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Carolla Classics: Remembering Fred Willard, Norm MacDonald Can't Drive, and Michael Biehn in Studio

2020-05-23 | 🔗
Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show: 1. Michael Biehn with Gina and Bryan hosting (2018) 2. Fred Willard (2016) 3. Norm MacDonald Can't Drive 4. Caller finds porn in his garden (2018) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Support the show: Visit TommyJohn.com/Classics for 20% off your first order! Visit Geico.com Request clips: Classics@adamcarolla.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chrislaxamana https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chrislaxamana1 https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio Website: https://www.podcastone.com/carolla-classics Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/carolla-classics/id1454001697?mt=2
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Thirty percent off site wide at Tommy, John dot com site for details, stay cool this summer, alone, work, mackerel, classics, four, may twenty third, twenty twenty the show where we play some of the best moments. The history of the atom. Curl show them croat podcast over eleven years of broadcasting right here. Right now, Chris locked him on executive producer, the atom curls show and with me, as always parole. Archivist Super fan Giovanni everybody, Hey jia. We got some great cliffs common up, but first I remind everybody to learn more about Geico, fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies, Geico dot com, Flash give back three Geico dot com such give back. All right, let's get gone with some cliffs really excited. I'm in Houston. Right now you hear this
We already excited. I know my old home state, I'm probably Looking for Adam, gallivanting across the state is enjoying going. Restaurants haircuts. He has an IRA wax already on. Generosity, fell, rural hear all about that nor the alive shows from Houston we're doing a few of them. I ballistic awesome clips this first one is a listener requested from Instagram Ben Ben thirteen. Thirteen for road and if anybody wants requests of his upon Instagram Facebook, Twitter at Giovanni, Giorgio at Chris locks Mona or can you classics, Adam Quota COM, this case instagram and then Ben Ben requested, the bean boa Milo veneration alone right.
Michael being on article twenty, three sixty nine genome Brian hosted the show Macrobian peer and there was a reading of a certain bone, and those rules on like this Tuesday will reply from the right is the guy who speaks moved out? How can you didn't used to travel back came John Turn, as we all do the same in the same, but I'm talking about me he's a complicated with you. I guess we're thinking which banks would laugh and heir apparent. Only guys wrote that thank you drop it at every turn, my wife, my man, vegetarian, throw that is my ringtone affinities. I so we have a register of friendly competition and I think that we're all gonna walk away. Winners, maybe came at last, but hopefully not
This will be a guy. Wit of Michael being trivia. That will ultimately answer the question. Who actually is Michael being Non Willoughby Ball, we'll be bean Let's find out, doesn't round. One is always being best. First question goes to Kalen Kalen in the rock and harrassed Harris asks Michael and his team to lay down their weapons and surrender. One line does Michael respond with, might be a little bit off beer, but I'm gonna go. If I cannot give that order, we will accept that. I have to stand down you all. I cannot give an average of one point. One percent goes to Galen Brian, what does dark holiday say when he's kneeling over Johnny Wrinkles dead body after he kills.
First is any says, while genuine under four sums of walked over your brave make it out, I do not mind. I don't know this turn you like, or do not only that we do not throw questions. Just another Michael mean. Do. I know that that was his mighty says: Tylenol, yes, poor, so just to strive to find gaming Emma Jane and their swashing for Kalen. What was Michael's first credited role? Christ is, we know it's not Greece, but that's what I was going to say, Greece. I would place first major movie after Greece to interpret the question. Michael universe. Restaurant grow their course knows, I would say Greece, but I know the first major movies and was called the fan.
I don't like it. I like either one you are actually you're wrong came up or you have answers, idea does and what is the correct answer more verifying with our judges, because our retorted, Michael Television and film, or just tell her just well Percy Mandatory- is my first critical role towards what do you think? I know what the remarried their grandeur, television, sirs science fiction, movie gag, perhaps think about doing we're. Gonna go. Does the coach sound familiar approaches? My first culture coaches answer be technically K. Brian, you can come up with this one, how many times as might have been pleading Navy seal three times at its correct, like I've always point raising a credible Caleb. Can you name two of those three movies beavis navies? You you want to see the abbess relations we are making areas, we beg to differ with you Brian. Can you name the third
No points, the rock. You are correct when you get nothing. Congratulations! Ok, but of course I do know is three: if you didn't vigorously this, who is diverse, ran back to you Michael sustains the same injury in both the terminator and aliens. What is that injury? Oh it's! A head wound, Eimer for Sure Airlines, Yellowhead Browed will not suffice, had wound, I don't know, Michael being, will that provide what was christian pieces? You sustain the same injury and, although I thought internally and got in both terminator an alien to sustain the same injuries. What was that injury? I worked in the sermon injure meant in areas like the shoulder and arm or though he did have a head Robin Hood radio courting to this game. You would bitten in the hand
Well, that's what I was also killed off in the territories. I was also killed off in both of them and therefore couldn't do the circles with work. That is, we would have accepted TAT made the characters Newt bit you in areas that are controversy with I recently Andrea forums like up my life out injury. We cannot accept that as one chrome is waiting now, where are we working illegally being actually Judith deepens the listener Kalen to Brian? Why can't get the same house for now? Who kills your dad in the movie? Cherry falls. I note to actors in this movie, but it gets one of one.
I'm just the only person. I know him from his regime. More car Wreck- Rosa Ryan, Mr Michael dies in a fiery car crash, in which movie I'm going to the list of death girl of poor. Did you died in a sound? Oh, ok, the robber Rodriguez Planetary, nobody is incorrect, seven seal! It is nonsense problems, whereas there is Mojave Moon, Omar. Yes, of course, this round Kalen is the victim of this right. One I'm making it up in an extra there's three rat y know about that, who movie with twenty one year old, Angelina, Jolie,
lucky man who now that I would like you to be here all right, seldom so we're going to flip according to see you goes first in the being Paul Round to being Paul. You will trade ban Fourth, naming a movie that Michael Bein has appeared in the first two gets. Or list a movie incorrectly will slip down to the bottom of the bean Paul and also who's this round. So I about yeah. I dunno judges- can you haven't. I know the movies are due to write. Them does not guarantee that the calendar like it. I know the issue you have raised, we just to be boom. Take it on sire ready. I would have put the coin who
I gotTa Harris Chip here who wants gestures and who wants stars to just over a year ago, Kurdistan Foot and dropped on the ground gestures up. You first, you you can pick if you wanna go for aliens terminator tombstone, the abyss, the rock meter movies. Yes, I was, I believe we can repeat off himself. The time when I now think try too drunk a clever bonatti soon, Greece, planetary, the seventh seal, the movie that I give him then sign. Aright
and this does not look good for your I'd- think it does. I think I think, round to those two kalen, how many more, nor is it a liar, guided good amounts. She shall we keep going, just as he would have Anastasia Mandatory Feel Humboldt. So I guess I'll go Navy seals I guess you might have been calls and take me home tonight. I saw the fan beads impressed to remember you were ok, You are credited in alien, three, they use. Are they use a claim model? but he is alone, as I am to be, whether ladders a picture of me in the movie, I'm not sure I would give money to pay for that day or that they paid me.
