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#56: George Stephanopoulos, ABC News Chief Anchor

George Stephanopoulos, the co-anchor of "Good Morning America" and the host of ABC News' Sunday morning political affairs show, "This Week," first started practicing meditation in the '90s when he was serving as a senior advisor in the Clinton administration. Stephanopoulos talks about how Transcendental Meditation has helped him deal with anxiety over the years and offers his thoughts on Donald Trump's upcoming inauguration.
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I did the best way I can say it. It feels like when it's working well, it almost feels like there's a little bit more of a buffer between, even even as I'm more present. I think that want to be present on there's more of a buffer between me and the things that are annoying for maybe This is a ten percent. Have your podcast I'm doing. Ok, special edition of the temperature and happier podcast, we recorded this gesture? your days or posting it on a Wednesday recorded on a Tuesday and we're doing it on such a short time line, because the guest is George, Deaf anomalous. Who is the co anchor of good morning Amerika and the anchor of this week with George Deaf Annapolis was so way. Is you starting together, he's a pretty busy dude, he's gonna, be anchored
our inauguration coverage on ABC News all day on Fridays. We want to talk to him about inauguration coverage. What it's like to do that and not for nothing he's a daily twice daily, meditate or show his experience with meditation is fascinating. His his forecasts, as we had to what is going to be for sure. A an extremely interesting for years will be of a high interest to everybody. I think so here you are here's your chief hapless, how you don't worry, I'm here we're on air. That's fine! We're on the internets, this gentle gentle entrance. Yes, it's not like being in a studio with a red light, if everything goes crazy. Yes, I should explain what we're doing this special edition furred innumerable reasons and I'm honored, because you're on that one, do my special and also we're doing it, live on Facebook so and I need to see news dot com. I should say for the like one point: one percent of humanity who doesn't know who you are even a household name since the 90s and I've been honored to call you a colleagues
two thousand, when I urge joining you were here saying Liberia came and ninety seven ninety seven twenty years, I'm twenty years on inauguration. Why Oh really, eventually, I was the inauguration of the current second term interesting yeah so? You are also just everybody knows the chief anchor here at ABC News, which again making my boss and some level, and hardly sir, certainly some bail above two for a sure and who's been a great adviser to me at many points in my career and you're a minute? you're? So what's your mother is this. Is this? Is a pie cast ostensibly about meditation, although in this in this case, as it were in fact well out of deference you're jumping off point? Yes, exactly the aid, it always sort of gets industry injurious. So how did you start meditate? I had some friends had been too. I should take guy, it's a long story. Go for it. I first I first thought about it got into back when I was in the clean white House. This is bad in the early nineties nineties
and I dont some friends who were deep believers in it, the transcendental meditation to him- and I now I was at the time it first for even trusted these friends quite reluctant, because might my one hook in with TM was through this universe, city they have out to now in Iowa relish right. must have run a cross it as a campaign and at the time play John Haglund, his admit, a brilliant man. I was, I think, thinking about running for president, maybe a ninety ninety six I ended up having some sort of meeting and you know where's legion haggling- he's the headed that Universal guy which is the Maharajah unit reply, and I know the exact NATO's and needs a physicist, but they my ideas about how like, if everybody is meditation, the same time we have world Peace House is kind of us out there, and so I,
I have some questions based on that, but I did try and a friend gave me a margarine and taught me it you didn't take and what is my my life at the time or my state of mind of the time. My spirit at the time I couldn't keep going kit guy, just ass, you were friends, were into tm transcendental meditation. Were they political folks, Hollywood folks, personal life is a person? Is active with one person was really dude really Tommy was kind of it was from California, but a political type, but they just did a wholly different kind of cat. The interesting lovely man and this time around? I admit this is now I guess about five years ago, I'm friends with Jerry Seinfeld who's, been, I guess, meditating, since seventeen really yeah, only nine and at long last a long time, and we are talking about it and we were just having conversations convinced me to try again
and were you stress that, when you're It was just on you know I was exhausted. I had been. I was about three years into GM. May anchoring Still doing this week, many many many sundays two young girls and anybody who's done gym. Everybody everyday will tell you, you never really get used to the schedule, even though like, if, even if your morning person like me, it's a physically grueling job, you just a million reasons it's hard to get more than five hours sleep, a night five or six generally, six
