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#69: Jewel, Grammy-Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Actress (Bonus!)

Jewel, whose poetic songs about relationships and heartache dominated the airwaves in the '90s, used writing as an outlet to deal with anxiety through a tough childhood and later, homelessness. She began looking for ways to "re-wire" her brain, change her life for the better, and came to Mindfulness. The Grammy-nominated recording artist wrote a memoir, "Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story," and stars in the upcoming Hallmark movie, "Framed for Murder: A Fixer-Upper Mystery," airing Sunday, April 2.
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Aids Dan welcome to another vision of the ten percent happier pie. Fifth above my guest is jewel. We may have heard of on the radio as several millions of people have and her full name jewel, Kirshner my getting that right, culture, culture That's so wrong! Cleaner right will you forget. The usual last name? It's never really set out again away of unfair tempting and nobody ever says your last name. What's it like to be one of the few people the world who could go by one name aiming at many names slightly credible. You know from Barbie to hopefully in a whenever a singer, songwriter Imelda ended with an army and were like you're an exciting category with opera share. I don't know who else goes in that area by the year Barbie I was with you. The category Barbie there are thousands of these to discuss with you. But this. If I cast ostensibly about meditation,
and a lot of people. Dont know that this has been a big part of at a moving part of your life. Don't wanna I wanna get into that excited, although I was. I have to say that I was listening to some of your views are getting ready for this, and it was just I hadn't heard. What's the correct held in him, I want to save your soul, will save yourself who will say Virgilius. I try not to be dogmatic. Yes, at this moment, at every level, throughout the partners, I promise you that each is transported me back to when I was in my twenties eyebrows sitting in a cafe in Portland Main with this bad flannel on, because its met. Dylan WAR, one single you know like a leg, is so powerful. Tat right back here must be such a great feeling to know that your music has such residence for so many people. it was an amazing thing. That record was able to do what it did. I,
isn't Alaska my family were pioneers, who they helped settle the state before it was a state. They were on the last ship that left Germany before the Second World WAR hiked over glaciers, in this beautiful three hundred acres, piece of property that the government gave them if they promise not to die. For a whole winter ends raised on this homestead my mom left when I was eight. She just said it not to be mom and my dad took over raising us may dad had really bad PTSD. He had had an abuse of childhood and then he went to view and so my mom left was incredibly trauma triggered, but those words didn't exist then, and to return to drinking, to train Norman medicate. His feelings- and I took over my mom's place in the act, so I started singing at five with my parents and hotel. It would they haven't. They had an act. They say in hotels, for tourists to dinner, show so my mom, after my death. My became an act so far. The only fourth rid of that went from elementary school rate to the bar and I haven't RO see, and I watched how people handled pain as an eight year? All they wanted to people use relationships drug.
an alcohol to try and numb and medicate feelings. And as a girl who wasn't looked after very well, because media began drinking and being abusive once the divorce happen, as he was trying to self medic at his own pain and anxiety and trauma. I started watching how people handle panels, like I'm trouble, and I was able to see a very specific example day after day after day that you can't outrun pain, it doesnt, work, save regional amount of pain and these strict, covering up that pain with avoidance tactics and all that that more paint your life and nuns, your Billy to experience your full range of emotions and for girls was trying to look up her safety in bar rooms and precarious situations. I needed my feelings? I need my wits about me because, if for like, a car you're alarm system is your feelings, they tell you when you're doing your intuition you're gonna tell you in some things out of line and if you can stay in touch with your feelings, if you stay sensitive
Jane tune with that country? Stay safe. What people often think is on safer if I have armor, but it actually does, is it kills your ability to have joint and exploring destroying your life, so at age, ADA decided, never drink, never do drugs and to train face payments. It came, and I came up with this idea of you of you- pains, were tryin face. Try and I turned to writing, which was my first mind from this practice. I noticed every time I sat down to write. I felt calmer, I felt less anxiety and it took the edge off just enough for a girl who just went through divorce. Mom just indeed just became abusive, an alcoholic at play. Savings I eighty but things. Eighty you to every time I wrote and later as a developed, this practice of writing. It was like having breadcrumbs back to my real self.