Ok, they're Canada will allow accounts talent and about that was my choice. The victim Why am I believe, direct sorceresses Susan's point? Oh wow! the seven sign when a drawback analyze of zeal get, he got it wrong and why we are allowing the havoc havoc. Ah lost? I loved it was. The one was the one on your. I am to be page remake. It's a double medicines are watch. Tv show pretty sure this round goes to Kalen. As I do I fix this. I mean he looks great. Don't get me wrong, that's what's that bad picture issues from moment, barely times reveals crale wholesale
You got one ilium news to you and our aid Kalen, was very covered in every answer there he acquired started egg another to the deep and recent Clarice. Someone may feel pretty. Smooth easier he already more than paying. You worked on half these are also Kalen, because now Brian there is still a way for you to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. That are you. Ok, virgin? Does that's why I'm on flaming seem to run this? Is the free form question and answer portion of ball versus being. You will both received the same question. I will The answer is based on sincerity and passion. Are you ready for the question both of you now get Galen very strong showing so far. This is your game to lose Brian still able to
win, but it's gonna take a lot. I will show no mercy so no pity, and I wouldn't stop until against more. Your question is: what does Michael Beam. Mean to you. Tellin you go first. Landlord the boy, not only our cities will outweigh the need. We would like you to feel and Billina that's really what's my rent this month, by the way, my behind his answer is a shy, down a little give his own. It's! You know No the say anything. Shy of you know everything the world my dad if he cries, he's how he always been there. For me, he's always supported me. He's always been a great father. I What what more there to say? That's a very
simple, succinct on it. How was I, as a father to you, you're about to find out? You have no right of minor Brian, same question. What Michael be mean to you What does Michael being intimate suppressed picture. This is the early. Ninety nine, a young balding Brian, sits up late at night alone, his office. Watching rated or movies that he's not supposed to see whether it time, travelling, cyborg or an alien queen or in ITALY. Made of water. Not quite sure what exactly things or a sweaty val Kilmer. All of these monsters represent, the potential threat to the survival of mankind night. The survival of the universe? Who will save us, who appears innovation
Jesus Christ. You got better things to do. Not our salvation comes and even more heavily form, Everything is ok, technically with their Connor, who killed the terminator and small. As we want to go into the details, it was Ellen Ripley who killed the alien quantify. Being was a bad guy in the alien alien early appears in terms not really about years? Misunderstood here's the these funds are one thing and calm hosted May Jades Cameron Shit boy, my but there's something else in common Michael thing: be sure I had a father Mr Bean Michael son
still some blood and the steward, while living I gotta go well grapefruit. My throat were not feel good about well technically, technically, Israel remain. However, I would like to confer with the and of the hour the titular. Take your time be allowed to digest. Mr being, this is alive heap praised on you at once to people vying for your love vying for your acceptance, seraglio good, so I know you might feel a little closer to one than the other, how our I try and remove yourself from the fact that your calendar Birth Father, where do you think, these guys stand in terms of whom has been best Kalen I'll, take into consideration a meal he didn't talk. He talked about all the good stuff, the senator
ok, I'm listening, I'm listening! I'm I'm strict but fair did not go through Bryant. Yes, the first round. I with point for you. I appreciate the point for me. I appreciate the flat what is much appreciated? Proceeded cool com, demeanour they proceeded, questions were harder than who alone I got labour. Did I didn't really knowing you stop helping it? Ok, if I lose anyone, I'd like you to be one of the other signs, but are you you're you're not maybe you don't lose now we're just we're just molin it over right. Now, you you here, the most you definitely a motive. The most while Kalen sat in his ivory tower. Just answering questions deal throwing coins to the peasants here the whole he's my doubting to fall back right think very birth, make the b Paul you slip the little man that was not your finest more now but MR convening reality round three that was
I feel like a giant. It was shown giant Jean well produced heartfelt thoughtful. Honest, just the right amount of ass kissing without going overshot, wasn't over forty four tomorrow, however, no, I feel in in MR beans, answer of who should win. There's a very interesting and sordid back story that I think Kalen has earned the right to stay and remain Michael guy. I'm sorry wrong. What we're gonna do. Michael Electronic Commerce, we felt like we had something wrong could have what you saw the Johnny Ringo
I wish I had so many problems so many studio any, but now it what it's? Just, not your time, killings and proper small, better, better luck steering our lives are being. Thank you. Some very large amount of your goodwill for putting up does not arrive oddity around. Congratulations. You dial, cold ground, yes, hail. This was hard. This was very easy and I frankly dont know why we don't do this all the time. You welcome everybody. If you dont worry, will not do those Michael being our genome. Brian ass. They sat in the cap instead simultaneously. While Adam was away now, when Michael being came in, it was Brien's decision obviously have the gas we were regular brain took we bring in and equally, we knew somebody who knew Michael Bean and he came on. Graciously knows what I find that I loved Gina Brian shows, that is a little different, vibe, but
forerunner in their there really fun to do like we always have a blast and with what do more? It's a unique saying among genus coasting error. I didn't go on before June. Was there they ve guessed hosted shells, but never just Brian sound effects. Guy technically Newsgirl do separate? I great that's. What are you mentioned? Somebody knows, Michael being, you know my so I know I know Michael being son by dont, know John Carter, so I know I know the handle the debt of John Carter, but I know his other son. He arrived in rhetoric girl, a digital I feels able universe, there's somebody who knows a lot better than me, though, so to say that I know somebody hell, yeah, Edinburgh course. Referendum is Michael vain for years on his shoulder film, vault and ITALY His love of Bain Bay living literally shouted from the microphone in the studio and finally, to be corrected favorite Michael being wrong,
stop at the technically- has to be the Father of John Carter in Terminator, and that is the weeds either terminator too. But aliens is amazing. I'd love to see I continued. I feel a little celebrated none of his work. We want both those two yours, I loved him in the rock every time, a little rocketed and its common one. I love the rock but I feel like it's not as important to film is here you're right. I mean I've seen not as a substantial role by her for me personally, It gives me I'll, never forget every ex poison, gas and green balls and proudly my brain I want to remind everybody that this has brought in by Geico. Look there were a part. These days were sharing more in guy We just like say thanks thanks for she anger, savage Dance moves D. I why hair cut fails to share your inner lipstick star dear. What are you people sharing.
Augment share information about Geico in the new policy we get. The fifteen percent back is really helpful is it guy goes journey. Share too, with a guy can give back a fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers, because Guy committed for the long haul. The fifteen percent when, at last, your full policy term so visit Geiger calm, Flash give back for info and eligibility all right. Let's go with another now, as you up as you know earlier this week, the great Fred Willard Past- I don't have a dimension this, but Fred was actually for the podcast this month, I guess so, and was scheduled for Tuesday and he emails S. Two days before saying, how can we push it to later? In the months we actually Adam, confer for the and the month and I found out on the news and it you will be missed
very much so is commonly legend super guys beloved by everybody, from all walks of life in extreme. Full life, full of rules, characters and back in choice. They came on the show on. I'm cool, show seventeen thirty five. There is an absolute David wildly Rembrandt Bishop. This is the tire portion with rebuild for emerging it's only sixteen wasn't peace red four nicaraguan name that movie with Adams as we all know, you can guess which moving this famous Linus Rome go me I'll call me out. Whatever you out
if you said, Kate fear, I'm out come out wherever you are you're back to the poor Ryan got that one read Willard one of everyone's Carmody hero Rainbow everybody's coming here I use live. I used to watch fern. Would tonight way back in the day if you guys haven't seen it It was America night. Then four was falling within America than America tonight because they move the fictional city to California. Is day like nothing that really came before it, nothing since no, I think it was unique. They try to do it since, but what we try to do is make it seem like a real cable, cheap cable show from this fictitious town
and it became a favourable attitude. Norman Lear was the producer A lot of his celebrity friend employees must be on one season. And allowed with celebrity friends wanted beyond it. So he picked up a second year afraid great asserted the side kick on it. The bandleader, happy kind in the maker yeah, I remember, was banned. Leader was grey. So great, it was just great yeah. On average, remember seeing that necessity, young boy being been inspired by God, it even as it is a young person what was going on. I don't know if I got all that Martin Mall stuff was more sort of the year. Harry Sheer and Martin wrote Martens model, which I was loved and we did the first spoof about a religious theme park before
Tammy Faye on and of some very interesting writing they heads interesting satire. We cannot say, head of its time, but then it's not like any. Whenever was able to blockade that if you want to go back and have a laugh and look at it, just something that should be, and in some sort of I'm capsules, insanely creative, an interesting and then a whole bunch of names Harry Sheer before Harry Sheer Research here much a guy's before they were who they are. Makes sense as you start going through the line, I'm not gonna, let down common environment on their way out, just a bunch of really funny. Deeds are course Fred. Well, I do summer news so get ready for that, all our name in the movie available as we speak on all the platforms
Our aim should be to allow moves. Geographic do it. This is breaking news. Yours is growing and will it's always brake s great with others, some good news. Finally for Lamar Odom, the former NBA Star, won't be hit with any drug charges after he overdosed any Nevada brothel though Kane was found in his system prosecutors, don't believe they can prove he actually possessed or use the substance. Well in Nevada, This city is the loop hope. This comes just days after the bar was released from Cedar Sinai Medical Center in LA he's now at a rehab center. These matters are. I owe the whole all of laws. Bizarre like
it's all sort of loosely. He's done Burma. Now you know it's this sort of thing. I, like these laws. I think this is based. As these got there enough. I think that Also because everything is taking place. In social media everything. Comes a popularity contests, so fear the D. A prosecutor that whatever unhindered in county. Do you really the that guy who steps up Ngos bring it back. You have to pay an example and put him in like iron to bring in a back even get misspent. Seven months, angelic, Europe get so much shit on the internet about hasn't this man suffered enough he's already admitted he had a problem: Apple, Bubba Manicheans. Mr Turner, like everyone else, is reelected how it goes up for reelection, so our economy, the one with the one whose name is tied to this, either scandalous, run popular whatever case already wanted, this kind of flooding
the rain fell, but people are interested in a new story there not interested in what is he's gonna be sued for ticketed, it's sort of like if every RAF at football game could just make the home town recall, and there is no opposition on the other team to complain about it, because there's no nobody there's none of us like. Oh, oh, you know what I am I take the social media and explain why he this seven footman needs to be brought to justice it's not a bad so that kind of like you- want to be the one who issues the warrant further guy, who everyone seems the love, and you know the card Ashton's are gonna jump on the internet documented in reality. Shows you wanna be that guy or can we just let em like everything else allay people's didn't know who Lamar Odom? Was they don't? The car dashing. May all Cartesian NEWS on the courage. That's what other spill into you know what I've the story, and I was thinking about it. It s got
thinking about remember maybe a week or so ago, and we are talking about Bobo Doll, manned the new seas of cereal, though the radio show is serve dissecting. What Then a hare controversial soldier wandered off some say deserted. Gonna say he was didn't like the candy since that were going on on his camp and once you have another caravan couple, guys they died, I think trying to ask your hammer on this journey. I D go, get him in yeah. What's yes, oh I'm! I'm listen to of the episodes, and I've been very trying to keep an open mind, even though you know what he has caused and what he did really for lack of a better way of putting it. Sucks there? They ve gone through, describing pretty much all of his torture over the four years or whatever, and- People who specializing in finding out about you know prisoner torture. In that sort of thing said
as an american soldier, he has gone through worse tor. Than anyone. Ever since Vietnam, at this point, he's probably suffered enough think, that'll be really interesting alone. Have, since Vietnam, like this Grenada like since like Greece going to you or with the Japanese did to these guys with barbaric, dysentery that starved to death, it gonna Baton, death March and blah blah blah, and then they rate the corpse and, unlike can't be worse, since we a pretty big favor- Jeffrey, that's true, but when, when they go through what actually happened to this guy and what happened was body and deprivation and neglect and the torture a lot of people from the, we know from the White House from military going he's probably suffered enough. I don't know what's gonna happen, but it was already interesting, but on the other he deserted his fellow troops anyone's mind flesh. It was world war. Two movies, I well guy on the machine gun enough where's, my bag.
