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Carolla Classics: Diane Ladd, Toto Song Breakdown, and Kira Soltanovich

2020-09-05 | 🔗
Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show: 1. Music soundtrack to Adam's evening (2011) 2. Toto breakdown + Janis Joplin Bobby McGee story (2016) 3. Diane Ladd (2012) 4. Kira Soltanovich (2016) 5. Robert Deniro Rotten Tomatoes Game (2015) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Support the show: Visit TommyJohn.com/Classics Visit Geico.com/giveback Visit MadisonReedMr.com and use code Carolla Visit Lifelock.com and use promo code Adam Request clips: Classics@adamcarolla.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chrislaxamana https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chrislaxamana1 https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio Website: https://www.podcastone.com/carolla-classics Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/carolla-classics/id1454001697?mt=2
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the shell, where we highlight some of the greatest moments of the atom Corolla Showplace Cliffs right here managed locks, Amano executive producer of the emperor and as always carolled archives. Super fan, Giovanni everybody hey Don. I GEO remind everybody about Geico, Saviour and extra fifteen percent. We switch back to her seven terribly guy, dot com to learn more and I'm talking about car motorcycle, an army policies, my Harvey YAP. What started off a clip from twenty eleven, and this is the music music the atoms evening Adam and dogs about going up dinner or various adult events that are frequent and often by older men and women, who may be don't want, wasn't a pop music and they get can play the opportunity barbours and this one of those instances and seven thirteen jewels errant also rose and bright bishop? This is before a hot cup Jill, just Alison and bright, and as it is
of twenty eleven check it out now I wonder sociopaths who have no conscience, that, like they truly have zero conch. Happy or they sad are they kind of does Numb, I'm your one: what do you think? I'm numb by me Our problem is, I overcompensate. I feel bad if anyone else, I feel bad for somebody. I feel like I've done somebody wrong. Randy, like their upset me further, something I did I'm actually worse in that department than other people are, can do attempt to replicate human emotions. The unlikely Kelly gives Anthony's right, we're immune yeah, real, like yeah, now now you should all you should talk to MIKE August about this, because I've been travelling around with MIKE August and this the other day
travelling at the airport. They did that thing words like theirs. It Jesus Christ first for forcing pursing we, as we go into a sports bar and he went see. The Alice you game. So is yelling at the poor, chick manages it and by the way, the sports Are is pumping lady gaga. Where are you on the way and not less? You now were nowhere near Alessio. I dont know where that unaware what city weren't at this point, but HEAT or Philadelphia Detroit think we're in Detroit and he's yelling at this chick the switch to the local CBS aphelion she's like trying to go through the Directv in its chair sixty wine and blah blah blah. It says something else: unease yelling leave it and, as she said, back at him and I'm standing there in their pump in the Fuckin lady got a by the way we want to to sports bars and each time and ask them to turn down the chip music. I swear to God they're pumping the fucking chip music at the spot
Spock really weird one at this chick music become soundtrack, and I mean there is there is the Justin Bieber baby, baby, and then there is the lady Gaga Bull shit in it are pumping at a fucking sports bar like we should be listening to Fuckin Leonard Skinner. Is we find I swear to God sitting around watching Fuckin Alice. You gain fucking humping like how could you please turn it down in writing and where they always do you like your voice, God, so that we have this great moment to play. Some I'm gonna have a seizure. Mike is impervious. Other people's emotions or what going on around him, or a body language. Our past year or any urrey inflection, produces Ispra, impervious all human emotion, and so
we're waving in line were flying rang and we to go to the thing where there's a line on United Airlines to get this key. Ask thing and there's like do like twenty. These things are cross and there's one line. Go down the minerals like when the next one opens like the bank, teller, ok, that once open Circa, that one's open and we were. Second in line in one opened and dude, who is in front of us kind of hesitated like you, didn't make us move and might just slid behind him and went to the open thing. I was sort of following bought MIKE's completely Bolivia's the guy's gonna pissed off. Like any saying to the person from United, I thought I was next in line and she's like well yeah that guy was rude. He slid in front and will find you another one another. Shit. So I did what I always do. Sk I get the fuck out of area. I just rolled my samsonite after the back as I can't stand being in the middle of this shit and I rolled out there and might does what he does, which is
boil impervious to everything and he just gonna get our boarding pass, but for some reason they have, we D have difficulty. He never does yours, he gets his boarding pass. It gets my boarding pass, everything's all confirmed in advance where, but this one fucking time, there's a problem, so certain way back by the despair a case of things you can't bring onto the plane which did which, by the way, does present a chainsaw really very, alas, Ten years as soon as you try to get a chainsaw on areas, this is not good for carrying on putting a giant block bag, but it looked like a wily Coney bomb with I swear to God, and literally literally that anti I mean just like smoke, pod, canisters and stuff like district back. Are you not like handling star hands of kerosene and stuff like that sounds like our? So I get these,
it gives the atom, combined with the lady, needs, to see your idea that and have your thing confirmed. I pull up as soon as I pull up. Of course, the disgruntled do pulls up to the key. Ask next to us. Now now they're there is twenty one he asks, but from Fort because it's me, the one, Stu us opens up and that disgruntled they would pulls up any three feet away. Can I say I think comparable guy standing there doing this thing might stand that are doing as things stand behind him and I like MIKE, I think you this guy, an apology for cotton in line and invite whose tearing me but doing it loud laboratories have a site where you sneers, you lose that I just stood there, he's talking about what that Guy Data Jeffrey saying it so loud and the guy stand right, he's just closest prying is demand, is a guy, a guy just stood there. So if you're just gonna stand there,
going around I mean I gotta catch a fly. I know these guys are by the way they just want to complain. That's all I want to do. This would be a big unlike ok, this is just gotten much much much more might have world might like a reptile Euro zero awareness deserve feeling does not care still angry that, like what was the guy doing this whole time, the guy a guy who probably had some of that. I want to be a victim, and I want to complain to somebody about something but might did cut in front of him and he was. Definitely within your shot of eyes, but he wasn't a big guy. Wasn't a confrontational guy. He was standing there, probably waiting for apology and you can get it from my key task over her. What to do she was. I will say that a little different from my cousin usually he's oblivion, as opposed to like it goes out of his way to be
aggressive asserted Maria and have got off leaving I met because our economy was early. What sort of like that guy stood there, so I want to know, what's going on here, pretty good for him, my step in the right direction. Usually doesn't know, what's going on, I'm more much, I'm more you and that a person doesn't even have to express any sort of emotion toward me, and I'm worried that somehow I have heard it all. I was yelling back at the past. Or middle age check with the bad die job. Who was trying to find a Alessio game, saw over the Fuckin lady gaga of Light,
you know why, I'm sorry, I can't kids around he strode around your fine. I just have a fine invites back loud laugh rang like we're. Ok, yeah over them right act like being a person at a restaurant when you're with someone who's been a dick to the waiter. Yes, sat, uncomfortable, yes, and by the way, thanks for this not rocket my salad to yeah yeah, that's not the extra dress, I asked for and is not on the side number six more market Alfie ten most memorable fail. People do shame that he can't make a speech number five Charlie, Jean Charles she'd, failed more the bulwark it off economies dead there. I just I don't I port, I write,
and was eyes he's he's probably got a big deal with Fox. Do fine check? What's now the people that are the biggest Yours, it's the biggest fail moments in terms of, like you know, epoch I'll, meme internet nerd, a straight number, four Rebecca Black girl who had that annoying song and that other annoying song ouch here too doing science issue too, and I haven't found pumping it at the Detroit Schwartz Barboza, almost sure this one is so weird one did the fuckin tech, strive in me insane: when did this sort of bullshit tat got ratification window become the soundtrack bar lives at sports bars for the love of Christ. Detroit sports bars fuckin martini bars in San Francisco sports Bars in Detroit have a question. You walked into a bar and they weren't play music. Would you feel I've been?
did you play me cause I'm now old and my ears are sensitive and oftentimes. I think I don't really even need music Susan. I myself sorry I don't know, but also out of the yacht. The Burbank airport is quickly dry, means saying because all they place bad eighty shit and it's always bad, shit, and last time I was in there was in the men's room has taken a leak. Arabs hung over another tyrant, Strung has taken place, and I was here and Robert Palmer, simple irresistible, like I'm gonna fuck and take my head
and found myself in the toilet swing and the song God by, like that. I now is. It couldn't have been his weapon, rocked out where it would be like to stay. The same recently likes inexact. He likes music. That is missing instrument. That sounds like a demo tape. It's not mute. I ain't. It sounds like a rough ride. I really got whom it get instrument once once we get the session guys in here. What once we get the wrecking crew in here. That's gonna feel isolated. My cassie other some hand class in there, but once we actually get a fan swing,
I don't know, I'm so glad he's gone I've just he doesn't have to be dead. If it's someone, if he would have just made the promise not to make any more music, I would have let him live This is so fucking bad. He so bad. Is it music sucks? So Thirdly, the women and videos hot now are now, I hope, they're all fuckin, o deed on Coke or died of brittle bone disease. Saints gangs came gradually and number three would achieve Yoshida Her marriage she's got eighty five million dollars hurry. Westboro Baptist church number two what's going on with the fifteen minutes of fame now stretching into three and four years, you're all right I'll get not predict that no I mean I assure issue, like you, see these people and it used to be so predictable. It was
we're resist nobody here. Would you would I mean she shall fine? I just want to know where the money why, having an offer, I tell you to make your point of view. I refer civil. What must this look like a piece of paper to slip? Lass, it's really nice, hot, chicks, blankets out. Ok, I guess a fan turned a piss in Burbank innocent. When I'm here you're, making a pointed out last week or music. Would you what went on he meant to fame, have stretched into our views, very easy to see. Someone like the cart ashen family NGO, enjoy. It now sweeping, because it's been got her fuckin run is longer than Molly Ringwald Run, it was yeah. What did you think? That's because of the and social media and the fact that someone could be popular on tv and then they sort of fade from the television,
they have a lot of online presence, then people realise that you can still squeeze money out of them. I think what going on, as I've always stated. Is there so many outlets that we need so much content that everything is a news story, and it's not just knew. News and world knows it's turned into gossip news, so how many gas sort of slash celebrity slash? You know her diva, so its are there on the internet, but just on television I mean how many cable show, have a sort of inside Hollywood or Hollywood? This are Hollywood that every one of them. There is so many outlets in really how many stories. Are there I ain't any? in time I mean you know nine eleven pops up once in a lifetime and Pearl harbor pops up once in a lifetime, and
wars and these events in these presidential elections? And these you know John G crash in his airplane in the space shuttle lowering goes off? These are once a lifetime and then their sports in that kind of that, but we are fucking I mean you switch channel. You see fat guys we're in Sun vices and for playing cards for five hours at a time. We're out of step to broadcasts were officially dot. Widow Hamley I mean there's worthy Ok, king comes in and the guys go round and pick you don't jukebox wars Can you rebuild that your box and you don't go on fighting trash pickers it? You know this stuff words. I We were warehouse wars or will we go get storage container wars is like we're out of fucking ideas and there's too four thousand stations and we were growing up or when I was growing up. There were five stations By the way the indian head came on at night about midnight and just go there's by this great poem, it show like an F six.
In climbing into the sky need bigger in his guide, come out, you go and then I reached out and touched the face. God. Inadequate american flag would show there be protest out, but and then they sign up. So they sign off two in the morning or whatever of just two I am sign off. They pick up again at six, a m or whatever color bars. When someone, I firmly believe that indian head are color bars are just pause and, as a matter of fact,. There's a Billy, Joel Song off of the tender Maybe it's glass houses is no find them we just saw instead, Robin there, sorry that this stranger shark thing about the pretenders and stranger divine, finally some Billy Java. I you can have the end of it
good song. It never gets played on the radio. You can hear the end and then the fuzz come on ass thou art, so there were will find that there were ten in other five or six stations, thou cut off it to em. So now, there's Hundreds of stations and they all go twenty four seven. And they need content and the Kim Kardashian is going to be utilised and by the way stories that what a formerly never in news worthy stories me so something about Chaz bono during a stand up, act or something that's not a news story that wouldn't have been a new story would have gotten around anywhere would have gone anywhere. She Morgan saying: go stabs kitten, whoever was just wouldn't have been around it just one. And around and now Let me see, let's see what do we got?
any merit, sometimes. Ah, let's try sometimes sleeping with the television on. Let's try that one not strangle sleeping with television on safe that'll do it, and I think I like sometimes a fantasy by way of a good turn it up,
now enjoy the sun, I keep going ok, they are working for the theory ass. You have the opportunity to fifty minutes. All the stars that are stars are filling the whole left by the absence of soap. Operas. Soap operas were really big thing for a long time, merely spur sort of feminine population and gone away for the most part: policemen, cultural relevance, Ebay, there's a big carter, population love, their story has even storyline wrapped up in about magazine Dedicated Digest, and this is taking place, as this is nothing stories for this minded right. Yes, the vicariously leaving my life, your life. Have you see what concrete actions have to know? I haven't? No one cares that you Kara Map and it's it's almost ass. Much pull shit good son, some of us so much as much bull, shit or just sort of drama and creative licence in what they are producing, as the talent of Alice mean these marriages and they set out what I'm not a lot of yes right, rear sap. What are you guys? Gonna? Try on Kristen Stewart Engagement, gowns? Yes, I am now even Bela hats. The captain from STAR Trek thrive.