six fantastic and part of those in a vote or talk him and part of the way? And I read about it at the time and met with the head of devilish foundation. Barber authors jested an amazing teacher and amazing man, and he upcoming me that it would just dumb take all the metaphysics out of it and just focus on the health and stress benefits, and I thought about that and tried it and spent my four hours of Bob over four days and haven't MRS day since ok, can you for the uninitiated? What is transcendental meditation? How does it work? What it is? I who you are given a mantra and is a word repeat yourself sign sound is what they call it is it's a sound european yourself silently and simply try to focus on that matter for twenty minutes twice a day
What ends at what I think is of work in which I can explain why a works. All I can tell you is that I was surprised I was sceptical and the moment, I understood the practice and doesn't take long to learn. I could feel the benefits know what it is. Is your? U you fuck on this. I know everybody says. Oh, I can't first of you would have the objective laid on a twenty minute today, twenty minutes before forty minutes of twenty minutes twice a day than my schedules to crazy, and I can't get these thoughts out of my head. My mind is always seeing no matter how much I try to focus on the monitor. I think the genius, for me at least of this practice, is that the first ten it is too,
accept the fact your mind is always going to be racing and when it happens, you accept it and move on and just try to bring your mind back back to the mantra. What I can tell you, what it feels like when it's happening is a a combination of. Dreaming sleeping resting clarity while at the same time not to vary Greece at different times again. One of the other things that Bob especially taught me is that even on days when it doesn't feel like you're getting much out of the meditation. Something is happening and do you know you? I guess the analogies is evil whenever, even if you only put your toes in the water gonna get a little bit wet any any David doesn't feel perfectly. Don't stress about that.
Either what I found is that the practice, the discipline is something I never looking forward to further twice a day in my mind and knew my life, the taking the forty minutes out of my day ends up. It feels like to me like its adding four hours to my day. How is that, because of the rest, I feel
more rested. I feel, after doing it the sort of them confidence I feel coming out of it the ground Agnes. I did. This is just an aside benevolence I may you'd relate to as a broadcaster, I find both anti a man, especially after due special events like the inaugural, coming up any kind of breaking news. So much of what you have to do a sort of just be present in the moment to what is actually happening and be clear about that and try to communicate that. I find it much easier to be at peace with where I am an open and very present without having my thoughts, get in the way of all that because of the practice of meditation? I wish you'd like you, get plug back into that twice a day. Can I just eleven Annette exactly? I really do relate to that, and I think it is important not only for broadcasters but
in light of us. If, but yes, you are, this is an exercise of focusing exercise. Now I do a different kind of meditation. You do transcendental meditation. I do my fulness or buddhist meditation where everyone to describe it, but they're both training, the mind for very similar things, and really you ve got this mantra. This sound you repeating yourself and then, when you get lost, you start again and in my fulness it's your feeling what the breath feels like when it comes into goes out and when you lost you start again what that trains you to do is to be awake for your actual life in a break out of this fog of rumination and projection, in which most of us operate all the time and autopilot. And so, when you re, Casting live is very helpful to actually be paying and what's happening right now, because then your reactions to your co, acres and more spontaneous your reaction to the news of the world is more genuine and spontaneous as opposed to thinking ten moves ahead. What I was always do. I know what I was always do. My whole life as well during times in my life I struggled maw. With anxiety- and this is certainly helped without a very pretty
Everything is well on this again going back to the sleep part of this. For many years I was exasperated times and Gmos worse in the White House, but exacerbated at times- and you may I add the kind of insomnia where I could fall asleep fine, but I would wake up constantly during the night worried about how much time I have left to sleep and the beauty for me of TM and doing it? I do it first thing when I wake up in the morning, which is at what time two hundred and thirty, but I'm getting up at two hundred and thirty. knowing I'm gonna get better quality rest than the last hour of my sleep. I mean I just or commit myself for them and I do believe it's true. So it's like a bonus. Later excited to wake up exactly wake up
get some rest. I cat S have sufficiently well that's nice when you wake you up with your eyes known pop opening a new, not pan. Yes, exactly exactly so, I'm really surprised to hear you say just because we work together for a long time you the? U dealt with some anxiety, impartially life. I was unaware of that and I would never have guessed that based on just my observation of you, you seem very sir, focused and confident the trick had my mother has been. My mother has its expression upon her. Well, this is the most important thing about acting as his arrogance make that you gotta made? So maybe that was nobody else. I think it's it. I think I have on an attempt to feature thing in some ways have grown out of grown out of it. A little bit needs always part of you, and some of it is physical, genetic and but I'd I've learned more about it learned.
