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Guided Meditation: Coming to Center (Bonus!)

Here's a meditation from one of Dan's favorite teachers on the planet, Jeff Warren. In this simple practice, Jeff guides us in using the center-line of the body as an object of focus. The goal is to inch closer to that illusive feeling of fulfillment. Get more content like this from Dan and Jeff's "Two Meditators in a Car" journey on the "10% Happier" app.
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Ok, we get free, gotta meditation for you. This is from a new course that weave just posted on the ten percent happier app it's called to meditate or in a car. That's the name of the course Roughly model done Jerry Seinfeld too comedians in a car getting coffee This is me and one of the most amazing meditation teachers in the world, Jeff Warren. I call my man crush Four months ago, we went on a wandering retreat where we just cannot wandered around in a car and into the mountains north of New York City. I am just why The car up with microphones and cameras and just shot the proverbial you know what an acid course consist of our our conversations, which are really interesting, mostly deal with how meditated is used there. Here's the deal with the fact that we still have problems in our lives, and so, even though we're meditated restore you know were are encountered
vexations and in of life and and so that's where we talk about the course and here's one of the meditations from the course called coming to centre, and I think you'll join check it out. Hey this is Jeff, so Maybe the most radical promise of meditation that it can move a person in the direction of being fulfilled and happy independent of life's in changing circumstances and conditions Not sure you can ever get their fully, but you can definitely learn to get more. There are from. this place rebel. Spawned to those conditions more skilfully and creatively. So what. That actually mean what is this notion of fulfilment independent conditions mean The way I think of it is as coming to centre sofa meditation, we're going. for a bunch of different ways to come to centre The curse of what works for you
feel like when near there or your more there. was it mean for your nervous system here particular nervous system that come to centre. So this is gonna, be a meditative tour of different. Expressions and many techniques are coming to centre and ask exploration, its curiosity part. going to click more than others, and that's okay. What kind of learning about ourselves and the idea is that one or two of these ways in will feel or compelling to you and you may be overcome back to at any time, even in really short little meditations had is that you can then use it and any occasion in life that I can help. You cannot come into your own centre, become a more solid placed a standing. So when you ready, let's begin. Ok, you can start by closing your eyes like a couple of deep press
as you breathe an instruction up the spine finding this composure and the posture, the alertness, where's your reading out, Softening the face in the jar. The eyes in the forehead. Softening the shoulders diaphragm relaxes on the exhale, the hands or soft. breath come in comes out feel yourself to be solid. settled the near rudeness. So Different ways to come, the centre star with simple presence. What is own embodied aware. It presents feel like.
So right here at the very beginning, might be this thing: we're lookin for just a sense of noticing her own embodied presence in that's kind of centering or grounding for you. taken a moment took on a feelin to that. Ok good, so, as we move here in two different techniques, we're gonna get a little bit more immersive as we go a little more detailed next one called the mountain The idea is to deliberately picture in your minds. I you can the image of a mountain so make it. Just take inspiring like broad shape its high peak, but a thick base rooted rocks
connected to the earth's crust. And the idea is to imagine that you are that mountain you are mountaineer rooted totally still, except for your breath. The sense left from deep? Inside you. The pelvis and spying with each breath here like this are lifted. Mountain, unwavering in your stillness. The mountain unwavering in your stillness.
Beyond words and thoughts. Justice centre rooted presence. But any of these, if you get distracted, you just come back to the technique of visualization.
