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Carolla Classics: Arsenio Hall, Ray Romano, and Dave Dameshek

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Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show: 1. Matt Besser (2012) 2. Richard Grieco (2012) 3. Ray Romano Mind Bets(2012) 4. Arsenio Hall and Dave Dameshek (2012) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Request clips: Classics@adamcarolla.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chrislaxamana https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chrislaxamana1 https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio Website: https://www.podcastone.com/carolla-classics Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/carolla-classics/id1454001697?mt=2 Support the show: Visit Meater.com and use code CLASSICS Visit TommyJohn.com/Classics Visit MethodMen.com and use the code Classic Visit CoolerShock.com and use the code ADAM Visit Geico.com Visit LifeLock.com/Adam
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everybody Geico is now offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle and our view policies visit guy doing percent. I know too good to be true, so there's a guy godaddy com for more info all right. This first cliff feature Improv Superstar Map Besser? He is one of the founders of U C B. Vitamins brigade that's right and he came in twelve. He did. It was first on the show or any person era that back in love line, two thousand one, all three of the. U C, B dude showed up Might as Amy legendary episode. Then that used to be guys. I came on promoting a local players in spite network, and I was men in their customers and those of the other Matt they came on and they promote all that stuff but Adam. Wasn't there their guest hosting and so is the bullet I'm he's ever reunited on air with mad Besser after eleven years, First time I met, you came in studio back and twenty twelve it up so David Wild Ellsworth, Brian Bishop MATS, interview Adam Cruel, show eight thirteen from May of twenty two
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Button entering the code, Adam always less than full price, never any fees. I love that score. Big dotcom, promo Code, Adam that desert read this, big fan a really long time listener. First time, gas thanks under a via you c B. Every body with the aim of polar and met, while shall we ve had on the show before you the first time we met The we're filming that commercial that was was synchronize swimming for comedy central and remember that they had isn't cited me. It will be what you were doing. Man show, I I don't know you see, be we're doing a promo, yes in common denominator with synchronize swimming. Can I that idea, remember doing. I ain't we didn't do a lot of men. A comic central didn't, do a whole
of campaign exactly when they do. You know what you're like this is. What's gonna represent as right, and I do remember doing this synchronize swarming one, and I think we did one where we went to an old age home, but I saw some point: they throw us out or something for you. It's all. Just it's all. It's all just like a lifetime ago. Do I have to get in the pool now that might have it a little funnier. The immediate want that I would not be appropriate to. How did you start? You should be theatre Well, we moved to New York and we we had this improv that we do. That was only really done at that point Chicago and we start teaching classes and all these teams wanted us to coach home and eventually just became economically emancipation cargo.
Because of second city. You think you're, all this kind of improv you ve seen arrived. I think he's your and our show haven't you heard, and I can't I'm trying to have I've. I've done a ton of improv hurt me thinking back because here's how improv works? Ok, there's no eleven people, the company and there's really few people we can only be on stay for this fuckin asshole or some chick is just another. Emerald of this was aimed at all are well path if there were quiet steamroller, which is like a bad easy listening station quite steamroller, I ain't and that's one thing, but then there, the person who were like you're on one knee and lights and you ve started some physical activity and they go, and you say, bring that would over here get this fire started. They go when you gotta, be don't fix that flat and you're like right now, jacking up a car. Thank you very much, and then you go the lesson
we were married for Lahti years, but now that we're divorced, we're gonna have to room figure out a way to get along, and I like, wherein ever married and you're gonna fucking gotta kill this person, but here in the middle of the sea, and so you now you have you have you. In our dialogue of I'm gonna, fuckin, kill them and then you're out or dialogue. If I have to come up with something funny be every bit, you know what I'm talking about what it makes it reminds me of. Oddly enough is one time I did mushrooms while, while in Y all it was a mistake, that was how it will always have as we ask ache psyche when you do much and you think, mushrooms plus any things can equal fine road do that with. But we did some showrooms that night and not everyone in our group did psychedelic so's like three of us for doing it in four of us warrant. We didn't tell the guys who work doing that we were doing it. But like half way into it, if you receive one on showrooms like LSD time slows
down every second of your life there going through five or ten seconds Yoda? So I'm on stage, unlike its everybody waiting for me, to say something. I got this flight where one of the guys, you know the kind of blue collar guys wasn't doing LSD pulled me back stages like are you trip in right now- man- not you know you are when you're under that is no man, I'm not with my saucer eyes. I've done the mushrooms couple things with mushrooms, I we say mushrooms is like fish and chips like you have fish and chips any go one fucked. I wait so long in between fish, not yet good shit. I fucking love as you know it, and then it's like smash cut to nine years later and you're having your second basket efficient ships like every time I do more. if they go this fuckin ass, a man I should do this more often and in ten years goes by, but You ever had a bad one. Now
I've had the I've had the man I ate a pot brownie and american we'll get out of this. For a long time. I've heard that one I've had those kinds of drug experiences like made it for the long haul gone anywhere, and I wish get out like this is like elects a charity poker game. Where I wish I could just push all my chief but Adam. You have you, have no pears and your nine high yeah and put it all and put at all put it all and will always be an antidote right in case you made a mistake. I think baby. More of butter milk would help things out, or at least would fall under the couldn't hurt category by either. I do want to think that a thing we're just go and let Vince VON sit here for another three hours, but I'm off this fuckin tabled by there's nothing, there's no cashing in your chips with mushrooms Rob and got a rider. He had a role that is and there's that element of you never know how it's going effect you. So you know
the mistake of taken too little. Why you can you can DR yourself of hallucinating, get have you ever heard? Anyone regret that mistake of taking No, they don't regret at the next day, but they were granted in the moment when three other friends, I haven't the fuckin time in her life and they're gone wrong. I always lily high. They ve been on it for forty five minutes, like I think I can takes more so I've had, but I've heard that, where people go, I want to get really high mushrooms and go to Disneyland, and, unlike I got this when going on in my frontal lobe right now. Like all reason, I see Disneyland or mushrooms for me, I don't this. I'm getting out of here this futon staring at the ceiling. Have I got all the Disneyland? I need right here in my apartment, that's
that's. Why you're right? A poor man's with seventy hours, despair, shrimps, right yeah. I did do honesty and go to Disney. What's an ally Lando what to Disney Land, but you think it's gonna be the greatest thing: her. But what use you start focusing on? I start focusing on the negative. What's the name of the other big? Yes, Madame Horn, I start seeing all the cracks matter and as it fuck that's what happens in Syria or valley go on now and doing Improv Hon Mushrooms seems just a horrible idea. Alas, the audience is high and mushrooms. It seems a great I weren't now and You mean Amy Polar used to be
we all met in Chicago at this place, called the improbable and pics Mount while Sheen Roberts and Amy Polar she's a little bit younger than us. She came around, but for years after we started, but that's where we started and then we decide we want to have a. We want to be. Like kids, the hive around sketch ass, we moved to New York and then the theater was really a plan. Just cannon organically happened. We did the improv, where this weird thing, where our improv true, which was acme at the time, took on the improv alive x and, like you know that you know it's like a sort of like a fat white guy version of you been served in only like if like, if you could, you deserved ring served here, bring it on like like. If you couldn't dance, which you could talk in and sit on blocks black blocks was that version and judges something like that. I think the answer something I went
Virtue, the other team, because they're, like short, handed and then we one so is this thing we're like we're, drive and homeowner. What's gonna pissed off that we got beat except riding get because I played on their team. I took it. I think it is a victory. It took us w the movie died away, freak dance, ass. We can on each starts, May nine, through the twenty second how's that Are you can go on line by the way, a freak dance movie, Dotcom, find it nay, I theatre near you, Amy Pullers, in this one Timmy Meadows and this one lots of operational sand suggested a deal a cartoon, I didn't. I just saw her ratio since two days ago, yesterday actually and wanted to say to her ratio sands who was wearing glasses and had a beard are you this? Are you ve always been this not fat, or do you
seem frat because you have a big head or did you lose weight? I don't I don't know what the you know. He last like eighty two hundred particularly on point do something, but on the other hand, irreverence head looks big on tv now we had a beards, always insurance, Headstall was kind of big, but he's lost. Wait now lie a land of ESA. Now he was pretty bad. He was pretty obese there and he knew it and if it goes affecting his health and obvious way, so he does. He want hard core, no more drinkin and eaten lot better. He lost turn away more. You know it was weird as I we're hang out on this Disney veto and oh yeah. I guess you drop couple when I dont know what to say, but where does and it was nicely catered and I knew it looked like a lost eighty eight hundred pounds and it's weird thing- words like but I shall reaching first gown and These values are you? If you want to judge I go away. That's not gonna. Get you any further dear, go away like
like I don't know what to say, but he's totally sky and then, as I go, I came here to fuckin scorn and byways River has thrown up when it gets home or whatever ready, Mister Havisham effort. But you don't go ahead. Need that eager luck and stone yeah we play. We played cops that were shaped like pastries or doughnuts. In some new. the usual spreading into care. So what's this robot well The movie the warriors right you, Madeira, grown up on that like Erhead. That's about gangs in New York picture the warriors been set of gangs their day, screws Verona. While we're just talk about this year's ackland now so it's a parody of all dance movies, but it's it's. I hate to say: parity are so mean lane parity movies out these days and I think that's what people think about, but I think it's more like a rock. What rocky horror did for Frankenstein. You know we collaborated our own world advance worldwide
Would you shoot it on red camera and that's how they may have a debt it up there fancy, but cheap way tissue. Moving these days, I think air shot digitally a hot thirteen days. We used real dance crews. Instead of a bunch of fat white guys trying to dance, we, we got real dance. Crews from Iraq is best transfer, and so you think you can dance so we have legitimate dancing in the movie the the dance crew thing. It feels like that with some those around in the eighties and Y know what hey and then they got the ban. Together the Ninetys were not good years for danced Chris. Yes, a lot of guys. And saw so that is out, may nine through the choice. Can we turn up the start in the south and the EAST coast, then I'll be turned with a movie yeah we do little news, ass erosion, flats,
with Alison rose red, sometimes TAT is bad and when it's time the rabbit actual sided with the White House, correspondence dinner was Saturday a bit about that live, show hosted by your friend Jimmy Camel, and we have some clips to discuss. The first of all. Obama mentioned the mansion. Somebody tweeted me that are few people tweeted me that I was. Why didn't I caught the last five minutes of Obama and all of Jimmy, and I thought you know it's got a sock of my first thought was Jesus Christ be nervous, rack doing this virus Jimmy I thought. What would make this a lot easier as if he had Jimmy Carter, maybe Gerald Ford or hell?
