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#82: Cory Muscara, Mindfulness Teacher, Former Monk

Cory Muscara, 27 years old, admits he first tried meditation because he wanted to impress his college girlfriend -- but it changed his life forever. Muscara, an econ major who considered a finance career, switched gears and spent six months practicing mindfulness meditation as a Buddhist monk, completed numerous meditation training programs and eventually became the founder and head teacher of the Long Island Center for Mindfulness, bringing meditation into school, health care and corporate settings.
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I will admit up front that I went into this this interview with the not knowing what to expect, perhaps with low expectations II agreed to interview Cory Muscara, because he was recommended to me by by somebody actually out in Hollywood, who felt very strongly that I should sit down with Cory. He's a very young that station teacher from Long Island who has made some appearances on the doctor
as broadcast. So I didn't, he doesn't have a book that I could read or anything like that. I don't really know what to expect, and I was so impressed by this guy, so you're gonna hear me become increasingly Bressani probably feel the same way yourself during the course of his interview. So enough for me here is Corey Mascara for maybe see this is a ten percent. Have your podcast andean, her thanks for donors, my pleasure, if you ever listen the show you know I just start up of the same question, which is how did you start meditating? So how did you start meditate I've even interesting path, while I'm sure a lot of people say that Bob Unique in this sense, I think they people that come to meditation, often come through, maybe the realm of deeper suffering or they really spiritual or on hips jewish,
I got into I gonna do meditation because of a girl you're, not unhappy. I'm I mean I mean I'm wearing and wearing my lobbied, so my fault. Category but yeah primarily got into this, because I had a girlfriend college. She was in a meditation and I basically started meditating more or less. To impress her, I mean that's gonna start taking it seriously please, I think that's a pretty good reason just for the record at the time was grey areas and still even now, there's no happy ending to that issue. You broke up with me several weeks later, but it really abbe ending, which is that it actually change your life, that's the thing, and so, despite it being like a superficial undertaking in a very short period of time, I know some pretty significant results in my life and at that point I was someone that used to wake up like twenty three times a night very restlessly. My mind was constantly going and this you know this scarce Alec bolt sales pitch for meditation, but within two years.
Two weeks of just meditating zoom three times a week. Fifteen minutes a day lying on my dorm room bed had no idea what has just focusing on my breath. I went from weighting of twenty three times a knight to waking up only two to three times a night. Isn't, as I wasn't waking up at all, and I had taken sleep medications and soften nothing had a shift like that. So I mean anyone that suffers ominous insomnia. You could just imagine the radical shift that that could have I really see results like that that radical, but that was one of my experiences and other people, you you're you're to students and there's like that's right and reduce. I see often improve sleep, improved insomnia and the research suggests that as well, but to make such a shift like that that was that was huge
and I meant I I just I started getting interested in what's going on with this meditation thing, but I was an economics major, and this was in college when it was, I was getting involved, so nobody in the Economics Department was talking about anything to do with meditation so that the tipping point really came for me when we we took this trip to New York Stock Exchange every year that Allegheny College went to undergrad. We take this big trip to New York Stock Exchange in this year. We were to meet with this multi billionaire hedge, manager and everyone's I'd like this is the guy. If you could get anywhere. This is where you wanna get. If you could learn from anyone. This is the guy you want to learn from, and at that point I was a rate questioning is is financed. What I really want to go into details, I thought maybe this global rekindle my enthusiasm for the business world. We go there, take the eight hour trip so round tables. Like thirty of us. It gives a two hour, Powerpoint presentation, I just suck my sole right out of my life, and I said I don't know exactly what I do. I do with my life, but I know I do not want to end up like that. Guy and not to be fair to that,
