mean I in my future, because two people are totally utterly confused when they saw me with it and he thought TAT. I was going to mental hospital for those coming from a bit or be. Do you didn't rang away and of course, I requested
is that all you know your coming africana wooden been rejected in the airport. to me. Please don't sell it, don't sell these buddhist adieu don't stereo gaudy here, because the other authorities a goal that is there who do smuggling drugs and all these things, so some who or what I was going to face just at the airport it can survive Uganda. Settling looking for a place where I could stay if used me, accommodation the tone don't we so they really say, reacted calling me names. So what hurts me not overreact he's the teaching of the wood I
there's a did you the Buddha, we say: will you hear something just become a live here? Don't just say I don't like it. I like just stop at here when you think older successes, Mention is that success is so whenever those people accordingly, those names. So I will do the guy you here or showing master What did you say, I just becoming hearing some up. To that extent, I will do my need very well because it was just ordinary things. You know, people calling you name stopping you are you people
me. I just this one guy who got me thinking that I come from a stable, but one thing in mind my history, every monk it was up to thirteen when actually there was some kind of rights here you got their national election coming, Yeah I've been day actually start rue de those, dear God, seeing your people, and so there was another violence. Is aside so then we asked instituted a company to actually protect us, please to bring a security guard to protect the Temple sometimes come back to some time become empty, handed, sometimes radios and dominate God, so there this is, the guy was paid to predict the devil,
one night. He shuddered me, thus The worst thing that has ever been to me in my life as this was a security guard hired to protect Temple is turned around and shot at you. Definitely does it make you make it worse. the motorways was from nowhere. The possible ways to protect us now, at one time he shuddered at me, and he bled passed close to me an entity it. She did glass and shouted the glass and a kidnapped, and I was so now how I reacted too. That is it is I was with like drawing. from the Buddha teaching itself. First, of course it was very traumatic experience because the sound of that
I'm doing definite that sound Yes, deafening and the guy of short, and then I thought that is coming after me. I of course right and heighten the city and the police call the police the police came. I didn't do nothing that one has to Europe and I stress the police came. I was taken to police. I was taken to hospital with you with a hydrogen. This shows very high. If I say they would like to ask, the high pressure would have killed nature so then began medicine, the pudding pressure now and in the police that investigating after three days they got a guy and a guy was actually put in jail, but my reaction, I think, is very important from the point.
As a politician, I never expected that right and it is expected that happened to me. You saw weapon immediately. I decided to call an artist and start telling the story. Do the artists and then drew cartoons and familiar they joined it really because it was well drawn the OECD's was put into a book. And that was that Turkey really credit I bought it, so you made it into a cartoon. Yet Yes, the whole story, we men and women. The book out of it rest wearing my reaction to the whole you. It was really started to be documented, using cartoons and for me this will be full story for me. Why cartoons that such an amount of all the responses? We make it animated enough. You see.
I have meant. That is a good thing. Do vinegar, Mick out of it. yeah those things that my man, if steady, vinegar make him out of it. So now I wanted this. This is too. the story to people. Animated away So that was my first reaction. Oath coolly tourists was actually, if you like, so now we finish this. The teachers, but I was going to United States too, to teach after six data tuna is to teach, and after that I decided to go to learn to rest for one mouth, to tell a story friends another, but there was a lot of fear, that was coming to go back to Uganda, because I didn't know why these guys shut me so how will I reacted with that is to overcome that, for
and those who use my enemies of the tension detainees thought that were coming all the time he saw. thing. That's what I did really from a strategic point of view, but the thing I did for myself useful given his practice, because every day was sending for giving it to the game should at me. I knew that he was ignored So there is a way out any impacts, forgiveness, but is, if you have done knowing you annoyingly throughout his speech or mine. I forgive you like this. I still do forgive in his pocket but of course I had to take care of myself. I was in New York. I went to work What's the matter expediency a couple of times and then antiquity this trajectory with eyes flashed up everything using goodies.