Where'd? You go the ads. Are there there's two different sides deserted his troops, that with you, but now. I wonder if you said to those same people bill caused me. Son was executed by the side of the road. How about we caught him, some slattern, no one hundred zero golfer that I'd be receptive to that and violence, and that is something I our rights and which is helping others up so that either I'm just saying like there is a certain logic that we're using or not using having your son executed. Arguably, tougher than will Laura boarding or whatever happened at some point, So are we accruing some interest for what happened Before that we can now apply to today, or they two separate issues thing. It's been apples and oranges, words, it's it's analogous. Certainly
staying in this vein, a little bit during last week's CNN town Hall, President Obama addressed the sweeping please to pardon Steve Avery, who you know is of that sort of the subject of making a murder, which is this phenomenon. Now on Netflix as Doc, you series the subject of the net. I shall make you murder was sentenced to life behind bars for murder. He may not have committed a couple of petition, demanded action from the White House to correct what appears to be an injustice, but Obama said he would not pardon Avery nor his nephew Brendan DAS inwards. Visa we'd have a beer with appear, but it was not part of the wider, They didn't. Even have anyone Stephen Adrian Brendan DAS here, both state prisoners, the president, cannot pardon them, so he stay out of it but I know even talking about IRAN reasonable doubt tat. The Danes dang his attorneys on coming up with this week. Strength Strang, sir, I can read from D:
string round him, the picture is a perfect combination of norm in cliff from from cheers. Is the perfect in between Georgia manager achieve rats rattleburghers rather now that you mention it We talk to the I lesson for for me I didn't see anything we spoke to Attorney Gara gases is outraged, I went there was outrageous direction. He thinks the guy was set up. Ok, My feeling is I have this is my not now bonded our licence, dont have a lot agree and I'm an atheist. Some allowed to just think. However, I want to thank my feeling is short of the most people that are in praise in front for the most part you didn't do this. You did
thing else. Are you basically ran in this? You chose a pat right. The path was not one of righteousness. There was a lie going on I've? I've heard about the brothers I've heard about him. I have a short, a thing which is you maybe falsely imprisoned at some point in your life. It's never going to be Fred Willard because Frederick it is never going to engage in this behaviour, worry harms other human beings or pretend potentially via it's him or whatever? It is idle see I, this thing where I do not believe the laws right all the time? But I do believe that sort of right when it all shakes out hooker and spiritually right? We will pay. We'll go. Oh so yours your nine year old son. What if you just walk home from school and he got snatched up and thrown in a federal prison. Like he's, to do that. Now. Yes,
you join a gang and yes, if you do not participate in a couple, dry buys anymore. You have a little whatever. Yes, you can be falsely accused. You could have just been the guy right in the car, not the one firing the gun or whatever days, but my advice will be noted in the corn down that path. Yes, feeling is. Set up, but who cares brick perks? I thank him and his family are bad. Do anyway, They live on the edge of. The law where what is about what is rap Cheat or his brothers rap sheets and then also involves the note rose from his torturing and then burning a cat death and then getting into an argument with this Some kind of relative- I think belgian law cousin and his revenge after she did, whatever she spoke, Did- was to get naked, beat off
I heard of a car she drove by may manage a man that only the could have all been there before it well there's been jailed over those highlighted, never actually, drought, very low, very low security. A few more might there and unsavory family, but that doesn't necessarily make him guilty of this calibre. I understand what the brother do. I'm getting the nephew, no I mean, as brothers, is as well. This is another one of those I am I tender profile and see who from my bent on all I'm saying is a boat bar gal. I dont know what she did, but if you dont wander off base, then we don't get guys killed, look and foreign may we ve been through enough, but dont wander off banks s in life, sure, don't we draft base, and then you'll not have the opportunity of this happening to you,
the interesting thing they say that Stephen Avery has an iq of like seventy, and so does his nephew and especially his nephew, whose like a teenager was it you know at the time they were doing all this beer shooting it they they can achieve, Panem, as this manipulative you know, sort of villainous kid and he just doesn't seem to have the wherewithal to that allows one seventy IKEA, what I'm now learning now that we want to hear about the brothers second, the aforementioned cereal and and this and documentaries or whatever in general, were going to come up with a new term for them, because becoming entertainment, Ryan. That's were approaching them from angles now, with lean I'm sure your band Maybe I'm naive, but I feel like documentaries
many years ago, were just more sort of reporting on where's. What happened? You are setting up a camera. Nanda, the north is gonna watch here and now it's a lotta, we gotta we got a preconceived notions of historic at a narrative here. We gotta tell that narrative and because its adoption It's always insanely compel I of course- and I am sure if you wanted to make you could make- a documentary about fracturing B, evil, and then so what else could make a documentary about the virtues of tracking and above the equally compelling, depending on who was going? What action, and I might even say either one alone would be wrong, but you be wrong, just to watch one or the other and then walking away whether I have now I'm an expert on franking now know everything that there is to know on that. I feel like a familiar with a paradise lost the witnesses three. I e that the kids who are supposed to this attack ritual again and they were exonerate for
most, why there were sort of proven to be years after years and its when it is. This isn't an early version of this and there were moral, that's more or less very very, very, were example of what you are talking about, where these kids didn't really do anything. They were little outsiders for the community's, but they are not a plucked out of their homes and tried for this thing that probably do, but it's the exception approves the rule, which is that so extraordinary they made of documentary about it three documentaries about it, so extraordinary that that what happened in its public pretty rare? Well now I used to think that if your document, Terry and you had to have a certain amount of artistic integrity- and now it's just where calling it a documentary, but we're really making available about this guy being innocent or a film about this person being guilty. Are the sky wandering off the base and, like other we're just pick an angle, were making a film in luck? It's entertainment, so what're you gonna do yeah. Unfortunately, it stirs people, latin and agitate Well, it is very compelling and, unlike you said from from
We all now seen from this doc. You series from the evidence They presented us from the all the court room, video in everything. It seems like something very unfair happened. I agree with that part. I'm also cosmic guy witches, but sat a cat on fire, maybe live frankly when you're gonna go ahead. Gary with the brothers brother, Charles, has apparently of history of strange behaviour women and ninety nine was charged with sexual assault by use of force on his then wife, The other brother Earl was charged in ninety five. Sexually assaulted is two daughters. Pled no contest the the thing is Lee. I hey no contest your will. Never really know, I could never the idea that that, with that that I
young kids that its well maybe Adam did maybe have been whatever outdoors and only then it has been impossible, it's impossible, it cannot happen, it will never happen, it is literally impossible. It could listen, my daughter loves randomly out drop in a diamond me. Whenever she can last me she would come forth. Transit. Quick first get shit kicked out of me by that nine year old, because she's a whirling dervish of hair and fingernails, but it has practically it's impossible. You see and the fact Well, he was charged with, but then later replied down do it's like and we can't judge. Yes, I can, and that will never happen So the sums there's some stuff already stuff. Well, which gears Jennifer Lawrence made waves after the golden gloves when she yelled at a reporter l yelled for looking phone. She shown to be in the moment the reporters quest.