the link and doing it before you were the guy wasn't a barrel of laughs, but this charismatic and he's pretty good at it, and in this day and age, if you're gonna be a president, you're gonna have to be good on camera, good on your feet and you have to be good order. Like yours is no more ham, am radio crackling, you know people around it. You gotta go on that tonight oh and be delightful. You now, and he has good writers like he's done this stuff before on, is what the one of these things right for is he's dying, eurobond, oh Barack, is only aren't you guess Borgias worldwide. So what the point is, if you're a comedian and you're going You know if you're doing a and go on after comedian, you know what that comedian to kill you. Cause you're gonna go on and not be as good as the person who went on before you, but if that person is, before you as president of the United States and he's
funnier than you are. You are far so what you know Your is going kill, you explained in the Federal Reserve's, you're gonna beat him and calm. And yes, so you what you want is it's gotta, be like a little stiff and a little still dare not by their good. Then you go let the proud, but what you don't want is still ongoing. Can president was one human lives, in which case you're totally fucked your what I saw Obama's last five, six minutes any was killing. I was like I'll fuckin kill you at your work cut out. For you now kill said the most terrified I've ever been was the first time I went. I'm Letterman. This was number two. and he s a set is just a very strange room. One person told me afterward: they were scared to laugh at a joke because they were sitting next to House Majority leader Eric Canter light and even realize was there we ve all been there. She didn't want him to see her laughing at a joke. I made about him. Half the people on any given joke have to keep the laughter to themselves speaker. I feel safe way, button clubs,
sure we will as to break our chaperones, believing as Jimmy Camel was perfect for the jobs since most of knives. Audience is in his key demographic people who fall asleep during my line, Jimmy gotta, start years ago on the man show well Washington, that's what we call a congressional hearing on contraception I had nerve endings, really feel something Rayner is it just just deadness nothingness knows it's it's! I don't I want to make a life anymore, but people tweeted may there I gotta Brok, Obama mentioned your show and I was like
I got for clue on jeopardy while they didn't get it that so that was a slap in the face by the way cousin sow was there with that James Baby Doll Dixon, my agent change made all dixons probably represented four or five people who have done this job, not present a United States, and so he goes every one of them and because Cousin South cousin soundly as to fuck with Dixon all the time. That's all he does this fuck with Dixon like when Dixon comes the town dicks in always pays for the dinner. When we go to the fancy stay Place and at some point Dixon says, he's gonna go out smoke a cigarette. He walks out and cousin sow orders like nine Philemon honest ago and put it on his thing. I don't give give away for to the tables around damages sow Hasta fuck with baby doll, examine how he litter
went to. It was taken his picture of bike. Us oh bomber, MIKE, you tell me a story from our scrutiny by talking to Daniel about it. Yesterday Jimmy I just see mail them told him. I was watching it. He was killed it of the love in it and was weird as I was nervous for em and funny- and I was like I was really impressed by, and it was just amazing, but he was telling me that cousin sounds basically fucking with Dixon and we have something yet when they were in line or their photographs, Sal and Dixon work together and dumb sallies over a says, yeah. I voted for you baby Doll over your didn't baby. Don't hide the cap is a Michel voluble. You have a chance of this year, a ticket to behaviour at all, and I am
poor baby I'll have a chance to explain themselves outcome on pull them on what we have. I think, and we will have some footage of that at some point. I think Daniel has it by the way my tongue ascended to me, but I'm a guy yet so Willa will track that down. You know what looks like a change. Baby I'll Dixon could use a representation in the legal department like legal zoom. I saw and also Jimmy came all made a joke, Keith Overman's expense and government tweeted something back, and we have that show whether there I couple jokes,
remembering in Europe will pull up this clips. If we don't have it, I can tell you it when it was. I like the one. I don't know why, just because it was true, like you still not rush limber and bill MAR basically said you know, the difference between the fans is bill. Mars fans, no he's an asshole fresh Limbaugh than dread. Jokes irish good, when their true, like I do feel like Bill MAR Fans knows an asshole. We don't have over ok. Well, what happened was a camel said that if everyone looks under their seed, they'll find resume by from Keith as at that was so then he twisted funny that Jimmy rip me after his people desperately wanted me to fly to allay the beyond his show. This pass Wednesday desperately suit stairs all being ripped either. I think everyone can agree developments and ass. All
and then you support it. Then, when you do these gangs of them, then he said I'm fair game, I'm complaining about the revenge element. It reminds me of a Riley Kimmel said I didn't even know they asked him to be on the show. The way I look at it he's a major political figure in broadcasting over the past year and jokes had to be made about him. I guess he took it the wrong way. I'll call, color, or something and cleared up I'll wait. We or anything of like opens a douche and here's the thing. Hearsay, no key elements! Adieu shy have no of I've, no interaction with images. Everyone seems to agree. A douche thus sees adieu sheets to cheer me pivot, yeah syndrome you now whenever, when you work with those guys, a dish then we'll take your word, for I do have an eclipse from and I think there were. There was a series of marijuana jokes. Yet a glimmer, those and
Ok, I do have one question for. Mr President, what's with the marijuana crack down, I mean seriously: what is the concern? We will deplete the nations funny and supply you. Don't pot smokers vote to something week after the election, but they go. Let's take a quick Paul. I would like everyone is from the razor raise your hand if you ve, never smoke pot look at bread. Hume he's high right now is on its fourth Armand Macaroon suppressed hope. You don't think I'm out alone here, but marijuana, something that real people care about, and the fact that you believe Speaker banner, when he tells you he's still less control of his party, leads me to believe that you must be smoking. Some crazy, great we'd yourself, very uncomfortable smile from rock of I'm pretty comfortable, actually yeah so ears, the clash in OZ I loved. It was
on the and every funny for me, because I was sitting around and I'm watching Jimmy and I'm getting the the reason it literally came on. We were plainly I John love. It's theatre that night club that is and its it was like seven thirty five, seven, forty whatever the time was in Jimmy, was just kind of finishing his sad and I we had a show at eight o clock at the John love. It's comedy club cast theatre. Five past theater and I thought great- is sitting next to Brok Obama, I'm heading off to love it's his pipe cast. The editor entertain a hundred eighty nine people. This is awesome
the contrast here, but it was, it was put in place. This thing I sold out it was all about. I was. I would certainly like with the last thing I was gonna see before I felt like I needed some sort of loser palette Clay, like Polly Shore, doing an information or something I could have felt a little better. Like Polly Shore for the wonder mob or something I won't. I now feel good about what I'm going out to do. You shouldn't google Rikiu Batman, your I felt it. A study should have done it immediately. Everyone should have a loser, palette, clans or on hand those kind of situations we also. If you want to see the margin we have, that one way to them is that Slut rush Limbaugh here People are still upset with a rush for comments made about Sandra afloat, but you know what there's a reason. Mr Lombard said what he said and that reason is per Cosette by the way is to clear things up for the extreme right, wingers. Here's the difference between bill, more
Russia lemme the people who watch bill no he's an wow peeped out twenty. I was watching it on like us and was an unambiguous c span of systemic CNN and they didn't she bowed. Asshole. Will they do beef it out on the internet or something my glares chose to be fitted offended his sense of muscle, one link. So a female dentist in Poland, which sound like the beginning of a joke, is under investigation for allegedly pulling out all her ex boyfriend teeth. The now gummy fellow showed up because he had a too thick days after the to split the dentist is quoted. As saying I tried to be professional and detached myself from my emotions, but when I saw him line there, I just thought what a bastard and decided to take all his teeth out. The guy woke up with his mouth bandage and thought. Something was wrong because it couldn't feel his teeth. She told him he was
but when he got home you couldn't believe it. He says the bitch had emptied my mouth in his native polish assuming while and his new girlfriend. Apparently, article f to him because I can't be seem sort who looks like that, so the Dennis faces loss of her licence, now time I would like and if she just got jail time, but you can still practised, stand down, St Jane. They hung in the joint here that where were you woke me, you may keep your life oh by the way where you gonna do your license. When you're in the joint pull out the tea figured I'd, ironically, let him keep you have no tools or any rang, and I mean I'm a dentist jerry over everything. I'd like a toothless man must be amazing, cunnilingus with no. Yes, he see. That's right, vagina even feel like you, I feel like the errant teeth are more of a problem.
the woman is perform an oral sex than the guy is, and I dont know if she should respect in further. So I like so that begs the question: are you guys looking for a toothless woman? Well Might I suggest my friend Marge focus on the back door and ever tooth, and there can be we're different where one we are. Unfortunately I would be in an you: are my vomit and your high and mushrooms. Yes, that would be fucking horrible. I've never done mushrooms Yemen lived made. Quite possibly, I have not. Who said that you did to me: yeah yeah do mushrooms, but I dont think you'd be good on my now. That's why I haven't I. The Patrie drugs, I don't do anything anymore, but well there are certain their certain drugs that aren't good for certain personality types and I he'd get tough early, analytical yeah yeah, I'm already on transfer certain drugs change, personalities to lying chat rooms and acid like. But if a change
in a word way, though, thinks it's think it's good Surely you should go out in the middle, the woods with people, you trust and that one here can we were there, though helium devour you lose Miller's grass. There's only found that appeal to me, but then there's just so much fear and think I feel, like the doors of my perception, have been blown open before and laughing I will tell you what what good will come of it. If you get home mushrooms, we it's all at all in the new book by the way not tackle bell material available for pre order on Amazon, if you like or through the woods, I do talk about their taken mushrooms and that in one of the things that you don't realize is in life, you you have to tune out so much if the tuna having ninety five percent of what's going on. Otherwise it's too in saying, there's too much
rinkitink aroused information and its in its combination of what going on internationally you're, not like you here. stories in its like a woman was stoned to death because she asked the question and its any just party that goes far beyond horrible, but Maybe if you move on on Thursday in you move on to something else, you know, and you and then you here. these stories, some of these horrible atrocities. You realize how much we need to block out of of life, including almost every single thing. You put your mouth like where the fuck did this come from, where this travel from who handle this, whose back in the kitchen who's out the field who's driving the truck like your head would explode and You realize I must tune out and we, as Americans do a fan, Tabula job of tuning now and we focus on
like hey them, dodgers. Looking good looking good there are like hell, am I need a polar bear died here. I have focused on that. Not all was a tragedy, not the millions bed might that are running around in her pocket mattress right now, all this kind of shit they would forget, so you have to do that. It sort of like when you drive your car and you ve own your car for a number of years. You don't think about like who wears where the lights, where, where it is no where's the indicate what you just note your hands. You start moving in your mind a million miles away, I'm? U just driving a car! Think about a million things! Just all mechanical muff memory, will your whole I've emotionally can go into old memory sequences. Well, if you don't realize when you get up in the morning bet, you brush your teeth, the exact amount of strokes. right side in the left. I pray. Do the exact same thing: rynch your mouth to whenever you're out or Door's locked alarm on down the driveway away from the house, whenever it is- and you you you haven't you
your brain yet, and the high and mushrooms it all gets taken away like you must stop and look around. You must damn and everything you enjoy every stroke of the tooth. Not necessarily, but you do appreciate it like you do like you do go you like. It is. Does this things well designed toothbrush inevitably go on about that. I really do it and be to my liking. Reared little noted in horror and at the end, for picking up my gums now having you you and mushrooms and use it there and you turn on the tv and you go. This thing got filmed somewhere and Burbank Stop off a satellite which is orbiting our globe. two thousand miles an hour shot back down to my tv set this image,
so you're, not even enjoying the show you just enjoy now to show got there this area, this image of Charlie shame, has travelled forty four I was a mile eyeballs its prestige and a man are you like? Is it the drugs that are making me think this way, or do I always think this way, but it is just the drugs that have made me open to this kind of thought create need. I might super Stone, that's what I always got stuck in, that loop of thinking am, I Am I always aware of all the stuff in usually I block it out, or am I suddenly aware because I'm a drugs? I would like to share this thought with someone, but I can't talk yeah always means? Don't you have to be shut down to those kinds of thoughts it's the way, your mind would work. If you weren't indoctrinated into this society, you know you get what went on culture, whatever society urine. What you know whatever you look at other cultures and ego
Oh, how could they do that? Well, they can do it because that's their culture, that's what they're right! We need to give shrimps to them. It wouldn't hurt. Like when you go to Greece for some you're like wiser, one nap involved, yeah that lay at how does this country operate? Well, I think we have exerted our own. They don't ya this. When you see them eating something you would never eat or acting away. You would never act like while, what's up with this well, if you're born into the middle of that, then you'd be what's up with it. You know so. Eighty poles you out of your mindset and your society, and then you just become this person standing on the planet? Looking at everything with fresh eyeballs see, I feel I fight you without drugs. I have many moments like that of dust, sort of disorientation or things all of a sudden turning surreal. Well, that's part of that is being smart and being analytical or coincidence, but but its yes.
