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400: Jameela Jamil on Mental Self-Defense

2021-11-29 | 🔗

Our guest for our 400th episode is actor and activist Jameela Jamil, who you may have seen on such shows as The Good Place, The Misery Index, and Legendary. Outside of her acting career, Jameela is known for launching a movement and platform called I Weigh. She's also the host of the I Weigh podcast, where she talks to everybody from Reese Witherspoon to Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, to Gloria Steinem.

This episode explores: how to develop what Jameela calls mental self-defense; how to be ruthless when it comes to personal boundaries; the difference between body positivity and body neutrality; how she handles the scrutiny and toxicity of social media; and how men can play a positive role in a world with profound double standards when it comes to looks.

Content Warning: This episode touches on the topics of suicide, eating disorders, and sexuality. Any profanity has been bleeped out.  

This episode is the first in our two-part Anti-Diet Series. In this series, you’ll not only have the chance to reconsider your relationship to food, eating, diet, exercise, and body image–you’ll also learn practical, research-backed tools for approaching all of these things in a healthier, more mindful way. It’s also the subject of our newest Challenge over in the Ten Percent Happier app. In the 7-day Anti-Diet Challenge, we are going to help you build a better relationship with food and your body. The Anti-Diet Challenge kicks off on Monday, December 6, in the Ten Percent Happier app. If you’re not already a Ten Percent Happier subscriber, you can join us by starting a free trial that’ll give you access to the challenge–along with our entire app. Click here to get started.

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This is the ten percent. Have your Pakistan Dan Harris. They all believe it or not. You are not listening to episode number four hundred of the ten percent happier pot cast. I cannot believe that feel that we started. This thing is yesterday anyway. Thank for sport in the show, and thanks to all the incredible people have worked so hard on this issue. This episode number four hundred easy, duty. Let me just a bad for a second before I tell you but our guest. As already knows our days are here and as everybody I believe knows, this season can bring up a whole cornucopia of complex psychological issues, one of the biggest Here is food and how we feel about our bodies. Many of us can get super obsessive about food and body issues at any time, but especially so, during the
it pretty much. Every woman I know will relate to this immediately, but a quick to my mail, listeners dude, you might think you're a meal, to this stuff, and maybe you are, if so, God bless, but I urge you to look closely at the noise inside your dome. How much time do you spent per separating about what you eat. How much you eat in how you look as compared to your friendly neighbourhood Instagram influence, or is it possible that too, down the volume on food, slash body, preoccupation, self assessment in self criticism would make you happier and healthier and free up limited bandwidth to focus on something that is perhaps more constructive. We're locked, The two part Series day which we are calling the anti diet series on Wednesday, were to be talking to an expert in something called intuitive eating, which has had a huge impact on me. Today, though, our guest is Jamila de Mille, an actor
and activist who you may have seen on such shows as the good place, the misery index and legendary as you're about to hear she has opinions, strong opinions which she will express with Lot of conviction, humor and profanity, outside of her acting it is known for lunch. A movement and a platform called. I way, that's w e g h way not to w a. Why were so. I way is the name of her organization. And she's. Also the hosted the eye way podcast where she talked everybody from Reese, Witherspoon, too vague, Murphy. The! U S, surgeon general to glorious item in today's demonstration Tuilla and I talk about her struggles with wait. Fat phobia and eating disorders since childhood
We talk about how to develop what she calls mental self defence and how to be ruthless and you'll hear she is ruthless when it comes to personal boundaries. We also talk about the difference between body, positivity and body neutrality. How she does this scrutiny and toxicity of social media and how men can play a positive role in a world with profound double standards when it comes to looks before we dive in just a quick Ten warning. In this interview we touch on the topics of suicide, eating disorders and sexuality, suggest a heads up on that. Also, as I said, there's a lot of cursing. We bleep all of it, but never have we had to use so many bleeds. It's pretty hilarious. Actually. While the content is serious, the swearing is pretty hilarious. Anyway, we made it child proof in case you ve got a kid
the car or nearby, whatever a one of the things they before we dive in. This is an item of business in conjunction with the Anti death series right here in the past, we are launching an anti diet challenge over on the ten percent happier app in the challenge were to give you an introduction to intuitive eating, which I mentioned earlier by way around here. My own relationship with food and body image, which, while it luckily has not been dangerously bad in any way, has often been more than a little bit fraud for years. I would watch my diet like a hawk counting. My MAC rose Bush. Myself at the gym already at the end of a long day, and you know hose in entire sleeve of Orioles. This was driven by the fact that my tv, but I think it's a very common among all humans and more common than it is commonly admitted among men.
As I got older in my body started to change. I also developed a whole host of subtle, but pretty pernicious mental habits that would crop up every time I passed. A reflective surface would finally broke me out of this vicious I with something I first learned right here on the show intuitive eating it's in evidence based approach to food. It flies in the face of every diet. I've ever heard of as why women looking at the anti diet in a seven day, anti diet challenge over on the app we're gonna help. You build a better relationship with food, better relationship with your body. This approach, as I've said, is backed by science and in classic Tpa fashion. It is supercharged by meditation. Any idea challenge were to be working with a phenomenal. Anti diet, registered dietician and nutritionist by the name of Christie, Harrison she's, actually our guest on the pot on Wednesday. She- and I will talk through the prey balls intuitive eating in short videos and then, when the videos done a will roll directly into a guide,
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A bit about why you that so interested in this kind of activism. Why started. I way I mean I way has been through so many iterations just in the last three years, but it's come to be an umbrella organisation for Mental House freely and all of the different intersections all the different things in life, the impact on mental health, and that is because mental health has been on my mind since I was a child, because I grew up around severely mental people and I became a sort of kara to those people from age of about nine, and it was Probably until my twenties, I realized how mentally ill I was cause. I had spent so much time trying to to make sure everyone else's okay, and because I wasn't as extreme in dismay of my behavior is thrust of my family, I presumed. I was fine I also had a little bit of arrogance has to I'm the strong one, I'm stoic, and I thought that was a badge of honor
that I haven't had therapy and I haven't had methods, and that was because I was here and I had a nervous breakdown about twenty six in which almost at my life- and I think that points I'd hit my official rock bottom and I started was kind of been like a nine year. Experiment to say if my own life- otherwise I knew I was gonna, do it again, and so, through all the things that I have learned from so many people, smarter than I decided to share those in case. There's someone else out there who might be feeling the same way. I ve been feeling my whole life, who maybe have access around them to people to talk about this. We have not just therapists oversee, that's hugely inaccessible, so many four, but even just family members. Some people just don't have the dialogue for these conversations and they all knew wants than they are different for Trans person, nor person with a disability or a fat person or a rich personal report.
