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An Ancient Antidote to Holiday Stress | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie


This meditation will explore an ancient meditation on the classical elements of matter, helping you connect more deeply with your body.

Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in white neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., she was a tomboy Black girl who loved Monty Python and UB40. She never believed she belonged. Thirty years ago, she began studying Buddhism as an undergraduate at McGill University where she majored in Comparative Religious Studies. Now, Sebene is a teacher, author, and speaker who teaches that meditation can help us remember our inherent sense of belonging, that our individual freedom affects absolutely everyone and everything, and that our collective freedom depends on each and every one of us.

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This is the ten percent happier Broadcast Tom Dan Harris again Happy Friday, it's the day after Thanksgiving, which means the holiday season is now officially upon us and for many of us that can bring all sorts of extra stress and anxiety. So for today's bonus we ve got an ancient, but perhaps lesser known meditation, for you tell your counteract any stress or anxiety, you're feeling our teacher for the bonus is Tpa. Favorite, seventy Selassie and you can lead you wanna meditation on the elements. I let her explained. What that actually means said by the way is a well loved meditation. you're an author of an excellent book called you belong. You can find lots more of her teachings over on the ten percent happier app and speaking of the EP. If your irregular listener to this podcast, you may have noticed that we ve got
Going on over on the ten percent have Europe this fall from medicine. Challenges to the brand new twenty percent happier. Podcast, there's never been a better time to join. Our community of meditated, to make sure you have a chance to talk out, were offering ten percent happier subscriptions at forty percent discount until December. First, we don't do discounts of this size all the time and, of course nothing is permanent, as we Buddhists like to point out, so you can get this deal before it ends by going to Ten per cent dotcom slash. Forty, that's ten percent. One word all spelled out dotcom, slash four zero for forty percent of your subscription. Ok, here we go now with Sarah. hi. This is seventy percent patients will explore an ancient, but little known meditation on the classical elements of matter this good man patient to do if you're looking for ways to connect more with nature. The classical
elements are referred to in the ancient traditions of almost every continent, from ancient Egypt to Greece to China and India. To the indigenous traditions of the Americas we're going to work with, four elements: Earth fire, water and air. These are the scientific elements we learned in chemistry class. You can of these elements as simple categories for relating to our direct experience. Clearing our own density temperature fluidity and spaciousness this medicine on the elements helps us to connect to our bodies in a way that also connects us to everything else in nature: Many studies which show that being in nature, has amazing benefits for our overall health. But it's also been shown that even feeling like we are a part of nature, positively effects, life, satisfaction, vitality
meaningful nurse happiness, mindfulness. And even lowers anxiety, ready. Let's get started, find a comfortable position. Either seated or even laying down see if you can feel alert and open in the front of the body. But really relaxed and at ease. You can close your eyes or, if their open, keep a soft focus on one point. Let's begin by spending a few minutes gathering our awareness. and allowing the mind to settle before we work with the elements The arrest awareness on the body. Can you connect the breath as a way to anchor
and gather your attention finding the breath, wherever its most useful and easy to follow,. Any time throughout this meditation, you can rest your awareness on the breath as a way to reconnect to the body at the present moment. As you continue to settle in your seat,.
Began to notice the weight of your body sitting here. This sense of solidity density can be experienced as the earth element. Your bones and flash all that is solid and dance in the body. This is Earth element in you. As you connect to the Solomon, allow your body to soften and rest deeply and here see.
The ground underneath here. Can rest awareness on the breath for a few moments has removed the next element. The second element is fire. This element can be felt by noticed
temperature in the body? Fire is heat and power. This might be warm or vibration. And it's the realm of activity or action in our life. Sometimes That can be seen to connect to warmth and the groin. In the belly or in the hard area. Wherever you feel warmth, this is.
fire element in you. Resting awareness on the breath for a few moments ago, And we move to the third element. Third element is water. water is smooth and flying its all. That is fluid in our body.
And it's the realm of emotions at our life. Most of our body is fluid about. Sixty percent is water. Perhaps you can sense. This Feeling the saliva in your mouth or sensing, the blood. Coursing through you. Can you sense this water element in Mission to the water that covers our planet.
The oceans and rivers and lakes. Our world is made mostly of water, and so are we. Resting awareness on the breath for a few moments ass, we move to the final element. The fourth element is air. Air is movable and changeable, it is a light.
an ephemeral, of course, our bodies. The air element is the breath. An air is the realm of thought in our lives, Sing the in breath in the out breath. Are you aware of the air moving in and out of your lungs. By bringing your awareness to your breath can bring the air element in the body interconnection
With the air around you in the world. When you're ready, you can open your eyes, you can oriented. Space around you and if you're in a city you can connect to the elements the earth under Your feet on the street, the war, flowing when you take a shower the fire of this sun shining through the window, And the air all around you. Nature is always right here. Thanks for doing this, meditation on elements hope to see you next time.
Thank you said we'll see right back here on Monday were kicking off. Especial weeklong series were calling the anti Diet series and our first guest is the accurate male and female.
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