The number of wine. I turn it. I got it all. I gotta, I gotta believe some of that Robert Palmer out of my brain drain. Little way, village also pointed out with the number one most memorable fail. Congress is ready, lottery, political point c, one more story: you weren't freaking new story. Brian. You will soon ready the able to get girl scout cooking, flavoured lip farm because you buy have chap lived and want growth. They will be sold in the following flavors than men's.
Four boils chocolates peanut butter or tag along peanut butter, or does he goes and culture that formal strikes, which are Somalia that it really important if these are, if this, for, if I see my son anywhere near one of those trefoil, so fuckin slap at right out of his face, not cosmetic laploshka, because if the flavor- yes- because when you have this, you have the Somalis over there now you know what I want to do in terms of just flavour, not actual cooking oil is not bad, that historic shortbreads flavors days and lacking in the actual cookie. The problem may be substituted the real cookies Simone's, but go ahead that reforming whoever that's interesting. Yes, ok of those five in cookie form, which would you choose I have two years, sometimes a fantasy by Billy Job, the relation between cookie and the glass well at a chocolate but our one, always you can't go wrong with the chocolate peanut butter. It's almost cheating its
riding up a dieting Bach, its cheating mean you're gonna set alga right yeah. You write a book that says you know thirty pounds in thirty days, are in our lose ten pounds now, whatever lose ten? and whatever you want or attack, making a sex tape. Gonna watch it near here we're yeah. I think we are saying is chocolate, peanut butter tag along glass like making insects Walter. What happens all that, sounds like a great plan, and this is awesome and it's gonna the great Marcel millions of glass techniques, tell somebody just over. Does it with the peanut butter, chocolate and their out for a job and a fuckin lying, just dives on their heads try right by the centre right, peanut butter. Just
power origin, their donkey kid in school, the amount we're just just some rather than what choking kitten, subtle or not. Events like someone is only Atkins Diet. I smell carved. It just grows at them, like monkey one at that chicks face. He was on earth I don't know she was put before the face thing and then the facing happened to resort to it as of the eye YAP. Why, anyway, you can be The target for hungry he bomb five dollars at Walmart or Claire's, and then in two thousand and twelve. These will be available in the liquid. The boss version two enough trouble with pedophilia you know without without me, like Look at my daughter and gone you're. Lucky wasn't drinking. Today, we are all of that
I may speculators tomorrow, as you know, in advance, what matters is not really be amp, hypothetically you're right. I wonder why there isn't like man would have lost or Father Republic there sure would it be thou. What would it smell like salaries? It would smell like Robert Palmer for me, but that's just me: it's like other man. No, it would you'd have to get you to be happy, get Chris Hansen and you have to get it he's Pheromones gas, and that would just immediately ward off the pedophiles like they know it now and I signed the eleventh yeah. I took your average three like the Fresno pity. They are particularly brutal reality village. All this one doesn't hold ups are what we call That's the news. I'm Alison Rosen Tippit Cunt
that was really without rosy. In from twenty eleven Adam, not happy with music really loves, Katy Perry and assorted pop artists of twenty tens. Whenever go out to e without of hill, it makes him. Wanna hear that cause he does confront. Says, or just some staff and go. What do you like the sun? Do you know the song? we know also from the Carolla show he will record, is haircuts because a bear, those I'm a big federalist. Story about Thea Hansen's Mandarin lines. So does the dominoes pizza from the one Erika, lady, always takes my head, so get our right before you gone with export born remind everybody about Madison, read MR or are you zoom calls you see in that selfie view little more salt and pepper and that hair, what pepper
gets. Madison read Mr Rights a blending natural color for you here and your beard, so it looks even looks natural. It looks good go to Madison read MR makes it easy to find your color met right there in the website and Ladys. They do rate rate color for women's here as well. The net corolla loves the stuff and it so these I let Adam I let out and take them home, you put it in your view. Madame Pierrot, looking duty followed instruct the instructions set of super easy to use than anybody can figured out, gotta Madison read Mr Dotcom. That's Emma D, I s so when our e m our dot com and use the code Corolla for ten percent plus free shipping on your first box again, that's code: all right. You suffer another song breakdown in this next clip this time. Toto's hold the law
from an crucial nineteen nineteen featuring Steve with John Resnick David, while geographic brand Bishop running the show, and it's just that wait. I was sorry for the guest join them and they I'm told us hold the line which Adams friend misinterpreted lyrics to hilarious degree and out of things at which is great I'm tells the she's no Janice Joplin story. Really crazy, great magnet twist. This is for October of twenty sixteen check it out with geographical newsboy, Brian on sound of acts and our friend David. While now love isn't always on time, but he is Adam, Corolla get it. I got to get it, but you get it on Mandy. Thanks return, it thanks for share, and we love that about you All right, let's show plan today. First good,
Aegina Grandaddy you and ballroom. I was looking for a completely value, is one. We say if I was to permanently Now Brian was at a doctor's appointment tests. First talk is employment. Ass the two week, appoint shifting another shot, don't feel emotional, so six weeks or two months, I think it has been no shots today. The there's some shots. Ass, exactly right, Genoa, currently not allowing others came to my house- is born here like crying coming out. Well, I mean you're Dharuma contagious diseases. You go to play by yeah, you go to the page has acquired by now, but for the actual naked people that are employable acolytes, who else too weak deployment phase? studies call a lot of examining how the baby doing that kind of started. She's, just growin she's another almost have the power. Jerome begin to pound to wings and he's not gonna. Put our diet. Tell my doctor Althea and if you do I do not think it can you guys get down with this the thought and first off a just peace. Some I hold the line. Would you
for my lot arm? Twisting of laid hold the line, Toto Dawson, can he always does he like Manna morning, show right now. Poland is a great big reason like soon's and that's all there is. There is a problem which goes down
Well, this is one of those songs like when my buddy Steve views were singing videos taken care peasants every day, every way when my, but why remarked, rob men from the Acme Amity Theatre, Sarka, nineteen? Ninety four, now the song came out. Seventy nine. Seventy eight, those guys it's funny, but they always make the second part of the Rhine. Work somehow lies love on time, they're lying like whatever it is by this only better when I really south like that, this is their lines. You may I just stay in the kitchen and numerous wrath it out and I was gusto again good at a song. Seventy eight, seventy nine, like the songs, yet it was uneasy before then it had been a good fifteen years. Seventy eight way fight, so it been out sixteen seventeen years since market. Those as we reach the allegations and went here's my question: how do you do make it fairer these fifteen years without? Thank God I came around one I'll take this year gray. Whoever tells you mothers on high and they live
yeah. So I had to correct- and I know we all had those moments Gary. We should make that much. We have fallen segment because everyone had those moments where they just rude up the song and ran with. It goes a great book than I had read many years colder skews me while I kiss this guy awry and a cry, but Mr Larrea, the bathroom other area, the am I trying to think of same guy by the way in the apartment in the same kitchen, speaking to music and told the sore, while the thumb same same guy in the kitchen had the picture of the friends on the french back when they re were magnetized and he show me picture one of his friends of his girl with this kind of pearly red
z, hair or something- and I had her picture on the bridge on the French, with it with a guy gonna young friends to young friends- and I said I got a regular Janis Joplin over here and I trust. She's, no Janis, Joplin, Romania out she's a square square person or something, and then I pointed to the guy, because I'm clever and I went well- he ain't no Bobby Magee and we want that. Guy's name is Bob Magee and I went, spreading while one of the chance a strange restrained you ve never memorial than made. So that's my friend bomber gay rights, our common aim but Rights Europe equally heard of walking into someone's kitchen or anywhere else finding a random pitcher of two young people in pointing at the picture of the one in getting the first and last right. Slim and advocate relate to the joke. You just made, or reference years made, that's pretty. While now
so does rob that's. Why he's father called that's that's reset Could you guys get down with this new thought in today's Goober world that today's, like everyone, loves Zyobor I dont know how to do. The Gruber are identical goober by I'm walking around we're travel around through Cincinnati, and I'm saying they were my how far off ASEAN, it's like, I said about three minutes, and I go. Did he just text you back are now at a map shows where you can see me moving toward me whatever it is. You go on my the world's greatest technology. Could you guys so it's information, information and more information and Raul better for it, because we can all check in flights on line now before I have to go down there, imprint stuff out Durban everything's better because of this information that we have the right and as it were, since the travel
It's really help us and bore there to pray jack, whether its checking in the night before whether checking, if you're flights on time online or than pinging you if its delayed whenever an opportunity and worn in all that you and all of the members statute and find the restaurant that you want to find near the hotel and everything, ok, good. It's all good, the one Bart that is changed fer. You know: Innkeepers were having weary travellers stop along the trail. Is the chair in check out part that information is not charitable and it's locked in stone, and let me let me tell you this ever single time these days, I travel man I have to get into this discussion. What time do you want to leave Fox words in Connecticut to get to Boston, go to the Wilbur theatre. What time should Carly
I don't know why asked me every time, because I always go what times to check and at the hotel in It is no use leaving at ten a M having a ninety minute car ride, ending up with a bunch of Samsonite in the middle of then, and not being able to do anything for four hours? So You tell me when they can how's me. How do we time right now? It's it's! It's three o clock is check in check that's usually eleven or noon or whatever, but now every single time, because I run into this. I say Matt, like ok man. What times the flight out essential. Well, it's three in the afternoon who we're gonna have to check out at one. A can we get a late, check out. So we can check out at one and then just go straight to the airport. Instead of put our bags down there and sit around the lobby or whatever answer always is the same answer. Don't know it's a day of decision can guarantee assessed, gonna find out if the person who's coming
to the Rome or was previously in the room or whenever it is, but. Easiest question in the world for me, and my colleague is in you and everyone else who does all our travelling is oh Sunday morning, while somebody's going check into this Boston and it's I don't know what the hotel as it always start with airport. That's all all I know when it comes to mean travel, but. We jump on, Sir in twenty five flight out of Boston Sunday morning, area, which we will be in the lobby at five Verde getting to leave not earlier. Why should the hotel tell the next person whose checking in that room? Sorry no can do before three p m. Why couldn't a person with the knowledge he advanced knowledge. That me, I mean I'd, probably been done.
Not for like nine hours at a time that next per hour or showering Jerry, goes right, nine hours before why? Why Experts have to show up and then find out and then be told, Sir like why can't they ask or when they doing like uncle, what what itinerary right. They tenderer possibly pass along a break possibly charge their person an extra twenty five box. If you wanted my room, could be ready at nine for the next part session. If, in the made one, the swing by seven? I am do her best For twenty minutes that room is ready. I will be walking out the door at five, twenty or more Every Sunday we do one of these gigs. I walk out that door, rural latest eight. I am more toward five there I am an same with all the different times of arrivals y know. Hotel chains lock in this piece of information and if they like
a third vanity. I agree. I think I think in origins enough for internet. To streamline the check out process. Most of us don't even check out Nemours walk right out. They figure it out when eleven right on this in your non, the room they really they have. They have screwed themselves. Like you said when you check in What time did they cannot be departing tomorrow? Sir? Sometimes I don't know we'll see other to most of the time. It's gonna be out. Eight a m flight noon fly, we re any of your business and I'll make a now now hope, probably out of the room by this time. So let's clean it up and get a little in others that they should lay the track in order to shrink and the parallel. What one two percent of the human beings that are staying there when they leave or heading to the airport or the train station, or something I don't really like, my mom's places, walking distance and I live. There is probably a small percentage of people who are semi local and could drive home at ten or ten thirty, eight eleven, but Europe most of the people like ATM flight I'll, be out of here six forty so starkly into the room for a nice guy and when then
I'm coming in after the all night or see. Now they have this thing words like too weak ago Mike- and I were flying all night- we were landing in Cincinnati in the morning, while there's no check till three. Should we had to buy the room for them pretty boring but not spend the night there. I say slide around- who make their way, somebody in that hotel about our well there's somebody's in their somebody's in that hotel. That. Has twenty floors and five hundred room somebody's leaving at five thirty in the morning, just lying I and my mind: can I walk up? We can discuss half another room after its made up. He had us ass could be streamlined and made more efficient. Absolutely thank you Brian agrees, so you know right put on the counter well I agree. I hate. I therefore we have a situation where either check like. All we landed at eleven and like I can check until you know, to arrive like you like eight they.
