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A few years ago, Jesse Israel was a sophomore film student who had just signed an up-and-coming college band to a record label he co-founded out of his dorm room. Israel built that record label into a successful company -- then he decided to walk away from all of it and looked into ways he could "bring people together through shared interest." After toying with a few ideas, Israel came up with a plan to start a community for young adults to meet, meditate and "share quiet," he said.
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Maybe see this is a ten percent happier Podcast Dan Harris whatever by book. I kind of thought of it as a an argument dressed up as a memoir, and the argument was you should meditate, and I assume that they're, the big point I'd have to make is that meditation isn't as weird as you think it's a little weird, but not as weird as you think, and what I ve come to realize in the last couple years is the book came out. Is that ways of fighting the last war that in fact, there are a lot of people was surely younger people who don't think meditations that weird ugliness story? I was recently at Coolby colleges where I went to college. I went up to give a talk about meditation and I showed up and the room was poor and it was a big room- is like overflow people to go and other rooms and watch on tv mind you I could.
How to get a date when I was at Colby and his room was completely packed and I did learn as an aside that a lot of people were there because they were getting some course credit to be there. So that was it that took some fun out of it, but anyway, my point The people really ended all meditation thing. In fact, during the q and a section after I get my We didn't you and I- and there was this guy got up this, like big guy, looks like he's, probably football. Team, really good, looking guy and said that he was captain of the mindfulness club at Coolby, and they every week in the chapel and average CUP thousand blown away, and I just have you know I've just found that as I've got out the world, plasma meditation, some the most receptive audiences are high schools and I'm just going to fancy pants high schools and suburban New York, but also in inner city. High schools in and I've been really impressed by the extent to which young people are totally into meditation, which is really cool, and which brings me to my guess this time it was Jesse, Israel,
is himself a young person, thirty one years old, a proud millennial and is the President President founder? What your title, CO, creator, CO creator, that's very millennial term, so called many club, which I will go into detail, but about it, as he will is active here in Europe, shit and I believe some other cities are mostly just you're right now, just near some, he club, is a place where and he'll talk about at greater length whereby a lot of young people, but anybody really- then, and meditates together, all over the city, and then they put on some of the big quiet in central park in two thousand people came and meditated, and this is these are like hipsters did the idea, A man on ironic man, buns very strategic Facial hair is, this is very serious. It's your action going on. I felt very old and uncool,
so all of which to say that somehow meditations really taking off among young people and make in a really making realises that some of my stick, which is trying to convince people that it's not for freaks, is it not just for freaks, is maybe outdated any so well. That love makes a type. Well, you Jesse, but thank you for being here. They should do so. before you get into all the things you're doing now casual, how and when and why you started meditating sure. So I got into meditation my early twenties and the reason why is because I had started a record label when I was a sophomore on. Why you? A band of the college band sign started to take off, which was empty agency yeah right man, I'm glad you like that. To record was amazing. I have to say it and maybe people get mad at me. They kind of lost It would later records, but efforts record with maybe sets out for sugar is a special one. Yes for sure, so you're we were young, guys, sophomores it and while you, how did you look up?
yes. How did you now is a sophomore? I've had barely get to class? I was so hung over how're you starting a record label. Also. Hung over a class. My sophomore roommate, a gentleman aim, will Griggs his cousin was students with the that the two creators of energy see it wisely in college and we learn about their music. We actually heard an mp3 of the song kids that they are created in their dorm room. It was landed, that's how it learned about it and we just saw opportunity and believed in it or Dylan felt but I went for nice so to get to meditation move. a couple years. You know, like maybe twenty three, twenty four and I was over. Armed with centrally running a record label full time, while also being a student graduated jumped right into it. You know: got the office space had the studio. Signing lots of bans going
concerts and it was overwhelming- and I was looking for tools to manage stress. That's really what you know hooked me. It was stressed management so that finally got into an then it sort of all from there. I shall just say that debt in for those listen were record video cameras, but I spent a lot of people who are consumed by cast our listening only said those who can't see you Jesse's a very tall looking do the kind of dude who, like would probably have shown me in a locker when I was in high school Like also just further to my point that dead, meditation is a lot of cool young people are into at which these bad bottles the mine for me, but I think it's great. Don't you? What kind of meditation were you doing when you got into it? So, at the time there were there weren't a ton of sort of public, The same millennial facing options like there, you are starting to see now and the Ark another major cities solve the dislike it as a six
no was. It was because I gradually no eight is probably around two thousand tat: ok, you're, probably doesn't tennis so lonely place. I could find at the time of the shambolic and I remember rolling up to their intra course, and it was cut sleepy, and I learned a practice thou on it being very powerful for me, but I can feel like that was sort of my place to practice meditation in the people that were also in the closet. I didn't really feel like I could relate to so it kind of became a personal journey for the next eight or nine months. So I just go to practice my own Shambhala technician a kind of an entrepreneurial each when you walked in that room like I shall get it felt at that, but I have experienced it gets out another power at a time letters, unpack efforts, eggs is symbolic, is bed. I pick a deadly very active all over North America, maybe globally it was founded, a guy named Tibetan good,
by the name of Joe again trunk per member state who is no longer with us, but his son is, I think, running the thing and he is a really interesting guy, somewhat controversial to p bodied, what's known as crazy wisdom, because he was a little crazy in some, whose behaviour, but also by I've. Never I never met the guy, but by air but he spoke do know themselves apparently really smart. Inspiring person very well ways are any the Buddhist, so this Buddhas meditation what what was the practice that you learned?
