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Guided Meditation: Election Stress (Powers of Ten)

This election has been brutal on the American psyche (on both sides of the aisle). In this meditation from Dan's "10% Happier" app, Jeff Warren leads us in a guided practice to gain perspective and find a bit of balance. Jeff delivers with the candor and hilarity that only a Canadian could bring to this uniquely American stressor.
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So people are friggin out about this election and we're here to help we at the ten percent happier app, which is available in the Apple Appstore or at ten percent happier dotcom. We posted all bunch of free nonpartisan, guided meditations, hosting one of them here in this pod cast stream, so you can check it out. ones from a Canadian. So he's got no dog in this fight. So there's no reason to be suspicious of the. I had always one of my favorite meditation teachers on earth. His name is Jeff Warren and here is worth exploring Bunch of different meditations are doing in this election season the themes that eyes there and a few of them is about this theme of getting space of getting room around our responses, using this is a way to get space around what's happening, and for me this is
hard to do in particular when it comes to what's happening in the states and thence, because I'm canadian, I live The border and Canadians are used to having this sort of observers. Stance of watching me unusual dramas unfold, the color. characters of american politics of american life. It's kind of a habit, canadian pastime to Tibet. All this unfold with a combination of fascination and delight the horror that we have her elsewhere We have already been feeling so so this. I call this his powers of ten- and it comes from this famous short film of the same title by Charles Re Eames, the famous second husband, wife design team and the idea is that it starts. The films it's what the scene of this couple having a picnic park in Chicago and and then
Camera moves out by increments of ten a powers of ten. So every ten seconds, the camera pans back a large distance. So first here you see the city and then you're, seeing the whole continent than the earth and the near out at the edge of the galaxy. It keeps going back Really liked this film, I like these had a book of at her home and I used to like foot through it. When I was a kid, I specially, like the expansion, It was something that I actually would use that when I had my life, felt too close and too painful, I would literally, I would lie in my bed and I deliberately imagining panning back the camera. So I could move into this broader perspective. The idea of getting prospect. Is a very useful tool, useful torrents, Daphne one I've taken with me into adulthood, so. Here on the verge of the: U S election with so much at stake, it can be helpful to remember that
I'll things are very serious. Things are also complete and beautiful in themselves, and if we pay back the camera far enough, we can get this perspective, That's what we're gonna do so when you ready close your eyes from the start by taking a few depress. As you inhale stretching out the spine as you exhale, this relaxing Settling into the body on the. Tell you can soften softened, the four in the eyes and the cheeks and jar. The shoulders in the throat the hands. Right here at the very beginning. We find a kind of composure and the posture make this commitment to be open to not get uptight if there are distractions. As a kind of good naturedly that we can express just in the way we set beginning to it,
we take a little bit about right now,. His meditations about our man. Patients about can export, to the edges of where our senses can go away to gain perspective. as always, were exploring. So you might really like this meditation or you might think it sucks see what happens for you are the first click of the camera, the first power of ten the first place and which were paying attention to it: body itself, so just begin to notice your posture feeling. Europe they sitting there. a full warmth for that human fullness of the body. Maybe you're happy, maybe your calm, your annoyed and beer neutral and.
Completely freaked out about America gone down the toilet whenever it is all legitimate feelings, have all your feelings beyond them all on the whole thing, whole body, the question is: can we get some space? So, let's start too, second click of the camera. I don't need a pan back here awareness and noticed the whole room you're sitting in.
sense of your body in space, the space around it. Since a volume in the room sounds rising and falling in this big open space. Can you feel space behind you above you below you from you? Maybe the radio's playing in the distance, the sound of media power
its hammering away hawk cacophony human society and, within that, your own thoughts, feelings, sensations, coming and going. space. Let yourself be light easygoing. Just sit in a room aware of space, things are doing what they're doing.
Ok, good so are ready to pay back the camera to the next click and there's gonna, be a little bit more challenging involves using more of our. active imagination. I want you to imagine moving out so that the whole earth is in front of you. This movement is almost Proprio sceptre Kinesthetic, it's like you can feel it in Europe. Get our system. This cup. Following backwards into space, so that now you are aware the whole planet and fry you. But you may have an image of the planet like literally
visualizing iter- might be more distant idea. Either is fine. The concentration part of this meditation come from trying to hold this perspective. This lush expanded perspective. Near and far below the distant roar of traffic of voices geese hawking, they make their way across the sky. The earth drama feel a sense of space. Expanding out behind you.
This perspective, but find it pleasurable make a decision that says a pleasurable experience. Something nice stand this much space around us. And if it's not really working for you just being easygoing learning yourself your space around you, that's fine, too,. ok, good, but in true Charles and Eames style, the camera. Never freezes continues to move back. Let the earth is shrinking and shrinking knows a sense of moving backwards.
Getting ever more cosmic asked solar system, the orbit of the planet's sun comes into view. Handing back A whole milky way a galaxy now in front of us continuing the move back faster and faster, wider and wider. The angle of our view, till we come to place were imagine. The whole universe is in your awareness. Huge expansion planets are less than nothing ice ages, past the blink of an eye black holes, chunks of time and space. What does it? Do you like to try to take this perspective? Coursed it's gonna, be super abstract,
for most of us, but that's partly the point refining our wide as possible view, one that permits everything. The cosmic view the cosmic view, like the all this view, you seconds. When you're ready, when I come back into body, so bring you back before you fly off the edge of infinity or something as the elections waiting It may be a lot less weird now in comparison with what we just did. It is bringing your attention back into.
Body feeling your body sitting there noticing the details of your body is the feeling of the sensations Full of wrath breathing in reading out the move. Your finger is a little bit feel the ground Benita breathing up from the ground. Breathing down the ground rules, you round you, this appreciative. Quality has become back into our body, our homes. All of these different perspectives, these different homes from the widest whole universe and the Galaxy Milky way, the solar system and the planet onto our continent. Our country.
Our neighborhood and finally, our bodies ready to open our eyes and take this expanded perspective into the dramas of the season. Thank you. Thanks to Jeff he's the best, and you can see much more of Jeff on Nightline. We we brought him to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, which is, of course, a battleground state, and we brought together a bunch of Clinton, supporters and trump supporters. We had the meditate together with Jeff and handed it incredibly well with super interesting. You see that on Nightline or maybe that story is what drove you here, either If you want more and more And see elections, stress garden, meditations check out the ten percent happier apt available and in the app store on apple or at ten percent, happier dot com,