you thinking about things being slightly more involved than the average guy that just sitting in the bleachers screaming his head off for a bunch of multi millionaire from the Dominican Republic, about away. Yes, I'm talking about improvisation, a bottle of the world's oldest beer has gone on sale on Ebay, and, as of writing this, it was a hundred and fifty five and that's where it is a hundred fifty five thousand dollars or if you want to just buy it now. I think it's like eighty five thousand and it when they say that, but then there's always that's a sealed bottle of all sobs arctic air from eighteen. Fifty two of the auction is ended. I'm told Oh, it's! Ok! So that sword, four hundred and fifty five thousand. Wow, that's nice! I want if a person is going to drink it look at it. Yeah beer get better with age. Now, go scum,
near so or Arctic Gale was originally brood for the rescue mission of Fame british explorer. Sir John Franklin, this aim recipes brute again five years later in this. Follows from that batch. I miss that mindset were like somebody's Ike, look somebody's. they get in there and rescue those people. Now, let's get drunk like I mean like I'm not just- on any beer, but we need to make up a special bad. You need a shitload of rum, so we can go discover some new shit land. If you think about how long things took back, then if I were the personated rescuing I'd be like how about we just drink beer,
you're right yeah will celebrate my rescue going to add four months to a cold water rigour cold. I can feel my feet. So, let's get movement hurry show up in the next month, the wow a hundred and fifty five thousand dollars. I think I would if I bought that beer, I would probably go on like that tonight show and shot Ganem and unwillingness to shovel funky and weird with I like, if you The person who had that potato chip collection you'd eat the one that will ya many per I'd, make a beer born. Just put it in your friend. Another beer. You have just over a year now drinks you just get really mad costumier. Fifty five thousand dollars you asshole, I'm would even keep you alive and well to keep it safe deposit box
added around dumping Geneva sit on live inside giant round the most expensive thing you ever consumed while well. This is first off a toothless it's almost as expensive as anchor steam. So All I know is that was always the most expensive beer. I've ever seen like I was ever go to like our fathers office in Santa Monica, like a picture bankers have like forty one dollars so fucking grey whereby its great buddy, I think, but worth that much don't just expansive like an anchor steam. we struck when I was poor when I was poor. He'd have to make those decisions like look, I gotta get paused, but I'm on a budget here and the guy who showed up with the anchor steam that was always like. Ah fuck fuck, you guys his literally ship came in like look out pardon upon, but shifted around like that guys doing great he's got anchor steam, I'm drinking lucky, logger, Milwaukee worst or whatever
We would like a lot at the moment. The puzzle, yeah yeah, I know you're the cast yeah. I've got news for you now sorted rub. Accuracy is very mid priced, especially for fathers. Office live beers that are ripe, pulled a menu pdf neighbours like thirty dollars for a first small amounts like all realised bottle of beer bearing on person Brian. What's the most expensive thing you ve consumed. Yet the monkey brain once good too get those map answer from you see be back and twenty twelve, the worries of so funny them back in very soon get to the next clip. Gotta tell everybody about sue. The collector was that you ask. Well let me tell you for forty million people being unemployed, tough times Hitting many, that means bills are going to go unpaid, but does that mean dead collectors can miss, treat you
I'll, be views have been trying to collect these debts. Tell you the answer's, no right! In fact, a debt collector lies to you. Virtually views they treat you unfairly, you dont have to put up with that or their bad behaviour or you can get free legal help. All you gotta do just go to sue the collector dotcom s. You eat the collector calm were skilled consumer lots. Ernie's will take your case for free and one eliminated debt that you oh and to pay you up to now in dollars and three race errors on your credit report. That would cause no fault of euro, so get a free. Turning last win up two thousand dollars and get the debt or race for ever. That's what the team at Sue, the like you can offer and they never charge for their services. That's sue the collector doc as you eat, php c, o L, L easy to your dad come all right. I grew up
built like yours, collagen harassing my mom and witnessing it and then as it is My number one goal is to not at the deal's might. Actually a great service would be that's jeers number one got making you're still on this next clip. This is from twenty twelve as well, and its rivers theme for days up so is basically twelve. I mean compiling some stuff for an upcoming week of shows. We may be doing that. Caps awaits us in the history of the girl, show doings but my back for the today's growth classics, analysing the eclipse like these twenty Twond clips of a certain vibe I must say here with us: in the good old one and its observers, export In the very next episode Aftermath Besser with Richard Greco Twin Jump Street freight family came in third season and curly watching it as part of another park has three cabinet. I won't get that that guy was really good at its Grey This is from made twenty twelve as well the following day, Richard go out and frozen. Brian Bishop
back of video with Richard great girl. Tv show gigolo. season one available on Amazon and by the way going you gonna go through Amazon, goddamn, crawled outcome, click. The Amazon banner show us a little love will when our beacon, it's not gonna, caution, extra time and or money. Good, sir, Richard too, to see you too so, let's go. I want to hear the whole Richard Greek, o story wordy grow up where's, it begin. Where does it begin? Where I grew up in Abstain, York, Watertown, which is seventy miles North EAST of Syracuse, and when this the acting begin I went to college football scholarship, who I was real
here, you played inside linebacker and full back vows to thirty back them. Jesus Christ anomaly the Greeks who has so far been arguing for a while. Now what college did you go to such a move? and you gotta have free ride to play the play ball. There lay Bosnia and what position did jammed up playing an plan linebacker and then a sure yard situations they put me in his full back, just like an eel fortune one year ass that that's good, but my back respond. Oh yeah played linebacker ice. Your college, that's the greatest, because you get to stand there and look at what's goin on oh yeah, and you get to just react reaction in really hit people pretty hard. It's it's! It's a thousand yards they're. Just the thing
I always thought that I am not at all. I had like withdrawals after stop playing football for years. I dreamt about it. I want all I wanted to do. I dislike what I wanted tunnel back into my high school employ one more year. Football was the. I had nothing else going on in my life. If I stay in twenty one jump straight, I went I been thinkin about think about it, much, but the thing I realize I missed about football is when ball snap Think about anything else. You just think about football. Like you just look at that. Order back, you try to read stuff, you get your hopes zone ear, trying to see if there thrown a screen or whatever your angle of pursuit whatever it is, but you don't think about anything else during that particular moment in time
now you you're your main objective because it sits tunnel vision. So your main objective is either. If the running back has a ball is, is knocking him d left field or in the quarterback has evolved, getting any more or make a sure? No one, bus, unique absence, delay that kinda, so you play what number are you and I was in college- forty two and in high school. I was thirty three forty to hell of a line back and number. Now that there are any once there were forty two now you re there was blood. It's a good college line. Backing number. I don't know why, because once you get to the pros, you gotta go up in the fifties: pretty much yeah, fifty five they always love about. Watching colleges I like to see like a free safety would number one I got inside back or number nine, which parliament,
started off as a flying carried out both up and they put him on the inside. Just something ironic lot there. You know it's hard to yeah, I'm trying to think of a better no backers, Indiana fell in the forest, but anyway. So you're playing airplane, Linda in college, and if one thing was me, I was plain ass, plain hockey too and in their mouths plan for the kings and canadian farmers for the motto Canadians. So it was. I couldn't that wrote to go play proxy right, but then I play the cross to railway, which sets a tough sport there. There's no lacrosse in LOS Angeles, nor and on the West Coast. It's a weird sport to us. It s, sort of like hacking and football and its in its
funky, we don't. We don't have this hygiene, you have all soccer with with the sticks in nets and what up upstate New York. It's it's mass! It's you re! Yes, huge! Now holies closer from upstate New York Pennsylvania down to the Carolinas, so I do a lot of the football players. Across when they're not playing football. The abacha keeps ingratiate, and it's that they figured out the seasons said their service staggered yet cause. You got upon the fall across in spring and then known then argues in the winners of the. So then you play hockey sent out a certain point. Eternity after pick, a sport ran right and you pick football football and what happens? I am. I.
Fourthly, operation my freshman year in college and but back then there wasn't like today where they they give you something, and then, in your offer for four months summit that because you got a little ac l, not a full share with me, they should just drain my knee tape. It up and put me back out there, ship, cortisone and Europe today. If we get a pipeline or Asher Schriner offer two weeks trying to pass tat. So they Sudanese fucked up there and any dreams of going into into professional football This plan, yeah yeah, I thought, but then
the college. You realize that they're, just as fast as I am in, especially the tv played against women, we played against anodyne selling a big school, but for us plain against Yale, they were lot bigger in us right faster and we are. We realise that in our would have food, but if he played against like Georgia were Nebraska just state. We get her basket, yeah nine! I know and I had the same problem. I went to Junior College and I couldn't handle. Let them take too much to catch debate ass air. Just airlines like to the athletes were too good a high school You get bikers manner once a great athletes and you can know the game a little better feel smart and then you get certainly go up alive, Oh and everyone's good airlines are really good athletes and then he realized there's five levels still between here and where I need to be in its like fuck it. So you start about.
Take a look in the mirror and you go where they will do some acting happens. Well, I was gonna thing I can I get they had this contest, some silly contests, the best looking guy in the college or something and then my latency New York said, do come to New York, a model, and I wasn't get along my full bug out at the time and because of some hazing thing Owen do, which is something weird with a goat or something what they want you to deal seriously something weird, were the goat really put your view? How weird thing we're thinking up with the goat? Not that weird Is it because we were obtained what what what what sells rightly wanted with the Gothenburg summit? Where were you think about where the goat or we go to the area. We go to the worst. Go that way. Yeah. We do wonders had sex with the goat in their head and it wasn't me
brown guilty. Did the coach once either the coach we're supposed to not be involved in all the cogent weren't involved at all, but the like, I was a freshman so and possess moved up to graze those young freshmen and they wanted us to do since things with a goat that. that I wouldn't do, what can't be worse than what we're all picture? I thinking picture what they want you do it in you got moved up to grave us. Add for the sixteenth great why they d, like you passing back then, but why our humble yes, now too smart for six gray- I am I already- maybe maybe, and do good looking for Connecticut. That's right
the sensibility of smart and as far as like doing grab system by that, but but in the reasoning of in all your emotional stability, as far as the sixth, in eighth, greater in you weren't ready for yeah. Well, so now you're playing ball in college in year. What seventeen eleven bus, sixteens ever do and say a huge disadvantage because there's this whole thing now, where they hold the kids back right, everyone's hold their kid back it was massive. in one year, is massive when you're playing sports at the high school level because resist a huge difference between being fifteen and sixteen and sixteen and seventeen mean there could be the already pounds of muscle between being sixteen or seventeen or eighteen years of age, going to college and be in sixteen a half or seventeen she's like a huge disadvantage yeah. They will one day I did. I go as big as we like when I went to college.
Senor nice girls about one. Ninety five and I were both ways: linebacker and running back right and then, when I go to college about those about to ten, and then I put on twenty pounds when I got there, so just a payment eating, lifting right all as lugging lifting and back then I mean waste. order, the stuff from weeder this this oh yeah Weeder Maggie's muscle fitness, but I cannot think even do monkey hormones today. Yes, a crazy, Paolo. They were there palpable you could we didn't? Do it a test tube and India's put on your tongue, but you got in a little thing and my parents Where'd. You get this time. I gotta know it takes off about. This was to do something, so you have sex with a goat, so they kicked you off the team young. Now they may be
what happened was after practice. One day I forget his name is: is a captain of the defence real asshole, but they all stood. The whole team stood and watched. We run hills right and, as you know, and I was just sworn Adam and then finally got to pointless and I'll take command I'll. Take you all I'm up there than those the dumbest thing than before. basing nine on one up there and it ain't gonna beat pretty good. Since a lot of people realize I've said this many times. People think that jocks beat up nerds, but jobs. Jobs beat up fellow, Jack's! That's I every movie is about the jock walk.
down the hall, seen the nerve and go and pay nerd. What are you doing to my turf and thinking of anger in his meat low, given him a wedge ye and then thrown him in a locker, but the reality is all might jock bodies were too busy beating each other up, didn't know who the nerves were. I brought up the other day I so we never never. So one of us. beat up a nerd or doornail things. Therefore, the hats round, we beat the shit out of each other's right that you, the jocks, did the ultimate attack, nerds, which is didn't know who they were there. That's an ultimate slight. That's the ultimate slap in the face, nerves, nerds or to nerdy even be beaten up,
twice always weird because ago, like I was a nerd high school and I got beat up by the jocks everyday, like first off every day, your combining it's a jocks or to minorities. How like rely jocks now make jocks beating up nerds cause Jock, like people do beat up nerds according now movies. Let me tell you something or your island is not the real jobs. Tell you what happened to movies all tangled Evans, Maria Ex Do oh, I was fat and nobody wanted to date. Me, and I know you think I was good. Looking and I wasn't the popular girl, the popular girls- they, version of that and then nerds have them version of it, but the truth is if If my body re first off that he would be making. them into Paraplegia acts like my buddy re was beating up on nerves, he be killing them,
We may have had a nerdy friend, who is on the tennis team and some dick on the team who, I think was a shock, but maybe not piston his locker or that's funny number one and we did that year, but we did gender and number two we. What was it wouldn't be? A jack leaves on the tennis deem to be a nurse. yeah, I'm saying what we nerds thing: jocks weren't jocks they are just more monsieur shocked, beat the shit out of everyone else whose our team with them. Now that my right reggie, so you're fighting other jocks Jack Jack, grant them an ongoing. So you go fuck this I'm gettin, often enough to deal with the job and I'm gonna go model in New York.