In question, was for latin american e network. So many people assume the report was reading. Notes of his phone, possibly translating questions, but according to some, the report was not translating questions and said he was messing around with his phone. Here's a clip of Jennifer chiding him cold, Second, I love Ricky. Your races joke everyone's pass by therein were repeating all his jokes. One missing is the one where he brings up Jennifer Lawrence and bring our equal pay for women in Hollywood and yet how so twenty five year old supposed to get by and fifty one million hours. I love that jump right. How do you feel for? How did you see yourself? There are currently very life behind your phone brown. Just like that, I can't do that, live and sorry. Sorry, how do you see yourself for the host garden I, how aware golden globes view people
phone down. You know that was he re? Was he trying to read a question on the phone after labour, but now at some other person he was messing around his camera, while he was trying to interviewer, ah financing couple things, but when you that powerful and that famous in that successful, it's easy to pick on some points I out there and make a fool of discord. And smiled and answer the question. A move on my real Alan, I e mail branding hour when the state, the barbecue don't get it. I met my virtue and he's not planning your birds he's. One of them is right to try and record. The question is asking here: has I'll give it a website. Now she did. She did that thing and it's it's a celebrity thing. It's kind of adieu. She thing it's. Maybe every one thing, which is you get caught up on something
You know me you'll see athletes. Do it all the time you'll, see, I've been some pretty good. Evil can evil. Press conferences, threats are pretty good. Wait, Wandsworth you'll bring some think somebody bring something out. That's a little burn your saddle as a guide for some reason: you're no aid by and then it becomes self perpetuating Gee machine which is whatever he does next with the phone she's pistol, but she still on the phone yeah he could have made the phone evaporate. He couldn't turn full like pennoned teller, does the thing and thing grouping and a puff of smoke and she'll be I'll, be go any see when you live your life because it got her on a little blow. Hardy were all very I've theory to, along with that
maybe maybe not a cocktail involved euro or a moment. I should say that ordinary, possibly possibly not. I think, she's spending a little too much time with Amy Humor and was trying to be funny, and then she was trying to look like the guy trying to actually rose them a little bit. There be a thats. What I am trying to be limited funny there and adjusted it. No one laughed like you're gonna would dump her phone live in the moment. Bro others are the biggest running at a laugh and it just wasn't funny pleasant, interesting. The English is not obviously his first language and when I hear that my first started to admire this personally out public doing a job speed. Like if I was in Russia and headed quickly, learn russian raw and try to how someone just be very rude its. It was wrong to me. I agree and I do picking on the language is rough because, as someone who speak
the English badly and that poorly pool of poorly? I set you up for that. I thank you. I it's funny because I have seen documentary mode and I was I think I was thinking about Paul Newman, where he said I box and I seed and eyed, and I I play football, I did it badly. I think he said badly in it or something that was ringing my head, but anyone you have it making fun of somebody who's speaking in there Second language, when you don't have a choice. Language in the place where we predominantly speak this language? Yes, a little bit of a low You mean making fun of him in general. She wasn't making fun of the way. You speak on budgets that just from that guy's short of
struggling those doing what he would do for if it wasn't his first lying now, there's a mind, your own business joy. He doesn't do that because you agent has that he's your quick and let me yeah yeah, I can't ask What does sugar tell me but, on the other hand, should have, as I say, to people all time. Look. Molly, Ringwald, grope down the street for me and very small house very small house in north hallowed, blind father blah blah blah, and then she was this weird little mouse. You little live in your own thirteen year old than the next thing. You know she was sick. Team and she was Chillun with worn baby and buying a house on mall Hollan when world famous at a point, when a million box and went meant a meal In box and having a grand piano inner and our living room and and and on the cover of five. I think I ve members. She was on the cover of like time. And people
there's something like in the same week or something, and then I want a short alike, Molly gonna head Gazer like way calamity attitude or whatever other. What would you you'll be like because when I was sixteen, I was pretty upset over the cafeterias offering a fish death. That is that it has been worth some of my bigger problems. I hate fish sticks, whitefish, dicks. Why came makes it up a little now she's gone. Multi million dollar offers and dealing with worn baby over here and word. Your head be at all tweets if you fur, since the age of eighteen or nineteen, was averaging thirty million dollars a year and being taught pulled in a thousand different directions which you have your head completely screwed on right now I don't think I would either and that's the irony of Jennifer Lawrence, because you know you when we want I got gonna blow. Hurried were she's,
was to be the one that so super down to earth. She's Jennifer Lawrence. In her mind, she probably thought she was saying a really down to earth statement, but it came across A couple glasses of shit. Pain, mixed with mine's, Amy Humour to do groundwork mixed tab mix with I may fifty million dollars last year lets me can why things? We philosophically saying how you live your life to and came across yesterday, yes, Anas, who cares? What well, the Playboy Mansion is up for sale and there is reportedly a massive asking price that when it goes on the market, according to mere dot com, the famous home of the publications owner you Hefner is said to be. Listed over the next month and Playboy enterprises wants at least. Two hundred million dollars for it accords
The Gaza website TMZ the six acre home beheld, a state which was built. Nineteen twenty seven has been described. Tear down with much of its value, come about from the acreage there's. Also a pretty condition, apparently tied into the sale. Half NOS eighty nine now must be given a life, a state by whoever by the property, meaning he can continue living there until he does. In addition, active buyers, are allowed to fill. You try there yet, but you move van and you have for non EU guess. How can we move in? But you can't take him out, while I'm I'm unclear on this, because I heard this too and its unclear whether he just lives there with you, because the the warehouse you're sitting in I bought it and I bought it. It was leased outdoor, guided flooring. And he another year on his lease and I can buy this property and I can only property but also have the right to boot that guy out. So I have to wait until that
I was ready to leave so I dont know if it's that or he physically lives there with you Jerry. I is Ernie. What I've read suggests that it's your situation where you will own property, but he's la deliver and you're not and his own thing, because I smell a reality, show of your. I really, I think we all like that idea of the old man coming down muttering around I'll, tell you that turned down that Goddamn Jersey shore and by the way that Adams is coming over to play the dominoes later. What do you mean you? Don't I dont get smart is a huge stars mega star you with your goddamn smoky engine. We call on you to see movement that has got to be auguries. Eight, Mr Ebner, tear down the place. But you put your ear you here you can say if we are going to tear them roads, so I know we all jumped that the fund apartment. I I think it sees eighty nine he's not
moving into the oak would rise, and It's a regional! Thank you. It's temper housing for like kids who under commercial, however, up at his own about. What's, I think what you're saying is you may by this house right now? If half and half dies in eighteen months, then you can come in but I feel like they need to sweeten the deal for that. Asking price there, basically just looking for a new landlord and while I am on foot the bill couple things and you guys tell made this- First off, we always get into the names, like I dont, think wine garden should be allowed to be called malign. Carnes cause it's a piece of shit shrimp and, if you're living in Pittsburgh, anything about relocating out to allay hawaiian garden sounds pretty sweet, I would alike, when Exchange programme home, be hills soundly place where they just serve more
like our rights and you have to run serpentine the mailbox I'd like a wine gardens already Hannah RAM City mouse over the other pilots. Shit cities in in this state earn this bigger city, in LOS Angeles, wanted I'm palms, yes swap them out. I was all start with home, be hills and or swap, though you out with some valid or someone there. Another dicey I spent my start. Thawing earns number one number, two: here's the question: Do you know I've been to play ball action quite a quite a few times, random guess new. Probably I've been several times there and it is this this place that the notion that its oldish true, but it's also sort apples and Scotland like getting pretty cool like on a lot of the brick. Who I mean that the brickwork, the measuring the blocks and everything it's pretty damn
I now you could Why this a grudge flat net and build for hey Nick mansions in there and probably turn a profit. But that's the point Imagine how is it not been declared a national whatever landlord? I that's kind of crazy to me historical landmarks on national and, like the hearse gas, it curves of your house and in the hills of historical house or some you couldn't you so many things to it. Like is Adam. That's what I'm saying of Adam involving the various your eyes. You wanna me why this as well as the legendary site, will they tore down pick fair or the Merry Merrick perverts or that down with the and our people? mansion up. First, they're not going to tear down the drain. The jacuzzi lies in refilled, but you're. I think it be great live there with all the the history and I'm wondering who has to begin
have two hundred million dollars to pay for hours and then say: let's level it and build who has this money? Where do you were Jennifer Lawrence it'll. Be too long. It will be some China thing, OPEC, Middle Eastern, something it'll be weird like when you go who plays one million dollar hands of black jack and place three hands pick a nationality and that'll, be it on every I reject from the press. However, that although we all Bertram Montana they'll be out there promote knowledge to use this pick Craig nationality and then you'll have you'll, probably have your answer now. I would think there is like two hundred million dollars, I'll bet, if you bought that ACE and hung on do it. You would eventually come out on top
What are you hey, Gary, what it Andy Spellings Candy, spelling places like almost across the stream and the bottom Isaac to utter million comes with the peacock, I've got a menagerie, but that money also there's like there's, there's like off the grotto. There is this other room and that sort of hatch and downstairs anywhere yeah. I know not the game room. Game Room is its own for ethical reasons. Maritime here right now we are talking about our doubts place very moderate. And I was not her current for her husband, spice downward balance, don't sold for eighty five when she saw the bargain Bernie ask want his daughter put according to this twenty million into it and is on the market for one fifty we're so it that is not our not really I think that I think the play were mentioned more acreage too. Oh yeah, six acre
But all yo you bigger, spread to park you upon you ve all Ben I've got a couple times or in a radius so and an eye. Something could that I've never done before, and I read a genre book that I've never read. I read the Holly Madison down the rabbit. Bunny whole whatever them, but I did. I did on the occasion gay subject enemy so between what I've, how I was one of her We make girlfriends. Yes, yes, so between reading them. Crazy tell all and just being there. The few times I have the outside is gorgeous, like you said the break. The landscaping amazing, but inside apparently Ray Lee fallen apart. The area, the carpet and the furniture? It's not! It's not a well kept home. Let's not sick, an old guy.