the practice I learned at shambolic wasn't eyes open practice. It was relatively in specific on specific and regards tat how how long we could practice for remember the instructor gonna be like that's how it works for you, I think, maybe around ten minutes. What was what was suggested so sitting upright without back support, gazing down the ground sort of a soft gaze and brain your attention to your breath. It was pretty straightforward, and what did it do for you? It was very powerful. I got into it, and the first thing I realized was that even ten minutes was going to be unrealistic for the way that I was looking my life, so I kind of created my own routine around
a belt habit for meditation. I actually want to retain the power of habit several years later candidate and for me it was what's realistic to make happen every morning. So I, after I'd brush my teeth and I'd, leave the bathroom. I would just sit down for three minutes and practice, and after about a month I was able to move to ten, and then I just sort out this routine in place. So I had probably a thirty minute practice happy every morning. What I saw was that as leading my apartment, walking to work feeling like I was floating to work, just feeling super com and whatever was coming out me high stress period. Stress me. Whenever I was coming to me, I was able to sort of look at consider before I react to, and the emails that used to come in like those that the bad emails are kind get in the stomach, weren't really get me in the stomach as modules calico. You know like bad news. Good news just knew
and it was happening- and you know I'm a matter of months so I was I was. I was kind of hooked early on to great way of describing it. I'm just curious just to go back there for a second to you to be the habit that what did you do right there and then how did expand from three to thirty minutes? so quick, quick, quick run down on on what Charles speaks about. the power of how else do hidden. Yorktown border wrote the power of haven't rice own book it. So you know he he looks out essentially identifying a cue, I'm not gonna get the word. Don't worry again anyway, is essentially what I was doing was I had my cue every morning, which was
When I leave the bathroom, I always will sit down for a period of time and have my practice routine. It was Q, Q is leave. The bathroom routine was set down for three minutes in practice, the shambolic technique, and then my reward was wishes of the third piece of absolute was on my head, and I had an app were out sort of tally every day. Did it in a row the apt that I was users called chains and it allowed me to sort of maintain regularity around a practice and the more days in a row that I was able to plug into the sap sort of like the more colorful and big this chamber could so I just sort of built the habit loop for myself,
after a probably a couple weeks of doing that, my body just started to naturally want it. That's phenomenal, and so is that what your practice is today still does not know. So, after about nine months of of doing the the Shamballa practice, I I met someone who might walk into the vedic meditation teacher and I got into that and just kind of felt like it- was more in line with how I was living my life, I loved how it was a scientist, and deeply information all and that there was room to gonna, grow and study the vat as Joanna getting really into so I'm uh, I'm afraid I meditated so what it did describe for me, the Vatican, detection techniques. So it's similar thirty. I believe he has talked about him and the shah before eyes, closed sit comfortably with back support. You given a mantua that somewhat specific to the student and used sort of
Leanne effortlessly say your mantra. While your eyes are closed, this comfortable position and if you catch yourself having thoughts, it's totally cool you let the thoughts come and you just returned your mantra and time the saying of the majority of breathing. No, you, don't you don't you, you ve, you kind of learn the rhythm through the course that you do to their mantra and you how much of this you doing I I practice verdict meditation about twenty two thirty minutes in the morning and then anywhere from, like thirty minutes, Fifty minutes in the afternoon last us quite a bit yet debts which are what would you say, the impact evading meditation? How is the impact of enemy vetting meditation different from the symbolic me as a great question, and it feels pretty clear to me Madam President, by saying that I only practice shambolic for about eight months and I've been doing basic meditation, frown how much longer it's been since then fives fighting has five year. Six years saw in other waited
But what I feel like I mention what I found from shambolic was that instantly right after a meditation, I found myself totally relaxed and calm and very on reactive and sort of cotton. Plato before having an emotional reaction is something I was at my biggest take away with the vague practice I haven't felt as much of that there isn't much of like I just finish meditating I feel then float around. I dont really feel that way, but what meditation has done, which has been really powerful for me. Is it slowly sort of stripped stress out of my body, so overtime stress triggers that have been built up, and I quite a few of them for my childhood have essentially melted away, so I've been able to have a clearer channel between, but
Maybe it would call your intuition or your got and my heart in my brain. So what I find is that it's much easier for me to make decisions based on what feels right as opposed to what may be, Logically, I think should be right so unable to follow my intuition and arm and feeling into that has been one of the most powerful kind of components. The well, if my life, in the way that I make decisions of my life gimme, some examples ya mean the best? Probably the most relevant example he gave, which is relevant to this talk today. As you know, I want running that record label for nine years after we sign the anti in Vienna. We built attack, find in a hall, live entertainment, beast piece to the business and it was an incredible ride and as the as the company was grow, and there was something inside of me is really the more meditating, the more this was starting to come out. That was saying this has been an
he's in chapter in your life, but it's time to move on to figure out what's next and there was no logic based around all the logic said: stay the company Az Business Partners, great Soho office. You know, company reputation is killer, money is good, but my intuition and sort of my heart was saying: you're meant to do something else right now and that's all I had nuts and that's what I gave myself too and now and I'll give you my How does this work so you walk away from the company. Does yeah process, but does it still exists? Oh yeah does so that was somewhat of it. I would imagine economic sacrifices. Oh yeah, my lifestyle changed because rootless revenue and when you walk away, what did you walk away to do specifically well I'd? I traveled a little, but I went after Africa, Canada. That thing. Do you visit partners Nick you lost your damn mine
