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About Matthew Hepburn:

Matthew Hepburn is a straight shooting, clear thinking, and dedicated meditation teacher. His personal practice caught fire over the course of several extended meditation retreats and volunteering to teach buddhist meditation in prisons in his early twenties. 

Now he shares his love of contemplative practice with people on intensive silent retreats, through dedicated daily life practice as a core teacher at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, and as the Editor of Mobile Content for Ten Percent Happier.

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This is the ten percent happier past. I'm Dyin Harris, hey hey! For today's Friday, bonus episode were sharing something very exciting, a sneak peak from our new podcast, which is called twenty percent happier. Twenty percent have your is my colleague Mathieu Heparin latest plot to one up made Matthews eight meditation, teacher and coach and has been a driving force behind the love. Our content on the ten percent happier app. You may know him from his hit meditation sue the anxiety to sleep here on the table have your pike s. As you know, we feed your long form conversations with deep dharmu teachers in mental health experts about the various ways you can do life better, but many of you have been asking for a long time for us to talk your regular rank and file meditated about how to strengthen your practice, and that's where this new show comes in each episode of toys sent happier Matthew will be working one on one with an everyday
editor, as they seek to overcome some time engine, their life and or their practice. In today's clip, you're gonna hear from Saeed who talks of Matthew about how he's been using, feared and motivate himself to meet his own high standards and how that sends his inner world into turmoil. That strategy may sound familiar to. Many of you tell us into the full episode of twenty percent happier you can download the ten percent happier app. Where were you get your apps, then open it up and tap on? The pot casts tab at the bottom of your screen. Have at all that lets. Listen now to this seek pretty yeah. You know it's that same. per vigilant mindset, doings re way, industry on top of your game right, like it's that sort of mindset that allows me to good at my job and good in my life A film is good as Lamby, but it's also that that like hurts me I wish I could harness it fur
good in my life and not just year- and it wasn't just like running wild and running free yeah. Yes, so it's like what does come. when you imagine lead Go here well When I think about letting go just like the idea of letting go the thing, the first thing that comes to my mind is that it is the was vulnerable place. I could be in One thing about, even just like even decision bull is like letting go of my stomach, letting go and dislike it hang yeah, it's been a process of displaced for the next seismic thing to happen in my life, and so I can Feel truly. I never feel truly like. Like I'm just a living there question when I let go it feels like I'm just waiting for them.
Bad thing to happen, and I I would guess it like you said that projects over All heard in your life, many ways has become too develops. Control over in Austria. Patients that are legitimately threatening enlightened, big seismic shifts that totally. Destabilize things and I Imagine that you actually have really developed a fair amount of influence. You know to create some stability in an good things in your life. Do you feel, like that's the case. I know it's actually, but I don't know it emotionally. I don't experience. In my body in that way on everything, is still feels like its imperil everything's, Feels like it can be taken away. Nothing feels like.
Worth anything really added value because, like I know, that's the same thing, it's driving me too. if more work harder or like do good work, but it's also the thing that link. I also think it is really allow me to see whatever influx I do have. And whatever accomplishment I have had like. I have a really hard time with acknowledging I'm already attained, or that would be letting go and not staying ready for the next seismic thing. Exactly it would be silly of me. It's like let go and thus be like yeah. I the thing that I need now like you just the fact is, First of all that it can be taken away is enough for me to be like now like now. We're still we're still in this fight. This is still invite. Yes, yes, yes It feels a little hopeless
to be honest, feels a little feels a little hopeless. I can hear that and I think it will feel hopeful. this probably so long as it feels like a project of doing a way that you have become the person? you are that the mind has developed these patterns and if it's a project of tunnel undue that you know from many of us. We just think our history and like what we ve inherited energetic nationally, culturally and the thought of trying to undo. All that is like daunting is a question of light Is it possible and my even if it was possible for a person to do that like to have the time I who am I outside of that. Like I don't know, their person is I know who I am right now, but like like what is at issue. Is that person now scary to
I want to do- is try and figure out a way together that we can make a plan, for to just lean into the things that are naturally you that will help create some space around this pattern. So it's not running the show all the time, and you feel like you get some reprieve The question I want to ask is: what do you do or how do you experience in your data data. Life pleasure. Just like honest, simple but real pleasure, a single question pleasure It's it's tough, because examples on thinking of our things like. They are like just pure pleasure there they have.
Pleasure in them, but they also bring a lot of stuff with it too, like I think this Cynthia came a mite was like is so size quite weightlifting, but running, is like every he also falls away. All there is is what's in front of you. If it's running, what's in front of you is the road if it's basketball, what's in front of you, is these other five people on the court and the nets fuck I took my mind out of one state of being and disliked did into another, and the only rules here, Are the ones that are present here like on this court, whatever the rules of the court are even like to argue and to know that shit like if you literally feels like I'm an indifferent realm and those two things. bring me like a lot, a lot of pleasure in that it does seem like a paradigm shift from like my normal life into like another.
mention altogether or one of the things that meditation is all about, is using attention like bringing are like full awareness to the process of living so that we learn from it is in many ways is as simple as that. What I have a hunch could be a really profound, way to start some serious momentum creating bigger gaps from when you feel, totally oppressed. By this mind, state of, like pressed Pressure and all the rest is too really tune in to what it feels like for that pressure to loosen for their grip to loosen. What I think will be amazing for used to have these moments, where you feel pleasure in Europe. and then to pause and
like lean to feeling it? You know, because of the travellers. like you, gotta help me hit one year on IRAN, but you just are still moving through life. One stage to them x and not joining in going vis. What it feels like in the cells of my body, ten me pressure on myself have everything together and as soon as you start, turning your full interesting Osity inattention said, like actually really enjoying an understanding and appreciating what it's like to depressurize. when you start doing that, Yo Yo, body he's, gonna love that shit and it will just start to look for more opportunities to feel. That is a very natural toward a kind of depression position,
because we actually feel the benefit in real time, and it's like anything else is The body realises that is pleasant. enjoyable and then it like seeks it out more often and the trial There's one more focused terminally. We then get addicted to the things that bring us pleasure. We don't cultivated taste for the like internal, letting go of the staying addicted to making the pressure. Regular Matthew and Saeed again that was asleep peak of this new show twenty percent happier new podcast available exclusively inside the ten percent happier app download the app today and then tap on the pot casts tab to find out What happens next, we'll see you back here on Monday, with a brand new episode with Adam Grant,
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