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An Acronym To Keep You Sane | Bonus Meditation with Roshi Joan Halifax


Use Roshi Joan’s GRACE tool to not just engage with difficult people in your life, but genuinely know your personal integrity along the way.

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From ABC it's, the ten percent happier Podcast Andean Harris heads Friday, so The drop in a bonus Rochelle, Joan Halifax, you may remember her. She closed out our election sanity. Here is on Monday and today she's here with an acronym designed to keep us saying the acronym is, gee are a c e grace, not the simple elegance that typically come to mind when we hear that word, although possibly grace will be the result, or at least one of the results of this meditation. but instead the acronym is a pneumatic that Russia, Joan came up with to support us when things are getting dicey, as they often become these days.
She recorded this meditation at her monastery who peiwoh in New Mexico, and here we go with Russia, John. Welcome I'm just Halifax ungrateful weaken be together right now, He's a very interesting times at times when we can act flies compassion when we can be really grounded in the midst of a lot of polarization. So One of the ways of doing this is the practice of grace. Grace is the two like created to help What about compassion when were interacting with someone or some being extremely suffering? So let's do it. I invite you to imagine the sum. Where there is a great deal of difference in how you view the currency
Creation and how he or she views it. And they're, making their views known to you, in a way that just kind of threatening key gather your attention so take a breath deep in Russia and on the exhale drop into the body.
And then they are of grace were calling your intention. Why are you here, you're in breath that yourself be resourced, buyer out trysting, intention and exhaling affirming that then the
First, a tune to yourself take a moment notice what the experiences in the body breathing into it noticed. Whatever feelings are present,
not trying to shift them but allowed and noticing to actually work. The feeling the sea of grace is considered really serve. What is constructive, truthful kind, but comes up for you.
And then the ease of grace engage a man can now what action were non action. Might happen in relation to the person standing or city. Across from you, how
you engage in the second part of the EU, have graces ending. How do you want to conclude a moment of gratitude or asking for forgiveness, or maybe an internal acknowledgement. Some thank you and may your life go well.
Thank you, too rosy Joan. We hope you enjoy this meditation. If you're thinking you know, I I couldn't go in there for another five or ten minutes, I encourage you to check out the ten percent happier app where you'll find this very same meditation, indifferent months. The cost of your subscription directly supports are many amazing teachers and allows them to dedicate their lives to teaching the life. Changing skill of mindfulness as an added incentive, will get a special discount for anyone, nudity app to claim your discount visit, ten percent dot com slash bonus percent, one word all spelled out dotcom, slash bonus if you're an existing subscriber? Thank you that does it For today will see or hear on Monday, with a fresh episode and now a message from our friends at Disney Plus, thank you for coming.
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