Because, as you grow up and things get more complex as you get older in your relationship Botanica my dad got worse, I always was able to see the truth when I wrote and that's what I called the observer and so ended up having a great philosophy teacher, I was very attentive. We moved around a lot, but I read big heart and he said I think. Therefore, I am if I could alter that just slightly it was her perceive what I think therefore around, and I realise that, if I could perceive, I am sad, I'm something other than sad. I'm the observer of sad, like prices even perceive am anxious something other than anxious on the procedure of anxious I got to be very curious about who is the observer, you know what is observing my thoughts. So could go back to the idea of your body. Is a car as an analogy, your brain isn't the driver, it's the steering wheel. So your observer, your reserve in your brain, that's the driver, and so I moved out at fifteen. I knew statistically kids like me end up repeating the cycle that they're raised by so I knew, statistically
I was gonna end up in a ditch or on a pull off or on drugs run an abusive relationship in short order, because that's the emotional language that I was taught to call it emotional English. the learning, new, emotional, English, but there's no school to go to you for that, and swayed began very consciously at fifteen with this task of what I called my happiness part Can I rewire my programming in some that maybe think about it was a bunny that we had growing up. It seems caramel. It was raised with chickens and it was. It was a since so since it was a tiny baby, bunny we put with the chicken coop cuz, it's the safest place for the baby, rabbit in Alaska and it would packets food like a chicken and waddled. It didn't hop normal and as a grew up with lay on the nest for the hands and actually hatch eggs. And when I moved out of fifteen a kind of horrified Meeks like what, if I'm a bunny that thinks it's a chicken my column ever know. My real bunny nature is my nurture was so bad. So if you look at nature versus nurture- and you didn't- we-
he's good nurture. How can you get to know your real nature, and so those are the I've heard of trying to figure out and began to read a lot and experimental law and look round from in tourism, develop exercises for myself and it pretty good I got myself I paid rent from fifteen. I got myself to school, a graduate at school and went to a pretty good fine arts and amazing pirates high school on scholarship credit. The ancient, although I know that the school was in Michigan Arizona, vocal scholarship. Ah, I saw writing songs because you weren't allowed to go to stay on campus for spring break and I couldn't afford to get back to Alaska said and so I decided I would hitchhike across the country and street sing and see the United States, and I learned to play guitar for that, and so I start writing lyrics about what I was seeing around me and who will save wholesalers. So was the first song I actually ever rotor of that when it was sixteen, as I was hoping to
means and how Boeing and street singing- and I was just making up lyrics about pop culture and american culture and hero worship cause in Alaska is very different from America. Normal pop culture is very separated. We have television growing up and have radio growing up and I noticed this idea of people wine to be a victim and say somebody else save me and start asking questions. Question like myself, I save myself. I attacks having panic attacks on. I was sixteen which, if anybody others ever had a panic attack, your brain literally goes off line, so can can watch a brain scan of somebody having traumas, INA, triggering episode the brain drain out of your processing centre and goes all to fighter flights. You literally go off line, and so I started creating tools to help myself get membrane back online and then, when I was homeless at eighteen, I had turned down the advances of a boss. When I didn't sleep with, can give gonna my paycheck convey my rent sword living in my car think it would last that long, but the Mikado stolen and I had bad kidneys. I was sick
the time I almost died and the emergency parking lot of of an emergency, which they wouldn T mix, anyhow Insurance programme of the older and permanent legal. But that's what went down a doctor ended up. Seeing me get turned away and he saved my life by giving me antibiotics and his business card and he treated me for free and saved my life, but that's how I ended up homeless and I was homeless for a year and I started to shoplifting a lot. My panic attacks back with incredible forest of history to be agoraphobia. Where couldn't leave a street corner, I was honoured. The or that I was living in without thinking I was gonna, be stricken by illness in a completely irrationally. and I was in the mirror one day in addressing room trying to steal address, and I looked at myself- I underwent oh, I failed. I'm statistic I didn't beat the odds you no fifteen and I set out to not be a statistic and three short years later, I was keen to a grinding halt and I They statistic I was gonna depend jailer dead in short order, and so I went to my Lord mindfulness, wasn't even around back then, but it went back to this idea of how
