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Guided Meditation: 'The Training Ground'

Want to give meditation a try? This is a great place to start. Meditation can seem simple, even trivial. But the mental muscle we exercise in beginning again (and again, and again) is an excellent training ground for the many times in our everyday lives when things don't go as planned. We've built the skill of beginning again. This is a guided meditation from Dan's "10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics" app, featuring Sharon Salzberg (featured in Episode #8 of this podcast!). A towering figure in the meditation world, Salzberg is part of a small group of people who helped bring meditation over from Asia to the United States. She is a meditation teacher, the co-founder of Insight Meditation Society and the author of nine books.
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So close listeners will know that we occasionally, we probably should do more frequently, but we occasionally post freak out. Politicians in this package. It's so here's another one. The previous ones have been from Joseph Goldstein, whose mighty But this one is from share in Salzburg who had been on the pie. Cast she's been a partner of Josephs in meditation world for a long long time is. A good friend of mine has been a teacher from of I am as well and in this package, she's gonna talk about the thing that I think is that the bug a blue for all of us, which is that we keep getting distracted when we meditate and we feel like were fed, players, and she is vastly reassuring on this point this a meditation that comes actually from a course that she recently did on the temper And happier app called ten percent, less distracted.
As you are more. You can go to the app and get it from her there. But here we are, I think. Of what we do in the Mediterranean is really the training ground For how we live, it's the same skills. and one of the things I ve loved about meditation practices that Israel the enormous life changing skills are happening, anybody little moments. So if you you did a meditation session and IRAN's your friend and they said what you do, and you said I felt it Breast my mind wandered no border back. We like the really spent an afternoon during that we're that's nothing but Nothing it's actually huge, because so many the instances in our life in any ordinary day were called upon. To begin again, we ve made a mistake, or some is half in the way we anticipated have happening and we have to start over and the tendency of. Course is to be very self critical and not to be.
To start over that readily, and so we can spend endless periods of time, lamenting the fact that we blew it Things didn't go so well, well, Actually, the most effective efficient way to get something done or make progress or succeeded. Something is too now had a beginning, and so, when we practice. that ordinary way where with brass are mine wanders, we bring it back, we're doing tremendous right there, let's begin the meditation to start, you can sit comfortably. You have some energy in your body. You also want to be relaxed, ease. feel your way into it seems like a balance. Posture fear.
You can close your eyes or not. However, you feel most comfortable fries are open. They could be slightly open, find a spot to rest. Your gaze, let it go. Take a few deep, breaths relax your body. Intentionally set aside what you were just doing and whatever
Becoming a had then allow the breath to become natural, see if you can notice, we feel the breath most predominantly.
And when you find their place retention there and just rest view with the breath of the nostrils, you might notice tingling vibration, warms coolness.
That's a Chester, the abdomen. You might notice movement pressure, stretching release, you don't have to name them, but feel them just one breath. If something arises, sensations emotions sounds images whatever. It might be.
That's not strong enough to take your attention away from the feeling of the brass, just let them fallen by here, breathing just one breath everything else can come and go doesn't matter. If something arises, that is strong enough to take your attention away from the feeling of the breath. You fall asleep. You get lost in some incredible fantasy. We say that the moment you realize you been distracted is the magic moment, because that's the moment.
We have the chance to be really different, not judge or does not put ourselves down, but simply let go and begin again. If you have To let go and begin again thousands of times it's fine, that's the practice! That's the training, just one breath at a time. Minerals, the rhythm of your breath, changing in the course of this meditation session you can
so loud to be. However, it is.
If you see your attention, jumping to the past jump into the future judgment speculation, whatever it's ok our practices to let go gently, we let goes gently as we can simply return shepherd your attention back to the feeling of the breath.
Remember that and letting go of distraction. The important word is gentle. We can gently, let go and we can begin again when you feel ready. You can open your eyes.
And we with what's happening around you, everything that arises in our lives, does arise in our practice. We see the same desires and fears and joys and if anything were learning in meditation practice how to be closer to our experience in the wisdom from all the many things that we go through, it might be, to share and fur. For that guided meditation. As I said, if you want more gotta meditate, From shared Salzburg and other great teachers like Joseph Goldstein, etc, etc, you can you can check out dead, ten percent happier app, it's it's free, it started and all those free meditations you can use and in perpetuity and we'll be back with more gotta, meditations and more great guests very, very soon.