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Carolla Classics: Eric Bana, Patton Oswalt, and Pete Holmes

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Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show: 1. Pete Holmes (2014) 2. Patton Oswalt (2012) 3. Eric Bana (2018) 4. Football Sundays with Greg Fitzsimmons and Pete Yorn (2010) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Request clips: Classics@adamcarolla.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chrislaxamana https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chrislaxamana1 https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio Website: https://www.podcastone.com/carolla-classics Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/carolla-classics/id1454001697?mt=2 Support the show: Visit TommyJohn.com/Classics Visit MethodMen.com and use the code Classic Visit CoolerShock.com and use the code ADAM Visit Geico.com/giveback
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My under my pals iter. That's right so to get years visit Geico Dotcom, Slash, give back for info and eligibility. cologne, walk, Nikola, classics, four June, six, twenty twenty, sure we highlight some of the greatest moments of the atom. Corolla show my name's Chris Luxembourg executive serve. That show, and with me at all Corolla Archives, superfast Giovanni Joy, ahoy hi GEO regrets and great clips comin up the first to learn more about geike us fifty percent credit on car and motorcycle policies just head over a guy called dotcom flesh. Give back. Do you this first, the bomb really excited about because a features when my favorite Guess p homes we know best from when he had a show crashing on HBO. I've said it before. I think they have a lot to do dad getting back in a stand up and they just have a great report. Indeed,
this is a second appearance. Adam Carolla show thirteen sixty four and on de the war veterans, hero p homes from twenty four the house rose and Brian Bishop de. Thank you Adam thanks for having me you are on you made a weird. I very much enjoyed my time on you where it was great- and I I love being interviewed, I love the long form of YO. I love the person, that's just and what I love about the pot casting medium assisted people, get there, you get to go in death. Yet you have you got to ask questions that you could never ask me late night format or any other format. You wouldn't even be appropriate for me to be like, because I didn't know you and I was like when I had done your show, but as I could like to sit in a room with me for three hours. Like is a weird offer right for recording it because of the show
in all of us. We're like hell, it's fine! It's is literally how I meet all my social needs, its own. That's where the episode and never came out to be required at a lot like a porn which is, if I do said, hey, run away and twenty year old do Could you guys you have sex like a chill? Maybe like? Are you not if you fail met the up I myself a contact and as legal do than its recently got. It was illegal up until the point that you presented the cash and fair It is not a weird I'm curious. Now, if I think about it like the other guys essentially work for free and porn or they dont have to bring a chick. Whether it is true and it can't be We members down alone. I learned the hardware must not wealth among the few broad mom guerrilla. They all said bring a Czech until we know the ringer shall miss Thorn is the number one type of war, and I don't know why we discuss this issue mill for number one type of born, what my number one meaning, the one
I look at the Andes going by me everybody's the star of their own life. You know what I mean now it is. somewhere. I do think psychological ramifications of what type of point you like that says a lot about your mother. I know you're just joking to be armchair psychology arm on Wednesday on that I feel like I'm like meat potato I am always shared out. My brain butters mean potatoes, that's what I want in poor and I never get tired of cities and ass the new age at a restaurant. When you sat down before you order, they just put a basket of meat and potatoes on the table. I word very grave. Is violated when I ass a beggar, Corazza, good, poor name, yeah very re bottomless meet Babby is only mean mean, but it is you mean, like a man and one woman having intercourse like a penis going into her vagina.
but I mean that's, not really mean or, as I now know, either the but you ve gone off menu. That's right! Now! Are you hungry men? You yeah you like you animal. What did the chef have yeah but said Zadok and there's a market price. For that I mean that's, that's all I m p. I see that the butt feels like somebody lost the bat like via that's now. What people like what guys like a lot of guys poor. It is a little bit there we love seeing the bite we love, that we know she hates the bite and the subjugation? Yes, that's quite a bit of pleasure for irish candor, I think about it is grossly thing about, but a lot of point trends do tend towards things there can't be. There is no such thing as porn where the guy comes in zip, lock bag.
I live in Japan and Mary Leslie, throws it at the check and of it. But it's not like largest be over here. If my paper towels now it's gotta, be, plays the Teddy a Hornets fact, I'm too I'm talking about this unstable and when I'm not about to launch into a better now, I'm here, I'm real sorry, listen, bye, bye, persona, just completely changes! I stop looking at you. I just think it's interesting. It's on the web mail. You know when you come. Another girl states, Europe right down to get another girl in the illegal judge. Jury doesn't work why things are looking up. That was a bedside bilbil for everybody. I think point in fact, its ruining sex erect, how dysfunction here's the thing out and chrome! When did you start looking upon how old I mean like hard core internet when well here
my relationship with poor and dates back to talking about those Super AIDS right now, while you were Nicholas gauge going to the mansion and aid millimeter yeah, why I'm all so we set this land or back in a field and say we await till clouds took the shape of time. That's about all we land, some straw, yeah, but we would we would find in a public. it s like Ella, STAR magazine and staff in the adapted black and white grey, please any real we're in black and white Grainy Teddy magazine. Occasionally, if such a better mental outlawed you know to have that hopping in July and still having some novelty to these twelve KIDS, eleven year old, kids that have instant access to everything.
Yeah. I know what asked amount is today the just learned how to fucking right cursive, and then they see some Athens to mount. That's fucking them up, because once you're watching all that stimuli and jerking off to it in your brain is very small, but your brain is also very stupid, so you think you're doing it. You know what I mean open up your watch energy coming it's it's a sexual experience, your brain. They may go with your fuckin. Twelve old girlfriend and well, let's bring an age appropriating your girlfriend, or so she did. A broad. How does that compete with the donkey in the fifteen european women orgies? care better. Why all these guys, the average age see I was prescription, I believe is like twenty four really that was saying to me it's something when you start to realise that they're watching constant influx of people coming on hats, and then your you only have one girlfriend and your brain is is ripped on novelties, while it's a very good point, which is that right,
ship that we had with our bicycle, or, as I was complaining and lamenting on the show, my kids got an air hockey game, not a big no commercial style at the arcade, but just a little certain home style. Put it together yourself, air hockey game for Christmas. They played it for about. Twenty minutes on Christmas day and for about four minutes the following day at its sitting on a fuckin crack yard, genuinely mildew, they don't give a talk about air hugging. By the way I would have built my childhood around this able, we would add Erhard already looking at the tit clouds in place of the boys are running in stop painting fences overall rolled of telling me weird sailor hands that have been cut macerated fashion. Yes- and I tell the Wayback yes I
I'm saying enough with the giant hoop and stick knowing the accomplice phone I've. Somebody called air that have met with hockey. My kids don't give a fuck about this air hockey game anymore. It's sitting in the back. I don't that's it's it's it's at the point where I don't want to get them residence for Christmas, because they're gonna use it look at it. I mean even if it's the cool is all off we're off road for a four wheel, I've. Remote control drop, my son of use for ten minutes and then move on to the king, the ancient plasma, but we have too many choices that yeah problem with porn and that's the problem with your kids in their air hockey thing is, if, like they did it, really interesting experiment after I feel like we talked about this, possibly it when you did my shower. I did your show, but is this thing where that we like? I take you adamant room and unlike you, can have one of these paintings right and it would only one of them and they just gorgeous reproductions of of classic art and you
one and then in two weeks time in a survey. What you to you, how happy you are with that painting? If, if I say you have to pick one and that's the only when you get those people are very very happy with their painting, if I say you can have one of the paintings and then in a week you can swap at if you change your mind for another painting, people always come back and they swap and then their less happy. Yes, around something called the hedonic treadmill, we keep getting used to the hedonism. An airline that decided me live their lives are dating same they're. Looking for the one I believe aren't at all are just it's just about to is the next one than on the head, because when you are on a date and when you go to piss Ivan Peter you're, no without looking my phone since two thousand and seven so you're on your phone on an internet date, and you see how many people sent you a wink or a collector? How many profile pic everybody's a celebrity, all of a sudden were all rusty, Mcqueen. Well, you know what I thought TAT the right, namely, I guess it's him you ve driven out
this couple things I thought you were going to say about the treadmill that such an, Other curl joke you could play to people's you could just have them go into a room with all the fine art and say you can take one painting or you can take ten paintings and of course would take ten paintings, and I think you would find that the people that took the ten paintings were unhappy or more or less happy a week from and the person took the one paint right because there this thing. I've always shed the guys with the big car collections like J Leno loves cars, but he doesn't love anyway Of his cars that much cause yes, three hundred fifty cars right, then there's that old guy who's got the Ford step side from nineteen. Fifty five. That's his babying tribes, it down to the Bob's big boy,
Ray Friday night cause. That's crews and ninety sits high at super. Super duper proud every week annexed park in front of his house and put another koto acts on it, and the thing is probably worth nine thousand dollars. I mean literally, you can get a used, many Cooper with low mileage for the price of what this guy could get, and you can get this all day long on Ebay, but that's his, but that's the thing baby. A lot of people are married to nine thousand dollar cars and their very happy that We ve learned that we go like you can always move onto something better, something better something better something better. That's why we're always going to keep moving on well, option and I learned knowing our why? Yes and I- and I do believe- that seeing what else is out there and who has what I mean if you want to what my wife when a maker should have instantly miserable. All she has to do, is turned on entertainment tonight and see some we going on a great vacation like ours
came in kind yea and their own masterpiece yacht in there in the Caribbean and my goodness, and then she dyslexic Ngos. We didn't go anywhere this year now they show picture, kids and be after that, a starving. No, opposite reaction right it. Why can't we skipper male, that's the point I mean if you just Eric gonna, be inundated and that's all we are now just inundated with that. I saw kid taking pictures with, though, with a disposable. Camera lay still make those environment like CBS, where we take a picture: the disposable, Cameroon and the kids. We like where's the picture, whereas the picture they couldn't comprehend, a world where there is an automatic, instant gratification and what is it doing? I mean every generation things the one behind them in fact, but is this? Well it all at all. It's in, I think they are all it does. Is I mean there the time. I don't know turn of the century where they said luck.
get a washing machine, you have more time for leisure. In an automobile, you don't have to write a horse or donkey of the more time for leisure. They ve got these commercials Autonoe from the thirty two Mauritius, where cloud boobs more time to stare at cloudland, bats, leisure, and if you're gay one will turn into a cock. Eventually, that's the great thing about cloud kind, and I also an endless Cox islands, doing asked a mouth and very fundamental looking to cloud boots and turns into Claude cock. Can we just ignore? It is all basically the same ingredients and demands as looks a little bit like cleavage everybody's a little bit we'd, be I'm saying when they came out with washers dryers, they showed the woman with a freed up reading a magazine not doing something else, because now this box had been checked and that's where right now, it's now so much technology. And it is not made life easier, it is us,
doing. Oh, you can do more once right, so Our brains are going nuts with the option that used to be impossible to work. On the weekend I mean how could work on the weekend. The fuckin offices clung lightened, you can't go in there, you don't have a key. What are you the janitor you're not going into that place on the weekend? They locked the door at five o clock on Friday, there's other the stores are closed and signs of Africa's clause has nothing to do. You must stare at clouds and beat off. You have no choice. Well, its interest. I mean we always say that we're gonna lose creativity. There is actually a funny line. I saw a million way to die in the west. They were talking about the kids with the hoop and the stick em. They were talking about how its rotting their brains and it's killing more potential for creativity, so that that's true, but I do worry about losing boredom. You know yeah has a comic as somebody who s DR himself, to a lot of shows. That's where you have the money. That's why we, you know in the shower. It's like the last place, design the shower plasma whatever it's like, aided the financing of justice.
Ride with the radio off where you have to do it and that's where you get ideas much. We get inspiration from that sort of listening. Yes, I I have said a million times. You know, stop walking, who everyone else's museum, you know T create your own state. My kid sit and watch a huge plasma screen it just watch. Other peoples are yeah which comes at them at a million miles an hour right down. Time is huge, and why not because we got it backwards. We're like these kids need to be stimulated. They need to be stimulated. They need, on their brain by being stimulating exposed to and it's like now, that's you just children kicking back up, juice box and watching someone else's creativity right, while you are none for yourself right leave that kid alone give the kids some downtime he'll get real creative, real fast. That's true! I think I think
The three line you see a lot of really creative people through importance for reed, I always say like Thieving, John Papa- could play the harmonica the way he plays a her Monica. He was getting laid and had an export in a plasma screen that something we talk about all the time, the people that went into comedy to get laid and then the people who got gotten accommodate as they were like what else do you do that you gotta do something like I have four billion. I do want to sound trouble. You have something to say you want to communicate something into there's an inch there, as opposed to just trying that you want to draw that you can drink at me. get me a blow job. Yes, well, I will say that, but I replaced the blow job and the drinking with the guys. I just don't feel like working like I want to get a majority bounded over those. You you're, like your work ethic, transferring into the world of comedy, I'm remembering that now coming from traction and well that sort of stuff yeah, but and I do, but I do feel like there's a fair amount of guys like Jeff. For us, it is. Those of you here
It is not a morning horse. Human jug Benson would be the worst employees they hadn't deliver milk show up as cottage one ppm like night. Milk it does just suit some people better. Absolute get up, I, like the rapporteur. I would like to catch a man named time. Permitted I'll get over. The problem do set yeah, I don't know why does went back to port for me. Maybe I do sir thing about porn again, but that idea of not getting every need gratified instantly breeds a better society. Take, for example, if you're not constantly drinking it to porn, you could potentially
your wife. You know in because you'll young on an elevator, they say that's when it happened. Tat the old adage lost the pink. I, the tiger, you're, not hungry, take stock and hunt. Know that I tell guys all time was you're going to live in Canada got it now I gotta go. I was listening now as well. It's hard you're gonna hurt you gotta go out fuck in Hungary, but you have to allow yourself to feel a need that requires another person to fulfil. Unfortunately, I can see home. I can get myself drunk if I want to. I can order food if I want to, and I can stimulate pretty realistic sexual experiences with the right mix of Lubin incense, and you know I mean like that, I'm done, but what the fuck am. I doing you Jack coasting through life and at the end, you look back on what to call you people are remember when I was in that prison with Morgan Freeman. Or can I
This then arms- and let me make this- let me make this suggestion- how about this. I think this could sell somebody right this now it's gonna be I d and then what someone else who uses it? I'm sooner ass, Mary Robert. You learn a lesson I think, the single man's computer, specially conversion, laptop whatever it is, should have a at its word. those things that is going to save you from yourself, which When you sit down for a porn session, we have a setting fifteen twenty twenty five minute you're. On the study on the club, a cock now once that thing go south I mean once you, spire the computer can be turned on four. Ninety minutes locked out you locked out for ninety minutes. I think we have a much more active society, but I think a lot of guys shit home with the take out with the poor with the lube an agent.