it lasted all four months. I did it for four months, didn't really like it and then does got into theatre. Sandstone theater and when did die, is twenty one jump street the first big break or what is First big break Bosnia for about three years, doing: theatre studying and Barton the palladium when it first opened up that was there was a movie in itself and without delay. Just a visit maidens out here on the gig, a dagger of the plane, which was our rags riches, and now my guide, the musical tv, show yeah I'd love to show the way you did you fly. I played this tough kid too. We didn't have a place in east,
then you dumb jobs, does blown his character, brought a man and his work on his car and they say no, I forget, A girl fell in love with me, and then we end up singing what becomes the best sane one, this, let's be honest, Harold, Richard Greek outcomes and round you fall in love, apple, brain cells to rub together. So so I've been one is jumped street come around more than that Then he had Brazil there now and then I did the data I, whose Abbas with twenty dance I played is italian cousin from ITALY, perfect, who wanted to marry. Angela yeah yeah. is that an arc was our couple, those positive
one, and then then I got a pilot off it with many Cohen David spade a big apple blues which never went and then the right to strike happen and then two months later Jump Street was facts of life. I was effect, lifespan off yes a guy in a vessel zone, favoured a jacket. Average, so, like Z, like Johnny Depp, what kind of guy was back then did you see it? Did you re, like our man, the skies destined for greatness? Could you tell we were just didn't do in the show me. I came on the third season, so we just fun doing a show, and in and and around and in turn back It was all new for hours. seems a little affected now. Johnny Depp does like Europe got to him. You don't owe me, little Madonna thing going on, like Spencer, time in Europe will be spent
Charming Europe, and then you come over here and you grace us with your presence like do you know what I'm talking about? I dont know why? Don't we back when we in that thing, where you you'll move to Paris, and then you come back and extra that thing yea certain look at the little people that state aid is always like a little something going on with him. He's got the car chief going it's got. The scarf is the had is, is calculated. His voice is starting to change its neck. Why doing damn thing, but it's like. I just heard him in some interview and there's all seven going on, but back then that was just old on European Johnny Depp? They wasn't on the metric system back now, values, values and I was every now and then utterances did you guys go out party hang here. We are hung out together like them, they're all hung out, and I had a good time and a lot of times up there and
but I was brought on the show as the antagonists. So when Fox did this whole thing with the Greek O Dep thing back, then it was greek. Oversees dab, dab, verses, Greek, go here! and so a during their whole first season, Thou cast did not know what I was doing there like. Why is this guy here Ray now rank so and then it must be one episode, then it took off and then Numb and IBM for the whole year Did you see the urgency to move on and seen the new twenty one Jump Street tat movie by the way as Ascot did you like it was, it ever said, did most most. But don't like versions of whatever they were in that its gets Rick? Why guess what they did with make it a flannel comedy which I guess was pretty smart bargain, but in the sense of what we did as far as tackling issues as nothing it,
a jumpsuit per se as far as that level, but they did they dubbing Jonah in an enchanted, a great job raised at a great job. Illigant, it's it's! It's super bad meets Jump street meets you know, just a roller coaster ride and then a funny movies. Yes, I sought to fill out a question. It did. They approach you at all for any kind of caviar, anything in the film? That's it. We're could under meeting. Why didn't I they supposed to do that? I thought is conspicuous well your ears. supposedly. The second one does there there and the second idea, but the first one of the book character, would have been advantageous for that film, since he was you know and antagonist, and in how they would lend itself into their film. but they're doing out there doing a sequel to the other good. I asked in Rome
You have some man, news yard I've been thinking about since I've heard Dixie Bliss back when he was in this. The show that almost spin off from facts of life, you played an artist right later artists actor artist, Shep Manner in David Spade Playlist Please you doctor, who offered free breast exams recite yeah, without acting Wash only was a rat in high school, you saw Usanga show yes in the key was on the bombs. Had my guide ask me anything: yeah it's when Natalie went after the big city because she felt like as a reporter. She really couldn't do what you want to do in scale, but tensions that moving back to how many times you watch this, the normal eight or nine party like twice or thrice, something very good well to tell you, but that's that very exciting, and now I'm imagining the news theme. Science can assent extra, weird,
with Alison Rose, red and white rabbit option sign up with our friends David Alan Greer, we see some good news today, because premium bass nominated for ten Tony's. He himself was nominated for best performance by featured actor in a musical super towns, and here as part of what he said about it, I've been screaming and hollering. I feel like. I blew my voice out already. I solemn and raise a couple years ago, over there odd when he was nominated for that to happen when, but he was nominated for that as well. You said just now:
to me and from the people I talk to who worked on the production, like validation from the very beginning, the show had so much controversy article after article. If we ve had a right to do what we were doing, should it be on Broadway, how dare they are really no was so controversial. It was crazy. I don't even know if we make it, but I want to hear some more dag drops. I just love me some dag he's such a talented guy. That's all people my fifth everything to do with Dag, as I think I got the active ingredients and hormones and birth control and I told Dag, and since we are not as where does your goat story by the way you she's doing a lot of judging forgot, it's dark here, you're, actually, grass hell. I I have done I have him as old black Grandmama go out to the porch and I yell for his
children that are named after the hormones that are in the birth control era area got round that's wrong. but I would like to make one day pay an atom going to be here. Mr I'd like to take you out for imported beer that there was annual. I don't do, but I was correct, thereby several hours of Gypsy, Russell or great. Let's hope he went at this time. Jessica Simpson gave birth to a baby girl after being pregnant for what seems like eighteen miles, The baby is named Maxwell, Andrew Johnson and she wait nine pounds. Thirteen answers and measured twenty one and three quarters enjoyment, shooting out kids becomes so fuckin noble like is that one thing we can all agree on as human beings is. We procreate
The other main like are your check and you're a certain age, an you're pregnant God bless you. moving on, I dont like them. How much can be Adam natural thing in the world, and yet I also think there's a whole industry that makes you feel like. If you don't do it right, the baby's not gonna come out, but how much talk do we need to have about somebody in their newborn kid? Like sitting, we're all here because our moms got pregnant at some point and Jessica Simpsons here, because her mom got pregnant at my one, zero highly it's. Where that we treat it as such a crazy anomaly like Jessica, yeah, there's a twenty you're old woman is pregnant, like yeah, that's how it works, but when she printing for a long time. It seemed like she's pregnant forever, but she was, I guess, just over her due date for a week, if I thought she was pregnant for like Ten months like feels like
I mean when I saw I did. The tonight show whether like up was two months ago a month and a half ago, and she was ready to pop like she was when I did at men too, ago, when a yes! Evidently I was what I wanted it that apparently the arena the magazine cover. Was only in her. I think second trimester at that point the achieve. If you see this pit sure and know when I did at six seven weeks ago, some like that she's fucking massive, then and yeah the no, the magazine cover was from before she was pregnant judgment. Drinking wine, beer, Photoshop, yeah, yeah advice, leopard print is the wrong look in her right. There that was March, fifteenth its current six wasted. So she got the kid out: what's kids name Maxwell, it's a girl Does she have so not one of the nine name acting now get well at this point? It's just Maxwell drew Johnson and you know it
look forward to now a fucking book we're gonna get a book. Although she's gonna write a book but we're gonna get a book from her. Yeah? What's it like what to expect and then a line of something yeah line baby, something wipes in I prefer Jeannie's and also to shit, got married. I will What years where I want to know that you know the term baby bump, it seems to me that that came out of nowhere and then was everywhere within the last utter now. Five years and I'd never heard it before that is it just did all of a sudden. I became aware of it and then it was everywhere or did someone than that and make us all said. The big baby bump baby bump did not Yes, the aim in my mind, like six years ago, there was no baby bone and now it's nothing but a baby bob and against the well as they were now because it's it's like really cool to show
a little and also where wasn't it wasn't? We were supposed to be talking about it the past, and there is also weird superstitious kind of thing like Ghana talk about until we actually yeah in weight, literally, let's wait for the year and it's not count the chickens or the eggs hatch and now just everyone. There baby Bob, and then there's that weird thing would have to speculate. Is that a baby bump isn't that right you just fat, yeah, yeah A man is suing Bmw, claiming that the seat on his Bmw motorcycle gave him an erection lasting nearly two years, according to suit their energy. Can you do that for me: Amphibia, deterring value that exciting, currently, suit the rigid seat on his ninety. Ninety three motorcycle left him with a mental, an emotional anguish after allegedly causing an extreme case of prior prism. He also known as a long lasting erection, Henry Wolf, that's the erect man look at. Why should be showing Bmw,
M has been experiencing continuing problems since his motorcycle right according to his attorney, and he is now able to engage in sexual activity. Real, it can turn to it. If the item you couldn't engage, you couldn't go back to the year accounting firm right here is the one place. This might be acceptable if not be shaded yeah, then this is one thing, you can do with your boner right right. I guess you should really make lemonade. I guess it's. It's made now private, if all well run Ben Weird, really said the this alleged case of privacy began after took off our right on his motorcycle and by the way privacy which impossibly pronouncing riots right. Ok, named after the greek fertility, God prior Purser Precipice, who is commonly depicted in an unusually large direction. I have never seen this God depicted and I don't need to right now we're it's tough
special stained glass yeah, I dont someone's cough allowed his brightness. Hey, try a mobile Mount Olympus right now. We do in this regard wow, nothing why women I have to move couple things around or look at a pretty better to procurement. Uncut Wang out move one thing around Jesus Christ, the lot of previous there Whilst my guide scaffolding, for that looks like it was like a Rams horns, flash doorknob mallet I want to do what you like hang a code. I think the Greeks all sat around like Stanley in wine We need the one who is here. We need one guy who's got the wings on its free and there's another guy Hermes. Our guys flies. close to the sun.
The higher gets cocky strong did whose Hercules Hercules draw guy, strong guy, but his hair. Some was up with his hair as its strength that conference hair with a huge cock yeah. What we call him anyone take this one. call a nerd manner, CAC boy or somethin recovery, after this weekend. that guy what you got prior patriotism utterly. No, about the subject: annoy has gone. King Dong were Panopeus pen, I I used to use their fantastic Lang, S Wang S, yeah about that What else do we got? We had Dingus, oh We need a flying turtle. The do battle with a moth wait a minute feeling you're out of your time, yet a dragon cheats.
Shit yeah that other civility. Gotcha that's worked out the euro. Gara get down they were flying turtle. The moth raw go on like this. Sk. I shot their wad with Godzilla because Mozilla was creative in an interesting and then they came up with moth raw and what's this one huge moth, was Thus what but those huge larva Joe Maude, but it's like, this more instil fear and in the hearts of anybody. Sweaters irritant goes back from their battle battle for earth, as anyone have a story involving fear and a more like her man, we're camping, my fucking move. The ranger told us this was moth country. We didn't listen like certainly
I brought a forty four in case. We ran into a huge tries to get rid of Argillite lab. I then the turn all or even less scary, that more is a fucking turtle with the world. they thinking you're in a review of tarantula, dragonfly or somethin? I mean a scorpion. You can't miss with a scorpion nano turtle. Earlier What's this one, if it spends around and shoot sparklers out of its ass, like five scary, it all. I find that more interesting than anything else like we're, gonna kill, I think, make a huge ashtray. It's gonna be also of making above ground cool out of it. Shell be great. They can have turtles, a man who tried to sneak fifty five live turtles and tortoises puerile, packed and snack. good bye, a high into the? U S, I just did ten minutes on turtles in your next door was a turtle story. Well, I had shuffler pay.
and bring it out your head. I guess you're right, I'm not! When I make this. Oh you couldn't I couldn't possible. How weird is that? Ok, so he's going to federal prison, at sushi. Yama Gummy was sentenced to twenty one months in jail and ordered to pay a fine. Of eighteen thousand four hundred and three dollars very specific number, four gummy, it is. It is a major wildlife, trafficker and many of the live reptiles. He attempted to smuggle into America were species protected by the convention on international trade in endangered endangered species. Additionally, pulling turtles and toward us are putting the turtles tortoises in stack. Food boxes constitute animal cruelty according to federal prosecutors and wonder what they for travelling. We want me to say this once you get outside of human beings, I shouldn't it all just be fair game and terms of consumption I mean if you're, not an endangered species in
carry hepatitis c. I think turtles Mary shit? But let me like once you get you know like. You think you can eat ball, the gulls there's not enough baldy, we need ball vehicles and we came each other, but really what's there, wanna FUCK and moves in a cow and what's the difference between a turtle? and a sea urgent You know like. I is one more thing that was walking around that's gonna, be in our to I. I know if they were being smuggled event to eventually be food pats. Other fair there make turtle pats animal I think I don't know, I don't know ultimately what you plan to do with all turtles news- is they almost can never get away like an eternal takes off my head turtles reckoned a break for it Rarely time for back up. How can tell I am going slowly walk up and down the back, appear, not legs. Turtle ever makes a break. For here is my favorite part of
Margaret was busted is part of something nicknamed operation flying turtle. I learned covers thing run by agents with efficient wildlife service who infiltrated smuggling. cooperation. Fine turtle code name has effect the flying but all that he was talking earlier as at Gamma Amre, near about the name for moth rise, even the laziest name in a world. Where are we? all the super horrible villain flies the sky with no real discernible powers, whilst a moth ma thing that of how I've just moth raw fuel Yoda moving on, operation flying turtle feels like a game, moved me as that's what happens when the guy pulses sack over his back and then gets a running start at your asshole.
This is about a month ago in users, whether springboard they used to hit the pommel horse in the Triassic. That's called operation flying turtle. Have you ever had internal turtle, loosen up I'll, tell you why economic war bath. Before and after the I know, it gives you the lying turtle, that's advanced gay shit, You don't try that your first time out, that's not beginner gap is better not be here First, gay Rodya out of lying turn on it as a gay move So we both in our series, it wasn't eating amuse padding. Am I leave. I imagine you are therefore pats more than for food, ok Do you have any? There are people that user agent dude yeah? Why is all weird animal stuff. What white is free arrow point to Asia somewhere Reserve. So thing. Allow are Richard Rico or well that's it.
That's healthy. I mean that's a health experts, la ok between one player in another rank, I'm just saying all the weird rhino horns and all the bare pancreas Fisher S role here and Santa Monica shut down for a transfer of whale with did Sir Whale meat. What what is that? What let's go, With that culture, where everything is a fucking weird is too, if somebody descend a cop and weird animals smuggling eating whatever Yang, I would think Mohammed rain and ugly ran yet little lie. Why wise every Arrowpoint toward Japan or somewhere in that that region, why? What is it is sufficient that five other people that, like fucked up food, the Jews like a fucked up I mean that they like Della Jello fish. You know I mean about it. I don't know my turn into let go. You know bizarre foods and Andrew Zimmer he's in Asia somewhere eating something off the street. You know I have as are, I think, there's something to do
I think, there's an inadequacy. I think, there's a half the stuff. It's gonna take your cock, bigger peddling, whom we worked out yeah, it's all aphrodisiac and cock driven, nor can we work went up while I feel there. People on there are people who are good at math. Are they not yet they're not all right of collective wire. They hanging on ridiculous, like eat this cuttlefish or what some guys right, so somebody says I need this. Cuttlefish can make your cock girth earn it's like yeah, my dad, aided and make his cock any bigger and measured so moving on then again, maybe they're not gonna admit that their Kok is still. We will eat like well. The water displacement test doesn't like swimming tie measure cock, that's the full volume of a cock. You know what I mean: it's not just length in girth, theirs,
other factors, but if you do the watered as Weissmann test, do you know the formula for volume of a cock? Well, you take it. Take a graduated beaker. Fill it with, hopefully mountain spring water at what I prefer right and then you purchase your dog in it. You know, you know when it's you know in when its to mess in any she how much water is removed from the Baker Essentially your tea bagging, the graduated, The flying at your eyes are flying turtle of science art, let's bring it home.
That's the news! I mousing resin clip kind! That was the news without was in rows. Greek! Oh, do you have a computer using pig at home computer office? Perhaps work computer? Yes, I phone. I fiveam tablet travel, I'm guessing you travel bay after they ve traveled, like at the airport network. I wish I could give to my computer on my home computer I wish at pictures, not my kids, but of my car's ya. Wanna show people nor on my home computer, but I have my my iphone yeah go to my pc Richard What are we what's next three? What what are we? What can we see in can we are. What can we look forward at tv movies? You do any writing. You know do some produce, that kind of stuff executive producer and greater jig allows Ryan Showtime yeah Werner going to north
third season this week or next week, the I'm I'm reading here that you feel like you get screwed over by those guys Oh well, I guess in the sensibility of feudal contracts and stuff, like that, you always always be leary of the will of the war may, and seeing its May first, whom so there were still workin out stuff like that, were trying to make it work and again you wanna get their season. One dvds, you get it on Amazon and you know where to go Richard. Thank you much for coming in pleasure, Junior allows show tat we don't have come back to show tat but we don't do. We have time states any that stuff or we can just look forward to look forward to it.
area, and until next time this than proper Richard Greek allows arose in Eyeball Brian San MA. I don't think you do do muggy hormones. Today now richer Greco, remind me very much of the Patrick Muldoon episode, but also features a blind. These heartthrob people really like I'll, be honest, even even if it seems that their time they have passed, they still you can tell Adam still ass the smell dick that I can neither tonight aren't? Does it on air? Well, they do that there weren't Tommy, John G. We'll call under words. Get it's the secret to senior brings fresh free this summer. You now indeed cool garden, and second skin, is also
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yet again, this time with Ray Remain and Tom cultivate, and they talk about some mind, but remember this one, I do it. We played this clip before, but it's a classic. It really is one of my It's really bizarre. One check it out, Teresa Strasser, dad and cross the day out arose about that. Changing it up. As a tiny bit like your character from leaf forties, possibly the thirties. others. Actually, a little I'm goin for what was Miss was Mister dries Dale, Sir.