Can I look at nature versus nurture and rewire my brain and I notice tat. The brain is addictive unnoticed noticed. As I looked through my journals and my writing that I was very addicted to negative thought and remembered this quote by Buddha that penis doesn't depend on who you are or what you have. It depends on what you think and I had the distinct distinct pleasure, Having only what I thought left, I had no family, no house, no food, nothing to destroy. To me, if you will, I was along with my thoughts so I decided to figure out what was I thinking and that's all extra my journals and I was shocked at how negative I was- and I learned about fear that year and how fears this thief that takes the past and projected into this,
future, and it robs you the only opportunity you have to actually change your life, which is right now and that's the most powerful moment you have as a human being in that's what separates us from the animals and being homeless. I felt reduced me to being animal because every moment was how to be safe. How do I get food? How do I get water hurry, shelter period? If no time too, Shelly physically manifest thought, be creative and be able to create change in your life. You actually have to be present enough, not interfere cycle, so you can do something different today than you did yesterday and so I started observing my thoughts, I didn't know how to it. First cuz I didn't have the skill set, so I stopped watching my hands because your hands are the servants of your thought. If you want to see what you're thinking just watch, what your hands are doing cuz, it's your action, your thoughts,
down into action, and so every time I started to steal something at first, I could even stop the behavior I watched myself. Do it and then I was able to start to go. Oh I m doing it by can stop it and then we ll go. I want to, but still can't stop it, and that is able to go. Oh, I want to, and I can intervene, and it was my mind from this practice and that's actually, I wrote my hit and ended up being her years later there was about my hands and watching my hands and one of my first mindfulness exercises, though you were you're bad living. This, like you, We had taught you mindfulness, you just kind of came to it on your own yeah. I was, trying to in a necessity, is the mother of all invention, and so I tried to come up with exercises that helped me overcome very strategically the problems that I was experiencing so for panic attacks, for instance, ACE. a meditation I made up where it was on it turbulent ocean. Nobody, Tom panic attacks were at night. It was happening to me at sixteen at boarding school. I could feel them coming on. You ve ever had a panic attack of Ulster dying
there are, but and but I could feel them coming on and I go to my room. I would get in a ball, I'd be fiscally paralyzed and be crying, and I learned to do, meditation where a man who knows on a very stormy ocean I'd. Imagine myself seeking through the ocean, allow myself to relax the water bit calmer and noticed the color of the ocean change. I knows the taste of salt on my lips. I noticed the rays of sunlight coming in the further got down to the sandy floor com and tranquil by then, and I would look up at the stormy and it was in the distance by then I noticed how much calmer this is a classic visualization radically. So you just made up which, but you touched on ever you- you came to something that people have been doing for millennia on your own, which is very impressive. What was interest later I learned about trauma, triggering I didn't even know about and tell my late thirty's. no. Even I never even heard the words trump trigger, unlike trauma PTSD in those tapes of things, and one of the methods they used to treat trauma is to get your brain back. On line is forcing your brain to use different parts to process so
Eight smell color touch forces blood backing as other parts, the brain, so what I was instinct clean doing and I meditations attentions was mentioning the salt this all of the air. You know the cause. earth and I thus forcing blood back into those parts of my and to get my brain back on line which has wild intuitively. I was able to do that, but I wrote my book never broken, because I think we all have these internal resource If we are willing to look inside of ourselves for answers instead of constantly outside of ourselves for answers, we come up with ingenious stuff and were all capable of it. It's nothing. Special about me then I started writing it. Such a young age had developed a practice of going in word and looking inward for solutions. Did it at some point? Did you take formal meditation lessons or do you have you been just run and on this on the stuff that you,
kind of generative herself. A lot of it was what are generated for myself. My aunt Stella Vera was a transcendental meditation teacher and she taught me transcendental meditation. I didn't often over the year, which is just a moot point of convergence regions and little meditation were use, which called Monti arousing word. You repeat yourself, silently orphanage sanskrit word and just repeating at yourself, silently in your head, can stop the kind of obsessive mattering chattering, mind and can be very common. I just jumping into defined yeah yeah. I guess she taught me that and the type of meditation I do now. I like to call it paying attention because meditation isn't worth a lot of people understand, or they have connotations with it and it doesn't have to have a theological connotation literally just call it taking a brain break and