River, and you look up at the clock and woods with four hours. Jesus Christ, I'm still on Youporn like right. If you had the lock out yet and all ITALY, or that it would be good for you, that's what I mean. That's exactly what the the functional higher brain is if we started the reptile brain. That's what are those has come in. It makes perfect sense, to stay home, shelter, food yourself, you're not gonna die sex there. It is and sleep everyone you need is right there. So you have the core part of you. I'm telling you to do that all the time the higher part of rain is those types of idea of heat. What would you set your porn lock out tat now how? What are the factors? It's because I do what to prevent. Well what you're, trying to I needed
clearly prevent! Is you realizing that you just dedicated an hour in forty five minutes to something that you could have dedicated four minutes to and you really are ended up in the same place? There is a hubris to the poor searching man that just like not good enough, the after you those who are not able to think might well and also a potential of what, if I get hit by municipal boss tonight- and this is the last time we eat off and going into a five authority, my lavishly horrified at session- it's not that year, reputedly now Jake having met you're, just looking for something better and better, and whether that is the museum with the endless hallway and that's the problem and that's what weight we we get into a certain to arouse the whole time. No sorry, typically, no,
you're not do not allow its? Not I dont do it yet you guys I worked wednesdays, be what number could we could put down for? I bet I can get in and first of all, I am trying to say I'm not not interested guy, I'm not interested in you gimme a ten minute. Ten minutes not good enough that's not how can do it? It's? How long do you wanna be locked out for right now? It's what I do. What I put you down foreign terms, your time not, and I am sure, didn't you breaking any records and the same realistically I for our lock out you're. We lock for four hours, you're after ten minutes, yeah. What if you'd achieve in ten minutes all achieve now, please. understand what I'm saying not a contest content, can be done in you know under three done it on care of? Yes, I have got. There is an observer. I was going to say
please beyond them show not just you had almost camera airway violence. I I'm not looking dont brag, Don't try to impress me. I wasn't what I was doing. I am saying this: let's kick a realistic number that you were not there could deal you would like to have. It amounted to how this is. Pressure has re Romano said the launch sequence to the right, not to feel pressure to hurried, but also feeling like unit killing your day sitting at the computer. Staring at endless amount support forty five minutes. Forty five men yeah, that's respect I gave myself at it because, when you get beyond forty or when you realize you even dedicate an hour- and I just realized I've done this- I've had my tab, open and seen that I'm good, but a boot comes Evans. As now unreserve power, you gotta, make a choice that right
we get up and get that court. This is your invention, but you I found a way to monetize, I think with theirs. In a way we can do. This is an app or something really I'm sure there if I may be so bold as to interpret your first ten minute in theory, the gulf is rose to the size of its ball Unum saying like ten minutes, then you condition yourself tat a good sixty minutes session. Every time is forty five minutes condition yourself to have a forty to forty two minutes session. Every time they PETE was looking for, Chauncey. I think that I am trying to make it a quiver eaters there. When I say what I see, what I'm saying is sorry. I do not want to ruin this experience for you Just saying. Oh, I get it now to me. I've realise that, since analyze A fool's air into just spend four hours staring at the new will be suddenly sunny. Erna appreciative, you'll find the right person and you ll stick with them. I was born monogamous ten year. Railway, our efforts are important. I want
in that area that I really just loved where's this. No one really was one person LAO yeah. Well, I mean United Dabble, but this is a day of dial up, so it's kind of like your system find them you'd be like. I know I like this person and we're done, and you know what I think that was better. They say now Teresa yourself. You need to be off point for like thirty days and that'll get you back to normal. If you start looking at like high speed porn later, if you're twelve and you look at it, you gotta get decade. I knew about the out in more detail in today's. They and what is the situation there? Helping you do. Talks are basically people who hates parents. My dad, my dear, I can call him young, like gotta. Put aside only forty five minutes, please
can I turn your computer. Forty, seven five we're locked out, I grubs and we want to get some tickets online. While I'm sorry nobody seeing once the musical sorry pops I used to have my because our group supervision, I would ask my friends to put passwords on my computer for me. That's like a big thing to stop years before you. Why don't? I would have to call Wolverton chastity? It was. It was like lock me up like me: have Pollyanna Cage AIDS, a full moon tonight, so right now you ve banning Christianity in every religion. Forty five minutes would be your lock out time here and then what would you be comfortable for if you exceeded that forty five in terms your computer being down? Oh, it's! Levi exceeded that allow it added exceed it some gonna. Let you set your max, you aren't we shut the max. If you go beyond the max you locked out. I understand at its its its appeal
Dave Part, but I knew captive doing forty five sessions back to back great question that is now the lock down. What did you say? Forty five minutes bang went out in four minutes. Can and come back and do so only I you have forty five minutes or whatever you set it too. I think you have you see that you're locked out? If you come, you have to hit the spaceport twice minutes like our right. Everything else has to be spread their no roll over minutes, though we don't get to put that into the next set of forty five. For you it's forty five c. I would go a little lighter to be a more efficient to save more time, yeah that put it on market twenty five twenty five at all yet well again, and you're going to commit you'll. Be all thank me and you're done regrets twin, if you could have the writing joke. I really got knows what right when I coming to. Thank you, I'm saying you when you're come but yes
though I mean. Would you put it in forty five? I move it down a little that may I could be persuaded to do at twenty five. Twenty via the guy that my first Paul was heard? And that is your first point. Well, with this you saying which could do no I'm looking at you can't load rhymes, I would go low. I would try and go like fifty in Bishop, but I don't want to myself to have twenty five in our session every time. Here is a condition myself. To assure why put that you can go fifteen, but why put the pressure on yourself, eternal Joan is dangerous for the same reason, you you do the one one one of the microwave it's like is just an efficient way to live your life. I don't let it get you in a minute laughing at you got back. This is that I am not getting so. Let's say you, beat your times now. You get up. Go to the bathroom. every day. If you need me, I'm back your neck again highlight here at herself going to lay the cellular. If him. If you meet your time, you you get your computer. If,
exceed your time. You get locked out right, but let's say you have a session and then ten minutes later you wanna go again was wanted. That's type I've not exceed right. under the session you get Will you have unlimited sessions, Let us imagine is defined you whatever you want, it's just, I'm counting on you not beating off fourteen times and arrive at big assumption, I'm not worried about that. I think you need to set it. You get one day, one day, two important day. Look. I dont harsh I have one a day you get twenty five minutes. I can write about what does little logout time once you exceed. If you exceed your time, if I exceed to make me, take it serious two hours, Assyria too, I fuck a candy, though we do many five minutes. Twenty five to ten to twenty five call into that's how we right into the river and on twenty four and once again and today I gotta be ones. It amounted to have won a measure, much more you'd get done. If that was just those another
I agree I'll catch you too many options. I keep returning. I painting Brian, you go fifteen to talk of fifteen. If you will article fifteen forty five, I play poker. You double the blind, a triple the idle, forty five, it's not punitive enough for me. I need an hour plus. I agree with them our than our kind of thing and sixty, because fifty acceptance and hammer, I'm ready you on very sorry. When is a camp. when he got the unlimited. I'm gonna go twenty ninety! you guys are twenty. Ninety one! Ninety as a good answer, that's good answer answer, docile he's gonna, say eighty twenty near my great unpopular outside the box right there needs to be. There needs to be a punish, read that your twenty yeah. I know that the twenty five say here is that if we succeed in our union, maybe off
eighty three minutes and then making itself a sandwich for ninety I am coming back around too is hardly punishment. Now that will then remember. Ah, the punitive here's ears. What I will say the punitive number needs to be four times. What your first number. as so, if you'd like to give yourself an hour fine. So my fifty screw ass, you go and five hours aka routine, get you sixty nine p M, gonna go half hour. You can get to hours were radioactive time. If you want to be a hot shot like brine over here and go for, if you want to go for five minutes, fine you're punitive time can it be that long, your punishment times, I can be alone, be showing a five minute yeah. That's it that's what it is. It's a ratio of its funding about this whole read the whole reason I brought this up was to say, like I think we should stop looking at ports
finally, may I support all we ve done is used all the creativity. What I do is have two computers: do Then, if you wanna go daddy minutes, then you're gonna have to have like seven hours of punitive time. That's what I'm saying I think this sensible. I think this sensible time would be twenty minute with an eighty minute punitive now bad punishment, not bad he does bring in the second divisive. That's the problem again the owl you're gonna have as a bunch a guide to the upcoming computer than the during enough in the bathroom, and therefore this is me saying: put some snacks out, there's a little kitty feed some change and do it. It's just the right thing to do in remain at a certain point c, when it is running high on, elephant tranquilizer, grabbed the whole thing and run for the parking lot. I can't stop me. I'm not gonna be able to stop the I'm just saying this is a nice little weight is so to stay on your our arose and you ve been on a diet yes, you have you have,
women. I was not born per family died too, and a little tricks that, but it's up to you You know domain by no one's forcing my finger down my throat, because I have great it's up to you. That's what is our true grit was about so lightly and ass p homes hanging out with Allison Adam in Brian Back and twenty fourteen, and I suggest you check out any other time piano more in a room whether its on Peat bog guess you made a weird or just whenever come on the show and also fun wit. we had our ten year anniversary. I put out a call to all the friends of the show to make a video for Adam congratulating him this. If they had time PETE sent it back within an hour I was really nice about a new is a really funny video too. So I thank you PETE. We love you hope to have you back on soon. Because then play my video. You tell me what the rules were always say: dear, you can't Forty minute, video again
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life is not weird it yet now we're with the best underwear. Okay. So that's what you do. Tommy John, is the perfect differ. All dad's in your life deliver comfort to Dad door to twenty five percent off site wide Tommy John DOT cause less classics: that's Tommy, John dot com flesh classics up for twenty five percent off site, see site for details. Now, let's go another glimmers are really a bill. It really is. Eleven comedians come on. The show nozzle was on recently in, even though he wasn't in it wasn't in person. It was a really great show what is new Netflix special, which I recommend everybody watching the fellow there's a presence, really good but you didn't several podcast view: remoter escape zoom, also snuff and I gotta say the atom Crozier one felt the most familiar problems, Bela show so many times or maybe possibly due to the set up of Adam going back the studio it fell to the best I thought,
who is really really comfortable him. An atom have actually been talking privately because he's been watching Adams, documentaries and just he's been tweeting about them, but even Pratt sending out in private messages. You saying how much I loved him and even act about watching the documentaries armies other park is and how we come out of companies into watching things about people involved. Bored sore some sort of miss that way, because you're so dedicated mindset and He'S- stand by and watch again pulls racing documentaries and what you can get free promos. Just such a sweet guy in this very, very genuine. So Twenty twelve, he came in the studio and it was a lot of fun.
promotion of seven forty four hours, rows of Brian Bishop generate twenty twelve check it. I've got to get it on no choice but to get it on Mandy Dave all bribe me about that Grandpa Corolla Day out and rose and pensioners walled is well dog view in young adults. I you would get nomination. You know. Thank you! Thank you for that There was a lot of you know. The they they talk, everyone getting a nomination at one point, or there was all this, but yet they I got to do an Oscar campaign. I've never done one of those while and got to kind of Goethe put through those paces right, not since your Heisman key
pain of mind and eighty nine, but he was eighty eight eighty, nine she's yeah right around the time who would have been coming out and who would have been campaigning about that time. You're Andre! Where Trinity, lady lady, late eyed him round nodded answer was I turned around him: Brown just knock by YO yeah Amendment Everything you guys just said: Sunlike Pekinese bar really all the time. I don't know what it's. How does a asked or campaign work? I know, there's a tray eyes ass and then you to a lot of screening? in cuban Asian you meet people, including hinders, and so was weird. Was they kept, that the studio people kept saying that no one you do and ask him? How do you know it's really rough in this? A lot of time spent in a meeting people that you in, but I what would happen with I'm such a film.
Geek and I'm such a film buff that I would go to these things and I would meet people that I'm genuinely a fan of and would end up talking to them for hours above their career like actually wanted like I've got to talk. Rick Baker and Paul freighter Young exactly that it lacks down maker? He was also part. It has been the gums charges to some really sharp yep semi Rick Headphone other dogs, ITALY. you don't for fighting? That was weird Baker that make up special fat. Yes, how dare you? Yes? Yes, all wrote taxi driver right for us are talking to those there. Yes, I got started out, but you know I got to talk to touch it, Catherine O Hara for like an hour while in Brazil, about what Is that so that our commenting on on Catherine yeah so like so that part of it for me was real.
Really fun, and now I wonder when the dust settles than a few years on who actually won the asker, not if just kind of being it sort of- I don't know honor to be nominated, like it's been white for five years since rubens burden clay again, I think most people think I can one american idol at this point. I am. She dared five years from now. Everyone's gonna think click and one minute so maybe just be, now on, the campaign trail makes people think Patty and scurry nominated. The thing about the Oscars is an all. My friends are so on them and go on the outskirts gestures such crap in itself, but the whole point of the actors. The whole point that they were founded was to get people talking about and be interested in movies and right in that, in that respect, they ve done their job. spectacularly because every time that people have the Oscars and is nine million articles and end tat
million conversations rebel. This perverse incentive denominator this, partly that the people there were nominal this year were all really great. I know that a lot of good people didn't get nominated right. Then really really great people got in Jamie, Amber sheer there for a better life that he was he could not have been more but he was a long shot. The dark horse is not we're a longshot, that's how you know so they for as much as they get wrong. They think they get. A lot of survey They keep people arguing in right talking about film and that's why you do it and right men working with Jason right men had to be just awesome. As he's such a nice dude have you met Jason? Yes, I've been too few preschool dance parties in urban and school danced parties. I am never been
but wait a minute. He told me about those nigh arrogant order that I've gotta screenings at his house every week, even screening he use do. I think he worked for the man, show first season and he's just he super counted in a really cool dude. I found him to be a really good. Do he is super enthusiastic about things like just like doing stuff? Yes, his dad not so much is dead. Yes, yelled at me we'll Mabel? What were you doing now wagon? We need real that Irish try! to bring genuine car. Will you know that I'm get there? You go now mean Kimmel were riding scrapped with them, and he you know he did. What he's one of those guys? I don't have you been? I mean a state, a fair cross from Oprah place, I'm Benda the dad place, but having Jason's a bunch of minute, I'm kinda
Boys all say this about the dad's place when o Prob brought bought her place up at minus veto. Mendocino oil as a democracy, to minus EDA and ice. Is she pay fifty five million dollars for her place? Any of the kind of do that math like settling like? If you ve been in an eight million dollar house? That's pretty fuckin nice! Yes, like when you see and what you me she, what eight nine ten million dollars gets here. That's holy shit. Now you go fifty five million alors yeah and that's holy fuck em. When I said. I then put four fifty four: how much better Fifty five million is in many million, but much bigger its or there are like all other things where you can go, I could be born in this house.