you got, it, has been having a bad day, might have rolled up the rugs out of bed like I'm, not saying he's a miserable person in Dublin. I sing. All people on finance are miserable because I know plenty of people that are very content, but that the point of that was that for the first time I really started questioning. If that's not what I want them. What is it that I want and everything I every answer that kept coming up could be reduced, to the very cliche like I want to be happy and that that's not the first thing I was coming out of his way. While I want to have a family, and why do you on families? I could have kids, why is overcoming greater meaning? What was that to outlook is more happiness? I want to make money wisely. Google invocation wisely be real out, then I'll be the happier, and so I could just see they saw. Everything was like pushing me in that direction, and so fascinated with happiness well being, but I can see open to that point
where a nation of it wasn't manipulating the external world, and I got very interested in what is the possibility of cultivating a contentment that did not derived from external factors. So I came home from school break and on how you can imagine a young man going home talking to his father, saying and those in a business, but now I think I wanna study happiness. You just get me make metal. Like ok, that's great, for you go, get a job
Instead, it was my father- was a physician on long island was kind of just getting frustrated with the direction of healthcare and he was looking at just different ways. Evidence based ways to to create positive, behavior change and well being positive health, and that took him into the realm of the science of positive psychology and mindfulness, and he said core. If that is something that you are interested in its now, something that you could explore through in evidence based lends its not exclusive to just religion and philosophy, there's a way that you can understand the scientific. And he gave me Jack evidence first book for catastrophe living and just every word of that book. The Fraser comes up is dead poets. Siding with Robin Williams goes up. We don't we don't read, poetry, we let it drip from our tongues like honey, that's what it was like just to read it, and so there was some
deep inside me, I can put a name on. I was, but it it spoke volumes saying this is what you need to do with your life. If it was such a clear understanding that if this kind of work could pay these, kinds of dividends, at least the dividends at their promising. What could be more worthwhile investment of my time and at all just like that, and then do they? Two years later I was in a month, There are hit with shaved her. What together that really? Quite but first I let you your reference to John Cabot's in go by, and I just I have made a commitment to myself that when people use a name that I will make sure that the listeners know that person is John Cupboards and has been a guest on this package to is just kind of a grand daddy of
modern, secular mindfulness. He doesn't like the term secular, but I'm busy, like the term Grandaddy, doesn't mind Grandaddy get. I actually is now a grandaddy. He has no problem with that. I don't think anyway. Full catastrophe living is among his book. Seas are also wrote a book where we go there. You are, these are great books and he's a guy can talk about he's a visa scientist himself by training at MIT and then ended up getting interested in how to make my fulness something that could be taught a secular context, specifically women's health care and its Jim. It's it is what has boomed into this big current mindfulness jug. We're looking at anyway, her having said that yet registered, but just keep everybody up to speed here. U S a monastery in Burma in Burma. Ok, how did you get there? How long were you there was? I got your hedges there. I want everything, so
I actually started getting. I teach my fulness bay stress at auction Johns Programme, so I started getting into this work. I started and professionally trained, while I was in college to teach their programme. So might my entry pointed to my fulness was through that lands. And then I say you know what am I for asylum retreat here in the West, where an add on as in so many days, I'd meditate society wagons bury Macedonia that is its end, is run by some very close friends of mine had just philistine and share in Salzburg and was all object. Warfield results involving starting it cities it also friends. These guys are all friends with junk habits in this. Is their part of this cabal, I refer to as the jewellers, I'm not alone and calling on that and anyway, so you went there that M m. That's an interesting place. We're gonna sell retreat because you were teaching envious are, which is the secular, mindfulness, etc. I am, as is avowedly buddhist area. They are very much so. However, you know as Sir John, I imagine it would reveal his he's come more out in.