If the hare in it that's what it is. A thought updated like when you would go into not the grotto but the room, sort of adjacent to the grotto that had that that shag carpet the weird bathrooms and I'll staircase and went down to the lower area and all that is like we have funky seventies carpet them. I buy, They wouldn't touch a thing and call for a time capsule. Can I what it? What you would do is, I think you would rewire it re plummet, get new burnt orange shag and put it on the sea. I knew flower bed to lie on the just. Do it, but don't like it No dues in bar cannot have put an airbag and don't put a story goes stereo and I put a new Aruba horn. That's right, energy now. Finally, a reference for gas, well passengers on a flight in the. U S recently were given a shock when a turkey took a seat in the cabin incredible for it has been shared on the internet. There is right there and
The bird sitting open beak being hugged by its owner, its believe the Turks, has taken on board. As a quote, emotional support, animal. The voter was shared by a red it user who said that their flight attendant friend took the picture and predicted. Predictably, they do a lot of comments now here in the? U S under the terms of the air carrier, access act, people are permitted Take animals on board a flight at no extra cost if they can function with if they cannot function without the support of the animal, in this case a turkey. Ok, I want to know where their plane was going. I've never seen that many empty seats on a plane, they're, probably just boarding, adding turns prepared. The other foul always goes far enough. That's how you remember a few things when this whole mess? of a society started when we started going. On the toilet about a decade ago I
as the town crier rang the Bell and tried to explain to everyone what what's going on. I started with the airports of our nations. I start with this and the by using its in road hard, but I was yelling about it before that. I said what have I travelled with Gilligan my service pelican. I was making an extreme example of where were heading meaning I now it's dog rise and we're moving onto lamas point of view, decide to travel with a absurd example to my all now not in our lifetime, but our children's Children could look forward two guys travelling with Gilligan their servers pelican it look seven and a half years and were here now, would we like you keep going go from here Nobody needs to stop the madness right. I think this is it
can't get worse. What could you bring on a plane of loving? Let me reiterate a conversation for nineteen sixty one. I saw gentlemen flying without it. S got my word and pilot took off the sea. They could never get any worse than that. Oh I need it. A brandy that that was nineteen sixty one now it's going to be you're, the guy was fuckin. Islam was in first class, we paid for the non lethal animal in June, crocodiles, alligators and animals that can attack someone's going to get attacked, plain via lethal animal. I said this about whatever we think something they have police, dog, guard, dog, security to hogs dogs by fighting dogs,
twenty thousand Americans a year, I had dogs fight at my feet when I was leaving Minute Minneapolis eight years ago six years ago. So you know that it does not a python to kill you. The dog indefinitely by anybody number two most bit biting dog specifically, is the child and some of them a cute little chow on their underline here comes out. Here comes a service, you know, oppression, Ultra, Senator Jesse, you drink, dancer, nip, bite, Erika and an dad just to go on the other side of this today. We feel sorry for the Turkey, now animal cloning because belching up a sandwich I had made of his brother Look out the window. It is other Turkey's fly. Suckers be funny. He's too onerous turkey, friends of ass. You fly
If I might say I look down, I she car surface straight, I can't keep up our high way from one being chased. I can probably going out. I could talk about thirty. I suppose they ever gonna got buzzard our hawkers after me, or some asshole, whether stupid drones don't get me started on their struggle. Drones can high up anyway I've Finally, I must enough five and fifty miles an hour here. Not a feather out of place sleep in the middle. Here is the thing: if you need a turkey emotionally if you're emotionally, you for your psyche, need needed, need to Turkey to leave the house or to leave the state. You have issues. You have deep issues, issues that need to be addressed,
at home on the grass my international terminals of Southwest Airport, now look, I've doktor, drool come in here and in our own people call an ngo you. I have a horrible back pain, and so I have two fifty five I could in a day and it won't go. Oh good on. You know that also perhaps or look like in Raby Workin. For temporarily, but there's a bigger issue here. That needs to be focusing on the vine addressed. This is basically you a pile of like it, and because you got back pain and what I'm saying is is let's approach. Ass a little differently so interesting your mind with their my mind, went to someone needed a transport that Turkey for some reason possibly for food, possibly for selling, probably for selling and did want to pay the same dollars. So it now brine you're on a role, because for the second time in as many
hours. You ve been right. Every girl because put doesnt vault. We are we well to be well spent this one down the middle and say we are creating a nation of two groups use the haves and the have nots. Now it's the shorter. Emotionally enabled just ok and emotionally with everyone wanting their safe spots in their hate, speak and they're all there. You know all that were victims, emotional, whatever your step, dad smoked when you're in high school. So now you need to travel with a fuckin nut pack, a dark, then there were the Cairo Agnes. I show that the there's that robe, and then there's the our group, which has just gone. Muslims were travelling with much, not yard long. A prominent Agnes saves Zambia. Seventy two dollars bring my dog.
With me or bring my turkey with they are, where its it. Both of them are the bodies but one is one side of the world is not the other sort of morally bank to ride on the coattails lottery of emotionally broken in an unstable insane hooker a victim's, yes, that we ve created, there are not yelling at people. They get their shit together with you and me as I've said, one hundred thousand times. This is what happens when you stop judge. Somebody made the decree ten years ago. You cannot judge. I then he's my hand at that meeting and said fuck. You slot now got after triple down on my judging because you guys all may disagree judge impossible that, yes, it is possible that judge not Gene is what gives us this is everybody. Would anyone like more of this? No ok, so Please join me in my judgment, wealth on read it.
Talking about itself a lot about you re edging towards the judging we'll get there but unfortunately, we're gonna have to go a lot further in this direction. You get ready with your next. When I will tell you about tat, winks dot com. Let me tell you a man, you What do I do a business and you want to do a website and you wanna do it yourself and you wanted to be stunning. You go with wicks that com that is W. Acts that come? You don't need to be a programmer. Cosette counts, MIA or designer. Now no coding needed easy, just drag and drop out, those featured hundreds, customizable templates. Lock you got a business or just
somebody you need a website these days, you known spending tenedos. So one of the things I guess it used to be like flat panel tvs and used to costs on to get somebody to right, make you a website? And now- and God knows, I'm gonna turn out right to yours. I'm going for a job for Europe. Would Erasmus there your examples? I work whatever. Yet this one's been used by seventy five million people so get your website get it up, get it running get at least I've today and do it for free, gotta, wicks thought come Debbie. I act wicks that come no credit card require sign up through free wit, backup as one of the soul restore your faith in humanity, but I'm gonna give it a try, simple act of kindness on a subways making one New Yorker, a sensation on social media. This has gone virus on the last day or so is there Joey resto is twenty three year old, who gave a homeless man the shirt off his back and, of course, someone caught it on video he walked.
After the Monti who had told the film get this, you only have to the man offered a t shirt. Other passengers avoided the homeless man because of the oder, but stone notice? He was cold. He was hungry, decide to lend a hand yells He helped dress the man they the of wool hat invited him back to his apartment in Brooklyn for more clothes and something to eat, but the man instead fell asleep right. There is little love by votes this thing following lightly with passenger tonight when dope drop Now. This is, as some you don't see. Every day is nice. Meta. Yeah you get, it goes and gets his war had formed no little bit of faith restored here, don't much is still a lot warmer in New York, and it is painful out here. Men of anyone out here would take over teach your nails cold in parliament. Now, as your Channing data, we might say here take my teacher and your cable that I might
for him like a leg from my service, Turkey worries us. Stick, comfort, Turkey, here, you're gonna hold my comfort python get some comfort cranberry, relish Two years later, data waiter, dark comfort, like your right, Brian I'd like to get to the bottom of that that animal brought the animal on the plane and try to figure out, but here's the thing said many times The only way we can sort of police society is not by policing society, and I I do think this is part and parcel the over policing of society, which to say: if you leave your kids, hark now they call child protective services if you like a cigarette on the beach you get a ticket if you crack a beer on the beach, it's a ticket when you go to bed
game you get your beer served in a plastic are styrofoam cop because, God forbid, they give you back. All our. Can you gotta check it out on the field, so what we ve done is we ve said we're going over police we're gonna, these two shit out everyone all the time and in the past it was I'm going to the beach I'm going to bring my family, I, as the parent will decide whether to appropriate for me to have a beer in front of my child and decide that I should probably not have more than two years because I may be driving home or if I have more than a couple of beers, then I'll have the wife driver, but that will be up to me as a risk sensible human being, but what we done as we take. We wrestled all that common sense away and we went don't worry, there's a law that I'll handle this and then taken away dignity see now, it's just about, I don't care about dignity,
care about judgment. I gotta figure out a way to get this. Beyond the point and not pay fifty five, but I would be the most conscious insane person in the world walking through the airport with Turkey, as everyone should be, but we ve erased that now we ve decided you can't judge. Who cares what people think and by the way, since there is no law on the That says no Turkey's on aeroplanes, then I'm really my turkish airplane There will never be enough laws to keep up with our a biological ability to use law, sir. There will not be, law allows as behind new laws or was behind with her eye, but what will always? And what, in the past sort of kept us from putting our bare feet,
upon the table. The restaurant Lauer eating was decorum. We didn't want people looking at us and going and then what would happen is if you did put your bare feet on their. Your wife would elbow you hard in the ribs and go catch getting off the table where people are eating here. This is familiar. I always say I blame all these people's husbands and wives. For not doing. Jimmie leaves the house with a fortune. Pound time Turkey and says I'm going to see Bruce ring scene in the metal. I have. I got where you go with Turkey and then What we're just happen: gotta we're American Airlines and none and now now this Why blame my mom for letting me step dad where a bright red members only jacket to my mother lost funeral somebody's gotta be in charge of the of the not jobs before they leave the house and stop them at the door and go home. It's yours, my source, possibility. Now, where are you going you're?