Deal with it and the meditation epsilon, so you do the first one to thirty in the morning once the second one. Second one is I've a weird day I mean so that I got to where I work from about three hundred and thirty three to three hundred and fifteen three hundred and thirty till about nine hundred and fifteen, Can I take a break. I go home. I have worked out, and I generally meditate after that, before what sort of the second part of my David's, where I do more of my other duties, heard ABC work on Sunday show that kind of thing that's a long day every day, and then you a lot of Sundays too, dear dear, but I'm home for dinner every night and you know by can I have a fair amount of freedom with how I structure today day and every day is a little bit different, but most afternoons unless something breaks or unless we're going like you, know, drover end up having a lotta means dealing with that when I was working
mostly reading things in talking to people about things that I care about and I'm interested in? So yes, that's a blessing that that's my job, absolutely absolutely no question about it! So what would you other than they're being alone more told to use an annoying cliche present. muscle more patient, yeah. Ok, so would I doubt definitely that nation in what way We are kids. You're definitely do that and I did the best way. I can say it it it. It feels like when it's working well, and that is nobody's perfect, I said, but the moments like anybody else, almost feels like a little bit more buffer between, even even as a more present things. I want to be present on there's more of a buffer between me and the things that are annoying in the world and the kind of you I can sort of take a beat before they either maybe not before they affect, makes everything affection
but before I write reactor so yeah, there's a cliche that I hate cliches, but I love this one, which is that meditation teaches you how to respond instead of react, oh No that's the great way of putting it it's in a it's. An amazing way to put in that to me is the cell. When I have my evangelize for meditation all the time, that's the value added for a normal life, which is the way you most of us are yanked around by this ego. This within our head- and we are eating when we're not hungrier, we're losing my tat our temper when its non wiser, checking your email in the middle of conversations with our kids whatever, and this is what helps you meditation. This training helps you not do that some percent, at a time when certain there's something, I guess also just about. I guess there's something about the discipline. The practice that
remind you. You are in control of your life. You that you can. You know you can make the choice for how you're gonna respond disposed to react to things are happening around you. That's that's an incredibly powerful. Thank the other. Powerful thing is that I think most of us think of happiness as contingent upon exactness factors. You know your work, life, you're home life childhood all which are super important, but in fact Actually happiness is a skill, and that's what the signs around meditation to show you that you can work your mind. The way you can work your body in the gym. It's not going to work all the time you can't make. I can't make myself into Kobe Bryant, but I can make myself the fittest version of me that is available, and the same thing is true, with your head and and and the ceiling is much higher, you know I mean we eat. The mind is not is not subject to as many sort of gravity
forces, as a body echoes, although echoes back to what Aristotle hoop near touch a virtuous habits, make a difference by practising virtue its habits. You may become virtuous absolute figures, so you make it to me and I actually v or others are quoted. I've put castles. Yours will know because I use it all the time, which is the striven to Abraham Lincoln, but I'm not sure it's true that he said it, which is when I do good. I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad, that's my really and that is a game changing proposition and what meditation allows you to do is to see more clearly how bad it feels when you're in eighty. I think that's right, that's right so we were brought up Abraham, Lincoln S, a good signal second, and robust speech in american history of it. The first inaugural includes the phrase better angels of our anywhere in the second one is the massive mammy. Yes, mister cords memory, wood mouse torrent in charity short all if near a term ran as it were here, he'd be held recite the whole thing for us,
Mr Miranda was a genius, so either both bring great speeches are mature one of the over the arm, but thereby up there. I mean, I think you and your short dear I mean. Is it? Is it the second and orders, especially shortly pretty short, like maybe less than a page, its lesson of age? I was reading last night because it came up in the briefing book that you and I are both real and prepare for the inauguration. It's like Seminary Para and will see how much beyond that damage from goes. Although you never know, I mean he's, never given a short speech, his his his except his speech was quite long he's. His most gracious speeches have been after victories will see. If that happens on on Friday, but I mean everything else about the says this is gonna, be in an orderly, unlike any we ve ever seen before, begets coming after a camp Unlike anything, we ve ever seen before and likely a present
