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Guided Meditation: Getting Out Of Your Head in an Age of Polarization

It's easy to become addicted to the constant stream of information coming at us from the 24-hour news cycle, social media, and our own desire to be informed. Led by Sebene Selassie (Podcast Ep. #42), this meditation helps us take a break from information overload. This meditation is part of a new Mindfulness in an Age of Polarization series on the 10% Happier app. Whether your personal politics lean left or right - top teachers have been enlisted to create bipartisan meditations that can help us navigate the challenges of our increasingly polarized world.
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People are freaking out about politics these days on both sides of the year of the ILO, as it were. And so we thought we might have a constructive role to play here by we I mean Everybody in the year ten percent happier Empire and. Over the temperature happier app would just launched a whole series of meditations guided meditation specifically designed to help you make it through these turbulent. I'm in a mindful fashion were pushed him one of them here on the package faded from one of my favorite teachers and human beings. Seventy Selassie so give it a go, and if you like it, go over there, Happen and check out some more. Many of us are overwhelmed by current events and yet strangely addicted to the constant stream of information coming at us for many devices and channels. The twenty four hour new cycle, social media.
Our own desire to be informed and engage can start to make us feel worried, angry or burnt out. this meditation as one in a series designed to help you take a break from the information overload meditations in the serious work with difficult emotions are thoughts. this meditation were actually going to try and get out of our heads and into our bodies we're going to use awareness, the body to help with the span of thoughts and emotions. Her mind can yank you into endless ruminations about things past to imagine catastrophes of the future, but the But he is always in the present moment were not to push away anything, but we are going to use the sensations the body to help bring us some relaxation he's and well being. So. Let's get started fight.
a comfortable position are standing or lying down. A position where you can feel relaxed, grounded but we're yours Feel alert open, attentive. Finding this balance between being alert and relaxed was one of the keys to our practice. So, let's begin by noticing, Points of contact with what support You're right now. Feeling that sense of grounded this crap Holding down.
Relaxing into that support. Can you also feel a sense of alertness and openness. Finding that balance between being grounded being upright are open. We're gonna use mindfulness of the breath as a way to connect with the body the bread it's always right here in the present moment, you don't have to manufacture anything.
I can just rest our awareness on wherever the breath is most prominent like to encourage people to feel the breath in the valley. You can't even put a hand to feel the valley rising and falling as the diaphragm moves up and down. For noticing, if you're thinking about the breath for you actually have felt sense of each breath. From its very beginning, It's very end.
Breath is a tool of awareness, because its connecting us too, Our body in this moment It was thought, arise, emotion Surface, On pushing them away, using this meditation in this practice as a way to reconnect to. what's here in the body right now, so that we don't get caught up. in that stream of thoughts Stories in the worries and the planet, When the panic don't have to make a problem, have any thoughts, Ernie emotions.
But we also don't need to follow each train of thought. We can simply rest our awareness back in this breath and this one. For these moments, for not using are rejecting any experience. Recent They resting our awareness on what's here right now,.
Any time the mind wanders, who gets caught up to. He relaxing. into awareness of breathing. Maybe you complete this short meditation. opening our eyes.
moving in whatever way feel comfortable. Remembering that this very simple basic tool of awareness of breath is Available when we feel really caught up in thinking, in strong emotions, really Austin swirl and whirl of our times. Right now,. We need to push those things away, but we can We use the sensation of the breath with body whose away bring some ease and well being Fairer practicing with me, I hope it's helpful and good luck. big thanks to Selassie. For that- and there are, as I said at the top of this, many more free, guided meditations people who were feeling anxious. the political scene right now.