Never, leave it and still live a full life right that right right ear. I dont worry Senora, just people to travel the world. If I just stay in Santa, I will grow to nine feet tall because the ceilings are so hot yeah. I won't understand what right yeah that you can see the by the way it operates estate. Fifty eight million dollars by the way when I said to Ivan what do you think about Oprah S place or fifty eight million dollars. He said my places a little nicer and gay. Word and I was like ok so now we're talking sixty five. We in Ireland have any also owns owns the Shaw's, sisters, whatever place a path that is the other state is his work but anyway islands a busy man unified. If I did I would here's what I would do. I would live up and up and the Shaw's sisters place above my house make my house my office
morning get up in the main house had breakfast. I would build a gigantic water slide, the, as would that would shoot me from my house into my office, where we then come out of the pool and start running. That's how it started. Every work day would be passed. On a zip line with you, I hate you. I hate you perhaps ass their at his eye. As I sail down towards my laptop, I would. I would tell these hands have been but then I wouldn't Is it here that, in your always riding again ground steady, just as a golf cart to get here from a wanted to stay at an expert anyway? I've I've found
when guys are super rich and have allowed on their play when they give you notes on a scrap, they want them implemented the next time they see. My does not necessarily a man they're, not inviting debate either, not inviting debate, and they don't have a lot of time and they certainly don't have time to mince words with guys from the man show warrant. Implementing their notes, though, is a lot of Ivan YA got here. You know what I am I'm gonna take I've inside Kosovo's Ivan in in he gave you notes new guy. How does go show me? Your strikes, the outrageous literally stripes right here, yeah separately, so what happened with that script? They still on it. It became the help the nominated for vacant audited, lottery rights. But to be it's weird, it became the help, the very rarely I'm all I remember about. It is the very first thing we page dim in two thousand and one or two thousand and two was Jimmy, was like a third three year. Old virgin and land
store, and I was gonna get him laid and Ivan said now. we're just gonna buy a thirty three year old virgin and then three years later, the Your old virgin became daughters correlative. You will realize multiple like round number ceiling. Nice rounded numbers have shed Armenia's, should have done it anyway. Euro enjoy the movie immensely and surely throne, with great and pan with great and Ivan right and just doesn't, doesn't do wrong, Jane right man? I'm sorry I've been alive and doesn't need Jameson. He may Jason NEA Jason. I dont think you know J since movies range from good to extract from delicious lightly? Doesn't he hasn't made rademacher thing either that monies are inimical if our Jason, I will be so inside moon had Renault going, but by the law the universe, it's almost like it. If I were him, I would purposely make my next film
we'll just to get that way. Lay needs are Hudson, HAWK Yang there. I've gotta do get things right more, like some mad visionary thing we go, this is the movie I've dreamed. Do it like a rehash of the cries, ended it will, but that was an insane success. I mean like the man. Rail, visionary thing that people just go. Oh do is unreal maybe at Howard, the dock? How are the dog? How would I? Yes, I'm gonna do that Peter Marshall Story the hollow we're gonna do that item on and we're gonna CAS, I'm telling you c c h: pounder is Peter Marshall. It's a balls choice. I'm gonna make it Beth musical anyone ever say about a game shop. Show I'm reading here that somebody was somebody was filming. Your new act. in dig it and I want to know because I do shows now, and I see people standing there holding their phones, filming me and
sure whether did like say, hey, knock it off or thank you or what did you do? Five if I've already put the album out or if I put an hour mount someone uploads like attract for me, I'm sorry out there. I can't do it, but if I up there and I'm working on a new bit and it's not there. Yet that's why I'm upon stage doing the show at a club at a club or in this, but in this case at a little space than yet kit, can I could you, let me decide what version gets out their run? Not you. You know, and I even said when I started a bit like the very new bit, a very nervous about this. It was only the fourth am I done it in and, unlike having heard me say that and then to go all that I'm film this right, like it's so rude, should they are the real problem with them, filming whatever it is, you are doing. Is they keep fail? Me Yet when you say excuse re, could you put them? They just keep
filming and then you look like an ass. Why? Because yelling down, while they're coming you and answers Overman's or and this they film you and they keep going because what they they don't care about, that they want footage of you being angry right. What they want is to post you go and look at this guy, snapping and glare nuts and then in any way you look at the foot it and it's someone going. I'm I've asked you five, please just don't do it was like this. They remember there was this footage and in the end, where you could do was like Tom Hanks going nuts and He just walking on a beach with his wife and there's. Some Bush is felt like they just want to go for a walk and talk to the sky will not like is just shoving. Canada face and and Tom Anxious going hey, we asked you like three times. I want to have a walk you're, my wife. Why are you doing this like? This is really rude right and in the guy, just just will not put his camera down and so a Tom's not going nuts
he's right is called. Why are you brings a psycho and any realise the guy? You just try like. Please throw us when that means something right, something I don't. You know of often said you know, nobody feel sorry or celebrities, and even though that's not a great interpreter one of the law. That's the bottom line like when you say to people wisest, not illegal, it should be illegal, you shouldn't believe invade summons privacy and by the way for profit cause. I'm gonna sell it to Tansy mediation, to do this, and it be illegal, except for your celebrity and the answer sort of nobody feel sorry for but he's what way, but people, people confuse what being a celebrity means, be especially, let's say your accurate comedian. I I'm not on all of the time that constantly doing my act. I I my doing like doing my comedy is a job. I do it in the evenings. I go do my set and then, during the day like anyone else, I try to go, live my life. So don't we get to decide?
when we do our job, that's like again, you fill me going hey you're, a celebrity them. let me go well. If you're a plumber camorra males right now, a dry, I know you're, not working but hey you're. A plumber right side are to be applied. get over here now. Well that deciding when you work, that's all thing: it's like athletes. These guys happen to be. Blast physically, so they make a profession where they can Twenty million dollars a year, verses! Nine, in our working in a supermarket. So they choose that and then everyone says well, they chose it. They chose it like it's this. You brought it on yourself because you have a sense of humor or you brought in on yourself, because your power forward in the NBA. Now this is my profession and also I mean an athlete. Yes, the maybe you're blessed with some talent, but as someone who makes an athlete is someone who then applies work and sacrifice to the base of talent they have. I
a tiny crumb of comedic talent that I then work for twenty five years so that I could do it is a professional while now is a long time, and now it was now, I would say yes, I would it's almost recruiters almost accrue to exactly, and maybe with some farmer John they're turning alarm inside aside regular, I'm back, I can pile cabinet on top of it and you make it seem even bigger, but yeah. It's that it's that idea that yeah, that again, it's almost like Derek. It's an accusation. Ray you chose this as it is. If you chose the wrong door right, replied I dedicated and took a lot arrested. Do some kind of love and I want to keep doing it when what now so as far as panels, goes now if you'd been nominated, then you're you're star would have gotten much bigger and it would have an outlet, many more people who wanted to know what you are doing in the comic book store on
male role, you wouldn't and middle than you would I be here when I had been so. The question is: what do you hope for because there's this feeling nl in the profession of just move forward in just bigger and better and see what else we can do next year and in the coming months, but that I think that's a really bad way to think about things. There is not. It is not a constant straight line of bigger. better, you know this. There's ups and downs and now have good times and bad. I just want to keep working at things and in trying to create new, think something's from those things and then fail to worsen for dinner, and I also just I like random new experiences. May I got to go. Do this change, movie now? Why don't you be getting it offered a go? Do this thing? That's totally, unlike a careless, could do that like wine, Why not have a variety of experience if you're offered it his? Has the moon the young adult open up the doors for acting of yours. Yes, I mean there's been a lot of very good offers, a couple of which I've taken in
of which have turned down. I mean what what happens if you do one thing. Well, then, there's a lot of well hey. How about you do that in this that you're a liar I sort of. Did that and the other thing. So maybe you know so that's a little back me for what I mean Like I'm, I'm like I'm still a minor de list? I can't imagine what someone like a will, feral or or a Tom Hanks goes through with having to constantly battle the I wanna keep doing creative mean the end of the day being recognised when you go into a restaurant- and you know maybe having come more perks that they get there not. Is there not nearly as exciting as when you actually do work and you take a risk and it pays off? That's what spun. Why don't like to brag, but my independent movie, the hammer. Kick the door wide open to doing time. I don't think I've gotta get my foot. Nepal cast door. Had I not start those are most people when they want to sort of package or go to start a couple more
these and then come back to us. Yes, that's what happens at the only phone call. I dine now. Here's! What really here! That's really pressuring them for all the annoying like up someone that films unit. That is like point o o o one per cent of the fan base. Most people out there are the nicest the support of their great most quota coat celebrities, actors, communities, physicians. Ninety nine percent of them are great. They just want to do their work, then go live your life did that then there's at horrible one percent sure they do want to be photographed. All the time They do tell their publicist to call the pop Roxy and catch them right coming out of clubs with these notes, weirdly dressed awesomely like fanny, while there were diadem from moving so there's that kind of Ireland I was outside of arrest, and I was going in there to buy. I wanted to get a guess difficult for the restaurant, for a friend of mine for its birth is really nice restaurant and they were all these black ass. You these out all this popper oxy and dumb.
What is it? What is it? I knew that I knew the that the manager like what's going on, then I manacles out. We got any name. These two huge actresses, we're both having dinner at different levels. What other friends like annex I knew that heat they had to fire to other vow lay parking services, because the valley guys would cooperate so you're gonna go Jaeger together. Did your valet guys you difficult? No they're publicist totally set this up. While they're gonna go out and act like oh, my God, the paparazzi We arrange to have here right. Well, I hate that in an annex say why you feel about it? It's it's. What makes the dumb part of the public go? That's what these celebrities all want, the gnome! Not ever federalists, don't I'm like! We should get a hint ass to who they are now, who know I argued hint wall just think about you don't want to? I think one of them was mayor, Mc Cheese, theirs
I'm sure when I think God. I can't believe that douche bag would do something like that. In their time. When I think it's a business their smarter than I am. I mean that the more business savvy than than I am. I know you hate them and you should hate them and I hate them too, but oh after all? If we were talking of selling aluminum, citing those guys would be better than us re well made. Yes, no because your ear year can, I think, you're confusing business savvy with pathology. There is There's nothing wrong with ambition and keeping your name it there's with that, but then that slips into pathology when its people that wanna be photograph. When I certainly want people talking about me if I've done something and want to promote I've done- but I don't want to- I just don't- want to be in a magazine for fur eating a sandwich right that that gets to be sad and pathetic. By the way I'm Ex ante ass. Now I understand- and yes, you picking up dry
waning is not an achievement now sit on? Why do we need to see what you look like? A picking up, dry cleaning- and I agree there Other things. Yes, you want! You want to promote You come out with a movie. You come out with a book. You come out the standard prejudices, undresses, big of a fan of movie stars and rock stars is anyone else, but I want to see the work they do. I don't care about. Them is picking up after his dog right. Ok, What about paper? What about another book when I've been more like an one. Now I mean hopefully I'll be altered it at the end of the summer. A fund. Writing the four. Are you writing another book? Yes, I am how far along with you, I'm almost done. I think about done, about done well go the reason. I say that is because it's just a compilation of stories from your life yeah for my life. I think what period of your life would you say was run for actually
my entire life, but about, but I thought was pretty interesting way. Michael inch had this idea, which is, as is shorter, zero to two now and we thought well. How do we break this up and might shed you ve lived in like seventy places. You know you lived in your crappy valley houses. You had your first apartment, he rented your house. Each chapter should have the house she were in a little packet, her eyes and the square foot age an and my dad, and it's all about the same amount of time. You know I had each chapters about the same length and I lived in these apartments, and I lived with my step stripper girlfriend in this parliament had on my roommates in that department. That is my first how's my mom add you know that guy steps, that's all How should I thought that was really good ideas of houses well yeah in crap, farmers and you can see chronologically as the places get better near. You know. Life is getting better and better.
Covers gonna, be you in wraparound shades and it's called the cribs go bigger novaya recalled can't stop my crib growth. This is This is one of this, my mom's ten thousand dollar house in North Hollywood and the thing over your left Yoda that just your girlfriend right their views role. Well, you know back that back then, like the veterans with better and more or less to do the otter, it's very patron dance. They wanted to know. There was at least some time in Korea. The thing I forgot about it, but that how's that I grew up in It had to front doors nine inches apart, and I regret that it was weird. I just noticed that as front order right, indifferent, nor to the left in case you wanna do like a fool Scooby do chasing bitterly. They told our thanks tranche of ours that and there's a kids standing in the middle of the sea which is deal.