His leave. You know at the ten a m to three p m wins five our window. That's when the maids cop, that's when housekeeping, isn't it never shall change, because I feel it that's the bubbles they got to work with the bubble. Right. Somebody RON at this is this: an answer I want a all. I want is some satisfaction. That alone shall provide the actors ass bill sermons Sports guy I said on why, when I watch Sportscenter, why the NFL Wrap up shows? Do I have to get the huge score full screen now, the final score before the highlights which edit in a way to promote, provide a little intrigue and a drama. Why do I need to see the outcome first and then bills came in here and said. Well,.
It's all over the internet. So that's why they do it, but that's my argument in Bryce argument for why they shouldn't doing which is yes, you can find the score, but if you don't- and you want to watch it- you want, it just stay. That way. Your own advantage as a tv show was to shelve eyelike package in order dramatically well run. Is a sports broadcasting, professor, at the University of LAS Vegas and once to explain, the highlights work and why they do that run either Adam? How are you Gina a ball ball congrats again, I'm I'm a little one care. Why you're very nice and somebody both IRAN, please? No, I can you. Please know that policeman, We feel satisfied when we're done with this, because I went on an epoch rant once when we the love line, and we did then wives minutes in in the tv on MTV and it was like I was doing
love line on MTV, but I was doing levelling the radio I did about a ten minute rant on the radio. Where was like we're doing show two nine and will whatever days and hours I can't they just go in order just go check. One show to Joe three show for just go in order. Not only what show it is, and I did this epoch epoch and then one of the producers I ran into the fall, day heard the ran and said the real. We do one o one and two, because we know what season one season two and that's why we do it with the three digits versus just show. One show fifteenth, and I wonder As I said, the Abbot Stella you understood, but I walked away from feeling very satisfied as to why we had ever three digit. Why show one hour? I love this, for example, show I was sure one o five does. What what do we always digit forts is confusing, but now we know so wrong
going to experience the same sense of satisfaction, you will not. You won't be satisfied and the answer is predictable and I bet you probably know the answer and it involves. I did sports here at the we see station for twenty five year. Review saw you on tee, hey Gary three at their handsome jangling, very easy, and it is doing doing stuff with a civilisation here and also a couple years ago. They ask each port broadcasting that you and I'll be which I said. I think I can do that with gulp there so anyway, and one of the things that I have mentioned to my students is to coordinate between the graphics people, the Cairo on people and the people that are putting on the show- and it is a simple is this- is there is a lack of coordination? They knew not coordinated the person putting the graphics in the go screen bottom across the crawl. That has the scores. There is absolutely no coordination. It would be very simple that
we'll take one person to say: hey hold this thing or put it in a different timer adjust the timing. While we're doing the Rams highlights, dont show the rams or early on in those highlights. Let the suspense carry itself out, but there is absolutely no coordination where the left, let them that argue that the right arm that sort of stuff- and it did them. It's amazing to me, because there's so much coordination that it takes the put on a show like that, somebody your paper operators on that tape any more, but the aim at any. I think it is in no way a cylinder somewhat more nation going on, but that one element daily between the let all between the cracks almost like. They don't here, but rather like Moroni Randall, sir. You, Professor IRAN, I'm saying on the agenda I'll game day. They go full screen with the entire our nfl prime time
leading to the package they show before they go in. It is full screen. Here's the Rams Box is like a titan Lord. Yes,. There are now a minute, then that's just the opposite, we feel better now, everyone's at eighty you'll feel better doubt you predict like that. It won't be satisfied. It is predictable in that it at that that's just boy. All wrong crawl was bad enough, but they used to do a sort of lower sort of square, and I take a piece of paper in front of it and then I realized. Oh, it's illuminating through the paper. I can see so then
A piece of cardboard and taped it there, but I didn't want to use duct tape because that'll ruin the screen and come up on the screen. So I used the blue painters tape but that doesn't stick and hold the heavy cardboard up very well known on drought. It befell sideways, have in the middle of authorities. I think I've. Actually I had to pay a magic and just to hold the piece of cardboard there. I don't even know what nationality with I gotta get the home deeper imam unassuming could event Salvadoran, but the boys I had a higher a gentleman to just stand there and hold the lid of a shoe box over the square that showed the score of the game. I was watching so I can enjoy the highlight packet. What's next eternity, we often talk to your family, I'm. I don't innovation in Macedonia, but can cover up the out so wrong. Yeah is I could not be the first person who brought this up now. That's it.
Either there are now many there's one sixteen games a week after the rabbis extreme wherein lepers by weeks for some of the teams, but not I used to go when a theory back in the day hold on a second MILAN profess. None of us open to save you- have created. This show You have created this end, prime time and NFL whatever you created a show that You then have slaughtered for the end of the NFL Sunday presume only to get everyone caught up man? What happened during those sixteen games right since almost impossible to watch all sixteen game simultaneously our aid and aid, and so many people dont have the full package or their only watching their local. Whatever you created a show to catch everyone. On what happened today and the end of our work
Would you want to spoil all of their party support real choice? You feel it, nobody on selling nobody raises are an Ngos or why we would have we went in you can make the bill sermons argument, which I would just throw back right back in your praise with other already know, they already know of they check and I'd like ok well than they already know. So what do we need it for that? I'm making amusing your arguments are IRAN. What what what I believe that's what I did sports and when I do sports, when I repeat my students to act as if the people have not seen the game and they have no idea of what the There is, even though they may, even though they may, unlike while they do, who buy outs but act that way anyway, well yeah like and do it in the present ten o. What, when, when somebody when somebody crowds of custom has talk about it, in the present tense that, like it already have you no doubt your students in what I would say, run at maybe because I want identify and relate with the younger people
I'd, say in Alma movie called Jaws, fellow by Name Aurora Shiner. Do you think that I'm wondering one when he was in the kitchen with his wife was like who we gotta man eating shark out there? A good thing a blow it over there, ten forty five minutes or something by rather wise. We should be worried, like now, when the moment he's treating it like, he doesn't know that right, I'm sure Roy Right, the entire school realise what happens. If you read the script They could have shot that that seem before they show the kitchen wife seen because they always shoot out of order, but yet not infer. I looked very concerned about this man eating predator, that was in his back and as such the drama ration enough. He could have just shown that scene at the very beginning and then got into the movie, which case we would. Enjoyed it, which would be what Annabel does, but by showing the score
right by how many, how may those doing shiner France are our big died of France are off geography, note they know pennyworth. We did discuss last night anywhere them and, of course, but the fact that in France that was one of the young one of the scattered thy sight. By the way, I have also told my students may proceed this to build their own pirate ship and get on social media. Don't worry about the old. What I call the old media can enjoy. Did all radio stations tv stations that sort of up to an end. I use the praise and I do I do qualify. Explain it- and I do mention your name in the class to the students so that they know what this came from and some of the other professors I started using the phrase: build your own pirate ship to mean get social media, build a website, start doing podcast doing these things that you can build a student right now to be.
Let's get out of the very people, we crave users, people in the media that are being hired now by old media outlets, how they have a large number of twitter follow but rank. I asked in a serious out: do you have saved a race for kids that are scared of pirates? This pirate Iraq is a micro aggression. Is it not on campus, and these guys were pretty melbury guys. You know what they there are two years women. They pillage drank rom overtime. You got of wench, there's road, warn them. There is no safe space in my class with sports and we're gonna say some things that are below the correct, ran what is wider use of regime next year on. What was your call like? If somebody hit a home run, our scored a hockey gone? What was your Buddha, the have one. I had no Puya, notably under my pencil eyes, teaching Novi after what here's, what I would do, sometimes with the co anchors, and that I would ask them to make the call.
Close the earlier the father and mother is that a new set of the nuclear family setting, how we use the word every autumn at the Hague anyway, I and the day after the anchors and the amount of the daughters them the girl blackboards guys on with it. You know, I would say you guys make. The call What do you think Homerun baobab and the anchors wouldn t usually would get it wrong, but I would let them just make the car or you or here's what you do you just let it go on that site, natural, sound and let whoever's on air at that time. Make them all because much more emotional said I wasn't a play by play, guys. Why didn't at my own after develop my my then Scully, my dick and bird whatever was registered, So I just right local run run where was runs tact until thick was nineteen ninety six when he threw it to an anchor, and he said that guy
just try anal rape, the shit out of that vehicle and then at that IRAN had to rethink less attitude regarding european that was last time round. Did that the first Emma I said it went over those lower up the goalposts that we couldn't tell what was good or bad news and lower one, so maritime, so many who would have thought it away and have the technical through that we wouldn't have had this technology until two thousand and fourteen and a half to raise that thin wall. They engage five inch. Wide steel, another ten feet, thank God thanks romantic, but then here yeah yeah, I'm gonna, say by the way I do want to mention this comes up for the young, the Palm Newman Doc Willie enjoyed that back. If I might even assigned the students to love,
Don't do that at a twenty four hour war, yeah Braxton right, I'm a scientist students for that and thanks for listing round. I appreciate and thanks for doing the pirate ship in and not get the credit. Because you know you democratically legacy lives. Nice credit thank you, enjoy the raiders thanks, think twice heard I don't know why I mean, I know you got. You have to have a university in College in LAS Vegas, prohibits the hills we're dry. Want to being a citizen about it? I know it feels like like whence blanket either. If you taught it can make I'll. Just tat was the name of it. Act may cause, and in somebody Where is it me sets in Massachusetts, or you said, Virginia versus Vegas? How many points would you have deducted for tee in Vegas has in terms of the general scope You know what I mean like I'm a professed
What do you do? Teach sport broadcasting in various international action guy again it wants the listening lie. Saying it's like. You had no. We reopen therapists office like on top of a strip club. You know I mean like right. Maybe hasn't one has nothing to do with another, but I have to say it's the right. I have like a candle stores, although you need some say clothes another great song breakdown hold the line, as well as that Janis Chaplain, Bobby Magee story, so crazy, all right before you go the next clip. Are you guys, but Tommy John? The secret sink, sweat free right now I know. Secondly, meat is still summer. I don't know kind of feels like some I'm still rocket my damage on cool gun, either way it still hot awry very
Ah me, John here with a cool cod. It's like having your own on body, see for men and women, is made from premium natural pemmican for enhanced airfoil evaporates, sweat, super fast, upgraded Tommy John today, with enhanced stupor breathable, designed to get everything counterpanes lazy day. Jogger even got those nice tease and pose great presume cop. Clean check that out to best period everywhere or free, guaranteed. Tommy John, no adjustments needed for limited I'm going to tell me John dot com, flash classics to get twenty percent off your first order. That's Tommy! John calm, slash classic for twenty percent of Tommy John Dotcom Plush, classic all right speaking of classics. Let's go back to another classic clip this twenty two up featuring Diane LAD Adam Crucial, eight sixty four look at super cutting. It will be the show from up top level with a guess Egmont with Diana over the news.
From July. Twenty twelve thousand Rosen Brian Bishop check out, get it on their choice, but a grown man get cited me Diane, LAD, Chinatown or but ass. I live here any more enlightened. Many shows many movies. Many everything. Day owls arose. Allow Adam Corolla Dave, O Brien. By the way, I guess he jerked it to yield. Well. Thank you very high praise, now embarrassing, let me ask you a couple of things first off out and I will speak to you on this one, because I know this. This is the kind of thing that just drive you nuts, when my book came out, not talk about material about three weeks ago. We like our number one on Itunes, audio downloadable, charts now and then I the severe rating-
the thing about Itunes. Is there very spotty in terms of what information they given when they give it here, you should get it when you get it not much before that, so everyone said well, look you're gonna have to wait a month and then I'll tell you how you're doing but alone, Behold Friday, the first week. It came out. It's like you guys. Your number one in number was sold five thousand copies and I should wine they said well. It was doing so well that they just gave us the information and all that I thought. Oh, I well there you go. That's nice and I know since so many you listen to the show and download the show, unlike the voice of the show that a lotta you were gonna for some people like when I was talking to Bill Simmons the other day, dismay blizzard, even though I have a voice fiery oak, I still like to do bookshelf pathway title. It will now go back.
But he said I didn't know an audio version of my book and there's a lot of people who don't do an audio version of their book, but for us too, big part of our book because but listen to the showing and they're gonna get the audio books so I've been interested. How are you kidding? I brought my phone and You know about my phone in here. I brought my phone in here. One tiny little remind rock my entire life. In the only reason. The only reason I ever brought it in was to read you an email off of off my phone, it's my and you get again haven't heaven hands, and hence hedge I see these why this is why I've never brought my for the guy have certain rules, which is I turn your ring or off is not one of them. Don't bring your phone in places where you don't need it or you can use it, and my phone is never ever been in. The studio. I just brought it into finish this story.