again, if you want to be the architect of your life, if one b, the driver, that's behind the wheel of your life and your deciding where you go, you have to develop that relationship with the observer shift. You get rid of the static we have to get rid of believing every single thought that comes into your head. You have to create that list bit of gap by being the observer of your thoughts and so a mantra or what I do often is. When I meditated I just cow I'll, do one is an inhale two as an ex carried out with the brothers it comes on her again. This is a real and it's like being a dog a bone. Absolute. Until tell your brand good traders bone phone account to twenty observe myself counting to twenty and when you lose get lost from new thoughts. You come back to what number they think you're out, make it up or you I start over the whole. Please to be observed and be curious, because that is a state of mindfulness and of being present and for me, I started with my hands and then I was like. Oh what else can I play with every time? I walk up stairs, I'm going to be really present. I want to feel that the stairs under my feet,
and pretty soon you loomed you learn to be mindful. Throughout your entire day, and then you start be able to cut those puppet strings of your conditioning. So at eight human as I am addicted to negative thought: parents vindictive to negative behaviors. If my brain is naturally directive, can I get it addicted to positive behaviors, I thought that it was, and so I just started habitually forcing myself to do what I called my antidote thought. This is one of the modules are have up on my website, where I would notice anxiety. I would force myself to go. It was just thinking like what was my brain is telling me. It was held some why, like let's say it's, I don't know what I'm doing and what sort of get panicky in her hands idea go. What's the truth, it's nothing know what I'm doing cause actually don't. But the truth is, I can figure it out, I'm tenacious and I can figure it out so I would have an anxious feeling of a truck the thought. I would see what the lie was. My brain was telling me now to myself the truth and has read the whole body truth. It can just be like something you wish was true, it's
doesn't work and for me the truth was like. I am capable of learning I will learn more today and that com anxiety down and helped me wire, and then I got addicted to that thought and that's hearted prating resilience the sort of creating a tenacious attitude, which is a very much better thing to get addicted to and if you read Doktor Judson brewers work, which I just came across recently in here and on his my scientific expert for my little humble website, which blown away by so he explains these little exercises a developed when I was homeless on from his standpoint of why they work scientifically, which was amazing register Yet in the friend and end, the judge is one of the premier neuroscientist in world. Looking at what meditation does his brain is an expert in addiction not for nothing great book out recently on the great in mind and as previous guest on this podcast, and he that that he signed on to what you're doing actually gives it couldn't believe that gives it a lotta. Have the
I just can't say strongly enough that you came up with stuff out of great. So bring in necessity at age, eighteen as a homeless, kid that is now actually like, legit and and can be used by regular people with some confidence that it that you know Doktor Jack, brewer says you know not like some sham doctor you're real guy he's a rare Yale train dead. Now the University of Massachusetts Centre for my phone as head of the research. There also greatly so that that's just amazing to me so tat tell us a little bit about where we can find a minute
cuz you're talking about and what they are. I believe that to be happy is a side effect. People always want if you're going to be happy, but it's a side effect of a lifestyle, and I believe it's the side effect of having harmony. So I like to use analogies I'll use. The body is an analogy. So if your life is a body, you have to have tone in every limb. If you only have town in your career, Lamb, you and your atrophied in your intimacy, limb or after feeding, when your atrophied in your physical wellness, your emotional fitness, you're gonna, have unbalance and european comfortable you're gonna, be anxious when you're facing every other effect of your life, and so what you going to do, your nigga folks on the limb that you're strong and I'm just going to be a workaholic, for me. I knew I had to be a balanced human and that men I had to get an education and every other category of my life, and so I took years between records much to my way chagrin, because those like it dont want to look back on my life and my artists may best, or I want my life to be my best work of art.
I'm serious about that. I was willing to walk the talk and take as many years it took to learn how to get a grip on other topics into get tone on other limbs So my concept is eventually gonna, be something called whole human, where I help give people inspiration, education and then equip them for being able to get tone in the whims that they fill them more atrophied in their lives. But what I did was start with the very specific lamb I started with emotional fitness because I think learning to discipline our minds and cure it. Our thoughts is the gateway to being able to be mindful and every other vertical from parenting too. You know every other we're gonna blow a worthy stuff availed right now. It's unusual, never broken dot com and right now, there's four modules up her gratitude practice. Paying attention was the first one showing people how easy it is to meditate or pay attention or take a brain break, and then I have to think through other modules up and then Judson has an article, sort of on each one in the science of them and then I go in depth figures