His name is David yeah, if you got a lotta hands on him, he well he had done it was which call hyperactive oh and he ended up, joined the army. Ok and he went to Korea and came home with a low bow by the name of MID Suke, and her mom is, it turns out mid, Suke, inner mom and he were all living in the same apartment and its certain point mid soup without turning rex and mom was doing that I was given the pin, oh did. He know this. He found out at some point the worst episode of MASH ever he became a share of ass or one of the best. I think he had six or seven kids a boy soup and Mama may have went back to Korea and one of the kid Scott shaken a little too much fine. The baby sitter is never gonna, be right again. Other lad,
kid landed on his free happy still yeah. You said we want to create where they fighting with created. Did he discovered his own cognizance air to score political, make, sure everything still? Okay? We don't know, may they tell us it's ok, we don't know. I think I hear that the book The latest bought girl that coming out, that's the one. This coming out cool title yeah: it's called the not Taco Bell material, surely released on, may fifteenth, basically, basically story of me putting applying at the talk about North alley within them playing thanks, but no thanks- and this was that was like a year after you done the park cast they receive that yes I was gonna sees in one of the man, I'm sorry, we don't higher basic cable when you sit there and few
that would allow him out and walked in- and he asked me to job away from you that was that was a north Hollywood. Taco bow no kin and I walked over there from my house, which is very close by when I was in the tenth grade of north of high, and I said I'd like the work here and they said, fill out this location. I came back the next day. I went, I think, we're good hush reverting impulses like I'm white, have to hire me now. No reserve can't have you are working or cocking gun see as the area where you are not fit to score being paste two eighty idea we heron at big enough YAP, the other. We have certain standards as the whose If you add the sour cream out of a gun- and we do something you're up to that sorry- you're not attack a bell material and I just thought
other bigger title. Furthermore, I love that I wonder if that managers like somewhere now he's like the guided passed on the Beatles unwanted like they they wanted who's. The guy that did the song Telstra that the Joe Meek, MRS british pollution, in the Beatles were like. We want you to produce. As he's no sir, you adjectives Well, that that is really the story I went told. I want a collection of those story slowly I mean it because we all love the schadenfreude of it like they. They just had the gun, the news who had the apple stock back and day like he was in labour. Fourth, he was the Murray the case or the Peat Bass there to something like rad apple and I'm equally Apple ample records, but they said to him like look. Would you like it ten percent of apple, or would you like twelve hundred dollars authorities take the twelve hundred wall that was and they do they. That's that
today, the outward we were two hundred billion dollars, hey when, when James role Jones did a star wars, any law than on put out in a day and dumb- and Emma may said we can give you like, you know seven thousand dollars or you can get like point o o o fibre senator Moving us even gimme the set like my will. You guys are trying to deal with it when he came back for imposing thing, an unknown to George Lucas's gotta think he gave everyone like a half a point: the movies and opponents of their all fine. Just Those are the stories I would like to add like told, because they all these arrangements, people who didn't believe in you and the general now about nine. I remember working with Kimmel many years ago and somebody said we want you to do a radio me yet we'd, like you Adam Corolla, nineteen. Ninety eight Ursa seven are something to do. A radio show, and I said how about it: we must show with this guy Jimmy Camel we do it together, and he said, is behind this
means: guy he's not he's a producer type, but he's not talent we don't want him to show. We want you and show he can produce Shall you know he can sharpen the pencils and cut the tape and what the show, but it can't be on air, yet just that just those moments, those things fantastic, its radio or like winner, when windows and half in a gene hanging over the past in the play house- and they got basically that fire there is like you- can stay and build, sets and use of their right now You do in place here. I don't ever created. That's my point. I would find that kind of documentary or bio much more interesting than the guy who journeys anxious. Third book, a collection, not even of you but of other people's duration, is called I'll, show you bastards. They write all the people that the outer edge he could at the best. I can continue it take them partners which, by the way, young adult pre or
by the way I dvd on Amazon. You're gonna get some from Amazon. What do you do? People? You click through our website. You got an crawled that calm you hit. The at Amazon banner in that way. We get a little like that. I tell people it's like if the Paul Newman Sal addressing exactly the same prices of generic brand, you have a choice. I get the new men help the kids, it's it's like he's. It's like atoms has pay it backwards, hey. We write to me all right, it's gotta leave fairly soon? What what are you doing here? I can hang on a little bit loan. You want to play a little way fund than I thought you wanna play. What heartily island of about patent humble guy and such Lamentably, guy I mean it, I ran in view I think backstage uprights instigate theatre, something any sets a very nice about my movie to me and adjust it made me feel so.
Warm and moving lousy inside would it was so good? You don't have to while his eyes that's again that's one of those guys, movies. It's gonna have a nice following the people there like yet great, and it happens all time? Great movies come out and nobody sees them and at its very frustrating, yes asked us you'd ever see that doesn't often film short time. Yes, only I like he had he sued the studio because they buried it. Rights are one of the best films he ever. You should have gotten and ask her for that. Its they buried you not. I believe he should. I gotta have therefore happy on yeah has in Pappy on one from a young man to an old, crazy and scary old Grannis, like we're talking to his pigs on an anonymous devils islands and with a weird tat. He had a tick going and it was before all the special make up and everything like he D just took Dustin Hoffman and they put some
Europe, talcum powder and its air, and still he aged himself his perform an amazing and got a weird and tick. Amy was talking to the pigs and stuff. Any any turn out and steep queen should have got some for that too, because they both got really all great Dustin Hoffman veiled at the scene, where he's in solitary for so long is losing his mind was kind of amaze. Yes, yeah really looks like rain. It was nobody re tat. If you haven't seen preppy, please do yourself a favor man that is epic than that film We should play a little totally topical t vote. Trivia. Let me let me give a little love to go to my pc. You gotta get this pan an Iphone Ipad. I got an Iphone, aren't you want? Wouldn't it be nice, you could access. I'd say you're on the road, could you go in the road allow nice? I travel and you got your home computer any of our work
curiosity just took your zip lying down to the off at exactly, and you want to act so you ve got on your ship line and you want to your office and you want to get some off your home computer right. Will you can use the go to my pc for your eye for really everything you can get anything you want off your computer and not only get it off their bid. You can work on files and start files. Do anything you want me to zero lining. I dont have to go into weird rages on aeroplanes. When I can't just my computer, now taser by now, an air Marshall EM now again ever ideas. This app that's right, wow! That's fine!
go to my pc, I brought you buy citric, go to my pc. You can try it free for forty five days and look where we're at what are they making money now they are obviously. Obviously they bought into this whole mind calendar gang. Why little fuck we're all gonna be gone in the early nineties. Let's get this suckers. Forty lived just get short term whore money and more out we're going Coke and Orange because, according to the cow and no mindsets, just good science, solid science right there, Why are given a new idea? Archer? We do a little totally topical tv trivially. This is as read, the tv description. I love the movie minus the name of the actors. Actors got? U yell your name out yeah when you think you may know the movie grind, It's unbelievable and I'm terrible at trivia today now
so my name, five winds in your name is PETE Pete, because they know that peat and Patent Adam is too soft, and I would do a lot and brine with the oil price and in he'd take he take. We should take Kirk Cargan a lot of hard, constant Kirk, I've got a gunshot. I've got Alice somewhat too soft. Accept Have it your game? Saw it s. True our aim here we go, you saw him Detroit and Interactive park. Brine heard. Turk everyone else carpet from nineteen. Oh yeah, I don't know anymore. Yes, the Detroit lawyer. Evidently not we too. First off, who pay Kircher bright yard. You are brine when I yelled Kirk, I heard
I'm sorry! I couldn't you play games at the palace. I beg you, had your items put Europe Burlap sack and throwing off the road like two sons: do that later swear to God. I was frightened me. Why are you and your friend Rhine all hold on a second Brien's? Got one surprise: surprise: anyone whoever humping brand ideas are tape. We don't take Here we go a water boys, in particular, I am the water boy from Do not writing we'll sheeting a racist prison Guard has an intense affair. Patent Patton
there's ball from do that. You had made raises an over thirty ex quarterback gets to play as a freshman Brian this rough, genuine bachelor teenage? California, buddies, grime, brine, volunteers, Iphone adventure, a thought out, Cave, Kirk, Forgotten Valley, there are well pattern, your mother. I why He may have a horse and see no man. For my own baby, tenacious De Oro. I think they know not. I think, that's their debut together Jack, like our out before that. I think I'm probably wrong.
selected for a human hibernation project. Bryant mediocrity for ass. He did when my boy, if he's got more before more generally here to vote in and why p d detectives confronted gangster? Who is absurd? with sports memorabilia. In order to retrieve an invaluable Beauregard, while Shit, o Brien, ass, not dumb, Madoff glory, no Kirk Desk Why doesn't it the city. The carpet
from to shed a russian immigrant mouse, dark racketeering, o Brien, Ryan American Tale, again. I was angry there. I thought. Maybe there are, though- and this is my life I love- went in for more totally topical tv tree. I took on an empty divisions of meaning that it will do with tv shows, every parent that was decided over where you normally we struggle that gets down to the end the end, but that was merciful. That was so that yeah that was delicious. Put him down
and we're here was Workin reversed. Now it's actually, I think the ass. I love when, when you're reading it he would have given, and you can sort of get a glimpse of the personality of the person that road it like how they feel about the film the incentives. It's very, very subtle. There was one. It was a description of one of the Friday. The thirteenth movies is either for five and I'm not getting the description was, Jason Voorhees slaughters. Yet another effort like so it's the word yet right and then another is that either Ray I gave you can hear the exhale yeah they should be allowed to put in rosy Assai Jason Voorhees sigh slaughters.
we have some news. We have, of course, where we do what we roll into a little bit of news and patent can jump in on their with Alice and sometimes when it's time to allergies are in a new story that has come out. This says that they are not as rampant as people think they arrived. I owe everyone no wait a minute. I was right, research, that as many as twenty percent of people claim to have a food, our gi, but the truth is that only about three or four percent really do it, but the people they claim it did. I still say they suffer from symptoms- are, is a totally psychosomatic,
Well, they the thing is: there's a difference between food intolerance and true food allergies and a number of highly intolerance which is like when you're gastrointestinal track is messed up, so you can have You can have diarrhoea things like that verses when it's coming from immune system, which is an actual allergy plus reactions to food, can change over time and very symptoms are sometimes mistakenly attributed food when their front, when they really stem from something out? Here's a weird thing, though: it says that some life, threatening food allergies, do appear to be on the rise. For example, two thousand and ten report. Comparing surveys of U S household found a steady increase in our juice, the peanut and tree, not in children. The reasons for the trend aren't clear, but I'm thinking if they already established that people are misdiagnose our misdiagnosed than how can they trust that there, and also, if you tell a kid anything I'll, take it run with its own? Their allergic to peanuts, though announced are allergic to peanuts, and it also almost becomes
Even though, and I have to explain, I will join my kids, don't announce Europe as you know to me like that, because I mean there's people go idle, I can't eat that. Are I can't and all I think I just think posts when I hear him say that, so how should they They saw a man. I have you, we don't much notice mornin already alien. Now there go look. I got a syringe full of adrenalin here this peanut butter jelly sandwich, and then I want you to champion of my neck. Beverly, not a but my wife, the wanting it drives hurt nuts are these. She was these specially lotta actresses. Do this their states We get wheat allergies whenever I can't really want just to say, you're cutting our carbs, don't write those only suddenly, everyone has simply act disease at a nowhere. I come on in would you have it? It is very, very serious, but she said your dining Tokayer either.
They have the people. I know, haven't right now exactly right. Now it out a gluten thing. What people I mean, because the wave of saying I'm cutting Korea cutting your card. Five of it said this one million times I've worked construction with poor Mexicans from the valley, my whole life, every once in a while when the boss, man went on a lunch run, there were no online, listen got a thing going on with joy, so I don't know if you're planning, I don't know where you're going forego smooth ease our were gone gray, but where there is no gluten, Oh geez, there's no, not allergies, and there was no nobody's. toasts intolerant. Not no poor people that work super hard for living there is thing that was not on their north of there was nothing on their no fly list. nothing you brought back whatever they ate it and of discussion at this is could hear, visited the sort of weirdly related. I would say, or not
make it really quick. We moved into a new house last year and we did we hire a lot of movies returned to his much of our cells that we could save some money we got through before the big stop than us, we're all in it up and sir for three days, I'm just hauling stuff and moving around the house and unpacking stuff, and I have trouble sleeping and I sometimes lying there. My brain is very monitor those three days of Working Don T, dusk, I'd, be asleep and might like it solved all my psychological problems as nights. I would be out yes, it was like that the body, exhaustion. It does it cleared up all the mental things yeah. I think we will that again, we are. Doing in our own mental juices and creating I've always thought it as a human being were hard wired to sort of have a foe you now in its fight or flight and there's a bunch of stuff, that's just
in our reptilian brain. That's, never gonna go away. Maybe it'll be washed down two million more years, but for now it still there and we don't have Sabre too tight, to run from any more yeah air. We don't really have any real physical threats. So thus we must take things like terrorism and in the chances of you dying in terrorist activities or baby s aim as you? U dying from eight, I law dart, that is, that is blocked. in the nineteen seventeen year that got through thrown up in the air, the Seventys and has it hasn't, and now that's been around I don't know why, but I appall Williams, Paul whimsy actor Paul and an singer. yeah. He looked up. Paul Williams was in it was in a movie, I was born diploma movie, I think called
some of the paradigm of Paradise. Although the and Paul Williams looked like a young Jody Foster, how exactly say we ll see Paul, and songwriter, but anyway, great songwriter, a great song. Rice chances are viewed dying from a long dark that Paul Williams through is not something you have with terrorists. Yet that's your If you see a thirteen year old Jody Foster, you will see Paul well exactly the bad guys from diamonds are forever. So we we need. No, I'm sorry! I know he wasn't he's not one of it looking ahead, and that is not enough. We need to make up a smoking ban it though we need if you re, invisible things to attack us, we don't have. We live in houses with alarms and bars on the windows and red balls and heating and air systems that we don't have anything really and there's no volcano that are going off or anything. So we must God we must create. We must create
something that is an Epstein bar it yeah steam bar knots in What sort of enemies from within the Euro bodies rebelling against should be roughly, maybe that's a new service, the we should so much Ado service where, for like a month, we'll have people just randomly. attack your home and you do not worry right about the scarcity of black mould. Member blackmail by the way more has been around for two hundred billion years acknowledges the oldest thing on the planet. If we can't live with mould, we have been until our because it was here for two billion. Either we got here. There was a magazine that I worked at New York and there is an email that went around that all we know we found some black mauled spores in certain somebody or whatever, and to watch the mysterious spread through the little because farm with all women right no offense to women, I am one, but if the people had to go work on different floors because they were nervous about it, Jesus Christ, so when you put it days, work and your work and for ten bucks an hour
You're passing your ass. You you're not sure if you gonna make rent this month and you don't know where you're next meal is coming from and your drive around a car, that's not ensured. That is there's your mould spores, we should all aspire to those people, don't care about ball and they don't care about being lactose intolerant because they have a mind inversion of real problem? Tat is their grizzly bear coming after them and when we get rid of all that stuff, we forget all about it and we start fuckin with them all nothing, but you go back to moving and you ve gone back this lifestyle and you sleep tat night. I slept so. Yes, so with a real food? Allergy, even a trace amount can cause symptoms and in some cases our urgent was up and nuts can trigger an awful access, which is why it that depends in speaking of I left my trash can out overnight and guess what I found in it in the morning and happy dog a syringe. and a surreal.