Ass, a Nora person of a certain age that we all have our own individual struggles, assault blanket topic, and so I think why, try to do with. I way was created safe space on the internet, where we could have hard compensate and no longer feel alone and also in the last year, year and a half because of the rise of very difficult conversations around social justice. There is a very understandable impatience in the public. There is an appetite for a speedy repair and they want people who who didn't understand social justice issues to understand them overnight, and there is a kind of especially amongst the left, quite and unforgiving, impatience, as to why don't you already know all of these things? How dare you you're not ignore ignorant? You must be evil. We cannot separate ignorance naval, and so we make people is not a very
courage and environment in which to learn and to make people feel safe to put a hand up and ask difficult question. So why way has also become aside from a support network and in education platform is again a safe space, but this wait. You can ask the difficult questions and where we dont care way or our and your knowledge of these issues are things that you may never have parents in your entire life. We just excited that you're. That alone. So we believe and learning we promote learning- and I don't know- and I learned from expert openly on my poor cost and don't pretend to already be an expert in these things and in So we ve built a several million sort of strong audience and it feels So there really is an appetite for people who just want to feel safe and who won. I feel seen and heard and that's all I'm trying to pull out into the world for all that counts.
Let us take the name, though I way seems to indicate that, at least in part, you're activism had its roots in eating disorders. Yeah yeah, guiding eating disorders. Originally the name came from just a moment. I was on Instagram, so this picture of Kim Kardashian and her whole family and their numbers are across all of their bodies. In this group shot of women who, whatever you, think of them or how they made their money. They are an empire. They have created an unprecedented empire for themselves. They are kind of iconic of our generation and I'd, certainly don't a grave error. They stand for now, but it The time I looked at the picture and I wondered what the numbers where I kicked from his numbers and I found out that it was that weight with how much they weigh in kilograms, and I just thought would you ever have a picture of a group of businessmen with that weight.
Across their bodies. We don't know what men way. We don't know what many supposed away we dont care, but we cast so much above all other metrics as to what a woman ways as to how little space she takes up in the world that is are married. This house, then we can remain and how young we can look for as long as possible, and it was just so depressing. A belief system that I had at twelve with still being upheld in society. When I was three thousand two hundred and twenty is it come by and we haven't really moved on yet. So I just want a snap on twitter and said. Well, I weigh my orgasm, and my relationship with my friends on my relationship with my boyfriend of my activism and all of the struggles either. Come I wear the some of my mother parts and I are very small following when I said this, and it does and very very viral globally and within three days. I ten thousand responses of people telling me what they way in the same metric, and so I started Instagram account thinking it would be very short sort of fat
And now, three years later, we have almost one and a half million followers. We have a Pope cars to have a Youtube tunnel. I've spoken in Congress to try and defend the mental health of children, and we have to other bills. Currently that were trying to kick into motion to protects teenagers from eating sort of products. But, as I say at once, we started. We realise that there are so many more people who need help, so we had to expand it from just being about eating disorders to being about mental health issues. At large That makes sense on the subject of eating disorders and body image issues. Are you comfortable talking about your history? There, oh yeah, I mean I don't care. I was like an eleven o clock when my math teacher for a very good idea to teach us about how to collect data in order to make pie, chart, etc and graphs by weighing all of the girls in the school and then teaching us about averages and my weight as the tallest and heaviest girl was higher than ever analysis. I was at the top of the board,
and had never occurred to me what weight was or that Tommy's were bad or the size of Asia. I was such a blissfully unaware child of the way that I looked, and immediately the reaction of the girls in the clouds however, was laughing at me and how it kind of lead. Turnoff, teasing and bullying made me understand that thinness is a marker of status socially, and so I remember going home and telling my parents devastated about what happened and they had a similar response of horror ass to what my weight was rather than the reaction to my weight, and so I had to three hundred and sixty degree view of fat phobia all around me everywhere. I turned I didn't, have a single voice to just say it doesn't matter, we already smart. You have a lot of other things going for you don't worry about it. There was no one said. That's me, every country didn't like an emergency that I must become penalised, but in a very, very strict diet, immediately, and so what I did was just the way it was handled,
is really not a big. I go back and look at the pictures of than I was just you know regardless. I just don't think that's a way to handle that and so I was horrendously mishandled by school, by teachers and even by my family, at the time who have their own fat phobia for in their own reasons, and I developed and eating so that I really only cracked about five years ago, such twenty ideas of no God yet twenty odd years of my life gone to a very, very pervasive and quick, crippling eating disorders, What form did it take out? A wreck see ever then also Benjy things have been doing and starving Benjamin. I never throw up, not because I didn't try. It wasn't for want of trying I'm just terrified of my own gag reflex so
I was the world's most unsuccessful Billy make at school. I would do all of the bending and then not one single time successfully throw up. So I ended up actually getting quite a lot bigger fifteen and the thank God has now my teeth in my ass off again still intact, but I was interrupted, predominantly I would say- and it's not just the annex here and of itself, is also the author acts here, which the kind of fair food and how much it is consumes you every single second of the day is not something that just because you at meal times all you think about meal times as to what you wish you can t, but what you're not gonna eat and how you gonna hide it from every one that you're not eating Ohio, going to avoid that scenario in which you would be forced to eat, and other people say The constant lies and manipulation and they say that a lot of very bright kids are the ones to successfully maintain eating disorders because it
involves a lot of scheming cuz. You don't want anyone to find out. You have any synthetic Semites talk to you in the face. Talk to you, then you'll become bigger, so it was just very, very exhausting and run unless you think about your body all day. You think about what's wrong with the old age does loop of self hay and you look at pictures of people who were thinner than you and you use those photographs calm yourself and your so hungry, nor so tied in so grumpy a so called. You have no sex drive and it was just hell, but it was all felt worth it because I was told explicitly by our society that anything was worth whatever it took to have great glory privilege of being, then I can only imagine this is an unfortunate term to have the whig lifted. A view said, cracking eating disorder. How much more bad with was clear up in your mind to stop this loop of self hate as you describe laws per annum.