MRS Schreyer, I stay here. It's like we're doing. One of those morning radio shows from the thirties was like a t without of analysis, and I would love to do that for you who would be sad, Josie, Aaron yeah appear with what was our show gone. cup of Joe with ACE over easy vs. You never knew what we're doing now. She then about the eyes, are show our I issued knowing her pitch to me racist Strasser. When I went, I won in did Andy Cohen, show the gay his and my wife or so insane. With this Andy Cohen, vision, You know and he's a hero cause Adam, they said he'd never be on tv. He has y yeah label I went into, as is anyway, it was a big deal, so I went in their region therein, and then, when we're done, she did that thing that all crazy
our cities, they go you're really funny. Forty seven years, all don't comedy for twenty years you're funny, and then you go thanks. It's nice, yeah, yeah, you're, good tools could re hate seriously. you're, fine, it, like you, don't realize. I telling you you're funny. This is not my assessing your comedic apparent get in right right. It's a super narcissistic move that then realises narcissistic because they think it's magnanimous because they ve been the grab your arm. For the second ago, your you noticed an eye I have come down from the mountain with these tablets. you're funny on it, and it's like. Oh you, come funny. I will not only have we learnt supposed to brilliantly fuck it agent manager on the phone. This is completely guess we're thinking you were more like a Lawrence, Olivier kind of pity you that way, a dramatic ok. You had no idea what I did before this, but now you have an idea of what I do. Thank you for the compliment. Now I'm gonna go
another drink will move on and it's like none. I know you don't get it. I think something you is really wanted an decree right about you. Yes, so I like thanks a lot in and then at some point she said we need do is show together you and me, and I said, yeah what kind of show and she said The reason we were so good together, which, by the way it be like it saying Jerry, said felt was really good with that stool that he was resting his water on when he did that ninety minute SEC, like yeah, we could just put this but the thing on the guy. and it is a matter that was all Seinfeld, but she was like you're funny and I dont get Kermit and you can ask what's her husband's damp lobby ask Bobby where's Basque about add by the way, if you say you
get comedy or your pussy stinks. I don't have to go clear with your husband. I take your word for it. You said that you are this close to the fix women, softball team and nineteen? Eighty four, then I'll, ask Bobby, but if you say something wildly uncomplimentary. I don't need a check. It gives some gracious, I'm a writer. Sex. If anyone talk my for Olaf, there'll be no, I gotcha, I heard you, I won't go, get to fuck it no way. We're like kids are grown ups, because you know what that. Maybe I want to talk to a guy where's his badge on his belt and get some confirmation that's a weird. They hydrological self deprecating liar, there's badge the chest there's bad, the wallet and then there's badge on the belt guy. What value that? That's? That's, army, law enforcement, but maybe not for the long haul here or I howling iron age- I like it, I don't love it or something
My behind me, I don't know what it's right, there's theirs in the there's on the chest. Theirs in the wall, then there's so shears explained to me that we make a hell of a team, because I'm funny and she doesn't get humor and I really be like we'd make a hell of a crude team because you got a huge back and I have no are basically what use pitching me. So I she's excited heads like she was telling you why in her head, it seems like a good idea for her. That's how narcissistic women. Is yes our right? Let's see so a Re Romano company coming in here just watch their documentary I'll. Tell you all about that when that they show up Teresa Strasser, it's got a little. I don't know which bring which bring with you. Parents have a weak ox my baby name of the book available on Amazon and you know to do with Amazon baby. You got an crawled out common and click on the Amazon banner and you put air and the pirate ship sails
I show you could start with a little there. Let's exporting might he got presents parents of the week. To greatly for awful parenting law to talk about the issue. cover of time magazine. But there are many many other Boobs Clint ROS we want, I got boob won't know. I guess I'm just gonna think about that. And then the gay halo on Brok, Obama and I and stuff- and I realize I have always said this- I think we're out of problems yeah and what were trying to do is kind of like like it's like you. Just sit alone were sitting alone and our jail cell, and we don't have much. You can move our meter anymore, like we ve seen at all.
Go on the internet, see she color in a high death footage of just about anything. You want to see its Texas a lot so few gorgeous should sitting in a cell just putting cigarettes You can go on the internet, see she color in a high death footage of just about anything. You want to see its Texas a lot so few gorgeous suit sitting in a cell just putting cigarettes out on our inner five did feel Santa FE eel some yeah would be difficult and disgusting, and yet you let us raise the pigeon right. It yeah just the image of someone: nursing has the whole country, Evan Arms, gray, childs except her. I don't think anyone's up in arms, there's only just like that. if people that are up in arms and then there's the rest of us talking about, though yeah often arms yeah you and that it has actually the way the weight goes in. It's also a mission accomplished like that fuckin thing where the guy has a crazy tattoo on his neck and he has his big earring. You know this guy should do those things with a period during which they punch amount like pvc
sounds like you, gonna fuck man. It's like the hell you doing in enacting a realise. Oh, we ve been talking about this asshole for fifteen minutes and then you go fuck mission accomplished yes and that this hard, I am yeah nation or lash carnations exactly, and I didn't find it that interesting and she didn't even crack my top three parents, the weak one, does think about that kid, and when his high school friends, Google, him see little. What's his nose is hot mom on the stool prowling. I can be a great moment for him. No, but he's gonna grow up, probably feeling a certain way about himself. That's gonna be So powerful that it will not raised so, let's talk about actual bad parents, woman was nurse or kit went. Ross is just a regular twenty three year old guy wants to go out, may be made. A pretty girl may be catch the avenger us at the local cinema. I don't know what he wants to do, what he has a problem whose
and whose his daughter he could call relative to maybe look after his daughter or he could get a sitter or he could call police and say look at this child is found. In the stroller? Ah I dont know who's. She is, but I'm a good samaritan. and am I like a pat on the back, and I can still make it to the eight thirty show here you go so he turns his two year old kid over to the cops interest. Amnesia he's done with our and aid they take her to the hospital she's fine and then they put in foster care week goes by o aka. Mostly week goes by and he starts to have second thoughts. Maybe I was maybe that extreme version mama, no telling where Mamma is she is. She is not mentioned in the story, we're not a Jew feelings. Ninety, although Rask go anyway, Glyn Jeff arouses realise their lips results
That's what was making me thing, but there are a lot of jewish Ross as that of shortened it. This guy went to the cops a week later, my bad that kid I turned in set. I found my kit Marian Ross right away from nickel cadmium are often areas. I see first aim Julianne that raw materials and asked her rotten, and even though that the US is our letter, that's it goes back to collect this kid. well. It goes back to tell the cops. That was my bad. It was a hoax and there wasn't exactly just a strange kid. I found was my kid and they were bit suspicious and he had given them a fake name. Phone number, kids already gone and foster care and they're gonna do an investigation.
He did say to police that he was angry that day. He had a bad day, he regretted it, and maybe you should have left arm with the relative. Don't you think, because we're talking about this yesterday, that there must be a lot- a third grade school teachers name with the last name of carriage right- and this is a lot of miscarriages after there's gotta- be a lot fosters of wildly popular last snare foster the people, so there has to be a different bananas are sure to come up the different last name, I mean at any given time. There's ten guys, never felt the last name. I lost their our foster care, it's kids confusing and such like we're foster parents or the parents of the foster kids, or something like that like that. There must be of a lot of whose own first confusion with that they should be added. Gotta come up the different name other than a very popular and commonly used last name, for that is what should they call the fostered, it's something that's on the nose like run our second hand off brand. You do,
apparently, you do what they do and lightly parent it and the networks there's two things to do than don't call for cars used cars account previously right and they don't call they don't. They don't say rerun, says they re purpose, so I'd say the repercussions previously on CAT certified pre Yonah gas, I want him. Why said? Sludge should revert brand themselves, prefect that now obtain athlete where you by the certified pre whatever own? Yes, they check him out thoroughly rights. Do not all points inspect The tarmac right, though you you know you can know that you're lightly use child is basically in good running condition. As always. I also goes to the time those people I was it there saints, but then there's a part that wouldn't want to hang out with them. You haven't. I found your parents yeah there. Always the was boring, Waverley it. Why did I not going full on adoption? So what are they doing it,
more saintly in a way the aisles Edwards they're they're getting unravelled clearness. It's it's weird like it's. There thing: where you go man, these people are saints and then he got so much better than me and then you go what's up right. How much are they and there's fifty six care what they re you rat among recent I'm here, let's go my wider rob and then you start looking at the couple near like six of great to me and then then a certain point. You go once you get the like: fifteen eighteen, twenty one, kids, how much help you down and then whenever they do the new special So if someone has a brilliant idea, let's get her shop bang and, like oh, my god, she has twenty five shopping, cart going out to the yet so many kids right client would be the worst parent of the weak, if not for Jessica Christian, ironically, definitely not
who left her two year old son locked in a hot car in Dallas, so she could run into a two Hano restaurant and get some take out, or least that's what you told. The cops and actual good Samaritan saw her kid in the car eighty three degree day in Dallas and call the cops. The cops got her from the town, a restaurant. She said the officers are just waiting for my take out Wasn't gonna, leave the kitten there very long, but the officer check with the bartender and in the forty six she'd been inside said too high a restaurant. She had bought and consumed for Marguerite s I, what was a hot day number one number two she was thirsty. I feel like that breaks was taken a while some sort of bargaining code that got broken ok, bye. Now things are used to be a code with the bar tender like we that guy was constantly robbing the same glass with the same tat. I D seen him online order. Look in Haiti, the spot make our universe going to those same glass all day to rob, and what can I do you or power and then start
I can go about your old lady and I think you got problems I got my all alike in our they started divorce, put your hand, problems and accelerate, and aid of that was the deeds with eat. You know you guys have hairdressers right, you know you have your checks or your hairdresser we'd, but we both gotten screwed, because what happened, as is the bar tenders, have gotten report. faced by the. What can I do for MAC? I you know that so the Irish Sea, weed guy with the Djinn blocks Amazon, the joint for twenty years and all that kind of stuff like Afghanis he's ever read a book but he sage lean in his eyes. He never drop a dime on yeah. He knows you're here they carry that guy's, a guy. We used to talk to you and were put back a few trouble with the old lady one from a the Frank Sinatra: some you eyes? That's right you guys, head your hair dresser, either gay guy or chick couple years older near like smoking, while cutting the hare. Canopy I don't have time now, our guy, been replaced with the gay guy
the ones that hearing and they sort of metro sexual kind of thing from the airport barn ought to know who you are anymore in your perpetually, like twenty nine and you have ten years younger than me, but you need to my idea being. Do she about and then Headshot head shots in. You guys got some kind of weird asian thing going on where the chick doesn't authentic, fuckin lick of English and does not the fuck you're talking about she's eighty pounds, soaking wet weather, the talk you anymore. You go to the hair salon spill, your guts we'd go the barn spill, our gas, and we got nothing. We did have podcast and twitter, they try. We have already asked staring at her own and upstairs the screen watch all european and crawl over there and that's about it now. The only people who want to talk to you are the Denison Dental Hygienists, and you cannot turn a debt through. They got you in and the one is just sucking the supply. That is my impression that, by the way the dental hygienist no excuses in the bedroom right like
when the guy you know whether my mouth, the machine when she's like accomplish weird, by demographic, go come up earlier and peoples. day with a split vacuum. You can tell me I love you catch all sorts of disgusting thing, the really close to I would say that they believed it out, but I dont know why some horrible one, the years when I did Kimmel they Hugh Hefner was sitting next to me and I should like I've. I saw you Hefner beating the Jesus out some guy now and they leaped out, but Jesus at midnight by the way, beating the cheeses and, if so, when it met. I think there's freaked out hit the thing the bear they bear. Grills was on there and there like showing footage of him like duet survival thing. I don't know when it became so goddamn compelling, but what we do is we just a guy off in nothing but is underpants night, I'm gonna fuckin survive for four days. They last wilderness. You know and he's talking.
squeezing PETE Moss into his mouth going? I can stay hydrated for another couple hours at them. Enough strength, start a fire and allocate have we just sitting there just glued to the tv set while at some point he pulled like some crustacea? there's something off the bottom of a rock or something in a stream of plastic it opened. It starts shocking that weird July protein out of it- and I said well, ere. You know when the wife wants a little the little oral in the bedroom. You got no excuses. Now, buddy, you can't do they hey man, that Big Bang go in there now, because the two hundred shorter hours afforded to be stuck on a mouthful abalone, and I have seen you eat a beehive stuff with rare shit. So don't tell me you wouldn't give if your woman, although love and I believe that shit right out it was like
they fleet, the outlook, see, I was real, careful not to say, because you re here, you don't go in there and I set worked around it, but that didn't like the car like: hey, fuck, you, if you don't like the idea you about the words I can't say not the ideas you can't tolerant. Thank you can stop just get Christian three going to Jessica Christian. Ask the Simpson somebody tweeted made it a oh. How are you see now yet line of maternity? Where can he had led to expecting expecting to make a Fucking Fullerton and now, with the the whole where's wanting Herbert magazine really doing- and I was he's being ironic- you can you can get fat, you can make a life out of getting fat. You can make a lot until that way for wait. Watchers, I think, three million dollar deal. I had a loose upwards of sixty pounds. How much nobody pay me! That's what I'm so that nothing re! Romano!