wait a minute, it makes me wonder what kind of diet ex living near me could have been me. Was my dog. I back the shot every night, yes that have been so maybe they were out for a walk, darted kapogo shot they drive over to my place, to throw it out or day or they were they were walking by your place and they gave the dragoon adrenaline and the dog out and adrenaline Drury amiss it'll. Look like nervous: do. Do you pull yourself when you get a girl in Israel who? So I think that you get scared shitless if If you watch the Blu ray of politics in see a desiccation sanity heed their reserves, she wrote relatives the Interior restored found
to me. More was rushed to the hospital. My night after having some kind of seizures, isn't everyone rushed to the hospitals? Are such a thing? We're a gag goes one another out. I don't like Germany, long pretty hungry to be more was driven at a reasonable speed. Arrive with with EAST would stop at a box, but delivery. I want to swing by pick up my dry cleaning, then in and out, then I want to go by my access apart because I left them genes over there and then it's off to the hospital she was rushed to the hospital after having a seizure of some sort and I'm publicist is saying it was exhaustion, but various reports have come out. One said she's anorexic she's under hundred pounds and out. Her friends have been very worried about her because she lost a lot of weight since the work it out men came out that it was rugs and, according to him, see issues do in women.
why world school, yeah, hey! I like there s, I like that to ensure that we as popular as are, but no no poppers, that's a whole different thing: whip it through with you, like your your. Secondly, the Uno out of already whip yeah, now you're right, you're right. That is, that is, that is not gay. The popper. The aim of paupers are gay, the whip, its are also with it surfer whip it, Sir, for like a thirteen year old, Judas guys around a lot and does not occur. Drug among people of demeanour, age and social status, maybe but maybe she was driven by a talk about parking. Lot saw buncher their young kids like they look like there s a lot of fun hey guys. Everything ghost those weapons. I wondered if their Zurbaran a guy dumb enough for high enough to pull the lid off a coup weapon Chavez face in their yeah. I can feel it I urge that seven eleven spinning me version
by the way have you ever by I've, never met to me. But I saw her at the club one night under a hundred pounds is not an she's really tiny. Yet that is not an erection for her. Sorry, it's not the they all thing of couple thinks it's got a sop to be you I'll pay. You know this physically perfect, all the time actually being judged we're going your physicality, but that there should never ends that I gotta count. Every rice cake, knotty, island member, like my eyes, are up here. I know guys please yeah right yeah. Three four does not tell us. between the two, the ice age, where rice, leaning, coward metallic, my torso, looks like Watermill Health base, not a well may so here you are housing and that actually Ashton, culture,
movement and you're gettin up there in years and everything is always based on the looks and also she it is apparently not gonna hormone. Talk. Talk about o appreciate this. She is Western ferociously, Wes Welter of hot checks. Let's hear it, ok here we go Europe possess overseer? Now I mean yes, but now so they there's a lot of guys in the league you're, just just physical Vinos domain telling what league? our football World CUP football for treatment, the justly american. Let us not do justice to american football. There is you, I mean there's guys like
Tarzan their William Cyclone. Alan Johnston, Alan Johnson will Williams Arza Jody Williams on Detroit. You know your college ass, an end yeah that the brain and MOSS battening played with Wrath Walker right and talent, physical skill riser show big there. strong. So whenever Wes worker is a hundred and eighty pounds, five foot, seven, Herr five forty nine white dude, who relies on nothing but hard work, nothing but did plain enough, but where he does not have the kind of raw talent that dirty Terrell Owens Trillo and just go out jump up. Take the ball away running so West workers blasting. His and there's women he's the John Starks member that, yeah. I know that guy he rose sheer real powers, yet your height, but he right I'm going to out play everyone here. Please, sky around, like sky, so also gave a throne character. They he needs
constantly now their spirit of look there's just Galva. Yes, just gal by is the tee o of hot chick. She just born that why she looks like that: she's kind differently, her next four inches longer than everyone else's she's beautiful. Whatever there more is not a beautiful woman. Traditionally she ass to work it you think so, yes, not traditionally good. Looking like I mean she's attractive, but she's not Indeed, almost fire said she's right boys rack me peace. A great analogy accept that is wrong. The time are well. Maybe they get girl today was yea. They meet three more is not what she wants was, but a few good men. She was about to see now that, ideally hot and unconventional, if we and our king, if Sheikh, if she ever gained ten pound right out of the game, fake boobs skinny, is how
all tat, all the time teeth, white hair just working it constantly she's, not a shoe release the Rhine, yeah yeah. Co star, she's, eight she's a bit about their there, many women there, just naturally beautiful shortly more, is not one. I'm should not super tall and launch. Your nose is a little like that. I don't know if she's adage, I think, she's got a nose. Job and opponents have she didn't come out like a hot so that more twenty twelve she works really hard early one another. A sporting Charlie's reminds me of Andry, the giant and the princess When these are the way he goes. Look, it's not my fault. I dont royal exercise on the strong on this round this guy, mainland and she's. Like I drink, I pizza, but this is how I look. I don't it's not my fault. That is what it looks
right. I just I agree- is the only Guns tsar. I know. There's the Cox Fit into this corny Cox is much more naturally beautiful than demi more is, but she still has a little bit of the work. Why feel like? You can see that she's had work done of late ear? maybe of light, but I'm just talking about Demi more at age. Fourteen was not the hottest chicken her high school or junior high. That's what I'm saying. Let me works the shit out of it. Didn't she dropped at a high school to become a model like she had so many modeling offer the mere boring. I, like you, always done all that watch me assessment, so yeah they're all were either they weren't you, unlike fox more for they are aiming skills, are amazing. She had she had at one on. The right is
Alba, I think so blonde. It's Michael check with your right find a picture. Gels grass Galva that a hundred people Kantos just never find a picture. just go: did you tell them? Just now was a tall order question you can ever find a picture I think that maybe I already said this, but when I was a bit in New York, I had this very briefly with I was in my thirties terrestrial ammo, and this guy who was in his early twenties. It was a stupid thing to do A friend of mine was I give this is never ever ever ever going to work because you think you're not gonna get emotional. but you are and based on your age difference there's just no, then you, you can't be that woman, whose ten years older it does work, look at me and Ashton, and even that's a key that wouldn't work. Do you agree with that that, even if you are super duper hot, but you're older, the guy will work.
B with some minor twice? It's not even about the age difference in yes, she may have dropped out tomorrow, but I think me more was always wildly driven had like a showbiz thing. I've seen by was on her and just to show this person, it was thirteen sort of white trash. Said, I'm gonna be a star and nothing's going to get my way and I'm good king I'll make myself great. Looking all fuckin knocked down every door in this town and tell em a star she's like willed. It like. I don't even know how much talent she has matters are even know how beautiful she is she's made she's got much Dr than she has anything else, and that's not putting her down As far as guys when you take really would looking guys and you send them abroad alone and chicks, throw themselves at those guys headed a patent, we there's a warning from the guy I do not have,
We are not wired to shun pussy. We asked go out with a girl that trying to travel pussy, you spend your entire life. Trying to capture coroner, lie and ruby we'll see overpower overpower cosy, this is getting out of God alone about the word overpower come on the company, that's going to run out and courts on re. May I refer you to that, pursued, zip, availing wire and take a posting and that at a certain point you get. MTV or you get on whatever and your travelling around and the pussy starts getting fired at you from an air cannon and you're, not good at ducking. My pen, I just those are being fired from here. It is like how they test engines that I propose.
Drought. It's like it's like you, here's what was it. You are like a method that is stolen, the idea of poetry, doing you're, doing doughnuts with it in a parking burning out all the years and their just like. Would you please give us poetry back, but the out of a good guide. God is he threw a rod or about why they got beat poet you as long as it is a beautiful woman grow women grow up saying thanks, but no thanks, Answer- I get it. I can't the now I have a boyfriend, I can't go with. You were pretty serious, you guys do not grow up with that muscle, Sir sized very well, and thus they go out and the child, come in their way, they have a difficult time. when two really hot checks say to you. Would you like to get no hot tub, our place in aspen, guys, wired for take your pussy hit the ball.
Ex. Let me go back to my room and quietly beat. I then he added to this is that I think maybe women have a little bit more of an imagination in that they can say well that guy wanted me. I could have done him that in somewhere in a time frame that is happening Many wanted me satisfying enough. There's a guy can't go. I know those to grow like if, unless it happened, it doesn't This happened. That is a lot like it's that lack of imagination, a girl stood up just. Why did you imagine it happening and then not have to give away your house your wife that and have your that is a no go goes there. That is a great point from a guy with high levels of circulating estrogen, and I mean it as a compliment
that's why you're able to speak. This y know you're able to think. As a woman, I started talking to me saying that no it's it's like that seen in glorious bastards, when our self, also you can think like you, you can think. Like a woman, I sense a compliment, no you're right or per woman. If I so buddy, dude came on to them. It would be good. enough are almost good enough for them to say George Clue- hit on me, rather than I sunk off George I don't see the better. It's actually back, you go because he had made good enough good enough. We're done for a guy. It's a zero that this chick hit on us. Unless something fly. Out of our penis other than Europe right or in some cases that's actually
It's fine right, you're running if you're really early fucked up so there's there's a sort of hypothetical world, then that's. Why, when you guys have your sexual fantasies, which was always weird like we're, where you go like in who fantasizing, but I do know he can see his face in my vanity like guys, jerk off specifically to people. we ve seen people we ve known people who are in magazines, there's never like the fuzzy headed girl. We beat off to wear faces, yeah, no you're right, it's it's! I don't know that how it is for all women, but it's usually some sort of amalgam of like it's just like some guy. They have to have its own party as like, they have dreams and you go. I d sex dreamy go who was it with idle? And it's a guys their subjects for my work and he asked so how did your pitched too the own?
we're not gladly? How did you hold a raid on basic alleys alone? We ran script and July next on the oxygen network, Adam Corollas, hot cup, a meal culture yeah. You can do whatever he wants now, she's doing women evidently on web page that in trail and I gotta go back as I hope he doesn't use. That is like a weird like him when I know but girl doing whip it's in the royal spittle. That's right so devastating. It is to leave me. So speaking have penis. That means they grow tweet a picture of his penis if the giants lose the Superbowl hoarding to Twitter, because well, that's gonna mode of whom, yes, ok, see some on Twitter DORA, DORA Man, my best assets, said: let's bet. If the giants there's a super bowl, you must post your dick on the tree
and then he said. Ok, it's way we're here he said. Ok, are you allowed a tweet? Your dick I mean are the rules, while I think it'll get too down, but all tat was tweet. It wants that it exists on re forever, he's all you gotta get it in there for a few seconds and then- then everyone's gonna, you know That is that, as the abridged tweet, what locator she said. Let bet if the giants was superbowl you most. You must poster DEC on the twitter if they win our post, my boobs and face on here bet, and then he wrote back while she looks like she's gonna write door over there like to explore those boobs ay! If I were fifty syn, where I call in X, porn star, Leginn, Fm Bradley, field Marshal Bradley who, as a large black Venus and there's Fm Bradley and nobody is going to see a picture,
black cock and go that doesn't look like fifty sheds black way in rags and rallies. I recognise that half of the eighties just find anywhere. Warm a brother with a large pain is an eye out now. Why don't think that fifty cent doesn't have one now? Well, but if he does, he doesn't want show his large being all right. I M saying TAT the guy. You could get cause I've seen this guy's penis in the share of the guy, who played the guy from major legal play down. First base Petros Toronto Present yeah, First Bay, the guy was planted the big black dude from major lake. He wasn't for spaceman. What was a headdress IRAN over the? I feel the present pertinent I'm sorry, I've armor wasn't one or he was back then they Marshall, that he does not me. Yes, immediately. When you speak with, I could dominican inaccurate, given ok, he reported your book. I
shall we picture of major events. I played like a celebrity baseball game. What that guy heated and made the mistake of hitting the showers with him afterwards, not a good cop haze. Bert. Do nowadays, Bert Let it stand you saying he got the hose the assets. I'm sorry, I'm not saying that. No, I'm saying yours, ok, you're, saying it yeah yeah! That's him! they got you covered with a year like it alone, polar this average say there. My ass needed camp, a collision when I was going to share with him, because I got have by the way, I'm just saying as it is a large man of color, he did not disappoint. That's all What you're saying is as enlargement of color he was. He was very. He was very stereo because he knew it was. It was racist what he was doing, what you're saying experienced forcing rising very clean as being very riot and racist narrative yet out exactly now, did you you could have called the ACL you, the addicehead totally
This is this the perpetuation of negativity. This is the reason why Magro yeah now did you look the court of your I d, just stare rate at it right when I You may find it was dunes showering after a game and knowing what we are the dews was a guy who I'd known and I was surprised at just how undersized he was. I'm sorry. India is. There is no way you have a sample of Donald one thing: did the fire look at you from backtrack for this segment of every other votes sound to you on the planet? Canada was going to fire. You didn't look at you, I I looked at this burnt offering
and first off, I thought to the guy who was standing next, like hey, let's get some separation here I grant you you, I should say in the middle, you do some people have a sort of right. As you know, the scale and I'm gonna get the balance right. They know let's get to and in that I our way out of line. Yeah. Why do I I take a picture, his dark and and put it tweeted out? That's if I'm fifty cent, that's just minutes. Smart it'll, just smart yeah! I feel like you, that someone that your twitter picture of Europeans and then you do Fm Rabbies penis and then think just good peers, vows yeah. So a brigades be twitter, smart, where you put the admiration conscious announced PAN Oswald hanging without Grimes kicking a year off right talk about twenty twelve. I love that show, because I remember that.