Recent years. Talking more openly about, Buddhism and its role and envious are not that he ever told shied away from that. But in the beginning you couldn't be talking about NEO, Dharmu Buddhism and the late seventies and expect people to be receptive to in healthcare. I'm all to say that the underpinnings of embryos are really do come from the the buddhist tradition and they they encouraged us as part of our mindfulness based stress reduction training. We were to be teachers to go on silent, meditation, retreats and knave highly encourage going to incite meditation society Spirit Rock, which is I am ass of the West Coast, and so that's that's how I went there and I was more or less going there for seven days a silence just like across. Off my my prerequisite less like. I now have been an ambitious our teacher, and I you know I would
my father, believe it, and I was that it was a seven day, loving, kindness, meditation retreat where, for those that may not be familiar with loving kindness year, essentially repeating these phrases of wishing well being to other people yourself, a difficult person may be happy may be healthy, may be safe, etc. So, for so, when I came to this from, I got very logical science oriented mind if, like I, this is a way for me to observe my experience and in an illogical way to start repeating these phrases over and over it went over my head, I couldn't connect with it, didn't feel anything and advantages. I found value and is learning to sit with my son for seven days straight, but at the end I didn't feel a gaping spectacular happened. But I knew all these people were having amazing results from this work, and I I took my
type a personality that I had. My entire life in just took a right into meditation. I said I wanna go deep and I want to do it as quickly as possible. I just graduated college. I had two thousand dollars with his college loans. I saw the sign got the first uses for being a year and I was going to dive into this and I talked to my teachers that I a mess with Michelle. Mcdonald was one of them and I said like listen. I got I got six months. I want to do something that is going to take me to the heart of this practice. I wanted to be difficult because I had felt like at that point. I had lived mostly privileged lifestyle and I Eventually, it was going to hit the fan and I wanted to you know I had I had the gravy right now in my life, but I didn't actually, I didn't feel like I had my mashed potatoes yet so as soon as the great was guys like. What else was there and I wanted to. This might be a terrible example. Metaphor foot,
I wanted to develop my mandate as something this is day myself nourish myself again cultivate that continent. It did not derive solely from external variables, and I wanted to cry like. I just wanted this to be hard, and I say: can I find peace in some form of payments a very eyes, elegant young man. Yet exactly are you like greet your teeth and go for that's right, Anne and naive at that point, and arguably still just that you don't get many people coming to this work. Looking for that, and I think those people that thing that's what they want. Have no idea what their signing up for and also to acknowledge is no real way to fabricate suffering. So now, thing like going into monasteries same suffering as being in war or trauma our, but at that for me at that point, time I, the idea of severing myself from all external comforts and family and friends, and going to silence that was intense for me, and so
said: that's what I want and they said alright. Well, if you want, if you want something like that, and you want the mindfulness teachings, you should go over to permanently really intense teachings over there. Some of the best teachers in the world, If you wanted, we really hard. You should study under this guy side, open data who was who was my teacher there, and I said that's what I want: legendary like yeah. I've ever had some references to him while he was a teacher for Joseph Sharon. Is me recently passed away and known as being just kind of the toughest most demanding of all mindfulness teachers ever that guy endangers tough, tough love, he would come around. I mean I've got their more. My experience there. It does one one story: that's going to mine. It was about three months into the retreat and there were there about a hundred and fifty foreigners. There is he here
ass? He came. He would come for all December all of January and just give Dharmu talks every single day. Dermatologists meditation talk, so everyone from all over the world. It would come to study under the sky, so we'd be. We have these cottages set up kind of like a horse. You shape where one person be here here here here, just going around in a horseshoe there was one day I was ordained as a monk at this point, I was in my room just like really being be endows so much physical pain, so much emotional painters. What the heck! My doing so I took off all my robes as of lately make it gives you can't on any belongings other than your rogues when your monk and I them hanging in my room, and I just it down on my bed, but Naked you're not supposed to read in a monastery, but I was just I felt like I needed something that I can digest. That was different than some of these teachings, so I pulled out Joseph Gold Stiens the experience of insight, which is actually one of the biggest second meditation
I got an I just. I just started reading this and keep in mind. This is cited in who is just notoriously like if you're coming to that monastery you are coming there to get. My end or get the hell out and he she would say, things right along those lines, so and if you are a monk, your held even to a higher standard, so here. I am in my room, lying naked reading, Joseph jealousies and and here all these knocks on these different doors like was calling on, and I knew I notice that we shall check that out. But I noted it and came back to me. And I came back to reading and then hear this knock on my door. I going out to get it gotta get up and beforehand Therefore, my robot, I see the door swing Inside opened, it is standing right there just staring at me now he doesn't speak any English and I dont speak any Burmese. So he's just giving me this death, dear, and it's not a compassionate like Dalai Lama. Oh I love you, but you should it's like I eat with