I was about to tell you in the three minutes the phone rang let me first thank Heaven hand but the hammer with to be fair to him. He probably thought we're going a little bit later tonight. We're going to obey earlier tonight anyway. Point is this, reason I directest you out and as far as I know the strategy- not so we got this great, whose ol man your number one on Itunes on the audio downloads and you ve sold a whole shitload copies first weekend so a week or two one by an iron her anything. So I sent an email to my editor, and I said you know by the way: what's with the audio books any any new numbers. What what? What do we got an? I got nothing back and then, when I spoke to MIKE launches is a week later today I said
gear. You send anything into Suzanne and find out what's going on with the audio books. Are we doing on those things, because I know it's a substantial part of our sails that you dont get when no one? Eighty two and he said he- I sent an email endure, we could go and I am and hurrying back and I I so I called up assistant, Matt, porcelain, Punisher, Mfa, layer and said the mat shooting email overdue Us Suzanne, O Neill over there and find out if you can find out anything, she has anything about these audio box and I get back this email forwarded to me through Matt. Civil out, basically audio department. Apparently, no new information not know nothing has been updated. Yet I know how dare bread Adam is to get this information and hung like I hate when they say. I know how desperate animals, because it seems desperate because you didn't reply to the first three emails
do you not? I mean like first female was if why how we do on this, then you one now you don't you, you did peg this correctly that arcs the fuck out of me. I know why isn't arc us so much access, because it there I didn't write trade you which it which to us is something negative and by the way I think she intended to be taken out of town negative. I know that you're freaking out wanting this information and staying up all night and pestering me right. Yes, that's one I here I am with you in the low self esteem over compensation to parliament. The information is good and well the other thing is it I think that people do every once in a while when there's somebody behind the counter- and there must be something in their back as half turned you and you go and you pull up into the like hotel near checking in any go scares me. You get no response and then you go scares me.
And you get no response and ego mass and then I heard you have a little bought shaken bitch like I'm, not the maniac you're, not responding to what I'm saying now. I seem like a shouted for the third time later. It's not the fritz, not the first to exchanges didn't go like this. Excuse me just a second. One moment, sir sneers me one moments I'll be with you in a second? No, it was flat line, so I dont know if you're hurt yeah. So thus you have now prompted thither one which gets the big. I know your desperate, but I'm not desperate. Just my third, what right- and I know she didn't mean it in a bad way- I'm just interested! it makes me seem very needy, and I don't know why. But when I saw how is desperate for this you, sound like I'm not I without its very you're serious how it goes. Yes is also an element of this,
just as important to you also because your same baldoni down down even so yet out. Even Get me started on the part where you make More money than you do, selling hard copies a buck, yet there's little two no interest in it, basically twin box in you don't do anything versus fifteen box in you do a lot but dad they're not that business. To me Won't you just being the business of making money? I don't give a fuck what business you aren't. I and speaking of that, by the way, audible, thanks, audible. I got my book audible, dot com for supporting the show that over one hundred thousand books to choose from hope like now. Nine thousand of them my the man who has obviously different kinds of her yeah. What. Trust me you're zone there, ok, but you say, there's out at once tat
Nice was like the whole thousand other ones and then ninety eight thousand of mine for our purposes. Yes, a little arise, yeah in your face book parts earth, yeah animals, offering a free audio book. By the way you can try them out. May I suggest not talk about liniment free future, while freebies for two years will be checked: free audio book of your choice. It audible, dot com that is audible, dotcom, Slash ACE. I love these audio books, it's not just because I can't read, but about it. It helps, but I do most my stuff like on the road, walk and Molly in our out in about kind of thing, put that you put that your body and in Canada set the world aside for a moment, it's nice when you're moving around and people think I you take a buck anywhere, but not really
back of a town. Car at night, when you're being driven from J, F K to your hotel, while you're driving or while you're driving your town car at night, the guy's got duct tape around his mouth and citizens in the trunk. Yet very distracting the rustle of pages. Yes, so for free anyway, free audio book, you gotta, audible, dotcom, Slash, ACE details are on our page by the way you can check it out, that's audible, dot. Slash, ACE and check it out for free all right What else we got here so stuffing plain about? Ah, yes, and don't get me wrong? I love my. I love my editors. Well, it's just a yes that the word desperate some when the first negative connotations and when the first three are too ass were ignored, yes, our right there, is one of the things you guys tell me this unearthing you can identify with, and it happens to me a lot and I realize this kind of how people are wired like
if somebody set up frozen yogurt play serve. We figured out from your place and Taken a long time, and you go come on it's like a decision, the movies gonna start they go, and this is you're fuckin, weird wiring. Everyone has to slow down when he told the speed up. I don't know what it is, but I was doing a bunch interviews. Today, as To do and in a bunch a radio and a bunch of print ones and at present one in between a couple? Radio ones and the print ones can start five minutes late, but the radio once they gotta, start on time, because the guys are on the air and am sympathetic as I used to be on the air. That way, I can dig it nor on the clock, and I talked to a guy from fees it's a reverie was Tampa Kamer, where I talked to him for like twenty minutes
and I was a print one and at some point I said he. I never do this, but if I have some mouse coming up, I say sorry, but it's been twenty minutes and I have to call this Tampa station and their expecting me now and so kind of have to wrap it up and every time I've done this only done at a few times, because I you know I will for can talk as long as someone will will listen all sometimes hear their tape recorder for collecting the banner away. Long and people will listen stay away. Now, kill themselves, but in this case I gave a guy like twenty one minutes and then I had to call this Tampa station and I said I'm sorry, but it's been twentysomething minutes and I do have to wrap it up because after call this Tampa station- and I got what I get every time- ok ok, just one more question which already kind of right, you know, I told the two fuckin go and do this, but just the one more and then At the gamma stammer with the last one
Then you answer it and about one more question: be five partners. You no name you one more question top five. I've in fielders of all time in the modern era, Stevie loves say interest, namely behind Gari YAP, Johnny bad. Yet build this view that thing and then you're done in this report, that weird when you're done answering the very last question you literally the Ok, so I think by the way for four, for you now for tat, in the time- and I know you're busy- and I know you have a lot of other things and I might go up these are
Do you have a vendetta against the guy? In the Tampa station you fucking hate that guy's do hate, fuckin a floor, waxes ass or something you fuckin guy, I'm gonna fuck. I sure it's like this weird like and I know, there's you know a lot of places you could be and in an aim and and your ear in advance. How we will I appreciate you, you taken some some time out and I'm just going to read. Act. You are your answers to make sure this hand right in and in speaking, you know too to me and it's like my body. What are you stories? Somebody guy in a bright with like riding boots on those kind of directors, pants gone stretch stretching out stretches? I told you six minutes ago. I got a call another radio station, I wanna be it dont. Like hang up in the middle of your, I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to doing pray. I haven't I like them empty. Just to hang up because I know word we're done
question part by squeezing Lascaux real quick boom thank you very time, unlike hang up, but what's this the error in the yeah armor at the end, and I know humans are wired that way, but why Why are you desire that way why, when the person just said hey I'm in a hurry, do you go right? Let me get my ether ragout hold. Well, I was a journalist for years and I did phone interviews and I'm trying to think. If I have That is why I would do that there is this sense, like one Let me give you a certain amount of time. You believe that they probably have more time than there when you and you have they been building up against the publicized that they didn't have that in her right, so yeah, because you had said why you have to call you know, I think tat. I was just in essence but he's not being an ass, all he's doing what people certain naturally do, which is. I can't get my brain.
Out in front of my feet, kind of thing like me, I like that pressure was making him was Tribune him up yeah like dont know how to end. This thing is a fundamental difference between like writers and radio people who like where people are clock, clock clocking of its being into them from a young radio age, whereas the writer like it's all about thinking things out, pre planning flashing out like doing online retraining as long as they can other internal clock dean of boy. Did I ever Sophie's choice today by the way, so I was having uncomfortable conversation with my dad about why I'm cancelling usually organs is a conversation and uncomfortable. A car. You are my daddy, cancelling it yeah well Mainly you know it's hard to teach eighty something you're old people suffer eighty year old guy stuff, but I'm doing it more in principle, that I am on anything else. I've always felt like my dad, his just copy pulley of incompetence.
His whole life. Allow people kindly Malone any doesn't you know you know it doesn't do anything and It's like a sad I told Michel was causing me money, never said how much you just sit and anyone on another six months and then item eight, you gotta do the show and you got it for money now to try to make it whole cause, I'm losing money. Like said to me today, yeah. I don't know how to do that. I got to know what you want me to do. You know- and I said dad you communicate for living if you really about it. You convey ideas for living and he said yes Ok convey this idea to your audience. Well. If I had a script or something he said, I really need a script debate. We convey the notion that you need money to do. Joan of people want to donate. They can donate an ice. It dad you're, not interested in it. There things you're interested in its come a little bit of an obsession in my wife of I'm convey
that everyone is good at this stuff, they're interested in and mysteriously retarded when they're, not interested. I've said it in times as it pertains to my wife and Bruce Springsteen or my dad and trumpet their fuckin. There's their servants comes to the shit there into and then when it's there not into it, there's a lot of her. What I don't remember that Everyone is that way to a degree, but there's something called me clarity and when you're mature, you have to be interested in shit you're, just not interested in at that everyone's job. That's right! People people go to work, and that's Wait work so Zephyr united as about ratifying the other people. So we're getting into this sort of semi, philosophical, paying gotta. Let you go conversation and there's a call on the other line in its assessment Marlon and I thought a real. We'll talk to set this budget. Is the antithesis?
My dad he's, like I'm gonna, go out new a whole bunch of shit at once, and the other part, but I mean deep in this it's almost like we're break gap I realised and also Macfarlane, when these guys or if you go call you back in ten minutes. That may be it for the next ten days, but he has right where you are now and I'm so I just can't believe how much success is move head his had at its made like a hundred and fifty million dollar footnote or ten those dollars. Yours have you seen TED yet, no, no! I just saw yes, Well, I saw it I mean less on the previous night. Just are I sought and friends and family. But every item mentioned, does Iraq about it respected? But I feel a part of it in the sense that kind of part that makes no difference. Like if it was a machine and the pardon belong in that machine, so statements box and nobody cared that kind of part. But the part
message. The machine right right I know I spoke to him ago when age get ready to go to Boston with marked Wahlberg and we're talk about him directing we're talking about the process and then when it was editing, were kind of going through. All the steps of it- and you know, I told him today I did get off the phone with him and talk to my dad, unfortunately, but I've gotta get hold of him ten minutes later. This is the kind of moved away this. Here's away this town works the way this town works. Is you wrote you co STAR in an EU direct this movie and it's a big budget and its first movie if it blows up on the launching pad you never to do another movies, launching that's the way it works your star and you open a movie so to speak or you do your first starring role and a movie and a movie flops. You
Get started, Heather Movie, not a leading man. He placed neighbour body and of discussion. That's that and saying what director rider whatever and this We must so out there so crazy, conceptually in we talk about before it came out this scandal, We that, if it did nothing at the bar, solve as you wouldn't be surprised. If it did everything at the box office, you wouldn't be surprised. It was crazy conceptual movie and said: Durham not now condescending way, but when I realise how much money the lingering I went for contained Christ for stone because donors will see a movie on a fuckin Friday and seen again on Sunday because their stone. First time, yeah, like they literally forgone number two, you can't. You know how we talk about like kids, movies and kids books and how easy it is to turn a dime forget about that stone or movies, not movies about Nurse movies forest owners- I much of that monies repeat business. How many
that money, how much of that weaken at huge first weekend as donors going out on a Friday, seeing it and then get their stone, a roommate to come back with them in even higher the following, while the super law loyal and they dont mind repetition some in foreign, twenty percent so uh Ordway, I gotcha so we're having a nice conversation about the fact that if this didn't go anywhere, you wouldn't be doing another movie and now this is been a incredible success and thus you'll get to do. Not only do you get to do more movies, you can do fifteen shooting movies in a row and its some point on that. Team movie, Horrible's fifty movie run so we'll go you now. Ted returns. Wasn't that bad that'll be movie six and you can still just keep going and the truth and that's the way. It goes for four gutter for bad and, as we were talking, I said you know them
We still the movie the motion, movie and it's still what it is. It could have opened up and been very disappointing at the box office or it could have been a bonanza which it was which one changed movie the product would be exactly say the only difference is people's hang their head when they talked about it and you never get to make another movie verses back up. The brink struck and make many movies as you want, and I told him, it was such a crazy concept that no can do thee, while the last William made was like romantic comedy cookie cutter whatever. That did really well this next one. It's too high concept here. This is a crazy high concept movie, and so you get to do whatever you want for as long as you want to do it. Yes, rang room with the exact time I had reached down. I was not did you joy, I did enjoy it. It was. I was everything you expect out of assessment
on movie, and I mean that in a very complimentary way, with everything it helped us up the problem, will you be the random jokes radio? The aside, the sort of family guy style, flashbacks too weird moments is all very funny like cameos lie, cameos, so he will be on this programme. Any time we want and other according to its policies, are not available in the month of July. That's the the great thereby publicists is if you can actually the person you can go right around him, and so he said at any time and now work on then we'll talk all about it. All right, legendary acrid fan lad, adding a studio enlightened. It is her series, H, P, o and it deco stars. Lord Dern, her daughter and a low, no Laura stars, assert lack of star, sail away, arouse our that up and look Wilson, your son Not this year
but I am lad website by the way Dan LAD that calm ass doesn't live here anymore, Chinatown, we're talking off the air about their national lampoons Christmas vacation Brion said Young interesting story about. Auditioning for that role. Where will we just laughing ass, he said, are affected his life with that story, but yeah that poverty, appeared in my life. I am was a little disgusted with Hollywood and I was engaged to a doctor, so I went down and degree and psychiatry, and kept flying back and forth. Shelly winners was my daughter's godmother. She kept saying: why? Are you running away from Hollywood? I suppose I'm alive disgusted with Hollywood. Why? Well, because it having while they didn't like women directors, and I had directed a film and got great reviews and was called a female Woody Allen are Hell Ashby because didn't have any women to compare me too, and it was selected by ten and national festivals, and I was just every what they said, we never let you direct,
well. You know any women direct. That's why there aren't any Emmy Martha Cluj, direct. It really rose later and why nobody run into her after Princess Diana chose. It is her favorite movie influence to London, real cat, It took her how long Bigelow eighty five years to get to ask her hello, darlin, oh yeah, so yeah wasn't at all. I just felt it wasn't me. It was a great critic, How do I hate their mothers? so I was in a mood where I'm not. I wanna be a value before a kick the bucket, whether I'm young or old, slow down in Florida, working in a hospital and being helping people in hospitals and showing everybody give thing. Are you out of your mind? What are you doing so? Will you now Panama are you doing some so I said: ok, I'm going back to Hollywood God and here are not in. Let's see what do you want me seriously, so I came back the first energy to is this one. Each mother and the truth is so help me, God on the same major cherry.