hey, I was wearing a three Wolf Moon should remember that shirt that, viral on Amazon. Just because of the array. Loyalty is I've, so I bought that churches. I want to be part of the job and it worked Hipster we all I wanna hysteria and enhanced army was maybe I still am Am I not unaware of any more? Maybe that makes me have so even more that are obviously you got. You meant that three Walter and we all know not to permit valuable, but he it out, and these have closer look through a future and that made me feel who are actually made? My made my debt so patent very nice I love him and am together and looking forward to see more of them together, whether it's on a show or just whatever they do I got to meet them at Shakespeare. Oh that's! Right back before is popular Adam Corolla had a charity, and that is Malibu Home for Intercity Youth Shakespeare. Mostly hispanic and black kids
people will remember. The sort of talk about was really cool thing you did and at the and all these comics came performed, including Ban Oswald, who had a brand new The time and a wife at home swiftly followed his wife check out. So I was talking to your about his love, one trilogy appearances, Branco, saying that what allegedly is, unlike others, always people to appreciate the common criminals and stuff, but these Currently these three level episodes that they don't stop listening to forget, twenty years, and that is our I to my wife and I feel bad, even this, especially now from more time does why for keeping busy but really nice guy pull areas if Russia, that day of so called me part of it, and we should do a curl classic that PAN Oswald Dana Gordon Brown for saying, because back in the radio show days, they had all three of those guys. In the studio at once, to do nerd off Evanna recurring bit where their treasure the biggest, nor was it was early days, I'm trying to figure out why take like this mobilise chemistry and adopt an adapted
this morning should end some really interesting, better came out. There's autonomy, through their than they still guest on the progress is very definitely all friends of the ship out again another clip. Lined up a first one, remind everybody to check out method. Men arrived method, men is they do they do helper? shampoo, conditioner, deodorant body wash. I actually use the cedar, Cyprus body Wash, and it makes us. Oh so good luck to you. I hate I hate smelling, I hate being stinky guy and I note with social distancing seventeen like that big of a deal it's still a big so make sure that you use method because they make the best of the best soaps and Europe absolutely story.
good you smell doors and was really means only with a seer one. Really small nice sounds nice. I don't like we're heavy perfume things with a seat or sent might actually be with US rights, not over parents, subtle, but it still smells really great. So here's have already asked try method. When you go to method. Men died, comment, Amity, H, Eau de Emmi and dot com. You can say fifteen percent. put the coke classic that singular classic. When you buy online at method, men, dot, com to visit, method, men, dot, com, use the coke classic and get fresh without the fuss all right. Speaking of getting fresh, Eric PAN came on the show and man that guy just a refreshing. Is the running for what top ten handsome is? Guess, yeah, no doubt I will be arriving HAWK shadow he's, probably number one and
even now allows visual, hairless double on earth. Better human Adam got along swimmingly, because Eric also has a really great car documentary and he visited atoms garage in these pages. They had at a grand old times water on the ground. I wouldn't want to guess the super enthusiastic about whatever Adams into but truly enthusiastic, and even if some cases with other guess what they there was much goes ones are. Really I hate it when elevator cars or the threat of an excuse not to show up. I like it when there actually into it and arithmetic, could have been better like when we funny people the dinner scene, where aeroplanes, just so charming. Yes, podcast felt equivalent to that. Like this great moment, we ve all got to be there with him. There is ample two thousand two, seventy five march, twenty eighteen. It was just recently Jim
Brian Bishop Repellent studio time cars. The majority aired banner is in studio, brine is more, is over. There came together, Paul Ban, I'm a big man, a fan but brands a huge effort manifest so love them chopper, but I will tell and we got car stuff to talk about two awesome. That's what I'm here! That's what I'm equal! Well, I got to say this is going to be the best ass. You ve done all week on this because a hundred feet from here I have all of Paul moments, race, cars. Why we here?
I ask that, and I mean I don't mean here I mean on earth like what are we even do anymore? Eric brand of the movie is called the forgiven. It's in theatres is Friday March. Nine. That's on all digital platforms of following Friday, that is the sixteenth. It's it's stirring its powerful. I tried watch it last night and the link they sent me had no sound and I still watched a third of its first tour de force that powerful force Whittaker is in. This thing is well, but I did watch the trailer so we'll talk about that and then we'll let the ass kiss a fond begin. Awesome awesome! the movie, I heard regionally Vince Vondra Service, we involved, and then he wasn't and and by the way, Force Whittaker, who not only that robot, slacker, screw vets, false
room, he was my neighbour for ten minutes and then mediately moved after we went to dinner, wants one time, not a cargo. So here's the thing force, Whittaker becomes Desmond Tutu in this this movie. It's pretty amazing because Force Whittaker not normally known for becoming other people, these kind of Force Whittaker, we are kiss his bought fraga hers. He was unbelievable are, fortunately, where the script. I already knew that forest was gonna applying to do so. what're. You know. I read that imagination and he was just which has transformed the main. Like. this time I saw him is to do. I just couldn't couldn't believe, and we didn't we didn't rehearse without we have very long. Dialogue driven saints together with set in a prison. I play prisoner, any place, Desmond Tutu comes to visit and I saint, we didn't rehearse, are literally the first time I saw him on set was as dead two to like wild forest is gone, is no longer here.
at one, a dot m to take care of a little housework beachbody on demand on thank them. For making this such a half of the show possible and Text Adam two hundred and thirty. Thirty and then Tommy John and one in the Tommy John Underwear right now, just the best and Castro Castro Ledge cause. I will talk about that me and Erika do about twenty minutes on synthetic lubrication awesome rank. He turned up zealots. The boy I was like I was like, oh for two with you last night, because I try to watch the we are trying to watch over give in and it didn't have the sound. And then I went ok, but I want to watch his doc loved. The beast volume is in it,
No really! I don't know how I missed it, but I want sound but no picture. I wonder what happened now I want. I want to go, find it and it said, was on Amazon undermine and then I went to Amazon on demand, and it said you gotta sign up for something else choose as well as on pretty sure could not find running out of its work to have got on my phone MIKE and watch it whilst we payrolls, yet I will watch it. So this is about Eric and is nineteen. Seventy four Ford Ex be Falcon Coop, which a sort of IE eight, the Austrians big in debates right area there yet and hence the matter demand MAX, is slowly trying to win us off them alone. I like it like a dummy and they even if a little Tate, Rivah Thumb, who was still the every eye lovers, heard last night talking to somebody that more per but I ve, eight guys some guys in Australia, then then here our ratio from up from array,
just aunt, which made sense of the car. You got when you're fifteen your whole life here? You ve always worked on at what is a power plant in that of for awhile for a white forward, so the dot block EL I headed, say hatch. I headed sites for awhile cubic inch. Small block about six hundred horse power, and you want Did they target rally? Are the Tasmanian yeah targeted manually young? How does that? How does it work? How many days, how many miles its I think, now it's about six dies. Bananas it's basically thy closed down the greatest roads and has mania, and let you loose at it's like an old like they used to do many many years ago in ITALY, like TAT, the Florio underlies all classics and it is the best but most dangerous dry Bryce. You can do an end of it. We're still able to do it in two thousand. I changes absolutely bless my mind, but then a couple times and yet in
Annabelle, credible events obeyed like the Isle of Man in our tt or automobiles, and the reason all I'll talk to China and the bald about this chart. The reason it's it's, more dangerous than a race on a train. Is because it raises on tracks more the time have gravel, run off pits and hey bales and big piles of tyres and thin. You can run into sometimes you hit some some concrete, but for the most part stuff that moves This has trees, and in buildings as iranian Tracy and then hardier mightier, mighty, Sierra Leone Oak and then oftentimes bicycle. As usual, it slows down. As you vigour run over a few people. They picture to orient the trade. You know them in a straight line as well: the rival slowing it down so law. These races often tat. You just explained to me: I've seen the dock, mostly because I I love and appreciate aesthetically classic Eric banner.
Cars must lead. I did so as for your car docks, Rita, watches everything so the so love, and also I dont think many people knows from who watch. You know you from black hawk down and in and try and Hawken Munich, and all that the STAR Trek, the no, you started a comedian yeah and I think it is easy for us to do some math work goes man he's a heavy guy who flies a black hawk, so he can't do comedy, but you started off, comedy as I am that was all I was known for at home an end to this day. the Austrian still view may, through the lens of Stanhope Comedy and Sketch Tommy studied Stanhope Company for many years in went sidewise into sketched colony, which is where I really should have got a name for myself in a strand. Had my shower for wall and
and then made the switch. The drama suffer many many many years like which we had to existences. I'd, get on applying to come here and no one knew about my comedy back random will accede to meet me. Then I go home and the like, but what set up a tricky you trying to pull over their authority. It was that you like having two completely different lives. He was it funny people. at the end, the third act married TAT, Leslie Man or the old girlfriend, but the very Parlez urine the calmly playing almost straight near the stray character. You or the Mai, and I got criticized- must try and exit It was our imitating I'll, be answered. The we know you do impersonations. There was much discussion around here about what you do and impersonation that did you. Do you know what you did Tom cruise Schwarzenegger? I think John Van Dam, which is always one of our favorite, since we do it over here, any thoughts
about that. Has it been awhile spiderweb that? a bad impressions by the way I am in the name of the game for maids gets company was to be funny necessarily accurate, sir I the right, then I have no one for a while, but I mean I could What will be the day? You do one that the other Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Vandam, and we can tell the different sets a step toward the light. Johnny Depp, Johnny Jerry. We would actually went so far, but wait a minute. He can't speak. Yes, twenty scarves covering its mouth right at more than roman unanimity is not decided which acts and he wants to see. Ah monsieur thing is that is quite often had the Miller in line really Norwich version you gonna get up to bed muddled. that's not it the in say or how much work too many years too many years now there were
once on a list of trying to think blooms, Marlena Blue, but I dont know that I wouldn't know Lamoureux always is excited. It's so Solzhenitsyn, yeah, lady, so haven't got enough. She angle around my neck and bracelets. You probably got a clue a time you know he's got. The enthusiastic the Joe, remain luck. I wish could do. That is folks from the United States. All we got us like dude. We might did when someone does something we don't like we discussed here, but don't have given me a liar and fire it out a right so in Australia. Guy was gonna, be a mechanic it at some point, the Rhine. Still
here. I would still like to work on cars. So that's what I do my spare time you're gonna go nuts. When you see this shop, that's a hundred feet from I am. I might have a couple of pictures. We up all the time. Why don't we have a friggin roving mock and why we are allowing the outcast from their very good point, because these people don't appreciate the majesty of those cars. Now I your we ate guy right, so I got a tape. Ah, Oh I'm in everything got wired. I don't pigeon hole me a guide let's six guy, I'm an inland six guy everything, but a basic sky They are anything but a vase. Jeer at your and our good good for all of the animal for whatever you got, my it's gonna go Can I can I tell you, can I tell you our show, showing some pictures of the yacht, the Newman, The new men also avail with that. Has a hearty stout vitiate in that
transit and look at live area done up in Pepsi, there's, there's a v. Eight there's a twin term charge. We ate disease car than a market pass to right. Now, there's another sorry. We six configuration vigour, from what happened. or walkin around you're through their grand tour. Sorry, tough, its duly shows and then, when they switch titles midstream it becomes the outcomes that much more difficult, but all we'll give Erik the full tour when we're done? I am like to hear a car thing that your erika appreciate so first world problem, but Sir I gotta pull Newman you like Paul? No, my baby. I got to know thirty five Porsche and I'm doing a tuna by and we found out
that doorway to replace a spark plugs and there are a hundred nine dollars, a spark plot, twin plugging in Tehran. That's exactly what it is and its I said to my guy easier. you like car, said it's a good thing: it's a flat sector. Otherwise it would cost me whatever need to employ so actually said it's not at least as that of the twelve that'll Amber game. He said. Oh yes, it is so fifteen hundred bucks where the spark plugs and you ask for a pencil on this and I snapped the pencil in half. So what is the next event? You may be doing. There's the there's a motor for one's here. What is the next bizarre what we must have a proper review. I mecca its crimes, Nobody can continue. I'm able to talk to dig in June
a genuine Brian, but I don't know if I can continue to do you think I do we have that right now. I will you know what I love the fact and then we can talk some movies, but The fact that you love all cars. Has it drives me not when I talk to a guy indigo, I'm a big cargo, your car car, not my car. For now what you got more power, more power. Mope are all I wanted to mobilise and I'm your into comedy. I only watch Adam Sandler mood. Yes, now is right as excited. I am only russian either, but I have only put out yes and oh, it's like saying I'm horny I've, a huge dick. I love women but only live redhead. I will only have secular that's why, when you have sex with any beautiful woman, why they're all beautiful? Why not just pick the best, unlike just this one kind now you're living yourself have yes, I agree. There is something to be so much pleasure area they had in many forms. You know why why limit yourself to just the ice? Completely
concurrent women's lucky thing. You tell me if I'm wrong, but one thing I took away from love the beast when I washed it was. I saw a lot of similarity new in item in that it almost fuck me like? Oh, he acts to fund hobby, that's how you that's more like the car and then the racing in impact in working on effects. Another erasing everybody's like running around with bodies like one Europe, passions, honestly absolutely Yegg cars and boxes, is you know what I've always done. Mahal often, and and I just its I can actually do better now than I could twenty years ago, but yeah I'm doesn't change in its I actually get more joy out of it as I get older than than I used to I just I just love. It is. Do you think so, I brine drilling down Brian saying, there's a part of my brain. Why about certain one? One thing which is: oh, they want
to do the meeting at road in Lana this year and I go oh how much as economic costs to get all the cars out there in hotels and everything, and then I'll tell my guy put a show on rioted Lana for Saturday night, and then we can pay for the thing, so Ivan court figure that then they haven't made the link that that hard yet. But I need to work on that and you think when you think about show, projects pay days, see. I don't feel like there's any artistic, tag, ready lost to go I'm doing to show and land cause, I'm gonna being land, and I want to pay for all this hundred and sixteen octane fuel and tires and everything I have to bring out here. I don't feel like it's a sell out. I just feel like or seeing now it's as if they were to send. It works out, like the last two or three years, like the category that I'd like to rice in which is due to three sports. Cars has just go exuberant soil. I've I've taken a few years off, because the kind of films on doing one fund that sort of thing at the moment- Suchlike, is what
but I wouldn't I wouldn't go into a film. I don't want to do to fund the cat. well, then I would wear my star where I was below the director of a film in one area and a while. He was feeling it too get some money to get more spark blogs for my twin plug I've land. That's why you're election is more professional than mark it is. It is very true that if you have a sort of meter running like project x and things you want and things you need and stuff it. It does force you to kind of get out there and make a little work. A few more weakens so for you, pay days and then there's passion projects. I'm guessing forgiven falls more in the passion project. Yes, department, What is the price as somebody s somebody must vat something like right,
the scrap and then says I think you would respond to this and then gets you. The scrap, the irate arrayed alot of not only read the stuff of my original send me that she thinks all enjoy, but also fall. I writers and direct some constantly rating stuff. Even if I can't do it you so I'm gonna keep a handle on while the people doing and follow the trend of different rod is Nick reason suffer a riddle. and then I just wait until I fall in love with something and in the meantime, I'll just go and how to my garage at home and get on a deadlock and make the most life simple. Asian butts, gonna work for me thus far. about writing in writing material yourself. yeah. I do a little bit it as well. Makes sense if you have a sketch background in ever stand a background that and Chile and you read all the scraps of a certain kind of rhythm that you pick up and you can have you learn a lot about. Writing I haven't on integrating the scrap with a bit of a lazy as well.