Are you doing in my monastery? Get the hell out? You did you did that deserve to be here, and then he just shut the door and he was with these other two monks, and he pointed to my room number interests, wrote it down in this sheet. What he was doing was going around every single room, just opening people's doors, without any permission, seeing what they were doing then jotting their room number down. If they were something wrong and then he would talk to the other two, just who were doing the meetings with us and basically have them scald us and say I heard that are we doing this this in this in this? If you're going to be, if you're going to be here, you got to take this seriously so That was an interesting encounter with with my digital gets gold it I did. I did not by him and now by himself but from someone else when it, because it has allotted from teachers at doing these interviews and yes when in a new something's gonna happen. As I came in to the meaning that saying you have to do- is Boeing thing, bowed down and report what's going on in your practice and
the end of that five minute meeting, he said I ain't, no side of a Bendita came to room the other day and he saw you reading. You know these are against the precepts you're not supposed to be reading, while you're here make sure that you're taking the practice seriously or something along those lines, so so that you know eight you meditated diligently, obviously out of a love for being there, but also there was an element of fear because even call people out in the in the Dharma Hall. You give me a hundred fifty people there. If somebody was looking at the clock- and you would call you point to you- he would tell one of the other. You know one of his teachers, our sitting up front to go over to that person. Say something along the lines of this yoga is not paying attention that you could Yogi Yogi, just meditate are good yoga. Should have their gaze down before August, not wandering so I'm when you are in this guy presents his his mind is vast and wisdom is there, but
it seemed tat is tat. It is a sound like it, while still, how long were you on this retreat? That was about six and a half months of rum silent, intensive prime you ordained, as a monk at your head, shaved hold dear. And have you done it sensor- was that it did. I not not it is not yet not yet. No, I haven't, I haven't been active, Irma says I mean I try and do at least ten day silently treat every year, but it yet to do something longer like that. Just gets harder and harder yes hours in less. You know. If I, if I were dormer specific teacher- and I made my life specifically teaching the teaching Buddhism, I would have. My priorities in a different order, but an making time too on longer retreats, but for right now, I'm I teach
primarily secular, mindfulness, mainstream mindfulness, in keeping it as practical as possible as non polarizing as possible for people and reaching as people. As as I can, and am I wouldn't be avoided if I were teaching three month retreat the amazing in my heart is in that as well, but ninety percent of the people that I teach who have no interest in that whatsoever. So for me, it's it's important to stay ground in the world, in a similar way that many of my students are- and I found when I came back from Asia was. It was actually hard for me to relate to The person waking up in the morning a five, a m and like the idea of a retreat for them as the five minutes again in the battle for the kids wake up, so I found it helpful for me too now go away for as long as this. I have my own way
meditation practice so, but I want to hear more about that in the second biggest back to their retreat. You write his his emphasis is on enlightenment, by which he refers by, by which he is referring to or was referring to he was alive, the uprooting of negative emotions, which is a pretty radical thing that happens in a step wise progression under the map that he uses and the first step in this progress is stream entry and, the second one is once return her and then you become a non returns, as I said before, it's out varied dungeons and dragging, but but you there is sort of like you're not going to talk about how far you are on this map. It is so don't know how, from Corbett did anything interesting special happened to you, while you were there for six and a half months, yeah. So it is interesting there. It's it's like not kosher to talk about it like you're, different levels of insight and enlightenment,
So I will share. I will share one experience that happened around five and a half months mark right before I better leave its very difficult to track your progress on a retreat like because the progress is often very incremental- and I remember getting to the fifth the like five months in and taking sometimes us to reflect on like how much have actually gotten out of this, and I wasn't actually sure, because is your reference point is just a side of beef and eat the saying you need to do more. You need to do more units, so it's never good enough, and so they actually kind of started. And feeling, like your where's, the big experience that I've been looking for. And so I used to do this. This seeing meditation after breakfast every day, this little bridge as you're walking back to the meditation hall that overlooks upon I would just sit there for about an hour during our long break and just look over the pond and seeing meditation is in the same thing. Is this
focusing on the breadth and said you just being or of anything that you're, seeing without the story of all. I like that real, that's beautiful. I wonder if I should bring trees backed my back yard. I be destroyed site just seem to sing I would do that, if I did that for about two months stray just as our long seeing meditation and there were one day in particular, where I woke up one morning into something felt different. There was a different degree of in my body, and my concentration was stronger than it had ever been before, and I before is to my mind, this is all over the place, but when I focus on my breath, it was like my attention was glued to the breath. If I would focus on my foot, stepping was like my attention was. Lewd to the foot stepping says I had something going on: you don't know what it's about. So I go through the motions. Wake up at three do a couple hours meditation it's just that. We know what that's like you wake up at three in the morning in this budgetary rigour at three in the morning, so as a whole of a level of intensity, so by
by the time breakfast is overhead about three or four hours, with the meditation and some sitting at this bridge join us for hours, the intensity of the concentrations going deeper and deeper, and deeper and deeper and of sitting I'm looking out over the pond- and as I am doing so my eyes latched onto a tree, those looking out in the distance and things in my peripheral just started to get a little darker darker, and then I felt this heat continue to arise in my book, concentration getting stronger and then just in one moment it felt like everything evaporated and though the biggest evaporation was the sense of self and in in just an instant I came into this felt sense of communion with everything that was around, There was no longer any division between myself and what I was saying. There was no law.