So now I get Shelly winners, her down mothers address. I put that on. I put powder white powder all over my hair. I get some experts from Salvation Army and some glasses, and I go walking into that interview and as I walk in there is every star so when I was six years old and greater waiting to audition. For this part was heartbreaking. For me, I mean there's June Alison and Al Ghostly great because they re performance, great performers. Yes, sir, I'm really vote. People, and now I walk having you're not supposed to photograph people issued, got permission right there, permission I walked in terms there was the cast interact with a camera in my face and am looking like a living hail and I'm about to blow my career to Helen God. If she shows this piece of film around and not only those of, but I don't find, I said, Diana go to flow, don't find so I walk in and there's children they said. Are we wanted to shoot Chevy Chase?
pass them our ran over to charity. I grabbed him. I said my Sonny boy. I hit him on the head with acute tap. Our What is miles crawling with my fingers and played a game and slapped him on a chair and said I love you and grabbed him and hugged him and got home. I was told I got. The partner started several we're going to the poor, but then I laugh myself to the bank for sixteen weeks and then six weeks later after thing, ok, God, whenever you want, I got a starring role in a film that brought me and ask a normal Asian. What? What now with almost no there David launches surrounded, Har Wild at heart? You know- and I know that now there was trying to do the math and in shabby show I owed mounts. Dont jumped up flipped over the catch. Did mound stunt you got hotspot guy and a little like are accepting these squirrel Oh, that's in the show Brian sure they are there. World wrangler. The director said, die
and I need you to amend the floor where it runs across. He said I need have passed down. He said you come to. I need you to crop, be closer to the squirrel and the right. I came always said, Miss LAD. I know squirrels acute, don't get any closer police. Yours too, going on score how razor blades for nails and if this summer, does summoned this thing packs and he jumps on your face. It's all over there so I started scrutiny back instead of more. My father went right away. That says, like squirrel squirrels, one of those things where Where are you are mad, I'm home from San Fernando Valley, so how you know about squirrels and I've seen squirrels jump on stuff before and once they jump on? They stay on Estralla. Look at the whole thing about the squirrel. Is there like that alien from the moon? We alien, they go on your face and then leaving your face. Squirrel score so plan is you know, you know you're too
honor, pound dude nine ounces. So I have to ride you like a ball and- stay on as long as it possibly can. You can't give me and no rodeo squirrels and run around distract me, so they jump on sink in they going on and you don't go anywhere. Oh we're, gonna, look at the gear. We're gonna look clip by the way, I think, oh god, no show the one where I play as mother. When he's ten years old, I look sexy beautiful, their coasts, the squirrel and there you are up on the sofa but now or watch So where are you from wordy health from originally Mississippi. Macroeconomic Rigoletto, quixotic, Rogliano, humpback humpback and where, and what did you think, I spent all attempts to New Orleans to that mixer, what made you gonna say way? I'm zero street car named desires, my cousin your cousin yeah I just was down. There family reunion yeah big hundred fifty
You got a lot of, and I hate to much. Some latter may not seem because I had chicken in dumplings american Pie, and Britain The breakfast is with kindness how come they seem to know how to eat over there. Well, because that's what we do, but we know For years we have babies, make love, need a lot, and you know if you ask somebody here in California, how are you they say? I'm fine, I'm great! How are you don't ask somebody from the south? How are you gonna tell you it's courtship and that's what we do. We love to talk in Chechnya, and that is why the greatest writers in this country of from my state, as I'd like to make this observation, I think in these other places like New Orleans, they eat smart. See. We dumb either way we're both fat but we're fat eating a bunch of shit from seven eleven and a bunch of fast food ends
sandwiches that are sub par and just a bunch of just kind of pre host is comes and cellophane whatever you guys or cream coin right are fat. The light lies fresh hearing them showing getting fat. Pay. The agony downplaying were more like eating hospital food, get help him yeah, yeah, you're, getting fat and enjoying yourself we're a miserable were friend, that's pretty smart, you, that's all I never really thought about it, but if you're gonna be fat, you may have you gonna send. Do it well because either way you know a thousand calories. Is a thousand calories marginal joy, the shit out of it, rather than just eating some fucked up hostess Adam. When you hear good like tat after while you can, diet are taken back, but you gotta have some good food now and then just enjoy it and then like right now I did I put on like twelve pounds so now take
love, and you know what a Dumbarton, how to take it off vegetables in protein. No shivers, no, no sugars, Knowst stay with me arbs stay away from boo. Sorry, yeah, don't cry get better. I think our right enlightened is the name of the show on age be oh and first season. Should we do a little news than you sit back, you hang out you young man and crack wise. That's that's what I need you to do
with Alison rose. She reads. Sometimes tat is bad and when it's time to wrap it up to find it out with their mates, news is brought to you by tuna and check out tuning dot com or get the free to act to us into this show and thousands of radio stations from every continent. All mine Vieira. Gaza is repealing the business tax on car dealerships, an ally. Money. Now we get a butler sales tax from them that the business tax isn't that much actually energized yeah. Ok, here's the US! as much as they wanted to be retract his business, her Frick metaphor for everything which is we get greedy and we drive in a look
Ass Angeles should be in probably was the car dealership, capital, the world and so Never any body is in government. They just start looking around, I don't know why, but they look at cars fur cigar, whom we deal with that car and then they go in our meeting it should be seven eight box to be a hundred and seventy eight box and I go parking ticket shouldn't, be thirty five bucks should be seventy five box and that a big game, animal animal or the price on the car and give the tax money for education and how ways that we need this day they man sister only some cream sauce. The point is they just want it car she hears years? Are they done with all Santos, especially you are cheap. To your car. Yes, they have got, is strong on cars there, like a fucking car jailer d,
That's right variables wrung car dealers. There is no mass transit there's nothing to do. I entirely silly was intentional: I saw Chinatown I saw that document tell me about United at hard around one rose. Yes, they got rid of all the line battery cars. We could have had twenty two years on our rid of everything and they gave us the car and they got a strung out on it and now we need it and then they want. You know what let's start charging for everything you believe what they cost cars. Do you realize how much we paying no way cost a lot to build a stuff, but they can lower, though, prices. While I don't give a shit about that, because that's just out he going up against Bmw, going up against Mercedes and Chevy that they can do get out in that arena. The gun and said you know what we're gonna do
even more money out of car dealers and they put some sort attacks on the car dealers in the car dealers did what everyone else in California doing this, they went fuck that we're going somewhere else and now their left with nothing re Ella arise ninety five dealerships in the last twenty five years, but they say the trend is reversed, because now always out a row, has twice the number of dealerships and that it did it's worth Aaron years, it's it's! It's they're going to lift this and get people to combine. Did you know that this reforming, always business tax? Is a core component of year ghosts five step plan for creating jobs and allay? Did you know that there was this by well? If he wants to create jobs, could he please stop the runaway productions? Do you know that in ten years, Well over two zero million dollars in this country right put another country's pockets. Could we bring that money back and put people back to work and show other countries and other states. If you live in Hollywood, California, obviously a lot of people,
go into. Where I went. I we all when I did Stephen Kings Kingdom Hospital. We asked the governor for two million dollars at thirty: eight billion dollar job of budget, and we are Four to billion dollars to take off, and they said no, so they went to vent over. They took us demand Coover, they got ten billion, they got Some five hundred people were put to work. Of course, if you think about these dealerships, think about the salespeople think about the receptionist think about all the mechanics and all the base think about the size of one dealer. She I took that research Adam to Washington. I made seventeen trips and spent a fortune of my own money and I am lad sitting Here- got the only check, shelter passed in forty years, signed by President Bush and we started make an independent movies in Louisiana Mississippi in Georgia, but we need a lot more tax shelters. We all
I appreciate you, don't you guys are in the one percent and you need to start paying more. You rich lazy actors. You have to install a baby. Eighty seven thousand actors made in ten thousand dollars a year. Poverty wage last year, hello and thirty. Two thousand didn't make five cents hell. Only three thousand out of a hundred twenty thousand actors make a hundred thousand dollars a better and went on. Two makes a hundred thousand dollars? They sped fifty percent to the people that they that they keep in it is to get them the jaw. I know I'm being sexually felt Minerva. Washing one thinks that we all you included baby there. He they think we light cigars with hundred dollar bill China and you ask him for wagons- sheltered there's money in their pocket; they don't get it I know I know soon. I look I am. Why do we take education out of this country out of schools across this great nation, ogre and Roma, and all
things around what about me up now about what are you a sharp wonder about sports luck? I was, I agree. I'm so tired of hearing Pado complain about when a guy learns to play the french horn. Again I was that didn't, have placed the arts and do shop sports I'll teach you everything you need to know in life now. Listen to me, I'm willing to help you I understand picking. In leaving show right Now you have a car dealership and you're getting act to prevent off that area of our production. You get acts that now we have a choice. You can get nothing. Everyone goes to Vancouver or you can stay not be greedy and get your tax revenue from them? Don't get greedy you'll get nothing and we will.
Learn that lesson one. Who is that in how many times do I have to scream about it and how come nobody understands that concept? I thank you got out scream even louder because even can be paid down what we say and that that all wasn't leaked the what then, but one in the bud No, it wasn't. It wasn't sealed off the oil seed and see a lie, but what do you say so? I didn't need to shrimp in Louisiana. This time wrote you'd, be thirteen pounds overweight. No no I'd be, might be sick, I'm sorry, but documentary coming out and I think BP has paid how many people under the table, while their warnings, States, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and one I see those real good commercials were. People are like this is easily come on. Back, though always enjoy headed shrimp running right, then ask her right hand when, when that oil exploded in two thousand ten, how come they won't? Let ships and airplanes go over it and see. What's going on how come they steal, corrects it is a poison Kim,
well there's a sprinkling on the water. The shrimp Edith, a fish Edith and people eat it. They get sick there now documentary, but I just saw it and I'm in shock skull the big fixed by the way I look for and will become, the theatres near me not have BP. Anything to do with it. So we understand this concept of you raise taxes and people leave yeah. How come We don't understand that outcome. Hollywood doesn't understand that a more global from a more global speck on. Why shouldn't doesn't understand it. Wallbury Gulf, the Louisiana, if you're doing a little independent movie, I made a big movies today: cost like a hundred eighty May, how much Batman just cost two hundred and what million dollars. So most of the time said the Oscars, the pictures that are up for a Usually the independence, not they're, gonna go even even silver, nitrate in a film Adam cost double today,
It's really a lot of money to make a film is not like the old days. So if you're gonna make a film- and you got- and even the airline tickets have gone on price We need some help to keep culture if a country loses the culture you lose the country. I agree and, like I said it's Hollywood, it's it's how you it's not even if it's the country and the city, it's it's swell. Enlightened is being found right here in Hollywood, DORA Lara during fought like a dog for that and she demand that you shoot the film here so now everybody's gotta watch to make it a hitherto circuit very there I'll make more here and now you can watch the first season by the way on H. Be oh, go I'll, send what's next, so Egyptians couple was charged after put their new born in a carry on bag and then went through the airport, the United Arab Emirates, an x ray machine caught it and I believe we have a photo albums was all over the news today they are having trouble getting a visa for their infant. Oh
he says that she convinced him two to go along with this. And Lady Miss says that he cannot husband, says that the wife to Davis drop a dime on the old lady ere. I like that. So kid they now, I'm sorry, the Father persuaded her either. Why they're gonna Harry the kid one was: if they're going to carry the kid on we're gonna get on their we're gonna. There were chanting than they were in Chechnya, which are so they're gonna There are the kid hunting on cargo. And the path now that they get a certain amount of radiation. Passing through that thing, I'm regulation through the X ray machines. I have seen trail gotta from BP, but still dangerous, and then they saw the kid and by the way I've done this before rapid foil, you don't but I'm through Improve Otto here s cut.