I should be more prolific in that in that regard, and I got through the thing we're like I'll watch, a friend who stand up again. I should do and up again, and then I ll I do right like stuff comes to mean. Let my brain still thinks like a sketch comedy RADA, but then I go on a copy bygone road, so laziness. Seen terrible stairway it. It is very true that stand up take so much effort at its root. like a calorie burner and three like if you really want to do it, it's kind of like building or something like you can't just go on going under competition with the end of the year like now. We're we're go hid it now and it's software. I. What I do is I dont work out and then I enter the competition they crawl. You're gonna have as underpants without also get a follow. Someone like my friends on twitter who comics in all see like a photo of of a real danger, somewhere that I did. I know I've worked at like
If they need a guy and the room looks exactly the same. In is gonna, be eighty people sitting on those chairs and I just stopped sweating not might have this in a car. I just can't do it. I couldn't do it. Five really wants you I'd, rather not that I could go on the road and revisit some of these places. Well, there are things that we all did for work. I used to dig ditches and I could dig ditches today, but I couldn't motivate myself to dig ditches cause. I don't need to dig the edges and it's you could do stand up by you. good career. You have a good life, you're comfortable, any need to be uncomfortable in order to go on the road. play allergic energy clear and the top part and you see it every once in a while when someone a banned or comedian is perfectly comfortable and still chooses to make themselves miserable four year by touring in a van and in doing whatever those are always the hard core people right, yeah we're, not hunger plus you, like other
thanks. I mean you if you like, I don't. trying to figure out like the the crime mine and the sword, Mechanical Mind- because most everyone. I know, they're crate thing. They do like what what a guy like Jimmy Kimmel will do when he's not doing comedy and heal doing comedy all day every day is then cook there are also being, that seems to be the outlet for the creative times, but his job as comedy I gazed, he's all comedy all The time I believe I probably think about mechanical things more than I think about creative things. I dont know how, where young, designed err on the side, I just put a new game: in my calm, we didn't quite get started up before I left and I'm just in my head. On Monday I mean the workshop and I'm chicken the free play clutching major everything's, ok and then I put everything back together. That's where my heads at not I just
making, but like just a minute ago, I know that new clutching pressure plight, Maggie books are gonna talk to each other. On Monday, I dont think people fully under stand that talked about it on this, which is like we don't do it. Job in this country, maybe be Australia. Does a better job. I've tried to explain to people. When you talk to any drummer, any rock drama, and you talk to Tommy Lee and you go what happened? He goes. Why was six hours, bang on pots and pans, bang on pots and pans at someone got me drum kit and are one of good? That's that's the right thing to do, because that's what that kid's gift is that's what they're passion or muse or focus or whatever? Is I don't like that? get our some time is riding singing dance. They don't get that guys you're into the mechanical stuff or just as hard into the mechanical stuff, the
Tommy leaders into the drums or more. I carry wasn't a singing, but we don't really recognize that. Are we don't think that we try to dissuade them like put down that ranch appeal that poor, especially our generation, like my parents, migrated from Europe to a stronger? And so I was you know, a productive of migration, and so the last dad wants to see he Sunday is hold a spanner as job So the trades were we don't. You know how we australian gay code here. What is what, As Irish, yes from Wainwright Bronzes, that's like he's worst nightmare, that his sons gonna take up of motor mechanic. Apprenticeship right, I wanted to do, was late school and become a mechanic and like now you gotta get right to the point of making these, I think, tried still a kind of frowned upon sorra, but in Austria there, the God Lola cash right. What we call treaties, your cabin is electricians, plumbers, mechanics!
thy MIKE? I really really good living and I think they generally pretty happy thy finish. Work like three. like most of them rather than with their fluoride s getting in they pick up trucks or utes, as we call them it's a great why life, but I guess I get what you're saying and I feel like in some What kind of depriving a lot of men growing up of luck encouraging them to take up these these traits, you! You said you feel like their happier, and I have said that on the show, a million times, I've they're more satisfied, which then leads to happiness, because their doing so clear and at the end of the day, thing was there that wasn't there when you walk on the job site that morning, you? U framed a garage or you installed a water heater, or were you planning a bathroom or something there is or you bought the put an inner cooler or Irma charger whenever, wherever you're doing twelve spot plugs into twelve sighing. Lugs.
Six cylinder vehicle? Yes, what do you want to know about at cards. You want to know anything about what I'm going to find it. I wonder where you found I founded at an auction. This is the part a guest in recent years. Half hour ass though it down, I feel alive, is one I'm dancing. I gotta question for us is a couple of: is an old monseigneur aside its surface recently undergone a restoration of partial restaurant or no unwell that car I will on Medina. That is that there is a turbo charge, nine eleven Porsche from like nineteen, seventy four martini where the sponsor it was a backdoor was it was a war scar. Works means factory, down there. They like it was like one, maybe the first turbo charge nine eleven car belt, several gentility looks incredible. Look there was there was more than one. I think I remember years ago, I'm an assignment those fifteen fifteen
sixteen years ago coming across one of them. The back of a deal sheep here in LOS Angeles, was hiding in the garage. I wonder why you, Sir, did not by it but not in your collection, I'll tell you we want out by appreciate accusatory town. I it took me so I come from a very poor family and they would say beyond my mom would buy veto abuse, square backs and old, Dodge Darts. My dad drove veto be bugs and stuff that they never bought a new car. Whenever and like the first time I bought, I bought it a Maxima, a Nissan Maxima. Were there like a year old. When I got to show business. I've been issues have been driving, beater pick dropped my whole life and then I finally got to show business and I was going splurge and I'm gonna. Buy myself a one year old, Nissan Maximov and have the cloth interior swapped out to lever There's a big deal rousing. It was like nineteen thousand dollars, and it was a year old. I bought it from like,
a ban eyes. Niece rationalists way, Mr Online, like when I pulled up to my mom's house in that sixteen, month, old, Nissan Maxima, she like MIKE, and how much like what the scars of seventeen thousand seventeen thousand dollars more carcass? That's a house where the, where the corollas and like yeah ball, it took me a long time to figure out. Did you could pay four and a half million dollars for a car in it? Did you do to build up the? I would get cars the labour gaining MIRA Online Anne S. Reading hundred and fifty Ocean doubt who who a hundred thousand dollars on a car. Another two point three in dollars, so we shall have that much. Any port was going pretty cheap back. Then it's dead the made this you can add Amelia Island to go
between six and eight billion dollars, livelier island and no more passion projects we gotta go with Like STAR Trek Canvas Roy to write a lot before them. Together. Alignment hall down are locked down again down in its top of your car guy, because you will see these cars all over the place and a hundred and seventy thousand dollars. I don't think so, and then it comes up for sale. It's three million bogs. If you kicked around enough so I'm rooting for this are Azhar to go for as much as humanly pass because I have the other, turning via. So that's not exactly. both apples, but indicative and indicative is when it would be
I don't think of a clash, ball brine there. It is by the way we look at our asylum tax them. There's somethin about their certain liveries yeah paint jobs that work and to me the martini in Rossi. Porsche livery is just amongst the. best ye ask your question. The interview for second places drive you crazy, when you say a guy who's bought a brand new porch and puts that library on it. yeah. I want to pull him oversights model. I effects cause she's, not schuyler tricks get. The stick is Africa. Are there? There logic I mean: there's no, have you said Trot was theirs see. There's this thing where you go? Ok, so you take the Gulf Jd Forty, you take the Gulf Livery
which was I conic with Ford winning at Lama in the sixtys in these famous livery Gulf cars, and then someone will order the new generation afford cheat and I ll go put it in the Gulf leverage and there's a part The girls are, I that's a Tipp of the cap to the story of it then a party that I say just where the cap just don't tip just where it. Yes, now we're looking at a nine seventeen. So while up get a drink pan for Eric Ban over, there were staring at a nine seven soundly mecca till I had known that kind. You and I do not think you there's another twin twin plug flat air called the twelve. By the way If anyone is listening and one, the go to I sport this year, which is the big on Porsche event, Laguna sake in September. I will take the nine thirty five to the Rolex storks in August,
I'm coming back for rents? Loving, you should continue told my meaning. I saw you rent sport. Would you pretend, like you know me, I'd be like? Gimme that look like you ve ever every oversight, animal House where Otis Day and night notice was on the stage and a out is my main man. Any kind of Ebay like. I recognise that I know what other people around me to recognise that I recognise, but there listen You can see the car quite clearly from the other side of the Velvet Rome. It's not it's not an obstruction, it's not a wall who can be rude, but not only might be annihilated better there s neck. By the way, maybe Erics notice the livery at the studio. Yes, if, as the cap to the Gulf liveries, while no you should go, I am I there's a Hang end in the imo get to philosophical, but I'm in negotiations with Joel Mikhail, because your Mikhail is like I love Porsche. I love I go then go to rend. Sport and it'll be sixty thousand people they're all Porsche fanatics
best porsches on the planet will all be there and and then I think people go like here be grave, but work and whatever- and it's like just go- discover living to have a phone you. How could you not go Ogden excuse to fly from Austria, the can happen, yeah we'll settle. This is where you set up some bad movie to do a round September. That gets you a flight out here somewhere avian somewhere in the West Coast and then you sneak away and you come see as at the rents or Munich to were the now. That's right, so Eric no time laugh from carbon out alone I refer you to run over there and kick some tyres. I'm sure I'm sure you can carve a little out for that. The We have the forgiven, that's coming out this Friday March, ninth and then on all video do Chris
Finally, how wide the releases is it's not, as is our wide, but is its expanded. So if you don't see the theatres, this Friday go, get it on demand next Friday, and where can you go to find out where it is near. You do have a website reviving. We can now send send people. and then, after that, how does it work of how far in advance to line up movies? Will these eyes its hotter and hotter to to do that? So I'm still trying to find the next thing to do. I'm sort of fishing around at the moment I don't know yet what I'm gonna do rough idea of what I wanted towards the end of the year, but not sure do get approach with the community projects. Make rules not as many as I do drama outside Scrubby hundred to one shocking. Now What one would you put on eighty pounds and see the phone doesn't start growing and for the committee, girls are you're here to me. That's fair, like too tall a drink of water in Hollywood kind of
That way, you know that I see the strapping guy anyway, engine, but I get another job by the end of the year old. Try that works. How did it work, which Are we put on what thirty pounds for that just ugly, just I just know is now is no real cool healthy. I'm doing that. It's just and we're on a really taught budget sergeant each time so, did it really bad wine. It obviously then took a lot longer taken off afterwards. wouldn't do it again and was a one one one taught deal I think at socket fully You look like you're fantastic shape, so what you do what's what's the regiment? What's the schedule don't ever regimental. I saw too a lot and I walk right. Am I the Balkan? Otherwise, I'm just not a big junk food guy general, but John, I'm not a gym junkie, like the gene
my recycling? Do we have a like breakfast, I like to ask? Everyone is in great shaped Gimme, a breakfast lunch and a dinner I got well sometimes a bitter taste with a bit of veggie. Might and a couple of legs on top guy I'll alot Ma Porridge, porridge lock, my granola I'd is eternal dickens: Kangaroo Jerky it comes down with his candle in this week's stocking had Mama, whose GAB Momsey B Margaret. I wash. the water. I I don't know who is there? Anyone tried regiment, yes, the I heard it giving I'll try, probably documents american thing or trod wedge, Mona put it on like it was jam, and I was disgusting while we're gonna proper outlets, prom gonna, put on very sparingly. It's not like honey, mom, allied it's like just a little bit. I, cried some in a van theirs.
Problem with a guy named Frazier who who was who was nuts and He was from New Zealand, which I guess it's big vacuum countries. Well done lump to guide busy with the Canadian. He that's kind of electoral move around a lot of us, but the I tried it like on a rich in his camper van in front of a construction site and was crazy, but I I felt, was all better, but I think you're right. I think the ratio is bad. I think, as they sent me a fine film of it with a couple of poached egg on top and now we do not do something or better cheese. What is our veggie, my what is our Hoy American Cheese American. She read I like that, but then you're right, we laughed at around the world, merits craft slices of what I that's. That's true tat. The reason I ask, as I dont like America by I like it,
a cheeseburger, but no other is poorly marijuana cheeseburgers as part of the whole thing by the slice American she's gross but I would see kids eating a slide of american chilling enough. The film to their head with US thing out: it always bothered me but good to go, get the real cheese, our guy, like this, the ultimate and stooped like gum, had a conversation with a woman who explain that they, like the MRS Butterworth Syrup with the fake maple flavouring and I share your rich go to trader chosen, get real maple one hundred percent maple syrup, and she said I like this one better and I was so. How can you like this? the size, I like having sex with my shop back better than I like a beautiful woman like that. I get it.