term of the banana sector. I hope it's good to see you guys great documentary. I just watched it did this afternoon. Ninety five miles for some months ago. It is not my job directed by Tom. I actually enjoyed it, because I've been out on the road doing doing some comedy, and I said to my wife at a certain point: you want to know what we do like this is this: is it the rental car sit in a hotel complain about shit? That has to do specifically with the hotel and then argue about where the theatre is and a lot of time stuff like how far the theatre from can we walk to the theatre? Do after dried islands that car gonna come around sounds like a boring movie, Pakistan, Giovanni and in time you did this Senor glad now re that he decided to chronicle that. Well I mean at the time of its a pain in the ass, but it's not
to have it now. Just it's it's a record. Moment in my life it out in my career right. So looking back yes, now, I'm happy that that it was done yeah, I'm the same way like. Maybe we should have this baby, booties, bronze, fuckin hassle and the bonds. I suppose the trying time, like I just say everything to me sounds like a hassle of somebody wanted to. We do anything it be like Anna thank Christ, Tom Why bother with I've ordered that's the first time he said that he is glad he did it for a summit ever heard, the he's complained ever since The first well gave because it's for years now look goods years later and I'm still trying to promote this way. What year Maria do in it? That was what what
what year of Raymond was season five five, so so just about the height ray, we're still poor commuting guy in his head right, but he had money, but I had money. Russia was just about to become this really giant hit an end. Speaking of his head. I was making a no, but he had the mind. Bat re had done something something like the mind: bat was an interesting. What what? What does it actually called? What did you call her mind? That's no you're right, my amendment and it is interesting as its very very its It sounds certain erotic in idiosyncratic, but it's also, I think something that successful people do and you went out at a certain point and you went out golf and you gave yourself a score to get Oh I had to beat, as was ninety may, might have a ninety nine at break. Ninety any did not break ninety, not in Britain, and so that the mind bat
no more golfing on for the extra natural you're an and you could not watch the tv. In your in your room. In my hotel room. I ran out aloud to watch tv, but you did. I found a loophole. You did what Jews do when he has a toaster Ivan on a Saturday. I found a loophole that you are gotta times, Roman watches TV. Well, yes, and and I love they serve. This is the aim of this is the widest of the first world problem. Have what I do not break. Ninety out on the links I could not watched television. Back in my now. Just so you now to give you a little back story gambling. In myself. Don't mix well Right and I have a slight history of trouble with gambling, but it all happened before I had money
Oh, I lost everything I want point, but everything was not March right. So I discovered this system where I could kind of get this AIM, thrill the rain rush right and not risk anything monetary. You know a shared just just tv privileges, but I was It was just as much as if I had a hundred thousand dollars on about. What's on the line, because you gave way you sent your golf clubs back to Ally and could not watch tv in your hotel room for another five days on the road. I can that's all you have other mass rape, that's all Have on the road is your tv set by the way I knew partners emancipation loophole long after the show on the cabin on the losing at that time there. But, but what happens if you turned on sport centre that
in your her own room? What would have excellent? I just don't. Do it because I kind of maker karma, but where does index or your kids involved is our plan. crashing, and you know what I'm saying is knowing that it's it's it's it's like. I made a promise to God. I can't go back honoured and if I do I will, I will punish myself I'll, say: ok, nor do I put the tv on that night by accident. I forgot that I had a member that ought to days of to the penalty at the azure and by the way, I'm not making this up. I'm in the middle of a loss, mind that right now, oh really s tail funny on our part to actually do this. Now I lost to today's guy garden, by the way since then I was I was like eight years ago. I've because of my life was actually. I was actually screwing myself there because I would sometimes say Gulf.
I mean tv for the whole summer right. rail and then it was also like. I was playing pack man. If I don't get over this, so I have limited only golf, and I can only punished for forty eight hours, so I'm in the middle of a forty eight hour lost now. I can't watch tv tonight in bed and I care golf and I can't bear to play off so, like the writer you do. You have one of these at all times. No, it's only all now it's only golf or used to be anything and everything I wanted to do to get a ticket out Detroit fine, like our Otto, what I do air every time I see I skip rope, that's my only exercise and at the end of May skipping rope session. I do the shorter crossover move The boxer still have answered there and back there and back as want Nino right, left left right. That's one and I have to do ten and if I fuck up on the ninth, I have to start over again and
something happens where I fuck upon an eighth ninth one five times or owning a faggot sums. Gonna happen in one of my kids, so I just put a brain. Alright, I'm gonna walk away. Does man walk in a way, the nanny flip a coin. it's an exact science, but I'm gonna, I'm going to get there ten peeled off, and I realise that sort of a to trick myself into getting more exercise is this away to trick yourself in two golfing back and our feeling something this. Above all this is like an exploration of crazy. right now. I see I know what you're saying, because when you have money in order to the thing about gambling. Is it there's a catch twenty two and it should be twenty one case in the course of gambling, but there's a catch which is you can go out. I can go out, lose five hundred bucks point twenty one. It's no big deal back in the day you were devastated. Now you
to lose a shitload of money or you have to win a shitload of money, so thus its real high stakes and it could get really ugly Really fatty you Adam. Do you have a gambling like what what race as key because being his friend? He comes alive at the I'll anything I'll bet her pen runs out before the end of it. Like Now is awake and alive so right it triggers whatever that is consistent, have to do with punishment and reward and exerting some kind of control over the universe, like I don't want to go down that whole by what we have now she's right it s an aggravation hollers. There can be any point but Ives Room, I've screwed over my friends, because we ve been going on. We ve gone on a trip. I feel like I've tried to tell him. Listen, don't bring clubs, because I wasn't my wife and my friend Manfred Mantra is agreed chrome, I meet a guy jammer Florina communities are you, I mean, I know,
actor and raise on railway relating blames me being screwed up in my childhood. For four for producing these my bats and one I had to tell him listen on this. We would do no rodya gonna go. Doubtless they don't bring your cloudlike over and it was like so person because you know cause because your father stuck his thumb on your ass when you with thirteen, I can't play golf on this trip have a gay whole we're talkin about or less runaway rated in almost go to the Amy's one year Does that mean that he almost lost a mindset of making ten free throws in a row? nine anaemic, nine out of ten? This feel I saw this feels like it feels like you could be an alcoholic if you try just a little bit yeah I like it. If I like, How would you handle that is a little different direction? Yeah I haven't you haven't been since twenty five, but but but not because of alcoholism.
Now my mind that super out that control control- there are now it's weird because you you're not Dick, but use your normal. Also, the same time it gets its up. It's a balance. It's it's a very interesting Well, that's what I like! I like the way I explain it is before any of his fame. I thought my cab driver hated. And now I think my limo driver hates me it's all. I will just keep going over your right right eye I guess can be normal and neurotic. At the same time, I guess well, it's like you're, my Ladakh! Without the Judaism part italian our action and that the italian part sort of almost the same even out a little even zero out just a little bit picture here. Are you you are your hypochondriac. Yeah term says: yes, Not lately I've been around, he parameter. Whatever is the moment before
shows our something hunters. Stickeen answer is rising. I saw from his fingers sticking to a while you have brought about like, however, thousands Well, I'm glad- and if I was out there like, like, I am kind of some form of light touch upon per hour, but then, if I go can't be with my kids, which have done words that appropriate when you're out the elements I let that all go, and then I could and I'm ok. So it's weird there's like theirs. I don't know you're crazy sums in the forefront? Then your address whereof as far as your family growin up. Is there any besides the dad drop in India? it on your birthday. What else could we attributed still Apparently your mom freaked out superstition out she wore line.
It can happen. I think it's from his, but you know you you ve seen ever others Raymond Raynham, so his father is very close to the Peter Boil character. No, I really think it's it's it's an exercise in controlling something you can control, which was his environment with his father. I never thought this this week. this way, what else did you think of the movie? I mean I, I really enjoyed just the this. The flu and the Wall look of what it is to go out on the road in in and do this car you are you doing corporate like? Did you see that corporate guelder ended the Miami Corporate gig yet was was deferred? Earth second went first or second one. Rumour and then than there were stand up gigs in there and yet the corporate. I'm just goin out doing theatre. Thankfully the corporate gauge are great. They pay a lot, but it come with some rules and regulations. Ray is, is a clean
comedian, but even just saying oral Saxon, alluding to certain things to really could have spoken on the tonight show. To be honest, does that thing and people like to do that thing and you probably fall prey to it? We all do somebody I come up the own go. I thought it was funny, I'm a little worried about her and you are like herb. Why would you here? For? nothing yet, but that's why I'm worried he usually excellent, oh you're, like up in your head, and I find myself asking how herds feeling out of you don't know. You're like a flock of Herbert sixty five thousand dollars a year. Who cares about her, but also the biggest laugh of Niger is always now you want to do by Adam. He, the biggest example that which I saw was re, was doing tonight, show the guy MC caully who had to see raises. ACT, was late to the improv tendering. See you propose is rare, so re does it set, kills now Nikolay shows up and says: oh, do your act for me
in the dining room of the improv separate. Does it and then he does the last joke of his ok, which is a very funny joke. You know the Jordan pirates this is our young. I am hysterical joke and my colleague, as you know, I don't think my boss is gonna like that joke. So for the next twenty four hours, there's calls to David Brenner, raise manager, steps it and dislike. Let's save this joke and they end up getting ok, you can do the joke, it's the joke that Johnny laughs at the hardest spread when he does. It ensures that third pilot they're, not really like that their endowing these other people with their own conscience cynic. I it's always. My favorite part of doing, though, shows when the segment produce her calls cause you doing to show Thursday, and they did segment producer calls Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday afternoon wants to talk about what you're gonna talk about.
This is now that you ve graduated from doing stand up to sitting on that over their nationality or John unable and they love, I don't know why we always do a little role playing with this. You don't have to have much imagination. You just go through the you just go through the motions, because this is the part that fuckin drives me nuts, I kind of like you re, what's been going on, you been traveling gay, The kids don't even going on with the kids and at some point you go was kind of a funny story. If my, baseball game, and then you tell the story. Tell me start whatever you got like all up all play the part of that guy right. You just gotta play yourself, but re usually goes it with bits. I will say that like on Letterman something well but you're going. I let you out here what you got when we aren't you and oppressed like what you do, what I do Letterman I'm workin on four weeks before that very little cow time. ok? Well, you know when we do in the view and reaches a nurse you having will have enough it's a ladder, man. What do you got? What are you? What? What did you want to do? I am adamant wax
let him come on up I don't have a. I know better try I'd, albeit obviously it is not worth how to interpret our idea that a true story I want to talk about how married for twenty four years, good, you don't get too, has got to get their family and that's a good words ready for years, but I think the cord into my calculations, I think we're going to be divorced in like two years and its work is David behaving like Spain with Turkey, it s because of the reason I came to that was that we were sitting at the kitchen table and I was on my laptop. She was on hers. I was emailing somebody and she turned looked up and said to me. I can't stand the way you type. That's that's true.
