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Bonus: Ten Percent Happier Talks “Just This,” Diana Winston

2019-05-29 | 🔗
Experiencing bliss is easy - so easy you might miss it.
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A guys. This is a bonus to episode, one hundred and eighty nine with Diana Winston. So if you haven't check out the actual episode, go do so the bone is that were posting a talk dirty. play from Diana. This talk will also be in the new talks section of the ten percent happier app you'll get a link to that directly in the show notes just little bit, but before we diving with Anna here just a little bit about what the talk section is tat. are, as the name implies short talks from teachers in the temperate, and happier find a whole variety of topics like happiness. Wisdom leading assain. Her life dealing with technology, stress anxiety, all sorts of issues. Some of this that's it directly to do with my marvelous meditation. Some of it doesn't the ideas that we just want to be a repository of practical approachable, wisdom tools that you can use in your life. Also,
to my stories that are inspiring in one way or another, the whole point is of this section of the app, as is to be super portable. You can't always meditate everywhere and all the time, but you fellas in these talks when you're, Driving walking a work do ensures around the house, whatever. This is just a great way to insert sanity into your life in all of the nooks and crannies of your life, and I found that up huge challenge in being a meditative is remembering remembering to apply the lessons of meditation in my actual life and in the point of this part of of the EP, the section of the EP is to help you with that. So, let's check out this talk from Diana hi. This is Diana Winston. When I Fourteen years old I spent whereby the beaches are mothers, help her. It was again
Lasting were chasing around a two year old and entertaining a six year old and keeping the two of them from clobbering each other. I was up to the task. But I didn't get a get allotted. Downtime. I remember one night escaping into the field in front of the beach cottage lying down on a blanket and looking up at the vast tar strewn night Sky Island, so fully relax with. Out any for warning. I started to experience a combination of awe and love in a way. that came over me. I had a sense of being both fully inside my body and spacious as the sky I didn't quite know what to make of this startling experience. I felt love basically pure our unconditional love my mind and body seemed expansive bright, Joyce And serene all this time wow, I said to myself
think. I love everyone in every thing. So I tested myself who do I hate? come up with my friends, older brother, a column racks whose to torment his sister and me, whenever I visited, I definitely hate rats but in that moment I couldn't hate him. in tat moment. I felt on the US, of love, even for racks. I lay there for some time I couldn't Are you how long before, ultimately, sleeping going to bed. In teaching countless students. I've discovered that many people have had experiences like mine frigate people remember a time in childhood then, when they were in nature when they felt deep relaxation, peace, connection, love, joy or ease, or talk about flow like states of absorption spontaneous LEO, rising as they participate in sports creative activities or
intimacy with another person. My assumption when I hear these stories is that the ability to connect with a sense of just being is a part. What it means to be human. This call they being is available to us at any time, and it's always then available? It just tend to get obscured. call this capacity of the human mind. Natural awareness. Ordinary awareness is the ability of the human mind to directly no and to perceive sense, feel or be cognizant of experience. We may Think of awareness simply as the state of being conscious of something everybody is aware every sentence being as aware in this sense of the word. but human beings and whose maybe some animals, they also have an additional capacity. to be aware of awareness or aware, that they are aware- and this is where I get
interesting, because the awareness of awareness has been a focus, meditation for hundreds of years, this natural awareness, awareness of awareness is relaxed, effortless and spacious sums. actively natural awareness can feel very powerful, it can feel like a deep sense of peace. Joy love can amendment serenity connection and much more moral Fortunately, it can become a familiar state accessible in daily life and Regularly experienced, as you meditate with it over time,. because natural awareness as hard to define there's not really a word for it. Is primarily recognised, experiential early. It can You, like your mind, is completely aware and unrestricted without doing anything in particular,
like your mind, is wide open like space and everything in it is just Passing by like clouds in the sky, you may How does that your mind feels at rest even of thoughts pop in and out you're simply being Without agenda, And this being creates a feeling of ease and well being since every when experiences natural awareness in their own way you might find, some of these markers land more for you than others. Do that's fine annex Ariane, shall sense of natural awareness will become a touchstone they. You can always return into doing your meditation practice or in life. you, don't need to formally meditate two experiences kind of awareness, although our formal meditation practice can really support us in it. For example, One doorway into natural awareness is a simple trays. Just this.
simply turn your attention to it ever his happening in the moment and describe it if you like, as just this just this can be anything thought emotions sense. Nations, sounds your breath The visual field or some common, Nation of these things then drop the file. in question into your mind and see what happens as if you are dropping stone into a pond to notice the ripples. Is it ok to be aware of just this, Again see wetlands for you, Natural awareness can be a helpful differently to meditate from classical deliberate mindfulness. I met many students of classical mindfulness meditation over the years- and I confess I was one of them- who massive amounts of energy to keep their attention focused. The tree.
Let it be aware of every moment and who often feel a disturbing tightness intention in their meditation practice when they begin to relax into a more natural awareness. The struggle ceases, and they Fine can continue to practice with much greater ease and spaciousness. They don't have to try so hard to be aware. This might be true for you. If sing on your breath- is causing you to put a lot of effort in or judge or sulphur tight, mere awareness in a way that doesn't feel comfortable natural awareness can be a great counterweight. It can be quite sweet. Sometimes when accessing natural awareness, we feel a lovely sense of compassion, kindness, interconnection, joy and rabies think how your embodiment of these qualities can impact All whom you meet and the world itself greater
Many many many more talks on the talks section of the EP go check it out and we'll be back with more podcast version.