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Post-Election Uncertainty | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer


During this wild moment of uncertainty, join Oren to ease your anticipation anxiety and soothe the troubling tumult of the unknown.

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About Oren Jay Sofer:

Oren Jay Sofer teaches mindfulness, meditation and Nonviolent Communication. He has practiced meditation since 1997, beginning his studies in Bodh Gaya, India and is a long-time student of Joseph Goldstein, Michele McDonald, and Ajahn Sucitto, and is a graduate of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training program.

He holds a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University and is the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication.

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From ABC this is the ten percent happier podcast cast on Dan Heron greetings on a post election Friday, given the moment in which we find ourselves were dropping a special edition bonus met station to support you at this moment of anxiety and uncertainty. At the moment when or in J Sofa recorded this meditation, we did not know the outcome the election was actually in the way hours on election night when he recorded this and his goal, and our goal was to help you deal with The powerful emotions you maybe experiencing no matter where you find yourself on the political spectrum. This meditation is also
available, I should say in varying lengths on the ten percent happier app ok over an orange hey. This is orange it's early Wednesday morning November. Fourth, I am speaking to you from Richmond California, in times like these, with so much uncertainty and. after this wild year that we ve been having being able to feel connected to others is so important for. Well being and our mental, an emotional health. So let's do some meditation and get connected. I invite you to take a deep breath: That's helpful breeding and through your nose.
Bread out through your mouse long and slow. They might really your shoulders your neck. Whatever helps you to begin to settle in, if you like, you can close your eyes We're just turn your attention inwards and begin to notice it Places where your body is touching the ground see if you can just start to navigate towards the steady sensations of contact, as you feel the ground beneath you.
This whole life is a flow of change and uncertainty. Then right now, on this particular day there is the law. Of uncertainty, none of us know, what's gonna happen and that's. Ok, that's the nature of things to our job is to stay present, to stay, grounded to stay connected to ourselves. To each other, and perhaps most importantly, to our values, tat, we care most deeply about.
So that we can act so that we can respond towards needed from a place of love. So just feeling your body sitting, as we said Ellen letting your thoughts and emotions be as they are in the background.
If you feel anxious tense. It's totally all right. It's a natural response to uncertainty,. See if you can begin to notice where, in your body, Feel any emotions that are present for you right now, and can you give that some space to be here to justice? how it without trying to get away from it without
under control at or fix it. It's just energy. It's just sensations. See if you can give more attention to the sense of your body said sang and breathing, letting the feelings of that emotion to be present. For you.
Taking it one moment, one breath at a time.
None of us now at the next few days hold, and none of us can control what happens, What we can do is show up, stay, grounded, see clearly and respond with love, so how's your heart doing.
Can you find that space of kindness stood little bit of warmth for tenderness inside it doesnt Felix The ball get creative. Think of someone you care about! Think of a pat, being piece of music, anything that connects you with your heart with the sense of tenderness? Now we can feel as human beings for one another.
And for the poignancy of being alive. See if you can begin to, let your attention gather with that sense of kindness. Almost like a warm. Glowing amber inside gently feeding it stoking it with your attention. Mr imagining a sense of warmth or care.
Starting to permeate your whole being. As you begin to feel, even the smallest glimmer of that warmth and care, ask yourself.
What do you need to care for yourself today take a moment to just listen quietly, it's gonna help you to stay connected, grounded and gentle with yourself. Take it out with you into the world old needs it right now.
Thanks for joining me, he well then take care. They thanks to organ. We hope you enjoy This meditation, if you're thinking you know I I couldn't go in there for another five or ten minutes. I encourage you to check out the ten percent happier app where you'll find this very same meditation indifferent months. The key. Save your subscription directly supports are many amazing teachers and allows them to. dedicate their lives to teaching the life changing skill of mindfulness? As an added incentive got a special discount for anyone, nudity app to claim your discount visit, ten percent dot com, slash bonus. that's ten percent. One word all spelled out dot com, slash bonus if you're an existing subscriber. Thank you. Does it for today will see or hear on Monday, with a fresh episode
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