Thing is that I have actual let metrics in my life the inner may not be important metrics and value systems by have literal adjustment metrics of how my life is improved and that my social life, completely transformed- and I have more friends and I haven't for I buy- spend time socially with people more than ever before. I have a better relationship that I've ever had longer relations than I've ever had. I have more sex now I have a successful Rare I innovate. I just finished my first script have a company that I run by myself with just one of a human and amazing woman could Erin Finnegan. We have this huge global company that we just round the two of us together and so able to eighteen hour days without collapsing on sat all at the same time and so
I would never have been able to sustain this. I would never have just been able to like train for six months and do jutsu marvel on the kind of food I was detailed block their off before, so I can see how much my whole life goes to just my hair growing back. It's been so extraordinary and worth it, and it's really nice to have space and time to innovate and to be creative and thoughtful because I'm not sitting there thinking about with south all the time as so boring it makes you so boring and no one wants it. It's not a choice. It's not a thing of vanity is a disease, and only a third of people ever recover from the disease, as also, I believe, is the highest cause of death of any mental illness. The opium crisis, if light there merge together, drugs and mental homes emerge together, a good crisis would beat it, but anoraks here is the leading cause of death and mental illness and needs to be taken more seriously. We need to do more to educate kids and protect them from it. We see on Tik, Tok Instagram
I'm just curious: how do you stay healthy, given your line of work and I think most people and I'm gonna be a little repetitive, because you will not have heard me say this, but the audience has heard me say many time. Adding most people deal with some upset of thinking around food or body image. I don't think I'm enough men talk about this, but I certainly follow the category of somebody's spent way too much I'm in a boring, shameful blue bird Do you know where my abs and what am I going to eat for dinner and blah blah blah? I think it's incredibly common, if not universal, but the rest of us are not having to train for films. The rest of us are not having are outfits, and our bodies kicked out on social media. All the time we're not under the scrutiny that you are so I'm curious first object to hear you talk about what that scrutiny is alive. And then you know a little bit about how you withstand it. When I didn't felt
so am I didn't feel confident and who I am and the brain I have. It was really terrorizing is really bullied over the weather isler. If I would gain anyway, there would be photographs, Amanda Front Cover magazines, I tabloid magazines of pepper at sea, and I can't outside my house, and it really does feel like that hunting you and you are prey calling me names like fact- to try and provoke a reaction of made like taking photographs of my bottom one. I bent over just deliberately trying to humiliate me that was incredibly upsetting and also a terrible confirmation of like your fair as non our exit person. Is. That if you gain way you will lose everything or you will be shamed and people will think you are less than you hoped. They would think that you would be seen as bad and wrong and disgusting and so then to have that affirmed by a parasitic british. Tabloid photos really dangerous for me, and I mean I wouldn't say it didn't somewhat contribute to my suicidal
besides. I wouldn't blame it for that, because I don't think anyone singular thing cabinet definite, didn't help. My mental health state about that I couldn't leave my house and just go for a walk or have a cry because I had people following me all the time deliberately trying to Prague. My insecurities was a really hard time but, as I have grown older, I've just decided to take more control of the situation and I simply won't take jobs in which I have to lose weight and I was asked to or dish and for a show about aerobics, and I knew that if I were to play someone who is not it's a structure in the eightys the I would probably have to lose a lot of weight, and so I just didn't even go out for it cause. I knew that it just wherever that would be worth for my career. Whoever I'll get me a work with. It would send me straight back down the spiral, so I'm very self prison even with Marvel. I told them. I will it gonna lose way. I would only gangway you know I wanted to get bigger and stronger and playing a very powerful past
and so I dont look at full length. Meroz we ve got one in the house in its in my boyfriend's dressing room. There are very many is generally in my house. My social media is predominantly just pictures of words of my tweets or my essays rather than pictures of myself and a cover up a further, almost red carpets cause. I just have to protect myself, but I also have had it off their b and now no, You can convince me that my worth is tied to my static. I know I'm more than that, and I know where that comes from, and it is a deeply misogynist. Patriarchal trope, in particular, women. I reserve the right to be as free as most of my mail friends, not to say that they dont have their own insecurities, but they are not pushed towards them. The way that women are women are kind of forced into insecurity and even at the good place. I don't do an hour and forty minutes now make up the boys do twenty five minutes and so on the good place. I said
Well, then, I will send you twenty five minutes, so we will have the same about her makeup time, because I want to sit and stare at myself an hour and a half. I might want to lose sleep, trying to look like this aesthetic fantasy, that women are expected to look like a man and not held to the same son. That's in Hollywood, so I'm going to do the same as the boys. So I just think MIKE Curtis, just taking back ownership of my own worth and my own right to be happy and free. Also had India therapy, which is I movement, desensitization reprocessing therapy. That's what I did that help me ready crack the eating disorder. I reconditioned my brain and so If anyone out there is looking for a way out India as a great start, but I think we ve ever talk about the empty are on the show. Can you give us the basics? What I will say is that it sort of reorganizes your brain from the IMF,
article to the practical, the India. The idea was a bull that was from a light projector that was shooting back and forth across a wool right, and I was supposed to look at that ball. While thinking about my most dramatic thought patterns or member. Raise and as I would look at it repeatedly reminding myself of this terrible, thoughtful memory, overtime of watching that bull that thought that was originally terrorizing suddenly became mundane. It makes your worst fears boring to your brain then makes your brain less likely to cling onto and analyze it and think about it. So it's very, very effective with PTSD. There are obvious links within. I movements and I thought processes. For example, many people look up I recall a memory or some people. Look to that. I think the left when they lie- and you see when people are sleeping Orient sleep letters, a definite connection between. I move men and thought processes, and so someone cottoned onto that
many years ago and realise that maybe if we can manipulate the eye movement, we would be able to interrupt that thought process and to interrupt it is to break it and it's a permanent break which is fantastic, and this requires much less work from you. Talk therapy see me to all these things. Incredible, very helpful, but for me they require a lot of work and clumsily, reminding myself do not fall into my old behaviors patents or India does it takes away the instinct to even participate in that behaviour. It's like the difference between having pills or surgery. It surgically removes the thought prices from it's just an unbelievable shortcut suggests a sort of blank canvas pre trauma, blank canvas show: are you saying that Europe, of untried durable now how about the thing? I've had a India already for sure, but there
things all the time that come in and freaked out was upset hustle traumatize us. I have a predisposition towards mental illness purely just from my genetics, and so it something that I always keep in my kind of back pocket, something I go back to when I notice my mental health are starting to decline again, but an example of it is that I went originally just because I was terrified at the dark. You know I was abused as a child in the dark, and because of that I was unable to be the dark until I was about twenty eight- and I went to this woman explaining that to her that I was about to move to America and I didn't want to spend the rest of my life, not sleeping. I wanted to be happy in my thirties in a way that I did not manage to until then. I wanted a fresh start, and so she showed me this light The wall and I have to think about all the worse things that can ever happened to me. I really felt nothing and I left there feeling I've been ripped off and that this sum nonsense that I'd been lured into and I went back one more time. Reluctantly. Did it again still felt nothing this time so angry and was? I am definitely not doing this again and then I went.
