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Getting Out of Your Own Head in Everyday Life | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos


When we're busy, we can get caught up in thoughts about what we're doing. Instead, you can practice bringing your attention to the doing itself. 

About Alexis Santos:

Alexis has practiced and taught Insight Meditation in both the East and West since 2001. He has been a long-time student of Sayadaw U Tejaniya (a well respected meditation teacher in Burma whose teachings have attracted a global audience), and his teaching emphasizes knowing the mind through a natural and relaxed continuity -- a style of practice that's particularly useful during our crazy lives. Alexis has completed the Spirit Rock/IMS Teacher Training, teaches retreats across the globe, and currently lives in Portland, Maine.

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FR, I maybe see this is ten percent happier podcast Dan Harris. Hey, hey it's Friday. That means it's bonus time. Today's bonus is designed to get you out of your head and into the here and now, and this particular meditation is of the on the go variety or as I like to call it. The free range variety meaning that no matter where you are or what you're doing right now, but they're here on the cushion buying groceries, walking the dog petting We're gonna, whatever this meditation, will work for you in this moment, eighty brought you by my friend, Alexis Santos, It was an amazing meditation teacher and a frequent contributor to the ten percent happier app. So here we go, with Alexis hi. This is Alexis the way we experience,
life often makes us feel like more than one moment is happening at a time it. So Easy to feel entangled in a web of chaos, as if need to be an octopus with eight limbs just to keep up with Ogling the present moment. and yet the reality is that only one moment at a time in this The go session Explore how understanding and remembering this truth Just one moment at a time can bring felicity and focus back to the mind. So let's get started. this meditation is designed to be with you, wherever you are in whatever activity, so whether you are out and about Walking around holding your phone shopping, doing the dishes, sitting looking at a computer screen at work or home.
just begin by allowing yourself to become aware. Noticed where you are. What you are doing, keeping it very simple if you're sitting simply know that you're sitting, if you're walking, now that you're walking you might be to feel the sensations in your body. jolly sensing what's present. Pressure on the chair Or sensations of your feet contacting the ground. Just knowing the whole body as it moves abound,.
Allow yourself to relax and simply bring in an intention to be aware. Are you where simply reconnecting with being aware, when you feel swept away again by experience. The feelings of being busy or of many happening at once is actually Results of our attention getting caught up in the stories or the concepts at the present moment. For example, if your shopping. The stories would be about all the things you need to buy and how what time do you have? How much is it
going to cost. Or whatever else or if you work on something on your computer. You might be thinking about how much. More you need to do for wanting to get it done. Thinking about how this moment should be, or could be different. When were not aware, most Our attention goes to these stories or ideas. Twelve, we might call conceptual reality. When awareness returns, wherever To reconnect with one Real the stories are fine, they may or may not be helpful, but away. This allows us to be in the moment again one moment at a time.
So check again to see if you are aware feeling the breath or the body. Wherever we are in any way when the day checking it and being aware, allow thus the shift from complexity to the experts, prince of just one moment at a time. As you continue to go about your day particularly when you notice the feeling of too many things happening at once. Rather trying to speed up think
you can do more and go faster. Try pausing for a moment. And remember that there is just one moment at a time. See you next time. Thank you Alexis and you can find more patients by Alexis, including longer versions of this very meditation on our ten percent happier meditation APP Bab helps you understand both had a practice meditation and how to apply mindfulness and compassion out in the world to make it easier to become an app subscriber were offering forty percent off the price of an annual subscription for our podcast listeners. We don't do big discounts all the time and, of course nothing is permanent, so get the deal before it ends on April. First, by going to ten percent. slash march- that's ten percent. One word all spelled out dotcom, Slash March for forty percent of your subscription
we'll see you back here on Monday for a brand new episode from the great writer George leaders, who wrote Lincoln and Evardo and is a practising Buddhist. This was a fascinating conversation for me. Some look for it to sharing it with you on Monday, the english state, what news too much looking down- and I think it was a little kid there- how do you feel about in our reports both earthward from best case Studios and ABC Audio, listened to in plain sight, Ladybird Johnson, a new pact asked about the power of a political partnership somehow it doesn't show up in the many many accounts of Lyndon Johnson presidency. Through lady birds, own audio diaries and available. Now I'm Spotify or your favorite podcast up.
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