Punish ample bottle. Reassembling, we're gonna, learn, swallow them com which in shock and laugh and air, so that you're holding it out and then what they do with the kid where the parents Kid are under police questioning. Should. I be more news about this tomorrow, but why didn't they make their flight clear from twenty twelve. Let's keep the clips going too by the way, if you want to request a clip, it's very easy. Just email us classics at Adam Quota com. You can tweet us at you Vonny Giorgio or at Chris Locks Amana on Facebook Instagram. All that good are the good, where you find us anywhere on the internet for there and let us know which you wanna hear on Corolla Classic for habit of fine, I'm happy to plan and share them listeners out there all right.
Next club is from twenty sixteen and features guest carousel town of it who previously filled in for use girl for a while. Up appearances as Newsgirl he's, also pure a guest, this absurd she's, a guess, I'm a show and commercial eighteen. Seventy Gina Grand Brian Bishop, its remit, twenty. Sixteen another super cut little bit up top over the news, but I guess I meant check it out. Mundane geographical data man Melbourne. Russia you there's your hungary- will give you some greens for your Jews. Careful thought of. I see
China, no kids and Mamma had a town. Yet so a bullet dodged there s surface it acts of recital n great day you gotta bar is the bars rate. The bars set very high, because this is Christy's first mother's dead, she's with child amazing. You have turned out the barrel of, or should we can't do this every year it was. It was a good day. It was, it was cut you I can understand how made mothers take us to be a bit of a crap what we can do this year. What Rhine? Please enlighten us, what the romantic journey that Youtube went on the first or with the target the end in the younger land, but a motorway sweets Elio, looking for the first mother's day, getting card for the first time for mothers Day and she's. To New York tomorrow for a week really her last big trip for work, because you ask us to travel after certain point and I got she's fallen in love with this body. Pillow called this noble of Islam,
Google. It goes all as you like. A snake is ever going to show this noble yeah. You take that personally, I value being Mr Ryan's associate this noble, but a slogan was huge: it is a human being. Sized guess is way too big for a long time. So I took it upon myself to click through the Amazon Banner Random, curled, icon area travel, size, snugly, forty two inches long, But I'll see what it looks like a sausage. It's sort of looks like about ten inches across. It has changed her life with about. Is it Mozilla than I ever done it? for pregnant folk, or Agnes and the lazy unemployed as well, ostensibly for pregnant women, but I understand that many women enjoy it by how measurable and look what I got her many version wishing travel within that was our first mothers dig the. How do you? How does one travel with I mean it's?
the airplane, it's for the whole diaspora, absolutely for Thou tat right cause you're not can be other get horizontal or whatever monsieur. I made last seen from a clash of something here. This is for this is for the hotel and only stocks, the small pillows I had a nice guy did so sad, but I had the US or a bullet dodged sort of thing with my mom, which was for some reason my mom is taken to texting. Oh which an ice avoid doing origin, avoid conversation contact of any real. I mean any emotional content so that this kind of, Now, first, I was going tax and it didn't happen, I didn't recognize your number just sent back, who s my own? Who this I dont send back stuff. When I get tax recognise, I just don't do anything and why have you forsaken me? Some deletes at a certain point.
How do you delete a modest? I know what they are, but I get phone numbers. I calls from places and Eco taxes Alabama seven alone. I don't know who it is. I can pick up the phone and I never know who it is so she? She took the text in like a little bit ago and then so I just son, aren't well, I'm gonna enjoy there, so I just texted her like I will go to branch after that. The italian football game, and I didn't really hear anything back, but also don't know enough to know when one green and one is blue I only have to do with who else has an Iphone? Ok Nobody you get green at seeing. Someone on the galaxy is right now I am glad you are mad or not read and only me ass, a to another Iphone. Ok good! Do now. Can I just sat at the table. People had no idea what that was about, and I include myself
by the way just like quickly whenever everyone it tells me how like on protects savvy, I am or how I can't my spell and grammar and diction is bad. I always go yeah, but I'm really rich and I'd pay people to do it. So that's my exception like when you when you go, I cant do as I'm sure, Michael J. She couldn't rebuild carburetor via at will pay or give a path and rising. He he goes out sells a bunch of records in any man. Someone else the duties out a way to do it. I'm sort of that way. The Tec department I get made fun for not knowing anything but employer, fulltime, assisting and who have to write. He does those things for me. So it's ok, but it still better. If I knew more than what is still humorous, it they'll numerous and Texas. On Friday in turning back and then a text today and ended up, I don't I didn't get em it didn't go through, but just sat around thinking, Christ and so sad, but
so we went to the that that went to flag football game. The day started with you guys enjoy. This is an extension for my last week's ran through the day started with, italian needs clay that sword started and LE. Looked at me and said I I can't do it like. Do the clay and you have to understand our our house is torn apart because of that construction there is an aids.
Come home and those kids with the Taliban like richer Dreyfus, with that my clothes encounters with them potatoes on my bed, that'll be my back. When I come home, it's not going to be like she's often they are arts and crafts centre. The little room that's built off in a garage with proper ventilation now and then the other that the drain in the middle of the floor, we can hold it down. Auto she'll she'll be more squeezing about everything out towards that drain. Right now, shovel she'll be on my bed with maybe half a racing form laid down watching modern family in building richer drives has mounted on my bed like that's where this is going. There can be no other now, there's no other way. This is going so let it said. I can't take decline in oak as, if we're going to be clear now The deal is- and this is where the disconnect comes in- and this is what I think girls, are living better. This and boys- and they learn it
early and often material. The bending morphing and manipulating of what would be in fact into something that Sir it's them. I dont know that many women including my wife, why would ever call a liar, but that also they say a lot of things that we would fall under the heading of tangentially, true Alex sort of if that was a thousand years Dude, Romania years evidently recall the lie, but it's not certain them, nor twisting take scenic rate around they are. So I said in the tire nuclei. No clay for the project, just know quite well. We'll do that will do that. I read the seven option. Well, tat, we can do quilted pillow, we can scrapbook weakened awoke and we can make a sculpture and this one It can make a moving movies.
Fine mama get out the Iphones day in the bathroom talk about the Levi Strauss or something and Edward we're gonna genes and you're going to change and we're halfway there and she's, like teacher said had to be I committed to the sculpture and we're gone and we have had to do the sculpture and I should I don't think that's we were just one of the seven one candidate now this sure, then I all talk to your teacher and your teacher will get one of the seven modalities for you too. By the way, these are all seven ways for me to waste. My fucking like me it's what they should be called. The title shouldn't be California. Here we combat should be. How do we waste Fuckin Anna Coral is alive. So I say she bore and the tears. I have to do it. I have be quiet.
Yourselves. I set it as the big eyes. He didn't say it has to be. You probably sat I'm going to do a skull. Journeys had fine when we, when we hand into quilted pillow or the quilt or the sky, writing or the our or the cave dry or whatever else you make us do. But by the way challenges, school system a favor Can we just say myself a coup, save me a lot of time, a lot of money and and a personal alone, personal heartache and humiliation. Can I is to show the class and put my thumb up. My ass pull my pants around my ankles and walk in a circle. And with a wind, a penny for twenty minutes, and I get the fuck out of here get out of my life because of the huge time safer for maybe a massive that that would be all that be a mitzvah, as your people call Nay mitzvah memory. The biggest time sabre in
You couldn't get your system to do it. You can have your wife do it. I will simply put upon my pants around my ankles one from mass. What the other thumb in my mouth I'll get a line of beauty and a walk in the service will play Yankee, Doodle, Danny and I'll walk in a circle for not twenty one minutes and that ninety minute twenty minutes and then we can get there work on with our lives, so there how about everyone's gray? How about that? Because that would be a huge brass, so she burst into tears and it's gotta be clay, in which case Lynette, who just patch me moments ago to tow. Tell her it's. No, oh no clay its mother's day or not going where you know we're we're not going ghost on the potter's wheel on stay United Sabbatical. She limit large in and said what's going on here, and I said I told her
ok and then, when it looked means it. What are you doing to our shared telling our image as a reliable? Exactly what you told me to write one seconds earlier from the other room, and then she gave me we're gonna yeah but still and they were the high or known I meant the known one that threaten redesigned it's over and over she sees get Mccoy she's figured out how to get the clay. Don't you have with all the reconstruction happening about you? Have some museum putty, your cock that might be less messy probably do, some silicon eyes, painters called quaint, wax Hum I probably could cobble some together, she's whirling work and Erika two part epoxy from or something like that by now clay per se and then Even a branch today was a lot of like to show and says it had well. What if we talk to, MR so and so- and he says it's ok to go
with the movie. It's it's crazy, how much negotiating has to go on with kids? I mean not not for me, but then you just pay the bad bear not merely from the hole and one horrible mean when we come to the next day and class Italians. Like hey Mr Santer, I I know I promised clay, but here is my pillow the why we're gonna have to do a pillar? What the fuck is that The access roads in your fan disintegrates. The the. In the just sort of if anyone wants to know My life in aid nor shall I think it could destroy down to this, and then you guys tell me what, I'm doing wrong. First. Complimented on that, and I said a few months back, you know
I give it some crack for not being in the top ten of bakers. In the end, the Glinda Burbank area does not others take rider via and private whilst and brought out a panel design evidence a stove Rosanna, but you don't get in the car action. Like there's a lot of a lot well sab The old romantic now, but a lot of guys. I know the have a issue there. Old, ladys lesson call it. Whenever you want to call it. There was a second tropes Iraq, the car again, yes, I there's there's a lot of pain. The end of the year I mean first off, I, the ears are ears, a theory. Besides being a little bit. Acted behind the wheel. I think I think here's what it is, I can
multi tat planet, thinks She can multi dance, but not quite tat is much she thinks she can do it and that'll get you in trouble, sometimes when you behind the wheel, but also guys get up oftentimes, go to work park, their car, for ten hours in and around go home. They have a party bought assign women often times are going to cost, go then go into the bank than going to pick up the kids and then going to drop off at the tutors. Several more opportunity thing a lot of variables there we all pull and our own garage or parking space or whenever no prob ly, amounts that part where Europe negotiating the public parking at the mall. Whatever that's a lot of opportunities for enough dented fenders and importer quarter panels. But I made the mistake
of complementing, went out and saying you know you zap. I've heard the complaint from a lot of my lot of a lot of my friends, wives, the cars looking thing gap scratched up whenever it up, but I a day. You don't get it accidents in these cars. That's nice! That's like that. That says, and then now today's ledge face great pop half hour Kessler Mirror of trees. And what have you done? I don't. By complementing the was my fault also, I never. Have any harsh words for anyone who makes honest mistakes. I hate lazy. I hate. I told you a hundred forty five times. I hate the o, your super good at this. It's like you know, it's kind of the park Might my thing in life were full tarred Gary who works for me two. Five times I told my God gave you painting, put put a drop caught down come on. This is new carpet here. You know what are you doing here and I am sorry about that and hills.