Home that night, and I didn't even realize that I didn't trip a lock, my door off to it. I didn't check on the any of the beds or in any of the cupboards, and I ten lights off and just went to sleep without even realizing. Up in the morning- and I registered- I done all of these things differently. It just kind of fell off me in the night like it wasn't dramatic. There was no moment of realization. I just didn't do the things that I had previously done. It was so fascinating to me. After that I was. I was hell. Twenty eight years of my life, no one's ever been able to crack this. Whilst can you do that when we sorted out might in disorder and other if problems and issues of my life and it was on If a boy I often described as the difference between a similitude, rather when you step outside of it- club during the night clubs to remember those well spent a while. For me beyond that, when you say
outside of allowed club or a bar and you're in the quiet street. At three o clock in the morning is only then that you realise how loud it was inside you like Christ, I was in that. That's how you feel posting him dear you're, like the silence and the stillness and the peace is alarming because you used to be filled with so many like hateful monologues and some are fair and terror in the brain is mostly built to predict and protect. I think we have something like eighty percent negative thought. As a basis of our brain, because our brain is always scanning to predict. What's gonna go wrong and protect us and prepare us, and so, if you don't really strive constantly to be positive or to think positively or to help your mental health as much as you can exercise cuttings people out of your life,
reducing or social media exposure, not watching the news. All the time then you're ready for cause is a fallacy that you know we're supposed to just be happy. It really is a concerted effort speaking of specifically of eating disorders and body, image related issues. After all, the empty are, and they other forms of therapy. You ve done: are you still susceptible to some? negative thinking on that front. Of course- and I still have body- does If you are threatening iconium deal that way, so I can't see my actual image very clearly in a mirror, and so therefore, because of that I just had to wear mostly buggy clothes, and not really look in the mirror very much and just give myself a break and consistently remind myself that when those thoughts do creep in that, I should just be angry not with myself but with a society that taught me that this was worth my time, that this is how I should feel it touches. Robbed me of my
Why am I pleasure? Capitalism relies on us being unhappy with ourselves and feeling that we don't have enough and that we aren't enough so that we will go out and consume things that will hopefully make us feel better to fill the boys that they created, and so I become angry with capitalism and the exploitative people at the top who have manipulated entire generations into feeling nice so that they will go out and buy products that they don't need to fix. Something that we ve been convinced was broken. Well said, you have spoken publicly about what you, all body neutrality as opposed to body positivity. What's the difference therein, why neutrality over positivity logical safety? For me, it s, an amazing social justice movement that originally was for fat people and disabled people where they were dealing with like medical discrimination, discrimination when it comes to getting work, and so because the world is things are actively negative towards them. They had to be positive to be able to combat that. How?
for many of us that still means thinking about your body all the time, even if you're trying to learn positive thought, it's just for posting to me. I don't want to think about my body. I want to think about my interests, my passions, my mental health, my career friends and I want to spend any time thinking whether or not I love my eyes. I now start to look at my body is like a car that takes me from a to B. It's my job who die it had that House Party with me for a straight month when I was twenty three it didn't. Sleep So like three years when I was successful heading and it's taken me through every high and low it just took me through a pandemic. I treat my body now like it's my best friend, and so I have respect for my body in spite of being told to just hate on it all of the time
and that's been very helpful for me. So neutrality just means I'm not thinking about whether I love it. I hate it. I'm just thinking archivist, it's none of my business is none of your business and it's none of my business. But, as you said, it's not that you just you, don't give up whatever its day. You respect it grateful for it, but you're not obsessing over every nook and cranny. No one! I wouldn't expect my best friend took a certain way. I and say to any of my best friends. You are too fat for love or you are too ugly for that opportunity or you're too stupid to even try to learn something new. So why do I put myself through that? You just kind of gotta kill the committee and your head is holding you Back much more. My conversation with Gmail a Gmail read after this these days, Small business owners are busier than ever, instead time searching for the right candidates can feel like you're just taking time away from growing your business. That's widely
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personally, but also now talking to all sorts of experts. What do you recommend there? rest of us who are struggling with issues, in this zone. What have you done? That would be useful for the rest of us. Try to see India therapy do not spend money on your outside before spending as well. Money is you can on your inside? If you have the choice, if you have that luxury don't buy their anti AIDS, cream aid that it won't be the events if don't spend money on anything before you spend it on your mental health, because that is the single greatest investment you will ever may is the only investment you will make that will guarantee to actually maybe avoid and actually make you happier be very wary of social media, be very wary of the media in and of itself stressful.
About them more stressful, then, as unlike emotionally stressful, I don't think that's the worst of times. Things are obviously statistically battered, never been, but emotionally. I think we have too much access to each other. We have too much access the negativity too, not only read negativity but to perpetuate negativity too easy and desensitize now and we dehumanize each other too fast. So, in light of all of this protect yourself in practice, I refer to a self defense of the mind we think about how to protect our bodies, but we never think about how to protect our mind. We have all these locks and bolts and jujitsu moves, but we don't ever think about this incredibly delicate and vital part of our entire lives that we should be protecting at all costs. We just expose ourselves to God knows what constantly and take for granted that it will just sort of self repair. It won't self repair. You have to protect her, so I would say that is very important and then also just bearing.