very short, video and then, if you want a little bit more of training or some staff or some science behind it, you can see you see. If you go out gonna Europe, your position, you ve, got a movie come out on the Hallmark channel very soon, which we will talk about the second and now you're doing this stuff around my fulness of an hold and being all human. Do you see in part of your future, and and and and forgive me if you don't like this term, but as moving into a kind of like being a self Guru up her personal mental fitness trainer and somewhat way. I believe in wisdom and I believe in advocating for wisdom, it's what have always tried to do in my music. When I get where culture is headed an what technology is doing to cause disconnection and as I watch anxiety rise as an epidemic, and I look at where I am as a human, which is a mom with a five year old that wants to be at home more that wants to travel and tour less. But my message
changed, but I want to deliver. My message has changed. I want to be touring last, I'm not as interested in touring always do music, it's a passion for me and I'll keep doing it, but I want to be able to build this mindfulness platform. Not so I can go on the road and be a speaker and some self help guru. I have no honestly desire to do that. There's people out there like Judson, brewer and amazing people, Dr Kim John Payne, as a parent. I can't reckon highly enough. His is a platform called simplicity, parenting that I highly recommend, so I'm gonna be building out I'm working with companies to build up corporate culture, I'm about to partner with Zappos building our culture, because I believe, as entrepreneurs, companies can help solve social issues and add value to their entire network of employees. Has every employee needs to understand how to behold human team to shop
work better and if we can also offer that as tools to people's consumer base to the consumer base of any large company and the mean creating networks, like my fans have where they start to look at each others, a resource which is from making Some impact on some change in your friends are talking to one another, their amazing, the odd they call themselves to everyday angels of always encourage them. Unlike don't idolize me, it makes me uncomfortable and I'll be knocked off a pedestal at some point which I have no interest in and Bacon inspired, but you have to live there with me, I'm on a journey and am exploring and I'm gonna make mistakes and I'll talk to you about it, I'm flawed. So I always lead with my flaws and ask them to start answering each other's problems. Music. If I have a whole community here, ask each other for help speak up about ITALY. Take mean of the shame away from the start
and so what they do now is a friend of a friend fan. Michelle just lost her place on partner and my fans set up a calendar and they agreed with her, and so they go out into a watches and they go sit with her and you know where she lives and cook for her and keep her company for that really intense breathing phase and another and of mine her dad, who isn't even a droll fan, went into surgery, but all my fans sent him flowers and balloons and filled his whole room up, and you know people are very willing to find family groups their based around values, and I have hippies gaze Rednecks Nino, every kind of fan you can imagine under one roof because they have single interest which is living in automatic life, whatever that means for them and it's a tolerant but highly verse grit, that's really interesting, I'm just curious getting back as you. You led off his interview with this really harrowing personal story in what is your relationship with your parents today, my dad and I have a great relationship. I forgave him the day that I laughed when I was fifteen
in forgiveness isn't something. I think a lot of people understand fully. I think they think forgiveness means condoning behaviour it. Isn't it sought a gift. You give somebody that hurt you it's a gift to give yourself. It set you free and caring hatred around your heart. How your heart is like burning your own house, to get rid of her asked. Why would you do that? But it doesn't mean you get a relationship back, so I didn't I'd ever have a relationship with my dad again, but he got sober and- He said. Sorry, sorry, nice, it's a great and amazing healing thing to hear, but doesn't you get a relationship, bag, changing, b, avian and earning a relationship back is what my dad did and its extraordinary to be managed. Fifties who was abused as a child to be awake? and sober and say I didn't wanna be abuse parent. But in that of repeating the cycle I was raised by in any to learn how to forgive myself and age. Ask my children for forgiveness, but
credible thing. Maybe I did I'm very proud of an answer, realities turnover accidentally, my family got discovered, he's on a show called Alaska, the last frontier, and it's a show about whom setting aware was raised by a pioneers and I dont know my mom since two thousand and three she came back into my life when I got a record deal only for you to do the math on that one. It didn't work out great, and I didn't know the truth about her until about two thousand and three, and I haven't seen her since then truth- greening, that kind of have to read the book to like. It, took me about three hundred and fifty pages to kind of describe the dynamic of that relationship. But it was a difficult relationship and I didn't believe her love in the end to be sincere or real, and that was a really heartbreaking thing, because you grieve the loss of the fantasy. You had about the person and then you have to grieve the loss of accepting the person actually is and losing that person.