I'll get the draft cloth, but when I go out I'd his cars in the parking lot it's covered. That's got things got to cover pulled down on anaemic, he'll, never forget or base out or be out of it or whenever, when it comes to putting the car cover on his car, but when it comes to put down the drop cloth, then it's a little spacey and, unlike cause, that's my place, men. Then I dont like they're kind of inconsistency. I don't care if you just think napoleon all the time. What pisses me off is when you are pretty lucid in pretty good when it comes to your shit but kind of light, headed when it comes the miser down. Like a so shoot me, I forgot in oh yeah, but you never forget your stuff. His his greatest. Is he kicked clocks out at three and he's You know it too. Fifty seven and a half he's like down the road and he's out of it but he's never out of it. The factories there are three right now is the other way. One time I pass them coming up the hill it like Forty five, and I said I call them. I should Gary
Julie fifty minutes earlier. I don't know what time it was well would you have known if it was three forty one. I think you ought to know who it was reported by, but so my thing in life and just incomes is now mistakes or mistakes, dont care wife, Knox, are mere thing: I'm assuming she didn't we intend to join so I don't carry negligence. I have no longer I have known It's on it I've no negative thoughts on it whatsoever. I just do what then I kick in to my mode, My mode is it's a the Tesla mirror it as the top plastic cap Mackereel finest picture: there's like you just appliances: how did you hear had as the top plastic camp Papa and it has the mere apart popped off and
thing I said as well, where the parts that busted off so I can replace them and all to put it back together ever shop in own she's. A glad that ok, well. Next time gather the parts of a kind of says: what's going on then I said all right. Take a picture of it. Entity or Tesla guy and tell him what do we need an unhealthy the parts in and I'll put it again and that'll. Be that and don't worry about the paint match our the pain match. I don't care all rattle. Can it we'll be fine just Picture and then get it back. That led to I talk to He knows what we need. He's gonna send it out. Now I said: did you send him a picture? She said no, I said: well, I don't know how he knows what we need exactly. As I don't know what we now know, we're missing a mirror right. I know we're missing atop cam, but so far
I can tell that our mission, but I don't know if there's some other actuator things in acid gears, something something I say this centre picture Tom. We need like that, the top gap and the mayor and no one else and then just send the parts of the shop and me my guys, will put it but put it back together, couple months go by and showed shot the idea to see a full assembly heavy metal He aluminum bottom with with motor said, like I've been closes in a pulse and you know what needs to happen, gee, waiters and in in time goes over the shops, as yeah looks like we're. Gonna have to take the panel off the inside of the door to mount this thing. This is worth take. This door part amount this thing, and then I do the
happened just the plastic. All it needs is the mere in the United States and other parts. Fine, it still works. It is a win, win, Lynette shuts a car that gangs go in and do the thing and I thought why we take an old door part or and or why did I just by the scene, with motors and actuators and in a thing in the thing, in a thing, and now we're confused. Now everyone sort of says. Get on with it, but. What what would you do? I mean I have a shop. I have guys who I pay do work cars and I'm looking at it. I know it needs that tat lasted cap in the mere that's all appears to be missing. If I can get my hands, this send me those two parts of pocket together easy answer is probably not possible. You can't take a part, the mirror they sent you and use those parts, two items and poverty.
If an email evidently again that I spent a bunch of money on actuators and motors and not a new problem problem, Two thousand dollar mirror in. I was surprised years and when this is part of the process, Matt found out I thought that's what I thought that's when we two thousand dollars turns out. It was like six hundred dollars, but still six hundred bucks So maybe eighty five box, our I dont, know my only acts mazes. Maybe it's cheaper to send you a mirror replacement mirror than it is to send you the parts I don't know, maybe are there any rich people on Youtube, stem reassemble vat can do it. But then I got a return. Returned the half a mare than of cannibalize. Now, Dear Craigs list. So now, twenty so now I I call Tesla on Friday, and I say but it's nice to know that there is that even Tesla, much morons working there.
Calling the smartest cock hark held by call and when it has asked for this guy goes to hurt granite, she's, just telling the guy what what's the problem is, and he just sending out the whole the full Monti. You know, and I need to know what he's doing and I dont know if they sell out these things. Did they parcel man? I mean he's my mail or are they just do full thing? That's what I'm saying so now I gotta call the guy we asked for this guy back I somewhere else, so I get it's always like we don't have him, but we have a semi recurrent abroad where they reasonable, facsimile right who never I'm, going to know anything. So I pass line. Unlike outside mere passenger side. I need top cover. And I need the mirror- and I think that's all I need do you guys shall parts for that already sell the entire assembly, because I got the entire assembly guys like,
We should the entire assembly- and I said, to write down what he said. Khazars funding He said that I said that just the entire mirror tire, Mere assembly, the whole mounting points and electronic motors and actually and all the stuff you can control that you're dead? old, mere we just take a couple of sheet metal screws and thick alongside a carbon sinks, empty fraudsters and am now that come in when you apart, you can adjust their hearts next to your ear blind spot the answer as they are buying a laptop computer. You now and I'm trying to figure out how things must be two grand and what what the hell like. I just the plans to cap because over the top and the mayor and the guys like We ourselves, parliament sits the mayor, twenty eight knighted, so no Parkes? No cap, no mare just pretty much
much and it's a pretty much less it's pretty much meaning out of a movie atomic, our brute troikas, hot, pretty much sure what is pretty much me. What do you mean? I should you sell. The whole thing is one unit be, but then These are pretty much like. There might be some a couple parts. They goes there now. What do you mean? We went back and forth and then he goes than I that's what I do. Every body which is not so easy to crack at hard. You just go happens. If somebody crack. Their mirror please broke that piece of glass. That's on the outside. You would then replaced the entire unit with motor actuators and there there they because of one discuss a glass was off any goes
hold on. I do like we're trying to get you did we go either? Why either kill yourself or die or don't go? Do something enjoy her eyes? Parnell. Idling, like everyone goes Maybe panicked you didn't know they put up. I get that alot, my lifelike panic panic is when a train is coming in your cars, not starting on one occasion calling you asked me about a mirror: that's gonna, fight of light mode where they sure that's a Tesla, don't break out, there's a whole, but you can go. Let me check with my parts manager. What's that panics codeine, we know this. They would go because Firefly Libya one day. So what I would call us ass. We say Tesla related question. Finally, upon us, there is real people. This isn't just Edwards running your circles, battle stations.
George shot locked out these Brian crampons damning another side crying only pounds again for tyres that together we daily, goes hand on the right path. Panted go years are easy answer. Here is the answer I dont know me check so after empty convince me. Three months ago. I said we just need to get a plastic cap and a mere and then I'll just snap, and on that I don't know if there's some third part, that's missing that I'm not aware of, but I will then call the guy was your help and now, he then comes back to the fire and he says We do have three parts: one part, is the plastic Catholic goes over the top gender parts. The mere like. What's the third,
It is a well that's the whole unit which I would have counted as Parliament might only hours by this sort of already established. We could. We could buy one allows, but so that apply, The cap and the mayor part the part that I'd always said. I just need those two powers on the table. Which deal not Rinaldo Cipher, there's a third part, the fur as the completed viewed it but if there is a third part that I need, that is behind the mere that I am not aware of, because I can ascertain this information as we know supporter and I haven't entire mirror and We need to tear the door part two mounted by. I could just pop. Happened pop the lands. On the other hand, I don't know still haven't been able to figure out Why, when I couldn't take a picture of what it was and to the guy and have him go? You need this
than and ass to replace their ears? What you're missing happy mothers awesome. I dont get why he was holding out on the third part of his own equation that he was unveiling. You know he's out there three parts- and he said the cap and the meat but that's kind of one part and the need to stop talking I think it was, I think, we're just for I think his mind. The third part was the entire EU and because he's a dumb bow and that's the way from his death from his screen, he could put in order in freedom. Corolla forthrightly lot ass with very often the mirror, the cap or the entire you. So if anyone listening knows anything, please tell me and then I will
hopefully get back to where I was three months ago, which is out get the cap in the mirror, and then all this damp on the cap replace the mare, I'm gonna, I'm gonna Sentry city for dinner. Tonight you want to stop the test, the store and ask them what we take a picture of a swing via a service centre right around the corner from this building, well there's no way to ascertain this right. Next, to that have ever try service for went out and look. I know there's this part where one goes where this stage stupid white to drop the car off at that stupid Tesla place. But then you do but then you gotta wait around for a few hours or they gotta give me alone or car. Then you gotta go back in my feeling, like I can't do this stuff very easily. I just need a little intermingled back and forth to beer to morrow. Maybe one of us can swing it up there and just say you know: how do we install this? Maybe I can tell us on the spot. Ok, let's try that Castro, He acts manga, but I was just looking for low slice of my life had seen it
your mother, tat, money, I've take quick break green care so next year, so kind of it here could secure get to see you guys. Let's see you did this to me his name instead of special crowd, funded Kara, congratulations on doing this special and congratulations on the crowd funding the EU. Spare me with the crowd fanatics. What somebody told me what he has really flatter you we're talking about your show, which I listen to and I didn't know I've never done it before a new or saying like if you perks that the bigger the park, the more you the prize winner. They whenever they get, should we really personal and special and unique, so I thought out fund of Especial we're on seven May. Almost eight months pregnant. I
The perks was for twenty five thousand. You could cut the cord. That was a real one. Nobody, nobody bit, I note acres, but for twenty grand you can help us name. The baby and we got one- we got someone dear twenty grand twenty thousand dollars. Now, how is little the Brca shot by the way how she's so swift is growing into her name? She really is a nickname. Now, it's gonna hard Bragger must have like Morty better your morning and mortar, and I love a spin off nickname. I wasn't that this is the best efforts, but not what I'm saying is. Did you
with a name that the person who said help. Yes, I was worried, camping, racist or sexist, or anything or Yoda. As it you can't be lag nazis. The bass like that Logan's handles Knox Hotel and its Jerome Jerome. It's not bad. Now, that's not bad bad Jerome. Little girl says not black again. This world is changing a lot, no serious and was it necessarily. This silence isn't good, promote guys like garage rooms, good twenty thousand Adam now grand my boy or girl girl getting give out. My parents wouldn't give me a middle name for free now and they couldn't be couldn't cobbled together middle name, a name with a story behind the rest of my life is going to your daughter's neighbours Jerome. Yes,
the middle name, o the middle name, ok, was made. Look we settled on something was just asking right. We have already taken the russian mafia gave me money. I probably should have been speaking about this. I wish I was joking about that part that is one hundred percent euro and show how much will you what what kinds of things that you offer? what my husband- wouldn't. Let me do, the ten grand for for ten thousand dollars. You can watch me breastfeed. Thousands of God was like in the running for that be a cool one. He was always on the website. I was wondering how I got so uptight about them. Exactly exactly chicks are doing it at IKEA. When I get paid, he wouldn't go for that one by other ones were like fur. We had somebody give me too in five hundred dollars or three thousand dollars on like that, and I wrote them an original joke owner. While and put it in the special, oh wow, the owl. Now
actually some family members and then Parliament's you stole. It may well be lazy. Pregnancy, drugs he's doing law, lactating, set boundaries utmost presents a real bitch was doktor edgewise an hour ago road, so the so are you are able to raise all tell it all what what? What did you? Where did you get? It was almost like fact between forty I raised. I got investors and then undrained my own savings account which could really be the cause of divorce and put at any minute tenure able to shoot it for about. Forty, forty thousand, and then you can take it out. You can sell it. I tunes or Google player not have you. I did everything myself, which I'm not trying to pat on the back, but I can barely not pregnant. Get things done progressed in all the time is most comics do, but I produced
entire things. I got distribution. It is not just you call up Amazon, but can you put this on Amazon like I, don't have a fancy, agent or manager that just kind of pushed me I had to do at all so I am Geiger distribution, it's gonna be international as well and british network and for an Hulu and a couple weeks, it's nice, because now you know how to do it right right. I try to push that point. Ass. Anyone who lives to me, which is stop farming. Everything out start getting that knowledge of knowing how to do something right and they're just Something to it. Like I mean it's it it it this. Whatever experience you had between the crew, funding and then the physical doing of it, and then the editing and producing and though the old told the worrying the theatre, everything else and then going out packaging it and selling it whatever you do next, every single one of those muscles are come into play and will apply
absolutely and also I want to say there are people that definitely helped me. I have a great director and editor met. Bardock that I have great you know. Have people might my husband's align producer by nature, so he helped. He knows how to book. Art department that stuff? I can't take all of that but in the sense of again you and other people that crowd funded, just getting it done just taken. Those first steps and saying here is what I want to do I was already gonna shoot. A special back in September of twenty fourteen I was in printing, yet you know, but then I go and penal stick and ruin everything. Exactly a kid could have finished his lonely pomp and putting things thing carnival was hers, literary the budget? You can in any case a smile, oh yeah, I just I was very encouraged by definitely unit bunch. What people that just don't wait
to call them and say: would you like to do something he didn't know? Nobody calls for realized now ever I recently and the only just recently- and I can't member from let's talk about it or not- must talk about us Erhard about it. I just told you at the russian MOB yeah how'd it I have I just the blow through this town, just short of creating my own thing, doing movies are documentaries pocket what right box or whatever, but that the phone doesn't ring that much now. I think there element, but not fully of There's the hot cheer could doesn't get asked the problem, because the other guy for to intimidate- and yes so there's a small element of them. Thinking, while he's too busy to do this or that are not going to do our stupid thing. Anyways do in his own thing, so don't bother calling, I think, there's an element of that is also an element of fucker you suck
