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Guided Meditation: Shinzen Young (Bonus!)

Want to give meditation a try? Here's a great place to start. It's a free, guided meditation from Buddhist scholar and meditation teacher Shinzen Young. When you're done, make sure to listen to Dan's full interview with Shinzen Young, in Episode #64.
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We're posting a free, guided meditation this week from fascinating meditation teacher by the name of shins and young. This guy has a cult following not in the pejorative sense of the word called, but he's got a real cult following of people who refer themselves. as she heads And in this get meditation, you're gonna get a sense of waste, an initial sense of why people love him. So much here we go. a moment to stretch up ads, Settle in. You can do this with your eyes, fully open. Partially open or Whatever appeals to you. We're going to take, as are meditation focus, here comes up.
This is sometimes called choice, lists awareness or up it presents. I'm gonna call it note everything. And by note I mean to acknowledge and Briefly, focus on what here comes up. unless, of course, it vanishes instantly In which case, there's only enough time to acknowledge it. So, just let your attention go wherever it wants to go. pure pulled do something visual, say to yourself the mental label see. And focus your attention on that visually experience for a moment couple seconds.
If you're pulled to something auditory, say to yourself here. then listen to it unless it vanishes instantly fearful do something in the body. say to yourself feel. I really feel that sensation for a moment now If you get pulled to two or all three of those modalities at the same time, just choose one to name and clay. By name I mean mentally label they claim. I mean. They it by pouring your attention on it for a couple seconds, so Ray couple seconds, you'll be saying exactly one. Of three label.
See when you're, focusing on a visual experience. Here, when you're focusing on auditory one. And feel when you are Focusing on something so mad. There is one other possibility that I'd happen occasionally or not at all or for some people frequently but two, Of the senses might go away, you might People pulled to anything on the inside or outside that sensory. in that case label that experience gone. To indicate that the tug of the senses has disappeared, that might not happen at all, but at least it's
Logical possibility and you have a label for it. so at any given instant you'll either be engaged in a sensory experience or Of disengaged from the senses spontaneously. If you disengage, they're gone. enjoy that moment of absolute rest. But if you see something really see it, it could be Mental images of physical site If you hear something really hear it, it could be made Don't talk, physical sound. If you feel something really feel it, it could be a Physical sensation. Or an emotional one. End of the thing, the EU label, currently disappears.
Then in the next instant they'll either be a continued gone. Or something will arise in the census, we'll have preference whatsoever between those contingencies. Our job is simple. Every couple seconds. label exactly one of forcing see here feel Or gone for the day
the appearance of self and world.
If you please, you're totally give permission. For that visually experience to arrive. Likewise, for auditory. Likewise for body. including inner see here feel the lineage mental talk Buddy emotion. We're loving the senses to death.
Totally giving permission for the senses to expand and contract as part of nature.
Now, in a moment were going to. Transition from formal practice to life, what's lie You'll be seeing things you'll be hearing things, you'll be few things on the inside and outside. See if you can maintain some momentum of clarity. What part is see what is here, what is feel if you can maintain some equanimity. Some
Openness to allowing the senses to expand and contracts. See if you can taste a moment of concentration just a moment with each. See or hear or feel. So that there is. little carry over. Into daily life. Which eventually will evolve into a in enormous carol. A figure ground reversal. Where life occurs within meditation, as those do meditation being an actor, ready in your life,
if your eyes were closed, open them and can can new to see and hear and feel. our thanks decisions and young for doing that and if you want many more. Free guided meditations, you can check out the ten percent happier app, which is available in the apple app store and also, if you don't have an apple advice. It's available on ten percent happier dot com, We back with more podcast, guided meditations, very virtue