Let us be selfish and be a little bit ruthless. I don't tolerate bad behaviour from other people. I will always give you one invitation to change your behaviour to meet me am I boundary, and if you cross that Rendre again, I will cut you off so that doesn't two if you are a family member of mine, if you all my entire family, who I cut off the six years, if you are friends, if you are old friend, if you are colleagues the zero tolerance policy. Beyond my first invitation for someone to be more respectful towards my needs- and I offer that same service made to other people. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I will shift my behaviour to meet you more comfortable Someone inherently doesn't make any effort to make you more comfortable. They care about your comfort. Therefore they don't care about you and so don't feel bad, no longer tolerating someone else's behavior someone else's inability to go and saw out their own shit like a grown up with a therapist or with better life habits. You don't have to tolerate by behaviour from any
and I think it is a tragedy that people feel as though they are allowed to just say goodbye- whether it really have protocols for saying goodbye to your family widow protocols for saying goodbye to your friends. Oddly, it's less stigmatizing to walk away from your partner of twenty five years with whom you have five Hence we have like nothing but templates about, but we don't really have any other templates for any other kind of in a quote when, without your uncovering, you just of expected like well we're in this now. This I've done and has no way out, there is a way out, and it's really. To someone else to say their behaviour to make you comfortable? As always your also, welcome yourself. Everyone has to be doing that bass to be that fast. In my opinion, what does it look like for you? What are the boundaries across to where you shove people off? I don't know if there any specific situations you
scribe, but how does it go? Abusive behaviour, manipulative behaviour, dishonest behaviour, betrayal- these are things that happen in macro and microwaves, constantly amongst family and friends in particular, I would say close family and friends, because there is this kind of understanding, the boy second, the mortar, and that you never really gonna part ways is taken for granted that someone's, never really gonna cut you off their life. So therefore, you type of peace in a way that you would never with a stranger and so I think, those the relationships that we have to be the most diligent around holding people to the same standards we would hold strangers, there's no get out of jail, free thought for someone to you like it doesn't matter. If they are you a child, if a your mother, if they are your grandparents they're your best friend on us, we are all responsible for her behavior and we are not entitled to. Anyone else is grace patience or time
So once somebody's been cut out, is there any room for forgiveness? I dont really forgetteth, that's a thing of mine, I'm not forgive her. I can move on from something later, but I will never like forget: will forgive the act, incident I dont extend grace in that area, but I can't move on and not bring it up again. When I see that some things ready changed, I can accept a new you, but I will never forget what the old you did and its important actually probably my opinion that I don't cattle help protect me from anyone else doing that in the future. So everyone has a slightly different idea of what forgiveness is, but for me it feels like forgetting or accepting what happened. I dont believe and forgetting or accepting what happened, but I do believe in accepting someone's changed. I've changed a lot. I can accept that someone else can change and I can therefore move forward with them without forever punishing them for what they did. I think it's some books there would be understood as forgive
you don't have to forget that they did what they did. You dont have to accept that they did what they did, but you can accept that their flawed frail humans, like you, are and you're willing to move on that, I think, would be some people's definition of forgiveness yeah. That's just my personal thing I can move on, but this time I shall always remain. Someone somewhere and my heart there stand, but I I believe, if you see radicals change and someone may someone's really made the effort to do the work than yes. But I really have to see significant effort and then I will extend grace, but they have to put the timing to make significant. Someone comes up to me to explain like I've, completely change. You know that following the stuff takes work and it takes difficult self reflection, and I know that How long it took me. So I never expected anyone else's instant grace. I knew that I would have to prove it to them that I had changed and I did when I look back to something you said a while ago about social media in particular, as it pertains to this
noxious messages that are spread around our bodies. Is there anything more about tactically, are strategically about how we can not unplug from the whole world by killing off social media, but also protect ourselves or, as you called it, sort of mental self defense. I mean I've had a great time on such a meeting. And I never feel as though I am lacking in anything. I don't follow. Anyone who makes me feel bad about the way that I look every I follow a great comedians or writers. Psychotherapists O philosophers, like my whole feed, is just so nourishing and funny, and I ll, leave it wanting to share things I seen with other people, I refer to as block mute, delete, repeat one who triggers man anyway. Why do I need to see that world is already? Why do I A willingly invite more into my brain. The earth is burning Why do I need to feel worse than I already feel just want to make it through the day? Why would I deliberately participate, and so I find it
to so I just delete anyone who makes me feel bad about myself and I live in like a sweet, happy nourishing space online. Everyone can do that have to look at these images that you know a damaging you. I also don't don't edit my photographs and know that just specifically talk about body image, editing your photographs will make you hate yourself more. It might make you. Better for the moment in which you receive compliments, but the immediate after, though, is well I'm getting those compliments, pasta, cuz, I my image, and when you go home at night, and you look at yourself in the mirror compared to this digitally altered image that you ve perpetuated onto the world, there is a big gap between that day. I image. And the person that you really oxalic a real human with bags under your eyes, a pause or like normal skin, normal metrics, on your face, you just setting yourself up for a fall from a pedestal for more self hey, it's a very dangerous game to play.
