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Bonus Meditation, See Yourself Compassionately, Jessica Morey

Self-Compassion may not be your strong suit, but with this introductory training, you’ll develop more resilience, kindness and ease in life. Plug Zone See Yourself Compassionately: https://10percenthappier.app.link/ZHqOD1TNv0 Jessica Morey Meditations on the Ten Percent Happier App: https://10percenthappier.app.link/weTJGm1Nv0
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At promise, we have a bonus meditation this week. This is part of our ongoing self compassion series today or meditation teacher is Jessica. Marie she's, the executive director of an amazing group called IB me that stands for inward bound. Mindfulness education is kind of a version of outward bound where they take teenagers into the wilderness and straighten out a little bit inward bound. They go out into the wilderness and they were in touch with nature, but they also meditate quite a bit Jes is a previous guest on the show she was on episode. Forty seven, if you want to check that out, she's, also very popular teacher in the ten percent happier app and this meditation actually comes from the app if you haven't tried the out by the way you can try it out with a seven day free trial if you want to poke around their this medicine. is called see yourself compassionately for many of us directing warmth.
Inwardly is not a strong suit, but with this kind of training you actually can get better at which can make you more resilient. Kinder deserve inject. A level of ease into every day, life, ok over to justice, with the meditation enjoy it and I'll see you on Wednesday, with new episode, hey. This is just a couple Sitting self compassion has been one of the most valuable practices in my life and at times the most difficult. There's an all too common habit and our culture to beat ourselves up, To believe that, we are not good enough in this meditation we're going to practice receiving the kindness and love other people have offered us to awaken the kindness for ourselves. Reflecting on compassion from others can strengthen the pathways of self compassion. The vital for us to really receive kindness before we can offer.
To ourselves or others, so let's give it a try. Sitcom Thirdly, and allow your eyes to close, take a few deep breaths. And as you exile, invite the muscles of your face to soften relax your eye Senor draw. But your shoulders release down away from your ears soften your belly. This feel the weight of your body supported. by the chair and the floor. Underneath here.
Now bring to mind someone who has been kind to you, someone you felt loved by a partner, a friend, perhaps grandparents or a teacher. This doesn't have to be the perfect Person, you could think about simply a moment in your life when he felt carried about love. Your appreciated. And bring this person to mind, you might remember the last time you are with them and how it felt to be in their presence.
Get an image of this moment and this person: where were you what was happening? What did it feel like. The image of this person and the feeling of being with them as the home base for your attention and this meditation whoever your mind, get distracted, just bring up. after the image and the feeling, of being with this person really can act. The memory of that moment in time the few you're, being loved and care for the feeling of being offered kindness
explore the sum on your own. As you see, this person, in your mind, reflect on her They feel about you, you may think about kind things. They have said to you. Think about what they might appreciate, our love about you.
And reflect on what they wish for you re likely want you to be happy to feel safe to be healthy. If you keep the image of this person in your mind, see their key. and wishes and their eyes you might hear their voice, sending. These wishes there wishing for you to be happy to be safe, to be healthy. You keep bringing your attention back to the image of this person. In your mind, the feeling of.
With them. As you in how you might imagine receiving their care and then, as you, exhale, allow yourself to relax to soften, letting the care and generosity sink in
each and receiving my kindness from this person. Imagining must persons wishes for you, you might choose a word or a freeze. Imagine them offering us, you may be happy safe, healthy.
Your mind wanders just bring it back to the image of this person, the feeling of what it was like to be offered kindness, just repeating a word or phrase. If that helps you stay connected, happy healthy.
And you can stay with this person or see if someone else comes to mind another situation where you felt really cared about and attended to were experienced Ross any and care and kindness again connect with the image and feeling of this person of receiving kindness and care. Breathing in and receiving that kindness.
Exhaling, letting it soak in. As this practice come so close, my offer some appreciation back to this person or people.
Might imagine yourself saying thank you for being so kind may be happy. Now take a few moments to enjoy any sense of ease and well being You feel taking a few deep breath feeling your body. And when you are ready, you can open your eyes, as you gone too day to remember the sense of being loved and lovable find yourself feeling low. You can always bring these people to mine. Remember that their wishing you well. They were
Are you to be happy, and it thank you for your practice may be happy.