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Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg, Walking Meditation

Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg, Walking Meditation
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Hey guys, we're drop in a bonus meditation into the feed this week from meditative powerhouse and Legend Sharon in who was last week's guest and is one of the guiding teachers on that. We don't have your up. The meditation that were posting has to do with loving kindness while walking, which she describes as an undercover superpower that you can use. Has you move through the day before we get into the meditation itself, to remind you that we're gonna be changing the pie cast icon soon? So look for that coming they won't be too confusing. That's coming soon, but first hear sharing with walking meditation, enjoy and I'll see you next Wednesday we're going to practice loving kindness, while one. King can listen to these instructions and then head out for a walk.
This practice we moved a normal pace, eyes open and we have a centre. Point on the silent repetition of certain phrases of loving kindness. There are many forms and methods for doing this. The one I like the best center, my attention on phrases for myself as I walk along phrases. Like maybe happy, may I be peaceful. Sometimes in sitting we choose through, Or phrases the people often feel that in fucking, which is a much more complex activity they prefer to. This is really up to you. Even as you are aware of everything going on around you, you have a base.
You have a central point to rest. Your attention lightly on those phrases may be happy. May I be peaceful so way of connecting to the moment And then someone from strongly into your awareness, maybe here bird you hear a dog. See a person going by or even you A strong memory, a strong sense of somebody take a moment to include them, may be happy, be peaceful. And then returned to the repetition of phrases. For yourself I thought
did a very interesting and creative exercise because we don't know who's gonna come by maybe you're afraid of dogs, for example. But there is, the sound of a dog may be happy, may be peaceful. The returning to the phrases for ourselves gives us a me It's not get scattered, not to jump from being to animal, to person, to animal We have a steady object of concentration and also can include an open to record, Those that come strongly into our awareness may be happy. Maybe peaceful! May you be happy, we peaceful one of the things I love.
About this practice is that of the same judgments may arise, but you can cap it with little loving kindness like the throng jacket for the season, hope be happy. It's fun. He suddenly see the world explode with life, so many forms of life may be happy. Thanks: Sharon Salzberg Salzburg, many many many more guided meditations from her, and also amazing videos featuring her on the timber, so happier app thanks again. Sharon seeing exquisite,
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