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Try This Meditation Before You Try to Change the World | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg


Following on from our episode with Sharon Salzberg on Wednesday we’re dropping a bonus meditation from the set of new meditations she has within the Ten Percent Happier app related to her new book Real Change. This meditations is a Lovingkindness practice for Social Change.

A towering figure in the meditation world, Sharon Salzberg is a prominent teacher & New York Times best-selling author. She has played a crucial role bringing mindfulness and lovingkindness practices to the West. Sharon co-founded the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) alongside Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield and is the author of nine books, including Lovingkindness, Real Happiness, and the most recent Real Love. Sharon lives in New York City and teaches around the world.

Want more of this meditation? I encourage you to check out the Ten Percent Happier app, where you'll find this same meditation in different lengths to suit your practice. Your subscription cost directly supports our wonderful teachers and allows them to dedicate their time to teaching the life-changing skill of mindfulness. As an added incentive, we've got a special discount for anyone new to the app. To claim your discount, visit tenpercent.com/extra.

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For maybe see this is the ten percent happier Podcast Harris Hay for today's bonus. We're gonna drop a meditation from shared Salzburg. She was on the show a couple days ago talking about her book, real change, which is all about how to stay engaged in our civic life, political life, public life, without losing your mind, and she has recorded new meditations and talks specifically pegged to this new book, all of which you can find inside the ten percent happier at this. One, though, which is on loving kindness for social change, is available right here for free hides the Shan loving kindness meditation for.
Cells is a powerful way to deepen our inner strength if we grow this sense of self respect, with it, will allow us to draw boundaries, respond to unfair treatment. And join with others in a sense of common cause. Let's begin sit comfortably, relax. Close your eyes, if you feel comfortable, we begin by act we take delight in our own goodness, Have a good quality that is alive within you. It may be a very small thing, but bring
To my now within silently repeat phrases that reflects what would wish most deeply for ourselves using traditional phrases like. Man living safety, may I be safe, there have mental happiness, which is peace and joy, may have physical happiness, which means health and freedom from pain. Man live with ease witches.
Maybe elements of daily life go easily, not be such a struggle. You can use these phrases or any others that are more personally meaningful tier may be safe. There have mental happiness, may have physical happiness.
Man live with ease. Just gather all of your attention behind one phrase at a time and repeat the phrases. Loving kindness for yourself. It is said that we can search the entire universe for someone who is more deserving. Our love and affection than we are
Ourselves and we won't find their present anywhere so as you receive this energy coming toward you be in touch with that truth, we deserve to be happy. We deserve to be safe, just as all beings do may be safe.
May have mental happiness may have physical happiness, man with ease. Don't you feel ready, you can open your eyes, you can see how developing a greater self respect in kind toward ourselves.
Is a doorway into deepening around strength to care for others and the world. Thank you fear practice, big. Thanks to you. I really hope you enjoy that meditation. If you're thinking you know, I really But he kept that going for another five or ten minutes. I encourage you to check out the ten percent happier app where you will find this same meditation, indifferent, Lentz, to suit your practice. The price you pay for your subscription supports are wonderful teachers and allows them to dedicate their time to teaching. Skills of my fulness, which can be life changing as an added incentive. We ve got a special discount for anybody who is new to the app to claim that discount. You can visit ten percent dot com slush extra, that's ten percent. One word all spelled out dot com, slash extra if you're in existing subscribe. We thank you for your support.
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