there were they understood it was. It was a painful process, but they understood to mean ultimately what I've found is. If I am speaking from my heart in pretty much it's coming from my heart, you can't really Are you at that doesn't mean that someone may not be hurt, or that won't be emotional for me, but I was coming from my hard not to find people really respect it, but it was a challenge to transition. Is gonna like like an amicable divorce, he knows and it was a process multiple months while I was still the office and everyone knew I was kind of movie. Nanos chose challenging, and I had no idea what I was going to do next. Zero, So I went on and I travelled for a little while- and I I it's gonna like about a year before I left the company I was thinking about other ways. I could come to give myself the passions just aside projects and I've always loved community organizing, to bring people together at a cheeseburger club. That kind of sporadic was a blast without women wearing,
iceberg, a cheeseburger club started in New York. Issues is out when I was this is I guess, the year after I graduated from college and the cheeseburgers he's right. I've got a burger boys in New York retired, but it was ten guy. We come together every other week in a different cheeseburger, throw the fibers in New York and really what it was. It was men's group. It was sort of like support for one another, as, as you know, guys in their twenty is trying to figure out the world, but cheeseburgers were the reason to come together and kind of talk, What's goin on our lives after the break I use emerges in right escape bored. I go through a lot of breakups, I travel time I get exhausted. I get excited. I get sad I get inspired and I meditate twice a day after this theirs new answer for people in need of serious pain, relief, lighter care has created a one, kind, pain, relief, patch the blocks pain for up to eight hours with the old,
lay non Water based letter came back on the market. Light of care uses patent pending technology to desensitize aggravated nerves for an odour, free, ultra, flexible dry and light solution to pain. The latter care paint batch from the maker. Blue EMU for long lasting relief? You can wear available at sea, vs, cheaper clubs and just like purely often it was the best it was like it was like your best parties birth. every other week and then and then it grew, we had a we had a tumblr presents, we kept we, we live blog every burger we had as a group and individual it, and we had chapters of the burger boys pop up in Stockholm, the burger boys Stockholm and then we add the chapters on the West Coast with some special there, and I as I was inspired by a kind of creating that building, not so Oh. What I was mentioned was that about a year before I left my company, I started to look at other ways. I could bring peace
altogether through a shared interest, sort of in the name of fun and human connection. So I started a bite club, which was the first rivals was me and eighteen friends who are. Bikes, we just heard it went on this journey. I didn't really tell him. We were gone and we just cruise went to Coney Island one of the cyclone roller coaster, on the ride back to the Williamsburg Bridge, which is our starting point. We decided we would name ourselves the cyclones and everyone in the bike club told her friend so. The next month we had forty people shop for the ride and then, by the time I left my company, we were a bike above over a thousand people. When people would come together to ride. We really were taken over five six blocks and I was feeling very called to bringing people together and sort of creating a shared experiences. So when I was travelling in Africa, I when I left my company. I was at that point thinking about how I can sort of lend more purpose to our by club and give myself to it, because I don't have anything else to do now is thousands were really scary feeling cause I'd would run. It is a bit
this. While I was a student, I never not handsome to do so. We welcome, as we want of creating a bike shower programme for for rural tanzanian students who were walking up to twenty miles to get the school centrally bike share program to help students be better students, and I doubt about future leaders- and I just loved this sense of purpose bringing people together. We'd gone brides going to speak in front of the group rally. People up this is how we're going to raise money to get involved. Let's build this thing, and it really it had everything to do with the work that I do today. That's really cool! So then what happened that brought you to organizing around meditation. So at that point, when we, when we did our bike share program, it was it was November of twenty fourteen. So I was like maybe five months into having left my company and by December of twenty fourteen is too cold to ride bikes, and then I was like I got them faced with the giant of the unknown
once again at a ways. Rather, you rather have any income at this might write almost almost out of my servants wild up or that I was getting Klaus I saw in it, it was it was. It was truculent of it, and you know the CUP I was running and we didn't have any major exit, so we had some hits but like in I didn't I didn't, have it you shave, it was a startup, so I was kind of limited to begin with, and finances perish a huge that it's been a big fear and sort of my story since I left two years ago, come to an interesting place on the condition that they had left her, but it was to call the ride bikes and there was the question mark of what to do, and at that point I was asking people what they thought MIKE greatest. Gifts were, and I was just kind of curious to hear about it from people are getting really in my head about what to do next, because I was getting job offers that were in the music intact worlds that were
So incredible, and I was I was- I felt so lucky to be getting these offers, but it with which, like I knew, was at what lessons here to be doing anymore. So a note of that and not knowing what was next was really really tough, their sort of this sort of like a lonely, a lonely fooling around man. I can acknowledge that I'm scientists were very, we not pretty place, but it was it was I who knows there was a challenge and I was asking people without my gift sort of starts to create some idea. as rapporteur? I can start to give myself to and what people kept saying was you can bring people together. You have leadership, ability is announced. I would think to myself yet true, but there's what's the business there, so I kind of like the blow it often an eventual Zack. I well I might as well play around with this. I have something I love doing. The tamil people keep telling me that they like, when I do. How can I combine it with a passion, and
adaptation had been this huge peace. My young adult life, as I mentioned, and it was one of the only consistent components of my life during this period of intense transition. Oh and I was seen that lots of young people in my communities from the music industry from attack house the place, those party, the new New York City, these active people, they wouldn't think to be meditating the time we're starting, learn meditation. So we house at our First Mattie Club in December twenty fourteen about a year a a half ago, and I sent an email in that email has been turned your blog posts, which is the none of our website actually even have a website the medical blog posts, and it pretty much said you know, I'm a young guy party. I have re earlier, though it's his. This is great
