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In times like these, we need practical, actionable ways of coping with stress, fear, and anxiety. Hence my new project -- Ten Percent Happier Live. Every weekday, we'll offer a free live sanity break, featuring some of the world's best meditation teachers, streaming from our homes to yours. We'll start with a five minute meditation, and then take questions from the audience. Today we're posting a bonus episode to the podcast feed from my session on Friday, March 20th with meditation teacher and author Jack Kornfield. Join us at www.tenpercent.com/live at 3pm ET every weekday.  How to access Ten Percent Happier Live:  Website: www.tenpercent.com/live In the Ten Percent Happier App: https://10percenthappier.app.link/TenPercentHappierLIVE YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb3AWCFuxotrXmgqUHQdwyg Organizations in need of support:   Placer Food Bank: http://placerfoodbank.org/  Feeding America: https://www.feedingamerica.org/ See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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For maybe see the ten percent happier vodka in her eyes pop and ensure podcast feed with a quick bonus episode. I have mentioned on recent episodes during this pandemic were trying to do as much as possible free so that we can help you cope. One of the things we ve launched a is every week day live guided meditations on you, two were calling a temperature. Happier alive and we ve been able to sign up some amazing meditation teachers, incredible meditation teachers for the next few weeks and we're gonna keep just. Going and going is as long as we can be of service, and I want to give you a quick taste of of what we're doing. On Friday we got Jack Cornfield and an incredible teachers written many many books and founded to very prominent meditation centres. I am s inside meditation,
radiant, followed by Spirit Rock, to come on in and guy to quick meditation, the way the format of the show. As we do five minutes, we do a little bit of chat and I would do five minutes of meditation and then we do questions from from viewers. So we'll be doing this weekdays at, as I said, three eastern noon, Pacific for the foreseeable future. This is a good way for you guys to taste test what we're doing and then come join us live. It said you can find us at ten percent com live, ten percent com, live, that's t e m, p e r c e n t com live, will put the link in the show notes. The other way you can find us is on the app under the courses, tab or just go to Youtube and search for,
and happier? So here we go with Jack Cornfield? Ok, let's kick his ass happy fried everybody were reaching the end of our first week of this little experiment. We launched on Monday to do daily, guided life meditations right here on the into webs, we're still figuring out some of our text We really appreciate you guys wrong with it at the end of this. If you could do is favoured and click on the survey and tell us what you like, which don't like I'll be great Toby is not here. Today we get a letter request for Toby, but Our meditation teacher today is a my word. Not is a giant in the field. His name is Jack. Cornfield in theory, is beaming in to us from the San Francisco area, Jack thanks so much for joining us please to join, and I think the service in the support that you're off
bring to a really big community is critical at this time. So thank you to thank you I'll. As you pointed out that you- and I were chatting right before we went, live here in I've, been having a lot of conversation. But people and an hearing that you know it. I was talking to the great radio host Christa Tippit yesterday and she she murmured This is a species moment that AIDS and its in some ways, gonna be a reset honour, a global research on the on the way on modern life- and I just wonder I mean you can make pessimistic prognostications, the mistake ones? What were you in terms of your thinking about how this can affect how we live? While it is a species moment, in that we are having to realise a deeper way, our interconnectedness,
It doesn't matter how much you try to isolate yourself in the country or how you know how much money you Howard so forth its yes, it will affect the vulnerable and the poor and the homeless and so forth immediately, but it's not gonna stop there and if I, under can't write some other ministers in IRAN have already died. It's gonna happen to solemn. We have to realise the so I believe and hope We're gonna be able to take a pause, the ninety nine percent of us they get through this and hopefully reset values and say what really matters. How do we care for one another after the earth have an optimistic view at the moment, but that could happen and hope that it does, I hope, you're right she's just for the uninitiated were unfamiliar with your work before diving said a meditation. Can you described
I know you ve been you ve been had this meditation thank her coming up on fifty five years. You just describe your background briefly, so people now sure so I trained as a Buddhist, Malcolm monasteries of Thailand and Burma in India? I also trained. I got a phd in clinical psychology and I've been bringing eastern and western psychology together and together with colleagues like Joseph Cold, seen her in Salzburg have been some of the group that introduced mindfulness practice in the west. Yes, the pioneers who really made massive contribution to to the world Is it the cynic one out of my meditation career, the fact that you guys went over it You learn these practices and other came back and taught them in a way tat made it comprehensible, unattractive to to
culture, we knew it, it transformed us and we hoped it would be a benefit to others and the other thing that we ve all done as we trained a lot of other teachers, which is very satisfying? I'm still doing that on my website, tat Cornfield that com, you can There is a global teacher training. We now almost two thousand people in it for one learn how to offer mindful lesson: compassion practices to others so that it actually it's not. By anybody, but it's made available in schools and thanks wherever people can use it. Yes, very great, an issue which I know you burned with a partner who is another giant in this field, a deterrent. Rock of Wales. We she'd been on my bike ass. I left ever on this and this web web thing we're doing now. So, let's get down to business. If you don't mind, would you would you like to guide us in our quick validation? Yes weapon So for those of you were listening and in this case
Imagine not driving so that a good thing for this practice, I'm centre yourself, make sure your seated in it. After ball and stable way and if you're comfortable with it, let your eyes clothes or, if not then be downcast and begin to tune in in this present moment, to the experience here and now. This is a practice of trusting in awareness and compassion and as you to name, you might take a deep breath or two to release any obvious tensions that you can And then bring your attention will call it a mindful loving awareness to your body.
