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How Not to Be Owned by Desire | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein


Learn how to become mindful of desire, creating more room for choice instead of automatically reaching for the thirtieth cookie.

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About Joseph:

Joseph is one of the most respected meditation teachers in the world -- a key architect of the rise of mindfulness in our modern society -- with a sense of humor to boot. In the 1970's, he co-founded the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) alongside Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield. Since its founding, thousands of people from around the world have come to IMS to learn mindfulness from leaders in the field. Joseph has been a teacher there since its founding and continues as the resident guiding teacher.

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From ABC it's the ten percent happier podcast calm down Harris. Happy Friday temper honest meditation his day, we dropped in episode with the meditation teacher car ally, which we explored the provocative wealth. I guess I could have questioned in Buddhist circles only, but with the provocative question of whether perhaps the Buddhists have, Or some Buddhists have helpfully vilified desire that maybe we can use wanting as a way to wake up, as opposed to a hindrance to waking up. So today, explore desire from a bit of a different perspective in meditation from the great Joseph Goldstein, probably needs little to no introduction for this audience. But Joseph
the insight meditation society in central seduce its back in and I think Seventys with assurance, Salzburg and Jack Cornfield it is now one of the founding teachers on the ten percent happier app. And this is one of many many meditations Course is that we have from Joseph up on the app but were dropping it here. Right so nicely with the episode we did on Wednesday, so here we go with Joseph Gulfy the deepest aspects of the conditioning in our minds the force of desire force of wanting a craving. People often respond to desire in one of two ways. We can either get lost in it carried away in the enjoyment of it. On the other hand, sometimes people become aware of desire and judge the fact that its arisen Or even judge oneself for having it. Both ways
Actually, feeding the desire, Either by getting lost in, it or by judging you know, act as we want to become aware of the desire, as other object of meditation, and open to our experience of it,. They making a mental note desire desire desire. Seeing how the desire, all by itself,. Will arise will be there for some time and will pass away. This is An important aspect of our practice because desire arises not only, of course, in our meditation, but in all Lives as well My practice of meditation, we ve learned some basic skills being with the desires skilfully. We can become aware of it with judging. Putting ourselves
In this place of ease of acceptance of openness inquiry of exploration of what desire is. We can then more easily assess. This is something we want to act on. Is this something we want to? Let go of. So it provides the greatest space of in freedom in our lives. You can begin the meditation by settling into a comfortable pastor. Gentlemen, closely eyes. Become aware of your body sitting.
Said and now you're sitting. May begin to feel your body breathing.
Breathing in nor your breathing in breathing out no you're breaking out. As any other object becomes predominant, sound The sensation thought. Use a soft mental note,.
To frame that experience, hearing pressure thinking. I mean the noting of each of those experiences when they no longer predominant again return,
to the breath of the sitting posture. You might also from time to time, become aware of desire arising in the mind. When desires arise become, And for us As an object of meditation, sometimes It may be a desire awanting for meditation to be a certain way. Be desire for different kinds of sense. Pleasures.
Perhaps there are food fantasies About where your next vacation will be. You, whatever way you become aware of the wanting mind. Make a mental note of desire desire wanting wanting. Being aware of it,. Without getting lost in it and also without judging or condemning it,. Simply be aware of it as another arising mind, stayed another arising, emotion,. Notice what happened to it. Become mindful of it. As you know, that. Does it continue? Does it increase? Does it Greece does its Emily
disappear. When they no longer predominant again return, To the breath
to the awareness of your body sitting.
Now you can experiment. With the interweaving a time of more open awareness into practice. Would be open to the flow of experience moment at the moment.
Each new experience presents itself.
If, at a certain time You feel the mind is getting to scattered less focused. Getting increasingly lost in thought the wandering mind. They turned again to a directed awareness. Refocusing on the feeling of the breath
no you breathing in reading out no you're breathing out.
When you find the mind, has wandered, was distracted simply begin again.
As we in the meditation, you can open your eyes begin to reconnect with the world around you. So, as you re engage with the world Midst of your daily life experience see if you can open to it, getting lost in little carried away without you're doing it. But feeling in the body, seeing how it arises in the mind We learn that we don't have to act on every desire in To be free of it by it, Elsa will arise, it will pass away We can be with it in a mindful way.
We able to assess more clearly. Desire should be act on which desire should we simply let go of. And so we bring greater clarity and wisdom. To the unfolding of our lives. Thanks to Joseph reminder,. Many many many more meditations from Joseph Goldstein in Ten percent happier app and we ve done a ton of horses with him, where we combine short video clips from him, with guided meditation. So if you're not. Subscriber come check it out. Policy on Monday, with a fresh episode.
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