the unlike any we ve ever seen before. How is this campaign been for you and her distress levels and what do project going forward and when I say you I mean you and journalists like you were a tip this beer dealing with the players. Well, I thought a lot about that and we should like just about everybody. I was surprised by the result. I think that looking back, I think we'll its forces all to re, evaluate how we do our jobs. I think this is it. This is a particular challenge. I meant, was in some ways you know, but they really frustrating in some ways, because I think I interviewed the present like some like four thousand eight hundred and forty nine times over the course the campaign, including on his first day- and
he clearly skilled communication is in some ways, but it was also a frankly a challenge in that the kinds of I believe I can only speak for myself that all through that. I was pretty vigilant about call in a pressing him when he was saying some members at odds with the facts. When you saying something untrue trying to clarify for the odd hence press him for details on what his plans were questioned him about some of his more cruel and outrageous statements and actions know press him as we would any politician have any politician on contradictions between things. He saying now thinks he made
done in the past, and you know one of the things we size that if someone is determined sort of both through that they can have some fermata success, doing nothing and user. That forces us to sort of re, evaluate how we do our jobs, the conventional ways we covered campaigns. I think in some ways failed the process. What what do you think we need to check? How do we change? I guess I think first off it just takes more time reserve constrained on our broadcast, but it takes more time to if you're not gonna, get satisfactory answers, or it takes more time to show why you're not getting them or takes more time to clarify what is actually happening and in an indicative out with the effects might be on on people who are watching.
I think it means sometimes being willing to step outside of this again convention of were boom. The bounds journalism always means simply putting up one way. One sided one voice from another, and many people make up there because I'm lives their objective facts, nerved idea, often climate changes, Yeah they're there are, there is, we have to be willing to step in and say this is actually a fact. Yes, even though we're facing a real challenge In that more and more, we want all care people, don't care or don't leave it again and I believe us they process, they don't trust us and then you're living in a week were you? Anyone can simply find a way to a sort of fair it at the fact that bolster what they already believe. Most people tend to do it, and even that isn't true. It's not gonna make
It's not going to mean that I was presenting. What we consider, even I just don't want to right there, but we consider the fact is: is going to be purse with persuasive know there are actually there many seasons were there are facts, not every single one, but there are many should we can just say this is factual. This is really happening, and we should be willing to stand up and say that, but so in some ways it seems to me, like our only option, is to play our game. You know look, we played better, yes, absolutely up our game, but play it. We can't change society. We can change the fact that we may be living in a post fact era, all we can do is report. The facts is evenly as we possibly can and in an end and sort of say one level. The rest is not our business, that's what we have to do. But we also be willing to take some of the blow back that has inevitably gonna come to that as well.
and while I'm in an that's what I was getting it before when asked about how this campaign was for you and how you think the next four years will be for you. Do you take a lot of blow back in? Is that stressful? For you? You know, you said at the beginning and I've I've been a public figure enough fourteen, like DR roughly ninety one, is the deal. Ninety two really, ninety one. Ninety two of its twenty five twenty six years, I stopped paying attention them. Not all of them hear him being argued, had sometimes you it when it's when it is a huge volume. You know it, but mostly I filter out almost all of that every single day. Don't I don't read twitter and three comments
I don't know, I'm not in social media, Madame Cheron, Facebook right now on Facebook and do my job live my life, and you know I. Obviously there are times when either I've made a mistake, I gotta correct something: I'm getting hit an especially greet his way were, there's something I have to deal with. Somebody tells me, agitation useful on this front and will be useful going for you go. I just think in the sense that in more calm overall sure do you think You know I in my world, come in the meditation worlds are deeply xo. it can be a little county. Actually, not really believe, item in the secular mindfulness world. Some silly cultivated be a little utopian in the sense that you hear people talking about keeping answer.