I'm thirty. I stay out laden party. I start my own businesses. I use emerges in right, escaped bored. I go through a lot of breakups. I travel a ton, I get exhausted, I get excited, I get sad, I get inspired and I meditate twice a day. That was your call to action, and people responded, what I as I've as I went on in the in the thing with I can paraphrase it if you like, by the way you gotta stop over the emerges no more much week, you have to remember this. Was this was a year and a half ago and live I've, just the way I use emerging. Ok for the regime to not using, I actually have I've actually devolved to use in the emoticons, Oh, I see I saw an old I've been with a parenthesis. Yeah, that's bless. My Greek, I think he's gotta go cold turkey man, I know you're not argue for our support for monitoring back emoticons. You aren't we
It is great. So so you you you pose this and what happens next will in that there is a call to action which essentially says let's get together and share quiet We'll meditate, we'll talk about meditation will tireless going on our lives, will have a little party with quiet and You know it's gonna, be forty people that I knew or love he meditation but didn't have placed the practice meditation together. What you know with chronic with like minded people- and I think we had about twenty three people- show up to the first mighty club and at the first one I was like, I saw the throttles like we had about
how many people for the first bike ride we had a scene of small groups are first cheeseburger meeting kind of starting to feel the potential right at that first gathering and Emily Fletcher is the vedic meditation teacher gave me some support and courage to get it going on. So she helped me organize that first one and the people just liked it people. I think weren't used to people that are used to seeing each other in a work. Contacts or sofa contacts were definitely not used to sharing quiet, and you know we took a rest with the first many club, where I decided to share about my process, my career process and sort of the some of the fears I was having around that transition and you know, got real as you like to say and I almost didn't say it cause. It felt pretty scary to be that vulnerable. I know you can relate to this and
after I gave my share. The room was totally quantitative right after the meditation room was totally quiet and then one other person shared the same level of death and vulnerability and then the room just lit up, and you had all these people who, for one I can tell, really communicating like that very often or sort of doing it with strangers, and there are some very powerful there and that has been foundation automatically. We don't. Come together to meditate. We also come together to hold space for safe conversations around. You know that were going through in our lives is as people that live in New York to I mean it interesting. I mean I see a little bit of ministers egotistical. but I said- and I see a little bit of myself in what your approach is in- that you kind of saw an opening in the market. You know, as you say, went on to say your blog posts that here there a lot of people are really interested in in my my age group who are interested in meditation, but nowhere for us.
Go you, you really did, and that was my feeling you're back in two thousand and nine, when I first are getting interested in meditation and sir reading. All these, there were great, but I realized that somebody like me whenever most people like me whenever Rima these books, because their filled with a lot a language that is off as I found out footing, and so we both and I had a sort of learn entrepreneurial view on this thing totally. So after you had efforts, meaning what what happened next thumb, the reaction I got from it was was moving and what what people expressed to me was that there had been sort of yearning,
This type of space and having found it from that gather in meant a lot to them. That was one piece. The other piece was, I kind of stepped back that NATO's. I call you what I meant to do this. You know it's bringing people together without with its whole deeper purpose, and we did our next Friday club the next Monday doubled in size by the third or fourth, the laws that we were using inside. My buddies was running a space to us with a capacity, so it became clear that we needed a platform to sort of share this value system of. I guess you could say more cautious way of living, a modern life. Is it a business? It's becoming one. How puts the revenue
While right now, it's essentially and events business so through be quiet and we haven't. Actually we have actually haven't through be quiet, made a profit, all the money we ve been making off of big quiet. We ve been, we ve been partnering with with certain nonprofits, but what we realise that the opportunity right now as an offence business, but we have all sorts of ideas about how to go beyond that. This thinking scale and reach lots of people if were actually making money and putting a team to it, and we after a year and a half of testing it and the various components, a lot of different things. We could speak out. If you like work, you know were convinced that this can. This could have a pretty broad reach and the way to do it is to turn into a business. So There are many club, which is small group meetings and then big quiet, which are bigger events medically, gets together the first Wednesday of every month and it's it's capped at a hundred and fifty that sort of, like the max number for a meeting that we feel like. As most of you have many
so we are not so we have. That is well. Those are circles through the courts will come together if you're in town, if your interested bring a friend a hundred and fifty of us gather the first ones every month at those gatherings. We also talk about our circles, which our ten person versions of mighty club that are hosted by members of our community have been trained by me and spend a small team to host their own grew meditations and sort of safe space. Conversations to talk about real, that's gone on our lives, indifferent neighborhoods throughout the city in Brooklyn and then at many cloud that core monthly gathering the hundred fifty person one we also discuss our plans for the big quiet- wishes sexually
collaborative projects to celebrate this value system. With now thousands of people in the cities and three pieces, Gach envy Quiet- happens how often thought so you're after one year anniversary, which was two weeks ago, and we ve had six so far sagas from two to three months and how often to the circles me every Wednesday is interesting, can make out what I heard you talking about the circles at the big quiet it may mirage, and this is the way mega churches operate yet you take that idea from the magter. I woods I would I've been inspired by a lot of different social movements then really inspired by the seller Rights movement. I've been inspired by by records work and by a handful of community activists tools and and and protocols, and really what I'm looking at. Is you know? How do we do? our value system, find a way to spread it in a way that is in line with how bar generations living our laws and there's a lot to kind of Paul from and also gonna keep behind with.
