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Guided Meditation: Remembering Your Goodness (Bonus!)

In conjunction with Sharon Salzberg's new book, "Real Love," the folks at the 10% Happier app recorded a series of six audio meditations that can be used as a complement to the book or as standalone. The first of this series is being made available right here on the 10% Happier podcast and is about connecting with your own goodness. If that sounds gooey, Sharon breaks it down for us in her inimitable style, showing us how recognizing the good is a healthy counter to habits of self-criticism and negative thinking. This meditation and five more from Sharon are available on the 10% Happier app.
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Right. We got to another inner series of a free, guided meditations for you, this one's from the legendary share in Salzburg, who is releasing a new book called real love, which is about the fact that, just as you can practise mindfulness and concentration and com, you can actually practice compare and love, which is a pretty revolutionary headline. We should say that if you like this God, meditation, we've been got a whole series of guided meditations a based on this new book from Sharon on the ten percent happier up here, sharing. This meditation was inspired by the first section of my book: real love. because many of us find ourselves ruminating on the things we regret and a mistake. We ve made sometimes put on we sometimes almost exclusively. We experiment.
This kind of exercise to broaden our perspective. I'll help you re direct your attention. And remember, your basic goodness are worth It does not deny your mistakes. To understand that, if you keep rehearsing them, analyzing them creed, Stories around them, Going to be reinforcing the pain and alienation they ve already caused you. You can recognise and reflect on. Even one good thing about yourself: your building, a bridge to a place of. I listened caring. Standing in that place, increase. Your ability to look honestly indirectly and whatever is difficult and gives you Energy and the courage to move forward. Because this is a reflective exercise. we actually use something like the feeling of the brass as an anchor for attention.
That we move from that awareness of the sensations of the breath to the reflection and periodically check back in with the And certainly, if you become lost to become distracted, should get what you're Selecting on you can come back to the breath, however, the press has actually appearing. We find the place where the breath is most predominant for us. This is where we rest our attention. So, let's begin. You can sit comfortably in a relaxed, easy pasture fuel close. Your eyes were, keeps him just a little bit open, find that place with breathless. Clearest few are strongest fear. perhaps it's the nostrils with the Chester. The abdomen.
Bring your attention there and just rest see if you can feel just one breath. That concern for thirty gone by without. leaning forward for even the very next breath. Just this one. Now bring to mind one thing, Gunnar said recently that you
It was kind or good. It doesn't have to be newsworthy, maybe Mounted someone or listen to their story. maybe you let go of your annoyance at a slow check out clerk. Maybe regenerates. We sat down to meditate everything to bus driver. Not consider arrogance to consider these things. Its nourishing replenishing to take delight in the
good, that moves through us. are, you might think, of a quality. Your skill in yourself that you like or appreciate Hampshire enthused about helping others learned a committed to practising patients to your difficult neighbour. Let's pause here for a moment and check back with the feeling of the breath.
He's still find yourself, corrupt and self criticism turn your Tension to the mere fact that you have an urge toward happiness, Agnes in beauty. In that. I simply recall that all beings everywhere wanna be happy. Everybody wants to be happy.
Never feel ashamed of you longing for happiness, recall that this is your birthrate. Seeking happiness is not the problem, The problem is that we often do not know where and how to find genuine happiness and so on. The mistakes that cause suffering for ourselves and for others, but that urge toward happen The self is rightful always. What it with MIKE from this, it can become like a homing, instinct or compass, pointing us towards freedom. Hey impatience or judgments emerged during this meditation, don't feel as though you failed, This is entirely natural.
Simply allow the negative reaction to the wave on the beach. You can return to the positive contemplation of yourself. Remember the breath in breath the our breath. As we come to the end of the session, you can open your eyes to gaze nurse how it feels to have this more complete and truthful an integrated sense of yourself.
And see if you can bring forth some that feeling into your day, Mr Sharon and remember you can hear more free got him meditations from Sharon, based on our new book on the ten percent happier up