All. That's rather I mean in some island. I say no to ninety nine percent of interviews about this because road, resisting that there's no way, I'm what I'm saying no is honest and if I was talking to french Bavarian, but there's no way to talk about it in a way that doesn't make you sound like a pollyanna fish evangelize her well. Even I think there is no, I mean I think it's hard, but you really, I mean I spent four years. Writing the stupid book and an excellent bug is not ideal, but both of you were actually begin early in vehicles of order which, for which I will be eternally grateful, but I think you should think it's hard to do it's a real challenge. I, myself when I'm doing it all my rule is. I never talked anybody about it unless they asked will absolutely so there's that, and I do I guess I wrote a book or whatever, but I put out, but you don't have to download it or was it I'm forcing you to do anything,
but, like my wife, doesn't meditated and I don't like Marvin okay. So that's a pretty good piece of data, but I do think it's possible to talk about it as a form of mental exercise that useful to you, as I gonna fix the whole world, but in the hence the whole ten percent happier stick that doesn't come off as cruelty. I think everyone sure I'm I'm I'm sure you're right it just is more the way. I fear that I sound when I'm talking about it will, but but just get back to the shoe utopian idea. that in my world, because I am now sir, do so deep, much more deeply immersed in meditation world, and I was even before I wrote him when I was writing a book because I'm now this conflict public figure within this little world, but I do I do find myself actually giving in to the more utopian bent in that I feel like, as we enter the divided era, even more divided era and american politics we ve been divided for while actually this kind of mental exercise could be useful whatever.
for all its with theirs. It everything useful and utopian. I can only agree that useful I mean I, I am deeply anti utopian. I think I guess I believe in a regional said I believe raw. flawed human beings, not perfect, but I don't think meditation can make you anywhere close to a perfect even Billy. Being it just give you some tools to deal with your imperfections, and that's just, I think, the human condition. Now that said, doesn't mean we can make things a little bit better, absolutely and if you can make even your own, life a little bit better. That's got admirable effects starting right. There will absolutely on individual level, but I, where I start- and I don't think it's utopian- I agree with you and I'm not a utopian, but I do think that you can start to have a societal impact. Just think about this. If, if the percentage of Americans who currently work out were now meditating
that would actually have an impact on behaviour in the wings in India to give proper to David Ledge Foundation, which denial I used to headed by Barbara through. I learn from their now branching Anna ways that are, I think, are fantastic area goals, we goin out o or here in New York City, they are going there. They ve petition Veterans Department in Washington DC in their work and veterans dealing with PTSD, and it shows that they believe will show measurable impact in helping people deal with that women have been the victims of sexual abuse or other kinds of trauma that Canada centres to help deal with. That is why I think that it can be a huge supplement to traditional counselling medical attention, education, the barbershop, is a guy. I know I know a little bit now, as we had lunch a few months ago. We email quite a bit. Why I grew do is a really smart and nice guy
but you know hit something he I've talked when I wonder how it what your thoughts are about. It is that team has such an interesting history, because it is a sectarian organization and headed by this charismatic guru at the maharajah, has yogi, who was the guru, the Beatles and etc etc, and he talked about some things that are little out there, like the EU to World Peace, India, Gimme, the strength of an elephant, etc, etc. How do you deal with that? I don't even think about it. Or it can be completely ignore it, like, I said for me, going in all their background, which I exposed to a little bit many many many many years ago, I block it off. Doesnt doesn't effect my practice anyway. Something I've never really thought about it, like I said, I'm not into the the metaphysics behind it that helps that is useful to some other people, so they just don't pay any attention. In my view, this will get me in trouble that I also bad practice only once a week backroom yoga,
the questions about the guy who started that as well. I dont like that. I don't endorse it in any way, but the practice to me in and of itself is useful, get the ferryman. I don't know much about the become thing, but on the team side I can Bob's done a really good of saying, hey. Take our leave, Everyone is one of the first things he said. I have interesting. We enough. You know. I've tm comes a hindu background yet, and I branch illnesses comes out of a boost, our exactly one of the things The Buddha himself said to people which I find deeply reassuring as hey. I want to talk about a few metaphysical things, including rebirth, and like minutes at to take it or leave it. Oh, I don't know that practice, yet his ideas, this is exercise here. This is a kind of therapy kind of medicine. Do it and see, for yourself and I find that I mean like this- is why you, finally scientists etc, who are interested in Buddhism infect the robber right was an evolutionary psychologist. I believe I'm getting his total right is about the book come out with a book called by Buddhism. Is that
and I think it's a small Nottingham analyzed t. You know it's more like yeah this thing true, and yet there are parts of it I don't like, but you have to deal with that. Basically, the truth is whether an and many layer to the truth, it the truth. As you train your mind and you dont, is what we're talking about before anyway. Before I let you go just some more about the politics here, give us a sense of what your day is law. on inauguration day. What is it like for you? we'll find out I'm. This will be my first one. Fray BC was back in nineteen seven in a very different role, This will be my. I guess, my third one now, second one anchoring and I hope not to make the mistake. I made a last time round, the union has a lot of name jacking identification of people in the crowd and less time around in a quick woman, and I took it back so clean, but I bill rustlers
Freeman Yeah sports you have a field day with with look. I've got every word for word. The day is I'd starts. I may actually sleep an hour later, the normal, because I know a long day coming out. but I said a lion in three areas for also maybe even a little later. gm maize. Seven! Will this Jimmy from seventy nine and thence really starting at eight thirty when you you start to to stream, live as well. Jimmy kind of morphs into a special then and just start anchoring the coverage following all the different activities the day, starting with the church service. The present like trouble go to eye in the morning that coffee at the White House worried he meets with the first family for the first time in the White ass like ass a second time he met with Obama that car ride with the two men to Capitol Hill.