The examples that I gave a is actually another one that without we looked at quite a bit, which I you know I was going with friends to open meetings, because I loved the sort of conversation connection. I was happening and found not to be deeply inspiring as well, so the difference between a mega church, the civil rights movement and what you're doing is that you're gonna make a business. So first, I've give two questions about right. One is: how does it become business? I'd love to just here is sensitive to accept your willing to talk about what the business plan is, and then too is there because, as I was elected to three questions, go when I was talking about how we both that the mutuality here around, though us both having sort of an entrepreneurial h. As I said when he had various moments in our exposure to meditation. I started hearing some my buddhist friends say: well, hey man, this is you know,
My ear in my head saying you know this is supposed to be about turning a profit. This is this is really sure supposed to be something bigger and grander than that. So those two questions you can take em and whatever order you want. Ok, I. What are we respect that opinion in regards to meditation, not be something to charge for You know the way that we're doing it right now and you probably saw this from the big quiet as it's not just meditation. you know our were taken over incredible spaces where booking incredible talent and actually have a team that I'm pay now sort of found my pocket more or less to create these experiences yet, but by battalion, but they are there busier. We have these issues that ever at at all of our vance, except for the circles we now have using or will have got speakers. You know it the celebration not only of meditation of culture and that's kind of how we present the experience. It's it's it's a party with consciousness
so yeah there elements of that that people don't like that. We charge for- and I totally respect that it's it's probably not for that person. What where? What? Where credit is not for that person, but there are a lot of people who are very happy to support the growth of our of our values and and to enabled experiences that are happening. A lot to the point where you know we. We have we're having growth issues, because we fill up all the spaces that we organize them, which is awesome, but I thought you know it's a decent, a decent bit about what it would look like. If we didn't charge, we actually started without charging, and I didn't, write me, it didn't feel like we would be able to do it in the way that we feel like we need to do it and at the sky now that we're ready to do it at too, if we weren't, if we were in charging for it. So it's definite a new thing, other we're see lots of different for profit businesses around meditation in New York,
God I wish I were. I am a co founder of Europe. I congratulate you but yes, so that some not I plan on on stricken by so what is the bit the edges of the of the two questions on the ground at first? I will describe for me how you see it becoming a growing concern, sure sure there are some things from the best for me to speak to what it looks like right now and I'm kind of allude to some of the bigger stuff, but I don't have it all figured out right now so very much. A process of figured it out with an incredible group of mentors and also from a lot of support within members of our community, but right now it's essentially in events business. everything that we do from the circles to our monthly Mattie clubs, to our big quiets, there's an exchange and price for and what we do is we create tears of pricing for people.
in tribute. Ah, what works based on their means to a certain extent, saw the lowest price point ferny any of our gatherings, as is ten dollars, and we ve had I'm gathers where the highest price point like we did a it requires the consent of the highest price point if you wanted to contribute with fifty five dollars, so there sliding scale based on the events. So people are essentially pain to come to. Our experiences in those experiences happened multiple times every Wednesday. Like I mentioned, then they happen on a larger scale. and we did the big quiet that you're out two weeks ago. I wanted to give back to the city parks foundation because they allowed the first big quiet to happen as an opening act at some stage at central park so for the big quiet two weeks ago, for one year anniversary, we actually, headline in taking over the whole space for the night, and we took on profit that we made from that of anguish about twenty k and gave it back to the parks, and that's because we charge twenty five dollars per ticket to come to that event alive.