Ok, good will move on to the next little part of our exploration tour Add some breathing to this reading so. Very simple: as you sit there feeling rooted Imagine a breathing up from the earth, so you're gonna breathing in the earth. Strong men. content into your body. Place your attention mammal afoot, foot below the grounds, your breathing up from their main, the breath your breathing and strengthen stability up through the spine, the body. And the breath your imagining a breathing out tension back down into the earth. If you want, you can explore breathing from
ever more deeply in the air. So sending your attention down deeper, paper breathing it out from there. Setting the intention and feeling solid. Good news gone for it here, even if it feels weird or strange, enjoy Meditation by how we feel after we ve done it
the most unexpected techniques can be strain they compelling consoling centering. If you dont like working with the breath, you can just continue to feel yourself as the sort of centred presents connected to the earth. Ok, so the next one Access to that each of these is like a Venn diagram that connects to the one before. this one involves working with a centre line of the body. They can start
By rocking your body, a little bit is trying to feed look on a vertical line through your spine comes up your spine. If it helps Some people imagine like the line. As being blue, come a pale blue. Very thin, like strand of hair, For your head away, the base of your spine, These are you're trying to visualize the whole line through the body. And how does it feel to literally feel centred. I feel that undermine. Partly this is imagination, partly it's just a A body thing. We can even turn your body little bed near posture and her maginot line. Moving with you
you're. The still pointed turning world. sounds around you, Haitians coming and going just exploring it. Over the next piece we're webinar see, we can make it a little bit more cohesion enter clear. And that's how they are different points alone, that line that some people like to use the centre them
when a touch on three breathing and each one. first point is the very centre of the head, the current behind your eyes between your ears. As you breathe, very gently through the nose How do sending the breath into that point. Triggers to inhale very. Fine and long Precisely giving in. To that point, tiny little point: the Tipp of a needle just exploring for a minute.
You and if you're, not clear that point is assets or after sending your awareness ended Center, the head setting an intention. Ok get so. The next point is the heart, so Drop down the elevator shaft. Through the fruit. and behind the breast, Boliden big. taken Orient too that space. With a heart, is.
You can use the breath again, as you breathe your breathing directly now enter the heart. Sounds like you got nostrils on your chest. Raising into the heart. And then gently releasing on the exhale without leaving the heart centre for your attention, Stays in the heart, internet area be curious. The member is exploring here and is, What kind of doing a tour of different. Places in our experience that we can rest our attention.
You are saying is that, as we do this tour of there's one that, while it's gonna compelling for us, it feel like something you want to explore further. Certainly, A chance to do that. This meditation any time to go back to anyone. Part reason: go more. People into it to the next Point is in the gut the belly button. she got his collar down. Ten This is about an inch below your belly button and then inside all away into the spine. Putting your attention there. The horror reward word for it japanese word for it Can it be in the belly being in the Buddha Belly Breathing into it now and these along fine, slow inhales into the belly. The men were LISA noticed That experience is different than then putting your attention in the heart. Chester
Putting it in the head happens when you can put your attention down there, you be from this place.
Down in the belly, this feeling now.
Breathing in the belly. This point low down. Down by our centre of gravity. Letting it centre you just being open to the experience, The pleasurable it might be. Utterly boring cases Some good natured mess around it
most donor tour. No case for our last stop: we keep going down. All the way to the ground itself. Bringing Europe awareness to the actual physical ground below you, what you're sitting on the your contact between your body in the earth at night. Beer feed your, but both feeling that point of contact noticing her there is the body presses down with its weight. The earth presses back up to support. The body is a turning point. The equilibrium there.
This is the real ground. Ground that. Stretches out to support whoever he may be sitting with her. People and more distant locations. One ground, everyone connected
Supported by the same room, this feeling that ground beneath you feel like for you. Good and so that's the end of our torso,
at all of those who have worked equally well for you, but here too the might incur. you and we listen to the tour measure experience it? Might change and is at once you find one or two texts I feel, kind of centering for you. Then you can just continued practice at an explorer. You can explore This, wherever you can do the minute Persian before a meeting Sayer. In the car anywhere just in a loose good natured way close your eyes and. like a samurai, you come to centre. That's the meditation. You can open your eyes. So the centred ness is a kind of direction, quality that we can begin to orient too in our experience when that gets richer and more vivid, the more we Attention to it,
to give us a place to stand in lessons are suffering so our act. As to it might fluctuate a bit depending on the intensity of life circumstances and much pride this we're doing and who knows what else, but the. Are we connect to it the more available it seems to become. Ok and that's our session for today- I look forward to exploring with you tomorrow or whenever the next time is that we meet up big thanks D. Jeff worn for that meditation. Thanks to you for listening to it and like I said, if you want to check out more you can listen to or download our course to meditate or in a car on the ten percent happier app. and I will be back with more got imitations and more great conversations right here on this, I guess stream version.