going anywhere in that way that red windbreaker, we're going to a funeral regulation includes Turkey to how am I right it right, because we need to sell poet but we ve decided why self police will this? Let the police police in the police have tripled bound under policing and now we're all piles of marsh. You don't think are, let's bring you got it, I'm gonna grab and that's the news he went home. Comfort pie was with geographic annexing of growth. For Well, our David, while Gina grandmother, I say so you're late you're a liar, and you probably have diarrhea and ass, the great Fred Willard back and twenty sixteen on the Corolla Shell Termism tragedy
I think the best thing to do is probably go find his work, never seen any studies done of the the best and shows know the best in show from what tonight, as a billion different, you don T say, come there's a format you like probably done something in a format any question? the end- and I could we played on a lot- They see s where redwood was. Spite have shown the band around us. Is, but all I could get stuff everything people than the people while that stuffs, whereby does the funniest movies are received, and I think love you won't give it a chance like Ivan see all you only need to see all the big one want now. The curls. Earlier this week we had branding calling come in come on at least we assume and he founded wait, wait ivy tell everybody about that cause! They now sponsor this very part. Guess as well! classic. So liquid ivy is an easy The solution for dehydration arrived.
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rating. You can boost your munifi, they have different. I heard him on the show. He crosses great gas and I really like that. How do you explain the product and we described it's the next best thing to an actual ivy. It's cheaper. It wasn't evasive. The king and actual ivy. Will the next best thing is this if you want alternative to greater rate or other sports drink? This is what you and that available target whole foods Carrasco and you can get twenty five percent off if you just or online liquid ivy dot com and used Adam. I check out that's twenty five percent of anything you order. If you use a promo code Adam at liquid, I ve dotcom, get better hydrate today. It liquid ivy dotcom promo code. Adam. Asian wide target offered. Glasgow's were all right. Another clip go and GEO. Now, there's a lot of debate first off. If you want to Roger turned this week, I'm Corollas episode was the very first one and another
people talk about his nor Mcdonald is on jailers garage where Jays teaching norm to drive and everyone's there always everyone. The cruellest fears go nuts, because this is an idea that I presented a while back indeed, there are some debate Christine red bunny on twitter contact be wanting If I'd initial conversational talks about teaching on how to drive classics I remember norm and his difficulty being book because DR being an issue in the morning. The show I also remember coming up on his podcast appearances and I think I've narrowed it down to this episode. We may have to do more investigating. I think that's the very one, Adam Carolla show seven hundred and twenty one Norm Macdonald, from December. Twenty eleven norm can't drive. Twitter, to settle fan debate. Nor, let's talk about you for a second, I talk about. Let
Tell me about you, protect, let anything now and I want I want to get to the bottom of Norman, complimentary way, everyone's a big fan of norm. Everyone always says why can't you get norm on the show everyone as you and Norma the greatest together, even though we can't tell you apart, maybe that's what we like about like a bad but but nor norms. A little bit is going to be the worst in Zaire. Ok, cast is to gather together there. There are similar exactly the same way I pay them each norm is a little bit reclusive yes norm Well, I don't drive from your own oraculous, so my world is small. Why living in LOS Angeles and not drive caused by smoking. It doesn't make sense to me whenever guy or man you're, afraid of learning new things and aroused tax money that without a common. How about about this? About somebody teaches you: how to drive
and then the world July. Last time you earned learn some new you're Talkin, a guy who did dancing, the stars were yeah, yeah but our stand. You know of your dancing with the stars. When you make a mistake, you know you you're crash on a piece of glass, won't go through your cheek you're, not gonna plough through a farmers markets my work and take out eighty people rather worried by the eighty people, but I would remind you of the broken ribs under coughing, a blood wait around suffocating whereby all blood suffocating my blood is something. Largest dazzled with the stars didn't involve, but let me let me explain at first off your you, you're gonna drive a car with air bags in seat belts in crumpled zones, get a nice normal car.
He learned to drive it with the wine keen and a half year allow shakes can drive a car. I know that I almost that that I get the one that parallel apart by itself, but I guess they don't sell out where they are now worker. It's it's getting. There is, I think, a Lexus that would do that. The mutual horrible mistakes being well, all part of my apocalyptic future, called navigation where this is Adeline turned on every body.
So you're driving the Lexus parks itself? Riah, all the sun, the road satellite, its gets a virus space viral right. That's you know. You're, just gonna drive out Adam curlers plaid cast any start trying to get off the five freeway and you see the doors to lock domestically in the steering wheel. You start binding way and then the cruise control giants. And then you can't overriding that seen in your head for the Grand Canyon, where how yeah it's just gonna, throw all all hours on end, but guess why Clive all and would set up Bruce will strive to achieve this. We will ask if I may be solved without irony of diverse, yet good people letter. I got rid of the day I reached out to browse the idea of temper. He never saw any that we're gonna. Do we reached out there, He shouted he drew
an old, Willie's, cheap and he's old school. No gps, no JP, but somebody's gotta go up there and take that satellite and that Serbia's against the guys the rights. Yet he doesn't, he doesn't I've doesnt drive that why everyone else is being flung into the Grand Canyon is addressing us. Locked and nurses Bruce yeah, let's, let's put it meant, if fifty, let's put him in a sixty three vat convertible read for speed the three twenty seven small block, yeah anyway. No, no! No. No self parking, no self door lives, no cruise control no navigate, Bruce verse. First, half examined call him old man, making fun of embryos and drive unsettled
I like the way to stick. She feels in my hand, like are you kidding? I car drives itself the work and shave. I can do stop on my pad out. We have to focus our locked in their cars and three red over the looking at a compass. That's right and he's going to figure out a singer. Put it out of the car here even doesn't lower. It pulls off. Some grass last fall as a way to find out which way the wind is blowing you're. A great job Bob Hope did his breast joke supplies thing. I resolved The Bible golf tournaments and picked up some grass and through the air- floated low and is a category my sweater for the caddy wrote in that judgment. Grassdale, that's why I must get back to nor Mcdonald so norm. You start, off in Canadian. What age when, when it went, the security I'll start.
