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Antidote to Fear | George Mumford Guided Meditation

You can also directly access this meditation in the app through this link: https://10percenthappier.app.link/AntidoteToFear Where there is fear, there are seeds for compassion. Learn how to sit with fear, not lose yourself, and act with a clear mind in this guided meditation from George Mumford. About George Mumford: George is a world-renowned meditation teacher and the author of "The Mindful Athlete." He has worked with some of the best professional athletes in the world, including Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant during their championship runs. In the early nineties, George collaborated with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn to create the Inner City Stress Reduction Clinic, a free meditation program for lower-income, inner-city participants. In more recent times, George has worked as the meditation coach of the New York Knicks and consults with professional athletes around the world.

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