A quarry. There was no longer pond. It was just being just seeing just raw experience a world just the World NEA, and you know that extreme entering you know, I won't, I won't, but a label on it, but it was- It was a radical experience and France for me moving forward. How I see myself, how I see the world in that space of communion non duality there was just and neat sense of compassion and care, I am not someone that did that comes very naturally, too. I was not involved in volunteer work growing up. I don't I didn't have this. Natural altruistic sense of service towards other p. And whether my peers did and in that experience, that it shifted everything for me all, because your trend, impressive girl, that's right. I got it
you're under arrest. That's amazing! It's an amazing story. It's just the Orient as in time here! So you how old you know, I'm doin seven! It's still really young guy said Missus all having like six years ago from yet about that. So you came home and basically became a full time and base our teachers that right here I will you do know yet I have a lot of different trainings, one of things being young in this world. Every every training I went to. I was the youngest by ten twenty year yet, and so there a part of me that I wanted to make sure my then silver salads, happy boys like who was this young kid? No young about something is often associated with wisdom and lifeless meditation wisdom. So I got obsessed with doing these different trainings. I did. The awful envious are teacher training. I did training through mindful schools it at training through the search inside your cell program that my for this programme to Google breastworks chronic pain got my masters and positive psychology from
It became a Duke Integrative Health coach dislike draining the training of the train and LP hypnosis and part of it was like. I did want to catch your eye. Resume was good, but that the majority of his like I was fascinated by the stuff and all the different ways at these different teachers were were teaching. It. So I'm yet so my My training is teaching in schools, settings and healthcare settings in an organizational settings in just two. Public alone out on long island. Then, in a lot do a lot of corporate stuff all over the country and sometimes outside of the country as well, and you do less deaf or some stuff on Doktor us yeah Sophie they called me up several years ago to do one of their their segments and then that's piled into some other stuff with them. So yeah, I guess,
shuffle doctor on how regularly are you on there? I actually haven't done a segment with them in a year, and I could you only talk about mindfulness so many times you know that's getting into the whole wave, the fat of mindfulness kind of maybe coming not crashing it, but anyway, that's a whole topic. So yet I haven't been on their Pauline a year, but he had their numbers have with them. So is interesting to me because you teach my upon us and I think that your os does Transcendental meditate yeah different modality was that at all an issue now not at all I mean he's brought on. I think some TM teachers in the past to talk about that that realm, the research in witty Emma's, is more robust them. People are aware of it, just mindfulness is so so hot right. Now that that's one of the reasons I keep bringing it on
The show now thinks that research for both for sure yeah banal, was an issue at all his very fast nearby, and you think, because I've been on Doktor OZ is show before too. I mean he's a great interviewer and I think he totally gets it. I just wonder, like you think it makes an impact being on that should either his audience gets. It wants Et Cetera, setter, sicker question I get it. I had a number of people that reached out to me at any time I go on there saying they they either found a beneficial or if it helps clarify something they're they're gonna be different levels of how this work is beneficial for some one, and you can make the argument that going away for tat, here is a living in a cave, is gonna, be the most beneficial if you're on a path to alight manners. Are you gonna to do that? Not well, then what would next, maybe our day. Are you gonna? Do that most we will by not maybe twenty minutes. Maybe not maybe taking a mindfulness based stress reduction course. Maybe yet maybe that'll be good or you can do it, maybe not maybe
listening to you know ten minutes of this guy talking about basic practices and of meditation on doktor eyes, as I can do it. If that's the thing that allows you to maybe be into the idea of my fulness and then ten years on a road, that's the memory I was there. I saw that mankind of into it. Then then I think, that's great, not for everyone at every point in time, and I can't give my whole about. Why with why? I think this work is or an inner seven minute segment interview, but I am, I know, people watch, doctoral, religiously and derive tremendous value. Yet I'm with you. I think I agree with your analysis. The ISA in meditation world that the analogy that sometimes gets used. This is actually a business and algae, but is of a few the top of the funnel. As you know, people who were kind of either skeptical or maybe mildly meditation curious and I'm the funnel- is in Burma with my head shaved