The game of editing and toying with your image online, it also creates a sense of pressure. Like I've gotta, now look in public the way that I do online. I have friends who sometimes have avoided wanting to see us, I all their friends, because they feel that they look like that. The moment I'm part of what has led them to feel like they cost
their own best friends, you don't care what they look like is because there is a kind of inherent fear of their own dishonesty in what they said. They look like we dont care, but it's what your brain does to you. Your brain is light. Well, I've set the standard for myself. Now I have to meet and that's where botox and surgery and fill has come in. We would literally have proof we have surgeons and cosmetic as detentions coming out, saying most people bring a filtered photograph of themselves or face to photograph from southern say. Please can you make me look like this? It's just never a simple, harmless act and its not just that it is home to the people who look at your images. It does the most harm to you and I think, if we could start to really fundamentally understand that people would stop editing the images I figure
be partially, if not more answered this question, but I just want to try to hate it very directly buffer thought its incredibly valuable for somebody in your position to be talking about these issues. I think it normalizes it and is empowered to lots of other people, and there are proper. We have some people listening this thinking. Well gmail she's upset justifiably at the messages society sands, same time, you ve benefited from the societal consensus about beauty standards I may be listening. This king well society Pretty much in agreement that the body I was born with through no choice of my own, it does not conform to those standards. So it's harder for me. Some might think to make peace with the way. I look that it would be for Jimmy any thoughts on that line of thinking. It I'm sure you ve heard before you have called something that is not new wants to festival. The funny thing is that when I first
to this industry, I was not considered any kind of standard of beauty and we didn't see any South Asians on any magazine covers all want any billboards. Women over the Roma take lead in anything. We were not considered. Desirable features were not considered desirable. Only the most eurocentric versions of us were accepted so over the course of Ten or eleven years has been hilarious. To me to see myself go from being cooled, a monkey to now being told you have too much pretty privilege to speak about pretty privilege will to speak about the homes of our beauty, obsessions. I've left the experience of being a raise I'm being explicitly told that what I am fundamentally how I've been born, my heritages is ugly and not good enough and two unattractive. Even be shown anywhere aspirational. I so I guess, I'm speaking from a place of experience that, where I understand how that feel
and because I understand how that feels. Am I see how flip and it has been over the course of this decade, all of a sudden, they adopted a brand new BT standard. I know what this system is and we have to call out to stop it from continuing on this, like weird manifest, of beauty that comes out, especially for women every ten years of like now. You have to be this way. You have to be this skinny with no bottom and no breasts, and you have to have your hip and shutting out and then ten years later, that, like right, all of those things but with Arabs and I'm ok, fine and then tenure
after that site zero and then, ten years after that, now you have to be that thin with your ribs exposed, but you have to also have big breasts and very thin size, but somehow big buttocks, which doesn't really make sense. The vast majority of people are not borne looking like that, and because we have a lot of aesthetically enhance celebrities who have not owned up to their surgery. They ve had in order to make them look the way that they do and then, on top of that they photoshop their images that we think about a possible beauty, standard nuts, I'm in the middle of this industry kind of like a Trojan horse witnessing all of this witnessing the things that people do to look the way they do and just trying to lift the curtain back and so everyone what's really going on inside. I cow much work goes into this. How much disgusting privilege there is how ridiculous it is that when it comes to aging you,
women growing up alongside these Ike famous women right they're, the same age. They all kind of my experience life. At the same time, what I'm trying to say is like let's look at some of the members at the cost of ocean they all of whom I love, is not their fault, that they were AB rushed to the point where it looked like them. Gee movie and on their covers of magazines, they'll, look fifteen, in real life. Of course, they don't they're all stunning older, aging women. Ten years older than maybe me like, are all getting older. That should be wonderful and embrace when you see Jospin and on the cover because shoot him in HD, so they can show exam. Clear how many wrinkles he has and their considered sexy, and why is and dignified button a woman you raise any sign that she dared to age. So then you go I'm in growing up at the same age, ass these women thinking. I should look like that these women, who are a to sometimes have fellows and said are you also generally have easier lives with mostly on more help and they don't have to have three jobs. Disappear
four kids on their own. There eating more nutritious food. They have access to a better and easier lifestyle that shows on your face whether we expect in the average person to compare themselves. I feel bad about themselves compared to the most privileged people on earth who, on top of their and privilege, perpetuating a vastly false bt standard, and so I'm just trying to kind of whistle blow for as long as I'm allowed to stay here, because all destroyed me as a child? I thought all of these things were true. I had all of these toxic belief systems and that's because there was no one to interrupt that belief, and so all I'm trying to do and to use what I have and what I'm seeing to report back to the twelve zero. So it just like. I was and say this off and I totally accept them:
The people are like well now you have pretty privileged. You can speak about it, but that is also like an old trope used to silence everyone right. We take fat people, for example, and if they complain about fat, phobia, ambitious standards and eating disorders, etc, we say what you're just lazy and you're just better and jealous, and you were unable to achieve the NASA. Therefore, that's why you're speaking out about this we're gonna silence and discredit Europe? yeah good, you're, speaking from a place of failure, but then we take a thin person talks about those same damaging infrastructures, and we said well you're too thin to talk about this issue, so you come off as well. So then, who is left allowed to have this conversation is a very clever way of us all. We muzzled and silence. So, while I have the monk and the opportunity- and at least I was a fat person, and at least I was considered ugly with the same exact faced years ago? And now I am not, I feel, as though I am uniquely positions with the amount of power and privilege, I have to uplift other voices in the same,
failed of compensation, but also tee to use this moment with the microphone. Scream until everyone understands and, however, many mistake I have made no one and deny that I've had a ridiculous impact on the diet, culture, industry I've made a massive dent in the industry and I have harmed it uninterrupted and reminded people that this isn't normal and this culture is damaging and distressing and disgusting and in others, ton less celebrities. Hawking diapers so ass now, could everyone's afraid that I'm in a come after them, and I'm so annoying that no one wants that. That's. Why do what I do, in spite of the fact that I sit in a place of privilege, you're in the belly of abuse Yeah. You have this amazing opportunity to report back to the rest of us of what its actually like behind the scenes. And you know what it's like to be on the other side of the beauty standards and I dont Photoshop, my magazine cut
and I dont photoshop my billboards and I'd work that can work, and I don't put out pictures of maybe that I think could trigger other I try not to anyway. I don't sell diet and detects products. I do totally benefit offer the. Where look, of course I understand that, but I don't promote pro Talks that, I think, are damaging for the mental health of other people of law millions of dollars in campaigns that I could have done, that I thought would have had any kind of negative impact on the way people feel about themselves. I don't believe in using shame as a tool of sale. I think you can make someone aspire to have. Some may maybe want something that will make them feel good, fun by don't. You should have ashamed. I want to be like you need this. Otherwise you're a worthless piece is: should we rethink their cosmetics industry? Yes, I saw you you have to wear make up for your. You know. I don't know if you were in a walking around basis, but actually, if the where for work, I think there are two different ways: you can wear make up and I think there's a fun celebrate way which you can work.