As the path the staff allowed us to pay off the team loudest path, talent and it was allowed us to turn a little bit of a profit, so we're trying to find. sweet spot for events right now, which is not a huge business, but it enough to allow us to grow and keep sort of spreading this thing. What I'm really interested in right now is refining we're doing in New York before we bring the big quiet or many clubs, our circle models to other other cities. But my concern is your view: no older jewish uncle it. How are you eating I power used? having so I've got my resources like I have. I have I have aside business, which is a production company that I started when I was a student it and why you that is, still generating enough income for me to stay alive into your video grave, video, russian. Yet that's one piece
Do it, I'm able to pay myself a part time salary from the current work that we're doing a little. I have one full time person on staff into part time, people on staff at through Medi, cal, big quiet night. I pay them through the money that comes in through the through the big quiet, night clubs or events. The commitment that I've made has been to give myself to this price and really do it right, really refine test, iterate, really nail it here in New York and have faith that as this community builds, there will be there. be meaningful ways to make money that also work with how our community wants to give money. That's a really important piece to innocent conversation. We have a lot with our
so I've adjusted my lifestyle, so I can do that right now, I'm I moved out of my my laughed and Williamsburg too much different style apartment with roommates for the first time in a while, which I should be great, but that's you know, save me thousands of dollars, so I can really continue to test. What I can see is this people are very appreciative of what were creating and very hungry for it, and my belief is that if we can continue to grow this and work with our community. here in our community and and continue to find scalable models to give people what their hungry. For that. There will be ways to support myself to support a team to support a global team, eventually
and there's a decent amount of blind faith. That's going into it, but that's how the whole thing started, though I great business start this year. I really respect the question you said before that we use said before their finances were suddenly. There have been on your my aspect that you know making this sort of change your lifestyle stuff. It's not something you do lightly yeah it was there I was tormented by you know like I left, I left a company and I was living a certain lifestyle and the dust. Thousand, is challenging. The job offers that I was getting that were right, they cool. I mean that some alike, my dear
my offer is a couple years ago, like in a couple years back earlier on a my company, the kind of things out that always sounded awesome but, like I mentioned, there's a sort of intuitive calling to keep exploring and testing. So with that I had to make this choice was like my lifestyle is going to change and it's going to be different than the way. A lot of my my best friends and peers live their lives, and you know, you're talking to you're, talking to a privilege guy who grew up on the West side, in LOS Angeles, and I was kind of raised in a certain way and always kind of felt like I would have lots of money always and by I'm good. I got a roof over my head, I'm in a good situation was very different than the way a lot of my peers are living their lives. The way I maybe would have expected I'd be living my life at this age, and that was just a really tough thing to do. You know
the biggest thing at first, the probably the first four months of leaving my company was the comparison to all of all of my peers and just watching them arctic. Ask I run with a very talented, inspiring group of people that was really challenging for me, and I had a kind of learned to just drop. The comparison story be like a mild path, comparing mind as it had been a buddhist worldly type about compare mind you when you're companions out other people's very painful, very painful hateful is ultimately wasted. Energy and I I felt was certain extent, I think, to authority in drug use because I think a little bit comparing mine can actually be very mode motivated. Yet when you got on my phone as a very useful to happy draw the line between useful, comparing minded useless, compare might get useless pretty quickly sure I grew up went yeah. I guess that the the
the way that I was jumping into comparison at that stage of my life. It was just like instant torture and- and I I had to just drop it or else I would go, and it is for these patterns he's halls where just I would totally lose sight of how exciting this new that this new phase of my life was roused, actually able to give myself to exploring what I felt like. I was really here to do see your vision. Your grand vision is that many clubs shirt then big quiet, be quiets. Plural will be having in every city totally all over the planet. Absolutely absolutely a we ve received it's been a year to be doing the big question, We ve received these house requests. We have we had this thing on our website, where we could people could sort of suggest places for us to bring it an offer to help create the experience over a hundred fifty cities in countries- and you know this has happened- not very organically. We don't really,
push this stuff. We we have a splash page. Women have a website for Mattie Club, so the demand is there and I see it especially right now, I feel, like people are sort of extra hungry to come together and share experiences like what we're talking about, and my my belief is that this this can work on a very large scale, and I think that the gatherings can get bigger. I think they can happen places and, what's really important to me, is creating the intimacy will stimulate the big. Its larger, I think, will I think, we'll Dube Big QUIET at places like Madison Square Garden and and as we get larger in that way move to other cities. I want to make sure that we still have ten person circles and peer to peer support. That's happening regularly in the same city that big exist, because that level of connection,
is to me just as important as that big mass shared experience of connection. Let me ask you two questions about my experience at big quieter, so I mean look. It's undeniably awesome from my point of view that have thousand people like voluntarily now he voluntarily coming together to meditate a pain and do you know that really motivated but It was interesting watching my own mind during it, because I'm such I can't I'm not allowed to swear on these things, but I'm such a man starts with an a and ends with an e reflexively a little bit judgmental and and it got me. Thank you. First of all like I was, I was like so many things to say: I'm like having trouble seeing any them, but you just did, is very earnest with Europe. our group is very earnest than I ever you know like. I was saying before, though I like man bonds and you know, and flower crowns. Like it's a very sort of its like a combination of
hip, kids and the new age and a little bit- and you know instead of clapping your kind of snapping at all staff, and so I found myself as legged a older guy. Look a little bit like all my guy rolling right so We admire horrible person Erlich. What? What? What are you would it? How do you respond to my admittedly cell unless a little- I'm proud of my judgmental nature, but it is what it is. So how do you respond to my response? It's such a good question it it's one! That's that's very relevant right now, because up until about a month ago, I was very kind turned with you as very concerned about making sure that this operators and the man bonds and the crown, whereas in the dance heresies, would all love the experience, and I was tormenting myself and unites like you. Try to you, try to create something that's gonna work for everybody, and I think you have sort of an impact and if your
in a really stand for something, and do it in the way that you believe in you can have a real impact, but you may not may not appear everybody, so you know, I think we have a pretty good bout. Six considering The event could be? It could be real ironically, and there's a line so for me, I want to create enough space, for people can act, so we will some people will have gains where there are things like make Joan handshake with someone. You don't know how or snap instead of clap and just kind of get break people out of the intensity of their own world and everything is you don't got to be so right and so cool in New York and just kind of listen people out, but without going too far. So Did you stay true to what feels good to me, and so are the other people in our committee, like that you saw on stage and we build an experience that feels right us and there we put people at alike it or their eyes, and I'm learning to be ok with that, but as tougher me,