We don't want to involve this project by I did I did get a. Finally somebody from my Pixar and those guys are most such a huge fan of the cars movies and all the while. The Pixar staff not interrupt you that Ralph was that doesn't years, ethics are all the same company now yeah. I think it was Disney back then, and I did do racket Ralph and my phone did ring and if there was one time three years ago, but yes, it did rings like once every applicant like the Olympics. Where is moon and I'll arrange? That is those Disney animations areas and here's my problem, my promise, that did even go down on my head was like what they wanted to do. Some stupid thing. I play it down at her. Somebody I'm sure it's gonna be horrible's. Gonna restricted my money, it's good movie, but I am I in my mind like if they called me. How can it be anything? But I had talk to the to the guy's. There's a guy's, a fan of mine over there, and I had talked you out John Lassiter a million years ago, because you know that
steering wheel back there. That's like a wood placard is something both of us Godlike Petersen Autumn Beale Man of the year Museum enshrined and know that whatever I remember what it was, the the random I have this thing about plaques and cops in steering wheels on more, if someone just says the Euro take. This is why I don't get the whole bill caused me orange. Stewart or something area, an honorary doctorate from Yale on those like. Why would you want that? Like I get it, it's an honor to be honoured in a fake way, sir, but I dont even know that stupid steering wheel is cause. I just got a phone call that I'm sure, like Chris Titus dropped out or something like that are likely to give this into somebody and eight give it to me in John Lassiter and again, I didn't win the race or do anything to earn it. So it doesn't matter to me, but I was sitting around with John-
ass at her, and I should like John man for can do US cars movies, but you get a guys really in the cars in the movies like laughed at me, at a certain point. I said now, like I'm serious like I think I could do that, and I'd be good for Any shorter looked at his guys at his table environment. I make it happen and any when someone lands, we owe our- maybe maybe there's gonna- be some involvement there. We got some, we gotta get some some stuff to read around a table, but I dont know it doesn't mean anyone's in including mean how it's gonna work. Well, we'll figure it out. I should we do some news Gina grounds. Do I do it s wasting my time, it's not
me you with concern over some really sad news really devastating. A massive wildfire and Albert Canada continues to spread across the province and its already burned up more than two hundred and ten thousand acres Thousands more are forced to evacuate. Eighty thousand residents of Fort Mcmurphy have already left the city and another eight thousand are currently being airlifted from areas north of the city. A state of emergency has been declared and the government says there are more than one thousand firefighters, one hundred and forty five helicopters and twenty two air tankers and other heavy equipment being used to fight a proxy
Forty nine separate wildfires, which have destroyed sixteen hundred homes and other buildings. Fortunately there have been no reports of death or injury, but I just some some footage to put it perspective. This is usually on issues of our about tankers about the air tankers no city. Stay municipality. Nobody owns their own way. Fire breaks out at the bar of them. From neighbouring counties in municipalities of their coming in from our like, our whatever it is, whenever we have a fire here, they're lying the tankers in re from somewhere, but then has are constantly because somebody's gonna have these take or somewhere arrive, guarantee? There's a budget tankers that we're flying in from the states or whatever it is, but I every time it's always are on loan from the whatever garden and wherever and whenever I so we gotta use something other than acres, because you just hear ear some guys He taught me haven't gotten to forty four hundred acres in Montana, like as
half my mom's yard or criteria replay became a catch said? Am I going to get lost in dive? Exposure like I cannot picture. Do. Need Althea need football for ya, feeling leaving us all. I need football field convey the enthusiasm over eighteen thousand acres went up and the thing or thirty seven thousand acres of yours like well, that's more than I'm comfortable where you can never really quantify and they sometimes a house listing will say. Like our point to a right, rye Beata can I agree. I will I will here's what I would like. I will go, all fields and or cost coast you hear about thousands of ye ask us was a lot of lobbies. If this helps- and I just dead Google, this earthquake I believe it's about four things, in eight hundred and forty yards is an acre
linear squarely canadian yards. They tried going on meters or Manila. Now leaders well this is. This is some really just crazy footage of guys dash Camp trying to get out of the neighborhood wilds, basically on fire, you got early dash camp right. I'm dashing the four Ghana cheese and just slow moving cars with ever come to light. J are still going through how a Canadian like please now I had me Carmen, plays while trying to get us to allow brought his wallet his passport and add some clothes, and he he bug out so everyone's trying to get out of this city, so we will say
those cure sultan of each hanging out back. It's sixteen before you go in with our final cliff one are once again remind everybody about lifelong there's that these new fishing scams out there and it looks like it billing alert from networks. There is a yawning, after your payment and had got it within twenty four hours subscription will will be avoided and you don't want to lose Netflix of core you're gonna want to try it out and has that capture confirmation, so Ill Israel feels real but really taken information. Cybercrime, its identity theft in its important have understood How they affect our lives every day were putting our input risk on the internet, lifelong Lifelock. Why range of these identity threats like your social security number for sale on the dark web. If you become a victim of identity tat, you have access to a dedicated respiration specialist thanks to lifelong
check it out its life lot right. You know a driven all the receptor motor all transactions at all businesses life. What can see threats members on your own joy now seem to twenty five percent of your first year, but using promo code out and call one hundred life locker had a wife looked out commies promo code for twenty five percent off all right. We have one more cliff for everybody. Let's play some run tomatoes game on our we're doing she authority, not at he's back and he's doing a Robert Nero themed around Adam Curls, show sixteen sixty six featuring Billy West Man actually Judah Grand Brian Bishop this before we joined them. Just the man. Actually, the gang its reception twenty fifteen, and if the fifty six and stormed the rod tomatoes game play along, play the game,
very true about various hooker, excited removing theatres as we go and called the intern with are too narrow. India, Emily's today remind us of at times, Zachary First up, nineteen, seventy six film, where you play
Travis Pickle, iconic performance directed my martens cassese. The movie taxi driver Now again we got to deal with. Through the lens of time. Incredibly, receive, but at the time who knows You know what I mean: the Uno controversial movie, very violent, the air valve stockings and under age this now fourteen repressed. Shorty Foster a few more and more reviews trickle land, but the lion's share of Amr from that day or are they? Ok? I'm gonna say that this thing, pre shaded more later on twenty years on than it was at the nineteen seventy six when it came out and thus I'll say seventy three recital I wrote him premise. However, I think there's more recent reviews district. I guess I said ninety two yeah. It's funny. You should say that, because I thought
even people who haven't seen this movie claim that they saw it and claim that it's amazing I'm. I went ninety one way way off One Rawdon review one rotten zone when the time from Time magazine had the time you have done. Next up. Ninety ninety five film another redeeming with Martin scores, see this time. Also, with the great Japanische Insurance, Stone and James Woods, dont Recalls casino, TAT, five movie of all time major, and it just had the problem of coming after Goodfellow, that was its biggest problem and I love this railway track. One of my I got a list of twelve movies Nine of Amr, Patrick Swayze Movies, where, when I turn him on, I just stay I'll stay with it.
What do you think about that? Do you think this is a better movie, then get fellas? Do you enjoy it? because I enjoy it more or that's a very interesting way to state it, because I would definitely say good fellows is a better movie right, but there's a part of me that does enjoyed a little more time in a certain way, beak cause of the more slightly modern version, are just the literally the backdrop of Vegas in the story of animals and when I commagena others difference to its Casinos Deniro movie, whereas good fellows as more rarely Otis move your folly and whose great yeah, but we have this too, earlier in the office today? Did here very well, be the greatest actor ever on film and These words like yelling at the kid there trying to kidnap and lacks sticking at a time when we were in the leather, lay sub pants, and let us at last Sturgis he's her facts. Everything's per very going. Will you go in their place again and that are you going?
There's another great moments also cut away. It's almost in the background where sharing stones doing coke next to her daughters. You look so don't do that. There's a lot of subtle humor within the thing contract right, your panties front line about digging the whole first days of dignity. First, Israel. Third, so becomes long. They gotta dig tools, clear cut you out there I'll come back the ass, thin air. I or say Zis MA am running the food when crossing is of jar mob, sorry, but the falcon like this, is a totally new. More than five hundred people were talking about it like this. When it came out, so I'm going to say Even though we all? for sure. Have the nineties I feel like the critics didn't. Say eighty one
I know I'm off on a maybe lobe eyes at eighty nine I also wrote down eighty one. Eighty percent hang up, Vinos up front yard system, and only suffered from its. Like the good. Fellows comes out a couple years earlier, everyone's like home, we just saw this move, it's bad, who now it's some good. That's all point like finally, the human things that gave it the thumbs. Twelve of them fine, about rising caravans, dig a hole first in two thousand thirteen Robert in Euro went back to LAS Vegas with piles, Michael Douglas Kevin client and Morgan Freeman? The movie is last Vegas. I will put together my coffee table book of movies where they came up with. Title before the movie last Vegas definitely was thought of before they actually wrote the script
Obviously, this is a payday. Nobody thought the thing was good. The real question is: do you go at this moment? Is good forty six percent, or do you get blindsided when it can be eleven percent? That's the tough heart? Because there's a part where you go, I gave a forty two percent wasn't any good. Then you go wait a minute. Nobody like this movie, which makes it seven percent, I going to say twenty three percent can separate them from the boys. I said forty. This is bizarre. I said thirty nine by strangers run six percent, so who are there who all was in this Morgan Freeman Deniro, whose back that the kind of guy having Michael Douglas and Mary Steam Virgin Gary's
to me that I used forty six in my hypothetically ass. Ok, I love you. I won't take the full five points, but I will take two and a half to my right at all. Obviously lower to forty five and turn my final lockdown. Ever I cried did it's. The same number have to take the full five, Jerry said Jerry, naturally, all my ninety. Ninety nine found Robert Deniro playing a comic version of every gangster he'd ever played as a gangster who goes in its therapy and analyze this, not to be confused with analyze. That signal right now think people sort but this was funny, was kind of funny movie. We're going to crystal chance. Parliamentary critics are gonna, love it, but there was a great. It was pretty good, but they just it's it's it's goofy. They can't give goofy over eighty five percent remain. They gotta give
goofy. Sixty eight percent are going to allow I'm trying to get in the car huge hit. I said eighty three percent guy remember was huge and the sequel not so much. I said seventy nine Adam I M a game analyse. This is fresh at sixty nine percent tsar when he brine ingenious version sixty nine percent of what I said, and I said to seventy nine eighty. Eighty three as my actual unfortunate gas is not about movie now I but, not because I will I swear. I got three hundred fifty last time. I cannot. I don't worry level pulpit discuss this run, but it is my show we really have to separate the movies rewind unless it that movie to the winds are the critics are rather go, that's lie and where we Deniro also Billy Christen, Deniro together strike one you can remove twenty points already and then them doing at lightweight thing is, is not considered substantial autonomy and they got the money
Sixty nine percent ask adjective to describe the movie satisfying comedy also the peace. We have added sixty two, which is where it is, also like this the thing where I say: what do you want out of a movie? What would you would you think, would you get blindsided here like what we thought it waits y yeah. It's fine, fine! It's fine! That's sick, honesty. It's fine score! There is good enough. I, ask two thirds. And eight film we'd seen them team up twice before in godfather to and heed this. When brings Deniro Patino back together for a movie called righteous kill. Nobody ever heard of this meeting who knows two thousand eight Jesus. This humble detective partners, how much this slide under the radar.
Well, the fact that changes ever heard of us- I ain't seen or heard of we can't I will give- is that its September release Gary sign carry remembers Gary, it is all about it. What do you think? I don't really want give anything away like that's, purposely emitting things that I might have included. Hi. I must passiveaggressive No, don't tell me I d better at this. I learn last week: that's better this on one supports those other I call on you, I thought is becoming reaches toes let's say I'm nothing. I have now idea. The near anything good, we're down I gotta I gotta say I made a low come back and the last thing where they were weeklong close. I think everybody's close everyone knows yes, must remain Gina jump
it was the number two or number three or something, but she had one where she picked up eight or ten points. That clearly, when she was twenty on me, yeah we're pretty nodded up I can't be separated by more than seven or eight one, where the other didn't hear thing, I'm trying to figure out if they punish big, celebrity for doing shitty movies. I think they are I'm gonna, say thing. Thirty nine I said thirty three, all I know is the huge disappointment. That's all I know shit. I know any about this movie? I just that the star power might help. I went forty eight towed machinery, you got it righteous kills Rawdon team. You are only if everyone is unable to each other in a manner that separate us very much yeah I think you're up on me by the amount I would have needed for that people have thirty seven
NASA disappointed to terrible, but can we also have the score before this last one and then, after this Laszlo How much did Gina shit the bed store, yeah I'll, go back to that? Your final score is atom with seventy bald Bryan, geographic. Fifty four o Brien point you dig bag Adam, had fifty Brian had thirty five and Gina had twenty dammit we're going to lose seated come true,
Now as IRAN, tomatoes came back and twenty fifteen that differ Corolla classics today, when our mind everybody again right now, Geico is offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle and or the insurance policies. That's right! That's fifty percent! On top of the money Geico had already save you What are you waiting for head over to Geico come now. There's never been a better time to switch, save an extra fifteen percent. When you switch to Geico by October seventh visits, go dot com to learn more are right. Girl, classics, return! Tomorrow and Monday for Labour Day. So we got you three day weekend. Coming out that enjoy these cliffs were enjoying with you see you tomorrow, manuscripts Luxembourg, that sea profane Giovanni then get on that observe
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