Make up where you feel like you're, faces a party a bit more light the boat. He swam a couple grace Jones where's, my cup in our feels like celebrates area and fond and creative, I'm a proper make up artist, and I love creating all these colours and shapes and someone's Facebook. What I don't do is obsessive like where six it plays a foundation, there's nothing wrong with doing. I completely understand why anyone would I'm just saying I I don't think that using make up as a tool to cover up what you have is a healthy, policy. I think therein lies the dangers of make up, but I think if we can teach people too instead accentuate what you find fun about your face. The make up, scrape it's so fond bid so interesting and exciting and creative, but I think this new trend and auditing sell as much make possible of a layer of primer and then a layer of foundation and then all this different, like mortician atoms level com, touring and then another layer of make up on top of that conference or doesn't look like always make up and then powder. So you took my seven
I, as a make up almost face. I dont think, but what's good for you, I don't think that chemicals going into your skin a good few and I think it tells you that all I need hidden away. The real me needs to be hidden away. That's not the way I make up much more of my car Asian with Gmail Gmail ran after this what he said. A man you talk about the double standard before Josh Rolling is loaded for his wrinkles not to become Josh Merlin. I, like Josh, Berlin's, got greater raincoats here. So it is true, didn't say more rare. I'm gonna find yes well said: in terms of men, though, what would your vice be two men because, yes, men do get obsessive around Anderson doubt of support that men are pretty reasonably well represented among those with eating disorders, and this loss of ways in which body just morphia shows up among men, counting your macros and things like that. Having said that, I think we can both agree that women get the worst of it.
Here. How can men be useful and helpful in this context? We also spoke about this man a guy to expose it any gets fatter. Ever for anyone to dismiss them just because women have it worse at what we are seeing is just the precipice like. I feel like I'm watching what women went through when I can the creeping in the nineties is now happening to men is very important to interrupt it. What we can say, because I know this pattern very well- they ve basically run out of Let's stay on a woman's body that you could monetize, I mean I think ILO flashy an armpit lifts. They realized. We were probably die there's, no new way, you can teach a woman to want to hide herself, and so they have to move on to men. A genuinely think, that's what's happened, their life We ve done after that, eyelids eyebrows for everyone, part of women, has now been monetize and there's been a fix created for the way in which we ve been told us broken, always saying that
star men, another all supposed to look like hems worth brothers, and you see a huge rise amongst in cells in their own self hatred, because they are being told that without this certain May, Instagram beauty, aesthetic, they will die alone and never have sex and never be wanted or loved by anyone with a huge rise in men's disorders. And so I hope- that men will take the similar advice I gave earlier that I was talking about the maybe more women's will they had to pay attention to protect your mind and do not think that any of Lastly, olive ability and lies in the way that you look, I've been with people of all heights and sizes doesn't matter. Chemistry is something that you cannot create a Jim, but when it comes to women, a really big way that everyone could of all is to no longer give algorithmic attention to the companies that perpetuates these myths. These BT myths.
Eighty ideals when we like pictures that represents unattainable BT standards, when we follow magazines, the perpetuate those standards. When we follow companies and individuals, the perpetual their standards. We are reaffirming that they need to exist. We are reassuring them there is a demand for what they are supplying, we own them. They are nothing without us. We have all the power. It is a fallacy that we have come to believe that they have the power of Russia. We will eat what we given. No, they will make what we ask for. We just have to learn how to ask for the right thing: we ve seen it pivot, with like over fat, shaming and tabloid culture used to be so much worse twenty years ago in the people finally took their power back and fought back against those tabloids that tabloid went out of business. Are there any light three and they ve massively change tack and when they talk about bigger people might still have some sort of like insidious. Passive aggression
is no longer beached while written across a grown, a cat. Award when his body, whose just minding business on the beach with her children. That's what they re across quality, his body. I couldn't believe it that's. What we see I saw a picture of Renee Weber after the second vertiginous diary, with the words too fat for love written across her body that happened anymore, because the people fall back so dont give attention and don't give relevant. The reassurance, a reaffirmation to these companies and individuals that perpetuate this damaging standard that might come after you. It might already have come after the whim. That you may love in this world or the children they may have. Regardless of the agenda, we are funding. We need to defend diet, culture and unattainable BT standards. Thus, the first thing I think men could do I'm just trying to figure out how to phrase this, but it feels like men can indirectly fund the diet, culture either
through their romantic choices, because the beauty standards are a pound internal, our neurons by just being a participant in the culture, and that can impact ask out on a date or who use swipe right or left on whatever the tool to use dating acts but whatever, and so it seems like it will be hard to break out of complicity totally. But I also thanks, I mean there's not a law in it for my mates, who now have become so conditioned by Instagram and pornography, to only find this, like one type of beauty. Appealing then finally self cleaning cuz, not very many of those women exist in real life and look the same in real life when it's already have that much in common with them. That's why I said earlier chemistry, pheromones, like specific interests and experiences. You're missing out on so many different individuals. You might have a sexual connection with, because your brain is selling that. You only allowed to pick one type of human. It's not good for you and it's not
based in anything real on. It will just set you up for loneliness and disappointment unlock. My friends found themselves lonely and disappointed and then stopped watching porn and stopped going on Instagram completely change there I'm feeds and on followed everyone and then found themselves suddenly being able to have a range of different people they were attracted to, and therein were able to and establish these unusual, wonderful and loving and exciting relationships that previously there not been able to access because they made their dating poor. Basically, just a little sort of puddle and you're really confident that does mental self defense you're describing which could involve m d, our traditional Araby, reprogramming the are you interact with social media, can really get down to the fundamental was that will change the way we interact with a culture that sends us toxic messages. While I can only say it from my own experience in that of those who made similar decisions, that I was
Then I don't say this word like Hyperbolic LEO and in a way that is tempted to offend anyone. I mean this very literally. I was insane nine years ago, absolutely of five rocker and so too gone from there to being a relatively stable unhappy person, who still sometimes you can struggle with depression? Is the world is sad and hard, but generally I would say I am one hundred times better off for all of these decisions and, as I said at the beginning of his pocket, I have literal metrics of life to be able to pay that so every time I take a step back and I sought feel low, I am able to look at those things of daylight. No I've really turned around and I could not have done that without all of these different significant maneuvers. This is a bit of a digression, but I was interested see when I was looking at some of the materials for I way that you talk about cancel culture and your critical of cancelled culture. Can you