like communing with a tree. Europe do you know you're dealing at the top of the funnel? If it sounds to me like what you were doing during a teaching in corporations and min, pin hospitals and cetera and going at tv, etcetera, etc. So I'm curious from that, for give one of the things that I've become really focused on as a as a person who talks about meditation publicly is what are the obstacles that what's getting in the way of people meditating? I have a friend whose at Google who's in charge of getting people to meditate at Google, and There was built Wayne and he said he has some expression on offer. We would get it right, but it's like we know the medicine works. We just can't get people to take it. So, from your perspective, again at the top of the funnel of what are the major obstacles and how do we get people over them
all right? Well I'll start with, maybe the obvious one, which is time now, even though you can tell people, you don't need to do this for an hour day. This still at this feeling, like I know, twenty minutes minutes, and so, if you wake up in the morning and the the thought is like, I have to do twenty minutes of meditation a day. If you can, he might off of workshop bore. You know a retreat and you really spider pulling into that twenty minutes. But after a couple weeks of those, I got twenty minutes modification or get this news, but an Oracle watching episode of modern family evolving us choosing the latter after point time and so that in itself just becomes a barrier to entry. The cost of opting in for many peoples too much the opportunity cost is too great so what I have been telling people if they find himself in that category, that camp of, like I can't do very much, can do twenty minutes then just commit to one minute
Anne, and why do I think one minute is going to be the thing that changes your life could be really powerful, but not not some. What I love about one minute is this very it's a very low cost option very few barriers and should be these are saying like. Oh, I don't have a minute to we really gotta start evaluating something's going on your life because no devil anymore, the meditation you make that argument. Even if it's like you know, I do while you're in the bathroom, and if you say I don't have a minute more, Doing about like do your meditation business while you're doing your other business union Fit one minute in so with that, it's hard to argue yours, out of it and now, when you get some way that wakes up in the morning, I art Swanny, twenty minutes well I just did one minute so that I could do one ass, I sat down to one minute usually happens. We will get and of one minute- and I got know it's kind of sealskin Ami determines the ninety two ministers. I like this all immediately a guess he would happen, from one to do that the rate of four to five but which key there is-
you go from this base of arguing yourself out of the meditation to actually arguing yourself into it. That is so important. More from psychology perspective is literally upon my phone. I'm sorry typing this data is, I do not mean being the fact that even the opposite and I'll tell you why in a second but keep going so for reasons that so important, because it leverages something called autonomy and if you study intrinsic motivation, self determined behaviour, specifically research by this guy named Medici, Richard Ryan, out of university Rochester. They, like thirty plus years of research, on the saying what drives people to do things. Autonomy is foundational That, and so I have this theory that I've been working. I have a renewed anything about it yet, but when used a timer or you have an external standard stipulation of like twenty minutes. Thirty minutes I have to do that. It's a subtle for I'm very subtle, but but still form of external regulation. Where the it's it's kind of
the difference between your mom and dad. You saying I wanna go to soccer practice and like now you, stock price versus your mom and dad said you have to go to soccer practice. Now I have to bet that sometimes the timer can acted like I had get the end thirty minutes so when you're opting into every subsequent moment after that, one minute mark Now there is full autonomy there and because that is gonna, be great curiosity, there's gonna be greater interest, as you chose to be in this moment. You chose to be with this moment of pain if it's coming up, that's very different than having the grit your teeth and get through it. So I get that there's be different arguments around there's. Some people will say: while you got it, you know. Sometimes you gotta get. You didn't go to turn to undergo. How to be within you gotta do that thirty minutes of I totally get that, but it for many people it's either the one minute or nothing at all and I'd rather see them at least start something they gonna do and then