And without any judgment simply noticed the state of your body just now. There might be areas of tightness retention from our cool might be contraction, heaviness, slightness to bring a line for loving awareness to your body, allow things to be, as they are. And bring in the quality of kindness, your compassion, your bodies doing the best it can at this point, because I must thank you. I notice that as you hold, it was loving awareness and compassion the fears and,
ginger carried in the body can begin to soften and release. You can steady yourself. Allow shift you're tension and bring the same mind loving awareness to your heart, a notice. What feelings are present? Does we get quiet in this time of the pandemic of the car? virus. There are naturally so many feelings, anxiety or fear, grief, anticipation and anger, feelings of helplessness, all those kind- along with many others and sense, what's present now in your own heart, those of course
Law with care and love and bring this spirit of passion and loving awareness, as if you could hold a frightened child. To hold all the emotions that are present and noticed what happens when you bring a loving and compassion that awareness to all the feelings had repressed like the body they began to soften and their comes instead, a sense of greater peace. Instability and gradually, you can begin to censor trust in awareness. That you are the awareness knowing what's happening, Your body in your heart
in your mind and you can trust that awareness itself, its field, mine for loving awareness and compassion is big enough to hold all of the experiences that you can hold these with the steadiness and a com And a kinder, compassionate and generous spirit, they were Accessing a greater inner strength, the on the feelings and thought some sensations in the body. You can thank your body for trying to protect you.
You can thank your heart in your emotions, the fears and confusion. Thank you for trying to protect me, I'm ok for now and as he sang them and hold and compassion, you trust more and more deeply in your capacity to be present and wise and loving strong through it all. Now, keeping the sensor steadiness and trust and awareness itself that your eyes open and no the same quality of inner strength that we, in this time can be tapped it.
Whenever you need. Thank you very much pleasure. So here we ve already got some questions coming in from people watching this Windsor. James William gather your recommended mile or us in this time of unsure nests you can use a mantra repetitive phrase and there, is good in English as they might be in another. Language, whether its in sands, greater genome burmese or to battle, and I would recommend the simple mantras that teachers likes him master tick, not Hon views among her like com and steady with each bra.
Or com and kind with each browser as a reminder of how we can live in. The invitation for those very qualities, apart in mind, to be present. On this issue of kindness, which you hid in a big way, guided meditation, bringing assertive and a clear awareness, I was going on for us internally, but also a sense of warmth friendliness you, you have a student who had become quite close with his become one of my teachers spring Wash em, who are hoping to get on this last stream and didn't. I did a one on one retreat with Herod and really too big lesson that I and I've been writing about that retrieving that I learned from that is that you can- and I really went there again when I was listening to your benediction and I
I have all sorts of things coming up during this time. Some of them are embarrassing. You know selfish concerns about what's gonna happen to me and all this end- and I really like that they're coming up with just that reminder of you can see it clearly and with a sense of friendliness that that those voices that might be embarrassing to you're there just trying to protect you, maybe Unskilful, that's right. They are trying to protect you and you start to see. The natural response in our vulnerability that all these things, you know how do I take care of myself? What about my money learn about my children? What about and then you start to trial, That awareness can hold your whole humanity we're in this together, and you realize that its largest you that everybody has at this time, fears confusion, uncertainty and, though that with lot mindful loving, whereas we can tolerate all of that and know that that's not what you are. The other thing to add is that
We need our own inner practice, but this effect Those around us as ambassador. Take that HANS said one crowded, vietnamese refugee Bout Smet was storms or pirates if everyone panicked all would be lost, but if even one person on the boat remained centred and calm, it was enough it showed the way for everyone to survive, and this is a famous passage, but it means it intending ourselves in making the space to hold our own vulnerability. Our fears are folly. It's all our humanity. We begin to trust this deeper capacity.