There are actually makes yes and then, when This ignominy bug bite nor Mcdonald did because, when I was young I do there is because a candid there's nothing except hockey you play Hockey Union skate. I ask it escaped backwards. You knew that they were yokes and make that generate azure, but she hated right anti backwards. Where you make one leg crossing another one another but cavern arrived, they can't drive a car now, but in scale originates? Radio, learn these serving you through. That the bad thing about it? You know learn any other sports just happened so you try learn. Somebody are all its hard and I read that theme. What we get The theme in your life why I, like it teach you to drive norm norm. I hears my intention where you drive
fast cars, Germany's local regional press. Let's, let's get you now press the norm ass a little, thereby I'd like to help you nor your racing, a man I gotta want to be in a position where I had. I met the red light than I hit the thing, and I look over and there's a guy black eyebrows. It doesn't matter what browser you now he feels I met a race were right. Erase war because I have a re run- was black men, Africa nor I You would not, because I say it black, because this happened to me a disguise driving down the street, try a new review has in the passenger seat. Giant the biggest car truck drivers it. You know it is here in occurs ones, it's almost a truck. It's a big ass, you ve with them, but the tires. So giant it six feet taller than you and I looked out and looking down at me. It's I'd you are terrified by a celebrity or Vienna celebrity, even though this was sure night
oh yeah zone, most rich celebrities targets right either a bit that gave the era is yeah. He scares you out to be fair he's just so he's known for he's a celebrity because it beats people up terminates, be equality, so massive any was in jail and all that whereas the plaza is alive when he got out there are big giant there, a giant Look there, Irian Jaya Trot, I say black eyes, alter the rims on their vehicle either that interesting work, so So I want to get out across from areas live a big jive billboards. A welcome back shook oh yeah, like on wheelchairs, rather well sure, unless the EP so That'S- raise living near- were were shared. My higher, I went to burst your bubble, but that was a french guy named search. You just measure
ass to a lot of guys like a lot of white guys if they go to prison, is pretty well over for them. Also lack guy out of white guys when they become rich and successful. They give a big pimp or carry firearms anything illegal. I get fifty million play it safe. Yet why it's? You Trusting to insert a live down the part where he was dealing Coke once the Asian guided us in a closet cry, but it was before he did. The sitcom acumen. Yeah that's what I'm saying but but team now and didn't, walked around gone. Who made some blow I'm a player he started. Somebody said put on: flannel sure. Let's not talk about dignity, Llosa, cocaine, you're caught with in the seventies ringlets leave that down. I snoop still says he's a pimp. Still apparent as well as you know what it's like it. It's it's interesting because you have for the brothers you get street crag and for what
we were we're somewhere between scare and amuse in our laugh it off, but no it's gonna get involved validated by a pip love. You baby girl yeah yeah? I invite you to be my Gurria apparently ok, listen, girls! I gotta talk to you, yeah, ok, a sir magic norm list. And I dont eyes at these events. That attitude against me. Well, I just feel like we ve you been taken a lot of our money. A lot of you have not been paying me. Why, I have the knife, I know you guys. I've never seen it, but I have to. I got the ones that value bus. Stop and let you sleep my couch yeah, that's right now. She's got your my lad and rode on less than a good night. I was part of the deal that was the unspoken
but I know is I want some of the money look. It doesn't have to be. Ninety. I asked I understand the ninety ten was ITALY's. Zuri US a viper have a fifty fifty unanimously in Euro. What do you think? I don't think so now it's I am. I really have an, I think. Fine, I gotta think you guys don't ballooning Ivan Design, your name, but you ve heard stories will only from you that I cut that girl. That's you beg you met. I talk this Cindy. Oh you know so. You ve met Cindy ass. She says she's ever higher. She's, have you never cut our seas, exacts it and that's where the scary aims. You talked about the knife all the time when she debtors and biodiversity shed. You said to her by these. I know what I'm gonna buy and I know people hold I'm. You said you had a knife. You have a knife then a catalogue. I know people that could give the knife illegally retrace. I disturbing like me saying I have a swimming pool, but it's someone else's condo what you used to be
rate of novel you don't even have a knife. You just said you could buy and I used to be so afraid of me when I throw now you said: you'd beat me the current ten of you even have a car, Hu Jia, Metro, that's at a pimp cars, you wanna go to a bad guy, that your Brad never hurt. You would legitimize protected. You re everybody! Five brief me! I thought I did you haven't I protect you sure you don't want to die and those guys were big, but you promise to beat me and that's why I was attracted to you because of a history. I haven't my stepfather ideas. I love you, I get uncomfortable, but I pursue. We are truly you view pulling leant off my sweaters, not an iota the other night that you're you're you're Lazard was under cooked here. I know
What do you like? I gave you and then debates consent. Give your middle peace! When I give you an MP, she said it was delectable, and that thing you do around and transparent to wipe the stains off our faces. We don't like that. We don't like this much thing. I've become too cluck. We didn't get into this, not to be beaten or threatened or to keep ninety percent of our Buddha off into. I mentioned the knife. You reminding us to use condoms in to say, thank you and you're telling us we don't have to do it. We don't want to do. Yeah was not helping. I was now were well, you don't have to do any this. Listen unless the guy, unless the guy's Big AL object, you guys I can take the guy member lighted with a knife and you're going to stab not like us to have a guy. Will you invited us to sit at your? It's you? Sometimes you just do and weird stuff, but it's not that we're about. Let me say this year: working out. Your mom's house is awkward for both of us. Ok,
yeah, I'm sure she's a delight she makes a grey. Nobody about anything right. This is a complete seek, while your man, I mean luck, let let's my first off you wearing doctors and flip lapses. No outfit for a pimp! We're gonna have to get you. Ive made over you drive GEO Metro. You keep threatening your pimp. But you never laid a hand on either one of us in verbal abuse save you not physically abusive. I laid by the way the first to night I spent on your mom sofa. I slept but no underpants on presenting eyed, and I wasn't once you came by two times, you offered me milk. When you went to the king in and then another time you awesome offered me post them out, even though it that is you just a bad pair? Thank you. Bad sing
This is about the most interesting reenactment? I have ever been a part of my life. You know it made me think of you know that you know when I started Leggum Norm when your time out, like the last great brothers arguing over like where how bad their neighborhood was, and then the other one without the other one by saying, hey, grew up in Britain. One man and the guys like I live in her apartment, like better keep going about how shitty their name. If you go, is funny go to an old diner, any see the pictures of the old celebrities. Now a celebrity smokes. They have to go out to the bed The auditorium, unlike holds, have someone hold their jacket up and certain pretend, and so no one gets a picture of them smoking back in the old days when they took pit of celebrities they just hand them a cigarette, like their factors are surely Temple just holding a cigarette. Like they all
cigarettes. I didn't matter who they were, and I m sure some of them smoke, but not all eyes, just a regular glance, so they would actually Hannah Cigarette verses now If a guy did smoke, there would always tell him that cigarette out for it took the Pinochet would do camera the ads Villa William Benedict, like That's my girl, who I wasn't gonna say, allows nor Mcdonald hanging out with Adam and Adam pitching idea about teaching how to drive that doesn't settle. The debate would come back to it for another day yet another day, there's no, I mean we felt like forty cover so after an hour or so merry our We have one more clip everybody for this particular episode, and this is a request: from Paul heat up Gian Facebook wondering, if fear he could hear the time he called in here,
others garden. There's lots of bread, Williams, Dream grand bribe, Bishop and crucial twenty three sixty two July, twenty eighteen, because little some like this protocol. The other part is someone's putting some up your ass, but I I tell you you're, just out and When you come back, it's not your ass anymore and whether it's getting some put up your ass or your ears peers are so strong, a dick on your forehead, which a guy did. Fallen asleep with a sharp stick. Anatomy add out, I'm not that must have on each other, but you don't. Do you know you don't know it? And now we have to deal with the psychology of this fifty something you're old. Heterosexual, male who looks at a thousand assholes a year and go wealth, noughts country, a thousand and one and that's about that's about. So you eat. You didn't want to do anything to make special for me and draw a picture on your ass and put one of those
magicians handkerchiefs up there weren t pulling it. Isn't it hankered me like a slide whistle this task? I did. I did for weeks that I bid follow the instructions very closely, because it is that it is the time when you can not cheat and there's nothing to it, so everyone do it and- and they found stuff Andrew said in our hey- that's kind of thing, for you how'd it go a couple more years, could turn into some pretty nasty, so God take care of and its really no big deal, I guess it's covered by insurance anyway, Her now no pain on the way and no pain on the way out and no no issues whatsoever, The gay community should hire you as recruiter no pain on the way and no pay on the way out. Just try it I'd
often been approach rather than creating work, is recruiting at the meeting of the gay community guys. We need her utter these expanding counter terrorism. It is a constant perennial. You know contender sir! I'm calling me I'm gonna make the last scholarly minutes from the last meeting. I pumping in Ricky Martin in Africa over every color ass could be centred on get em out. One cat had left a go. We're going max by rights, and we have to send somebody in they're, gonna, run their phone and tell us to stand there like a potted plant will show the plank. As I look I get at it, Three thirty year old, latina checks, you're in the front office and that's what they want to listen to, but again. I would argue, let's just say during my free time. I love here
translated speeches of Mussolini. That's what I love! is found on ourselves. We are, though, I'm at work on my work, so I dont get just pump in what I want to hear into the lobby of the tire bouncing play that I marriage. We have to play some Kenny G because somebody in management has decided. This is a better song selection or better better audible selection rise, you're. Ok, it's me or I could get the Mackenzie ups autobiography on tape just pump that in there and talk about doing adult consensual sector at the siblings parlors average name was by John. Was it now now the pomegranate was surmises into my eyes and who was that Papa, not I'm a cast Elliot now it wasn't it by ya, to name the ebony.