What? What? What are you got anything any vacations coming up, and that is what I love your period of use and worth its the worse if one guy like without now, that's good, that's good, but when you run out of town anything come on holidays these mother's day, what he got anything with mothers die. I know I don't really like my mother had an italian mobilise gets timer yeah, you know what I'm, what all of us. I have an Irishman. What have you got your black man? We could talk about the show, ok, yeah, what are you guys? I just wanna be harder cast what does David attack I do all eyes why requests the same guy, because if you get a guy was good young Matt Roberts is the guy
and who are the nominal. My rather than that bit is prices yak as its blurry. It takes a window, your sales and they could be less interesting and nothing it's a live. Are they just trying to collect larger? I only they are listening, the writing wilder, I always have their everyone. I have to go, it gets Lastra. We could get some kinda its it, because it's weird where process of yours you're doing a sit down comedy routine in front of some. It was a steno pat on their lap and their grunting annual you trying to fear, and they don't laugh logo. That's that's funny that's good as well as well, and also your prepare like it'll, be like at a certain point- we got twenty minutes and material for six and a half minute. Vietnam, like we. Never we're. Never gonna get this deep into that. You know how it goes, but at a certain point and I'm guessing you ve earned this re that thing
who you are and they started no, what you, what you're gonna do and then they draw everyone living environment. Lets me. Let me do the thing and they can trust me. If I tell him, I was going to work, it'll be funny, you have, and they let me also in our. If I want to curse occasionally now let me turn assembly, but out or whatever, but it is. It is scary to do the pre interview with get somebody like that. Could then you also doubt you say holy shit suffers in front They are made by the way they're gonna go, convey the latter mentioned earlier now, you're gonna fuck it up poor boy. Has re Romano. mine, bats GEO. Do any mine bets victories the kid idler that we're magical thinking- I still have some of it like a really bizarre stuff, like I do not do something to help believing health. What So there's live work and weird stuff, but I dont void cracks anymore, worry about any repertory repetitive
failure. It seems like all kind of variation OECD to me it. I think it's much related o. I remember when I skateboard as a kid I would think, but our landscape flip everyone you love, will die some stakes entreat yet treat life. That way I used employed all electronics is like a three year old, because I didn't want house fired fire kill. My mom mirror sleep like like a hug, the tv and when it knows good tv, stateless bigger over that time. Travel ass because as well like the crucial I'm not out there all the time, there's like episode. Like someone there that we give us hope I was moving cross country or that's when that chick than Can you know themselves didn't tasters girls? Here I mean for you this. Twenty twelve. What do you remember this error? The show you being than you do that you, like Gauger, light based on the guests from Adam crucial it is very, was on a date
really I mean it is kind of simultaneously a bowler, but then, when I really focus on a certain time becomes really vivid, like I remember twenty twelve, that's when mink Ria with, how to taken off we're out. Mouthy alot, the energy users, it was different, was a different, but not better or worse, it has been so many celebrities kicking track. That's true! It's true the elbows urgent problem here, all right, let's get you a clip of his I'm done bragging you too much but a great did, you know tat right now: I could offering fifteen percent credit on car, motorcycle and levies Are we policies that we have ever geometrical me about this before that's right? Fifteen percent, on top of the money Geike Geico, could already save you. So what are you waiting for,
you're going to yield to be sitting around and letting happen without. You, though, save an extra fifty then, we switch by October Toolbar Seventh visit Geico dot com to learn more, jeez? What we have for next clip Girls you're a twenty seven, just three episodes later at the rear motto: Arsenal Hall: if democratic, Alzheimer's and Brian Bishop David, but our scenario for may have its wealth without listen rose. She reads. Sometimes tat is bad and when it's time to wrap it up to find it out with this go queen, Donna Summer Ed Aged Sixty three. She had cancer monsieur outlets,
feeling about her Adam nowhere, no beef with on a summer, Jeddak, crazy, Rick, Jane Herr due for, while the kind of bother me by Dr Soong, basically shun music about fucking or for people to get high fuck too, and then she just became a crazy born again. Is that not all music? Well it? pans? Some of it is a little more at her little more over. That's not that's! That's not the Donna summer Rick James Hairdo, there was Adonis summer bangs, Jerry banks have yet he was her name is for, while returning Jerry Bang fact that, that a summer year, bangs, that's crazy. I'm scared your hair, like that's real, seems we're like if she came over and was gonna sit down on your linen sofa, galloping trash rag via like, like now
it is for every guess for trash bag. I listen I don't have you re, loving credential, ask bald brine came over here. Yes, I got the same trash back understand and, yes, I did remove all of them That's why I asked it. Doesnt has no hair, not your hair will do heard the whose Barbara, I think, I'm scared of your hair should have been one of her head. There was no sound, like I've worked out by your hair woman, give out I write a whole like every like a whole basta like we're going doggie style, because your hair, in parentheses, out of it I got a lot of you hate your hair right. Is that your hair, or did your scalp Pard love and hair woman, you know, like would come up the hairs you're. That hair was a dessert bangs are never write. Per record per
Jerry bangs is a bad name and a bad air. That's a fucking bad, but not curly. Hair can't be that short bang style. You can bangs artillery Erect James. Had this same fuckin, wig assesses similar effects, NEA Mona Wiggle, gangarides, Nevins, dappled energy, eggs, either way shall be mass, so ship know her. Her songs were really like, let's get it on like like and in many other Arthur Park, hot staff, bad girls, no more tears enough is enough. I'm freaked out by your hair sister. She works hard for the money near this time. I know it's for real here. We should just me enough. Money lived off. All the Macarthur Park was crazy, because I was a weird that's a weird song to do. disco remake Richard Burton or something sung it originally someone left a cake out in the rain. Now it's on
I don't think that I can take it away. I do know that because it took so so crazy song about leaving the cat. Out in the rain. Took so long to burger. It's a metaphor out, and I was actually know cake. nothing. So one lived my wig out in the rain now its friends here tell me a Rick James in her same scary, hair like you're coming up behind me? What a fuck regain further say yet I just bought me. Dinosaurs got balls What my mom has earned, or had as short black bob and so as a kid I was always going up to asian women and we need them by mistake, Arusha. We must so then she found Jesus yeah. She had made a. She was her of dogs,
the fact that she had made a legit antigay remarks that she was only when I, when she was in the juices Christ, that's what I'm thinking happened. Yes, the illustrious whistling about aids who here speaking about just one those religious things that seems weird Paul Ryan you're gonna have to help me here the sober used to being the drugs Major League baseball player with a sleeve tattoos. John Rocker now know why I tabled one: the home run: Derby, Josh, Hamilton, Josh answer. Josh Hamilton had four dinners about a week and a half ago out another record, I was going to say what a dinner sent home run home run. I had for her runs and I think, a double form of the same game. Solomon done sixty
various studies, which sounds like a lot, but there's like two hundred years and Asia and they play five thousand games a year. So it's it's, it's pretty. It's pretty rarefied air, think about hidden for whom friends when you get up and- and I gotta believe some of that stuff- maybe extra earnings and shit like that he got up five times and hit for home runs. I don't know If the average you know, maybe those guys of their heating for home runs, maybe they're getting up seven times in gaining, but anyway he hit for home, runs in five trips to pipe and at the end he just did the gotta give it up for Jesus Christ, you know, and as like they're trying to go higher? What about you swing into hot ban? Is I gotta give it up for Jesus man? He was one Norman help me out in whatever knee I did the usual athlete thing: gotta give it up produces cry free tv and I was like ok, he has given up for Jesus Christ, and then I thought I remember last year, when you toss the ball into the stands in the guy leaned over to go, get it fell off the balcony and died. That was also Jesus that that Jesus to quit
whereby the way you she's gotta give priority straight when when, as is its deals as it pertains, this dude I just killing like a dad. There were the sun's items a fireman or such like, then, whose leaning forward, and that I give all praise Jeez the due to died less than a year ago, when you're a toss. It ass the thing that so I think insensitive or myopic about people who are you now were saved from the jaws of death in a car accident or something is echoed Lord side to save me. Will web our people who died in the car. Now I concur. I mean that was that's That's gotta be the kind of thing that would ruin a lot of guys like because that wasn't enough there's there's there. Killing a man in the ring and that's a sport. Punching you your punching him he hemorrhage and two days later, he he never came out of it. And die in the hospital, but that's the sport you're doing then there there's
part of and then there's hitting a foul ball and hitting someone in the head and killing em and again the part of the sport, but in a way that has more to do with the design of the stadium than it. Does you and then you throwing someone the ball and come up short again, not on pay press, but this is. This is volitional. I mean this rang part of the sport. This is you and now the guy dead, which has guided The weirdest single live with on the planet, yeah and, ironically, professional ball. Blacks, are coming up short on I'm on a shortish thorough, but how much hey Jesus thanks for the four dinners can be left in you after that incident or is. Does that incident? Allow you to have a lot of hay. Jesus thanks, but dinners cause you'd need to find some way to deal with guilt. Dont know what has happened. That animals are ironic, he's also are coming attic, like is famous for being formally dictum like heroin stuff, so he probably like blind faith in your enemy
but all in Jesus the answers that element of it too we're Adam. When you were boxing, did your worry about really hurting the person was worried about you hurting me was one is there was some kind of fear going on there my feelings as well all physical arsenius? What's up do what's happening here? I'll bet thrive, and may I do a gorilla eight by the way, thanks for that advance, manuscript, oh yeah, essentially we're back. Yet what is coming out for the public? My book is gonna be out June. Twelve. Thank you! So much for bringing it up. Yeah, I mean I'm enjoyed it thus far, but this is not about you about me. I didn't see NEO, congratulations on making it to the final two, the celebrity brennus, where we get to the final two. You actually can pick an argument alone. That's, why you and I
say I earlier on, I felt play I was like oh clays gonna be all over this shit and I did not think Arsenius. I didn't not think Arsenius. Oh, I just thought clay. That was the only thought I had. Did you have any early picks. You know what there was something about ten that was intimidating and it was like what he has to win this right right. I figured I'd like to eat. That's doing well, but I bet I but ten with was
fourth person, but I painted thought about. I did too, but there's a part of the game. That's the game and then there's a part of the game are just shrewd and hard working at smart, anything, pennies, shrewd, hard working and smart, but not a game player yeah really didn't wanna fuck with neighbouring times when he would, he would do sit like going. Could sex no and talk to them about long and hard? They would say back what, but do you think in art? And he always at all- and I would say that now there's a misconception about hearty wait here. How have you go and you don't even want to play the game that I've seen him sing hate you, the fuck up, take yeah. He would do that all time, so you couldn't clear it. In other words, if I get that, I guess that's one of those times that you absolutely just He had clear now I mean most beetle stuff, but for for some reason I hate you set the top at least at pens list, so excited
That is in fact not data about it. But I will not say- and I know we went through some crazy, crazy shit about that Doran Terrain, thing, Arsenius I did twenty minutes on that yesterday in a fucking, our ongoing nuts. Now it's all right, we did our sound like or are feel alike Doran, Doran Song, that the lawyer Let us play in our piazza and drove me our senior you experienced it. I'm sure sitting next to me, but I was pissed. I work at it, but the foe you pretty, but for you don't even need hate. You'd do up. confusion at a predator now, but listen I felt first off. I was really flattered that you pick me number one. I it's everybody's schoolyard nightmare to come in and have in heavy picking process and. of eight million people, like its normally just a p coat. This is you getting pact, and I
Well, I've been here in eleven week, so I'm goin last and our scenario had the first pick and picked me first, and I was profoundly flattered by that our sinew. What I I had a reason here. The deal you know tat. We can really well I had I had read it when I looked at everybody first about when you were there, I thought you'd be their lawyer. Not only do we have a really good time, but you are playing some really smart ball, maybe too smart actual sure. So I also don't know of people realise that you're, the only guy I had a new when I got there right. You know I mean I've been on the radio with you, you and allay comic. I interviewed in I've never even met play as little as I know you you were the one I knew the most, so that was always there and we always had fun, and I felt that last week I've been doing
Well I mean we start occurred over and over again man- and I was like I want to have a good time going. I hear somebody do a comedy show and I want to start with Adam Adams, a great writer I never knew we'd have to do some things we actually had to do, but out of the great writer, so I really saw you as the guy with the term sat. I got the white boy, so thank you at an I'm thinking. I'm gonna do a comedy show someone to try to get a comedy variety. Somebody try to get there. Obviously, because I'd go clay, won't pig. Pin you want the nice. We too that's the one person that has been hit is riddler to claim back me you're right so, unlike shock when he people, when he picks it well outlawing arsenius, a pretty good message to ever
Now there are listening, which I explain to all people all the time you can argue with a person. You can have a contentious relationship, but when there's a job to be done, and you're good at what you do. Your boss will recognise that and oftentimes take you even if it's to the detriment of the dead I am you may be having with the person like Europe, if you're good at myself being on the radio here right here. Could your work? and clay was like, I don't like pan, I'm tired of pan but pen such a strong player, take him and better. Yet I can't give em to arsenius. That's just going to tip the balance in his in his direction way too much. So arson You tell me exactly what the way exactly that when you get when you leave for New York, I'm here right now, because I had to come in and do Fallon tonight
Cool, and you don't remember the beginning. When Donald Trump said this was gonna. Do amazing things for everyone's career, I do it, but we have always every fish. You already said the idea of how much of that have you felt heavy of you fell in, and I guess after Sunday night there's gonna be quite a bit more of it causes to big finale. But if you felt things come up phone phone ringing agent, calling that kind of stuff up a bit different. Instead of me calling and saying TAT, I judge the myth, USA padded, they have some one call me while about my life, has improved by like like of two legs.
block there. You know here's the deal, I don't know about magical thing happened, you know cheer. I think we still up guys who will work really hard? We got some visibility to ride to the next project, but I don't know if you know we're different business now, it's rediscovering itself in the end. What do you do with you if the war was your oyster right now had a Would you do oh Robin LAMP and have any vehicle? What would it be? I would probably sit around creatively and just make I'd, probably just make like independent movies. I just I just right scraps and just do move I would assume- and I think I would do this podcast do because every single day something happens that pisses me off and I write it down after bitch about it, even sometimes when I go the weak and I go to days or something street age without doing podcast feel like I'm gonna can an oak land that needs to be expressed, and I thank you, the attitude of the physical diaries.
here are senile s gonna know go on. I was gonna give you and us a plug. Celebrity prentice live finale. Sunday may twentieth at nine P M on NBC. It's gonna, be you it's gonna, be clay. There's a part! me when I was thinking about this trap. Theirs, pardon me that thought. Oh good. I can just sit there and the cheap seats and crack wise in the bleachers next Teresa and all the other losers. I don't have to be so. Up their sweat net out with clay and scenario is their party that feels nerves about this. Oh yeah, I'm a nervous reg man is a real stressful, weak. I can't even imagine sitting at that table. I can't even imagine him at my age hearing. Those final word without did happen,
tat either way yeah and is it, but you ve raised how much you ve raised for magic, Johnson, the MAGIC Johnson Foundation, or rather I'm I'm hoping about. I'm no John Rick Sharp I'm open its about at a quarter of a million dollars. We didn't do as much focus on fun, raising this random up that was intentional or whether they knew we had no friends, but you know what they have. You noticed that when you look at previous here. There is more about ok, son on raising yeah. I think probably somebody said: look. I don't like a competition that ends with some whale coming in and cutting a cheque for three hundred grand. I agree with that. I wished I was gonna lame. How is it just came to a check right in Korea? I went to see her. I want to see more Thirdly, I want to see who can go on You re shown make the best hoagie real import.
yet like that at about away beyond making a hoagie, we were true veterans in that situation. We blew the Ladys away when we went on the show, because our presentation, I'm telling you when you put a comic at a situation, you get a million percent more for your money. We step that there would a damn sandwich. Lamp Nellie, a great but he had a anchor. He had the gaudy lady Victoria gotta, hit Europe and the bottom line carried out at which we thought he showed the whole thing I do to our yeah I'm gonna, be written for you, baby cassettes where the money is oh Intel tell me one of them from money is but warm hearted. MIKE my guys over here feel horrible about that whole magic, Johnson, shooting his ear, lobe thing well get out. I mean most about where what other situate
What I've been able to write a lot of Johnson and Johnson ear? Lobe commercial of acute tipped Jove, since I believe it is its stimulated, the funnybone and in the income, but that that was that was good tv look, helping hung the whole Paying are all that situation. I know little guy, I'm without that mistake. What do they know? looking at the guy right now, but obviously were we're done. Yeah, but don't worry well, we'll see, will see, forgets resolved. All leave allotted dangle out there are Signor mix it. I want one wing at about. One would think woman. You don't matter at some point good is it said I look at the camera. I'm not even sure how God, but I think someone had to contact their dick Oh contact high, yet our interesting, I like our see me I'm going to see a Sunday. I can't wait
when loser draw we'll go out, have smokeless belief and have a beer after the show. You know what let go get somebody cooking wine There's a wine store that mean our senior discovered guys, from the hotel good to see you My brother and I see on Sunday TAT carries of our senior hall.