Decisions, you don't you Would you go everything? Ok, because I wanted to expand its therapists. What data, since that traumatic experience He was admitted it actually saw. Really. I manage to put everything animals tried, so I did forgiveness parties, a blacksmith means of thought and difficult. Emotions especial fear, an aversion to us any security guards were big guy in that person, but I was sitting loving kindness whenever I saw in situ the guy a similar guarded that they used to shoot at me. I just in loving kindness. Maybe we'll happened, peaceful. Maybe got it so happily after taking me the therapies for a couple of is himself, and he felt that out of here big, let all of causing me. I knew that I hear that I wanted to have. It is taken opinion from western Poland.
Yes, but also. I responded with that such an event, but forgiveness hip. Cannot. Let go of me emotions, commotion or feeding being had wounded yet there's that was come. Why me? Why? Now why It happened to me. What are right then really of Gaza. because I was in the United States and the reason is just love. I don't get it just really due to the city, hidden, because I never got to the bottom, why he did it. Why should at me and at one time it was, bailout, bailed out a mirror. I was in Egypt for conference and I intend to Uganda, and it is good to be here and a guy came around nine there after Fifteen minutes was nowhere to be seen by the time the genuine calling I went there. The girl was nowhere to be seen and that's what I'm in Uganda?
things like that. You know You know you can't even place such things like that. So then what I did is leave everything to the love come as it is to get this guy was attempting to give me let cover takes care of him, because I had no time to follow. Because I was too student now studying the town. studying the man got better. The Green Buddhism, and that there is now good at studies and longer, I wanted to study boots counselling psychology in order to really understand causally myself regarding that is easily. the dramatic Shakespeare is so wonderful manner more about what a buddhist counselling psychology so we'd love to be diploma and better on top of that study diplomat, was causing psychology in order to help myself to you and also to prepare myself a big what the others.
we hear from trauma, so I went back that actually, after that is, it is so what's the use that is, it is to do what they like money. I love most to go for further studied, bosom and any deepening man standing of trauma and their emotions using were discussing psychology, so I did a lot of things we that is, it is it here to do that? That's it! That's pretty remarkable, as I understand it before this incident, where somebody tried to Oh you, you didn't know much if anything about trauma and how it works, and as part of your response to this, you use this as an opportunity, dive, deeply into understanding trauma, to treat it and yourself and then to treat other people in a country where there is a lot of time precisely in your right after To be honest, I didn't know you know what's wrong: let's try having north
Sometimes, when I'm doing my studies in its demand that people ask me, let's drop em, no surprise, for that reason is. I do know that work try new ones. I knew at once, but try this So how are you drama is actually directly from ITALY we, then you can know why didn't save, but that evening it was a good trot. Gave it so now, when I went to teach at this drugs are you directed? Who is, of course, people did with the talked about trauma Do I told your body by the public speedy, usually what it is? Actually, yes, so now and I went to visit that I found a book or dramatic transformation and I'm ready so when I read everything already I was reading, it was really Did you tell me because I was We are talking about flashbacks there, too about the thought.
I'd mayors and thing. Yes, so I didn't really know what's term about this event. Had me to know about China under. Actually I took a train from Geneva. To Paris. I really do wonder in German, but don't worry time too the Geneva. I have read the whole book, sir. It's a bit, look like these are now using into Digital now. How did you meet you? I was teaching the division So from really before I didn't know so much about him. I don't know much about turn. Now, teaching the others, so that look, I'm really understand it. Did I hear you have an expression from trauma to Dama or dogma is actually from time to yes, the acid I a book about it, How exactly I mean? This is a huge topic, but just can you say a little
and about how does one transmute trauma into Dharuma Way is really more like knowing that Burma is the proper problem, but the book treated, you wouldn't say he said, and there are two kinds of people you find in life. What is an wise person when he's fast, with suffering You guessed he said tat. He gave the camp in town we suffering and cannot. Even today, we ought. The second person Is a wise person really suffering is there a way out of it you just work driving? get lost and you can also the exits. You can use that doubling gas and wasting dire, because you can't stay away out of me. The exit, driving. I want to bring this Monday. You know when
driving at least the exits you may not arrived at their destination, but you know you have taken the right exit or except one both are unaware, but if you really mean It's dark currency Do you take wrong exits? That's why I said that from trauma down. Is that that very moment that you city? Yes, there is a way out of it, the man from the whatever mortality, hidden mortality and you asking that process. Then that day you start following them. You only donation down so Now these more damage and less strong, and I left my god it from Sunlight Frances. Neither did my time talked about That is more damage. This drama, but do you you get caught up in this? you have more drama alleys down, but if you say they re out of it, then
you more dumber, MR, like that, where did you learn that have the hearing? Yes, we are yes, that is the wrong path by the way than hearing from traumatic event. It can long, but it doesn't matter long should they keep that you are treating the path to heating just like any other nation. One other aspect of your teaching we'll talk about before we close here is the common, nation of Buddhism and african wisdom. Sir used to be a prominent part of your teaching. Key. Tell me a little bit about that.