But he had a mind. Oh Papa lesson As I said, he had no CAS Elliot the out. Just how dare you disrespect the man who had sex with his own daughter, Adam Corolla? He has a name yeah, a consensual, but so that is what I like listening terror. Should I just pumping lineups now raise name was not papa. John Philips, when I was there, I was now who is the Papa, why there is no Papa, it's just the Mama's and Papa Sir. I neither company Mama CAS pop John John, Danny Cason Michel, the boy. You can look the lyrics one of the sun, I dont. Now here's the thing I'm almost never wrong and Dawsons almost never right. So, based on that just alone, I might go. Propaganda using almost poverty, just be your argument for every kind of supplying the odds. Look. I've rivers mix sitting there when I wouldn't play this when getting at
lovely the high regard, your old man, darting you're willing to speak with authority about stuff. You don't know, there's many people that have that MIKE August at my Iphone occasionally did. I know people MAC Japan, although with a lot of people, will speak with one reason when we enlarge by running right would say everything all the time, their certain people who are willing to speak with authority about stuff. They don't know, I wouldn't know, there's other people ago I dont know. Let me check. I would argue that for twenty five years and classic rock radio might know something about the baron's, replied I agree, but Papa John. Philip sounds pretty darn familiar to me and always art, thou art, Brien's always heard if Thou wast somebody a definitive laid eyes on the I don't know it. It says: strikers lies simply according to Wikipedia. There is mention of Mamma CAS Elliot and John Phillips. Nowhere near does it say, Papa
Philip side, but now type in Papa John Philips, and will save something comes up MAX Van enjoy yourself today about anyway, I like her book on Cosette, yeah, especially part partnerships, Hammond, consensual, sex with possibly Papa John Phil, and I would have liked the pump that tear the place that I made Didn, t I Friday night at the airport. I feel guilty frowned upon found. It what did you find also known as Papa John Parent- that's why good job I was gonna on white Madman, madman redefining the cannabis industry premium, shoppings fears about. Oh eight, also the ability to double down when there's a coin being tasks in the air? That's another unique clouds,
Dawson, I'm saying throw yourself into a buoyant position. I know many people do this. I know many successful people Jimmy does this name who makes all the movies other their certain people have that's who they are just saying that in my twenty five years I have never heard that. No, you said that's not his name, that's what you said at the beginning and that the genius on the other side of glass, a saying: that's what he thinks Maxwell that's my banning area. When I say that's what I think you're you're ban a thousand, but I'm an indemnity, I'm I'm nine said today: this way. That's all madmen! It's a better! life. While now and now with the advent of the computer, you have to go there. I've read Back in the old days you scream liar and someone's face and leave the room no one ever go the librarian look at I'm sure micro level, a smartphone is able to assess these things out pretty quickly. And redefining the cannabis industry premium shopping experience, there's somethin for
very body over there, and they got lotions and animals bath bombs and more Gina Grand whether you will. First of all, there is no better way to listen to the Mama's in the papers without must visit Madman first stage the facility clean, helpful nice people, an insane array of everything you could possibly want and things you don't even know you wanted, go their talk to them, their wonderful, also high quality and safety, don't worry about which bind the beautiful. Well, let's stores lots of glass. It look like apple store check it out, one of their aid. Look. Actions and allay Orange County San, Diego or Vegas. You can visit them madman, dot, com or find the store nearest you. How about DAS and visit madman until the autumn crawl upon cases where you heard it for ten dollars over your order check out madman today are right. Now let's see to it that we got the game to play Brian, we're gonna play well: Brian eat it.
I requested the coming in on this day. I wanted to. Is I've heard this game on listen the show it they're my card dumbfounded. It is crazy. I see an impersonal yeah. Is there a theme this we when I last summer, Barbicane eyes have four July yesterday and he repressed we're all gonna, throw something. He is like some russian agent that's gone. Rogue in terms of he is off the grid. There's no pattern is there's no paper trail. There's no way to figure anything out, Andrea, we, their knockabout, you cannot face, are anything to go by knuckle ball well done our right, so I will bring brine in and will do that brine from ever shop. Paul reform and also a yea. I don T know all guy sharks, I gotta say on that
reverse colony. Was we had a big inform you I led this morning and I one from work. You did acres a cable guy common area. He called me. Shored up early thought I did they want, they want on the care to make her side all my thoughts. We follow people around so tired. I messed around my garden. I looked down. I saw looked like three days later everywhere. Luck, and here was all Parnell Dvds and there are always have the other. Manifest in there are twenty five and the wind blew them in your yard. What I've got another soon, but then I went to my mind, I called my neighbour guy over. He was out work and on a motorcycle everything ache. While we will get a second others, porno movies I don't know how got here, revive our barley, this man. Finally fast up that peace had it was his
The journey had a fifty suddenly all guile, as others mom or all EU, and the like are re person. One hundred and forty rate, I person. I love that and he drew out you're right, but I get about Did you just sort of scattered around your lawn by the way the window. What happened was what happened? Was it let us as mother and cheese. I call religious and stuff and tell you try to aid, as we had always porno collection. All my garden. He came and knocked over a beggar there, already We rely on everywhere I'm going back herbaceous home. I want to know the names of some national around the EU I wish I could remember some long where we do have them like the atom agile. Where are they would like the old on long one and no fee? Can
got a very concise deliver? These are important, keeps the in a barrel sign the neighbors garden? Is he hiding it for mom or playing the most inappropriate, kids gay? ever devised bobbing for poor, one of which is banned Second, in adults, only salute adding invite kids. That birthday Party Paul, are your work. You work at home. You work out your garage. There are now I did take outward early today, because the cable guy was coming. I see was here to see until you laptop, but on the other. The bells were there as I used Inter planters, I planned they made The matter is not going to happen now. Where's, the poor. Now I've got all up promoting the bank, but I dont know if I should go back to where I should tell it become new. Is the bag somewhere near you now?
I'm guessing. The phone is bolted to the wall of encouraging urine. Neither the daughter, cabinets do make. I was shocked by workers What about everything? But I did a specialty works unless they do commercial How can I make like Murphy, badly reception, doubtful, go a lot, a radio. That even worthy better, my house- railways. Radius were is the hardest today ripened, so you must be good guide. I know that Tina Data when a rabbit. Now I have really get mantras use of joint using the current Italian using our case letters. What is the different describe to my listeners they're, trying to data on a rabbit using upper case letters it would be a u at a flat bottom and a rabbit
Now that is correct, the plan is to reach out to fund a real. That's a good question: are you a big mama's in the paupers fan, like my mama, that's my dad stocks yeah he's more Mama's than opposite Mama's boy, I ask this earlier in the day to finish carbon around enough you're finished, but if you're doing the inside of, corner and you're putting them Sport down, you go to forty five, are coping joint. I call them you know, you don't. Does forty five values values come apparently not be. I'm not gonna wanna mightier than we do need a cop. Those
gee. I learn. How does the invitation right before, where this neighbour is really around eight? Like you guys we're there? Do you think we ve imported? Thank you guys want to know what a coping join. Why do we not sure I knew your normal I've just had the guts to say. Instincts of these alyosha was this on your do this in your fortune, cookies last night like spread the word enjoy. I was there. In about it, because it's something that somebody taught me many years ago when they are from their her, I used to do Well, there's: there's people are in homer probing. Europe put some baseboard down there and and you're doing the inside corner and if you do on the inside corner, you deal forty five and forty five on each side and you'd put a meat may make a meat for and about the maybe those walls are little ad aware, maybe sounded exact hurling. Ninety
situation in the gaps a little weird, the way the guy should do it, there are really good. They run the first peace. All the way to one wall just bought a straight cut, just boom right to write all the way. The next one now picture. This one's got a picture. This you take gear, holding with whatever design it has carved No, whenever the groves and no one ever put it on your saw. You turn it to Right? Let's say you go forty five you make your cuts are now looking out on you're looking at it you're looking at the profile of the shape, you can take your pencil, a dragon around that thing. Then you get it. Hoping sides, one single track. A big code hang out with the super skinny blade in cut it out to the shape so that when it it's the other side. It drops perfectly able to the shape every. Torn every Annie everything and it's a better looking, it's a better looking
Yeah, although your show and your show and Bay issue, which is not exactly what I'm talk, let me give you an accompanying looking to see how it works. You that's the cope, verse. On the other. The minor yes paint, question that have to be handled these matters and see one eleven, citing he's gonna do coping job security. Do ninety nine these rare to widen the comment that cat
crazy or song, pumped into a b of course, consider Sigh Virginia acknowledgement that think about porn. I have the same thing with porn as I do with cuban refugees. If they can get too, they get one foot on the terror firm of area get off. That raft of that poor and touches my law nor porn ionian care if a guy's carrying a handful of porn and somebody pushes em and if it makes it onto my long as your poor. Now we can do that thing. You do with the cuban boat people, we have to go or the Haiti boat. People worry what we get my guards are there and I wrestled, they argue their fight and that in the end, the waste time you know water book on the porn make
sure that's my long. I own this porn becomes a citizen of my home. As far as he was concerned, that porn was seeking asylum with you, you, you would give it the rights that it deserves. I am there. They ve come to my home for a better life. Obviously, and I will show them that live out the Paul call back and twenty eighteen how they for curl classic, thanks so much for tuning in we back tomorrow's make sure to subscribe to Corolla classics podcast to get this. Nay episode and will see their findings. Chris locked I know that Super fan Giovanni, give up girl classics. To buy Geico door apart. These
These were sharing more and Geico with just like to say thanks thanks washing or savage dance, moose data sharing your d. I why haircut fails thanks for share in her lips sinks. Star Jia, would you like People share and well. I like people commenting on my hair cut fails. I was a sharing. It do not little treasure. Opium August Meyer was an eye. We share in policies of that's right and now it's Geiger Stern. A share too, with the guy killed, give back. That's a fifteen percent credit and car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers and because Guy COS did for the long haul, the fifteen percent credit last year, full policy term. So there's a guy called calm, slash, give back for info and Eligibility
I really wonder small classes, so my professors actually know who I am with the type of corpus of fifteen hundred students and eleven to one student faculty ratio or scientists is big enough to expand your horizons small enough to feel like home. I always see people, I know when I walk across campus and last week my economics professor, invited the class ever to your house. Her dinner resign. His college, odd name, perfect fit visit us online at U R s eye and u s dot. Eu frigging Volkswagen in Devon,
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