a little bit about that. I think Council cut, translate incredibly important and valid and was very needed because pre, council culture? There was no other way for us to express our disdain or to change systems or to challenge people who would otherwise have just continued sleep under the right on carry on their pervasive abusive behaviour, so, council culture has given a voice to the people. The people previously were told again, as I said earlier, to eat what they would give him, and now they have some sort of power against the powerful, and so I think, council culture as a concept, was incredibly important. What I am critical of is the fact that it just doesn't feel very organised It doesn't feel that we have a plan for council culture like there's, no rehabilitation, there's no redemption,
there is also no sort of tear system of war is bad and what you can come back from verses war is egregious and irrevocable. We just lump everything in it saves completely lacking in new wants sometimes, and there is a will to not forgive. We ve stopped having faith and people we don't act I think people can get better. We kind of don't want people to get better. We just want them removed from society, and I just think it's impractical, so I think the birth of council culture was important and excellent, but I think it's being turned into the stocks and a weapon. I It is important to distinguish between being cancelled and called out, and I find it very upsetting and boring and embarrassing when very powerful people speak from their positions of privilege that they still have after being called out appalled onto, and they say that I'm a victim of council culture, you're not being cancelled, means
having things taken away from you having you a platform taking away from your money being socially ostracized amongst your own in a cycled. That's what being cancelled is that doesn't really happen for the very powerful, and so they consider being criticized, because that's how power mad, we have all been the even people deigning to criticise us all mass mean some sort of crime has been committed against us. There's no accountability. There, you're, not being council, dripping called out. There difference? I dont consider myself cancelled even when I've been piled on two by the world, because I still have my money, my jobs, my friends That's it that's bemoaning the fact that people who are upset with my behavior had something to say about it. But what disturbing to me about council culture is that, as I said earlier, we are able to differentiate between the crimes,
and I think that is not helpful in the long run, because what kind of devaluing progress was saying, progress doesn't exist and we are saying that there's no merit and becoming better and if human beings don't think that there's any the merit of point and becoming better than we're not going to improve. And if we don't improve and continue to cause harm to one another, and so I think we just need to add some organization and redemption into council culture and then we'll be fine, sounds like these This is the beginning. This interview that you in terms using I way as a place where people can get together and talk. You want to create a sense of look, you may get criticized, but we're not gonna ostracize you permanently. If you say something sufficiently pc yeah we're, not testing you and scanning here. You know we're in a current time where you can even have the right thoughts, but if you don't say them in the perfect
Neil Brennan was talking about the reason that you have to now. Not only have the perfect thought, but you have to speak about them perfectly know. Everyone is well burst enough to do that. It also becomes quite closest and quite presumptuous of these people, predominantly these people on twitter people who live in the kind of like big cosmopolitan cities where they are exposed to this sort of stuff. These cultures in these conversations constantly and their considering every one in the world, regardless of whether from or economic background they from all who that parents might be. We don't even think that someone could possibly be a product to their environment. We just label them is evil and hopeless. So we have to be careful about that. I think that accountability has only happened and changes only happened as a response to public council culture, and so I'm very grateful council culture for that. I just think now that we have the great let's refine it just about but about I way before we close here you ve, been able to have some policy winds and other kinds of wines can talk a little bit about the achievements your most proud of. In the last three years
think, changing instagram and face, but globally to longer, show minors things about diet and detox products. That was a huge when for us, because these things have via grand them. They have speeds in them like amphetamines they have laxative in them which, like an impetuous by justice system for the rest of your life, and then a lot of people die as well from the thing they have toxic heavy metals in them, so kind of poison, that's just being put in pretty packages and sold by pretty influences now. Photoshop captions photos online. So that was cool. I think, like I said, being being so annoying and relentless that I've made power people no longer even want to promote diet, culture that something I'm really proud of. I'm proud of the things that we working on currently speaking in Congress when I'm hoping to get to the Supreme Court and with the other bills, to protect teenagers and most I'm proud of my community, because without them I couldn't have done it.
I'm not like Lone Wolf achieving all of this. By myself, I have one and a half million people who have passed off. Aiming behind me. I saw the petition to Bandy Detox. Put us China's within three days I'd two hundred fifty thousand signatures, that's because of the people who are with me in this fight learn. A lot from them are very proud of the Pope costs we just hit. Ten million listens and our first year and will I feel like that means that, where engaging, willing from them that learning from us. I love. Why way represents I'm really proud of it, proud of the people who are involved, and I am proud of the community. I am proud of the fact that all comments section is open wind and loving when most social media filled dangerous to put up a picture of a trans person or a disabled person whose glorified without mean vicious desensitized comments, underneath we don't have those- and I It's a genuinely loving, wonderful, uplifting community so rad extraordinary and I feel proud tat
starting point to create a starting point of generation is very obsessed with perfection. Is very obsessed with being all knowing and omniscient, and we looked down on starting points. Everyone needs a starting point. Everyone needs to start learning somewhere and I'm really proud of sticking to my gums and refusing learning is cool its noble and is hard, and it should be celebrated and courage. Let me ask you one last question: can you please plug everything You're doing all the resources you're putting out into the world that you want. My listeners to be aware of, I think nicely Instagram witches at. I underscore w e g h not to be confused with Ai Weiwei, with cramping myself.
It's just I way on Instagram and mostly output. Cost eyeing is already great. Pope cost was a real diversity of gas. Anyone from kind of the surgeon general, the United States to Jane Fonda DORA Steinem to all these incredible human beings. Also point be raised with the spoon Kelly, Roland and then doctors of optimism always kind of different people, dietician, etc. It's a very diverse pope costs where I am able Learn from some of the finest minds in the world is an open space. It's an easy lesson and it has helped a lot of people, and so I'm proud of that, and I hope more people find us and join us. Bravo Jamila! Thank you. So much thanks. My thanks again to Jamila thank you for the inside certainly record setting rate of profanity all very much appreciated and just to save us before we go if Europe, what everything we just
Talk about him to practice, join us for the Anti diet challenge over on the ten percent happier at the challenge starts Monday December sixth download the temperature Center happier app wherever you get your apps and start a free trial to join that challenge, the show is made by Samuel Johns Gabriel's Ackerman, Dj Cashmere, Justine, Davy, Kim Bike Maria were tell engine plant with audio engineering from our friends over at Ultra violet audio will see you on Wednesday. Four part, two of our anti Diet series, our guest, will be Christie. Harrison was also the star of the anti diet. Ouch.
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