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Stepping Back From Stress| Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos


Taking a bigger perspective and staying grounded in the body helps us experience life’s inevitable stress without being taken over by it.

About Alexis Santos:

Alexis has practiced and taught Insight Meditation in both the East and West since 2001. He has been a long-time student of Sayadaw U Tejaniya (a well respected meditation teacher in Burma whose teachings have attracted a global audience), and his teaching emphasizes knowing the mind through a natural and relaxed continuity -- a style of practice that's particularly useful during our crazy lives. Alexis has completed the Spirit Rock/IMS Teacher Training, teaches retreats across the globe, and currently lives in Portland, Maine.

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This is the ten percent happier Podcast Dan Harris hanging happy Friday time for bonus meditation. We ve got a really good one for you today on a topic that many of us know quite intimately stress in today's meditation Alexis Santos is gonna. Teach us how to take a few steps back from that stressed, create some distance to see it for what it is. Alexis, I should say, is very good friend highly skilled, meditation teacher. It's been practicing for decades. You may remember his appearance on the show last month during which he and I talked about the fact that he has helped me discover a much more relaxing way to meditate I. This is also a beloved teacher over on the ten percent happier app where he leads our on the go, coarse and offers a variety of other meditations one item of business before we get to it
with Alexis. One of the things we ve heard from you are listeners is that even for people who meditate regularly it can be hard to us, I those insights, the ones we sometimes generate during meditation to thee. Annoyances, in quandaries of our day to day lives even asking for a deeper dive into exactly how meditation can transform your life, and my colleague here at ten percent happier than meditation teacher Matthew, Hepburn. has delivered just that in his brand new podcast at his own show now, which he is chiefly calling. Twenty percent happier are steel, listen in on an intimate conversation between Matthew at his guest, his guests are not gurus; they met it yes, but their daily lives. You're. Probably a lot closer to Europe than the Dalai Lama's Matthew helps his guest unpack, what's going on in their practice, where they feel stuck watch working, what's not working and then leave
them to breakthroughs, that can transform their lives and may be yours too, as you listen along. So if you listen to this new show, twenty percent happier download the ten percent happier app wherever you get your apps and then tap on the pied casts tap. Ok without further Ado hears elects, a Santos high is Alexis in this session, we're going to explore one of the more common experiences that we all share. The feeling of stress. And the wisdom that helps to see more clearly, let's get started, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and all your eyes to jointly close. If you like to get started, take a couple of deeper breaths derive more fully into this moment.
Noticed how the body feels allow the awareness to sense, the general experience and the whole body from the head to the face and shoulders down the torso and belly the buttocks down to the feed setting the whole body.
So in this moment see if you can appreciate the very simple ability to be aware right now. What is the nature of your experience in the body or your state of mind. is there tension or tightness in your body somewhere. If feelings of stress our present see if you can just acknowledge them and noticed how they You're not pushing them away or trying to change them just being with them, as they are.
Stress is often the result of not attending twitter. Actually happening. Like where living slightly out of sync, with a direct experience, I There are wanting something to be finished sooner leading into the future are resisting what's already here. Noticed what's happening in your direct experience, it might be tightness and stress or thoughts. They might be ease just notice. You might ask yourselves
questions. How does feel in my body? Where do I feel it most and where is it felt least,. Anxiety- or stress is just as it is something that you can step back from and observe like you'd watches, storm passing or clouds moving through the sky.
As we become less identified with stress, as my stress, we can see it as just another, changing it variance that we can be aware of, like any sensation, thought or am the that comes and goes and its through this understanding. Ass though we can gain more ease, more freedom. In our daily lives, when you're ready You can open your eyes if they had been closed and weaken act in a more natural way, with a space around you, thanks for listening And wishing you a good rest of the day or evening, thank you.
Access will be right back here on Monday with the neuroscientist a me she jaw talking about something called peak, mind
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