where, where my friend on this, the junior African, Louise Dormant, damn Redman Phineas again as a product over that came later on, for my attempt to disseminate the teaching that appeared to me, the Buddhist energy to heating and to happiness and any beginning, or just teaching only Buddhism, especially for travel, Destitute Buddhism news. But when I really got you into this situation in my life whereby teaching people and the signal to get it and also the minute the dramatic events in their life in Africa and the many people I want to help them to heal? the Roma, which is entirely innovation. I can see because who had so many wars, young Odysseus,
Now I went back to the drawing board study, more education. Psychology, then Sir, went back to my bachelor degree of interested in my master philosophy, and I'm do you. My Phd in Budapest is good studies, so that really came as a product or my experience in teaching
I hit a wall as I was teaching people getting the teaching of Buddhism. I might as well not thinking in there. I could see, as I teach sometimes they would from now. I wanted to see how this teaching can seek very well with the african side with Africa thought. So what I did is too during my research I studied d, try to find out how we can continue with goodly within Africa forever. Yes, with an african favour, so I've found out. Is there any connection between Africa Thoughts and
And my feelings and Buddhism I wanted to put together and see the intersection and what Iphone is intersection between Buddhism and african thought. That became to be the temperature music sometime. When I start my teaching, or is that start with Africa? the way we think about something with wisdom or something back for wisdom. Africa force This knowledge without wisdom is like what I understand Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand. You throw it in the sun, just go through it. Doesnt stick so Now we know, did you in wisdom from goods perspective don't stay. Outta said about wisdom is sinking indeed those that these are the candle wisdom. One from is anyone from meditation?
one from this kind of thing that these now I start with what african talk about wisdom like this, their wisdom is like a fire. You get it from another person, so there are so many ways how Africa think about wisdom. There are many with our Africa think about generosity, compassion, these different it is amazing, in Africa. We think that truth is worth so now that aspects of Africa thinking out then connected with whether Buddha teach and what's right, man franciscan. We talk about mechanism so many Africa thought it may not be called red Mountain is, but we have some thing that speaks to a biscuit. I would find that
so now in order to make that relevant. I wanted finally problem that is rampant in Africa and ask the commission to show that became part of my my thesis. Might visitation doctored visitation doubt whether I teach I'm doing a lot from my reset. What works biscuit is in a teaching was I thought that leads to it. Disengaging from problems. Is there any Africa for talks about how to be free from suffering there too, even the universality of suffering according to Africa, thought we say that and not in the sense that it took what on never was. suffering is like son. It does it only shan't one person: That means the Africa thought who knows that suffering is universal. And that's what I told you so big I do a lot from all.