Eric, so we don't know what's coming up, we know you gotta go home, any gotta check the pressure played the clutch and I'm not sure if you mentioned, throw out bearing rather than putting out a throne, bearing lies that always replace a throng bearing its like a dollar tooth thirty dot hydraulic clutching at the not the cable. I uninstall and for speed Manual five far stepping up yeah I had a four five in it, but it was little la. I was Lilla underwrite for the pair. I put one unhappy with the ratios first seconds between short, whose are disrupted out. the the movie, the love, the beast: I noticed you crashed in it and I want to give too much away, but I think it's from two thousand and nine and I'm gonna run this thing down and in and find it and watch it, but it watching the trailer last night looked like very, very intense, because not a lot of room for air.
When you hang attire and you get off the road again, you're, not the gravel pet you're, different someone's yard, essentially go. Do those events in cars that you are prepared to crash. Basically, that's fine, a light model cow that you can get replacement bids for back a couple times that I did it, it was very popular doing older vehicles and you had a lot of enthusiasm doing it. Now it's come like an outright rice I spend a lot of modern vehicles and probably that he's got its a more dangerous sticky, the Thai Running, because the point at which you lose grip, your space much higher in your margin for error is much narrower, say almost bitter driving something it's a bit squarely and it has a limit that has a limit that you can feel, but they get some big accidents down the yeah. So the thing about the big Stick: acts as they say until they don't stick and then when they don't stick they immediately you go and Eric Duff Eric stock.
Stuff or you can feel it along the way, there's a kind of a middle, not a it's, not a toggle swear, it's kind of a dimmer. You can feel yours, starting to get loose and move around a little and compensate versus the your sticking and now you're you're, not you're, not sticking. I am yeah. So when we do our races, they'll give you like to lapse that get the tires. You know, sticky and tyres are literally become glue. At a certain point. nine, forty, four sorry, but answers like tat commercial fared Ban on his father's era. Nine! Forty four you raised That was just my first rice car was annoying for four year rice. No one might series for while it was a lot of fun, you're, a great little car, not let a horse power, but they're, really well balanced in in one MIKE Series, a hell of a fun you that was my first rice car First Circuit Rice, car and is in. Would you go? Would you go
like you ever heard of the lead foot festival? That's Milon Brothers, Steve Melon and let's see how I think, they're there their front- think that from I promise you sought rather clocks, because the idea to talk about those guys, Q, Asia, not to be trusted, as my words Shifty Steve melons name, is on one of the car you're gonna, see over their shoulders. Put some gaffer step over that. Perhaps it should have brought it up cast man. Design for customers and consumers should demand the best protection for their cars, advances, made engines smaller, that's right, smaller displacement, more powerful, though, because we have cafe standards here we have to get there higher gas mileage or whatever we do. We shrink the engine down and then we put it
about charger on. It are two or four, and then we ask the engine to do more and back in the day get self nice big black and putting your car and crews around here an hour pm not network into hard. Now now they now the cars Workin engines work. And you need the right protection Castro alleged formulated with flu titanium technology three times stronger against viscosity breakdown, then leading full synthetic before. We are reappear, prime, any questions but rise a resident film that at last he loves everything banner and again everyone claret. We all a black hawk down. I think one of things you'd I read about you- is that your watch your movies wants, but if and move on, but it but black hawk down popped up. You will watch at my work. Is it's like someone, you, my bodies in the film and who I still keep in touch with, and so I can Turning to I said of myself five minutes raw watch, five minutes
then another. My boys will turn up and then another. I can't stop watching and saw its it from The only film that I can, but I can watch it's. A tremendous cast talked about a lot of guys who went on to become big stars who aren't restart the time guys you wouldn't expect The little guy perform just harder lovers of gray performance. That movie. I have a question about certain related to that. You were fortunate enough to work with Spielberg and really Scott, both titans of directing later in their careers or emerging at that point they just they got it down. What they're doing. What would you know say. Similarities among these are two masters or filmmaking. What did you want Julia? They were I really Scotland lemon. Remember someone diet of authority. Might the film just gonna shoot at Rio? It's like such a cool thing too. Think of and he would do these little story, and you just want to keep pinching eyes drawings and saw the said he was amazing and Stephen as well, but both just the thing
really stands out. Is the why they react? What's happening on on the dying in some direct? Is really Gatt. When something is going wrong in other directives, just expect things to guy Roman count white to come up with solutions to the problem. You know I went so both of them, with similar in that in that regard, I could imagine with some like black hawk down. There must have been something going wrong. Reminded every day minutes and we were shooting and Rebecca Morocco a lot of them, since we were shooting, wavin, lockdown we'd, be driving. omby data that little narrow straight. It unites forty miles an hour and just before we roll Raul, Phil Someone will run down and ask the kid not to come at the door for thirty seconds. Charge on dad, and I would just because you looking to hope that nomes coming out of these houses So it was. It was crazy, it was absolutely cried. My family. Was yours, it's underrated and hasn't got mission here tonight I talk. It's brought up very much. I loved you aunt Hannah was a real
like you had action movie was exactly what it should have been. A little more ends Hannah is about a year so Eric, retired segregation forgets our what were agency or for but you're you're, essentially living out in the middle of the wilderness. Withdrew young daughter just him in her and he's racial around a young run in raising her to be like an assassin, essentially alike. In writing. Ass little girl is being hunted Kite Blanchett, who is also great you if the perfect villain has very underwritten movie yeah. Thank you strict advised you're right, it's a great cried Phil, amazing soundtrack, if you like him, because of the chemicals or others, I agendas incredible job we should
fine. We can find that on all the platforms, roundly right. That's what about six years! All say that I am sure on what sort of fisheries clarity niche well done ass. She was all that she was elected as cheaply as possible. Looked about in a forum in the film and Other Adams, New Bf AIR Cabana back into shown lacking, I would love Damn back, he really was, as you said, just an enthusiastic guess. You can tell which gets really just so sites. be there. I've been obsessed with him as a movie chopper about a real life guy mark Trapper Red so much so I actually read more cha breeds books and is first one's incredible. I gotcha but to Teresa before she had her first item like if you have a Saudi. Surely this book is basically a book about not have your son turn into a terrible criminal who hates everybody robs collar criminals and then the whole, the first hold moving
Caesar trailer. They showed him look in the mirror and, as I always do so great so must finally get a nail. The banner character that Bruce bad in the new right toy nail, the character, movies kind, misunderstood, announced, gayness, holder, traction of fans who think it's like ahead of its time, perhaps one that better our films and found a job is to be debated. Eric Ban is still the best. I love her does also remind everybody check out cooler shop lucky. I would bring him lunch into work as I got a wedding save for, and I think that if I, if I stop buying poor broad, I'm here, I know but I've been bringing my lunch and I like to use the cooler pact from cooler shocked to keep my food called because it it just it it's this nice, knowing that, if I forget the throne in the fridge, it's always gonna be fresh in cold. In my lunch boxes matter what and with cooler if just check him out on Amazon, therefore point seven stars and Amazon with over six thousand review, so with
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as ambrosial forfeiting reg, Fitzsimons and PETE Yourn for while Sunday Happy endings what what what others is for
the potential of twenty TAT Sunday is a day to worship, worship the gods of the gridiron heroes with names like Manning, far United and Bradshaw. Then there were the other heroes, the ones who catch shit faced and eat hot wings watching those heroes, then with names like control, Long Simmons, damage, Shack and Cousin Sal every Sunday. These and other luminaries gather happy endings in Hollywood and every Monday you will hear their exploits wrought vice with special cast. You want starting in host for Random Koala Gregg Fitzsimons well, to a broadcasting network special Edition of Gregg Fitzsimons sits.
for Adam, so he can drive, match scars around of a chinese man. That's right! I should on the guy you put me in to say right now my name is great Fitzsimons. If you listen to atoms podcast lot, you may be familiar with me: if you're, not I am a very successful stand. A comedian I have my own pod casket fits dog radio. You could doubt you can do It is now and click over that now. I'm I'm excited to be here. I thank God for this opportunity, my god. Yes, sir, I don't know what the fuck does, but he was in the room. A lot and and we're gonna talk in a minute to my guess. I believe his name is Brad and he is a derelict. He's lived on the street, pretty please blown a guy for thought. We're gonna find out later on, the podcast PETE Yourn! It's ridiculous that my my first gas is up drug addicted, nobody,
I've got one of the most successful familiar songwriters in history sitting in the same chair, so oh and by the way we are in the world famous, happy ending. sport, flood, linear, on sunset, Malo, marginal part of Hollywood we ve got a lot of sports fans here that are also podcast fan they join us and we thank them. Welcome lie screens up here we got two or three different games. I about as much about football as I do about like a like a a girl scout soccer. Again, I can give a shit. Anybody know, watches football seriously check into why they have no emotional life whatsoever yet again Fran, read a book. Look at you still got a fair. You think about what you're, avoiding by watching a bunch a yacht, yachts. Think about that the same guys they beat you up and junior high school rages, we're off running college, now
sharing and not just that. It's them in TAT other guy from all over the country and why are they in Cleveland or Buffalo? Wearing these colours cos got a next year might be somewhere else. Why more. there. Nobody there yachts, they don't. You can have a conversation with them and your cheering for them kill yourself anyway. This is the sports ACT through the shell and what better way to get into it. By introducing my guests. Welcome back to the attic Russia or a man podcast aimlessly, false name ideas, because I feel, like you, took the easy way out by using his name Britain's my podcast fits the radio available. If it's not our common twice a week enjoy it I am speaking not putting effort into a name. My gas welcome PETE you're alive.
has an economist album coming out? No, it's not about a sad animal that lives in Africa upon this dummies means the outcome has no name that balls in the guise of Gatt yearning out of seventy two hours, the ESA, seventy eight albums, and now you go now it's time dropping the upon in this one what is this a transition feel the thing is the record If you look at the cover, the hard work is black and it has tumblr has another shade of blacknesses p. Why which? What is my missiles and I didn't want to earn their record anything? I just wanted to be known as the black out, because I made it with a guy in frank lack he produced in hasn't, like he's a white duties, bald light duty, looks good, very handsome, and I had the record for like a year
at home I played for France everything I want just new as the black out, so everywhere. It's just the black enemies. I didn't. I didn't need any other free, Frank Black is a legendary producer right, but he's a great he's, not known for producing of majority is known for picking and the procedure because I had to other records. I made a great at Rio same time. Those diary here that's. What I do I write I write, so many Asia stagger amount, okay, so PETE Yourn Is a guy do not lie to you. I got a lot of personal stuff taught you better hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable one of the first time I had sex my now life and how I make love to her back down. I was having sex with her first time. I factor now one of the first times I made love to my wife? Yes, who was singing in the background? Neil Diamond Johnny Cash. But I wanted to tell this story is its now. You
you were on and I cannot say something a lot of times when I listen to I'll I'll. Tell you what category or you're one of these guys don't put me in a category I'm on PETE, your well guess what people you're an alternative sing, a song writer who touches people. Ok, not any legal. I was, I was in the bedroom. First, I'm no. Are you sure I was given a reach roaming rates round. Is you only and I paid of action that I owe you wanted You also, I want to say your father. I had a very fortuitous meeting with your father about two years ago, my lawyer isn't century setting and the same billing. Obviously people your brother is of a very, very successful manager, entertainment manager. Your father is an extremely successful business. Man, slash lawyer, correct, no, my father's a dentist from IRAN's right, but now
these sighing way on a lead on this agenda. Background information place of your father is now trying to make it an entertainment right or wrong. He's too What is more resistant area, but he's got really cool projects, and I want to see the museum he is the kind of guy you talk to, and you say this guy gets things not was a tall guy like I didn't, really meet your father. Now it was brought, but I wanted to know because you said lawyer and even or another, but rather how it's going to believe that this is our remember. He was. He was making transition into this, and I remembered TAT I said to him: how do you raise two sons? to be as successful as it is, and I mean to have one success was either one of you is freakish too. So you can't deny that was good parenting and I said I'm a father of two kids
What can you in part on me today that might help me raise kids at tenth as successful as your too, and he said to me: you don't push him, you don't go crazy on it, but if they, if they commit something you make them followed. Now he could have been full of shit. Peopling talk, you said you push up when they signed up. If there is something You support them by making them do it. Well, now he was obvious that he's a you do this. You need to do this and you would push us they sent me to cause become attacks. Lawyer. I was accounting major. What the hell's is after two months I switched out, I wasn't for me at all, but he s is very pitied age great. Do I love him when he's he's a military me, and here these he would still vary in our faces. What we need to do is very, very strong opinions, so
You know he's right allotted time. You could be annoyed, that's about the same time. It is right and the hot the thing is when they're right, because it castrates you went away because you can't ever feel like. I gotta trust my got when you know that this guy's always right leave wrong a lot too, and we have some some different values. He never they always means well and- and he has said that it does have good ideas on very creative guys, but as a meal. I'm a nominal soon he's republic. Yes, I am in assume any with a length of your hair and your unshaven this in your bowler cap that you're one these Hollywood bleeding heart. Liberals correct! Very don't in fact, because all any enemy right now, I'm very, very contrary to all mixed
so you're a civil libertarian like the man I don't know neither do I don't know that means over them. You once people, it's an honor sit beside you and I think we would be remiss in not introducing our podcasting audience to a single from you knew that I've heard and I'm absolutely blown away by. I gotta go back to the rolling stone some girls till I heard rock n roll the got back down the basics like this on. This is off the black album and then again that's a nickname. Yours. I got a call at the blackout. Everything it black where the fuck you wanna, be your! It's it's all that I'm possibly been made. The song is definitely call precious down kick back
and enjoy allows Gregg Fitzsimons, impede. Yourn, hang enough football Sunday. No, that was not a mad lives. That was an actual events real, therefore that opposition, I wasn't. I wish I were as those one more info. Somehow I have I wish I was our Thus we are only awareness, more set contest. Maybe things on the rapid again. Another thing that will never happen again is the ability to have your child born on six six six, today the birth rate of out of kids and were really was supposed to be? six seven, which will mark I've, always It would be hilarious at his kids ever go Garth. How angry and pissed off will be them that they have, they could have been born on six six Saxon. They chose now move one day over. We may we want of me. If I get out of here now, but once again about the guy curve. They just want to say
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