Should be present for one another and we effect all those around us yet story. I come up from several teachers, everything from one at least one other teacher this weekend. I it lands well for me, let me just give him save against they get a few more questions from our viewers. Audrey asks. How do we handle our fear in this very scary time, when people are telling us, don't worry, it'll be fine. You will hear Audrey all these voices on one end of the spectrum. You will hear denial because it's hard to tolerate the uncertainty or the potential suffering, especially for those who are vulnerable, but also people we love and care about, as well as ourselves. So when people can't tolerated, they tend to go
enter denial or pretend that it's not happening it's especially so when you're young and you feel like you're in vulnerable and you you know immortal, but it's not true, of course. So that's one! and, at the other end, instead of denial, people can get lost in the fears and we actually dont know how this will play out. If were fortunate, someone will come up with us Madison works sooner rather than later or a vaccine. Ninety nine percent of us are also going to survive through this anyway, and today is the first full day of spring. I can yesterday was marked the turning their. Two vitality in life force that ones to re arise that animates you that's part of who we are
where the living system and yes, we ve gone through hard times before, and we know how to do this, but took testifies, Instead? You say I know how to be steady through this. I know how to be loving and we know how to get through this through this? I know how to be loving and we How to get through this she coming in on a similar note from M, see you alluded to their reset. This will prompt. Can you please elaborates on how we can use this crisis to become more present while there there are two parts to becoming present one, which was the meditation that we just dead, in which you actually become present for your body, your feelings, your states of mine and open. What than direct funds call open the window of tolerance so that you can trust the harder compassion is big enough
The field of awareness is big enough to hold all this and to be steady and calm and wise in the midst of it all and to do that regularly is really important, because you'll get washed over by the fears of others in the news in support turn it off sit down, sent you yourself. Because I know how to do this. I have we as you of being have these energy resources and then, as we do, that they become part of the global reset. If there are enough of us who realise our interdependence, who cultivate a compassionate steadiness in this time than when we get through this, wave a virus. We can look at one another with new, loving eyes and say all right: how do we? How now shall we live?
It's like someone who's had a near death experience. Ok, I better look again and see what matters to me that what matters is due I love well that I bring my gift to the earth. Did I care for those around me, and that is really how the reset will happen. I really seen I do end up like couple years on a hospice, and am I really you really see the attributes the cliched end, like nobody saying I wish, I you spend more time at the office, but if you spend time in asked, is nobody you saying that they're all talking about the quality of their relationships? Jakin inclosing, I just want to say a few things to the audience and then my final, thank you to the audience. I want to say thank you for being with us all week and we'll be back next week at the week after and as long as this crisis continues, brats beyond
nay, we had the great teacher Joanna Hardy also from the left coast like Jack. We ve also posted a bunch of free content for people who are suffering during this time. If you go to ten percent dot com, you can click a link to what were calling be corona virus sanity guide. We posted a bunch of free meditations and little many talks from all sorts of teachers and experts with also regard the Pied castle. Twice a week later we just posted something on parenting and a pandemic on Wednesday, and today we posted something. What was it on our working from home, which has become a quite challenging for many of us and that we ve got many more episodes coming
and, as I mentioned at the top, if you ve, got thirty seconds to fill out the survey we'd love that the final thing I want to say is on Fridays, wherein it highlights in trying to get us all together to support a good cause. One of the big problems we see all over the country right now in the middle of this pandemic is that food banks have been hit really hard. So I want to highlight a national ever you can sign up to help and then also a local. Ever you can sign up to help the local one is place your county, California, others, a food bank there that has been hit really hard right now, because not only a day, running out of food, but all their volunteers are over the age of sixty five and can no longer works, or they are looking for a lot of help. Its place. Her food bank, DOT, Org approaches morning,
you'll stand point others. If reorganization call feeding America, they ve got a covert. Ninety response fund, I just go to feeding America DOT, Org and you'll be able to look around to get right to the place where you can turn into the covert. Nineteen relief on a ten percent happier will be making a donation as well. To feeding America. Is a there's gonna, be an ongoing issue that back so, what's keeping in mind jack? I just want to say in closing to you. Thank you very much at this is this: is he a better In to put in the tv terms when we win, when we get a great interview, we call it a good get so in meditation in imitation world you're a great get. So thank you very much for her brains. Do this were virtually holding hands together in this case as as human beings, and were also teaching
They are supporting while another that we can trust how to get through this, with a with a good heart and with the kind of wisdom that all of us have within us. So thank you, Jack. Thank you very much and I thank everybody for watching with you right back you're a Monday there's, not a person in America who hasn't been impact it in some way by the corona virus pandemic, but it every community. There are pockets of people, we're suiting up every day. This is my my day last day of the cylinder stretch of quotas from one of our time in these or America's essential workers, the people who are keeping moving. I turn into a homespun mom and now in a new plants from ABC News. You gonna hear from damage
I actually went back to my office on cybercrime because it's not fair. He inherited sorry that our community has itself faintly moraine. This is the essential inside the from the emergency room. It's the police, cruiser to the czech outline. You hear what this pandemic sounds like the people putting selves norms, which is always a risk that I could breathe, is home to my kids or my husband, or my parents listened to the essentials inside the curve on Apple podcast, refitted, podcast, em,.
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