I think you're right and I and o as I was berating myself, you're being kind of judgmental about it, and I started thinking a little bit about generational differences. You know by nine hundred and fourteen didn't you that's not like that time, but I'm from generation after generation. Why right and it's I was wondering like you. Do you hear you? You know anyways were very similar, like I'd notwithstanding the age difference, and I grew up in a very privileged jewish household and on the EAST coast is out of the West Coast, and you know I went and why you from school. I went to call me, but I The semester it and why you film what we we have a lot of similar similarities in our background, and if I was your age, we might have been even in the same friend group, but the way you talk is very different from the way I talk you talk about, which are meant to do here on the planet or yield on safeguards
they talk about your heart like. I would never talk that way. I grew up and I was raised on Seinfeld. You know like irony, and you know this serve like nihilistic sarcasm, and so I will Where is that easy from what I can tell with from working with a lot of money is on the staff at night line and is: is that actually like being heartfelt in earnest and sincere is actually shirt of ok in your peer group? So you think there's thing to what I'm saying absolutely, and I actually think I think that this is an important point and and and and particularly in regard to how we explore this. Generation. There's deftly, I guess, you're, calling it a level of of being earnest. I think that we see that the off this is what a lot of research points doing what I can see it it's a lot of this is pretty accurate. Millennials are driven by purpose and ashen. Where more
to speak of honourably. We care about authenticity, entry, parents ii, what I've seen is that it's great to go right into that. It's great to be able to have a conversation and talk that way, but sometimes I see people grow to that space so quickly that it will instantly turned someone who's not from the same mindset off from the conversation, and what I'm really interested in is how you and I can have a conversation if we may be dont speak the same way or I can still be true about how I feel how I speak without making. I wrote the whole time we're talking. We have made me. I rolled us, go at all that I'm talkin right now in either a dvd a millennial. Emphasis on authenticity is very interesting because millennials, for example, really embraced Bernie Sanders not close to their age right much older than obviously any millennial. But you know barely his hair true
the same beliefs he's had since he was twenty five or whatever, and you know I did Millennials- really love them for that night. I found that, even though I am not a millennial older than the millennial. Just the fact that I have on the fact that I'm a judge mental jerk at times daddy is in and of itself a sort of authenticity and that that said that actually you know I went spoke. I spoke at Wanderlust. Rights of this is like actually did that they're, not just millennia, but their super earnest and the veranda their yoga poses and all that stuff, and I went there and made fun of them for drinking composure and wherefore, her crown stuff like that, and they are totally into their totally file of it and, as so often tissues theme on often titty seems to me to be the coin of the realm here. Like as long as Europe, as you said before, giving real being real or whatever, then it's ok is
and an mba respectful so actually have no disrespect for I've, actually an enormous amount of respect. For what- you guys are doing. It was only on the edges on the style is Eric part where I found selfie in a little bit like, oh, my god, but still I feel badly about being like. Oh, my god. I love the self awareness with with in the crotch anus as crotchety might have left for me. It's really about meeting people at the level that they're out- and this is just as boils down to emotional intelligence- it's like to what.
All right, you're, a millennial, you care about purpose and what feels right in your heart to what extent you just go right into talking about that and lose someone they're trying to have a conversation with him into into what extent do you have a sense of okay? I understand where this person's, at their their value system may be a little bit different, I'm going to communicate in a way, so we can stay and seek with how we're talkin nothing that we think a lot about our gatherings. Actually, if you ask me actually feel like we skewed a little bit too far to the side of that last bit quiet which at two to a little too far to turn aside, because I'm really interested in right. Now, I'm really interested in being able to celebrate this and share this with a lot of people. So if we go too far to the urn aside, then we start to lose. People like you and look ultimately like I said before, got to stay true to what feels right to us, but I am very interested in understanding how to meet people where they're at so, I think that's. There is some sort of a refined way to go about being authentic,
Does it push people away? I don't have it mastered, but it's something that I'm really interested am thinking about. The same thing I went to the big quiet with this woman, whose just signed on to do marketing insulting for the attempt, and happier at me ass. She invited me, we went together and I met turned her in the mill as if we have to figure out as a company. How do we not turn this crowd off while continuing to reach true? We know the you know the broad massive sheriff civilians out there and its an interesting challenge. You know yours is kind of like the diametrically opposite. The aid is a very interesting challenge. How could but but as you said, and I think what you said for, though, is at the end of the day the right approach. If you do something is designed to make everybody happy. You're probably do something Joker showing how to have to figure out what you're got tells you, and I go with that right on that
right, and I will say that I have. I have a sensitivity to being too to be too being too far in the earnest because it actually pushes view as well. so in I I had actually have a level I roll and sort of crotchety this as well more so than you would think for what I do for a living, and that's that's just doesn't speak to me so, but I like the stuff I'm willing, I can go there and unwilling to go their own way, maybe more so than other people who, like It has already said it is. It is ultimately about- and I think I have a lot to do with the success of our growth is, that is that I'm trying to stay true to that balance, not too far neither side cause. That is really what most meaningful to me in a lot of people in our community. Fair enough. Like the word balance, I think that
that is a good goal. What are the things that you do, and I wonder if you think this has been part of your success- is that you are in this. Is your turn practice agnostic people come to Medi Club, but you don't you're, not actually dishing out one kind of meditation. Now we share a techniques that people can do. If the new domestication, we encourage you to practise whatever you are. We courage you to talk to other people in and learn what they're up to ever resource page that has tons of different ways to our Mediterranean. But what was happy was people were showing up to Mattie Club having premeditated man and you sit in silence. I leave no like yes ox, so you give it. We give a form in its acne that people can use their lighter everything you? U emphasizes that you want to make meditation relevant to things that are active in people's lives like creativity, sex and business life balance,
Happy Geeky taught me a little bit about how meditation than useful for you in those areas yeah sure. So I spoke quite a bit about how it relates to business. You know it's given me gimme clarity. Its allowed me to refine intuition to make decisions that feel right, so that has lent itself in a major way to business and its also let itself in a major way to hush up and relationship. They say you break up alot yeah, definitely event I didn't throw I've been through ample breakups, but you know how you go about the break up and being able to know when it's time to break up. These are things I'm seller, gotcha, but but meditation has has played.