course. The ceremony re takes the oath and then there's kind of a lull. Why when the present like goes into lunch with the Senate and the house, and we more less talk about the day. The next public event What kind of narrative follow is the departure of President bomb a sort of mid afternoon Dandridge AIR Force Base where he flies out for the last time on the planet It is generally called air Force One when the president rides and I think this one is going to be cold, but it's special air mission, so probably twenty nine thousand, the last one was twenty. Eight twenty eight thousand and then where the parade and will stay on, I think, through present alike, since the press since entrance and the white Ass words, he may be signing some more executive orders. He may sign them earlier at the capital and we'll pray beyond before five in the afternoon and will widen Look at you doing this are you having fallen are tired. Are you nervous what what is it like for you
So my I like that, I think the best part of our jobs is due the real news happening in real time covering special events. I think it's a great privilege to have the chance to do it. I love the craft of anchoring a program like that in trying to weave together twenty five different contributors with a story that is actually happening in real time and bring a sense of twelve years of what is happening, the history behind the context, the personalities for me- that's that's fine. I mean that it would people talk about flow and final and financially efficient when he sort of lose track of time. I don't. What is the time going by a nice like on days, like you know, a girl nights like an election night, it's all happening both very slowly and very quickly. At the same time, I think again going back to the notation something about that helps me, Sort of slowing down while on talking about an bring people in, but the dataset flies right by
Denham exhausted yeah deliver their. What do things can be President Obama you had you did this amazing interview with him that air this past Sunday believers in space. and it was there another. Some ten days ago, his is exit interview. One is a final interviews in the white ass. He did this incredible. Why have them resurrected oval? It was amazing and. and also GC, watching you, do it. Knowing your experience in the White House actually for me just lent it another layer but he's. to be in a limo with a guy who campaigned on essentially shredding his legacy, every single bit of it right who he who p. President Obama said time and time again through the course. The campaign was dramatically and qualified by both experience and temperament to be president of the United States, who said many times during the campaign to
supporters. Everything we fought for is gone and this man gets elected. Yet he has two out of reverence for the office, for our democracy feels a great responsibility to treat him with stability and not say exactly what he thinks about what's going on, I'm, although he did also say in my view, that the election of tromp, which he did not see coming, he conceded that clearly of has probably change how he's going to, What he's gonna do after he leaves office, I think, will be a little bit more involve any plan to be even to the point of view. No one of our special events tomorrow, he's gonna do a press conference. Can a late in the game to do a press conference, but it is going to be his farewell press we shall see how much of how much he bite, on some of the more difficult questions that might come his way, sir.
his and if you saw for we walked in here, his his presage earnest gave his final press conference. You know back at all what do you say? I'm lives he he took on were present Putin said today about their hacking and trumpet said that it seemed like Putin was reading. The and the incoming administration stalking points Fettes and would you of any window in any visibility into trumps state of mind, as he goes into into Friday? Is he excited nervous? I didn't get nervous. I've seen him little been Hervis before. How can you how can we not be a bad one? The things prisoner, who were doesnt, show his nerves very often conceding said? Listen, he said
minute, before I went out and gave the inaugural for sofrito at the oath, I was scared because I didn't want to screw this up. You said even candy the same way. I have to believe that at some level that will hit president Trump as well, and I think we saw tiny, take that in that first meeting and with President Obama and the war was the Wednesday after election additives, Thursday in his posture and sobered. Man here seem to bounce back pretty quickly, but that data that was a pre telling tat blow ok, there's another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you liked it, please make sure to subscribe rate us and
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