The wisdom, but starting with Africa in the wisdom, and they teach the intersection with Red Mountain is and not just for the sake of gathering bits and pieces of information and put them together, but also tell them together so that it can apply in hitting in so that this underpins most of my teaching in Africa and in many ways it wherever I go to dig? Maybe Australia and all these things it comes out what the austrian thing why, when I got it did in Brazil, I just asked what President think about this I have been in my Anita my comments to what I'm going to offer them. what do you call? It is like when I come to Africa. I don't want to come with a bucket of sand. You know any real bucket of sand from Asia, have you done. Africa is just
bringing the teaching of the have from Asia and died in Africa, but I want to bring it back. Those seeds of doubt you know, I really brings. Did you bring? somewhere else. Those were prepared there. still doubt living Africa do JANET. by really Mary, the best of the worse, the Africa wisdom, indigenous wisdom for us. The best and married with the best of Asia, which is the traditional patient wisdom from Buddhism. I put together this like you, are probably does my teaching however, the final question for me is: can you tell me about the african concept of Ubuntu? Wow, I know you re traffic feeling tat yeah. I use it as a central to Jim, really means
like life is going with the knife the person so spot over longer in you, gonna do this who from South Africa so that caused it all we do is like, this in a simple task keep it should, because big philosophy which talks about compassion talks about dispute in the way you behaviour with other people, so it goes on These are young because you were. and you weren't goes. I am I am, because you are, you are as I am yes, he is so this teaching shows that we have all you connected internally did where no separate. I believe that understanding this a lot that comes into play, winded such understand,
and that's what good I was teaching many times as if a lot of it he was talking about instead, it any guy he was talking about. This issue does not want logic, It is those who knew about causing Saturday The book say that with this is that these women this arises that arises when this is not. That is not when decisions, that's, it does team to me We are talking about how different is it from want, so for me, then I would use that teaching and they now transpose it. I would really introduced about concept which understood men, Africa, countries, for us here, you gotta, if you can, How do become generals- and you spoke With- you speak very well, you, you are passionate.
Were you a journalist, asked. Most people come on those qualities this this man. I do not want to learn. It really would be how to turn it that when this man has the life of the people, the lifeboat that's what we say and you We moved to MILAN that me. This person has a human qualities, another one so I use that closer to a boon gradually to teach despite my research, also what with the concept of a wounded then been there there. Africa more arose the our ethical conduct that is drawn from Egypt philosophy. Digital philosophies. Yes, when your title that that's good mobutu, whereby you have ethical conduct, you have values, human values coming with compassion and then come also being
compassionate being kind and all this yes does the teaching about refund out in Africa in South Africa is very common because, as part of the commission, I think now Mandela in Desmond, Tutu popular lies it, but is not only in Africa, because Every here people say by this person has two: yes There is a will do with you, but he will use all about. Does it differs in steady, but these were concluded. and I can draw from that as in teaching boozing, because of course you know, wouldn't Egypt teaches about them. The books and even did about the everybody. I did. Your mother father know these things, so we interconnected. This gun. When I see one owing to the end of our time. But I'll just say in closing that you know I'm not a buddhist sky. But my understanding of how Buddhism travelled from the original historical Buddha,
throughout Asia and around the world has been that great teachers such as yourself have figured out how to bring seeds instead of sand to the various cultures into which they are introducing the teaching. So I salute you for doing your work. Thank you very much. And their yes right, they would also use the same thing, but a good at that because of two used you because he was from remains. I was teaching in his decided, which beheadings Didn't you had better do there resistance to his teachings and use the symptoms were using the brains and then Would you ain't use bodies it is, is to deliver that that would have made that day they were for us anyway.
The methodology used to companies or people against him and just use the sometimes like It was already used in India thoughts and just give it a different meaning, In other words, he was raising those words to hire philosophical body eagerly. Mention is the website you must remember anybody any in India is smart visiting boss. You remember his box where they would, What I can live with this a good what so they would at just use it, give it a higher philosophical psychological value to the same once, that's what are you a meal in Africa to? Thank you very much, the tank. You it's been a pleasure to meet you in TAT, learn from you. Thank you. Likewise became still party put our key tat. There was a really fun interview and I have to stay in touch with him. They case as well.
to all the people who worked incredibly hard on the show Samuel Johnson is our senior producer. Marisa Schneider men is, our producers are sound, designers are met point and on yeah Sheikh from Ultra violet. Audio Maria we're tell is our production coordinator, we had a ton of wisdom from our colleague such it, then Reuben, gent, plant, Nay Toby, enlist Levin and finally, as always, I would be remiss if I did not send out a big hardy. Thank you to my ABC News. Comrades rank s there and just go hand. we'll see you on Friday with a bonus right now. At this defining moment in America from ABC nurse turning point around making more money all right, let me see.