like they have autonomy and interest in sustaining it? Moving forward? Ok, I've taken a bunch of notes on my phone. You you're, talking and where's. Why, aside from the fact that there was just interesting really dressing in and of itself that I've? Actually, as we speak in the middle of writing a chapter for my next book, which is like a little book. The next book, I'm gonna, at which it comes out in a new year's, is a sort of em, a companion peace to ten percent happier. It's like the book is a road trip we we took across the country. We tried to find people who want to meditate, but are men made a taxonomy of all the reasons. People are doing it and then we're trying to come up with great rebuttals to the region's people are, and so I'm in the middle of running after about the time issue right now, because time is the trickiest issue, you just taught you does it gave a great disquisition on it, but a part of what
people. There is one thing you said before, like if somebody says they don't have one minute well, we need to really talk about Europe I've some ways actually I found in my research is- and I'm sure this is gonna worry true to you. When people say they don't have time to actually sometimes need a bunch of other thanks here, including, I believe in the benefits I don't want to make time. It can speak to just laziness and inertia. It can also speak to a fear of seeing was there, but I refer to as the Pandora's box issue that if I look I'm going to see all of my trauma, all of my ugliness the whole mess. The other issue is people feel like not deserve. This is my wife, my wife, who is a scientist who knows the benefits and his men reach. Will guy was much less of an idiot than it used to be because he meditates, and yet she can't do it, and part of that is because she just doesn't believe she does.
Is the self care and some level- and I see this with a lot of a lot of people, particularly people in the helping professions or my wife is a doctor, and I have seen scene it also in the course of my road trip with social. Workers, etc, etc. So this time issue, which is the number one thing is a window into a much deeper darker place in our psyche. You're right on- and you alluded to what I call the p word permission, giving yourself permission actually do this and and one of the reasons why I say sometimes at em, if you just did a minute, let's eat, you didn't do that, one too to the treatment you just a woman. S address your life, you showing yourself that you're at least worth showing up for yourself for one minute a day and that is gonna carry over into subsequent moment. But in our above me on that when I, when I will first usually I give him guiding people through the first meditation leave at twelve minutes long. I will
about three minutes in the beginning, with people's eyes closed, just walking them through the fact that sure there's been plenty going on in your life right now before you came here once it is over plenty to do, but keeping in mind that you ve allocated this time for yourself right now and because of that, there's no place else. You need to be nothing else. You need to do nothing new to accomplish and see. If you can give yourself, permission to be here and then all our sight, a quote by Parker Palmer- and he says self care is never selfish act, it simply good stewardship of the only gift we have the gift. We were put on this earth to offer others any time that we can take care of ourselves in this way. We do it not just for ourselves before the many others whose lives we aim to serve at will
less and less fancy way of saying that is what they say during the airlines. Atheists versions don't put other people's oxygen mass on. Until you put your own on first, you can't be of use if you're a mess that it's just that it's just what it is make an emission you? Don't you met like this? How you like it has little you I'll get at the beginning, I had some misgivings about haven't. You are not because, because I didn't really know you were, and I get this guy hey. Google. I don't know this. Guy was a big agent Hollywood agent reached out to me. I didn't know him either, but he didn't seem like pretty impressive dude and you, like you know you should really take a look at Corey and I just like our fine I'll, do it and You are really impressive. I'm glad that I came. I mean I thought I was gonna like you, because you're we have a lot in common, but I guys
Seven year old, guy where's on doktor eyes, not not not that I made in his doctor, ask as I've been on digress. Benny way, your of us a massively pleasant surprise when we can say that as a as a compliment that its very genuine thank you I really appreciate that, but almost done I've just gonna cut two more questions for you. Before I finish, I want to pick up on something you alluded to before Maybe the mindfulness wave is crashing or cresting, or something like that. Do you think that's true it so hard to tell me I don't think people's attention span, can can can continue to see mindfulness on the cover of time, magazine more than two more taxes