I was incredibly hard. It was incredibly hard and that's where Wendy I just on my mind had been shattered. I was very thirty. Three years old, I realized I was only broke, but I think pretty much in debt and- and to rebate. After all, the music Yasser Authority great re yeah before my pop album came out, which won the biggest musical risks have taken, was going Paul, but as a care plenty money in the bank can take any risk. I weren't not the case got to find out that all the money now have to read the book. he's gone so phone arrangement, but I realized when ended cancelling torques. I was really broken like it really really. everything had been told him. My life was pretty much a lie and I had start figuring out truth from back from fiction. What were my thoughts? What were things that I was told that warrant? True and again I turned to mine from us, because I didn't Trutz there first. I was talking to anybody about anything that would have happened in my life and I looked,
Mirror, and I was like- oh I remember this Joseph Campbell allegorical November, the golden statue, allegory of Joseph Campbells, very soon, What it's a golden statue warring village comes in the cover the statue in mud, so they don't know the value of the statue. They they don't steal the statue, but it stays encased in mud and everybody in the village for generations forgets to valuable statue until it rains one day and its revealed to scold. So I'm going to a really difficult here in my life, which nobody knew I went through, and I was about thirty three and broke my mama's until I thought she was had to reprogram my brain. It was a really dire situation
can I was in. I looked in the mirror, and I remember that a Laguna Seca I'm not broken, so isn't a teacup, it isn't a chair, it can't be shattered. I remain whole at all times I just perfectly at all times. I just have to do a very loving archaeological dig back to my whole self, and so that's what I started doing. I started writing down adjectives that describe to me at times in my life, when I could remember not being hurt when I remember what it felt like in my body, and I described that,
kind of, like that's my map, that's who I actually am and anything that isn't that isn't mean it doesn't blonde man I'm willing to get rid of it, and that meant getting rid of a lot of thought to lot habits or behaviors and acting in accordance to my values and so riding down my values once again, which was something I did when I was younger actually going every day, I'm in a dose of audit- and I know that I live these values. These seven things you know did I live these values today and if I didn't, I made an amends and the next day I strove ended something still a practice I do and with my five year old, you know the other day he did something of some behavior you five year olds do a camera what it was, but I was like you know. Life is like this forest. How do you not get lost your compasses, your values, and so we ve started listing his values and you ever do you mean we should add to my values list? It's really sweet here now and it helps me Para raising and say that is one of our values and our values is honesty. Did you feel tat was honest? You know it,
think about it, all God yet were the two I'm not your whose values include eating my french rising chasing the cats in our remaining moments here, mindful of the fact that you have busy schedule today, let's talk of a low but about you, ve got this movie, that's airing Sunday night right yet, but tell me what it's called you asked You told me earlier and then of course, my bragger seven unable to not pronounce tonight. I'm your songs, Euro Zone migrants, rather movie theater, and it's for the hallmark, Miss mystery and move these channels that a separate channel from Homer Channel and it's called a fix, her upper series and then Aaron's Sunday. The second I believe April. Second you're coming up Sunday and it's called concrete evidence. It's a series of nine movies. This is the second movie you dont have to have seen the first one to
the second one and her super power is her intuition, which is why I took the role for somebody who's building a mind from this platform. This character once didn't, follow her and she pay for it and she's willing to say. I M never doing that again. I will follow my instincts come hell or high. and so that's what she doesn't shins absolving crimes have you got a lot of acting prior to this lot of then an English from my early twenties and got a lot of high praise for thy and thought I wanted to pursue to career simultaneously and Tele. Looked at people had done it and rest. Thrusters in about five horses, so I decided not to pursue both at the same time and to give myself time to the again trying to be a whole human. I don't want to be more famous or more rich is fine, as acting was. I was like. I need to learn how to be a good person more than that, but these tv movies were really easy for me because they let me meet my goals as a parent cuz. It's three weeks I get to be creative, learn something new challenge myself, but still
my son with me and still be home in three weeks, so that's great yeah, but their long days. I didn't realize how long the days when I signed on, but you can do anything for three weeks: Where do they should it in Victoria, Canada, Vancouver Island O F, a nurse beautiful its fate, for people who want to learn more about you and and and check your book just give us that full download of all the stuff you got out there that we should go. Look for four entreat after having listened to you, she added the cow. It's come and never broken. When did a coma and twenty fifteen uncertain paperback right now and it tells you my life story and then tells you. How are you over came them? My just and then in the back, as furtive has made twenty axiom said I developed and lived by, and then people said. Do you actually have real specific exercises behind those twenty principles? And I do the Earl based and exercise they didn't. So that's what sort of me to create the jewel, never broken dot com website will never broken up com
and that's the one Jackson was kind enough to assign onto me with an you, can find your music on apple, music or spot a fire wall cracker that right now call picking up the pieces when o o that new it came out with my book. Ok yeah such a pleasure to sit and talk with you yeah big fan of what you're doing I've seen your pieces, you're, really great of articulating and making these sort of difficult in a large epics very probable and very understandable, that's a tremendous skill and actually share them with friends to help them get a grip on certain introduction to this. So well done. Ok, there's another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you liked it, please make sure to subscribe rate us, and if you want to suggest topics, we should cover a guess. We should bring Hit me up on Twitter at Dan be Harris. I also want to thank heartily the people who produce with Pakistan really do very much out of work.
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