really big role and how I show up as a lover how I show up as a as a partner as a romantic partner as a business partner and as a creative person. You know like so much about we're. Building right now, you've referenced some of the sort of other movement exam we spoke about this earlier, but in many ways what we're doing hasn't really been done. So there's a lot of creativity. That's required to allow this thing to grow and it comes from a lot of collaboration and a lot of other meditators within our community are helping. You know kind of play roles and make this thing happen. So without meditation I have a very different relationships, all in all those components in my that's a pretty important components of life and at the end of the day, this is what we're talking about it. Many club, you know when I mention that we have this conversation component to our gatherings- were touching on topics that matter to US sacks dating relationships, money, career purpose, social media, comparison stuff that we're all gonna go and through better
usually speaking about what I see is that people at our Mediterranean are I've been more inclined to want to go and talk about that stuff with strangers. so we celebrate, then we're looking a kind of make that safe and core. Bravo, all that I certainly you know why. You're in one of your many incites here is that practicing together actually has a real power. I think that's just undeniably grew. So let me just you ve been a great guest. Let me Jake's, while the file things I shall ask use out of curiosity, a goal for your own meditation, like you re trying to become enlightened. What is that in? What is that even mean to the island The enlightened terms seems like, like some kind of like a medium term. It's not a mediator, welcome like ancient religious term but vote, but but about
the way that I relate to it as it sounds like a medium term, in that it feels like a thing that people say to reach enlightenment. It feels confused and sort of misrepresented in our world and agree with that yeah! That's! That's honestly! How I associate with it I'm like sounds like someone who's playing the role of like a yoga teacher and am in in a movie. That's how I relate to now, I'm with you oh so so so I don't. I don't, have a goal with my practice. You know like when I was taught for my teachers was when I close my eyes and doing my practice, whatever happens is perfect from thicken the whole time. If I'm going, you know, corn quote deep. If I'm experience, he benefits, if I'm not from we're heading a plateau and, unlike others, working it's all perfect as long as I'm sit down and practices and that's really what I, what I've got stuck with. Nice, that's a good place to end, actually have one question for you: go get go for it yeah, so one of the things
really drew me to you when I first learn about you, maybe a year or so ago, was that you in a very public wagon vulnerable about your own life. and, as I mentioned, vulnerability space spacer vulnerabilities, important piece through a weed ever seen up our photos, do you feel like being vulnerable in the way that you were has a lot to do with the way that people have sort of latched onto your message and sort of followed the work that Do you know that there's no data and the publishing industry, so I know how many books have gold, but I dont know why or buying them or who's buying them. What they like about it so- What I mean is all anecdotal and it's interesting to me, but I hear too to the minimum sure, but people hated my book, but they are really hear from them much, but what I here I hear from people who do like it, and and and but so some. Them say these entity older
People at my age and an older he's. The scepticism that really work for them, oh you, if I sir I figured I give you could do it. Anybody could derive so that was kind of open. We talked about the last war, you know, even in some ways I wrote the book, in the mindset of everybody thinks meditation is weird I needed to make. It seem less weird and now realising that not everything is where other people, I think, related to the book because The vulnerability because I talked about having a pack attack panic, know with depression, anxiety, panic, trifecta, drug abuse, so air everything, although I like you, I have to have a very privileged background and I don't want. I don't want to hide the bone that at all, things cover mix. And you know it's really kind of in my head now, because I am working on Monday book and I object to think level.
What did I do right? Last time? I don't even know what I was doing last time I have written a book before it was. It was a mess. The process was a mess, that's a long way of saying I don't really know I don't know like. I commend you for for doing it managed it was inspiring to see how you put yourself out there to get that store across. I might my hunch is that it probably inspired a lot other people. Thank you. You know it's funny. I don't know if I talked about this in the pocket before I pick up talked about it with, but to the extent that the book my book with success actually was humbling on one level, which was that I realize I spent an enormous amount of time while writing a book freaking out but how what people think you know? I'm gonna lose my career, because I did a lot of cocaine or you know, like a man you know my mother begged me not to publish the book and there was a whole thing I was freaking out and here's with was humbly. I realized in the book came out. Nobody really cares about me.
It was mildly amusing. To hear that this guy wears a tie and seems put together on tv, no dislikes T level network news, guy freaked out, like that's mildly, amusing. What people cared about was what do you Harris have for me that could be potentially useful and that hugely liberated, because I dont know walking around under the false impression that people really care about what I what they care about. Can I can I deliver something you and that's been great. That's been great so, and I think,
So I changed the way I am in the world because Werden by a lot of narcissistic, seldom self obsession that I realize I sighed and need to be burdened by her in you. You broke a mould in regards to how to get a message across that prove to be really meaningful. Thank you for those courses, and I found a positive- are there's another edition of the ten percent happier pot cast if you like it and when it drew up her favor, please strive to it, review it and read it. I want to also think people who produces pie cast Joshua Handler and run Sarah AMOS and the head of ABC New Digital Dan Silver and heavy up a twitter
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