billion with scientific american- what's what's great about this- is that the researchers so strong, a foundational that, even if it goes away as a fad of his as an efficacious modality for reducing suffering and improving wellbeing, it's gonna be there medicine in huge way. I think it would just scratching the surface of getting into business, so that's going to continue to grow in education. That's only the continued to grow, but in terms of light just seeing it placer all over the place. I mean I even just or an article in time the other day talking about like workplace ways to, stress, and then underneath the says, don't worry I can tell you to meditate audio for five minutes, sir. I think we're already. There is already an acknowledgement that, like it's getting a bit over used by AIDS, Let's keep my brain is listening. I am. This has been around for twenty six hundred play. Two years on same meditation is going away, I'm the same kind of the hype, around this. Most of which is, I would,
I would argue, is not a sincere interest. It's just people like latching onto something. Yet you know New York magazine used to do this thing. I don't know if they doing any more. They talked about like the hype cycle, so you get like the build up and then there were the thing whatever it is, that's being hyped reaches a peak, and then you get a backlash. Then you get a backlash. The backlash and so like, I think, hype cycles a good way to serve pan back the camera and think about this from a more geologic perspective because I do think we're going to see a lot of them but at the root of it, is at the root of the proposition of mindfulness and meditation is like this been tested, not only the labs but by, but but also in the individual labs of human minds for thousands of years, and so I do think it It's gonna be around
We may get some bad presence of good press it at various times. What I think were kind of on an inexorable march toward this thing being a public health staple. I hope in the latter. I agree here's my last question for you. People want to learn more about you. Where can they do so? This the new thing that I start doing so anytime. I give a presentation, people one olive resources, I don't always have the best way to do that. So I have this number that if people texted their email address to this number in a dream, is it'll, send them a follow up, email that has Finally, my different gotta meditations by so great a girl grace out this is the number is nine one, seven nine three zero one, zero, five, nine, seven. Ninety, three: zero hundred and five interview just text Yuri
just two that it I'll give you my contact information, but also at five, my different meditations, seven page, my from the start, a kid with app recommendations, books and all that stuff, so just to get started that it's all there but I am I'm on the normal social media. I facebook live one am I to say night meditation groups. I read it postcard, coffee with quarry on Instagram and twitter. If you want to check that out, so all that all that is there, but my primary teachings on long islands in I run a number of groups reached and then Long Island, New York area. So, if you near by you have, even if not you could come by four retreat now run those a couple times a year on Long Island, ass, a great job and eyes and railway eroded great job. Ok, there's another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you liked it, please make sure to subscribe rate us and
if you want to suggest topics, we should cover or guess we should bring in hit me up on Twitter at Denbigh Harris. I also want to thank hardly the people who produced this podcast in really do pretty much all the work: Lauren Efron, Jeff, Kohan, SARA Amos Andrew CAP, Steve Jones and the head of ABC News, Digital Dan silver I'll talk to you next Wednesday there's not a person in Amerika who hasn't been impact it in some way by the corona. I was pandemic, but it every community. There are pockets of people who were soon
every day. This is my Monday last day of the cylinder stretch, photos from one about these or America's essential workers, the people who are keeping moving. I turn into a homespun mom and now in a new programmes from ABC News you gonna hear from damage. Was she went back to my office on cybercrime because he is not here and making sure that our community hostility smiled faintly Lorraine? This is the essential inside the from the emergency room, the police cruiser to the czech outline. You hear what this pandemic sounds like the people putting themselves norms which is always a risk. Your brain is home to re. Kids are my husband or my appearance listened to the essentials inside the curve on Apple podcast, River podcast, him.
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