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Freedom Anywhere | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein


In this guided meditation (which you can do anywhere), Joseph helps you relax the habit of personalizing everything, so you can live with more ease.

About Joseph Goldstein:

Joseph is one of the most respected meditation teachers in the world -- a key architect of the rise of mindfulness in our modern society -- with a sense of humor to boot.

In the 1970's, he co-founded the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) alongside Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield. Since its founding, thousands of people from around the world have come to IMS to learn mindfulness from leaders in the field. Joseph has been a teacher there since its founding and continues as the resident guiding teacher.

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From ABC. This is Ten percent happier Podcast Andean Harris hey hey time for the Friday bonus. We ve been talking about some tough stuff all week on the show a lot about addiction and inner turmoil, so we wanted to end the week with a simple but powerful tool, for, de personalizing any struggles, you might be content With the right now, the tool comes, form of meditation from yours If God seen the one and only Joseph Goldstein and I am sure many of you know who he is one of the early One of the pioneers who helped bring meditation to the western somebody. I've worked with close. for a long time and in this meditation, Josephs gonna talk you through
a subtle, serve linguistic mental shift that can make a huge difference if that doesn't make any sense I promise I will in a minute here is Joseph. although this is Joseph in this Meditation will investigate the feeling of. I am Oh, it's a quick move, seem precondition habit of am dissolving Into is reviewed The possibility of freedom from I it's simple, but subtle. so it will need an interested exploration. Become aware of whatever your physical activity is at this moment it might be. I'm working, I'm
thing. I'm lounging in the sun. Since I am, is the false setting of air conditioning almost any time you look for it. It will be there. they can arise with some other mental activity. I'm thinking Mining, I'm worrying I'm enjoying.
Or it can arise with some mood of emotion,. happy. I'm said: I'm anxious. I'm peaceful and relaxed. Relax into mine from this. Whatever activity you now doing,. Emphasised recognising what the feeling of I am is like in the experience. Then, in the moment of feeling I am.
Make the mental move too there is, there is walking, there is thinking there is eating.
Continue practicing on your own, going from am too is I'm working. There is walking, I'm thinking there is thinking, I'm happy, there is happiness.
And, as you continue, your activity simply Is when the felt sense of I am re emerges. Over time you can make your own list of when you experience the sense of I Amis, maybe it thought, with just a general felt sense of Agnes some felt sense of the eye being there and then
Afterward, seeing what the particular activity is. This will end the guided meditation and you come from. this is exercise many times during the day. Thank you for your practice. See you next time. Thank you to Joseph one last thing before we go. We would really appreciate it if you take a few minutes to help our team by filling out a survey about your experience with this podcast. We carol- About the show About you are listeners, so are always looking for ways to improve. Please go. who ten percent Dotcom Ford, Slash survey, ten percent. I come forward. Slash survey to do us a solid. Thank you for that. We'll see you back here on Monday for a brand new episode. This is a really good one with the man who directed some of the best movies in recent years.
Inside out and they recently released soul, his name is PETE Doctor and, as you probably will not be surprised to hear, he uses meditation and other spiritual tools as part creativity! That's coming up on Monday, the english gate. What news too much looking down, and I think it was a little kid there. How do you feel about the reports by the earth were from best case studios and ABC Audio, listened to in plain sight, Ladybird Johnson, a new path, about the power of a political partnership, one that somehow it doesn't show up in the many many accounts of Lyndon Johnson presidency told through lady birds, Own audio diary and available now on apple pie casts or your favorite podcast out.
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