I now call on prisons. Do we not do on the item? Caroling deadline, Sidney, Australia, safe Vincent's hospital, went into locked down as police investigated sixty six year old patient and with a gun in his heart should definitely not they damage shack, filing elaborate return, for all upon gas Dave you and I have to do a basic cable commentary on somethin, soon I will be an alarming that you know. You know, I'd love that I have a lot of candidate
you know, what's a more modern one, it seems like we tend to look at the eighties pictures. Were these basic cable classics I, although you did that gun and sixty seconds rights and Ninetys picture the boy yeah titanic Grain manic is an absurd He had only the railways and now one as well victory. Yet envy you like a bigger than that and victory the hours alone over the wonderful play. Soccer Michael came as a soccer play. Please not a code use that is one of the players. The underground pay, lay the pale eyes imaginary. That's it that's a gm I mean there are. There are obviously the week I I feel like me, come up with new ones. Will there be a lot of guys showing up and movies like Lebron James, doesn't really shop and their guess? He shows up as La Bron James in a movie now, yet I might have ties and shows up as Micro Eisen, but pay lay just another one of the many black prison, of war
it is a pity but he's a horrible actor and throws you on your. I excuse MIKE Tyson, stinking could write. These ties is asian, but also he's in a german prisoner of war camp when I was a boy Brazil is a crazy he was like. Most famous guy on the planet for awhile and No, that movie is about that to play soccer. It was the longest yard and as a European was like the metric version of the longest yards, the longest meter shove. It was now it's a serious minded, dad drama. I dont they had to beat the guards at soccer beta. and ass. He scourge the additive analyses in they told they went head to head with them than as he's got him down. Four, oh by the half, and then I'm not going to say another networks are unjust, called victory tv.
Damage jack. The pot gases test, Dave, damaged, check football programming, get it on Itunes and go to Dave, damage, shack, DOT, NFL, dot com and can twitter him Dave. I'm sorry at damaging David. You have some us, for us what we got going. I knew but real quick. I just wanted to say this is a little uncomfortable, but damn Adam you ve been there, but dialing may quite a bit and the iron half the time hung it's pretty negative. the compromise package back only I talk to you about everybody. I dont want everyone being annoying. At least your man who's the annoying thing. I then I had no idea that you thought I talk about. Every guy thinking is hard, but really being annoying. I'm not I'm sure. That's why I just said I d rather commedia. Listen to me one. I respect you for being man enough to say TAT. I was doing. Students are spoken with you.
our amendments. Are I listen? That being said, hid it open it. JAMA checks. Now what you re people who do not, I feel so. Suddenly I am having horrible chile, flashback picturing like Jack sailors over by illegal, as has been like Cuba diver. we want to do what you're way out for this note, which is in my power, as a european sniper, the weeds. Now my kids gonna be sitting in an air condition. ox fucking. The shit out of his avatar the waste, my time, what happened and gotta concussion scotch slipped out of US avatar to his forehead on his Ipad
Our generation really get scrutinise. You Sonny is gonna be around for that great day when that, but we got job because it was promised us that what was called even that reality out like well alarm and go you're, not gonna, watch tv anymore, you're gonna be too busy making sweet loved whatever supermodel strikes, fancy run. right now, I that was the hidden promise of all the virtual reality stuff, something that exist nor share in it. That was well so we her that one and then, according to world irritably riding around on those things stand up on that started with. I was startling started with firm Botz, an area It's gonna, be weird! You, though, my shun moon, not that he's gonna be straight, but if he is another chance that straight hand gets married, will he get the have sacks with his avatar? His firm bought is whatever it is virtual reality whatever like a second
strain? The relationship lower house is easily with some kind of bought, but that's forbidden. Ok, No I'm trying to think about near when I was little me reared, requiring that would be acceptable in the same way that if you're in committee relationship you're you're, ok with the guy looking at porn, I feel like that's just sort. Offshoot of porn landowner, you're! Ok, whether you know it's not in my face. Actually in something we haven't talked about. I've, just trust that every do look at porn, I'm ok with it I mean here. That is the difference. It's the same difference between in saying and is a step worse to its end, It's one thing to say you know I'd like to take Jennifer innocent between the sheets and our and your old, de unlike our cheese on your list. Cheetah you your five year, because it's always play the game
Santa Cruz on your father, who were the five women you ought to be with name my name. Her best friend and then see what she says about you know like fantasize about Wendy there and when the next door. What about that unites that that wouldn't go over as what you re saying in here. If, if the avatar is is Wendy next door, I bet that won't go over right Jennifer. I and I have all the usual suspects mouse. I've won space open first and when I called Jane DOE have you ever made on the road. Well, you know what I mean that's very elaborate. Live it's like that, see you guys Liefer Eliza for my cock. have Eliza my was making religion, and I do love that the tradition of my people of of adults often getting up at them of a dinner and opening the door for four Eliza goes to come and join us. It's just good makes good sense, this the saints are actually doing. That is, while the saints are leaving a seat open a way for four Sean paid holidays.
Dagger in issues suspended for a year, but they're looking to cede open for him. I was having about that on a sports radio show this morning sank, while at seats left. Therefore, Elijah boy when that go over huge in the saints locker match those guys rational in what ways at all the huge men of color mark is caused in Pierre Tom, I still think as a mediator. Speaking of religion, TIM Tebow's is united with the gesture politics now and exciting news he's out he's going to be baptizing Bart Scott there, there big five miles line You know really. You know I'm talkin about he's a tough guy, but now it's gonna get baptized by TIM. Teabag bore please HBO! Please get this ship,
rules on hard knocks as Emily. Basically is there a team that you can think of that would be better than than that ridiculous crew. Now fat man is their coach, Tim T both now and in the end, the rest of us in Rome Artie listing office is his bakers dozen of two year old, yeah, I just gotta, be awesome. You gotta, do hard knocks. What's up with that in the luck then try to down didn't they they were. It was offered to that. I feel. Are I think if I read that yeah jets are have decided they villars Adele years then do it with a peewee football team. I need a fix. I can't take any hard knocks pick a junior college deem I'll watch. I really will I mean you pick. I doesn't unpicking arena team, it doesn't matter. We just get those cameras in there and start rolling. What is nothing more ass? The best thing is, and it's you know- May Antonio Commodity aside, listing literally I think, for five two year olds that he has by different there baby Mama's it's funny but death, but those into
Your things aside, there's nothing better than the process of the drama of a guy, giving his dreams dashed. When when, when the hatchet man come now, what else her career down the hall bring Europe bring? Your playbook coach needs to see as Sis offsets we some airs. My only thing with the Turk. My turk argument would be but when it comes down the hall and does it M f when each play book now? Why gotta, come at five, forty, five and forty hours when the Cincinnati Bangladesh. Also, no wonder you stink, you run your organization, I'm gonna have a team have actually let me sleep in asked why, you're, genuine progress. I figured you'd rather get the news now. Why would I want that? Let me get some sausage and then get caught. While I have a powder. We're gonna like being awarded for ever better. You do like being cut no insurance and have you delay being caught by saying
I would have no my playbook out, I gonna look, Maybe I get your guy like a week to maybe maybe you could be October by the time it turns out. There is with me: I'm you ve earned starting position at the right corner of yours. Ride, beggar horrible had courage, because I've got bigger, that I'd, say the Turk. Look, we're gonna cut Willis Johnson, Avionic, ok, women to bring up not to bring him back here, just go caught him. Their playbook get the idea. why for good shit through this humiliation with them setting it oh weathers bull, By the way I got listen, we're like a lot of things, you did ok. but lady anticlimactic. Here I got the news ten minutes ago and they said that when the Turk knock down my door and told me to bring my play book, I know the score right right. We will help you going another team of those interests, like oil will think that cars garbage oriented lets. The same is Andy. Read the Philadelphia, Eagles head coach, saying yeah. I recommend down of Mc Nabbs anybody, anybody who is looking for a quarterback, hey I've only read as far as I can tell just.
Every NFL team carries three Kubi. You can throw him, I knew I asked her if you believe in him, so much go at Madame the Authority at any rate, because he wears the outfit that fat snowmobile elsewhere. Like matter we're axiom suit. You weren't, we heard the power all whether pants Park, a built in to one another. It's it's cool outfit aright, where the hell At the time go driven away. I got my got one more thing on Worthing like them wearing for you and First Wilson summoned Anna found ploy, I feel obliged to say. I think that they're gonna solve this concussion thing. It's repeat its a concussion. We already have one right lights, it's it's taken there. When he has a concussion and letting him he'll and then letting a play did I feel, like I should say, have nothing about this? We always say that these two sits there salmon is weird jumpsuits Huffy won t. the hell with it, with a crazy utility belt that hangs around the the admin that are here
these two races laugh and say the guy got it val wrong and put him right back in there and now they're not and they're gonna have doctors at aren't paid by the time believe that are there to decide whether these guys comply or not and they're gonna the side of caution and it's gonna help alot our ass what can I do? One more thing distance were playing the Elise Bald bribe if employees of a song, perhaps I'll wait, I need it again. I wasn't ready for that. That was able to remember our maybe I'm out of practice with it. great great great, by the way, the way the cream of, though that's right, there's someone I I felt obliged to address member mother's day,
They I woke up and I opened up my twitter and I mean two thirds messages on their work. Along the lines of. hey happy mother's day did the best man in the world. I love you, my that kind of snow and you think at sea and on face that's nice, you now, I guess, and then and then I've thought about it for a second, I thought: wait, a second more damaging not on twitter rise Karol on Twitter. No one's mothers on twitter right, not sending her personal message to thank her for being a great mom you're, showing the world. What a terrific kid you aren't, I, how adorable what we'd hard? I am see everybody everybody reading this look, how I take the time to honour someone else who special am I like that? I see in the message so stop wasting. I, with your personalize greetings on twitter to tee arrived same thing with the people who do. You people on Facebook,
die than you're right that this is how you do it in the twenty first century, you're right, I'm gonna, miss so and so right, our ip and I've rail, it's our ip before too, because in a way now consumed by a low bow in detail. And everything else By of this nonsense of this abbreviated, nonsense was that lazy, a tomb down maker rolling in the nineteenth century was thinking. I got what I've got dead, guys got along name. I got aunt there, it's Friday and its for forty five and when I went to get out to the happy hour rest in peace by knows our I wish the tombstone chiselers, though not with Epstein BAR, is so so these Twitter blah honouring their parents, the Andes and these IP aloe well in people out there on Facebook. Congratulations, I've got a message for you: you're the crew, by the way I do every
once in a while either someone brings it up or I have the thought of her wonder for my mom and dad wonderfully email, wonder if I could get him up on and then always I do this this thing where I have a scale my head and on the sign, there's like a colonel there's like one group of sand in the Good Department and then there's a huge dumptruck back. I got a bad on twitter, bad say, and on the other side and realise this this is. I could use at once a year when I'm trying to get out of a dinner- and I don't feel like calling sullen and could even with a conference in a Nazi aiding tone and stop a God knows this shit that would come in the other direction, allowing a bullet dodge and none of the corral. Let's do any email, I don't break the zone, twittering, no e mailing. No one knows what the fuck anyone else's Dylan and that's the way they like it. Yeah yeah. There is a freedom with that is a medium that you can probably assumed
your parents arctic, a different language. I think I think our body hinge kick this door open with his dad and now gets his long winded mount manifestoes about the socks loss in a crucial game. Thirty two stuff like that you just the old people, can tie plenty of time They're gonna have a lot of questions and they're going to turn to the person who opened the door for them right. That's right, do not get your did you Parents do the email and in all their male, yes, but now whether by do get the young non punctuation from dad, but no no, what the twitter knoweth I've been than from Facebook, oh God, I loved out, and that was a nice super cut damaging and our Senor Hall. Gabriel can't beat it. Adams buddy rom, celebrity apprentice. Oh don't say, I've sent do show them yes, but I still grudges about that for Gary the rest of your staff members. So what you re going to care anymore, but I'm still we have to
J do care about that. Allow more than eighty gearing I talked about that on the water. Anybody want, check out what Gary I'm only like ten minutes in the latest wants a router for. Ok will subscribe to the watercolor to Pakistan's Kalen third baby. Now yet with Kate, I do with Kalen Dawson Underwear CARE Smith, and we we talk about working across an more sometimes justice area sometimes just started to please check out the watercolor forever, so the next best thing to giving hired actually getting hang other person now difficult. that's where we back tomorrow to subscribe to the curled classic feed the here. That episode we'll see their manuscripts locks mother that Supervision Giovanni